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Jacques-Lee Pelletier’s
career as a professional
make-up artist spans over 25
years. His living sculptures at
the Montreal Museum of Fine
Arts in 1982, gained him
internationalrecognition. In
1985, Germany’s Mode Trend
magazine referred to Pelletier
as an avant-garde philosopher
and poet of matter and beauty.
He was part of the launching
team for the first couture
cosmetic line in the world (Yves
St-Laurent, Paris) and created
the looks for the window
models of the Christian Dior
Boutique for the opening of
Chatelet Les Hailes. A favorite
among guest artists at trade
shows, conventions, stage
make-up presentations,
training seminars as well as
fund raising events across
North America and Europe.
Jacques-Lee Pelletier was
the main speaker at the first
American esthetic show
in New Orleans. He has
appeared in numerous
prestigious venues including
Jhimack of America (P.E.I.,
Banff, Montreal, Ottawa,
Quebec City and Ls Angeles):
La Maur Cosmetics (launch of
“Natural Women” at the
Playboy Club (Lake Geneva
and Memphis, Tennessee);
Maeva Cosmetics (Boston,
Detroit and New York);
Americoff (Detroit, Michigan);
Finelle Cosmetics (over 50
cities in North America);
Dr. Renaud (across North
America); Jeunique
Cosmetics (New York and
Hawaii); Midwest Beauty
Show (Chicage); Arcancil
(Ontario and Quebec); Maria
Galland (Paris); Charles of
the Ritz (Dijon, France);
Sothys U.S. and Canada; and
represented North America at
the World Aesthetic Congress
in Versailles, France. He has
worked with the biggest names
in theatre, contemporary dance
and opera, photography and
television, and has brought
his magic touch to hundres
of photo shoots and award
winning print and television ad
campaigns for a diverse list of
clients ranging from L’Oreal,
Lise Watier, Clinique, Cover
Girl, Clairol and other cosmetic
giants to Toyota, Air Canada,
Bell, Pepsi, The Canadian Fur
Trade Association and the
Dairy Bureau of Ontario.
Magnetic Rejuvenation
by Jacques-Lee Pelletier
• What if I told you that there is a technique that
can alleviate the negative impact of the gravity pull on your
face and provoke a progressive rejuvenation of your skin?
• What if I were to tell you that you probably can, with
this same magic tool, empower your muscle structure with
a more positive memory pattern?
• What if that same phenomenal “tool” could also
provide you with the opportunity to magnify and augment
the efficiency of your daily beauty ritual.... no matter what
skin care product you use, the price you pay or the brand
you choose!
• What if I were to tell you that also, as a special bonus
(to you or your clients...provided that you share with them
your secret) that your general health would be most
probably improved.!
• What if I would tell you that in the process you could
probably be curbing the passage of time while healing
yourself of the imprint created by all those no no’s you’ve
said yes yes to as you were “growing”?
• What if I told you that hundreds of thousands of
people were mobilized to create the science that is at
work in this awesome technique.
• What if I told you it is a personal approach molded to
your features according to your reality, your genetic
fabric and your physical needs.
• What if I told you that finally, the gap between
invasive and not so invasive interventions has been
Well, this is exactly what this article is about. Based on
acupuncture, a few thousand year old technique.... a group
of savvy and ingenious people have created a mask that can
be worn for hours, even though they basically recommend
30 minutes a day. A mask, the result of an imprint of your
face, graced with different magnets applied in strategic
zones to produce this gental yet powerful means of self
transformation. A mask I like to wear “A””M” after the
morning “we we” call as I slide into bed for that extra
twenty minutes of sleep.... A ponctual sleep more profound
than any I’ve ever experienced before!
One of my colleagues, who by the way had noticed
something was “different here”, prefers to use it while
reading the morning news. Another, sports it literally as
she exercises. Then again, some prefer to use the
opportunity of the afternoon power nap to zap the day’s
tiredness as they sleep. No matter how you end up using
it, all you need to do once the mask has been produced for
you, and shipped to you, is to put it on.
Because the magnets attract the iron present in the
blood, the skin and the muscles are thus flushed with
precious oxygen it contains. As the blood gushes to all
those magnetic spots.....the skin is empowered with all the
goodies also contained in the blood.....an added bonus!
Before I settled my mind on the awesome synergy
between magnets and acupuncture. I tried different
acupuncturists who addressed and mainly concentrated on
the oval. I was searching for a technique developed around
the profile... the “G Spot” of the aging process. The
AcuLift® technique is not only a mask created on you and
for you but also a protocol of treatment developed (by
Pauline Simard acupuncturist) to address unequivocally all
the parts of your face.....a mini representation of all of
you. My magnetic mask does not neglect any parts of
my face....A “more” I absolutely adore.
My awesome Grandmother used to say affectionately;
“The proof is in the pudding and the pudding in the
eating”....so I guess the next time we cross paths, you will
not have to wonder if I’ve had a semi lift or some sort of
injections... Just blame it on the AcuLifting®. g