Simplifying Trailer Services



Simplifying Trailer Services
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Proven Design, Uncompromised Durability
The Advantage of the Champion SE
Simplifying Trailer Services
The Appeal of Galvanneal
Protecting Metal Surfaces
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Delivering More Strength and More Innovation
Dear Customer,
Improving your bottom line by continuing to deliver more innovative products and
standard features that are designed to save you money has been Great Dane’s (or
Dealer Name's) long-standing tradition, and we are devoted to upholding this
enduring legacy.
In this issue of Evolving Trailer Technology, we highlight Great Dane's innovative
use of technologies that protect the life of your trailer such as CorroGuard and galvannealed components. Learn how Great Dane customers, like the truckload carrier
featured in this issue, pride themselves on excellent fuel economy made possible by
durable and lightweight trailers. Let us introduce you to the LTL carrier who trusts
Great Dane’s reefers, specified with high scuff liners and PunctureGuard, to protect
their cargo and deliver it at the right temperature every time.
We regard your business as an investment. We provide long-term durability and
strength to give you more so you always get a solid return on your Great Dane
trailers. We are committed to continuing to raise the bar on craftsmanship and will
continue to provide greater value to ensure you always Drive Away with More.
Visit our website
Or connect with us online
Questions or Comments?
Email us: [email protected]
Or write to:
Evolving Trailer Technology
Great Dane Trailers
P.O. Box 67
Savannah, GA 31402
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Brandie M. Fuller
Vice President, Marketing
Great Dane Trailers
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Great Dane Spotlight
Truck Body Spotlight
Case Study – Al-Amin Brothers
Inside Track
Inside Track
Vendor View
Case Study – Mesilla Valley
The Advantage of the Champion SE
Family Tree’s Secret to Market Penetration
• Protecting Perishables in Transit
• HACCP–Ensure compliance
with a Great Dane Reefer
The Appeal of Galvanneal
CorroGuard–More Protection Against Corrosion
• Thermo King Precedent
• Xxentria G-Bond Panels
• MVT Gains Half a Ton of Cargo Weight
for Customers
• Weight Savings and Fuel Efficiency
Inside Track
AdvantEDGE–Simplifying Trailer Services
Evolving Trailer Technology is published by
Great Dane.
Evolving Trailer Technology
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Proven Design,
Uncompromised Durability
Champion SE
xtensively tested to exceed even the highest expectations,
the all-new Champion SE dry freight van combines innovation with dependability for a solid return on investment.
Engineered to last, the Champion SE dry freight van delivers
more value, long-term quality, increased productivity and
reduced maintenance costs.
Dane Champion SE can be further customized for any
operation’s unique needs. A variety of interior options are
available including hardwood plywood, the patented SSL
panel, and snag-free heavy-duty plastic, each available in a
range of interior widths.
More Cube, Same Strength
The Champion SE offers longevity, has superior design
technology and includes a variety of features that give this
trailer many years of working life with less downtime. Value
is built-in with all LED lamps and Grote’s Long Life Lighting
System backed by a ten-year warranty, Stemco Platinum
Performance Plus Wheel End System with an exclusive sixyear limited warranty, an outstanding bonded roof with
J-molding, and the all-new corrosion-resistant EnduroGuard
rear frame.
Variety Meets Proven Design
With specialized options and packages available, the Great
The Champion SE specified with snag-free plastic lining
gains an extra 80 cubic feet for a total of 101 inches of
interior width. Utilizing Great Dane’s proven sheet-and-post
construction, post spacing can be specified in 12-in., 16-in.
or 24-in. centers, giving the trailer increased structural integrity
for the heavy haul. The post spacing also allows for multiuses with increased number of logistics slots. The plastic
lining is also resilient and provides puncture-resistance, while
the sheet-and-post construction eliminates the need for
specialized repairs and provides a cleaner appearance. For
carriers who want the best in cargo protection while utilizing
the maximum amount of allowable space, the Champion SE
has you covered.
Extreme Durability:
SSL Panels
SSL is a unique interior
lining. The patented, highly
durable single-sided
laminate is constructed
from a layer of steel over a rigid core that creates an
anti-snag surface and ensures the interior will not
suffer forklift damage. The puncture strength of the
SSL lining, in fact, is nearly six times greater than
.25 domestic hardwood plywood and over four
times greater than
MDPE plastic.
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5 JRTB News 3/7/13 4:21 PM Page 5
“ Bl
Southern California
Family Tree Produce, located in Anaheim, Calif., prides itself on delivery of the finest
quality fresh fruit and vegetables—from farm to fork
amily Tree is a member of ProAct, a cooperative of producers and distributors whose
main goal is to provide fresh produce to foodservice operations such as restaurants and
hotels, among others. The BlizzardLT coupled with Johnson’s all-electric refrigeration allows
Family Tree to deliver fresh produce to its customers in Southern California in an efficient,
clean and green manner. The BlizzardLT truck body features composite fiberglass construction
that by design is more thermal efficient than other materials used in the industry. This solution
also provides Family Tree with superior durability and smooth interior and exterior surfaces
that remain corrosion-free, and require minimal maintenance.
Food distribution in Southern California, especially produce, is a very demanding temperature-controlled application requiring close monitoring of temperatures and cold chain
management practices. For Family Tree Produce, the BlizzardLT with Johnson’s EMX Series
all-electric refrigeration technology means eliminating refrigeration units that consume
expensive diesel fuel and no more turning off units to comply with noise abatement rulings in
certain loading and unloading areas. With the Blizzard unit the company is assured constant,
quiet temperature control for its product delivery needs and route conditions.
• Clean and Green Refrigeration
Technology: Reduce CO2 emissions
by 22 lbs. for every gallon of diesel
saved; eliminates noise pollution;
eliminates diesel fuel to operate
The BlizzardLT composite truck body with EMX Series all-electric refrigeration provides maximum flexibility for food distributors who are looking to stay compliant with strict idling rules
while reducing its operating costs. In California, the Johnson all-electric refrigeration system is
exempt from the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) regulations imposed by the California Air
Resources Board (CARB) because it uses electricity instead of diesel fuel to operate.
• Product Flexibility: Available in a
wide range of single- and multi-temp
applications; ideal for food service,
direct store delivery, leasing and
many more temperature-controlled
transportation applications.
• Lower Operational Costs: Allelectric vs. diesel lowers operating
costs more than 80 percent; low
maintenance; few moving parts; low
susceptibility to breakdowns
"We have been able to gain and strengthen business such
as resorts, hotels, schools, universities and theme parks,
because of the noise-free and emission-free technology.
In addition, other benefits for the Blizzard are the unit's
modern appearance, ease of cleaning and
maintenance, as well as its exceptional image
and improved temperature control. The Blizzard's
smooth exterior also makes applying large
graphics easier, too."
--R. David Figueroa, Vice President,
Operations & Procurement for Family Tree
For more information about Family Tree and
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies please contact
Eduardo Navarro, Director of Business Development
[email protected] or 310-418-8905.
Evolving Trailer Technology
6-7 Al-Amin Brothers Case Study 3/5/13 8:13 AM Page 6
Al-Amin Brothers Transportation relies on Great Dane multi-temp solutions
Founded on a commitment to excellence, since 1997 Al-Amin
Brothers Transportation has delivered on strength, performance,
According to Adrian Al-Amin, CEO, “We’ve been buying Great
service, innovation and integrity—and it relies on quality
Dane trailers since 2001. Our first purchases were the Classic
equipment like Great Dane trailers to do so. Since its inception, the
model, but lately we’ve been buying the Everest SS specified with
company has continued to steadily grow and to provide excellent
multi-temperature compartments. The reason we continue to buy
service to its customers.
them is because they hold up to the rigors and demands of our LTL
operation. We are a less-than-truckload refrigerated carrier
The refrigerated transport fleet connects its Everest CL and Everest
SS Great Dane trailers (with Thermo King and Carrier reefer units)
servicing the food industry. Our other services include unloading
and separation of orders to meet customers’ needs.”
to Kenworth tractors to pick up more than three million pounds of
perishables weekly in a radius that reaches within 200 miles of
Al-Amin explains that the fleet delivers a variety of food with
Chicago, with distribution across the U.S. The fleet’s routes cover
various temperature requirements. From deep frozen to produce,
the entire East Coast, Mid Atlantic, South East, South Central,
dairy products and meat, all have to be transported at
the correct temperature. “Our corporate
Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions—and it prides itself on
accuracy with a 98 percent on-time delivery rate.
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6-7 Al-Amin Brothers Case Study 3/5/13 8:13 AM Page 7
Al-Amin Brothers Transportation uses
its Great Dane Everest trailers to
ensure HACCP compliance. The
Everest SS specified with multi-temperature compartments allows safe
and reliable delivery of a variety
of food with various temperature
headquarters is in Lansing, Ill.,
and we have pick-up routes
throughout a five-state Great Lakes
route with deliveries all over the
United States,” Al-Amin adds.
“We handle shipments to
restaurant chains like the
Cheesecake Factory, Houston's
Restaurant, and Capitol Grille, as well as
grocery chains.” With high-profile customers,
the fleet feels an obligation to make sure all loads are
delivered on time, at the right temperature.
Just as multi-temp compartments are important for all these different shipments, so
are safe floors and cargo protection. The fleet also specifies safety grip floors
with high scuff liners and 24- to 36-in. wear bands. “In addition, we have
specified PunctureGuard—with LED interior dome lights. When you run an LTL fleet
with frequent deliveries, you need to protect your cargo and trailer from the wear
and tear,” Al-Amin states. “We also have curbside doors for curbside delivery, which
is a key component of being able to deliver to restaurants in urban areas.”
The fleet prides itself on providing the quality its customers expect. The equipment it
specifies is the key component for keeping them satisfied. “Our customers know from
experience that we provide reliable, fast and courteous service, delivered with
pride and attention to the details that matter most,”
says Al-Amin.
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control
Points (HACCP) is a management
system in which food safety is
addressed through the analysis and
control of biological, chemical and
physical hazards from raw material
production, procurement and
handling to manufacturing,
distribution and consumption of the
finished product.
Safety First
HACCP governs the movement of
food transported by conveyances
and containers, requiring that goods
be protected against contamination.
Transportation and storage of food
products preferably take place in
conveyances and containers dedicated to food use only. When used for
food and non-food loads, procedures
should be in place to restrict the type
of non-food loads to those that do
not pose a risk to foods in the same
shipment or to subsequent food loads
after an acceptable clean-up.
The integrity of the product must
be maintained during the
transportation process.
8-9 Inside Track Galvanneal 3/6/13 10:51 AM Page 8
The Appeal of
very well suited for metal construction that is exposed to harsh
qualities on a daily basis. In addition to its use on Great Dane
ice control chemicals. The combination of galvanneal and an
trailers, it is also used in the automotive, signage, electric
appropriate multi-coat paint system provides an attractive
equipment, and other industries requiring a metal with a long,
appearance and a double layer of defense against the elements.
reliable service life.
This is critical since road salts threaten the structural integrity of
ou may not be familiar with the term “galvanneal,” but it’s
highly likely that you benefit from its corrosion fighting
environments—including trailers exposed to road salts and other
tractor-trailers. As almost all state transportation departments have
Galvanneal is a carbon steel product with a tough protective
decided to include more aggressive corrosion-inducing chemicals
coating of zinc that forms a zinc-iron alloy layer on the steel. It’s
in their fight against ice control, the problem continues to grow
essentially an improved form of galvanized steel. Galvanneal is
more costly every year. Relying on proven technologies such as
commonly used to fabricate a wide variety of items from
galvanneal steel construction is enabling manufacturers like Great
automobiles to outdoor vending machines, highway signs, air
Dane to provide practical solutions that help reduce maintenance
conditioning units, and more. And perhaps, most importantly, it’s
time and costs while delivering long-term quality products.
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8-9 Inside Track Galvanneal 3/6/13 10:51 AM Page 9
Galvanneal to the Rescue…
A galvanized coating can be quite soft, and easily
scratched. A galvannealed coating, on the other hand, is
very hard, and is not easily scratched. The hard zinc
alloyed surface combined with the excellent adhesion
achieved between the coating and that surface allows a
galvannealed sheet to be formed into many intricate
shapes without any loss in zinc. Subsequent application of
the paint system provides an attractive surface and adds to
the already outstanding protection of the steel.
Superior because…
Painted galvanneal does not allow chemical-ladened
moisture to contact the steel, and without that moisture
(electrolyte), there is no corrosion. Even if the paint gets
damaged, the corrosion resistance of the tough iron-zinc
alloyed surface under the paint protects the steel in the
Upper Coupler
Upper coupler strength and durability is
the key to the connection between it
and the kingpin. Protecting the upper
coupler from corrosion helps to ensure
the best connections for tractor and
trailer. That’s why specifying a Great
Dane trailer, now standard with the
extra protection of galvanneal compo-
same manner as galvanizing.
nents, can make all the difference.
The primary benefits of using galvanneal rather than
galvanized steel are:
The galvanneal process provides the
• Corrosion resistance
• No scaling, flaking or turning black or brown due to
the further step of alloying the
exposure to the elements
• Excellent surface appearance
• Paintability—Integrated zinc surface readily accepts Great
benefits of hot-dipped galvanizing with
zinc coating with the steel, resulting
in a very corrosion–resistant surface
that also readily accepts paints and
Dane’s high-performance epoxy-urethane
paint system
other rust preventative coatings. Since
The advantage goes to…
coatings after assembly, the resulting
Fleets that specify Great Dane trailers with galvanneal
corrosion protection of the coated
components, like EnduroGuard--a reinforced, corrosionresistant rear frame on dry vans–have a definite advantage
when it comes to avoiding corrosion. In addition to protec-
Great Dane applies rust preventative
galvanneal steel has outstanding
performance characteristics.
tion from road salts, the overall appearance of galvanneal
frames benefit as they remain intact for a long period of
time without rust deposits. Galvanneal contributes to ensuring trailers look great and perform well for many years.
Evolving Trailer Technology
10 Inside Track CorroGuard 3/6/13 12:01 PM Page 10
CorroGuard has you covered
or Great Dane customers, added corrosion resistance is available by specifying
CorroGuard—a spray-in-place thermoplastic coating engineered for superior,
long-term protection from road abrasion and corrosive road de-icing compounds that
cause corrosion on trailers. It uses chemical technology similar to the spray-in truck
bed liners that many drivers rely on to protect their personal vehicles.
Where can CorroGuard be used?
CorroGuard is an option available on the Champion Dry Van Series as well as the
Everest Reefer Series. It can be applied to the trailer suspension and axles as well as
the support gear. CorroGuard is offered on sliding tandem axle (49-in. axle centers)
trailers, and certain applications of fixed suspension trailers.
Why is it better than galvanizing?
CorroGuard is the best solution for protecting trailers—superior to galvanizing
because the thermoplastic coating provides higher performance and is a lower
weight solution. The textured coating and black color provide a much better
appearance when compared to galvanizing or undercoating. CorroGuard is also
more cost effective and adds life to the trailer.
Why is it the best solution?
CorroGuard, compared to all other coatings, provides superior protection as it is
more durable and resistant to road abrasion. CorroGuard is typically applied to other
components under the trailer that are hard or impossible to galvanize, such as brake
chambers, air tanks and support gear legs; thus offering the most comprehensive
corrosion protection system available.
CorroGuard is a premium feature currently offered on the following models:
• Everest SS
• Everest TL
• Everest CL
• Champion CL
• Champion SE
• Champion CP
In addition to the CorroGuard
coating, Great Dane has other
corrosion-fighting weapons in its
arsenal including:
• Accuride aluminum wheels with
Accu-Shield—a patented treatment
that penetrates the aluminum and
becomes an integral part of the
wheel to resist corrosion.
• Grote Long Life Light Systems
with LED lights—which are
completely sealed to prevent the
intrusion of moisture.
• A full-width stainless steel front
bottom rail provides corrosion
protection to the lower front wall
of the trailer.
• The upper coupler is constructed
with galvanneal components and
additional rust-preventative
coatings for a long-lasting, strong
and durable connection.
• The EnduroGuard rear frame
V15 • 1
combines galvanneal steel with
stainless steel to create an
effective barrier against corrosion
that delivers enhanced durability
and enduring appearance
throughout the life of the trailer.
11 Vendor View ThermoKing 3/7/13 4:22 PM Page 11
Setting a ‘Precedent’
Thermo King offers environmentally
sensitive trailer reefer
hermo King is introducing its most environmentally sensitive
diesel trailer temperature control system for multi-temperature
operations. This unit meets changing industry regulations and aids
food distribution customers in achieving sustainability objectives and
in reducing high fuel costs.
The new S-600M features a completely new diesel direct electric
(DDE) architecture that drives optimum efficiencies and helps lower
the overall cost of ownership for food distributors.
Thermo King collaborated with PSA Peugeot Citroen to develop a
diesel engine for the S-600M that meets the most stringent
requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier IV
Final regulations. The engine features emission technologies that
avoid the use of a diesel particulate filter and are designed to meet
both EPA and California Air Resources Board requirements in the
greater-than-25 HP category.
The Precedent platform with
DDE architecture offers multitemperature customers flexibility
in unit configuration. Customers
can now order all Precedent multi-temperature models with Thermo
King Smart Power, which allows the units to be operated off electrical power in stationary applications. Smart Power will be available
in both standard and high output versions. Thermo King also offers
a Smart Power Prep Kit to meet the needs of customers who are considering shore power operation at their distribution centers but have
not yet invested in the infrastructure to support shore power operation. The kit enables customers to upgrade a Precedent unit to shore
power operation in the field post-purchase.
The Precedent S-600M will be available beginning in the third
quarter of 2013. The existing multi-temperature Spectrum series of
solutions also will be available for customers who wish to slowly
transition into the new platform.
Xxentria side panels add robust cargo protection
xentria, a manufacturer of specialized
metal composite panels, has been
providing quality manufacturing for over 20
years. Currently, Xxentria is the largest
producer of metal composite panels for
North America. In the commercial truck
transport industry, Xxentria makes G-Bond
panels, which are used in the construction of
Great Dane trailers.
The maker stands behind its quality
standards, which are much more stringent
than competitive trailer panel manufacturers
because Xxentria must also meet the
demands and varied uses of the
architectural, electronics, medical and automotive industries it serves.
Great Dane with Xxentria panels
Xxentria panels are used as wall panels in
Champion CP trailers and door panels for
dry freight trailers with swing doors—and
they are better by specification because
Great Dane uses .019 steel skins while most
other competitive trailers use .016. Great
Dane trailers use 8 mm overall thickness
panels, which means they are thicker and
stiffer compared to 6 - 7.5mm panels that
other trailer makers use.
Xxentria's wall and door panels are flatter
and more consistent than competitive trailers
so their appearance is superior and they are
easier to rivet, leading to more consistent
riveting of the trailer panels. Customers who
purchase Great Dane trailers are not only
getting all the other best-in-class features that
Great Dane offers, but also with Xxentria
panels, customers know they have Great
Dane quality and support behind them.
The steel that Xxentria uses is generally higher strength than competitive trailer makers
use for their panels and the G90 coating
inside and out provides extra corrosion
resistance. In a head-to-head cyclic
corrosion test, Xxentria's paint system
outperformed other industry options as well.
So why specify a trailer with Xxentria
panels? Because Great Dane engineers
believe the Xxentria panel is a better quality
panel than other options for trailers—and
they have done extensive monitoring and
testing to prove it.
Evolving Trailer Technology
12-13 Mesilla Valley Case Study BIGText 3/7/13 9:41 AM Page 12
Weight Savings
Mesilla Valley Transportation prides itself on
fuel economy and its Great Dane Champion CP specification
that provides 1,000 lbs. more cargo weight for its customers
as Cruces, New Mexico-based truckload carrier Mesilla
Valley Transportation prides itself in its fuel-efficient fleet of
International ProStar tractors and Great Dane Champion
CP trailers, complete with full aerodynamic packages.
Each vehicle is also equipped with wide-base single drive
tires and is retrofitted with an auxiliary power unit.
The right spec’
According to fleet co-owner Royal Jones, “We switched
trailer brands a couple of years ago because getting the
trailers we needed from our previous supplier was
V15 • 1
becoming a challenge. In addition to being able to specify
the new Great Dane trailers to meet our needs, we were
delighted when we found the trailers not only provided the
durability we require as a truckload carrier, but were also
1,000 lbs. lighter than the competitive models we had
been buying. The weight savings has allowed us to offer
greater freight capacity to our customers.” The fleet also
expects longevity from its equipment, as some of its trailers
in operation are more than 12 years old.
The fleet operates 1,300 trucks and owns 4,600 trailers,
which travel routes throughout the U.S. and into Mexico.
12-13 Mesilla Valley Case Study BIGText 3/7/13 9:41 AM Page 13
Weight Savings
& Fuel Efficiency
Offering the latest in fuel-efficient design
and rubber compounds, both in tread and
sidewalls, the Greatec R135 Ecopia features Bridgestone's innovative Waved Belt™
casing design. Also, along with stone
rejector platforms to fight stone drilling, the
manufacturer's exclusive Turn-in-Ply™ bead
design contributes to enhanced casing
durability and retreadability.
The Greatec R135 Ecopia wide base trailer
radial has both Defense Groove™ and
Equalizer Rib™ technologies to resist
irregular wear, along with a Bridgestoneexclusive shoulder construction that
promotes even shoulder wear for long
original tread life.
With fuel savings in mind, Mesilla Valley made the decision to outfit
all of its dry van trailers with ATDynamics TrailerTails and ATDTranstex side skirts. It also works with drivers on achieving the best
fuel economy and prides itself on training drivers to attain better
than 7.25 MPG.
The right investment
Jones says that his company invests in equipment that helps
contribute to a profitable business rather than become a drain on
the bottom line; buying good quality, lighter trailers is part of that
investment. However, he notes, “With Great Dane trailers we don’t
over-spend–yet another factor that adds to our profitability.”
EPA SmartWay® verified and fully compliant
with CARB requirements, Bridgestone's
Ecopia trailer radials help preserve the
environment by conserving fuel and
reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
and by reducing waste by enhancing treadwear and retreadability.
These trailer tires from
Bridgestone will also help cut
costs for Great Dane
customers by promoting
optimum fuel economy,
both when the tires are
new and when retreaded with Bandag
FuelTech® products
that complete the
Ecopia solution.
Bridgestone Turn-in-Ply
design, found in the
Greatec M835 Ecopia and
Greatec R135 Ecopia,
moves the ply end around
the bead bundle, away
from the high stress area
in the sidewall.
Evolving Trailer Technology
14-15 AdvantEDGE 3/7/13 9:07 AM Page 14
Great Dane’s national accounts
parts and service program
simplifies trailer servicing
ecognizing a need to provide additional aftermarket services
to its fleet customers, Great Dane launched the AdvantEDGE
program in September of 2010. Today more than 80 fleets
enrolled in AdvantEDGE nationwide are reporting success,
much like NFI.
About NFI
NFI is a fully integrated supply chain
Gone are the days of chasing invoices
NFI, a leading international provider of logistics, warehousing,
distribution and logistics services, has more than 7,000 trailers
in its fleet and uses the AdvantEDGE program. According to
Gary Marshall, NFI vendor service manager, “NFI utilizes 23
solutions provider headquartered in
Cherry Hill, NJ. Privately held by the
Brown family since its inception in
1932, NFI generates $1 billion in
Great Dane parts and service locations on a regular basis.
annual revenue and employs nearly
While NFI is a privately held company headquartered in New
6,500 associates. NFI owns facilities
Jersey, we have a strong presence across the U.S. and Canada.
globally and operates more than 20
Using the AdvantEDGE network is a vital tool that ensures
million square feet of warehouse and
our business can scale its operations using a single point of
distribution space, and 2,000 tractors
contact, centralized ordering, uniformed pricing and
and 7,000 trailers. Its business lines
consolidated statements.”
include logistics, distribution, ware-
Simplifies logistics
housing, intermodal, real estate and
Marshall notes, “A larger network simplifies logistics and
solar services. For more information
creates familiarity among dealers of NFI. In addition, payment
about NFI visit
is much easier because Great Dane is a recognized vendor at,
our organization.
or call 1-877-NFI-3777.
V15 • 1
14-15 AdvantEDGE 3/7/13 9:07 AM Page 15
Experience the endless benefits of membership in Great Dane's
AdvantEDGE National Accounts Parts and Service Program.
• Single point-of-contact
• Centralized or decentralized ordering
• Nationwide service and parts availability
• Not-to-exceed parts pricing
• Customizable purchasing controls
• Online program capability
• More than 100 locations in the U.S. and Canada
• Consolidated invoices and statements available in a
variety of formats
Also includes 24-hour emergency road service. ERS is available at more than 20,000 certified
mobile providers for Class 7 and 8 tractors and trailers.
• Up-front estimates
• Competitive labor rates
• Signature parts price protection
Easy Access to Services
Phone: 1-877-600-3433
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:
Program hosted by Interstar, NA.
Evolving Trailer Technology
16 Cover 4 Ad 2/15/13 2:16 PM Page 16
drive away with more
When everything depends on delivering on time and on the money,
you can’t afford to drive away with anything less than the best built,
most reliable, highest standard trailer on the road. Powered by
industry's best innovation, Great Danes are made to maximize your
payload so you can get more return on your investment.
Take immediate delivery from a wide selection of trailers at our
Great Dane branches and authorized dealers. Or let us custom
build a trailer tailored to your exact needs.
e v e r e s t
c h a m p i o n
f r e e d o m
f l a t b e d s