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Mesilla Valley Transportation
Mesilla Valley
Presented By:
Allan DahringerDahringer-Shop Service/Maintenance Director
Mesilla Valley Transportation
Owners: Royal JonesJones- President & CEO
Jimmy RayRay- ViceVice-president
Mesilla Valley Transportation was established
in 1981 as a Refrigerated/perishable goods
carrier. Mesilla Valley Transportation location
in the southwest borderland of El Paso TX. and
Las Cruses New Mexico helped expedite it’s
growth throughout the 80’s.In the 90’s Mesilla
Valley Transportation greatly expanded it’s
capabilities by purchasing a large amount of
53ft. Dry vans. In 1991 Mesilla Valley
Transportation began servicing customers with
plants in the United States and Mexico.
Today Mesilla valley Transportation is known as
one of the largest locally owned, full service
truck load carrier companies in the southwest.
Dispatch Offices
Maintenance Shop
Vehicle Power
-In the simplest terms, you burn fuel to make horsepower and you use
horsepower to over come all the forces that are trying to retard or hold
back the truck. So, a truck that rolls down the road with MINIMUM drag will
use less horsepower and consume less fuel. The power required to maintain
a given road speed highly depends on aerodynamic drag.
Aerodynamic Drag
-Aerodynamic drag is the result of forces (pressure imbalances) acting on the
vehicle as it passes air. The magnitude of the forces acting on the vehicle
depends on speed, frontal area and external shape. Aerodynamic drag is
the most significant contributor to the vehicle power requirements above a
speed of 50 mph.
How does MVT contribute with less fuel
Full Fairing package:
*-Side skirts
*-Full Bumper
*-Cab extenders
-Best 5th wheel location
-Trailer skirts
-Truck and trailer wheel
Friction Reduction
1) Oil and filtration:
a-Synthetic Transmission and Differential oils
b- Bypass Filters
c- Extended service intervals
a- Michelin XDA-X1
-less rolling resistance
-2 sidewall vs. 4 sidewall
b- P.S.I self inflation system for trailer tires keeping them perfect and at
a consistent pressure.
a- Direct 10 speed transmission
b- Single drive 2.50 final drive ratio
Certified Clean Idle
a- EGR exhaust gas recirculation
b- DPF diesel particulate filter
ECM Adjustable Parameter settings
a- Road speed/ Driver rewards
b- Load Base Speed control- maximizing MPG by up to 3%
c- Smart torque- improving MPG by up to 1%-3%
d- Gear Down Protection
AUX Power Unit
1- Eliminates IDLE time
2- Extended oil drain intervals
3- Longer Battery Life
a- Routing
b- Best Economy Practices
c- Driver Reward Incentives
d- Savings 0.1MPG= 12,000/mo
Mesilla Valley Transportation is not only dedicated to produce E.P.A
compliant over the road trucks and trailers but is also very active with in its facilities to
promote recycling of waste fluids, cardboard and metals .No
.No stones are left unturned
when it comes to seeking new ways to become more environmentally efficient and
friendly. Mesilla Valley Transportation has recently joined the SmartWay
Transport Partnership. SmatWay
™ Transport Partnership
Partnership-- U.S Environmental Protection
Agency is an innovative collaboration between EPA and freight industry to increase
energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.
SmartWay™ partners save fuel, money and most importantly ENVIRONMENT
Mesilla Valley Transportation a strong
Company a healthy Environment.

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