mchs formal dress code - Mingo Central High School



mchs formal dress code - Mingo Central High School
How to be beautiful and tasteful at the
same time!
Our goal in setting guidelines for formal dress is to
help create an atmosphere where every person can
celebrate and enjoy the evening in an environment that
is safe and comfortable.
With modesty in mind, the following dress code
guidelines will be enforced at all MCHS formal events.
Mingo Central High School administration and staff
believe that
Extremes are “DISCOURAGED” and Class is
Cut too low in
the front!
NO to both of
These will not be
Dresses may not be constructed with see-through
fabrics such as: Tulle, Netting, or Illusion.
No pinning will be allowed as an alteration for a
dress if without the pins the dress does not meet
the dress code.
Fabric inserts must be sewn as alterations to the
dress. No cover-ups (shawls/wraps, sweaters,
coats) will be allowed over dresses that do not
meet the dress code.
Undergarments should not be visible.
Girls must wear formal dress shoes. Athletic shoes
and cowboy boots are not considered formal and
are not allowed nor appropriate.
These dresses create an
illusion of bare skin and
will not be approved.
Appropriate gentlemen’s attire is a suit or tuxedo with
collared shirt and tie (or mandarin/band collar shirt)
and dress shoes (no athletic shoes, boots, or cowboy
boots). While attending a formal event, dress shoes are
the appropriate footwear for gentlemen.
A “suit” is a matching pair of dress slacks and jacket. A
sport coat or other type of jacket and mismatched pants
is not considered a suit.
Your prom is formal, a black tux is the standard. Remember
a prom is not a time to make a comic statement. Your date
and her parents will definitely not be amused if you show
up at their doorstep in a tuxedo t-shirt or formal black
shorts. They are simply not allowed. If you wish to be
creative and stand out at the prom, consider adding a
splash of color with a vest, cummerbund and/or tie that
will match the color of your date’s dress.
Shoes must be dress shoes and should you choose to wear
a hat, it must be pre-approved and formal in nature.
Buying your formal dress is an expensive purchase.
Please keep the dress code for the prom/formal dance
in mind as you shop for your attire.
Attire worn by someone else to another dance or
highlighted in the Prom Fashion Show is not
automatically “appropriate” for our dances, per the
above guidelines. Get your attire approved in advance.
While we will be reasonable in our interpretation of
these guidelines, students will be held accountable for
them if in violation. Students and guests dressed
inappropriately will not be admitted to the event.