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Charles Lloyd Dick Hyman Gillian Margot René Marie
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June 2016
Gin Fizz
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Falcon Arts & The Side Door
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René Marie
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The Town Hall
Where To Go & Who To See Since 1982
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By George K anzler
ly have been the backbone of jazz
singers' repertoires, although some have
occasionally written their own material or
found or cast lyrics to jazz compositions. So
the pair of albums by women singers that
comprise this Winning Spins is unusual in
many respects. On one of them, René
Marie has written both words and music
for all the tracks, which range widely both
stylistically and topically. On the other,
Gillian Margot only includes one classic
pop standard in her ten song program.
Like René, she writes too—lyrics to a jazz
tune and words and music on a blues. The
other seven songs come from later 20th
Century pop-rock, folk, soul and R&B.
Sound of Red, René Marie (Motéma),
marks a radical turn from the singer's last
album for the label, a marvelous tribute, I
Wanna Be Evil (With Love to Eartha Kitt).
This time, René reveals the full, inventive
and playful panoply of her singing and
songwriting talents. René has a very pliant, adaptive voice: it can be teasing,
seductive, plaintive or fiercely declamatory. And she writes tunes to match. As she
showed on her Eartha Kitt tribute, she
commands the dramatic range of a cabaret
Two songs offer different emotional
takes from the point of view of the "other
woman" in a relationship with a married
man. "If You Were Mine" rides along on an
optimistic, swinging momentum with
three horns added to the rhythm section,
as the woman catalogues all the wonderful
things they could do, if only he were hers.
It's followed by the torchy, melancholy "Go
Home," John Chin's piano accompanying a
purer toned, more wistful voice as it struggles with asking the man not to stay the
night, because his wife and kids are too
much on his mind.
The tour de force "Lost," propelled by a
Latin-tinged rhythm, is a third person
depiction of what could be the woman of
the last two songs, although this one seems
more promiscuous; "Lost" expands into a
vocalist and piano trio excursion in scat
and improvisation. "Stronger Than You
Think," a clear-eyed, non-treacly pep song
done over just bass and drums, chronicles
reasons for the title, like "Once you learn
that happiness is not a competition."
Another pep song, "Blessings," echoes
an invocation right down to the resolute
beat and most lines beginning with "May
you…" or "Here's to…" There's also a
gospel-folksy socially conscious "This Is
(Not) a Protest Song;" a nostalgic look back
at childhood, "Many Years Ago;" a romping, South African flavored "Joy of Jazz;"
and a perfect example of country-swing:
"Colorado River Song."
Black Butterfly, Gillian Margot
(Hypnotic), is young Toronto singer
Gillian's first New York album, and it's a
winner. Trumpeter Jeremy Pelt who,
although he only appears on one track, is
the producer and a co-creator of the
album's concepts. Although her voice isn't
as pliant and flexible as René's, Gillian has
the ability to inhabit and possess songs,
creating the right attitude and tone to
marry her voice to the meaning she
extracts from the words. She gives her own
lyrics to the CD title song, originally called
"Ebony Moonbeams" by composer George
Cables, but evokes the ambience of the
original title/mood.
Her other original, "Yesterday's Blues,"
is a classic 12-bar form, her husky tones
accompanied only by Richie Goods' bass.
Most impressively, she takes six songs not
associated with jazz and makes them her
own, including a gospel take on Curtis
Mayfield's "The Makings of You," a quirky
(bass clarinet carries the tempo/beat), ominous "It Could Be Sweet" courtesy of
Portishead, and a torchy remake of Simply
Red's "Holding Back the Years." The
Jimmy Webb song associated with Nina
Simone and Roberta Flack, "Do What You
Gotta Do," is bittersweet, delivered at a
glacial tempo with just Anthony Wonsey's
She has a hint of dominatrix in her
rocking "What You Won't Do for Love," a
hit by Bobby Caldwell for Phyllis Hyman;
while Joni Mitchell's "Conversation" is
sung a cappella, melismas adding to the
confessional tone. Rodgers and Hart's "I
Wish I Were in Love Again" ends the CD in
a perfect, jaunty jazz mode.
René Marie appears at Kaye
Playhouse for Harlem Museum’s benefit concert, June 14, and Gin Fizz,
June 15-16. Gillian Margot sings at
The Falcon on June 15, and The Side
Door June 17.
Marie cover photo by John Abbott, Hyman by Geri Reichgut.
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MANNA HOUSE: 338E 106th St (bet 1st & 2nd
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SHRINE: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd
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Marino; 5: R, 8-11pm The Shrine Big Band;
6: E Matterhorn; 7: L HD Qnt; 10: L Jon
Sheckler Trio; 11: E The Valentine Qnt, L
Rodrigo Bonelli; 12: R; 15: E-L Gioel
Severini; 16: E Tsuyoshi Yamamoto; 17: E
LJ, L Shigemasa Nakano; 18: L Noshir Mody
Sxt; 19: R; 21: E-L Make Music New York
Jazz Orch; 22: E Benji Kaplan Sxt; 23: E The
Tom Blatt Project; 24: L LoveTet; 26: R; 30: E
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Trio Fuego, L EJB Qrt; 2: E-L Pete
McGuinness; 3: E LJ; 4: L Nick Di Maria; 6: L
Julia Ehninger; 7: E Peter Watrous; 8: E John
Venezia Project, L Heroes Are Gang Leaders;
9: E-L Sam Hoyt; 10: E The Valentine Qnt, L
Rebecca Sullivan; 11: E Cristina Harris; 13: E
DUBtrio+1, L Benji Kaplan Sxt; 14: E
Quinns/Ferbers/Byrom, L Larry Corban
Electric Trio; 15: E Mike Alfieri Trio; 16: E-L
New York Trombone Conspiracy; 17: L Rachel
Linkovsky Qnt; 19: E David Love Trio; 21: E
Lauren Lee Space Jazz Trio; 22: E Tom Blatt
Project; 23: E-L Eric Plaks; 24: E Gonçalo
Leonardo Gp, L Brian Harrington Gp; 25: L
B.J. Jansen; 26: L Professor Cunningham &
Old School Jazz Band; 27: E SlideAttack Qnt;
29: E Marcos Rosa; 30: E-L McDonald.
Bway (bet 105th & 106th Sts). 212-864-6662. Sets: Early (E), Late
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10:30pm; Tues-Thurs E 7,9&10:30pm, L
11:30pm; Fri-Sat E 7,9&10:30pm, L
11:45pm&12:45am; Adm/min vary. Residencies: Sun B Annette St. John Trio, L Willerm
Delisfort Qrt; (R) Mon E Captain Black Big
Band, L Smoke Jam; (R) Tues E Mike
LeDonne & Groover Qrt, L Emmett Cohen
Organ Trio; Wed L Camille Thurman Qrt;
Thurs L Nickel & Dime OPS; Fri L 06/3&17
Patience Higgins & Sugar Hill Qrt, 06/10&24
John Farnsworth Qrt; Sat L Johnny O’Neal &
friends. Jun 1-2: Lezlie Harrison Qrt; 3-5:
Helen Sung Qrt; 6-7: R; 8-9: The Bones of Art
feat Steve Turre; 10-12: Celebrating Jackie
McLean feat René McLean Sxt w/spec guest
Gary Bartz; 13-14: R; 15-16: Steven Kroon
Sxt; 17-19: Jimmy Greene Qrt; 20-21: R; 2223: Victor Gould Sxt; 24-26: Buster Williams
Qrt; 27-28: R; 29-30: Gregory Generet.
SYMPHONY SPACE: 2537 Bway at 95th St.
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Lisle Atkinson & Neo Bass Ens; 4: BT 9pm
free Dorian Devins; 5: BT 7&8:30pm $5
Mostly Marcus w/Marcus Goldhaber feat
Gabrielle Stravelli & Ron Affif; 10: BT 9pm
free Rale Micic/Peter Bernstein; 12: BT 7pm
free New York Jazzharmonic Trio; 21: BT 8pm
$20 Victor Prieto; 26: BT 7pm free New York
Jazzharmonic Trio.
TRIAD: 158W 72nd St (bet Bway & Columbus). 212-362-2590. Jun 19:
7pm Marianne Solivan Big Band.
(Between 35th & 69th Street)
42nd St (bet 7&8th Avs). 212-997-4144. Lucille’s Grill (LG).
Jun 9&24: 7:30&9:30pm LG Blue Note Jazz
festival feat 06/9 $15 adm Professor
Cunningham & His Old School, 06/24 $20
Svetlana Shmulyian The Delancey Five feat
spec guest Wycliffe Gordon.
BIRDLAND: 315W 44th St (bet 8th & 9th Avs).
212-581-3080. Sets:
8:30&11pm, except Mon 7&9:30pm, Sun
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9pm Arturo O’Farrill Afro Latin Jazz Orch;
Mon 9:30pm Jim Caruso Cast Party; Wed
5:30-7pm David Ostwald & Louis Armstrong
Eternity Band; Fri 5:15-7pm Birdland Big
Band by Tommy Igoe; Sat 6pm Barbara
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Carroll. Jun 1-4: Bill Charlap Trio; 2: 6pm
Vinx; 7-11: Maria Schneider Orch; 12: 6pm
Mari Koga Qnt; 14-18: Mike Stern & Bill
Evans Qrt; 16: 6pm Sean Harkness Duo; 19:
Bucky Pizzarelli & friends; 21-25: Freddy
Cole; 23: 6pm Pucci Amanda Jhones; 28-Jul
2: Ravi Coltrane; 30: 6pm Matt Baker Qrt.
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Tues-Sat E 7:30pm, L 9:30pm, Late Night (N)
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w/Davi Vieira; Tues L Open Jam by Bill Todd.
Jun 1: E Gracie Terzian, L Hailey Niswanger
& PDX Soul; 2: E-L Carte Blanche, N Joe
Breidenstine Qrt; 3: E Devin Bing & the
Secret Service, L Gin Fizz, N Nomar Negroni;
4: 2pm NY Jazz Academy Recital, E Monday
Michiru & Trilogy, L David Bixler Auction
Project feat Arturo O’Farrill; 5: E Valentina
Marino, L R; 7: E PLS. Trio, L R; 8: E Mike
DiRubbo Qnt, L Dor Sagi, N Marko
Churnchetz 4; 9: E Kalí Rodríguez-Peña Sxt,
L Timbalaye, N Chip Shelton & Peace Time
Ens; 10: E Sheer, L Luiz Simas, N ITA Jazz
Competitions; 11: E-L Sammy Figueroa, N
Jeremy Warren & The Rudiment; 12: E
Marshall Gilkes Qnt, L R; 14: E Jon Sheckler
Trio, L R; 15: Moth To Flame Jazz, L Costas
Baltazanis, N Lucas Kadish Trio; 16: E Sumie
Kaneko, L Marcus Machado; 17: E-L The
Gabriel Alegría Afro-Peruvian Sxt, N Corners
of the World; 18: Alí Bello & The Sweet Wire
Band, L Buyu Ambroise & The Blues in Red
Band, N Wataru & Predawn Shenanigans
Club Band; 19: E Dave Chamberlain & Band
of Bones, L R; 21: E The JoGo Project, L R;
22: E Samuel Torres Gp, L Sandy Gabriel
Jazz Qrt; 23: E Roxy Coss, L Chiara
Izzi/Kevin Hays, N Swingatto; 24: 7:30,
8:45&10pm Brian Charette & the Posi-Tone
All Star Band, N Sivan Arbel Spt; 25: E-L
Shunzo Ohno, N Kat Vokes; 26: L R; 27: E
Emile Parisien Qrt; 28: E Kyle Nasser Qnt, L
R; 29: E Yasser Tejeda & Palotré, L 3D
Rhythm of Life; 30: E-L Myriam Phiro,
Festejation w/Christelle Durandy & Edward
Lincoln Center. 10 Columbus Cr at 60th St.
5th Fl. 212-258-9800. Sets:
7:30&9:30pm; Late Night Sessions 11:30pm
Tues-Sat. Adm varies/$10 min. Jun 1-5:
Monty Alexander & Harlem Kingston Express;
6: Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orch; 7: Dan
Block Qnt; 8-9: Dominick Farinacci; 10-12:
Dion Parson & 21st Century Band; 13-15: Ali
Jackson Trio; 16-19: Tom Harrell Qnt; 20:
Lucas Pino & No Net Nnt; 21: Steve Davis
Qnt feat Larry Willis; 22-23: Jazztopad festival feat 06/22 Marcin Wasilewski Trio, 9:30pm
Lutoslawski Qrt w/Uri Caine & Piotr
Damasiewicz Qnt, 06/23 Piotr Damasiewicz
Qnt, 9:30pm Lutoslawski Qrt w/Uri Caine &
Marcin Wasilewski Trio; 24-26: Victor Goines;
27: Band Director Academy Faculty Band; 2829: Etienne Charles; 30-Jul 3: Renee Rosnes
Qrt. Late Night Sessions w/Jun 1-4: Brandon
Bain; 7-11: Michela Marino Lerman; 14-18:
Benny Benack; 21-24: Sammy Miller & the
Congregation; 25: Sammy Miller & the
Congregation Big Band; 28-Jul 2: Kris Allen.
FEINSTEIN’S/54 BELOW: 254W 54th St,
Cellar (bet Bway & 8th Av). 646-476-3551. Jun 24-25: 9:30pm $3070 adm/$25 min Igor Butman Qrt.
IRIDIUM: 1650 Bway at 51st St. 212-582-2121. Adm: varies/$15 min.
Jun 4: 8:30pm $25 Tatran; 15: 8:30pm $27.50
adm Romain Collin; 21: 8:30pm $35 Rain
Pryor; 28: 8:30pm $30 Jerry Costanzo Orch.
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Mon free/$15 min, Tues free/$20 min, WedThurs $17/20 min, Fri-Sat $32/20 min.
Residencies (R): Sun Jazz Brunch w/Tony
Middleton; Mon Jam w/Iris Ornig; Tues Billy
Test Solo. Jun 1: Marc Mommaas/Nikolaj
Hess Qrt; 2: Andrew Suvalsky Qnt; 3: Frank
Kimbrough Trio; 4: Ronny Whyte Qrt; 5-7: R;
8: Thaisa Olivia Qrt; 9: Judimarie Canterino
Qrt; 10-11: Chuck Redd Qrt feat Jimmy Cobb;
12-14: R; 15: Marlene VerPlanck Trio; 16:
Ayako Shirasaki Trio feat Lewis Nash; 17-18:
Duduka Da Fonseca Gp feat Anat Cohen; 1921: R; 22: Kendra Shank/Frank Kimbrough
Duo; 23: Dean Johnson & Triology + Joel
Frahm; 24: Tony Middleton Qnt; 25: Special
Piano Extravaganza feat Don Friedman,
George Cables, Frank Kimbrough; 26-28: R;
29: Jane Irving Qrt; 30: Tim Hegarty Qrt.
Cr at 60th St. 5th Fl. 212-2589800. Appel Room (AR), Rose Theater (RT).
Jun 8 7pm, 9 7&9pm: AR Michael Feinstein;
10-11: 8pm RT Jazz at Lincoln Center Orch
w/Wynton Marsalis & Dan Nimmer feat
Johnny O’Neal.
KAYE PLAYHOUSE: At Hunter College.
E68th St at 3rd Av. 212-772-4448. Jun 14:
7:30pm National
Jazz Museum in Harlem benefit concert feat
René Marie, Monty Alexander & Harlem
Kingston Express, honoring Roy Haynes.
Av at 54th St. (Citicorp Bld). www.saint 212-935-2200. 1st Mon: 7:30pm
$5 adm International Women in Jazz Jam;
Wed: 1pm $10 don Midtown Jazz at Midday;
Thurs: 12:30pm free adm Jazz on the Plaza;
Sun: 5pm free adm Jazz Vespers. Jun 1:
David Chamberlain & Band of Bones; 2:
Roberta Gambarini; 5: Ike Sturm &
Tabackin; 9: Johnathan Blake; 12: Chris
Whittaker Qrt; 15: Dick Hyman; 16: Monika
Herzig; 18: 8pm Duke Ellington Society feat
Tord Gustavsen w/Simin Tander & Jarle
Vespestad; 19: Nadje Noordhuis &
Cablework; 22: Eyal Vilner Big Band; 23:
David Weiss Sxt; 26: Kris Allen Qrt; 29: Patti
Dunham/Gary Haberman; 30: Oxford Jazz
TOMI JAZZ: 239E 53rd St (Bet 2nd & 3rd Avs).
Lower level. 646-4971254. Sets: Sun-Mon&Wed 8-11pm, Tues E
8-9:20pm, Thurs 9-11:30pm, Fri 9pm-1am,
Sat 8-10:30pm; Late (L) weekdays 9:4011pm, Sat 11pm-1:30am. Adm: Sun-Wed
free/$5 min, Thurs-Sat $10/10 min. Jun 1:
Alan Kwan Duo; 2: Luciana Menzes; 3: Craig
Brann Trio; 4: Nich Mueller, L Hsinwei Chiang
Duo; 5: Yako Eicher; 7: Stephen Fuller Trio; 8:
Hironobu Honshuku Trio; 9: The Highliners;
10: Takenori Nishiuchi; 11: Daniel Bennet Gp,
L Chika Tanaka; 12: Ken Kobayashi; 13:
Linda Pregrave; 14: Paul Corn Duo; 15:
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio; 16: Scot Albertson;
17: Julio Botti Trio; 18: Standard Procedures,
L Takafumi Suenaga; 19: Luciana Menzes;
20: Erena Terakubo; 21: George Dulin; 22:
Shoko Igarashi Trio; 23: Emi Takada; 24:
Takenori Nishiuchi; 25: Yuko Ito, L Yusuke
Seki; 26: Kengo Yamada; 29: Kyle Hernandez
Trio, L Jao Martins Trio.
The TOWN HALL: 123W 43rd St (bet 6&7th
Avs). 212-840-2824. Jun 11&25: 8pm
Blue Note Jazz festival feat 06/11 Charles
Lloyd & Sangam Trio, 06/25 Al Jarreau.
(Below 34th Street)
55 BAR: 55 Christopher St (bet 6th & 7th Avs).
212-929-9883. Sets: Early
(E) 7-9pm except Sun&Fri-Sat 6-9pm, Late
10pm. 1st Mon: E Sean Wayland; 1st Thurs:
E Amy Cervini; 1st Sat: E Ayana lowe; 2nd
Thurs: E Nicole Zuraitis; 2nd Fri: E Tessa
Souter; last Fri: E Kendra Shank. Jun 27: E
Sheryl Bailey 3.
ABC NO RIO: 156 Rivington St (bet Clinton &
Suffolk Sts). 212-2543697. Sun: 7pm $5 don C.O.M.A. series 2
sets + open session. Jun 5: Straining to the
Limit + Alex Soreff; 12: Constance Cooper +
Stone Arabia; 19: Scott May Ens + Evan
Gallagher Ens; 26: Final show feat short sets.
BAR NEXT DOOR: 129 McDougal St. 212529-5945. Sets:
Sun 8&10pm, Mon-Thurs Early (E) 6:307:45pm, Late (L) 8:30&10:30pm, Fri-Sat
7:30,9:30& 11:30pm. Adm: $12 all night + 1
drink min/set except Fri-Sat $12/set + 1 drink
min/set, E free. Trios. Mon-Thurs: E Emerging
Artists series; Mon: L Vocal Mondays series.
Residencies (R): Sun Peter Mazza, Wed L
except 06/1&22 Jonathan Kreisberg. Jun 1: E
Tommaso Gambini, L Rez Abbasi; 2: E Dan
Hartig, L Justin Lees; 3: Paul Meyers; 4: Ben
Monder; 5: R; 6: E Dave Juarez, L Marianne
Solivan; 7: E Yuto Kanazawa, L Paul
Bollenback; 8: E Paul Jubong Lee, L R; 9: E
Rodrigo Recabarren, L Rotem Sivan; 10:
John Raymond; 11: Rick Stone; 12: R; 13: E
David Kuhn, L Elisabeth Lohninger; 14: E
Kyle Moffatt, L Mike Robinson; 15: E Flavio
Silva, L R; 16: E Bobby Katz, L Jon Irabagon;
17: Mark Cocheo; 18: Petros Klampanis; 19:
R; 20: E Mark Phillips, L Daniela Schaechter;
21: E Tommy Holladay, L Tom Finn; 22: E
Prawit Siriwat, L Dave Stryker; 23: E Sam
Zerna, L Mike Bono; 24: John Hart; 25: Rale
Micic; 26: R; 27: E Chris Beaudry, L Melissa
Stylianou; 28: E Sagi Kaufman, L Benny
Benack; 29: E NanJo Lee, L R; 30: E Peter
Amos, L Tony Mata.
BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB: 131W 3rd St at 6th
Av. 212-475-8592.
Sets: 8&10:30pm + Fri-Sat 12:30am Late
Night Groove series & Sun 11:30am&1:30pm
Sunday Brunch. Adm varies. Jun 1-30: Blue
Note Jazz festival. Jun 1-5: Scofield/
Mehldau/Giuliana; 6-8: Rosa Passos; 9-12:
Arturo Sandoval; 13: Talib Kweli; 14-19:
Christian McBride Qrt; 15: 7:30pm Shahin;
20: Rebirth Brass Band; 21-26: Robert
Glasper Bands; 27: The Nigel Hall Band; 28Jul 3: Joshua Redman 4tet. Sunday Brunch
w/Jun 5: Gilad Hekselman Trio; 12: Emilio
Solla Tango-Jazz Qrt; 19: Joe Alterman Trio;
26: Gregoire Maret/Kevin Hays Duo.
The CAVE: At St. George’s. 209E 16th St at
Rutherford Pl. Jun
10: 7:30&9:30pm $10 adm Buffalo Band.
The CELL: A Twenty First Century Salon. 338W
23rd St (bet 8th & 9th Avs). 646-861-2253. Jun 4: 9:30pm
Simona Premazzi; 18: 8-9pm Jackie Gage.
Sets unless otherwise noted: Sun-Thurs
8:30pm, Fri-Sat 9&10:30pm. Adm varies. Jun
1: Martin Nevin Gp; 2: Ben van Gelder Qnt; 3:
LL3; 4: Petros Klampanis; 5: Jane Ira Bloom;
6: Amram & Co; 7: Valentina Marino Qrt,
9:30pm John Hart Trio; 8: Q Morrow Gp,
9:30pm Kathryn Christie; 9: Sofia Ribeiro
For comprehensive daily updated listings with sort-by options—by artist, location, day or time—go to
Gp; 10: Jon Irabagon Trio; 11: Kevin Hays
New Day Trio; 12: Ultrafaux; 13: David Lopato
Qrt; 14: The Out Louds; 15: Mario Pavone;
16: John Hadfield; 17: John Hébert Qrt; 18:
Jason Rigy; 19: Jim Black Trio; 21: MOPDTK;
23: Dan Weiss Trio; 24: Scott Dubois Qrt; 25:
Jazztopad fest feat Piotr Damasiewicz Qnt,
10:30pm Tony Malaby; 26: Patrick Cornelius
Oct; 28: Jones/Ostle Gp, 9:30pm Alex LoRe;
29: 6-7:30pm Dorian Devins, 8pm Noam
Wiesenberg, 9:30pm Haggai Cohn-Milo Trio;
30: Matt Brewer Qnt.
St (bet Market & Catherine Sts). 212-4730043. Sun:
6pm In-Store shows. Jun 19: Guillermo
Gregorio/Joshua Sinton.
The EAR INN: 326 Spring St (bet Greenwich &
Washington Sts). 212-4319750. Sun: 8-11pm EarRegulars feat Jon-Erik
Kellso & friends.
FAT CAT: 75 Christopher St at 7th Av. 212-6756056. $3 adm/no min.
Sets unless otherwise noted: Early (E), Late
(L), Night (N); Sun E 6pm, L 9pm, N 1am; Mon
E 6pm, L 9pm, N 12:30am; Tues-Wed E 7pm, L
9pm, N 12:30am; Thurs&Sat E 7pm, L 10pm, N
1:30am; Fri E 6pm, L 9pm + 10:30pm, N
1:30am. Ev N: Jam. Residencies (R): Sun N
Brandon Lewis & Renee Cruz; Mon N Billy
Kaye; Tues E Saul Rubin Zebtet; Wed E except
06/1 Raphael D'Lugoff Trio + 1, N Ned Goold;
Fri 9pm Gospel Queens. Jun 1: E Katsuko
Tanaka Trio, L Groover Trio, N R; 2: E Dan
Aran, L Saul Rubin Zebtet, N Tadataka Unno;
3: E Carlos Cuevas Trio, L R + Jared
Gold/Dave Gibson, N Ray Gallon; 4: E Lummie
Spann Qnt, L Raphael D'Lugoff Qnt; 5: E Terry
Waldo & Gotham City Band, 8:30pm Jade
Synstelien & FCBB, N R; 6: E Malang Jobarteh,
L Behn Gillece Qrt, N R; 7: E R, L John Benitez,
N Yoshi Waki; 8: E R, L Harold Mabern Trio, N
R; 9: E Dave Schnitter Qnt, N Greg Glassman
Qnt, N Todd Herbert; 10: E Tal Ronen, L R +
Full Circle, N Paul Nowinski; 11: E Ivan Renta
Qnt; 12: 4pm Stride, E Ehud Asherie, L Ark
Ovrutski, N R; 13: L Ned Goold Qrt, N R; 14: E
R, L Peter Brainin & the Latin Jazz Workshop;
15: E&N R; 16: L P.O.D.; 17: L R + Black Lion;
18: E Noller/Sylla; 19: E Ehud Asherie, N R; 20:
L George Braith, N R; 21: E R, L Cocomama;
22: E R, L The Don Hahn/Mike Camacho Band,
N R; 24: L R; 25: E Sanah Kadoura Qnt; 26: E
Terry Waldo & Gotham City Band, N R; 27: N R;
28: E R, L Itai Kriss & Gato Gordo, N John
Benitez & Latin Bop; 29: E&N R.
Barrow St (bet 7th Av S & W 4th St). 212242-4770. Sound
It Out series: 8pm $15/12 adm. Jun 11: Rez
Abbasi & Junction; 23: Brandon Seabrook &
Die Trommel Fatale; 24: Aaron Parks & Little
Big; 28: 7:30pm Jesse Stacken Qrt + André
Matos Trio.
HIGHLINE BALLROOM: 431W 16th St (bet
9th & 10th Avs).
212-414-5994. Blue Note Jazz festival feat
06/9 8pm $20/40 adm Fabrizio Sotti Trio,
06/11 12:30pm $22-30 Brunch w/Yael &
Gabriel, 06/12 12:30pm $22-30 Brunch
w/Andres Laprida, 06/14 8pm $30-65 Terrace
Martin/Keyon Harrold, 06/19 12:30pm $22-30
Brunch w/Julie E., 06/25 12:30pm $22-30
Brunch w/Yaron Gershovsky, 06/28 8pm
$29.50-60 Avishai Cohen Trio.
JAZZ GALLERY: 1160 Bway at 27th St. 5th Fl. 646-494-3625. Sets:
7:30&9:30pm $15/10 adm, $22/12 Fri-Sat.
Jun 2: Mentoring series w/Miles Okazaki Gp
feat Paul Cornish; 3: Victor Gould; 4: Jamie
Baum + Short Stories; 7: Rob Clearfield Gp;
9: tba; 10-11: Mary Halvorson; 16: Ricky
Rodriguez; 17: John Benitez; 18: Melissa
Aldana/Glenn Zaleski Sxt; 23: closed; 24-25:
Ten Thousand Leaves w/Becca Stevens &
Aya Nishina.
JAZZ STANDARD: 116E 27th St (bet Park &
Lexington Avs). 212576-2232. Sets/adm unless otherwise noted:
7:30&9:30pm. Residency (R): Mon $25 adm
Mingus Monday feat Mingus Big Band. Jun 1:
$25 Luis Perdomo & Controlling Ear Unit; 2-5:
$30 Azar Lawrence Qrt; 6: R; 7-12: $40 Dee
Dee Bridgewater; 13: R; 14: $25 Darcy James
Argue & Secret Society; 15-19: $30 Vijay Iyer
Trio; 20: R; 21: $25 Obara International Qrt;
22-23: $25 Jamison Ross; 24-26: $35 06/2425, $30 06/26 The Clayton Brothers; 27: R;
28-30: $30 Dr. Lonnie Smith.
JOE’S PUB: At Public Theater. 425 Lafayette St
& Astor Pl. 212-967-7555.
Adm varies. Jun 28: 9:30pm Kandace Springs.
JUDSON CHURCH: 55 Washington Sq South
at Thompson St. 212-4770351. Jun 7-12: Vision Festival feat 06/7
6:30pm Opening Invocation, 7pm Henry
Grimes Qrt, 8:30pm Lisa Sokolov, 9:45pm
Henry Grimes Spt, 06/8 7pm Jen Shyu, Jade
Tongue, Mivos Qrt, 8pm Quincy Troupe,
8:30pm Connie Crothers Trio, 9:40pm
Marshall Allen & The Sun Ra Arkestra, 06/9
7pm Douglas Dunn + Bill Cole & UnTempered
Trio, 8pm Jemeel Moondoc, 9pm Tonya
Foster, 9:30pm Steve Swell Qnt, 10:30pm
Garland of Blessing, 06/10 5pm
FreeJazz vs Fascism, 7pm William Hooker,
8pm Fay Victor SoundNoise Qrt, 9pm For Billy
Bang, 9:30pm Cooper-Moore Qrt, 10:30pm
Michele Rosewoman & New Yor-Uba, 06/11
2pm Forum on Improvisation, 2:30pm PS 182
CCNY Quest Band, 3pm Visionary Youth
Orch, 7pm A Moving Line, 7:30pm Hamiet
Bluiett Qrt, 8:30pm David Mills, 9pm Wadada
Leo Smith, 10pm Paradox of Freedom, 06/12
5pm Panel FreeJazz vs Fascism, 6pm Breath
& Stone, 7pm Mike Reed & Flesh & Bone,
8pm James Brandon Lewis Trio, 9pm Three
Sopranos & Percussion, 10pm Kidd Jordan
LE POISSON ROUGE: 158 Bleecker St at
Thompson St. 212796-0741. Adm varies. Jun 12: 10pm Makaya
McCraven Qnt, Chicago Underground Duo,
Jaimie Branch Qrt.
METROPOLITAN ROOM: 34W 22nd St (bet.
5th & 6th Avs).
212-206-0440. Sets unless otherwise noted:
Early (E) 7pm, Late (L) 9:30pm. Residency
(R): Tues L Annie Ross. Jun 6: L Lauren
Epsenhart & Jaime Lozano; 7: L R; 8: E
Rebecca Angel feat Dennis Angel Band; 9: L
Shane Hampsheir Swing Band; 14: L R; 17: L
Vivian Reed; 19: 1pm Willie-Mae Perry; 21: L
R; 23: E Perez; 24: E Kathy Troccoli; 25: L
Monika Ryan; 26: L Wren Marie Harrington;
27: L Jackie Sanders & Bordeaux Blues; 28: L
R; 30: E Ladies Day Jazz Ens.
MEZZROW: 163W 10th St (bet 7th Av &
Waverly Pl). 646-4764346. Sets/adm: Early (E), Late (L), Night
(N); E 8-9pm except Sun 7:30-9pm, TuesWed 8-10:30pm, L 9:30pm-12am except
Tues-Wed 10:30pm-12am, Thurs 9-11:30pm,
N Mon 12-1:30am, Thurs 11:30pm-2am; FriSat 12:30-2am; adm varies. Residencies:
Mon E John Merrill w/guests; Tues-Wed L
“Polite” Jam; Thurs E 06/2,16&30 Ehud
Asherie Solo, 06/9&23 Spike Wilner Solo, N
Davis Whitfield; Fri E 06/3&17 Sacha Perry
Solo, 06/10&24 Ehud Asherie Solo, N Johnny
O'Neal; Sat E Spike Wilner w/guests, N
06/4&18 Jon Davis, 06/11&25 Anthony
Wonsey. Jun 1: E Art Hirahara/Walt
Weiskopf, L R; 2: E R, L Alex Claffy, N R; 34: E R, L Bill Mays, N R; 5: 7-10pm Adam
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composer and a virtuosic pianist with
an encyclopedic knowledge of the Great
American Songbook, Dick Hyman is probably best known in New York jazz circles as
the longtime artistic director of Jazz in
July at the 92nd Street Y. To the general
public, he's known as a key musician
behind at least a dozen Woody Allen
movies. What many people don't know is
that he has written many chamber music
pieces, played with Bird and Diz, and
opened the original Birdland.
Dick turned over the reins of the program at the Y to Bill Charlap a dozen years
ago but, at age 89, he still plays that festival and he certainly hasn't slowed down.
Currently, he's finishing up a concerto for
clarinetist Ken Peplowski with a chamber
orchestra set to debut on Independence
Day in Lincoln City Oregon. In August, it's
off to Niagara on the Lake in Canada for
the premiere of a piece for piano and violin
he is writing for Music Niagara's artistic
director Atis Bankas.
"I've done a number of things for string
quartet and clarinet, and other pieces for
woodwinds, piano and percussion and bass,"
he says on the phone from his home on the
West Coast of Florida. "Some of them have
been played several times by other people,
which I'm particularly proud of."
After studying at Columbia University
and with his uncle, noted classical pianist
Anton Rovinsky, Dick found himself in the
studios in New York City in the early
1950s playing pop, jazz, classical—whatever the occasion demanded, on piano or
organ. "At that time when stereo and hi fi
recording was coming in, there was a great
boom in recording sessions as well as radio
and television things. That's what I did,
plus jazz engagements."
Some of those gigs were with the most
iconic figures in jazz. He played with
Charlie Parker a few times and two of
those occasions were immortalized on tape.
He was playing with reedman Tony Scott
at Café Society in Greenwich Village when
Bird showed up and a wire recording of
that incident was eventually released. The
second occasion was with Bird and Dizzy
Gillespie on a nightly television program
called Date on Broadway. The surviving
clip of "Hot House" is popular on YouTube.
"Along with a bass player, I played
every night for whatever singers they
brought in," Dick says of the TV show.
"That night, we augmented it to a trio
with Charlie Smith on drums. I had never
played with Dizzy before, although I did
after that at the Nice Jazz Festival. And, I
wasn't around for any of Bird's wilder
flights; I thought he was a very nice gentleman.
"In 1949, I was one of the people who
opened Birdland. I remember the date:
Dec. 15. They had a panorama of jazz. I
was there with Max Kaminsky's
Dixielanders and they kept me on and I
played there regularly with Lester Young
and many other people. In many ways that
was an education," he recalls. "To me, it
sounded like Lester had his own language,
his own thing. I had no problem playing
with him; he wasn't interested in having
multiple beats or weird dissonances. He
just wanted to swing gently."
The vibrant studio scene also led to his
musical relationship with Woody Allen. "I
was increasingly writing more of my own
music in the studios and I had played on
lots of film sessions. It just came about. I
think the first thing I did was a couple of
piano solos for one of his earlier films. It
just happened because New York was so
full of action then and studios were all over
town. Things were happening three or four
times a day in each room.
"We would have many conferences and
he had certain things he liked but he was
perfectly open to any ideas I brought forth,
particularly, in the film called Zelig for
which I wrote several songs and some
background music," Dick said of his work
with filmmaker. "In one way or another I
was involved in about a dozen of his films."
One of them that Dick arranged and
conducted for was Sweet and Lowdown on
which Howard Alden provides the solos
that actor Sean Penn mimes on camera as
fictional jazz guitarist, Emmet Ray.
Howard also tried to teach the actor how to
play the guitar, but that's another story.
This month, Dick performs with
Highlights in Jazz on a double bill with
Trio da Paz. "That's an interesting program," Dick says about the unusual paircontinued on page 28
continued from page 16
Birnbaum/Cecile McLorin Salvant, 10:3011:30pm David Wong/Martin Bejerano; 6: E
Walter Smith III/Jason Moran, L Pasquale
Grasso; 7: E Camille Bertault, L R; 8: E Leon
Parker w/Jazzmeia Horn, L R; 9: E R, L Rob
Scheps, N R; 10: E R, L Kirk Lightsey, N R; 11:
3-6pm Greg Hutchinson Drum Masterclass, E
R, L Kirk Lightsey Trio, N R; 12: E John Merrill
& guests, L Kirk Lightsey; 13: E Evan
Christopher/Ehud Asherie, L Saul Rubin; 14: E
Deanna Kirk, L R; 15: E Ray Gallon, L R; 16:
E R, L Spike Wilner, N R; 17-18: E R, L Andy
Bey, N R; 19: E Pasquale Grasso, L Eden
Ladin; 20: E John Merrill & guests, L Jerome
Sabbagh/Danny Grissett; 21: E Daryl
Sherman/Scott Robinson, L R; 22: E Leon
Parker, L R; 23: E R, L Mike Longo, N R; 2425: E R, L Gary Smulyan, N R; 26: E Saul
Rubin, L Ben Allison/Michael Wolff; 27: E John
Merrill & guests, L Joel Frahm; 28: E Marianne
Solivan, L R; 29: E Rob Schneiderman, L R;
30: E R, L Colin Stranahan, N R.
St (bet Jones & Cornelia Sts). 212-691-1770.
All Things Project
Jun 3: 8&9:30pm free adm Ben Allison.
SPACE: 55W 13th St, 5th Fl. 212-229-5488. Jun 10: 7:30pm
free adm Quaterto Moderno.
11th St (bet Bway & University). 212-2225159. Tues: 8&9:30pm
$10/15 adm. Jun 14: Mike Longo Trio; 21: Bill
Garfield Gp; 28: Rosemary George Gp.
NORTH SQUARE: At Washington Square
Hotel. 103 Waverly Pl at McDougal. 212254-1200. Sun: 12:30&2:15pm free adm Jazz
Brunch. Jun 5: Cathrine Dupuis/Russ
Kassoff; 12: Roz Corral w/Howard Alden &
David Silliman; 19: Roz Corral w/Sheryl
Bailey & Paul Gill; 26: Paul Jost Trio.
RUE B: 188 Ave B (bet 11th & 12th Sts). 212358-1700. Sets: 8:30,
9:30&10:45pm. Jam Sun-Thurs. Sun: Jocelyn
Medina; Mon: Bobby Katz Trio; Tues: Adrian
Thomas Moring Trio; Wed: Luc Moutin Trio;
Thurs: Andrew Forman Trio; Fri-Sat: Curtis
Graham Nowosad Funk Trio.
SMALLS JAZZ CLUB: 183W 10th St at 7th
Av. 212-252-5091. Sets:
Afternoon (PM) Sun 4:30-7pm, Fri-Sat 4-7pm,
Early (E) 7:30-10pm, Late (L) 10:30pm-1am,
Night (N) Sun 1:30-2:30am, Mon 1-4am,
Tues-Sat 1:30-4am, Jam following N. Adm
varies. Residencies (R): Sun E except 06/19
Johnny O’Neal Trio, N Hillel Salem; Mon L
except 06/6&20 Ari Hoenig, N 06/6&27
Jonathan Barber, 06/13&20 Jonathan Michel;
Tues E except 06/7&28 Spike Wilner Qrt, N
06/7&21 Kyle Poole, 06/14&28 Jovan
Alexander; Wed N 06/1,15&29 Sanah Kadour,
06/8&22 Aaron Seeber; Thurs N Jam; Fri PM
Jam 06/3&17 w/Tuomo Uusitalo, 06/10&24
w/Andrew Forman,
N 06/3&17 Joe
Farnsworth, 06/10&24 Corey Wallace; Sat
PM Jam 06/4&18 w/Robert Edwards,
06/11&25 w/Jonathan Thomas Trio. Jun 1: E
Jonathan Kreisberg Qrt, L Jure Pukl Qrt, N R;
2: E Jonathan Kreisberg Qrt, L Dan Pratt Qrt,
N R; 3: PM R, E Patrick Wolff Qrt, L Rob
Scheps Core-tet, N R; 4: PM R, E Eliot
Zigmund Qrt, L Rob Scheps Core-tet, N Eric
Wyatt Qrt; 5: PM Ai Murakami Trio, E R, L
Bruce Harris Sxt, N R; 6: E Jordan Piper Trio,
L tba, N R; 7: E Jeremy Manasia Qrt, L The
Smalls Legacy Band, N R; 8: E Kirk Lightsey
Qrt, L Nick Finzer Sxt, N R; 9: E Kirk Lightsey
Gp, L Nick Hempton Qrt, N R; 10: PM R, E
Tom Guarna Qrt, L Steve Slagle Qrt, N R; 11:
PM R, E Peter & Will Anderson Qnt, L Steve
Slagle Qrt, N Philip Harper Qnt; 12: PM Ai
Murakami Trio, E R, L Behn Gillece Qrt, N R;
13: E Torben Waldorff Qrt, L-N R; 14: E R, L
Brian Charette Trio, N R; 15: E Marc Miralta
Qrt, L Harold Mabern Trio, N R; 16: E Alan
Ferber Nnt, L JC Stylles Qrt, N R; 17: PM R, E
Jon Burr Qnt, L Donald Edwards Qnt, N R; 18:
PM R, E Eddie Diehl Qrt, L Donald Edwards
Qnt, N Brooklyn Circle; 19: 12-6pm New York
Jazz Workshop, E Lezlie Harrison Qrt, L Joe
Magnarelli Qrt, N R; 20: E Dan Cray Qrt, L The
Humanity Qrt, N R; 21: E R, L Lucas Pino Nnt,
N R; 22: E Rick Rosato Trio, L Dave Baron
Qrt, N R; 23: E Carl Bartlett Jr. Qrt, L Loren
Stillman Qnt, N R; 24: PM R, E tba, L Freddie
Hendrix Qnt, N R; 25: PM R, E David Bixler
Qnt, L Freddie Hendrix Qnt, N Philip Harper
Qnt; 26: PM George Gee Swing Orch, E R, L
Saul Rubin Qrt, N R; 27: E Josh Davis Trio, LN R; 28: E Ehud Asherie Trio, L Josh Evans
Gp, N R; 29: E Randy Napoleon Trio, L
Lafayette Harris Qnt, N R; 30: E Randy
Napoleon Trio, L Carlos Abadie Qnt, N R.
SPECTRUM NYC: 121 Ludlow St 2nd Fl (bet
Delancey & Rivington Sts). 212-533-5470. Jun 10: 8:3010:30pm Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic &
Spectral Interzone; 17: 9-10:30pm Canyons
w/Flin Van Hemmen.
The STONE: 2nd St at Av C. www.thestonenyc.
com. Adm varies. Sun&Tues-Sat: 8&10pm
weekly residencies. Sun: 3pm John Zorn &
friends. Jun 1-5: Louis Michot; 7-12: Erik
Friedlander; 13: 8pm John Zorn & Qrt
Animula + Secret Qrt; 14-19: Hal Willner; 2126: Louie Belogenis; 28-Jul 3: Anthony
199 Chambers St. 212220-1460. Jun 4: 8:30pm $25 adm Lost Jazz
Shrines series feat Bob Stewart; 16: 8pm
$45/50 Highlights in Jazz series feat Dick
Hyman Trio, Trio da Paz.
VILLAGE VANGUARD: 178 7th Av S at 11th
St. 212-255-4037.
Sets: 8:30&10:30pm. Adm: Mon-Thurs $30/1
drink min. Residency (R): Mon Vanguard Jazz
Orch. Jun 1-5: Russell Malone Qrt; 6: R; 7-12:
Terell Stafford Qnt; 13: R; 14-19: Ethan
Iverson Qrt feat Houston Person; 20: R; 2126: Stanley Cowell Qrt; 27: R; 28-Jul 3: Rudy
Royston 303.
VISION FESTIVAL: 212254-5420. Jun 7-12: See Judson Memorial
ZINC BAR: 82W 3rd St (bet Thompson &
Sullivan). 212-477-8337.
Sets: Early (E) 7pm except Sat 8pm +
9,11pm&12:30am except Fri 8pm, Mon + 2am.
Adm varies. Residencies: Sun Tango Trio &
Milonga, Mon 10pm-2am Ron Affif Trio, Tues
10pm Evolution Band + Jam w/Igmar Thomas,
Thurs 9pm Jazz at the Crossroads feat Jack
Walrath & Masters of Suspense, 12am Roman
Diaz Midnight Rumba, Sat Monika Oliveira &
The Brasilians. Jun 1: E Mika; 3: 10,11:30pm
& 1am Memo Acevedo & The Building
Bridges Band; 6: 10pm-2am VandoJam feat
JD Allen; 7&14: Tine Bruhn Gp.
RIVERDALE Y: 5625 Arlington Av. 718-5488200. Jun 8: 7:30pm
$30-15 adm Ted Rosenthal Qnt feat Randy
Brecker w/Joel Frahm.
Belmont Av. 2nd Fl. 212-254-9300. Sat: 9pm12am $10 don Jam w/Rob Anderson Qrt. Jun
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new to discover when listening to saxoT
phonist/flutist Charles Lloyd. After all, his
career spans modern jazz history from bop
onward, with stops in blues, rock, fusion,
world music and elsewhere.
Addressing his stylistic range, Charles
doesn't love labels. "Jazz is America's
indigenous art form; it's our classical
music and a major contribution to the
world," he says. "When you love music, you
love a lot of it; I am deeply moved by music
from all over the world and have incorporated it variously into my music. Lines of
demarcation don't call me." He sums it up
with a quote from the Rig Veda, a collection of Sanskrit hymns: "Truth is one;
sages call it by various names."
The input started practically from the
cradle. "Growing up in Memphis, I was
immersed in a rich cauldron of music," he
explains. "As a teenager, I got to hear and
play with so many blues greats: Howlin'
Wolf, B.B. King, Bobby 'Blue' Bland,
Johnny Ace. And then, there were all of the
jazz musicians coming through Memphis
too: Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Lionel
Hampton, Billy Eckstine. Many of the
musicians stayed in my mother's house
when they came to Memphis because in
those days there were no adequate hotels
for musicians of color."
Charles discovered greats like Lester
Young and Billie Holiday on late-night
radio, and friends were eager to share
exciting new sounds. "When Phineas
Newborn played Charlie Parker's 'Relaxin'
at Camarillo' for me, I discovered a whole
new universe of music," he recalls.
He earned a master's in classical music
from USC, while moonlighting with Eric
Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, Gerald Wilson
and Chico Hamilton. A move to New York
yielded stints with Cannonball Adderley,
African percussionist Michael Olatunji and
others. Charles soon created an acoustic
band that inspired electric jazz and rock
with the soon-to-be-giants Keith Jarrett,
Jack DeJohnette and Cecil McBee. They
played major festivals, opened for rock
luminaries, and released Forest Flower:
Charles Lloyd Live at Monterey, among
the first million-selling jazz albums.
Following this landmark success,
Charles withdrew to Big Sur California,
focusing on his inner journey and transcendental meditation. He came back after a
decade, touring with the French pianist
Michel Petrucciani and continuing the
practice of brilliant collaborations with
Bobby McFerrin, John Abercrombie, Brad
Mehldau, Jason Moran, Gerald Clayton and
Bill Frisell; Norah Jones and Willie Nelson
appear on recent Charles recordings.
After decades of accolades and awards,
including NEA Jazz Master, for Charles
the greatest reward has been the company
he keeps: "I have been honored to make
music with many great musicians in this
lifetime. This has been the ultimate award,
and feeds my soul."
Music can have a significant positive
impact, Charles opines. "The world is like
a dog's curly tail. You can try to straighten
it out, but it curls back up. Music transcends politics and the trials and tribulations of daily life, it can go direct to the
heart. In music we can transform the molecules of the concert hall and create a better world."
Transformation will be the order of the
day at The Town Hall on June 11, when
Charles reconvenes his Sangam trio with
drummer Eric Harland and tabla master
Zakir Hussain to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of the eponymous ECM
recording, Sangam, which means "confluence" in Sanskrit, and honors drummer
Billy Higgins, a dear friend and inspiration.
Besides flute and sax, Charles is likely
to play piano; in past Sangam trio concerts,
he and Eric have traded off between the
drummer's throne and a seat at the keys.
"The evolution of our music is an organic
process," Charles declares. "Zakir, Eric,
and I bring our life experience, individually and collectively, to each performance.
The longer I live, I find that I have more to
share and this is expressed in the music."
The musician's website reveals his
motto, "Go forward." Charles explains, "I
am trying to move toward the one sound
that can say it all. That note is always just
a little further ahead of me. When I am
able to express that, I will be able to put
down the saxophone and go back into the
Charles Lloyd's Sangam Trio plays
The Town Hall, June 11, part of the
Blue Note Jazz Festival.
continued from page 18
11: 8pm $10 don Mike Serrano Band.
65FEN: 65 Fenimore St. www.65fenmusic Mon: 9&10pm $10 don
65Fen Music series. Jun 6: Kate Mohanty,
10pm Yes Deer; 13: Bishop/Sinton, 9:30pm
CROOKS, 10:15pm Hero of Warchester; 20:
Confirmed, 10pm Polyverse; 27: Jake Henr,
9:45pm Aryeh Kobrinsky, 10:30pm Ton Trio.
BARBÈS: 376 9th St at 6th Av. Park Slope. 718-965-9177.
Residencies: Sun 9pm Stephane Wrembel;
Mon 7pm Brain Cloud; Tues 9pm Slavic Soul
Party; Wed 10pm Mandingo Ambassadors.
Jun 1: 8pm Andy Statman; 2: 10pm Gato
Loco; 3: 10pm Big Lazy; 8: 8pm Pedro
Giraudo Tango Trio; 9: 10pm Golfeather; 10:
10pm Bill Carney & Sans-Culottes; 14: 9pm
Sam Reider; 15: 8pm Ingrid Laubrock/Tom
Rainey; 16: 10pm Boss Tenor; 24: 8pm The
Regional de NY.
58 7th Av. 718-622-3300. 1st
Fri: 7pm $5 adm Open Stage. Jun 24: 7pm
$15/10 adm Bill Stevens Band & Spoken
Word by Ira Rosenberg.
I-BEAM: 168 7th St.
Sets: 8:30pm $15 don. Jun 4: Roberta Piket
Sxt; 5: Michael Dessen Trio; 13: Mara
Rosenbloom Trio, 9:30pm Darius Jones Qnt;
17-18: Dirigo Rataplan; 25: Brad Linde &
Team Players.
JAZZ 966: 966 Fulton St. 917-593-9776. Fri: 8:15&10:15pm.
(bet 19th & 20th Sts). 718-499-1199.
9&10:30pm $10 don/$10 min Konceptions
Music series by James Carney. Jun 7:
Beekman w/Kyle Nasser, 10:30pm tba; 14:
Renku w/Michaël Attias, 10:30pm Anna
Webber; 21: Michael Blake Qnt, 10:30pm Ken
Thomson Sxt; 28: tba, 10:30pm Aaron Burnett
& the Big Machine.
NATIONAL SAWDUST: 80N 6th St. 646-7798455. Jun 2: 78pm Sergio Krakowski Trio; 24: 8pm Blue
Note Jazz festival feat Bilal.
Park Slope. 718855-7882. Jun 24: 7:30pm free adm Celebrate Brooklyn!
festival feat ¡Cubanismo! + Ricardo Lemvo &
Makina Loca.
ROULETTE: 509 Atlantic Av at 3rd Av. 917-267-0363. Jun 28: 8pm
$20/15 adm The Eco-Music Big Band.
SEEDS: 617 Vanderbilt Av. www.seedsbrook Jun 9: 9pm $10 adm Jazz Gallery
Mentoring series w/Miles Okazaki Gp feat
Paul Cornish.
SHAPESHIFTER LAB: 18 Whitwell Pl. 646-820-9452.
Sets/adm unless otherwise noted: Early (E)
7pm, Late (L) 8:15pm, Night (N) 9:30pm; $10
adm. Jun 1: L $8 Eugenia Choe Trio, N
Álvaro Domene & Desvelo; 5: N $8 Tamuz
Nissim/George Nazos Band; 8: $12 L Take
Off Collective feat Ole Mathisen, N Marko
Djordjevic & Sveti; 9: L $15 Bruce Gertz Qrt;
13: L $15 Philippe Crettien Qrt; 14: E Matt
McDonald Gp, L-N John Yao & His 17-piece
Instrument; 15: 8pm $15 Harris Eisenstadt
Recent Developments; 16: L Ben Allison
Band w/spec guest Joey Arias, N Sivan
Arbel; 17: 8pm Erica Seguine/Shannon
Baker Jazz Orch, N $15 Scott Reeves Jazz
Orch; 20: L $12 Henrique Eisenmann Trio; 21:
E JC Sanford & Triocracy, L Aaron Irwin Qrt,
N JC Sanford & JC4; 22: E $15 Hans
Lüdemann Solo, L $8 Koi4; 23: E Unidentified Fusion Orangement, L Roman Filiu &
Quarteria; 24: E Michael Sarian & The
Chabones; 27: L ikiz Cabin Crew; 29: L The
D.R.U.M. FM/Burnt Sugar; 30: E Lea
SISTAS’ PLACE: 456 Nostrand Av at Jefferson
Av. 718-398-1766.
URBAN MEADOW: President St at Van Brunt
St. Jun 12&19: 1-6pm Read Hook Jazz festival feat 06/12 Joe Fiedler & Big Sackbut,
Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up, Rez Abbasi
& Junction, Judi Silvano Zephyr Qnt, Steven
Bernstein & Sexmob, 06/19 Jeff Davis
Authorities Trio + 1, Matt Pavolka Horns
Band, Ari Hoenig Trio, James Brandon Lewis
Trio, Bobby Previte & the Visitors.
Bedford Av. 718-3841654. 10pm-2am. Fri: free adm/2 drink min
Jam w/Gerry Eastman Qnt & friends.
Bank St. Stamford.
203-504-8828. Jun 1: HD Qnt; 6: 8pm The 9th
Note Jazz Orch; 15: 8pm George Gee Swing
Orch; 18: 9pm Eddie Henderson Qrt.
FIREHOUSE 12: 47 Crown St. New Haven.
203-785-0468. Fri:
8:30pm $20 adm, 10pm $15. Jun 3: Mario
Pavone Trio; 10: Jay Rosen & Clarinet
203-438-5795. Jun 25: 8pm Lizz Wright.
Inn. 85 Lyme St. Old Lyme. 860-434-0886. Sets: 8:30pm. Jun
3: Greg Abate + Richie Cole; 4: Mike
LeDonne & Groover Trio; 10: Duane Eubanks
Qrt; 11: Eric Wyatt Qrt; 17: Gillian Margot
Black Butterfly Project; 18: Christos Rafalides
& Manhattan Vibes; 24: Tessa Souter; 25:
Vincent Herring Qrt.
Haven. Jun 19: 1&3:15pm Jazztopad festival
Marcin Wasilewski Trio, Obara International
Qrt, Piotr Damasiewicz Qnt i Bang on a Can
Rte 9 West. Marlboro.
Sets: 7pm, Sun Brunch (B) 10am-2pm; $20
don suggested. Jun 1: Alexis Cole + HD Qnt;
5: John Abercrombie/Rob Scheps Qrt; 8: Jazz
Sessions at The Falcon Underground w/Doug
Weiss; 12: Bill McHenry Trio; 15: Geoffrey
Keezer/Gillian Margot; 19: B Chiara Izzi, 7pm
Billy Harper Qnt; 26: OC/DC.
QUINN’S: 330 Main St. Beacon. www.quinns Mon: 8pm free adm Monday
Night Jazz Sessions. Jun 6: Geoff Vidal/
Derrick James Qrt; 9: Kazi Oliver Ens; 13:
Harvey Sorgen Trio; 20: Nioka Workman Qrt;
27: Honey Ear Trio.
TURNING POINT CAFÉ: 468 Piermont Av.
Piermont. 845359-1089. Mon: 8-11:30pm $5 adm Monday
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Gary Walker, “Morning Jazz Host”, WBGO, 88.3 FM/
Known as a little big band, Swingadelic was formed in 1998 by bassist Dave Post. His
musical friends come with backgrounds in jazz, blues, country, klezmer, Latin music
and rock 'n' roll. As Dave says of his bandmates, "I truly believe these varied experiences make the band greater than the sum of its parts, giving us such flexibility." It's
a big, fat sound, featured at Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing and clubs and
festivals around the country. The band can make feet move to Basie and Ellington. In
the studio, Swingadelic has given new life to The Other Duke (Zoho), a reclamation of
the talents of pianist/composer Duke Pearson, or New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint
on Toussaintville (Zoho). Good fun is the only ruler of their collective musical heart.
Bob Devos developed his blues-drenched guitar sound working in the bands of
Charles Earland, Groove Holmes, and Hank Crawford and Jimmy McGriff. His modern approach has been recruited by notables Etta Jones, Pepper Adams, Jack McDuff,
Gladys Knight, Stanley Turrentine and Freddy Cole for festivals and club dates
around the country. In the studio, Bob has visited the worlds of Coltrane, Jobim, Cole
Porter, Eddie Harris and Monk, along with showing off his considerable flair for writing originals. Shadow Box (American Showplace) displays Bob's love for the organbased groove, with his own tunes standing up alongside the evergreens of Wes
Montgomery, Percy Mayfield, Burt Bacharach and Shirley Scott. Here, Bob shares his
guitar inventions in tandem with organist Dan Kostelnik and drummer Steve Johns.
Marlene VerPlanck sings a story the way the rest of us wishes we could tell one; with
a polish that can convince listeners that each and every lyric is her own. She has
backed up Frank Sinatra and Mel Tormé and has been out front of the Beneke, Miller
and Dorsey orchestras, singing those stories like no one else. A long list of recordings
documents her talent. Marlene's new CD, The Mood I'm In (Audiophile) received five
stars in both Downbeat and Jazz Journal, with Marlene's moods making classics her
own, like "It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream," "I Want to Talk About You" and "This Is
Always." Noted as "the most accomplished interpreter of popular song today" by The
New York Times, Marlene performs with pianist Tedd Firth and bassist Jay
Known as a forward-thinking musician with a passion for the jazz tradition, guitarist
Randy Napoleon has played with and composed and arranged for singers, big bands
and small combos. Randy's considerable résumé includes work with Natalie Cole, Bill
Charlap, Benny Green and the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. Randy has been
featured on more than 70 albums, and for years has been the choice of Freddy Cole in
performance and on record. Randy's new CD as leader, Soon (Detroit Music Factory)
is full of fast, fluid moments interspersed with hushed sensitivity, as he investigates
the diverse music of Sammy Cahn, Duke Ellington, Henry Mancini, Cannonball
Adderley, Cole Porter and Ma Rainey. Everything he loves becomes apparent as
Randy is joined by bassist Elias Bailey and drummer Quentin Baxter.
DeVos photo by Chris Drukker, Napoleon by John Osler.
The veteran tenor saxophonist Marc Mommaas has flown under the radar for far too
long. This CD release performance for his recent Sunnyside Ballads & Standards
could be the game changer in elevating his status. A lithe approach combined with
unique harmonic voicings identifies the sound he has honed and crafted for three
decades. Equally influenced by the European modern art and music scene, Marc has
translated his training into that of a highly skilled player and educator since arriving
in New York in 1997. Recently working with guitarist Tony Moreno, pianist/composer
Amina Figarova and trumpeter Ron Horton as a sideman, he has also been exploring
solo excursions and the art of the duo. He's joined by guitarist Vic Juris, bassist
Thomas Morgan and pianist Nikolaj Hess. MGN
ZINC BAR / JUNE 2, 9, 16, 23
Zinc's ongoing Thursday night Jazz at the Crossroads presents Innovators: New &
Classic has trumpeter Jack Walrath holding sway in June. Innovation is the name of
the game for Jack, who gained early recognition for his playing with Charles Mingus
on the stellar Changes 1 and Changes 2 recordings. But Jack didn't stop there—in his
half century on the jazz scene he's released about two dozen albums as a leader and
appeared on countless others as a sideman. He's gigged with Joe Lovano, Quincy
Jones, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, George Gruntz, Sam Rivers, Elvis Costello and a roster of others. The multi-talented trumpeter consistently delivers unique and personal
performances and deserves greater acclaim for his composing and arranging skills. EK
Two months after arriving from Italy to attend the New England Conservatory,
Roberta Gambarini finished third in the 1998 Thelonious Monk International Vocal
Competition. The jazz world took note, and her virtuosic chops and deep love of swinging standards have served her well ever since. Roberta has worked with trumpeter
Roy Hargrove, pianist Hank Jones and saxophonist James Moody, among others. This
midday gig for Saint Peter's Jazz on the Plaza series features material from her fourth
CD, Connecting Spirits (The Jimmy Heath Songbook), plus other gems in her repertoire. She's likely to share her high-flying, vocalese version of "On the Sunny Side of
the Street," based on Dizzy Gillespie's 1957 recording. Her band includes pianist
Sullivan Fortner, bassist John Webber and drummer Tommy Campbell. KF
High-flying hard-bopper Greg Abate teams with fellow alto sax ace Richie Cole to celebrate the legacy of Phil Woods, who was a strong influence on both players. Each
recorded several times with Phil, and Richie studied with him as a teenager. Greg is
a marvel to hear live, seamlessly dropping in quotes from other tunes as ideas pour
forth from his horn. He just does it faster than most other players before moving on to
something else. The superb rhythm section for The Side Door gig was featured on
Greg's poignant new release, Kindred Spirits (Whaling City Sound), recorded with
Phil 11 months prior to his death from complications of emphysema. The Boston-based
trio includes Tim Ray, piano; John Lockwood, bass and Mark Walker on drums. KF
Flautist Jamie Baum is known for her inventive improvisations and challenging, creative compositions, so it isn't surprising that she was honored as a 2014 Guggenheim
Fellow. The New England Conservatory of Music alum studied with Dave Liebman,
Richie Beirach, Hubert Laws and Jaki Byard. She is also a member of the tribute collective Yard Byard: The Jaki Byard Project. Although post-bop has been a primary
focus for her, Jamie has led a variety of different groups, while her musical curiosity
keeps her writing full of surprises, which frequently draws elements from several different styles within a single work. Jamie leads her group Short Stories, which she
debuted in 2015; it includes pianist Andy Milne, guitarist Gilad Hekselman, harmonica player Grégoire Maret, bassist Joe Martin and drummer Jeff Hirshfield. KD
By Ken Dryden, Ken Franckling, Seton Hawkins, Stepha
Mommaas photo by Willy Schuyten.
Persisting curiosity shapes the sound of player/composer, Dan Block. A multi-reedist,
Dan has devoted his adult life to examining origins of the music that moves him, from
rhythmic patterns in Haiti and Martinique to harmonic tendencies in France and
Quebec. His penchant for exploration has allowed him to play and record alongside such
musical forces as Charles Mingus, Ralph Sutton, Tom Harrell and Dave Liebman, while
his versatility has helped him perform at such distinctive venues as Jazz at Lincoln
Center, the 92nd Street Y and the Newport Jazz Festival. His latest project, Mary Lou
Williams and Benny Carter Meet Hard Bop, features Godwin Louis on alto, Adam
Birnbaum on piano, Jennifer Vincent on bass and Alvester Garnett on drums. SJ
Composer/conductor Maria Schneider has created a sound all her own by blending
everything from avant-garde music to contemporary concert music to classic big band
jazz. Maria's innate expressions and ornate articulations sets her orchestra apart from
every modern jazz ensemble with a sound that is distinct, yet different with each project she undertakes. Since her debut album Evanescence, Schneider has built an impressive career that features five Grammy Awards, commissions from Jazz at Lincoln
Center and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and numerous accolades from
Downbeat, Jazz Times and others. Schneider's shows at Birdland are in support of her
latest album The Thompson Fields, which was fan-funded from ArtistShare and recently won the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album. EW
A superbly versatile saxophonist and flautist, Rene McLean is an artist who is thoroughly deserving of wider acclaim and a fuller discography. Wielding a powerful, hardedged saxophone tone and an exceptional gift for lyricism, Rene has proven his mettle
time and time again as a master of hard bop, as well as a gifted artist proficient in
South African jazz styles. The scion of the McLean musical dynasty, Rene studied for
years under his father Jackie, and for his date at Smoke he brings together an extraordinary group: pianist Alan Jay Palmer, bassist Dezron Douglas, drummer Ronnie
Burrage and percussionist Neil Clark in a tribute to the elder McLean. Saxophone legend Gary Bartz, a compatriot of Rene's father, joins in as a musical guest. SH
For nearly four decades, brothers John and Jeff Clayton—bassist and saxophonist,
respectively—have continued to manifest their artistic destiny, evolving a legacy of
tradition through a hard swinging authenticity of sound. Intrinsic from the band's
inception, a devotion to the process of collective music making has become an integral
part of The Clayton Brothers identity. From the studio to the bandstand, each member
contributes original arrangements and compositions ranging from a tribute record that
highlights influential brotherly bonds in jazz to new compositions from son/nephew and
band member, pianist Gerald Clayton. Continuing the celebration of its latest release
Soul Brothers (ArtistShare 2015) the band features Terrell Stafford on trumpet, Gerald
on piano and Kendrick Scott on drums. SJ
Parisian native Yvonnick Prene wields breathtaking lyricism and beauty of tone
matched by exceptional virtuosity on the chromatic harmonica. While certainly wearing the influences of forebears like Toots Thielemans, Yvonnick brings a unique voice
to the table, drawing from hard bop aesthetics, soul jazz sounds, and pairing intense
instrumental bite alongside lushly sweet blowing. A passionate advocate of the instrument and a dedicated educator in his adopted New York, Yvonnick has emerged as one
of the instrument's strongest standard bearers, especially evident on his latest outing
Breathe, which finds him leading some ferocious Hammond B-3 organ-driven swing.
His quartet performance at Cavatappo finds him in similarly swinging company and
may well convert some skeptics of the harmonica to the instrument's expressive capabilities in jazz. SH
hanie Jones, Elzy Kolb, Michael G Nastos & Eric Wendell
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Jam by John Richmond. Jun 5: 7:30pm $15
John Hart; 26: 4pm $30 Don Byron.
FLUSHING TOWN HALL: 137-35 Northern
Blvd. Flushing.
718-463-7700. 1st Wed: 6pm Clinic, 7pm
Jam. Jun 10: 8pm Jimmy Heath & Queens
Jazz Orch.
JACKSON ROOM: 192-07 Linden Blvd. St
Albans. 718-5252387. Last Sat: 8&10pm $15 adm incl
snacks/beverage feat Ed Jackson Qrt.
34-56 107th St. Corona. 718-478-8274. Sun&Sat 125pm, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm: $10 adm Guided
Tours of Louis Armstrong House.
WATERFRONT PARK: Dobbs Ferry. 914-6311000. Free adm Wed:
6:30-8pm. Jun 22: Orange Julius & The Big
Beat; 29: Brian Charette Organ Qrt.
RAMAPO COLLEGE: 505 Ramapo Valley Rd.
Mahwah. 201512-0099. Jun 4: 6:30pm $30 adm Benefit
concert feat Bucky Pizzarelli, Lou Pallo, Ed
Laub, Vic Juris & Dave Stryker.
YOGART FROZEN YOGURT ART STUDIO: 342 Old River Rd. Edgewater. 201-4010151. Jun 12: 2-7pm free adm feat Revivors,
3pm August Riska Trio, 4pm Freddie Bryant
Qrt feat Vanessa Falabella, 5pm Lauren
Hooker Trio, 6pm Curtis Lundy Qrt.
Newark. 973-623-8161. Jun 4: 6-7:30pm
Jazz Vespers feat tba.
Newark. 862-7635757. Sun: 1-4pm, Wed 7-10:30pm, Fri-Sat:
7:30-11:30pm. Jun 1: Open Mic w/the Brick
City Soul Collective; 3: Pat Van Dyke feat
Lezlie Harrison; 4: Sharp Radway; 5: Carrie
Jackson; 11: Vince Ector; 12: John Bauers;
15: Open Mic w/the Brick City Soul Collective;
17: Rob Edwards; 19: Wilma Ann; 24: Pat Van
Dyke; 25: Lot on 7th; 26: Vanessa Perea.
GATEWAY CENTER 2: 2 Gateway Center.
283-299 Market St. Newark. 973-624-8880.
Jun 1: 12-1pm Joe Locke.
NEW JERSEY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: 1 Center St. Newark. 888-466-5722. Jun 18: 7:30pm $45 adm Bill
TRUMPETS: 6 Depot Square. Montclair. 973744-2600. Sets:
unless otherwise noted 7:30&9pm, Fri-Sat
8&10pm, closed Mon-Tues. Adm varies. Jun
4: Ron Aprea & Angela DeNiro Qnt; 5: 2-5pm
Jazz & Poetry feat Vinnie Cutro Qrt & Toney
Jackson, 7pm Rosa Passos; 8: Diane Moser
& Composers Big Band; 10: Roberta Piket;
11: Royal Scam; 17: Erick Storckman Spt; 18:
Nuvo Jazz Collective; 26: 3-4:30pm Sharman
& Alfred Nittoli.
WBGO: 54 Park Pl. Newark.
MCCARTER THEATRE: 91 University Pl.
Princeton. 609-258-2787.
Jun 4: 8pm The Fonic & Break from Blue
INC RESTAURANT: 302 George St. New
Brunswick. 732-6400553. Wed: 8-11pm free adm The New
Brunswick Jazz Project/ Jun 1:
Ed Cherry Trio; 8: Marianne Solivan Duo; 15:
Bob DeVos Trio; 22: Nat Adderley, Jr. Trio; 29:
Anthony Nelson Trio.
BICKFORD THEATRE: 6 Normandy Heights
Rd. Morristown. 973-971-3706. Concerts 89:30pm. $15/18 adm. Jun 6:
Neville Dickie w/Midiri Brothers; 12:
Roseanna Vitro/Pete McGuinness; 27: Danny
South St. Morristown.
973-539-8008. Jun 9: 8pm Gregory Porter.
SHANGHAI JAZZ: 24 Main St. Madison. 973822-2899. Free adm.
Sets: Sun 6-8:30pm, Tues 6:30-9pm, WedThurs 7-9:30pm, Fri 6:30&8:30pm, Sat
6:30&8:45pm. Closed Mon. Tues: John
Korba. Jun 2: Adrian Cunningham Trio; 3:
Jerry Vezza & Grover Kemble Trio; 4: SaRon
Crenshaw Qrt; 11: Billy Drummond Trio; 12:
Daryl Sherman Trio; 17: “King” Solomon
Hicks Qrt; 18: Dion Parson; 19: Marlene
VerPlanck; 24: Blue Soul Gp; 25: Nilson Matta
Trio; 30: Brynn Stanley.
Toms River. 732-255-0500. Jun
8: 8-9:30pm $18/22 adm Swingadelic.
Pompton Rd. Wayne. 973720-2371.
Watchung. 908-7530190. Jun 3: 8pm $22-10 adm JaZZ in the
Gallery feat Rio Clemente.
DEER HEAD INN: 5 Main St. Delaware Water
Gap, PA. 570-4242000. Sets: Sun 5-8pm, Thurs 8-11pm, FriSat 7-11pm. Adm varies. Residency (R):
Thurs Jam w/Bill Washer & friends. Jun 2: R;
3: Skip & Dan Wilkins Qnt; 4: Five Play; 5: Bill
Mays/Tommy Cecil; 9: R; 10: Denny Carrig,
Skip Wilkins & friends; 11: Michael Stephans
& Quartette Oblique; 12: Joanie Samra &
friends; 16: R; 17: Vicki Doney, Walt Bibinger
& Zach Brock; 18: Bob Dorough Trio; 19:
Michele Bauteir; 23: R; 24: Marianne Solivan
Qrt; 25: Sue Terry feat Rachel Z; 26: Randy
Napoleon; 27: 7:30-10:30pm Deer Head Inn
Jazz Orch.
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have occured from late changes or incorrect information supplied to
us. Please call the venues or check website for up to date calendars.
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By Elzy Kolb
Heavy metal thunder
Bob Stewart, Tribeca PAC
For 16 years, trumpeter Lester Bowie
led a multi-horn aggregation known as
Brass Fantasy, drawing its repertoire from
varied sources including R&B hits, New
Orleans parade music, Billie Holiday classics, the blues, TV themes, Caribbean
rhythms and more. By the dawn of the 21st
Century, a Brass Fantasy set might
include a version of "Crazy," the Willie
Nelson tune that made Patsy Cline a star,
back to back with a hit from Biggie Smalls,
each played in a style both heartfelt and
"As soon at the audience heard something, the first thing they would do is
smile," recalls tuba player Bob Stewart, a
mainstay throughout Brass Fantasy's long
run. "The audience absolutely gets it and
sees the relationship of the song and how
the band's doing it. That's a very exciting
way to play."
Lester's approach was both inside and
outside, familiar and unexpected, funky
and far out. "There are only 12 notes, and
certain cliques decide how those 12 notes
will go. With Brass Fantasy, one way doesn't become politic over the other," Bob
points out. After the improvisational passages, "There's tremendous emotional
power when you come back inside, the
momentum and strength is overwhelming.
It's really powerful, though it's the same
12 notes."
Brass Fantasy also served as a launching pad for young players including Bob,
trombonists Steve Turre, Frank Lacy and
Craig Harris; trumpeter Stanton Davis
and French horn player Vincent Chancey.
"It was kind of a college of jazz before there
were college courses in jazz," the tuba
maven explains. Lester encouraged band
members to find their own voice and style
and use his band as a stepping stone to
their own projects. "Just about everyone in
that band went on to become a recording
artist in their own right. He didn't want to
keep us there just to make him look good. I
grew through the support and encouragement from Lester, he shaped my own
approach as a band leader."
Bob is aiming to channel the Bowie spirit with Remembering Lester Bowie a tribute panel discussion and concert honoring
the trumpeter and the club Sweet Basil;
the event is part of the Lost Jazz Shrines
series, at BMCC Tribeca Performing
Arts Center on June 4. "It's not only a
tribute to Lester, but also to the concept of
family," Bob explains, citing as examples
the Sweet Basil staff during the years the
band played there; the musicians' families—some of whom often went on the road
with Lester—and an extended family of
regular band members and the players
they had trained to sub for them.
Personnel includes a mix of alumni, jazz
veterans, newbies, family members and
surprise guests, including Vincent
Chancey, singer Renee Manning, tuba
players Earl McIntyre and Marcus Rojas,
and trumpeters Gerald Brazel, Seneca
Black, Randall Haywood, Riley Mulherka
and Steven Bernstein. "He's the cherry on
top," Bob declares of Steven. "He's the
direct descendant of Lester Bowie."
Drummer Buddy Williams will also be on
hand: "We need a drummer who understands playing with tubas."
Bob admits to blasting a stack of Brass
Fantasy albums at home recently, creating
a long and flexible wish list of tunes that's
more than enough for one evening. "But
we'll figure it out, it's a nice kind of problem," he says with a laugh.
Living and learning
Judimarie Canterino, Jazz at Kitano
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ANOTHER REASON... continued from page 25
Vocalist Judimarie Canterino is
proud to declare, "I have a beautiful jazz
history. In 1958, I went to the Half Note
with Lennie Tristano. That night I met my
future husband, Mike Canterino at the
club and that's how my whole jazz life
started." Mike owned the Half Note, which
the two ran for more than 20 years, regularly booking the likes of Anita O'Day,
Maxine Sullivan, Judy Garland, Tony
Bennett, Jim Hall, Bob Brookmeyer, Art
Farmer, Clark Terry and Carmen McRae.
Though she studied with Tristano, who
praised her for her great ears, Judi has
often felt shy about singing. "I enjoyed my
lessons with Lennie. I tried to get better,
just as I do now. But who was I to sing?
There were so many great people I learned
from and hung out with," she muses.
Nevertheless, the singer sat in with
Zoot Sims and Wes Montgomery, and
learned the blues from Jimmy Rushing.
"Billie Holiday taught me 'Foolin' Myself.'
That was on the flip side of 'Easy Living',"
Judi recalls. "I was so lucky to have
learned from these people, when they were
right there in the club."
At Jazz at Kitano on June 9 in
Remembering the Half Note and Mike
Canterino, the vocalist mines her history,
singing and sharing reminiscences. For
this tribute to her late husband and their
years at the club, pianist Mark Shane,
bassist Jerry Bruno and guitarist Steve
Lamattima will be on hand and special
guests are likely to join in the fun. Judi
plans to perform songs she learned from
the greats, and will delve into material by
her favorite lyricist, Johnny Mercer, as
well as songs by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter,
Bob Dorough and other greats.
Keyed in
Roberta Piket, Ibeam & Trumpets
Though Marian McPartland was widely
recognized and beloved as a pianist and
the host of NPR's Piano Jazz, her compositions never attracted the same level of
renown, a situation fellow pianist Roberta
Piket hopes will change. Her new CD, One
McPartland (Thirteenth Note) contains a
Piket photo by John Abbott.
half dozen compositions by the late NEA
Jazz Master, as well as two originals
Roberta wrote in her honor.
Besides being supportive of young musicians, Marian was also remarkably humble, recalls Roberta, who made three Piano
Jazz appearances and played at a celebration honoring Marian at Dizzy's Club CocaCola along with keyboard luminaries
including Geri Allen and Kenny Barron.
"She was very, very accessible. She'd
mail me a note when I put out a CD and
would call with advice about promoting my
gigs," Roberta recalls. "She was egoless;
she did not insist people play her tunes on
Piano Jazz, though she felt that her tunes
were unknown and regretted that more
people didn't record them."
For her Todd Barkan-produced tribute
CD, Roberta's band includes Steve Wilson
on saxophone and flute, Virginia Mayhew
on tenor sax and clarinet, Bill Mobley on
trumpet and flugelhorn, Harvie S on bass,
and drummer/percussionist Billy Mintz;
vocalist Karrin Allyson makes a guest
Instead of going down the "rent-aheavy" path of bringing in a jazz star for a
one-shot gig to attract attention to the
project, Roberta opted to work with an
impressive lineup of people she's known
and played with for years, all of whom are
respected bandleaders and musicians. "It's
best to hire people you have a relationship
with, it comes out in the music—it sounds
like a conversation with old friends," the
pianist observes.
Though Roberta is a longtime admirer
of Marian's music and has included tunes
by her on previous recordings, "It took a
while before I was ready to record, before I
was satisfied with my arrangements and
the group sound." She got the band together regularly to try out different ideas and
tweak the arrangements.
"I'm very lucky; the freelance life is difficult for musicians to maintain and I'm so
happy they were willing to workshop,
they're dedicated and loved the music. It's
a luxury you don't often get these days, to
work on the music for several months.
They're great players and soloists, very
soulful players."
While there was a lifetime of material to
draw from, among the earliest choices was
"Kaleidoscope," Marian's Piano Jazz
theme. "That was almost mandatory,"
Roberta says, laughing. "It's a blues form
tune that's only four bars. I added a background figure and we turned it into a burner. It has a very short head that stands on
its own. It was interesting to tease that out
a bit; it ended up as a long, solo piano opener."
Roberta focuses on McPartland compositions at Ibeam on June 4 and at
Trumpets on June 10; looking ahead,
she'll play a duo version of the material
with Steve Wilson at Mezzrow July 14.
By Seton Hawkins
The Contemporary Jazz Cruise
Artist Spotlight
A host of top-shelf talents—among them
Pat Metheny, Gregory Porter, Robert
Glasper and host Marcus Miller—will provide an incredible array of entertainment
on the 2017 Contemporary Jazz Cruise.
While many of them are veterans of the
format, one artist makes his cruise debut:
trumpet maestro Terence Blanchard.
Terence Blanchard
His newcomer status might strike one
as surprising. For more than three
decades, the New Orleans native has stood
at the forefront of this music's popularity,
leading a variety of highly acclaimed
ensembles, revitalizing jazz's role in film
and television scores and offering highly
innovative and engaging education initiatives around the globe.
Indeed, Terence's already broad vision
for the music has expanded even more dramatically during the past decade, particularly following the premiere of his stunning and well-received opera Champion,
documenting the life of Emile Griffith.
Most recently, Terence has premiered a
new ensemble and project, the ECollective, paying tribute to the late Eric
Garner with the group's album Breathless.
Offering a more groove-and-funk driven
concept, the ensemble represents an interesting new direction for Terence and his
"It was something that the group's
drummer Oscar Seaton and I had been
talking about doing for eight years," he
notes. "We did a film together and played
on some groove-based music. We kept saying that we should put a band together,
but our schedules were crazy. It got to the
point where I finally said, 'If I don't do this,
I'm never gonna do this.' So we called up
some other guys and we went from there.
We're still working to define what the band
is and explore sonically the possibilities.
And we're having a lot of fun doing this."
In addition to veterans like Oscar and
bassist Donald Ramsey, the group also features a relative newcomer in pianist
Fabian Almazan, whose keyboard work is
an album highlight and whose composition
"Everglades" inspires some of the ensemble's best performances on the record. This
mixing of newer and established artists is
a hallmark of many of Terence's groups,
and a key to his continued success and
"What I'm always interested in is finding the younger guys who are committed to
art," he explains. "I've been blessed and
lucky throughout my career to have great
young minds be a part of my groups."
Indeed, for Terence, this mirrors his own
artistic development, when as a rising talent he joined The Jazz Messengers led by
legendary drummer Art Blakey, benefitting from the elder artist's skills and guidance while bringing his own unique energies and concepts to the ensemble.
While the jazz cruise may be a new
experience for him, the opportunity to connect more deeply with audiences is appealing to Terence, and thoroughly in keeping
with his remarkable career. "It will be cool
to have that kind of exposure," he notes. "I
like the idea that on this, people can sit
and relax and have conversations with the
musicians, really get to know them."
To learn more about the Contemporary
Jazz Cruise or to make a reservation, visit
New Series and Education
Louis Michot, a co-founder of
Louisiana's Lost Bayou Ramblers, will
continued on page 28
Blanchard photo by Henry Adebonojo.
By Nathan Kamal, student at The New School
his debut record Restive Soul, tenor
saxophonist Kyle Nasser is currently hard
at work with his quintet. Kyle enrolled at
Berklee College of Music after completing a
Harvard degree, sparking his ongoing
musical love affair with counterpoint. For
Kyle, "counterpoint is the relationship
between lines. It treats harmony not just as
a vertical analysis, but as a horizontal phenomenon of notes leading into one another."
Kyle's contrapuntal and angular
approach to melody is a central musical element on Restive Soul. "I didn't start with
the [vertical] harmony of the tunes, it was
all just lines. The harmony is more of an
accident, or an implication of the melodies."
His study of music theory gave him the
freedom to pursue classically-informed
structures for his pieces.
On Restive Soul, he navigates formal
elements between classical and jazz music
with ease. "There are sonata forms on the
album, and those are arch forms. I am really struck by how you can manipulate a
motion in a greater way by having a longer
form that the harmony leads you through.
That will engross me more than having a
short form."
N a s s e r
Quintet plays
Restive Soul
June 28. Kyle
Club Bonafide
with the intern a t i o n a l
col l ect i ve,
Collective. Focusing on a variety of historical concepts and on repertoire development, the intensive is aimed at instilling in
drummers a more intuitive and deeply felt
sense of swing and coincides with the
release of Daniel's instructional DVD,
From Ragtime to Rock: An Introduction to
100 Years of American Popular Music.
Find out more about his projects at
The National Jazz Museum in Harlem
hosts its annual gala on June 14 at Hunter
College's Kaye Playhouse. Awards and
accolades will be given to jazz legend Roy
Haynes and to UMEZ chairman Kenneth
Knuckles; headliners René Marie and
Monty Alexander will perform. Tickets
are available at www.jazzmuseumin
continued from page 27
continued from page 17
Louis Michot
make a special trip to New York to present
a weeklong residency at The Stone.
Offering up a wide variety of shows during
his stay, Louis will present old-style
acoustic Cajun repertoire, joined by Eric
Heigle, Bryan Webre, Andre Michot,
Pauline Kim, Seth Faulk and more. Visit to learn more.
Drummer and educator Daniel Glass
will launch the Daniel Glass New York
Jazz Intensive, June 3-6 at the Drummers
Michot photo by Cajun Zydoco Photos.
ing with the Brazilian trio. "It'll be nice to
see what happens."
The Dick Hyman Trio with
bassist/vocalist Jay Leonhardt and
guitarist Howard Alden plays on a
double bill with Trio de Paz at the
BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts
Center on June 16. Dick also appears
for a solo set on June 15 at Saint
Peter’s Church’s Midtown Jazz at
Midday series.
Bill Crow's books " Jazz Anecdotes" and " From Birdland to Broadway" can be
found at your favorite bookstore, and at
along with many interesting photos and links.
Bill Spilka sent me this one from an interview he did with the late Jack Feierman on
the west coast:
When Jack played The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, Al Lapin, the contractor for
the Tonight Show band, told them "Today's show is going to have a lot of music. We have
Tony Bennett and a guitar player named Joe." Bob Bain, the band's guitarist asked, "Do you
mean Joe Pass?" "No", Al replied, "I think his last name is Beam. He's from Brazil."
A friend of Bill Wurtzel's sat in with a band in Florida. After the gig, the leader said,
"Hey man, you play good, do you want to go to an after hours gig?"
When Bill's friend said he would like to, the leader replied, "We have to hurry up. They
end at eleven."
continued from page 43
continued from page 43
... Some of Rosa's musical heroes are
Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Betty Carter
and Nina Simone, but also Bill Evans,
Kenny Barron and Oscar Peterson, among
many others. "If I'm creating a complete
list we won't be able to end the interview
today," she says, laughing. Rosa describes
her music as Brazilian, retaining its original "Brazilian swing" and feel, but with
jazz influences.
Rosa, who now lives in Brazilia, feels
very confident about her talent and vocation. "We believe in something and keep
doing it," she says. And she feels at peace
with her career. "I don't need to prove anything to anyone," she explains. "I feel completely accomplished career-wise today."
For the complete interview, visit our
Rosa Passos performs at Trumpets
on June 5 with Paulo Paulelli on bass,
Rafael Barata on drums, Lula Galvão,
guitar and Hélio Alves, piano. She also
plays at the Blue Note on June 6-8 with
the same musicians except Celso De
Almeida replaces Rafael Barata.
moving in the same direction without
knowing the destination but all of you all
trust that moment, and that journey and
decided to take it together. That's the beauty and challenge of being an artist. It’s living on the edge and not knowing that
informs process and creation of ideas.
That's the goal of that ensemble, Dark
Matter—Luke Stewart on bass, Ryan
Frazier, trumpet, and Warren Trae Crudup
III, drums.
Q- What do you struggle within your creative life?
A- The main thing I have struggled with
that I constantly work on is maintaining a
sense of being present in each note I play,
and not being on auto pilot. I want every
note to speak with the same level of intention. I want to take better care of the
For the complete interview, visit our
The James Brandon Lewis trio with
Luke Stewart on bass and Warren
Trae Crudup III on drums plays the
Vision 21 festival June 12 and the Red
Hook Jazz festival June 19.
A Moment You Missed by
Fran Kaufman Hot House
Contributing Photographer
It was a special night for the Temple University
Jazz Orchestra on April 25 when they made their
annual appearance at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola.
Trumpeter Terrell Stafford, who leads the orchestra, is Director of Jazz Studies at Temple and a regular member of the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. In
the audience were some of Terrell’s VJO bandmates
and on-stage as guest artist was Ken Peplowski.
Between sets, (from left) Terrell shared a laugh
with Ken, Dick Oatts (VJO artistic director and
dad of Chris Oatts who plays in the Temple ensemble) and Nick Marchione, VJO’s lead trumpet.
Bryant Park: bet 40th & 42nd Sts and 5th & 6th Aves,
New York, NY, 212-768-4242.
Mon-Fri, 12-1:45pm: Ayako Shirasaki, Bertha Hope, Dan
Manjovi, Daryl Sherman, Dona Carter, Frank Owens,
Isaac ben Ayala, Joel Forrester, Jon Weber, Kuni Mikami,
Larry Ham, Luiz Simas, Roy Eaton, Russ Kassoff, Todd
Robbins, Victor Lin, Yuka Aikawa.
Dave Chamberlain
Jazzmeia Horn
Dona Carter
Al Jarreau
JUNE 1-30
BB King, Blue Note, Carnegie Hall, Highline Ballroom,
Rumsey Playfield, Subrosa, The Town Hall: New York,
NY; Brooklyn Bowl: Brooklyn, NY, 212-475-0049.
Al Jarreau, Al Kooper, Ana Popovic, Andrés Laprida,
Antibalas, Arlene Gould, Arturo Sandoval, Average White
Band, Avishai Cohen Trio, Big Sam & Funky Nation,
Bobby Caldwell, Bobby Harden, Céu, Charles Lloyd/Zakir
Hussain/Eric Harland, Christian McBride Qrt, Cory Henry
& The Funk Apostles, Damien Escobar, Dizzy Gillespie
Afro Cuban All-Stars, Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Qrt,
Fabrizio Sotti Trio, Freshlyground, Garland Jeffreys, Gary
U.S. Bonds, Gilad Hekselman Trio, Gilberto Santa Rosa,
Joe Alterman Trio, Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster
Gentlemen, Joshua Redman Qrt, Judith Hill & Fam, Julie
Eigenber, Kamasi Washington, Maxi Priest, McCoy
Tyner/Ron Carter/Roy Haynes, Michael Franks, Nigel Hall
Band, Professor Cunningham & His Old School New York
Jazz Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Robert Glasper, Rosa
Passos, Scofield/Mehldau/Giuliana, Shahin Novrasli,
Supermambo, Svetlana & The Delancey Five w/Wycliffe
Gordon, Talib Kweli, Terrace Martin/Keyon Harrold, The
Brand New Heavies, The Music of the Buena Vista Social
Club, The Nth Power, The Samples, Violette,
Williamsburg Salsa Orch, Yael & Gabriel.
Central Park, East River Park, Marcus Garvey Park,
Tompkin Square Park: New York, NY; Queensbridge
Park: Queens, NY; Clove Lakes Park: Staten Island,
NY; Crotona Park, Herbert Von King Park: Bronx, NY, 212-360-2777.
Charlie Parker Jazz festival CP, Blue Note Jazz festival BN.
CP Allan Harris, Butler, Bernstein & the Hot 9, Black
February (screening), Bria Skonberg & the New York Hot
Jazz Festival All-Stars, Brianna Thomas & The Jazz
Travelers, CP Charles Turner III, CP Cory Henry & The
Funk Apostles, CP DeJohnette/Holland/Moran, Dianne
Reeves, DJ Greg Caz, CP Donny McCaslin Gp, CP Grace
Kelly, Igmar Thomas & the Revive Big Band, CP Jason
Lindner Big Band, CP Jazzmeia Horn, Joseph Webb,
BN Kamasi Washington, Lisa Simone - What Happened
Miss Simone (screening), Marc Cary, Marcus Machado &
Kendra Foster, Maurice "Mobetta" Brown, BN McCoy
Tyner/Ron Carter/Roy Haynes, Nublu Orch, CP Randy
Weston African Rhythms Sxt, Stefanie Batten Bland
w/Burnt Sugar, Terence Blanchard feat the E-Collective,
The Hot Sardines.
JUNE 5-12
Historic Judson Memorial Church: New York, NY, 212-254-5420.
Connie Crothers Trio, Cooper-Moore Qrt, Fay Victor
SoundNoise Qrt, For Billy Bang feat Todd Nicholson,
Garland of Blessing, Hamiet Bluiett Qrt, Henry Grimes,
Jade Tongue, James Brandon Lewis Trio, Jemeel
Moondoc & Cosmic Nickelodeon, Jen Shyu, Kidd Jordan
Ens, Lisa Sokolov, Marshall Allen & The Sun Ra Arkestra,
Saint Peter’s Church: 619 Lexington Ave at 54th St,
(Citicorp Bld), New York, NY, 212-935-2200.
Ev Thurs, 12:30-1:45pm: Benito Gonzalez Trio, Dave
Chamberlain & Band of Bones, David Weiss Sxt, Duduka
da Fonseca & Brazilian Express, Johnathan Blake, Miho
Hazama Jazz Ens, Monika Herzig, Oxford Jazz Orch,
Grimes photo by Hollis King.
Henry Grimes
Benny Golson
Michele Rosewoman & New Yor-Uba, Mike Reed's Flesh
& Bone, Mivos Qrt, Paradox of Freedom, Steve Swell
Qnt, Three Sopranos & Percussion, Wadada Leo Smith,
William Hooker Triangle.
August Riska Trio, Curtis Lundy Qrt, Freddie Bryant Qrt
feat Vanessa Falabella, Lauren Hooker Trio, Revivors.
JUNE 10-19
Washington, DC, 855-332-7767.
Afro Blue, Allyn Johnson, Amadou Kouyate, Anthony
Nelson Qrt, Batala w/Tonho Materia, Ben Williams & Sound
Effect, Benny Golson, Bilal, Bill Cole Trio, Bobby Muncy Qrt,
Brad Linde, Carolyn Malachi, Carroll Dashiell, Cécile
McLorin Salvant, Charlie Yound w/Allyn Johnson & The
UDC Jazztet, Chelsey Green & The Green Project, Chuck
Brown Band, Chuck Redd Qrt, Cory Henry & the Funk
Apostles, Cymande, Cyrus Chestnut, E.J. Strickland &
Transient Beings, Eddie Palmieri, Ernest Ranglin & Avila
w/spec guest Yotam Silberstein, Etienne Charles & Creole
Soul, Fred Foss, George V. Johnson, Greg Osby, Griffith
Kazmierczak Qnt, Grrls Rule, Harold Mabern Qrt w/spec
guest Eric Alexander, Igmar Thomas & Revive Big Band
w/Talib Kweli, James Zimmerman, Jimmy Greene Qrt, Jody
Nardone Trio, Joey DeFrancesco Trio, Kamasi Washington,
Kris Funn, Kurt Elling, Lenny Robinson & Madcurious,
Loston Harris, Maceo Parker, Makaya McCraven, Mark
Batson, Mark Prince Aqualeo, Marquis Hill Blacktet,
Matthew Shipp Trio, Michele Rosewoman & New Yor-Uba,
Nasar Abadey & Renaissance Trio, Orrin Evans & Captain
Black Big Band, Paul Carr, Ravi Coltrane, Raymond Angry,
Regina Carter Qrt, Reginald Cyntje, Richard Smallwood,
Savannah Harris, Shelton Becton, Steve Coleman & Five
Elements, Steve Turre Qrt, The Listening Gp All-Stars, Tim
Warfield, Tom Teasley Trio, Veronneau, Victor Provost Gp,
Washington Renaissance Orch.
JUNE 11-18
Canoe Studios, St. Paul's German Lutheran Church:
New York, NY
Aaron Diehl Trio, Adam Birnbaum Trio, Cécile McLorin
Salvant, Scott Healy Ens.
Freddie Bryant
Cornelia Street Café, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Jazz
Standard: New York, NY; Happy Lucky no. 1, National
Sawdust: Brooklyn, NY; The Sembrich: Bolton
Landing, NY; University Theatre: New Haven, CT;
Bethesda Blues & Jazz Super Club: Bethesda, MD
Bang on a Can All-Stars, Gerard Lebik Duo, Lutostawski
Qrt & Uri Caine, Marcin Wasilewski Trio, Obara
International Qrt, Piotr Damasiewicz Qnt, Tony Malaby's
Polish Qnts +.
Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park: West 62nd St,
New York, NY, 212-721-6500.
Bobby Rydell feat City Rhythm Orch, Catherine Russell
Spt, Evan Sherman Big Band, Fleur Seule, Gregorio
Uribe Big Band, Harlem Renaissance Orch, Mint Julep
Jazz Band, Tatiana Eva-Marie & the Avalon Jazz Band.
Catherine Russell
Cécile McLorin Salvant
Marcin Wasilewski
Eddie Henderson
Ari Hoenig
JUNE 12 AND 19
Urban Meadow: President & Van Brunt Sts,
Brooklyn, NY
1-6pm: Ari Hoenig Trio, Bobby Previte & the Visitors,
James Brandon Lewis Trio, Jeff Davis Authorities Trio + 1,
Joe Fiedler & Big Sackbut, Judi Silvano & Zephyr Qnt,
Matt Pavolka Horns Band, Rez Abbasi & Junction, Steven
Bernstein & Sexmob, Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up.
Yogart Frozen Yogurt Studio: 342 Old River Rd,
Edgewater, NJ
JUNE 21-25
Rodney Square: 1100 N Market St, Wilmington, DE, 302-576-3095.
Adriel Gonzales, Aniya Jazz, Clifford Brown Jazz
Supergroup, Dr. Eddie Henderson, Dr. Lonnie Smith,
Jibaro con Tumbao feat Miguel Orlando, Kim Waters,
Maya Belardo, Miles Jaye, Nadjah Nicole, Robert
Glasper, Saul Rubin Trio, To the Max Band.
Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 914-631-1000.
Bryant photo by Fernando Azevedo, Wasilewski by Wouter Schenk, Hoenig by Marianna Marisova.
Alison Shearer Qnt, Audrey Silver Qnt, Brian Charette
Organ Qrt, Charged Particles feat Paul McCandless,
Clifton Anderson Qrt, Danny Mixon Qrt, Django Festival
All-Stars, Freddie Hendrix Qrt, Itaiguara Brandao Qnt,
Jackie Gage Gp, Jazmyn, Jazz Forum Arts Vocal
Winners, Joanna Wallfisch Gp, Mala Waldron Gp, Mark
Morganelli & The Jazz Forum All-Stars, Michael
Rabinowitz Qrt, Mike Freeman Zona Vibe, Nelson Riveros
Qrt, Orange Julius & The Big Beat, Pablo Mayor &
Folklore Urbano, Pat Bianchi Organ Qrt, Ray Blue Organ
Qrt, Stephanie Chou Project, Tessa Souter Qrt, The New
York Jazz Exchange, Tony Jefferson & Groovocity, Zoila
Pianista Latin Jazz Gp.
Brian Charette
Herbie Hancock
Prospect Park Bandshell: Brooklyn, NY, 718-683-5600.
Angelique Kidjo's Celia Cruz Tribute w/Pedrito Martinez,
Brandee Younger, ¡Cubanismo!, Digable Planets, Donny
McCaslin Gp, Gregory Porter, Herbie Hancock, Jon
Batiste & Stay Human w/friends, Marcus Strickland & TwiLife, Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca, Yosvany Terry Qnt.
Rochester, NY, 585-454-2060.
78RPM Big Band, Alexander Hawkins Gp, Alicia Olatuja,
Arild Andersen Trio, Avishai Cohen, Ben Monder, Bill
Tiberio Band, Bob Sneider Trio, Brecker Brothers Band
Reunion, Bria Skonberg, Brian Dickinson, Brockport Big
Band, Bruce Barth, Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers,
Calle Uno, Catherine Russell, Charles Ruggiero, Chick
Corea Trilogy Trio, Chris Botti, Christine Tobin, Claudia
Quintet, Cortex, Curtis Stigers, Cyrille Aimée, Dan
Brubeck Qrt, Danielle & the Tomorrow People, Dave
Rivello Ens, Davina & The Vagabonds, Denis Parker &
the Modern Saints, Dizzy Gillespie Afro-Cuban
Experience, Djabe, Driftwood, Dwayne Dopsie & the
Zydeco Hellraisers, Eldar, Elio Villafranca, Elizabeth
Shepherd, Emefe, Eric Lindell, Erykah Badu, Fitz & The
Tantrums, Flat Earth Society, Grace Potter, Gregg Allman,
Gwyneth Herbert, Hannah Walpole, Harold Danko, Helen
Sung, Herb Smith, Igor Butman Qrt, Ikiz Cabin Crew,
Jacky Terrasson, Jacob's Cattle, Jamison Ross, Jeff
Johnston & friends, Joey Alexander Trio, Johannes
Linstead, John Abercrombie Organ Trio, John Mooney &
Bluesiana, Jon Ballantyne Trio, Jon Cleary & the Absolute
Monster Gentlemen, Judith Hill, Jumaane Smith, Junior
Brown, Kandace Springs, Karl Stabnau, Kent Sangster &
Obsessions Oct, Lafayette Suite, Laura Dubin, Lauren
Sevian Qrt, Lenny White & Present Tense, Lizz Wright,
Lleuwen Steffan, Lorna Reid, Los Lonely Boys, Lucky
Chops, Madeleine McQueen & the Breeze, Major & the
Monbacks, Makoto Ozone & Tommy Smith, Mammal
Hands, Marc Silver, Marianne Trudel Trio w/spec guest
Ingrid Jensen, Mats Eilertsen Trio, Matthew Halsall & the
Gondwana Orch, Mel Henderson Trio, Mika Pohjola, Mike
Herriott Qrt, Mike Murley Trio, Mikkel Ploug Equilibrium,
Mingo Fishtrap, Moscow Jazz Orch, Nacka Forum, New
Energy Jazz Orch, New Horizons Big Band, Nicholas
Payton, Nikki Hill, Oli Rockberger, Orgone, Paul
Hofmann, Pedrito Martinez, Pete McCann Qrt, Phil
Robson Trio, Polyrhythmics, Prime Time Brass, Pugs &
Crows, Quinn Bachand & Brishen, Rai Thistlethwayte,
Red Baraat, Rhythm Future Qrt, Robert Rodriguez, Rod
Blumenau, Rodriguez Brothers, Roses & Revolutions,
Russell Malone, Sarah McKenzie, Scofield/Lovano Qrt,
Scott Neumann Spin Cycle, Soul Stew, Takuya Kuroda,
The Congress, The Majestics, The Revelers, The Wood
Brothers, Tia Brazda, Tia Fuller Qrt, Tord Gustavsen
w/Simin Tander & Jarle Vespestad, Trio East, Trombone
Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Velvet Caravan.
Chris Botti
Chick Corea
JUNE 25-26
Saratoga Springs, NY, 518-587-3330.
12pm: Aaron Diehl Trio, Alicia Olatuja, Bria Skonberg Qnt,
Chaka Khan, Chick Corea Trilogy, Christian Scott, Elio
Villafranca, Eric Lindell, Jamison Ross, Jarrod Lawson,
Joey Alexander Trio, Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster
Gentlemen, Karrin Allyson, Lafayette Suite, Lizz Wright,
Pat Martino Organ Trio Plus Horns, Pieces of a Dream,
Shemekia Copeland, Smokey Robinson, Steps Ahead
Reunion, Vincent Herring & The Kings of Swing.
JULY 2-3
Syracuse, NY, 800-234-4797.
All Star Jazz Fest tribute to Mark Murphy, Groove Legacy,
Larry Coryell & The Eleventh House, The Mavericks,
Michael McDonald, NOTEified w/spec guest Julia
Goodwin, Randy Brecker, Trombone Shorty & Orleans
Trombone Shorty
Jane Monheit
Louis Armstrong House Museum: 34-56 107th St,
Corona, NY, 718-478-8274.
2pm: David Ostwald & the Louis Armstrong Eternity Band,
Gotham Kings feat Alphonso Horne, Jane Monheit.
New York, NY, 212-866-3616.
Bobby Sanabria, Houston Person, Jimmy Heath
w/Alyson Williams. Full lineup tba.
Houston Person
Carl Allen
JULY 15-17
Bushnell Park: Hartford, CT, 860-727-0050.
Carl Allen & The Art of Elvin, Funky Dawgz Brass Band,
Hartford Legacy Jazz Orch w/spec guests Rene McLean
& Raymond "Dr. Rackle" Williams, Jeff Bradshaw,
Jonathan Butler & Gerald Albright, Marcus Anderson,
Marcus Young, Najee, Phil French, The Bronx Conexión.
Mulherkar & Alphonso Horne, Harlem Stride Piano Hour,
Jazz House Kids, Jazzmeia Horn, Jonathan Barber Qrt,
Ladies Sing the Blues feat Catherine Russell, Brianna
Thomas & Charenee Wade, Michela Marino Lerman, Zoe
Obadia Trio.
JULY 29-31
Newport, RI, 401-848-5055
Anat Cohen, Angélique Kidjo, Ben Williams & Sound
Effect, Butler, Bernstein & The Hot 9, Charles Lloyd New
Qrt, Chick Corea Trilogy, Christian Scott, Cory Smythe,
Darcy James Argue & Secret Society, Dave Liebman
Expansions Gp, Django Festival All-Stars, Donny
McCaslin Gp, Edmar Castañeda World Ens, Eric Revis
Parallax, Etienne Charles & Creole Soul, Galactic,
Gregory Porter, Henry Butler, Joey Alexander Trio, John
Scofield/Joe Lovano Qrt, José James, Kamasi
Washington, Kamasi Washington, Kenny Barron Trio,
Kneebody, Kris Davis, Lizz Wright, Marc Ribot & The
Young Philadelphians, Mary Halvorson, Monty Alexander
Harlem-Kingston Express, Nels Cline, Norah Jones, Peter
Apfelbaum & Sparkler, Potter/Holland/Loueke/Harland,
Robert Glasper Experiment, Rossano Sportiello, Roxy
Coss Qnt, Stefon Harris Sonic Creed, Steve Coleman &
Five Elements, Sullivan Fortner Qrt, Terry Waldo, The
Bad Plus, The Heath Brothers, The Hot Sardines, The
Westerlies, Tierney Sutton, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Tyshawn
Sorey & Alloy, Yosvany Terry Qnt,
JULY 19-21 AND 26-28
92Y: 1395 Lexington Ave at 92nd St, New York, NY, 212-415-5500.
Aaron Kimmel, Anat Cohen, Bill Charlap, Carol Sloane,
Chuck Wilson, David Wong, Dennis Mackrel, Dick
Hyman, Elias Bailey, Freddy Cole, Gary Smulyan, Gene
Bertoncini, Harry Allen, Houston Person, Jeremy Pelt,
Jimmy Greene, Joe Cohn, Jon Gordon, Jon-Erik Kellso,
Ken Peplowski, Kenny Washington, Lewis Nash, Michael
Dease, Peter Washington, Quentin Baxter, Randy
Napoleon, Randy Sandke, Renee Rosnes, Rossano
Sportiello, Sandy Stewart, Sean Smith, Steve Wilson, Ted
Rosenthal, Todd Coolman, Warren Vaché.
Kenny Barron
Donald Harrison
Goshen Fairgrounds: Goshen, CT, 860-361-6285.
Albert Rivera & Back At It Band w/Paul Bollenback,
Andrew Hadro Qrt w/Tony Malaby, Big Bass Blowout,
Curtis Brothers Trio w/Donald Harrison, Daryl Johns
Trio w/Orrin Evans, Emmet Cohen Trio w/Jimmy Heath,
Litchfield Jazz Orch w/Don Braden, Nicole Zuraitis Qnt
w/Dave Stryker, Richie Barshay Trio w/Jimmy Greene.
Freddy Cole
Etienne Charles
Katonah, NY, 914-232-1252.
Aaron Diehl Trio, Brandee Younger Duo, Bria Skonberg,
Cecile McLorin Salvant, Chick Corea Trio, Eddie Barbash
Band, Etienne Charles & Creole Soul, Evan Sherman
Big Band, Gabe Schnider, Gotham Kings feat Riley
AUGUST 10-14
Mt Gretna, PA, 717-540-1010.
Houston Person, Russell Malone. Full lineup tba.
Morristown, NJ
12-10pm: Bucky Pizzarelli Qrt, George Gee Swing
Orch, Louis Prima Jr. & the Witnesses, Quinn Sullivan,
Robert Randolph & the Family Band.
Barron photo by Philippe Levy-Stab.
Russell Malone
Bucky Pizzarelli
Waryas Park: Poughkeepsie, NY, 845-384-6350.
12pm: Alex Blake, Charenée Wade, Craig Harris, Eddie
Gomez, George Cables, Chico Alvarez & The Palomonte
Afro-Cuban Big Band, Javon Jackson, Jimmy Cobb, Neil
Clark, Randy Brecker, Randy Weston.
Randy Weston
Christian Sands
New Haven, CT
Christian Sands Qrt, Haven Youth Allstar Band, Mitch
Frohman Latin Jazz Qrt.
Information missing
at press time.
Newark Museum: 49 Washington St, Newark, NJ, 973-596-6550.
Ev Thurs, 12:15-1:45pm: Lineup tba.
AUGUST 11-14
Campbell Hall, Malboro, Montgomery, Peekskill,
Pines Island, Warwick, NY., 917-903-4380.
Lineup tba.
Weston photo by Michael G Stewart.
Diane Moser’s
Big Band
w/guest composer Timothy Miller
and the Elizabeth High School
Upper Academy Jazz Band,
directed by Wayne Dillon
Wed., June 8, 7-11 p.m.
For more info:
Chris Drukker
6 Depot Square Montclair, NJ 07042
For reservations, call 973-744-2600
singing at
Café Noctambulo
Just a Little Love…
jazz, French chansons, and a few pop!
Frank Ponzio – piano
Iris Ornig – bass Ronen Itzik – drums
Saturday June 11, 2016 8pm
Charming cabaret style with great food and drinks
178 Second Avenue at 11th Street
Reservations by phone: 212-995-0900 Tickets on-line:
$20 cover/$20 food or drink min
Rosa Passos appeals to her fans'
innermost feelings by transporting them
into an oneiric and peaceful world. Rosa is
known for creating a breathtaking intimacy with her audience and it may be because
she is a kardecist. "I believe in the law of
cause and effect and reincarnation," she
says. "If you transmit love, you receive love.
If you transmit war, you receive war."
... Being a singer is a process for Rosa,
not something that happens in one go. "The
singer life is something you discover a little
at a time," she says. But once you decide to
embrace that vocation, she explains, you
have a responsibility. That responsibility,
for Rosa, has meant finding her own way
over time. Rosa started as a composer and
then played in different venues at night.
"And that helped me mature as a singer,"
she says.
But Rosa also believes in having a rou-
tine. "I believe it is necessary to have discipline to take care of your talent," she
explains. "Every morning for about an
hour, I grab my guitar, play it, study and
sing a lot. By doing this, I take care of my
voice." And on June 9, Rosa will conduct a
Master Class at Berklee.
Thanks to her father introducing music
to her education, Rosa's interest in music
started when she was a child. "At 5, I had
already graduated from the children's
music theory course," she says. Rosa started by studying the piano, but she discovered the guitar when she was 11.
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saxophonist in his 30s, James
Brandon Lewis doesn't sound hemmed in
by any jazz-academy values. He's a natural,
independent player.
Q- "The best thing about living is living
who you are". That's your quote. Tell me,
briefly, who are you?
A- That's actually my grandmother on
the record she is very wise and I continue to
treasure our conversations. I would say I am
a very passionate, dedicated, laid back, funloving person who is serious about music
and I attempt to use music as a way of conveying beauty, love and a greater purpose.
Q- You regularly site as among your
main sources of influence and inspiration
early 1990s hip-hop. For you where is the
confluence of modern jazz and hip-hop
A- The convergence between two genres
begins at the stage of hip-hop being in the
atmosphere as a child, growing up around
it, in it, and it embedding itself into your
subconscious eliminating the thought of
trend and more about a series of sounds
built upon a series of yesterdays that now
make up your tonal experience. A freestyle
is free jazz, the rhythm drops and the individual is then inspired to respond to the
tonal & rhythm landscape with intuition
(spark that sheds light on information
already dwelling within one's being).
Q- You're involved in collective "Dark
Matter," concerned or described as dealing
with the invisible. Say something about the
invisible or unknowable aspects of art and
A- The Seen and Unseen elements of
music, the interaction with bandmates
where its seems like telepathy, and you’re
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Lewis photo by Ingrid Hertfelder.