For your oil painting needs please visit



For your oil painting needs please visit
For your oil painting
needs please visit
Oil and Acrylic Premium
Painting Panels
All Designed By Artists – For Artists
In the field or in the studio,
our archival panels offer a lightweight,
and durable surface for your work.
These are professional-grade panels yet they offer
a supreme value and you will find
our service can’t be beat.
Panels are available in standard sizes
and we can custom cut for your
special projects!
We Have the Best Prices
on Art Panels You’ll Find!
Adjustable Panel Holder
Hold your panels safely and securely while minimizing space.
Glass Studio Palette
Lots of room for brushes, paint tubes,
etc plus a glass surface perfect
for mixing.
Tripod Utility Tray
Easy and lightweight to pack and go!
- 60.00
TX Sales Tax (8.25%)
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Exp. Date:_________________________________________ Security Code:_____________________________________ Name on Card:_____________________________________ Tel. Number:_______________________________________ Email Address: ________________––___________________
Ship to:___________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Card Billing Address: ( if different from above)
_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Checks should be made to En Plein Air Pro
En Plein Air Pro
PO Box 1575
Kennedale, TX 76060
or FAX COMPLETED ORDER TO: 1-817-483-7627
The En Plein Air Pro Watercolor System has been
improved! The Advanced Series includes a larger easel (for
¼ sheets) and our brand new “Advanced Series” Watercolor Palette Shelf with cover.
The entire system, including the tripod, collapsible waterpail and bag to carry it all in,
weighs only 8.5 lbs!
Recommended by artists such as Tom Lynch,
Eric Michaels, Frank LaLumia, Catherine Anderson
and Joe Bohler.
“Advanced Series” Easel
Our new “Advanced Series” Easel is larger – 12.25” x 15.75”
– perfect for one quarter sheets. It still has a retractable brush holder, water pail hook and
photo-tripod mounting system. Made of rugged ABS plastic, it’s built
to withstand many years of outdoor use. 1lb. 5oz.
“Advanced Series” Watercolor Palette
Shelf with Cover
With over 80 square inches of mixing wells, our new “Advanced Series”
Watercolor Palette Shelf is like having a studio palette in the field.
Unlike other lightweight plastic palettes on the market that quickly become
brittle with use, the “Advanced Series” Watercolor Palette Shelf is made of heavy duty
ABS thermoformed material (not brittle styrene plastic).
Sized 11.5” x 16” x 3mm – it has two large mixing reservoirs, 14 generous sized
paint wells, a 3” diameter hole for a watercup, and slots to accept the
collapsible waterpail that comes with every shelf.
The adjustable tab system allows the “Advance Series” Watercolor Palette Shelf to be
mounted on tripods with different leg diameters. Legs can be round
or square. The palette lays flat on a table so you can also use it as a studio palette.
The “Advanced Series” Palette Shelf comes with a black 3mm PVC cover for transporting it to and from the field.
Easel Table Leg
Converts the watercolor easel to a table easel.
Sunpak 6601UT Tripod
(MSRP 79.95)
This is a full-sized medium duty tripod. This sturdy, lightweight (3 lbs)
tripod folds to 22.5” and comes with two quick release plates.
Use the extra for your camera.
(Save over 25%)
Advanced Series Carry-All Bag
“It all fits in the bag !” Easel, tripod, watercolor palette shelf, waterpail,
your paints, brushes, waterbottle, watercolor book and more...all fits in our
expandable bag made of heavy duty Cordura. It has three large exterior pockets and a
shoulder strap. 27”W x 12”H x 12”D – 2.3 lbs
Visit for canvas, linen, pastel panels, as well as panel holders and studio palettes.
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