December 2015



December 2015
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From the desk of
Santosh Jain
Dear Friends,
Jai Jinendra!
Hope this letter finds you in good spirits.
My journey with Siddhayatan has not only been emotionally satisfying but also been a
spiritual awakening process. Over the last 2-3 years, our association with Dr. Mrs. Manju
Jain has brought us close to the divine Stotra of Bhaktamar and I feel obliged to write about
this magical stotras which has been passed on to us from generations to generations.
Bhaktamar Stotra is a fabulous journey from the first word 'Bhakta' of the 1st shloka and last
word 'Lakshmi' of the 48 shloka. Swami Mantunga Acharya, an eminent visionary and
prodigious monk, has narrated this journey in 48 most powerful verses. The time you start
reciting the first word bhakta, you are involved in a mystique description about the power
of Almighty and when you conclude with the last word Lakshmi, a definite positive flow of
energy passes through your whole body. This energy provides us mental peace, physical
fitness, financial stability as well as social prestige.
In the present day, Bhakatamar plays a very powerful tool to resolve and create immense
bliss in an individual's life. If properly practised, the chanting of the divine stotras can heal
complex physical and spiritual challenges. From curing an incurable disease (45 stotra) to
improving relationships or enhancing knowledge, all can be achieved by reciting this
panegyric with devotion, faith and belief. The chanting creates a sound vibration around
the whole galaxy (bharmaand) that permeates every cell of your being, creating that
alignment of mind body and soul, leaving you blissful.
Siddhayatan is blessed to be able to become a means to spread the knowledge of the infinite
healing power of Bhakatamar. We are building a state-of-the art Bhakatamar Mandir where
detailed description, story and mantras of each verses will be depicted through audio guide
technology. Additionally, workshops held by Dr. Manju Jain at the premises of
Siddhayatan have brought miraculous effects in the lives of many who attended and
subsequently contacted and even visited Nagpur for chanting of Mantras with Dr. Manju
With a mission to share the knowledge of Bhakatamar and its infinite powers globally, we
now aim to build a powerful Bhaktamar community, which will train and enable people to
use the infinite power of Bhaktamar and attain happiness. I request all of you to come
forward and join hands with us to spread the knowledge of Bhakatamar so that together we
can contribute to the greater welfare of mankind using our spiritual strength.
Thank You.
World Class Charitable 'Spiritual' Resort
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World Class Charitable 'Spiritual' Resort
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News from around the World :
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, aged 31 years, announced his plan to donate 99% of his
Facebook stock, a gift of currently whopping $45 billions worth ( Approx.3 Lakh Thousand
Crores). This act has set an example that today young minds are realizing their moral duties
towards giving back to society based on their abundance and affordability. We are thankful to
our Trustees, Management Board Members and the Donors who too follow the same school
of thinking and is progressing with 'Siddhayatan', a benevolent cause that promotes Lord
Mahaveer's principle of ‘Aprigraha’ , and support to the community and cause of Jainism.
Thanking our Infrastructure Partners, your assistance did make a difference
Lord Parshvanath Foundation is proud to partner with Carrier
Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited (CARL) for its Toshiba make
Air-conditioning system which is designed with emphasis on energy
efficiency, reliability, aesthetics and ease of installation. Our special
thanks to the Managing Director of CARL, Shri Arun Bhatia, for
sanctioning special prices towards this charitable project.
LPF is pleased to inform that these AC's operate on the greenest
refrigerant available today, R410A, which is confirmed to be nonozone depleting, non-flammable and non-toxic, therefore adding to
our green footprint.
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