at Hurricane Jack`s Summer Motor Bash



at Hurricane Jack`s Summer Motor Bash
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Think Pink Floyd
The Greatest Pink Floyd Show Around
by Krista Doran
If you grew up to the
sounds of Pink Floyd, or
even if you are just a fan of
their music you are going to
be very interested in seeing
the band I am featuring this
month, Think Pink Floyd!
Think Pink Floyd is the Tristate area’s most popular
Pink Floyd Tribute and if you
have ever seen them, you
understand why. I spoke to
founder and driving force
behind Think Pink Floyd,
Billy Martin who told me,
“Think Pink Floyd delivers a concert experience
that captures the mood,
emotions and the intensity
of the Pink Floyd theatrical
presentation.” This 6 piece
band features four vocalists,
album sound effects and a
choreographed light show
of rolling fog and state-ofthe-art intelligent lighting
and the same back drop
video used by Pink Floyd.
Billy explained, “At a Think
Pink Floyd show, you are
led along many beautiful and
complicated paths through
‘Speak to Me’, ‘Breathe’, ‘On
The Run’ and ‘Time’, before
the show climaxes with ‘The
Great Gig in the Sky’.”
I asked Billy what he felt
was different about what
they do and he explained
“We try to play this music
note for note, just as Pink
Floyd would
play it. We
like to see
ourselves as
a concept
band. We
work hard on
getting every
aspect of the
right. Everything has
to be dead
on and still
remain faithful to what
we feel is
the spirit of
Pink Floyd”.
Judging from
the facial
and reactions of the band’s
audience, Think Pink Floyd
does just that!
When speaking with Billy,
I really got the impression
that Think Pink Floyd is really not about the individual
band members, but more
about the music of Pink
Floyd as a whole. Each
member is very dedicated
to putting on the best show
possible and they take it
very seriously. They do
quite a bit from the albums,
“Dark Side of The Moon”,
and of course, “The Wall”,
but they will also mix in
songs from every Pink Floyd
album which is really a treat
for all who love their music.
It’s almost like seeing the
real thing!
Think Pink Floyd has been
called “The Greatest Pink
Floyd Show” and there is
no wondering why. Anyone
that has seen them perform
can attest to the high level
of musicianship and real
feel of the music you will
experience. This isn’t something you would attend and
expect to hear a mediocre
rendition...this is as close as
you are going to get without going to see the REAL
Pink Floyd! If you want to
experience the music for
yourself, here are some of
their upcoming shows:
8/5 - 6 pm Free Concert
at The Quakertown Music
Festival (700 W Mill St
Quakertown PA)
8/11 - 1 pm Tribute Palooza
2012 at The Ukie Club (847
N Franklin St Phila PA)
8/18 - 10 pm Sweeney’s
Station Saloon (13639
Philmont Ave Phila PA)
9/15 - Us and Them Think
Pink and Steal Your Face at
The Legendary Dobbs (304
South St Phila PA)
You can stay in touch
with the band and follow
them by viewing their full
schedule any time at www. ; Get
ready to have your mind
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Céad Mile Fáilte! DOLAN’S IRISH PUB is NOW OPEN!
Dolan’s is an authentic Irish
themed Pub and Restaurant;
located at 630 Rt. 130 South, in
Burlington New Jersey (directly
across from Discount Liquor
World and Primo Hoagies, right
off of the Burlington-Bristol
Bridge). Dolan’s offers great
food and drink, in a fun and
friendly environment. Dolan’s
has already become a welcomed addition to the neighborhood and a place where you
will enjoy having dinner and
drinks while socializing with
friends! Their staff goes above
and beyond to make sure that
your experience is unforgettable! Owned and operated by
Tom and Kimberly Dolan; they
plan to keep to its true Irish
identity while focusing on the
All of their food is locally
grown and sourced. The chicken
is pastured local, antibiotic and
hormone free, and fed a GMOfree diet of grain. The beef is all
grass fed and from a local farm.
Open everyday of the week,
Monday thru Saturday from
11:00am to 2:00am and on
Sunday from noon until 2:00am.
Lunch is served at 11:30am!
Some of “Dolan’s Favorites”
features Ireland’s best dishes
such as Harp-Battered Chicken
Fingers, Fried Irish Cheddar,
Belfast Rose, Bangers in Blankets, Irish Egg Rolls, Guinness
Braised Brisket, Fish & Chips,
Shepherd’s Pie, Bacon & Cabbage, Bangers and Mash, Steak &
Chips, Chicken Boxty, Curried
Chicken, and Jameson Walnut
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2012 Casino Pick: Best Outdoor Bar*
The Best of The Boardwalk, Best Beach Bar**
Lovin’ the View
Tart & Chocolate Guinness
Pudding for dessert! Sounds
Dolan’s also has a great selection of beer on tap, including
Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, Smithwick’s and Magners Irish Cider.
Their Happy Hour specials are
from Monday to Friday from
4:00 to 7:00. Starting on August
16th Dolan’s will be hosting
Karaoke on Thursday nights.
They also have a great line-up
of live Irish and acoustic music
as well as a DJ on Friday and
Saturday nights!
There is a lot that sets
Dolan’s apart from other local
Irish Pubs, come out and see
for yourself! For more information on upcoming events check
them out at www.facebook.
com/DolansIrishPub until next
time…… “Sláinte!”
Drink specials Daily until 7pm
For the complete Entertainment Line-up, please visit
NEW FOR 2012
7am - 11am
Take in the spectacular
view of the ocean while
enjoying your breakfast.
Tax and Gratuity not included. Must be 21 or older after 8pm.
*“Out on the Town” June 2012. **“The Boardwalk Journal” 2012.
Search Trump caSinoS
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
at Hurricane Jack’
s Summer Motor Bash... August 4th
Hurricane Jack’s located at 7759 New Falls Road in Levittown Pa,
Photos by OOT.
had their 2nd Annual Summer Motor Bash last saturday....Bikes, Classic Cars,
Pinup Girls, Live music by Tuesdays’s Gone and Full Blown Cherry and and
hundreds of friends came out to enjoy this great event. Shouts out to Jack and
his super staff who made sure everyone had one heck of a time...Here are
some photos from the day...*strange day...some rain came down and held up
the music but that did not stop the crowds from coming out!.
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Trump Plaza presents “Beatlemania Now”
Now – Sunday, September 2
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – “Beatlemania Now” will perform
in the Theater at Trump Plaza
June 30 through September 2,
2012. Show time is at 8pm on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.
(Show is dark on Monday,
Friday and Wednesday, July 4)
Ticket price is $32.50. Tickets
will go on sale Saturday, May
5th. Tickets can be obtained by
calling Ticketmaster at 1-800736-1420, or visiting on line at .
Recapture the excitement,
the mood and the frantic
intensity as “Beatlemania Now”
performs live-on-stage,against
a backdrop of stunning images
which evoke memories of one
the most turbulent decades of
modern times... the 1960’s!
Flashback to historic moments of space exploration,
protests in the streets, the
raging war in Vietnam, “Flower
Power” and “Peace and Love,”
in the lives and deaths of Martin
Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy
and Robert F. Kennedy, and the
politics of Richard M. Nixon, as
“Beatlemania Now” meticulously performs incredible note
for note renditions of Beatles’
classics from throughout their
entire career, including songs
the Beatles’ themselves never
performed outside the Recording Studios.” “Beatlemania
Now” … the music transcends
time and generations… A “must
see and hear” experience for
all ages!
Harrigan’s Pub & Scruples
By Mike Vagnoni
This month we feature DJ
John Morawski who can do
it all ... and when we say he
can do it all, we are not joking
about this. He can cover any
kind of party and it comes so
natural for John. He’s been
spinning for the last 10 years,
works each week at Harrigan’s
Pub on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. He also works
every Thursday at Scurples
Gentlemen’s Club ... now this
what he does weekly ... but
on the weekends, he’s a super
DJ who does the private kind
of party work for The East
Coast Event Group. Here
he covers weddings and all
sorts of corporate gatherings.
John hosts karaoke
on Tues nights at
Harrigan’s and he also
does the DJ work.
We asked him his
thoughts about what
the perfect DJ is...
“Being able to read
the crowds and keep
that party going and also being down to earth with your
patrons makes for a great DJ”,
says John. He makes each night
exciting and can talk on any
kind of crowd that he is in front
of. John takes request and will
never turn down any request
from his audience. He has a
really good personality and is
having fun when he performs.
It shows.
In the past he has done work
at places like: The North Hampton Country Club, Spring Mill
Manor, Big Heads Sports Bars,
and the Kitchen Bar in Jenkintown. John has a great speaking
voice and loves to entertain his
If you are looking for the
perfect DJ for that next private
affair ... Give East Coast Event
Group a call and ask for John
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Music Festival - August 4th
Town at Mc Stews Luau Party on July 28th
August 4th, the very first annual event called the “Rockledge Music
The 4th annual Luau Party at Mc Stews was held on July 28th...this is the one of their best summer parties and
Photos from Mc Stews
Festival” was held at Cannstatters... billed as “A Benefit for a Friend Kenny
Kline” saw bands like Lecompt, the Homewreckers.Jimmy V & Tedman, Warm
Whiskey, Dirty Love,AJ Slick, Celtic Connection, and DJ host Adam 12. take
the outdoor stage...the day was marked with some rain which in-turn sort
of shorted out the house sound board...* a new one was brought in and the
outdoor event was back in business. Shouts out to John the owner from the
Rockledge Pub and his staff for just an amazing day. Special T-shirts were made
and the food and drink from Cannstatters had everyone enjoying the outside
grounds...Check out some of these photos...
featured Luau Entertainment ....Hula dancers in full costume...they also featured many tropical drinks and they
gave away a week in the Wired 96.5 Beach House...promotions are always over the top at Mc Stews located
at 5316 New Falls Road in Levittown Pa...* Also in the house that night they featured live music with the band
Saturn. Here are some photo we are going to share with everyone.
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Bar Fundraiser Benefits Betrayed Veteran
Bucks County, PA
– Dean Casmirri’s
Colonial Inn of
Hulmeville, PA will
host a benefit on
Saturday, August 18th from
5–8 pm to raise
funds for Joseph
Gunsenhouser, a
wounded Purple
Heart recipient,
left homeless by
Veterans Affairs
for defending his
Within six
months after
deployment to
northern Afghanistan, Gunsenhouser was
nearly killed when an improvised explosive device went
off while he was setting up
security at his camp. Left
with posttraumatic stress
disorder, permanent eye
damage and an impending
operation to remove the
shrapnel from his trachea,
Gunsenhouser’s emotional
scars outweigh his physical
injuries as the military turns
its back on him.
Awarded a Purple Heart
and honorable discharge
with his wounds, Gunsenhouser received a Veterans Affairs (VA) housing
voucher allowing him, his
wife and three children to
find a rental home as they
forged ahead to get back
on their feet. Due to his
injuries Gunsenhouser is
unable to work and has not
been assigned any disability benefits to support his
family. Congressman Mike
Fitzpatrick and VA continue
to work on resolving this
The benefit at the Colonial Inn will help to raise
funds, as well as awareness,
for Gunsenhouser’s family to find a home due to
the abandonment that the
Army veteran received as
his thanks for fighting for his
country. A donation of $30
will include open bar, pizza,
wings, and DJ entertainment
along with 50/50 raffles and
big six wheel. For those unable to attend the benefit, a
donation to Joseph Gunsenhouser can be made by
visiting this website:
projects/163980 or for
more information contact:
[email protected]
Contact: Lisa Hope,
Manager, Dean Casmirri’s
Colonial Inn, 11 Beaver
Street, Hulmeville, PA 19047
• Ph: 215-752-9878 • Cell:
215-651-1572 • [email protected] • www.
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Hold Back” is now available on iTunes, Beatport
& Radio Danz Worldwide.
Nicole Kerrigan a
South Philadelphia pieces
that went to NeumannGoretti High School, then
followed by attending
Neumann University as
she majored in business
with a minor in music.
Nicole sharpened her vocal cords as
she took voice lessons for 5 years
and believe me they paid off. As she
emerges onto the dance/pop scene,
Nicole is eager to prove to the world
that she has what it take to succeed.
With the release of her first single “I
Like Dem Boys”, Nicole is starting to
live her dream. She will be performing LIVE in concert @ Hershey Park
Chocolate Town USA on August 7th,
2012 with 2 shows 4pm and 6pm.
Debra Michaels the queen of local
freestyle with such hits as “How
Do I Live” & “Can’t We Try”, is back
on the national spotlight with all
new and exciting beats that will be
released very soon with a few new
chart toping future singles named
“Voices” and “Dreaming”. In memory
of a very close dear friend, Debra
is now a very strong advocate for
“NAMI” (National Association of
Mental Illness). Not really sure
what gives this woman the power
behind her vocals, but OMFG, she
still sounds and looks amazing. Like
a true professional, Debra’s live
performances are very entertaining.
Many future events have already been
planned for this fall and winter in the
Philadelphia area.
Margie Martino has the most
awesome tattooed appearance of a
cross between a chart topping “Amy
Winehouse” and my home town gurl
“Pink”. Her voice is simply spectacular, it carries her musical message in
a very unique and harmonic fashion.
She performed her very sultry and
seductive single “Black Magick” live at
this sexy music release party, and all
I can say is “WoW, where da fock has
this gurl been”? Look out Philadelphia, Margie Martino has arrived and
she is packing a huge powerful vocal
By Roundhouse Ron
While writing for Out On the Town
Entertainment Paper, I get to attend
many crazy parties and numerous
social events. But, just recently your
boy, Roundhouse Ron attended a music release party for 418 Music down
in South Philly @ PLAY2 Nightclub
inside of Chickie’s & Pete’s on Packer
OMG, I don’t know where to begin.
First off, Gino Caporale (founder of
418 Music) knows how to throw a
freakin party, from walking into the
front door, this event was a total first
class blast. I was greeted by a few
ladies, as I was on da VIP guest list, and
then received a free complimentary
CD remix package of some amazing
418 Music artists. After numerous
cocktails and sum amazing Chickie’s &
Pete’s food, I was now ready to do a
little meet and greet with very famous
local musical celebs. From jump, I
could tell this was gonna be a good,
good night.
There are numerous ways I could
have written this article, but I
wanted to give each artist their equal
spotlight. The 418 Music empire has
begun and these fine artists include
Angela Devine, Nicole Kerrigan, Debra
Michaels, Margie Martino, Hera and
DJ Spontane. Since meeting each one
of these magnificent future Grammy
award winners, I decided to spread
da word on how stunning they are by
proceeding in this fashion …..
Gino Caporale is not only the
founder of 418 Music, but, he is a
legend in his own right. Since da young
age of 15, he has been working da
turntables & mixing boards with an
ear on club beats. He worked as
Billboard’s dance reporter in the late
‘80’s and early ‘90’s, while at the same
time becoming one of the top 50 DJ’s
in the US to make Billboard’s dance
music chart. As Gino’s passion
grew for music, he progressed into
producing, remixing and editing. GC
also created several top-selling remixes for a variety of musical talent such
as Depeche Mode, De La Soul and 69
Boys, whose remix was used on the
soundtrack for the film Bad Boys, starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence.
Now, with the growing internet world
of communication, he has a weekly
Club 418 Mix Show and a Z88.9’s Mix
@ 6, not to mention this huge musical
group named 418 Music.
Angela Devine came from very
strong roots in the Northeast Philly
area as she attended Philadelphia High
School for Creative and Performing
Arts. Then she furthered her career,
as Angela graduated from Temple
University in 2009. With her passion
for club music and a voice of an angel,
she knew being a musical performer
was in her destiny. As she is accomplishing all her dreams, Angela realized
that hard work does pay off. Her new
block buster of a hit named “Can’t
Hera (AKA
Hera Raifi) now a
Philadelphian, but
is originally from
San Diego, CA,
joins Gino and
418 Music for an
experience that
we all will totally
enjoy. Her remix
single “Goodbye
Kiss” is gonna
be a tremendous
smash hit and can
currently be heard on iTunes. She also
has a very strong passion for modeling
and professional photo shoots. Just
like Hera says, “anything is possible
when you believe”.
DJ Spontane has worked very hard to
earn the reputation of being one of
the hypest and most talented DJ/Host
in the Philadelphia area.You can find
Page 15
Spontane spinning at the hottest Philly
night spots, he has hosted various venues at local clubs like the 3G Lounge,
Banana Lounge, Fiso Lounge, Club
Tragos, Club House and many more.
As part of the Sneaker Villa Dream
Street DJ Squad, he not only provides
in-store music for Sneaker Villa, he
also host, promotes, and DJ external
store events including concerts and
radio promotions.
I would personally like to thank
Gino Caporale for an amazing night at
the 418 Music release party in South
Philadelphia. To get in contact with my
boy Gino or any one of the 418 Music
artists, please go to: www.facebook.
com/418Music or www.twitter.
To get in contact with my crazy
focking azz, please go to: or www.facebook.
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Taj Mahal
Louis C.K.
September 1
Visit the web site to listen to results!
I’ve recorded the top bands in the area
as heard on WMMR & WYSP
Are you next? You need to visit the web site NOW!
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Live Nation presents Louis C.K. in the Arena at Trump
Taj Mahal for two shows on Saturday,
September 1, 2012. Show times are at
7pm and 10:30pm. Ticket prices are $55
& $45. For tickets call 800-736-1420 or
online at
Louis C.K. first took the stage in 1984
at an open-mic in Boston, Massachusetts,
during the apex of the comedy boom.
He was so discouraged by the experience he didn’t perform again for two
years. As Boston’s comedy scene grew,
he gradually achieved success, performing
alongside acts such as Dennis Leary and
Lenny Clarke.
In 1989, he moved to New York City.
Now in the heart of the comedy world,
he performed his act on many televised
programs, including Evening at the
Improv and Star Search. In 1996 HBO released his first half-hour comedy special.
C.K. has performed his stand-up
frequently on shows such as Late Show
with David Letterman, Late Night with
Conan O’Brien, Lopez Tonight, The
tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jimmy
Kimmel Live. In August 2005, C.K.
starred in a half-hour HBO special as
part of the stand-up series One Night
Since then, C.K. has become known as
one of the most prolific comedians of his
time. Inspired by the work ethic of George
Carlin, the comedian has committed to
dropping all of his existing material and
starting over every year. In 2007, C.K.
starred in his first hour-long special titled
Shameless, which aired on HBO and was
later released on DVD. In March of 2008,
he recorded a second hour-long special,
Chewed Up, that premiered on Showtime Network on October 4, 2008 and
went on to be nominated for an Emmy
for “Outstanding Writing in a Comedy or
Variety Special.”
On April 18, 2009, Louis recorded a
concert film titled Hilarious. Unlike his
previous specials, which had all been produced for television networks, Hilarious
was produced independently, directed
by C.K. himself, and sold to Epix and
Comedy Central after it was complete.
Because of this it was not released until
late 2010, and published on DVD and CD
in 2011. It is the first stand-up comedy
film to be accepted into Sundance.
In a 2010 interview, C.K. described
returning to stand-up and doing specials
after his divorce as a year and a half
working “to catch up to” the breakup of
his marriage which, although portrayed
in the HBO series Lucky Louie as fractious, had nonetheless been central to
the show and his life. One element in his
preparation for stand-up was training
in the boxing gym, including with locally
well-known Lowell, Massachusetts fighter
Micky Ward, trying to “learn how to ... do
the grunt work and the boring, constant
training so that you’ll be fit enough to
take the beating. On December 10, 2011,
Louis C.K. released his fourth full-length
special, Live at the Beacon Theater.
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
By Jimmy Abgarian
July 19th Steel Panther
stormed into town and
blew the doors off a
sold out TLA. Opening the show was Philly
locals Mach22.
Mach 22 played a solid
set of original material
and a couple of cover
songs. They have a great
version of Sweet Child
of Mine by Guns and
Roses. If you like a rock
and soul crossover then
this is the band for you.
Having never heard of
them and having no
expectations I was pleasantly
On to the main event…for
those of you who don’t know
who Steel Panther are let me
give you a quick back story.
Four guys with incredible talent
and a love for 80’s Pop Metal
form a band that parodies all
the 80’s bands that we all love.
They start off playing covers on
the Sunset strip. A buzz catches
and the original members of the
bands they cover start showing
up. Then in natural progression
Steel Panther start writing their
own songs. Parody song with
titles such as “Fat Girl (Thar
she Blows)” and “Death to all
but Metal” have become hits.
People have not only bought
their records but come to
shows and know and sing every
I might be a little presumptuous in calling them Rock Stars.
I have seen them 3 times at
different venues and different
crowds. To say they deliver every time is a gross understatement. I seriously felt my hair
grow while watching them, they
are that good. I love 80’s metal
bands but I don’t remember any
80’s metal band being this tight.
Steel Panther puts on a show
full of clichés and comedy. More
importantly they play great
songs that make the listener
feel like they can relate. When
Michal Starr tells you that he
got an STD from Satchel’s mom,
you feel empathy for him and
Satchel’s mom.
Being on the road with an
STD must suck for him. The
homoerotic banter between
Satchel, Michael and Lexxi
Foxxx who epitomizes what
a tranny should look like is
hysterical. All of these things
make it hard to take pictures
when you cant stop laughing.
I’m writing this article in character because it is about the
show and not so much about
who the band members are. I
will tell you that, there is not a
band I have ever seen like them.
You leave feeling like you got
more than your monies worth.
They do meet and greets and
stay till everyone gets a picture
or an autograph. I am a huge
fan of a lot of bands and keep
my mouth shut sometimes at
the lack of appreciation some
bands have for their fans. Steel
Panther is not one of these
bands. WMMR have been
supporting them from the beginning, playing their songs in
rotation promoting their Philly
shows. I hope that everyone
who has not heard of them
goes on YouTube and checks
them out. It was a great night
for Out On the Town. Thank
you to Matt, Steel Panther’s
Tour manager for the hospitality. Here is the set list:
1.Tomorrow Night 2.Asian Hooker 3.Turn Out the Lights 4.Critter 5.Community Property 6.That’s What Girls Are For 7.Eyes of a Panther 8.Guitar Solo 9.Party All Day (Fuck All Night)
Weenie Ride 10.Just Like Tiger Woods 11.The Shocker 12.Death to All but Metal 13.Shout at the Devil 14.17 Girls in a Row
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Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Sun National Bank Center
81 Hamilton Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08611
New Jersey Rascals Lacrosse
Home Opener – September 14
For more information, visit
Barstool Blackout Tour Presents: Foam
October 25 at 10pm
Tickets: $50, $100 (additional
fees may apply)
Shreya Ghoshal Live in Concert
September 15 at 8pm
Mercer County Improvement
Tickets: $39, $55, $75, $125,
Authority’s Annual Touch-A$150 (additional fees may apply) Truck Day
October 27, 10am – 2pm
Trenton Titans Hockey
Free event!
Home Opener – October 12
For more information, visit
Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: The
EVENTS: Best LIVE Tour Ever!
November 25 at 1pm & 4pm
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
WWE Raw World Tour
November 26 at 7pm
“Hiring our Heroes”
October 19 at 7:30pm
Tickets: $15, $30, $45, $80 (adSeptember 12 at 9am
Tickets: $15, $25, $35, $50, $95 ditional fees may apply)
Employers & Job Seekers should (additional fees may apply)
register at
Call 1-800-298-4200 or log
for ticket information. For
group sales information, call
Aries (March
21-ApriI19) Creativity
mixed with confusion
adds a level of chaos
you would prefer not to
experience. Understanding evolves to a new level
if you flow with different
Taurus (April20-May
20) If you sense some confusion, clarifies.
Nebulousness surrounds events, meetings
and communication in· general. Confirm all
details and times before acting on any situation. Fatigue could mark others’ reactions.
Gemini (May 21-June 20) If your instincts
tell you to do one thing but logic says something else, stop.Your instincts are on, but
risking still could be a problem.
Cancer (June 21-July 22) You are far more
perky than usual, and many people notice.
Don’t focus on a problematic situation at
home; rather, let your imagination flow. Break
past present restrictions.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) A partner or associate might confuse you, but nothing like this
person is confusing him or herself. Money
and other partnership issues might come up.
Even though you have strong feelings, wait if
you want good results.
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Defer to others, and understand that no one is sure of
anything, including you.You need to go with
intent right now. In all likelihood, plans will
flub up.
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Rethink a business
tie. What is clear is that you don’t have .the
complete story, as more and more information filters through.
Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Keep trying to
root out your inner thoughts or emotions.
It is clear you have a lot more going on than
you thought. A conversation with someone
you consider wise will help you discover
your inner depth.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Your fiery,
dynamic personality draws others’ attention and caring.You might not be quite clear
which is the best way to proceed. Realize
your limits when dealing with a partner who
might be a bit hazy.
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You could have
difficulty clearing out a problem that doesn’t
involve just you.You might be a clear communicator, but others appear to be making
assumptions that don’t work
Aquarius (Jan. 2O-Feb. 18) You could be
far more adaptable than others realize.You
might want to do something in a different manner. Relate on a more positive and
upbeat note than in the past.
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) You could make a
big splash, whether you intend to or not.You
might not be sure what you want or how
you are projecting yourself. Slow down and
refuse to make any commitments right now.
If you wish to speak to Perry B. on the
Phone call 215 277 1444 or you can Email
[email protected] Now doing readings
on line and on the phone. We take PayPal.
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Little Things
Mean the Most
© Dr Lou 2012
Sometimes in life, we catch ourselves
striving for more and more, better and
better, and never ever seem to be satisfied no matter what level of success we
have. We have the tendency to want
more than life’s share of the big pie and
we’ll tell ourselves that it’s OK to short
the other guy because it’s what everyone
else is doing. We’ll that’s part of what
we’ll call the “human illusion” and many
of us in the restaurant, music, sports, and
almost every other business feels and
knows this, but maybe we’re just too
distracted to really see it.
When you go out to your favorite “Out
On the Town” inspired location, and you
order your greatly discounted food and
drink. Served to you by the (practically)
starving waiter or waitress, do you ever
think about the bigger picture, or moreover, the “Little Things” that you might be
able to do to help make a person’s day,
just a tiny bit better? My guess is that
the answer is no, and it comes down to
a perception of your own self, your own
station in life, and an ingrained set of assumptions that we all tend to make in an
over stimulated, artificially over inflated
system that we’ve been told by those in
control, is just “normal”.
Well I’ll offer here a little bit of information that may help you the next time you
walk into a place and honestly want good
service, good food, at a fair price; The way
to get to the best in someone is a small
gesture of kindness, and even if it’s seemingly rebuffed (because they don’t know
better), it sets you apart from the rest in
a good way, it shows you have made the
step towards real happiness through the
feelings and smiles of someone else.
As a musician, we’d all love to be on
stage and play in front of thousands of
screaming fans, not being able to hear our
own music because of the high pitched
roar of adoring millions. We’ve all seen
“Hard Day’s Night” and “Spice World”
(though I really haven’t seen Spice World,
but I heard it’s a remake of Hard Day’s, so
that’s ok). This is the epitome of what a
musician has been taught to dream about
because the perception of un-tolled
wealth and glory of the players has been
glorified beyond our wildest dreams and
it’s shown to us in the comfort of our
own homes, so we want it, we think it’s
Then you listen to the interviews with
some of the “big stars” and some of the
“ultra-rich” and yes they do have very
From Above
nice mansions, and collections of exotic
cars, travel the world in very cool jets
and oversized yacht; but in their comments you can hear the cries for the
“little things”.
They want what everyone wants but
the circumstance of the life, the society
we’ve set up creates a path through life
for them that leaves them outside of what
the “masses” are capable of, yet they still
want the little things. They cannot go for
a walk in the park, because it isn’t safe for
them. They can’t go off by themselves for
very long because their time is too valuable to waste and there are many people
tugging at them for their time. They don’t
get the little things, for the most part, that
we all get, but like everything there’s a
cliché that make it all clear.
In my book; “Dr Lou Isms, © 2010”, one
of the “isms” states: “there is no cliché,
without truth (at some level)” this is
indicative of the point in this article. “Be
careful what you wish for because you
just might get it”. Well we are a bunch
of “wishers” and we all sit and wish we
were the people on the stage, we wish
we were the movie star, we wish we
were the star player making the great
shot at the buzzer, that’s us, we wish.
We’ve built a world that stimulates us
“artificially” through countless electronic
media; we have our thousand channels
of TV and our internet sources of just
about any form of mental stimulation
that a “flea” could imagine. We have bill
boards that play TV as we drive, walk
through the malls or the airports. We
have radio that comes from the air, the
satellite, the TV, the portable music player,
our phones, our cars, our clocks, and
even our “refrigerators”.
We are the most over stimulated group
of people that has ever existed and much
of this social media induced electronic
information explosion has happened in
this society’s life time. Our population
has older people who knew a time when
a TV was a tremendous luxury, contrasted with babies that have their very own
“smart phone”. This time we are living in
is unlike any time any civilization on the
face of the “dirt ball” we call our home,
has ever known. But we’re too distracted to know and appreciate the value of
our greatest gift, “a moment of peace of
mind”, a moment of “kindness”, and we
fail to stop and recognize that “clapping
when the band finishes a song”, is all they
really want and it helps our souls to do it.
Your children really want a moment of
your time to say “hey, look at what I am,
and appreciate what I do”, and that goes
both ways, a parent, business owner, or
musician, wants the same thing; “Appreciate me for who I am”, say “Thanks,
it’s nice to see you”. It isn’t too much
to ask, but it brings the greatest gift of
all; a “simple smile”. That’s all we want,
it’s the best we can get. Let’s recognize
and lose our bad habits and; “Play On”,
and the lower screen from
3.02 inches to 4.18 inches,
Nintendo unveils Nin- which Nintendo says gives
players 90% more screen
tendo 3DS XL
Nintendo CEO Satoru
Overall 3DS XL is 46%
Iwata has unveiled a new,
larger than the standard
larger 3DS in the com3DS .Despite this, the XL
pany’s Nintendo Direct
will feature improved batbroadcast.
tery life of 3 to 6.5 hours
Nintendo 3DS XL
when playing 3DS software
increases the size of the
handheld’s top screen from and 5 to 8 hours when
3.58 inches to 4.88 inches, playing original DS games.
the new
an extra
directional nub
- meaning
the XL will
need its own version of
the Circle Pad Pro if titles
like Monster Hunter and
Metal Gear Solid: Snake
Eater 3D are to be accommodated.
Source: http://www.
You can find Cowboy
Bob at: Game Fixx, 12006
Bustleton Avenue, Northeast Philadelphia, PA 19116
• 215-941-8212
Send all your good, bad,
and fugly comments to:
[email protected]
Page 25
Cowboy Bob’s Game Corral
Howdy there! Welcome to
Cowboy Bob’s Game Corral here
to Give Ya’ll a Lil’ Tidbit of today’s
latest news, events, and products in
the current Video Game Industry.
PSVita Great buy or waste
of money? Review by Angel
It’s a known fact that we must
always take the bad with the good,
but does the PSVita have any bad
things about it? A few great things
about the Vita system is that is has
front and rear cameras, front and
rear touch screens, and the graphics are incredible “The best graph-
ics I’ve ever seen on a handheld,
says Cowboy Bob”.
Some amazing titles are already
out such as Uncharted, Mortal
Kombat, Unit 13, Gravity Rush, and
quite a few more. Some great titles
coming out later this year that we
are looking forward to are Silent
Hill, which will be the first of its series to feature 4-player co-op, Final
Fantasy X HD, BioShock, Call Of
Duty, Killzone, and Little Big Planet.
I don’t know about you but so
far I don’t see any deal breakers,
besides all the great things already
mentioned one of the cooler things
I think are playing online and being
able to talk to whoever you are
playing with like you would normally do on other consoles such as
PS3 or Xbox360 with a microphone but the Vita being as great as
it is it has a built in microphone.
Pretty good…..what about the
battery life?
Well once I bought my Vita I put
it to the test and the results are
pretty amazing which is no surprise.
I clock in at 4½ hours of non-stop
gameplay in one full charge and it’s
the same for video play-back BUT
almost 10 hours of listening to
music before the battery reaches
zero percent how amazing is that?
$259.99... is it really worth that
I completely believe that it is
worth that much, not only because
I love the system but the amazing
titles being released for it makes
it that much more worth it to
me. Maybe you’re asking yourself
“should I just go buy a used one
from Game Fixx?” and the answer
is YES because that’s how I got my
Vita and NO ONE beats Cowboy
Bob’s price on the Vita, floor model
of the vita at Game Fixx only
$209.95 and one complete with
box only 229.95 and they come
with memory cards unlike the
brand new ones at game-stop and
best-buy which only come with the
system and charger for $259.99.
Even the games are sold cheaper
at Game Fixx…so why haven’t you
got one yet?
Continued Below
Page 26
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
The Thunder from Down Under
OK Folks//your man in AC..
Johnny Holiday once again has
the Atlantic City Entertainment
Report for Out on the Town
ready to go!
Atlantic City is rules with
phenomenal entertainment
during the next few weeks.
The Tropicana Casino / Hotel
welcomes the world’s top Male
Revue,Australian international
favorites “The Thunder from
Down Under”. TFDU will be
at the Trop August 8-11. Call
800 345 8767 for tickets or
The Youth 4 Peace Teen Tour
sponsored by THE SEEN will
hit AC on August 23rd with 2
performances at Steel Pier and
then again on August 24th at
The Margate Performing Arts
Center. The concerts are free
and will feature teen superstars
Austin Powell, POV (cast of The
Garage web series), Tyler and
Dylan Reed, Dymond Harding..
and more!
At Resorts, “Girls Night: The
Musical” hits on August 11th
and “Rock of Ages” comes to
Caesars on August 14th. The
Fantasy Football Fest comes to
the AC Convention Center on
August 18th while Beatlemania continues its run at Trump
Jaberwockeez is at Harrah’s
August 16th and David Brenner
brings his sense of humor to
The Atlantic Club Casino/hotel
on August 18th. Perennial favorite Legends in Concert plays
on at ‘ while The Dan Band is at
Borgata’s Music Box in August,
as well.
Country Teen Super Star just finished up some major gigs
will be “on the road” in August with more big shows.
Bergmann wrapped up the Oasis Green” with Rob Snyder and
Coyote Country Festival in a big
way opening for American Idol
alums, Bo Bice and Josh Gracin, as
well as country giant, Colt Ford.
The Coyote Fest also featured
headliner, John Michael Montgomery.
July 10th Mia Bergmann opened
up for the Bacon Brothers at the
Ocean City NJ Music Pier and
played to an SRO crowd.
Up next will be a
concert..”Nashville Night on the
his band on Friday August 17
at The Mays Landing Country Club,..6pm.. complete
with Fire Works ...admission
is $10.00(Kids under 12 are
Free)....and ..on August 23rd
Bergmann reunites with Colt
Ford performing at the 124th
Annual Cumberland County Fair
in Greenup, Illinois Joining Colt
Ford and Mia will be country singer,
Jo Caine.
All in all, Mia Bergann is a much
sought after singer / songwriter
with an amazing future in Country
music. For media info. and interviews contact Neil Cirucci PR at
609 513 1689 and [email protected] And visit:
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Page 27
Page 28
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Chef David Ansill Returns To His Roots In Philly
...As Executive Chef of Bar Ferdinand!
Owen Kamihira, owner of Bar
Ferdinand (1030 North 2nd Street;
215.923.1313) in Northern Liberties,
is honored to announce, that after
taking a 6 month sabbatical in Jamaica,
David Ansill has returned to his roots
in Philadelphia to become Executive
Chef. Kamihira and Ansill have a 30 year
history that started when they worked
together in the 80s at South Street’s
infamous Copabanana.
“Throughout the years I have watched
and admired David’s career and growth
as a chef,” explains Bar Ferdinand
owner Owen Kamihira. “I have always
trusted his palette. His simple use of
ingredients and his ability to extract the
essence of those products in his dishes,
has always amazed me.” Kamihira
continues, “David’s motorcycle travels
through spain with my brother Eben,
had a lasting culinary affect on him.
His dishes, have always had the 1-2-3
simplicity of the
food of Spain.”
Chef David
Ansill is currently applying
his imagination
to an exciting
new menu that
will debut in late
September. But,
beginning August
2nd, every Thursday Ansill will
explore Spanish
inspired dishes
using seasonal
ingredients, with
his new multicourse Chef’s
Tasting Menu.
The cost is $40
per person (plus
tax and gratuity)
and is offered
from 5 - 11pm. In
addition, Ansill is
creating a series
of specials each
night that live up
to Bar Ferdinand’s seasonal
Bar Ferdinand
has always been
a chef driven
restaurant. When
it opened in
2006, they introduced a menu of
traditional and
modern tapas
with a focus on
local and seasonal ingredients.
The menu has
evolved through
the years. But,
that focus and
commitment has
never changed.
With David
Ansill coming on
board, he will
put his culinary
stamp on Bar
Ferdinand’s menu
and take it to the
next level!
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Page 29
Page 30
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
The 1st Annual Liberty Music Festival
4 days of Showcases, Screenings, Educational Panels,Vendors & Workshops
Thursday, Aug 16th, Friday Aug
17th, Saturday Aug 18th and
Sunday 19th
Presented by: The Legendary
Dobbs, DVT Events, That Mag!
Location: The Legendary
Dobbs, 304 South St. Phila, PA.
Dates: Aug 16th, 17th,18th and
website: www.libertymusicfest.
Facebook: http://
It’s been a long time since
Philadelphia has had an original
music festival, so we’re bringing it back! The 1st Annual
Liberty Music Fest will be held
at The Legendary Dobbs from
Thursday August 16th to
Sunday August 19th. Our goal
is to celebrate, educate, and
showcase original music over
these four days.
With the constant changing of
the music industry we want to
introduce music enthusiasts
to upcoming bands on the
original scene, both locally and
nationally. We also want to
introduce musicians involved
in the festival, and otherwise,
to professionals on the inside
of the music industry. We will
be doing this with a collection
of guest speakers, educational
seminars, and workshops. We
will also be hosting daily VIP
Happy Hours to lighten the
mood and promote networking.
We will be opening the festival with a screening of George
Manney’s celebrated documen-
tary “Meet Me on South St” on
Thursday August 16th at 7 PM.
This documentary is the story
of the original JC Dobbs, the
storied music venue that has
been the beating heart of the
local Philadelphia Scene since
the late 70’s.
On Friday we are honored to
have Lou Plaia, Co-Founder of
Reverbnation. Lou will be giving a keynote speech regarding
Reverbnation; currently 90% of
active independent artists use
this platform to run their music
promotions. He will discuss
topics and advise bands on how
to utilize Reverbnation to its
fullest potential. He will also
highlight new features being
added Fall 2012.
Saturday and Sunday are
jam-packed with educational
panels regarding topics such as
publishing & licensing, recording
great records, touring & booking, views from artists currently
on the scene, and getting your
music out there. There will
also be workshops regarding
branding, building effective
merch, songwriting, and the
legal process.
Each night will be topped off
with some great, inspiring, original music; the whole reason
we’re here. The showcased
artists span across many genres
and states, physically and
mentally. All participating bands
were selected through a submission process. Ten individuals,
ranging from industry professionals to college students to
regular music fans, participated
and decided on the bands.
We were very deliberate in
ensuring the selection process
was about what mattered, pure
talent, originality, and buzzworthiness.
“LMF is not fueled by money
like other festivals. I modeled
the festival after the Dewey
Beach Music Conference, which
we are going into our 11th
year. Our goal is to promote
and educate the artists; all
monies from submission will go
into promotions. The nighttime showcases revenues will
be used pay the artists. This is
about the artists and music that
they create,” Liberty Music Fest
co-founder Jim Thorpe.
-All Photos: Lynn Ramage’
The Borgata really appreciates the press and treats
‘Out on the Town’ with such
courtesy and respect. Their
staff there is ever so courteous to everyone! One of the
best shows I have covered
in a long time recently at
the Atlantic City, Borgata
was the “Midwest Rock &
Roll Express Tour” featuring wildman “Ted Nugent,
REO Speedwagon and STYX
bringing down the house! All
three bands honestly were a
perfect match! I had a chance
to interview Ricky Phillips
from STYX that ran last issue
and after seeing the band
live realized just how much
talent all these guys have!
The show ran smooth as
butter! All the bands sounded
timeless playing countless hits
for hours and the lighting and
sound was superb there!
Singer “Tommy Shaw” of
STYX has one of the most
outstanding voices in rock!
STYX brought the House down!
STYX was simply amazing!
“Wildman- Ted Nugent” went
on first getting the crowds
roaring! I am guessing as I
read her book that this was
Ted’s wife here that jumped up
on stage to taunt the crowd!
Sounded just spectacular!
Lynn Ramage’ with STYX Bass
player and Interviewee “Ricky
Phillips” backstage
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Page 31
Page 32
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Been Banged lately? If not,
then you haven’t been to
Victory Beer Hall inside
the all new Xfinity Live!
Philadelphia. Bangarang
has been a staple at Victory
since its grand opening
in March, supplying South
Philadelphia’s newest hot
spot with a high energy,
exciting rock show that
has been missing from the
scene for years. Bangarang
got their start as an acoustic duo, but after adding a
few pieces, they have burst
onto the cover band scene
and have become a house
hold name overnight. It
starts with their front men.
Jim Wible and Phil Murphy
have been performing
together for years and it
shows. Whether harmonizing, or singing on their
own, these two captivating voices command your
attention. Next, the lead
saxophone of Fred Lahm
adds a fresh dimension to
this dynamic band. Opting
to do guitar solos on the
saxophone is risky, but
Lahm has the talent and
stage presence to pull it
off. On the bass guitar,
the sometimes German
Mascot, but always enjoyable Woodsy, brings the
funk and the fun to every show.
Bangarang has a rotating roster
of drummers, but whether it’s
Josh Dannin or John O’Reilly Jr
behind the kit, they don’t miss
a beat.
If you’re reading this magazine, then you are looking for
the next great place to party,
and Victory Beer Hall on a
Bangarang night is the answer.
Where else can you enjoy a
vast selection of your favorite
Victory Beers, while dancing on
tables and singing along to the
area’s most exciting new band?
Go to for
show times and a full schedule.
And get down to Xfinity Live!
and see for yourself why this is
the new “place to be in Philly”
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Donny’s Joke Corner
Len Knee vs C.J.
Last year Len replaced all of the
windows in his house with that
expensive double-pane energy
efficient kind, and today, Len got
a call from C.J., the contractor
who installed them. C.J. was
complaining that the work had
been completed a year ago, and
that he still hadn’t paid for them.
Len told C.J. exactly what his
sales guy had told him when he
sold him the windows ... that
in ONE YEAR these windows
would pay for themselves! “Well
Hellooooo?!?” said Len “It’s been
a year!” Olympic Boxing
Denise and Chris were watching boxing in the Olympics.
Unfortunately, the fight no
sooner started, and the boxer
was knocked out in the very first
round. Pissed, Chris shouts out
“Man that sucked ... It was over
in less than a minute!” Snickering
Chris replied ... “Now you know
how I feel”
Dream On
Exhausted from working so hard
around the house, Sue decided
to take an afternoon nap. After
she woke up, she said to her husband, “Mike, I just dreamed that
you gave me a pearl necklace!
What do you think it means?
“You’ll find out tonight. “ Mike
replied. That evening, Mike came
home with a small package and
gave it to his wife. Delighted, Sue
opened the box only to find a
book entitled .... “The meaning of
dreams “
John’s Cookout
It was July 4th,
and John was
roasting a chicken on
his brand new rotisserie.
Being the good cook
that he is, he begun to
hand-crank it to ensure
that all areas were evenly
done. It was now getting
golden brown and juices
were causing some flames
to lick the chicken as
he turned it. Just then,
Schmeely the drunk
stumbled into John’s yard,
looked at the scene and
exclaimed ... “Hey buddy,
not only is your music box not
making any music, but your monkey’s on fire! “
Class of 83
This is how I managed to fail
a test by giving the correct
Q. In which battle did Napoleon
die? A. His last battle
Q. Where was the Declaration of
Independence signed?
A. At the bottom of the page
Q. River Ravi flows in which
state? A. Liquid
Q. What is the main reason for
divorce? A. Marriage
Q. What is the main reason for
failure? A. Exams
Q. What can you never eat for
breakfast? A. Lunch & dinner
Q. What looks like half an apple?
A. The other half
Q. If you throw a red stone into
the blue sea what it will become?
A. Wet
Q. How can a man go eight days
without sleeping ?
A. He sleeps at night.
Q. If you had three apples and
four oranges in one hand and
four apples and three oranges in
other hand, what would you have
? A.Very large hands
Q. How can u drop a raw egg
onto a concrete floor without
cracking it?
A. Any way you want ... concrete
floors are very hard to crack.
Final Thoughts ...
Man I swear it feels like I just
wrote this column a week ago.
Time is FLYING! I wanna give
a shout out to the guy wearing
the Bike Works shirt who came
up to me during the Elvis show
in Pennypack and told me how
much he enjoyed my column
and that he even has some of
my stuff hanging on his fridge!
How cool is THAT (although I’m
sure you all have some of my
stuff hanging on your fridges). I
told him to email Mikey and tell
him to give me a raise! Unfortunately Bike Works boy told me
that he doesn’t have a computer.
Speaking of Pennypack Concerts, Anthony Liguori doing his
Elvis show was AMAZING! Also,
PROPS to Kevin from Maggies
for sponsoring our “Salute to
Hometown Heroes” show! Not
only did he sponsor the show,
but his band Saturn opened up
the night and they were AWESOME! If you get a chance to
see Saturn, do it, you will not be
disappointed! PROPS to Shon,
Dominic, and everyone in the
Coming up in Pennypack ...
Aug 15th is our “Classic Rock
Night” with and Ozzie Osbourne
tribute followed by LeCompt!!
Aug 22nd - “Women Who Rock”
night featuring Pat Benetar and
Heart tributes
Sept 5th - “Southern Rock
Night” (oooooooh YEAH!) with
Jersey Bound doing ZZ Top followed by Tuesday’s Gone doing
their Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute.
Sept 12th is our “Season Finale”
with Tina Turner (Simply the
If you haven’t been to a show
yet you’d better hurry! Paddy
Whacks gift cards are raffled off
every week (PROPS to Paddy’s)
and we also have some Phillies
Tickets donated by the Mayfair
Civic Association as well as a
mens bicycle! Come on down!
That’s it gang ... As always, keep
your jokes, pics, whathavue and
whatnot coming to [email protected] Have FUN!
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Page 34
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •
Page 35
Page 36
Volume 34 Number 10 • August 8, 2012 to August 29, 2012 •