October 2015 Newsletter



October 2015 Newsletter
What’s In It for ME?
Quite often the question is asked,
“How does membership in an alarm association benefit MY business?” An
easy answer is to look at a “snap shot”
of some of the accomplishments of the
last 10 years. I’m confident that we can
find something accomplished by
AAGSL, KCBFAA and ESA of MO that
has impacted your business in a positive way.
Let’s start by taking a look at the
State - ESA of MO. After all, legislation
and programs introduced at this level
has the potential to impact EvErY
business in the state. There have been
3 licensing bills introduced over the
past several years. What is common to
all of these bills are:
• Sponsorship by Union and
Non-Union Electrical Contractor
• 20,000 OJT Hour Apprenticeship
• Strict Education requirements
• Inclusion of All Electrical Trades
• No Grandfathering for Existing
• Finally, a 3 year time allowance
for all companies to come into full
Had any of these bills passed into
law as introduced, the impact on our
industry would have been devastating.
As many of you know we have had
a lobbyist, John Bardgett, on retainer
for more than 10 years as our “Legislative Watchdog.” He was able to have
language inserted in these bills that
excluded the low voltage industry.
None of these bills made it to the floor
for a vote, but... these bills are certain
to come up again.
Had any of these bills
passed, the impact
would have been
devastating to
our industry.
From the President
Another rather nasty bill popped up
a few years ago. It appears that two
legislators were somewhat upset
about the automatic renewal provisions in their company contracts. The
bill they crafted would make such contract provisions Illegal in the State of
Missouri but was so carefully written
that that we missed it. Fortunately
our ESA lobbyist did catch it and was
able to direct the bill to a particular
committee - so the bill never made it
to the floor for a vote. The most
important aspect of the automatic
renewal provision of the contract your
customer Signs is your continued
insurance coverage when the contract
Probably the most important
accomplishment of ESA of MO is the
establishment of our apprenticeship
program. It took 5 years and the work
of a few dedicated volunteers to get
the program from “What is an Apprentice” to the day we had a program that
was certified by the U.S. Department
of Labor. We are now, I believe, 7 years
into the program. It is available not
only to all Missouri companies but
Kansas and Illinois companies as well.
We are operating in the black and, by
the way, the program is not just about
fire alarms, it covers everything our
industry does.
(continued on page 5)
Visit us at www.ESAmissouri.com
2 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
OCTOBER 10, 2015
JANUARY 9, 2016
APRIL 9, 2016
ESA of Missouri 2015
Board of Directors
President • Bob Scales
Atronic Alarms, Inc
8220 Melrose Dr • Lenexa, KS 66214
Office (913) 362-0000 • Direct (816) 694-2934
Email: [email protected]
vice-President • Bryan Morris
American Detection Specialists, Inc.
440-A S. Cavalier • Springfield, MO 65802
Phone (417) 883-6254 • Fax (417) 883-6255
Email: [email protected]
Secretary • John Butler
Butler/Durrell Security
PO Box 69 • Grover, MO 63040
Phone (636) 458-1866 • Fax (636) 458-4192
Email: [email protected]
Treasurer • Nick Barrack
Central Dispatch Inc.
104 East 11th St. • rolla, MO 65401
Phone (573) 341-5488 • Fax (573) 364-5324
Email: [email protected]
AAGSL St. Louis
President • Tony Drago
Diebold, Incorporated
Phone (314) 281-9875
Email: [email protected]
SWMBFAA Springfield
President • Bryan Morris
American Detection
440-A S. Cavalier • Springfield, MO 65802
Phone (417) 883-6254 • Fax (417) 883-6255
Email: [email protected]
KCBFAA Kansas City
President • Neil Atha
Atronic Alarms, Inc.
8220 Melrose Dr • Lenexa, KS 66214
Phone (913) 362-0000 • Fax (913) 492-0601
Email: [email protected]
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
I don't know about you, but I'm in
the middle of the worst possible joyous situation: I can't keep up with it
It seems that the whole world
woke up about 2 months ago, and
everybody wants a security system
rIGHT NOW! We have residential
and small commercial systems flying
at us from all directions (1 of them
being from a start of 4 years ago!),
and we also accidentally landed
3 "whales." Normally, we are scheduled at about 2 to 3 weeks. right
now, if we stopped production
immediately, we would still be busy
7 weeks from now!
I don't get it. For the entire time
of our existence since 2008, we have
been fortunate enough to stay in
business, but let's just say it hasn't
been exactly productive at all times.
Now, I'm explaining to long time
clients why I can't do their job any
time soon, and I'm explaining to people that don't know us that they
should buy from us and do business
with us, but they just need to be patient for 2 months!!! Dad never
prepared me for this!
I'm hoping I can hire some guys
and get caught up. In the meantime,
there is some amusement in saying
"Do you really want to do business
with somebody that had nothing
else to do today...?!?”
Bryan L. Morris, President
American Detection Specialists, Inc.
440-A S. Cavalier, Springfield, MO
65802 • 417-883-6254 • 800-4006254 or 417-335-8830. Online at
www.americandetection.com and
October 10, 2015
Tan-Tar-A Lake of the Ozarks
Call 1-800-826-8272 or email: [email protected] for reservations
October 9 • Friday night 7:00 pm Dinner at Black Bear restaurant
followed by Social Networking at Black Bear Lounge at 9:00 p.m.
October 10 • Saturday, 8:00 a.m.
Breakfast at Black Bear restaurant and ESA of Missouri Meeting 9 a.m.
ESA of Missouri is a charter chapter of the Electronic Security
Association (ESA). Visit us at www.ESAmissouri.com.
www.esamissouri.com I 3
4 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
ZKAccces releases Mulit-Biometric Finger
vein and Fingerprint Access Control reader
ZKAccess, a leading provider of
biometric and rFID security solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its Fv 350, the industry’s first
multi-biometric finger vein and fingerprint recognition access control
reader. Fv 350 is uniquely capable of
capturing and processing both finger
vein and fingerprint biometric data simultaneously. Ergonomic, intuitive
and highly secure, Fv 350 is leading
the way to a new era of enhanced security with biometrics.
Enrollment and authentication is
fast and easy. In one quick step, authorized users simply press their finger on Fv 350’s combination finger
print/vein sensor. The Fv 350 will
then subsequently illuminate the
user’s finger vein pattern and capture
both their finger vein and fingerprint
minutiae points. Fv 350 then converts
the unique points into biometric templates. The vein and fingerprint templates are then stored in the Fv 350
database for subsequent identification and verification.
Key Fv 350 features include an intuitive graphical user interface and
From the President
What’s In It for ME?
(continued from page 1)
So what have the local associations
been doing?
Several years ago the City of
St. Louis was seriously considering a
non- response alarm ordinance. The
leadership of the AAGSL spent hundreds of hours in meetings with city
politicians in an effort to prevent this
type of an ordinance. A lobbyist was ultimately retained to assist in negotiations with the city. After 3 years and
$30,000 a reasonable alarm ordinance
bill was passed into law. Today AAGSL
has a very productive working relationship with local police and fire officials.
Additionally the AAGSL sponsors an annual product show with CEU training
and a fund raising golf tournament.
Information on this year’s show and
tournament are included in this issue.
Kansas City has had its own issues to
touch screen display for a rich user experience, and advanced access control
functions based on time zones,
groups and unlock
combinations. The Fv
350 can store up to
1000 vein and 1000
fingerprints and identify users in less than
two seconds. Complete access control
functionality is built
into the Fv 350. It can
operate with or without a dedicated computer or access control
panel. Access credentials are flexible since
Fv 350 supports multifactor authentication.
A user can authenticate
with a single (or combination) finger
vein, fingerprint and/or password.
“Adding biometric protection to
some or all of a customer’s doors is
simple, because ZKAccess biometric
readers work with the customer’s existing panels and software,” notes
Larry reed, CEO, ZKAccess. “Our
deal with as well. First was a serious financial issue. Nine years ago KCBFAA
had less than $1,000 in the bank. At the
suggestion of our ADI branch manager
we partnered an annual fund raiser golf
tournament with the ADI Expo. It was
a gamble but it worked, thanks to the
support of vendors and members. We
average between 60-70 golfers per
tournament and today we are in sound
financial shape.
A few years ago the city of Independence, MO decided the best way to
reduce false dispatches was to not dispatch if the premise phone was answered, even if the person answering
the phone didn’t have the password.
We contacted the Independence Police
Department and asked if they would
agree to meet with a representative
from KCBFAA, Alarm Central and SIAC
to discuss this policy. They agreed to
the meeting which took place about 2
weeks later. The meeting lasted about
an hour and they decided that enhanced call verification would be the
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
solutions safeguard their previous
security investment while enhancing
it with new, highly reliable biometric
About ZKAccess: ZKAccess is a leading
provider of biometric (fingerprint
and/or face) and rFID solutions.
Product offerings include Access
Control readers and panels, Near &
Cameras, Elevator/ floor access controllers, IP and AHD cameras, Turnstiles and Consumer products
including fingerprint-based battery-operated Biometric Door
Locks. Its solutions are multilingual and localized in over 18
different languages. ZKAccess
designs specialized products for
specific markets and provides
local customer support to its
North American customers.
It’s U.S. facility includes a large
global showroom and warehouse. Based in Fairfield, NJ,
ZKAccess is a division of ZKTeco, a
leading global developer of security
and time management solutions.
ZKAccess is synonymous with technical innovation, quality, speed-to-market and reliability. For more
information, visit www.zkaccess.com.
correct solution to reduce dispatches.
We were alerted by one of our
members that the Shawnee, KS city
council was having an open meeting to
discuss a verified response ordinance.
We attended that meeting and to my
surprise were allowed to discuss the
ordinance issues with the city council
for more than 30 minutes. We shared
with the city council that the services
of SIAC were available to them at no
cost. The city of Shawnee, KS took full
advantage of SIAC and today the
Shawnee, KS ordinance is very close in
structure to the ESA model alarm ordinance.
Did I answer your question adequately? If so, then it is time for you
to ACT. Become a member today and
become active today. Make a difference to our industry and to your own
business - that’s what’s in for YOU!.
Bob Scales,President
ESA of Missouri
www.esamissouri.com I 5
6 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
www.esamissouri.com I 7
8 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
www.esamissouri.com I 9
10 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
of Missouri
Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2015
• Meeting called to order
at 9:05 by Bob Scales.
• Meeting started with the
Pledge of Allegiance. Members introduced themselves.
No guests present.
• John Butler stated that
meeting notes from the April
11th meeting were published
in the Online Communicator.
• There were no additions or
• Motion to approve by Nick
Barrack, 2nd by Marvin
Holmes. Motion passed.
• Nick Barrack reported that
net income January 2015
through July 9th, 2015 was
• Checking balance:
• CD balance: none
• Outstanding bills: None
• Motion to approve by
Marvin Holmes. 2nd motion
by Greg Green, passed.
• report by John Butler.
Last meeting was May 19,
2015 and two issues were
dealt with. St. Louis Association voted to forgive the
loan to the apprenticeship
program. The other issue
dealt with the Illinois ESA
called IESA. They hired a
lawyer to try and force cities
in Illinois to comply with the
state license and have Alton
and East St. Louis comply
with the law that avoids a
city license for an alarm
company. So far Alton has
• Next regular St. Louis
meeting is July 28th at Genesis Banquet Center.
• Motion to approve by
Marvin Holmes. 2nd motion
by Greg Green, passed.
• Bob Scales reported at
April 18th meeting treasury
was still good.
• Level 1 training was done
for 19 students and went
• $500.00 was raised for the
State Association.
• By-laws were updated and
there is an open position for
• Motion to approve by
Wayne Hudson. 2nd motion
by Greg Green, passed.
• No report was given.
• Bob Scale reported we
were given our annual ESA
training agreement which
Bob signed as President.
• Bob attended the ESX
meetings in Baltimore on
• The ESA wants to tap overlapping industries like sprinklers, locksmiths, and police
departments. They also
suggest vocational and high
schools as sources for
recruiting new technicians
for our members as well as
• ESA has nationally 1915
members, up from last year.
• SIAC is working with law
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
enforcement and ordinances.
• The ESA insurance program, called SArGE, is now
A-rated, so dealers may
want to revisit when their
insurance is up for renewal.
• Motion to approve by
Wayne Hudson. 2nd motion
by Greg Green, passed.
branch and has 6 trainees
signed up so far. John Butler
will get out the flyer to
St. Louis dealers.
• A second training in St.
Louis is scheduled later this
• Motion to approve by Greg
Green. 2nd by Wayne Hudson, motion passed.
• John Butler reported that
the 2015 Missouri legislative
session ended mid May.
There was a House and Senate bill proposed by electricians, but did not advance to
the floor.
• Our October meeting is
when we need to approve
the rehiring of lobbyist John
Bardgett and Associates.
• We should expect to see
bills from the electricians in
2016 and we will continue to
make sure our industry is
• Motion to approve by Bob
Scales. 2nd motion by
Wayne Hudson, passed.
• Web page discussion update membership should
happen twice a year, add
meeting announcements.
Marvin Holmes is contact
• Motion to approve a $600
cost to update software for
• Motion to approve by
Marvin Holmes. 2nd motion
by Wayne Hudson. Motion
• Marvin will add content
such as meeting minutes and
will be point of contact.
• No other new business.
• Nick showed a new product which is a pendant product that has GPS built in and
works outside a house.
Product is called Great Call,
which has 2 way voice at
$17.00 per month.
• Motion to approve by
Marvin Holmes. 2nd by
Wayne Hudson, passed.
• Bob Scales reported no
applications were
received since our last meeting.
• Motion to approve by John
Butler. 2nd motion by Greg
• Bob Scales reported the
next meeting is in July later
this month.
• Motion to approve by
Wayne Hudson. 2nd motion
by Nick Barrack, passed.
• Nick Barrack and Marvin
Holmes reported that the
last Kansas City t r a i n i n g
brought in $500 in profit.
• A St. Louis ESA Level 1
training is coming July 28-30
and will be held at the ADI
• None
• John Butler will try and
gather information on
shows and CEU t r a i n i n g
from Kansas City and St.
Louis from ADI, SES and
• A St. Louis product show
and golf are planned for mid
• Motion to approve by Greg
Green. 2nd motion by John
Butler. Motion passed.
12:00 pm
www.esamissouri.com I 11
12 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
real-Time Technology
Group Earns DHS Safety
Act Designation
real-Time Technology Group (rTTG), a leading
provider of secure and hosted Identity and risk Management solutions, is proud to announce that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded its
real-Time verification™ (rTv™) technology with SAFETY
ACT Designation. This designation program was established to reward invention and commercialization of antiterrorism technologies.
rTTG received DHS SAFETY ACT protections for rTv
as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) following a rigorous review and evaluation process. The Secure
Worker Access Consortium (SWAC), driven by rTTG’s
rTv technology platform, was one of the key considerations in this review process. SWAC is a unique Trusted
Community of contractors that support the construction
and maintenance of the World Trade Center complex and
NY-metro region’s critical transportation infrastructure.
This innovative and secure information-sharing program
helps to ensure that workers who access sensitive facilities
are known, safe, and threat-free.
Specifically, rTv is a web-based Software-as-a-Service
(“SaaS”) application that provides comprehensive personnel assurance through the secure collection and audited
need-to-know sharing of sensitive personal information.
The technology is designed to assist risk Managers in
evaluating and assuring employee and contractor compliance with local safety and security procedures. rTv supports the following secure processes: Online Enrollment,
Positive Identity verification (including document validation), Threat Screening and Monitoring, Compliance
Measurement, and Credential Issuance and Authentication. rTv’s real-time data analysis delivers continuous
evaluation of compliance criteria, including Terrorist
Watch Lists, civil and criminal Public record Alerts, and
continuing education requirements
“This prestigious designation assures our clients that
DHS has thoroughly reviewed our technology and hosting
infrastructure, and deemed that it meets the high standards required as a designated Qualified Anti-Terrorism
Technology,” states Daniel Krantz, Managing Director and
CEO of real-Time Technology Group.
“The result of more than 15 years of hard work, it’s very
rewarding for our team to receive this recognition,”
Krantz continues. “We all come to work knowing that we
contribute to our nation’s safety and security. Our office
features many 9/11 reminders: the Flag of Honor, WTC
Memorial artwork, and a treasured piece of steel from
WTC given to us in appreciation of our charitable efforts
on behalf of The Feal Good Foundation,” he says. “We’re
now leveraging expertise gained in critical infrastructure
protection to benefit all kinds of sensitive facilities and
public landmarks. And we’re helping First responders assure the proper training and optimal allocation of specialized resources. It’s a great honor to have earned this DHS
distinction, and a privilege to lead our team in providing
world-class Anti-terrorism and Emergency Preparedness
and response technologies.”
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
July 14, 2015
Held at Tri-Ed
Called to order at 11:40 a.m.
• Jim Cogswell – No report as
Jim wasn’t present.
• Alysia presented the Secretary report from the previous meeting.
• Motion BY: Gary Friedman
to accept, 2nd by Michael
• Bylaws have been signed
and will be put on the website.
• Membership list will also be
put on the website.
• Kevin was not present. but
will email out the report to
the group that was in attendance and that report is to include who has paid for the
• Motion to accept by Gary
Friedman, 2nd by Bob Scales.
• Bob gave his ESA report.
Discussed having speakers at
meetings and also touring 911
call centers.
• Golf Tournament will be
September 23rd. Neil will be
sending out the email to get
people signed up. There will
be no vendor table and we
will have 2 beer carts.
• There was a motion by
Gary Friedman to nominate
Jeremy Wyble as vice-President. This motion was 2nd by
Neil Atha and passed and
12:48 P.m.
Visit us at
www.esamissouri.com I 13
14 I www.esamissouri.com
The Online Communicator I October 2015
The Online Communicator is a quarterly publication of the ESA of Missouri.
Contributions accepted for
this newsletter include employee and product announcements and general
information that pertains
to the burglar alarm, fire
alarm, access control and
camera industry. Please
[email protected]
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Inside Front Cover
ADvErTISErS: This newsletter carries advertisements in each issue to
support growth of the
association. Distributors,
manufacturers representatives and dealers who wish
to advertise should contact
Studio T.
If you do not have an
art department in-house,
an ad will be designed for
you at no charge.
Member Cost
Non-Member Cost
Advertising Deadlines
January Issue
April Issue
July Issue
October Issue
December 10
March 10
June 10
September 10
If you will be having STUDIO T design your ad for you, information
must be received by Studio T at least 5 days prior to the above deadlines.
October 2015 I The Online Communicator
With winter weather upon us, it is always a good time to
remind customers about the dangers and potential for harm
from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Heating systems can
be a source of CO poisoning but there our other culprits as
well. Gas appliances, grills, cars running in enclosed spaces
and gas-powered generators can also emit the toxic, odorless
and colorless gas that is sometimes referred as “the silent
Many times, customers will place gas-powered generators
in the garage so that they will not be stolen. The National
Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) state that “a
single gas powered generator is capable of creating more
than 100 times more poisonous CO gas than a car’s exhaust.”
More importantly when a generator is positioned too close
to a home or window, the toxic gas can easily enter the
home resulting in illness or death.
SentryNet takes Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector alarms
very seriously both from a training perspective with our Operators and in the procedures that we follow when handling
these signals.
SentryNet’s vendor partner program is a great way to find
the best deals which will enhance new and existing systems.
Take advantage of this program by signing up on our website, http://www.sentrynet.us/vendor_discount.shtml.
www.esamissouri.com I 15
Electronic Security Association of Missouri
104 East 11th Street
rolla, MO 65401

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