Cadiz Carnival Course 2014, 3-day



Cadiz Carnival Course 2014, 3-day
3-day course
Includes all activities, excursions
plus Lunch/main meal 3 days
The CADIZ CARNIVAL photography holiday
INFO and ITINERARY 3-day weekend course
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Tutors: Ignacio Fando
Around Shrove Tuesday Cadiz wakes up from winter slumber to the ultimate street party for two whole weeks.
For an outsider it’s easy to get involved, as the people are very friendly. This course is the perfect choice for
aficionados of street photography. We are located in the centre of the old town, a stone’s throw from the action.
It’s a widely-held opinion that Cadiz is blessed with the wittiest people in Spain. While many carnivals elsewhere
are all about the spectacular and glamorous – to the rhythm of samba – Cadiz distinguishes itself by the fertile
imagination of carnival attire and the mix of music. What started as a challenge to the Venetian Carnival back
in the 16th Century, has developed a unique style – just as much about wit and imagination as the costumes.
It’s an explosion of bands, singing and playing – mainly on the street – with great irreverence, parody and
word-plays. Many of these ‘artistas’ spend the rest of the year preparing for the great event. The ‘Carnaval’, as
the locals call it, is most famous for the satirical groups of performers called Chirigotas, choirs of ten harmony
singers, accompanied by bombo, caja (drum-box) and guitar. Their music and lyrics are central to the fiesta,
along with the trucks of Choruses on the Plazas. There is also an official contest that takes place at the Gran
Teatro Falla, where the winners will expect to tour their act for months after the Carnival..
Visually, it’s an amazing array of colours, strong faces, gestures and crowd involvement. The epicentre of this
‘mayhem’ is La Viña, the old vineyard district. During the day, the party is everywhere, attended by whole
families and groups of friends. As the night comes in, the La Viña district becomes packed!!
You’ll be taking part in street photography, and we advise you on how to interact, and use nonverbal
communication, to capture good – and willing – portraits. We look at angles and positioning in the crowds,
and what to look for. Timing is another aspect we show you how to pay attention to. We advise you on using
the best exposures for these situations, and how to shoot into the blue hour and beyond, in mixed lighting –
whether or not you want to use camera flash.
This course is suitable for those who want to get a grip on the festivities and ‘gaditanian’ way of life and
specially want to have fun! It is the most FUN course. By the way, prepare yourself to also get dressed up. It´s
not mandatory, but it is one of the best ways to get involved in the Carnival spirit, and have easier access to
those who are also partying. See the next page for a day-to day itinerary.
We take to the streets – whatever the weather!
At the Luzia Headquarters we have a welcome breakfast. This is an opportunity
to get to know each other, check cameras are working and rest of gear in shape.
You’ll enjoy some stunning views of the city with Torres Miradores and the Oratorio
de San Felipe.
To get the big overview, we take you to Torre Tavira, and its Camera Obscura, with
a presentation and a live projection of the city in a white dish! This will give you a
chance to get your bearings!
In the afternoon we will attend one of the dressing-up preparations for the Carnival
Finals (which takes place at Teatro Falla). This is where the artistes prepare their
costumes and do the make-up and warm up. It’s an excellent opportunity for
shooting reportage.
Today we are starting late because it’s going to be a late day. We will start out
walking along the narrow streets in the Mentidero district, getting more of the
spirit. It´s a good opportunity to try to understand how it all works, and now is the
time to start photographing the people performing on the streets and working on
their tableaux. Drinking, eating, laughing and enjoying...
We will eventually get hungry, so we squeeze ourselves into a busy bar to take
lunch! Please do not expect to sit down much during this day. If people get tired
we have the option of retreating to HQ which is always 5 or 10 minutes away. You
will also have a chance to have a rest in the afternoon.
In the evening The ‘Pregón’ (the opening ceremony starting at 20:30) happens to
be on the Plaza San Antonio, a stone’s throw from our HQ. We will take in part of
this celebration.
Later we head for La Viña, the hub of the Carnaval, checking out the ‘choirs’,
‘cuartetos’ and other acts at the ‘tablaos’, on Calle La Palma, and enjoying the busy
bars and the ambience.
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Are you tired?
Can’t be, because today there is still more to come!
We will meet at 13.00 to go and check out a Carrousel of Choirs, this time in
another environment. Although it is too early to find ‘illegal’ chirigotas (those
performers not part of the official contest and only sing on the streets) we could
benefit from slightly more space on the street, when we see something interesting
to shoot, and we should be able to catch some portraits.
After some lunch and a good siesta, we will head to Puerta de Tierra to meet the
Big Parade, heading from the new town to the gates to the old town, through the
defensive walls (Puerta de Tierra), where there will be fireworks, as it is the end of
the Parade – and for us too!
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