Cheer:Yosef Appearance Request



Cheer:Yosef Appearance Request
Mailing Address: Appalachian State University, c/o Cheerleading, Boone, NC 28608
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (828) 262-2556$$
Dear Appalachian State Supporter:
Thank you for your interest in requesting Appalachian State cheerleaders and/or Yosef for your upcoming event. For the
convenience of all parties involved, we ask that all appearance requests be made two (2) weeks prior to the event to allow for
adequate planning and scheduling. Our staff will do their very best to make arrangements, but a completed request form does
not guarantee an appearance. Once we have your request form, you will receive confirmation of the appearance via telephone
or email. We will also contact you should there be a conflict with this appearance request.
Below is the fee schedule associated with the appearance request. The money collected from these appearances help to
reimburse the students fulfilling the appearances, and helps to fund the cheerleading and mascot squads.
General Public Rates
$100 for a maximum appearance of 2 hours.
Mileage reimbursement will be required if outside of Watauga County.
Non-Profit or University
$50 for a maximum appearance of 2 hours.
Mileage reimbursement will be required if outside of Watauga County.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact ASU cheerleading coach Catrina Wold,
[email protected] We look forward to working with you in the future and being able to schedule our cheerleaders and Yosef
for your event.
Catch the Spirit!
Catrina Wold, Cheerleading Coach!
What part of the Spirit Program are you requesting, and approximate number of team
members you would like at the event?$
Yosef _________!
Cheer (include #) ___________
Your name _____________________________________$
Date of Request ____________________
Email (for confirmation) _________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________$State _______________________$Zip ____________________
Appearance date __________________$Time (start) ________________$ (finish) ________________
Organization/Company __________________________________________________________________
Address of appearance ___________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________$State _______________________$Zip ____________________
Person to see upon arrival ________________________________________________________________
Telephone number at, or day of, appearance _______________________________________________
Estimated attendance ______________________________$ Clean place to change? ______________
Special instructions for YOSEF to do the following during his appearance:
Directions to appearance from Appalachian State campus:
TOTAL APPEARANCE FEE $ ___________ (check payable to Appalachian State University)
I understand that Appalachian State University Athletics Department is in no way liable for any injuries or damage sustained as a result of a
member of the cheerleading or Yosef squad appearing at this event. Also, the undersigned agrees to assume a# fees (including appearance and
travel fees) that are incurred for the appearance.
of Requestor __________________________________________$Date __________________

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