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Issue 2
Broward County
Public Schools
Lauderhill 6-12 Student Becomes a
LOFT Fellowship Recipient
Andrew Gayle, high school student, heard
that Lauderhill 6-12 students were
programming drones, creating video
games, and entering contests; it was not
difficult to predict his next move- he
decided to join the party. Immediately he
submerged himself in with a group of
programmers and gamers.
The next steps towards his goal of owning
his own video game company continued as
a student in Mr. Deich’s Game Design
classes; it was there he learned about the
value of competing. Andrew entered the
Video Game Innovation Fellowship
Challenge sponsored by the Entertainment
Software Association (ESA) and Hispanic
Heritage Foundation (HHF); their goal is to
challenge minority youths to develop video
games addressing social issues impacting
their communities. Andrew entered the
national competition with an original video
game, “The Trash Eliminator” which brings
awareness to pollution and the value of
Andrew was identified as one of twenty
Fellows to receive a grant to network and
continue development of his game project.
Andrew was flown to Washington, D.C on
October 21st to present his idea to Antonio
Tijerino, President and CEO of Hispanic
Heritage Foundation. He spent the
morning providing interviews to the Miami
Herald, NBC Universal, and local DC news
outlets. At the Capital, he met and
networked with Rep. Tony Cardenas (CA),
Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ), Rep Stony Hoyer
(MD), Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (NM), and
Michael Echols, Director of Cybersecurity
of US Department of Homeland Security;
they discussed his game and the
empowerment of minority youth related to
STEM. His day concluded with a White
House briefing led by Erik Martin from the
Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Andrew was selected for his vision,
creativity and positive impact on the
community. As a 2015 LOFT Fellowship
recipient Andrews plans on utilizing his
$1000 on a new laptop purchase that meets
his gaming requirements. He has also
started recruiting members to join his
team. The Trash Eliminator has a bright
Meet the Hallandale Magnet High School robot,
Sapphire. Sapphire was built by the Engineering
students at Hallandale High School.
Andrew Gayle
A 2015 LOFT Fellowship recipient. This Lauderhill 6-12
student was selected for his vision, creativity, and
positive impact on the community.
Virtual Enterprises Opens
Doors in Broward County
JP Taravella High School, under the
leadership of Laurie Acosta and with the
support of Principal Shawn Cerra,
launched one of Broward County's first
Virtual Enterprise International courses
this fall! (Piper High School has also
started a Virtual Enterprise). The new
course, which is offered under the name
"Business Ownership Honors," is an inschool, live, global business simulation
that offers students a competitive edge
through project-based, collaborative
learning and the development of 21stcentury skills in entrepreneurship, global
communication, personal finance and
technology. Students are connected to
one another and to other VEI Firms
through a portal, where they engage in
tasks that guide them through every
phase of starting a company, and then
launch their business and engage in trade
with other VEI firms.
At the beginning of this year, students
applied and were interviewed for
positions within their "firm", and then
through a process of brainstorming and
research, came up with their business
idea. Student CEO Aaron Mitchell, along
with Vice Presidents for Human
Resources, Marketing, Sales, Design/IT,
Administration, Communication and
Finance, conduct regular staff meetings,
evaluate their teams, and manage all the
tasks that a real start-up firm would
encounter. Together they will write a
business plan, launch an e-commerce
website, attend live trade shows out of
state, and create an annual report. They
each receive a paycheck, and learn
personal finance skills as they make
purchases as consumers in the VEI world.
One of the key success factors for VEI
firms is the involvement of business
mentors. Taravella is fortunate to have
support from several firms, including
BrightStar Credit Union and new partner,
Digital Risk and its founder, Jeff Taylor,
who sits on the national VEI Board. Digital
Risk, one of the largest independent
providers of mortgage-related services
committed to bringing safe mortgages to
the future, has already assisted JPT's new
Everglades HS First NAF
Student Intern
Last year Everglades HS opened the Academy of Health Sciences program focusing on
Personal Training. NAF program completer, Jaden Dacres is captured in this picture
with Mrs. Darbar as she is presented with her NAF Internship Check.
by [Article Author]
Jaden Dacres is their first NAF student intern. She worked all summer under the
supervision of the athletic trainer and NAF teacher, Mrs. Menendez. Jaden earned
valuable experience while earning a salary. Jaden has made great strides toward
achieving her future goals.
firm with the staffing process, has
provided feedback on the company's
website, and has lent support in a variety
of areas to help the fledgling program
Over the summer, JPT completely
redesigned an under-utilized teacher
planning room and converted it to look
like a corporate office, complete with
reception desk and conference room. It
was important to transform the
environment so that the students see
themselves as "employees" of a
company, rather than students in a
JP Taravella and Piper have joined a
network of VEI firms in more than 40
countries. There are now five such firms
in Florida, including two in Dade County
and one in Tampa.
Congratulations Marcia Notkin of Hallandale High School
as NFTE Teacher of the Year!
Marcia Notkin epitomizes the
NFTE mission and values
through her classroom success
at Hallandale High School and
within the South Florida
community. With such an
honor comes her nomination
for the 2016 Global Enterprising
Educator Awards where she
will represent our South
Florida NFTE program an allexpense paid, three day trip
to New York City from March
29th-31st. During her trip she will
sightsee, participate in a day
of learning and collaboration
with NFTE colleagues from
other offices, participate in a
showcase where
she will display her
amazing teaching
NFTE Students compete in National
Competition in NYC
Young minds have big ideas, and
we’re making them happen. These
savvy-minded teenagers competed
in the National NFTE Challenge this
past October. Alyssa Brennan and
Aviva Grimmett of Nova High School,
two NFTE National Competitors, say
that NFTE has shown them a way to
face challenges head on; it is an
organization that doesn’t just help
make businesses, but teaches us
how to fix complications we come
across.” Kevin Diniz from Piper High
School was a runner-up in the
elevator pitch and Jason Ramadon
from Coral Springs High School took
1st place on his elevator pitch. These
students had the opportunity to
pitch their business ideas in
60-second videos and members of the
public watched the pitches and voted
for their favorites online. The winner
of the most unique votes overall took
home a $2,500 prize package to help
advance their education or get their
business off the ground. The two
runners-up receive $500 each.
Since 1987, the Network for Teaching
Entrepreneurship (NFTE) has ignited
the entrepreneurial mindset in more
than 600,000 young people, leading
opportunities, start their own
businesses, and succeed in life.
NFTE students learn to think like
using an entrepreneurial mindset-and
apply important 21st Century noncognitive skills such as persistence,
flexibility, and confidence.
in action, and receive $500
along with a commemorative
award. Marcia is presently a
business and technology
Stoneman Douglas DECA and Award-Winning Speaker Scott Fried Create
Lasting Impact on Self-Acceptance in Adolescents
As a part of Stoneman Douglas DECA’s chapter
project: “I am Enough” motivational speaker,
Scott Fried, discussed self-acceptance and
shared his story about living with HIV/AIDS to
over 1300 students in an effort to show the
positive influence that loving yourself can
have. The positive impact from the students’
successful day with Fried was remarkable as
evident by the countless student and staff
On October 5, Scott Fried communicated the
importance of reaching your fullest potential
and finding joy in each day. Fried is an
international award-winning speaker, youth
educator, and HIV/AIDS advocate. He has
spoken at various schools, leadership
programs, and events such as TED Talk to
ensure that students are educated about
issues facing the current generation such as
HIV/AIDs as well as educating students on how
to deal with pain and difficulties in life. During
the two assemblies, Fried expressed ideas
concerning living with contradiction, the
importance of gratitude in all things, learning
how to overcome the odds, and how selfesteem is brought about by doing esteem able
acts. The most rewarding part of the assembly
was seeing over one hundred students stay
after each of the two assemblies to thank
Scott Fried for speaking and being a true
inspiration in their lives.
The goal of the project “I am Enough” is to
educate the DECA chapter, school and
community to learn and accept their
differences by appreciating the qualities that
make us unique. Many students struggle
with their own internal battles for happiness
and are not provided with the tools to
overcome their obstacles. Unfortunately,
issues concerning self-esteem and selfacceptance can drastically affect one’s life.
Stoneman Douglas DECA would like to help
people learn to accept the qualities that
inhibit them from excelling. The message “I
am Enough” is a defining idea that allows
individuals to understand the importance of
being themselves and not trying to live up to
the expectations of others. We believe
students of the current generation are no
longer defined by their character, morals, and
integrity but rather by numerical figures such
as their GPA and SAT scores.
Students Enjoy
Construction Career Days
There was plenty of hands-on learning during the recent
Construction Career Days at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in
Davie. More than 2,200 students took part in the two-day event,
sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation, the
Florida Transportation Builders Association and the Federal
Highway Administration.
“A lot of the kids look forward to it all year long,” said Cindy Griffin,
CTE curriculum facilitator. “They come as juniors, and they like it
so much that they beg to come the next year. This give them a
sense of different professions, so it’s great.”
The teens were split up and rotated through various quadrants
and learning labs, where they gained insight on construction
equipment, street design and more. They also got to peek inside
a traffic signal cabinet to learn about its computer equipment and
view the transportation system that controls traffic cameras.
The Career Services Center provided information regarding jobs,
resume, filling out applications and acing interviews. It’s about
getting kids to think differently and being interested in a particular
career path.
Issue 2
1701 NW 23rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL
What is Icon?
The Innovative Concepts (iCon) Program is an in-school youth
program provided by the School Board of Broward County,
Florida, Career, Technical, Adult and Community Education
Department in collaboration with the Broward Workforce
Development Board, Junior Achievement (JA), and Helping
Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth Inc. (HANDY). This
program prepares a minimum of 235 academically and
economically disadvantaged Juniors and Seniors to become
productive citizens within the workforce. Facilitators provide
hands on activities through Project Based Learning aligned
with the following services: Employability Skills Training,
Entrepreneurial Training, Life Skills, Work Experiences, and
Holistic Wrap-Around Services.
Do you have
something you
want us to share?
Email Jillian Berg
and you can be in
our next issue.
Jillian Berg
CTACE Curriculum Facilitator
[email protected]
The School Board of Broward
County, Florida
Dr. Rosalind Osgood, Chair
Abby M. Freedman, Vice Chair
Robin Bartleman
Heather P. Brinkworth
Patricia Good
Donna P. Korn
Laurie Rich Levinson
Ann Murray
Nora Rupert
Meet our 2015-16
Student Advisory Board!
Robert W. Runcie
Superintendent of Schools
Daniel Gohl
Chief Academic Officer
Office of Academics
Enid Valdez, Director
Career, Technical, Adult and
Community Education
The School Board of Broward County, Florida,
prohibits any policy or procedure which results in
discrimination on the basis of age, color,
disability, gender identity, gender expression,
national origin, marital status, race, religion, sex
or sexual orientation. Individuals who wish to file
a discrimination and/or harassment complaint
may call the Executive Director, Benefits & EEO
Compliance at 754-321-2150 or Teletype
Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.
Individuals with disabilities requesting
accommodations under the Americans with
Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008,
(ADAAA) may call Equal Educational
Opportunities (EEO) at 754-321-2150or Teletype
Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.
Taravella High School is presented with a donation from
the Florida Restaurant Association at the School Board
Meeting to help fund their culinary adventure to France.

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