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August 2016 PDF - El Jebel Shriners
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3443 South Galena St., Denver, Colorado
August 2016
Thanks to all the Nobles and Ladies that were able to make it to the Brush 4th
of July Parade. Carol and I were in Tampa for the Imperial Session and had to miss
the parade. Brush is always a great parade, lots of community involvement.
The major item on the call at Imperial was the abolishment of the position of
Deputy Imperial Potentate. This item passed and we no longer have a Deputy Imperial Potentate. We elected Chris Smith as Imperial Potentate, Richard Burke as Imperial Captain of the Guard, and Kevin Costello as the Imperial Outer Guard. The
other officers moved up in progression.
We have 23 days left on the Sportsmen’s Raffle. The 2016 Raffle will be held
at the Douglas County Fair Grounds in Castle Rock August 20th. This is one of the
largest fund raisers for El Jebel and we need everyone’s help. Sell Sell Sell those
tickets. If you have made sales, please return the ticket stubs and the money to the
office so we may process them and get them into the system. Perry Mittler always
needs help at the sales location. If you can volunteer some time on the weekends
give him a call. Perry’s phone number is 303 437 0287. If you have trouble reaching him call El Jebel at 303 455 3470.
We have a couple of parades for August. The first is in Castle Rock on the first
weekend. The second parade in August will be the Wheat Ridge Carnation Parade.
Check the Red Fez or the Web Site for the details. Perry will send any last minute
information out via an E-mail blast.
The building project is moving along on schedule. We are at the point of applying the finishing touches to the project and getting the last small imperfections
The alarm company is in the process of completing the equipment install and
completing their system tests. When all of this is completed we will be able to invite
the city inspectors in for their inspections.
We have a problem with the 30-year-old air conditioning system for the 3rd
floor. The systems are shot; we have bids out asking about estimated costs for their
replacement. The swag time line suggests that the replacement will take 5 to 6
weeks. This covers the time required to order the unit, build the unit, ship it from
the factory, install it and test it. More information will be given as we get details.
Membership Report
Regular Members: 1195
Expired: 4
Demits: 1
Total Membership with Associates: 1250
Jay Bobick
I hope you are enjoying your summer activities.
Most all Masonic bodies are dark for the summer months
and we tend to lose touch with our Masonic connections
while pursuing “fun in the sun.” When you read this our
Temple “Day at the Races” will have past. Yet as I write
this, the event is still to come and Jean and I are looking
forward to being there with other Shriners and families.
More about this next month.
The 2016 Imperial Session was held 2-7 July in
Tampa Florida, the Headquarters city for Shriners International. Several El Jebel Shriners and ladies attended. Several meetings are held prior to the Session. Noble Bill
Schwartz attended the Finance and Audit Committee
meeting as he is a member of this Imperial Committee and
I attended the Shrine Recorders’ Association meeting. Our
Temple representatives this year were Larry Clark, Potentate, Bill Schwartz and me as the substitute for Rich Silver,
Chief Rabban who needed to be with his father in California.
I won’t elaborate on the Session details, as there is
much needed discussion and voting that is pro-forma for
the event. Significantly, the following lists are the Noble
positions for the ensuing year:
Chris L. Smith
Imperial Potentate
Gary J. Bergenske Imperial Chief Rabban
Jim L. Cain, Sr. Imperial Assistant Rabban
Jeffrey L. Sowder Imperial High Priest and Prophet
James R. Smith Imperial Oriental Guide
James L. McConnell Imperial Treasurer
Jack H. Jones
Imperial Recorder
William S. “Bill” Bailey Imperial First Ceremonial Master
Kenneth G. Craven Imperial Second Ceremonial Master
James E. “Ed” Stolze, Jr. Imperial Marshal
Richard G. Burke Imperial Captain of the Guard
Kevin R. Costello Imperial Outer Guard
Peter P. Diaz, MD Trustee
Anthony M. West Trustee
James A. Doel
Richard Williams Trustee
W. Brandt Bede, MD Trustee
Chuck D. Pittman Trustee
Chris L. Smith
Imperial Potentate
Jim L. Cain, Sr. Imperial Assistant Rabban
James L. McConnell Imperial Treasurer
Jerry G. Gantt
The above are but a few items addressed by the Call during the Session. As most are aware, there are many items/
issues required that are categorized as “housekeeping.”
There were over 700 voting nobles for the Iowa Corporation and over 1,200 for the Colorado Corporation. The
entire session was very successful and accomplished in
peace and harmony. Should you have any questions,
Gary J. Bergenske Vice Chairman
Skip D. F. Stanaway Trustee
It was proposed that the Deputy Imperial Potentate position be eliminated, as it was an expense that could be
avoided without any significant impact or loss to the organization. The body as a whole voted overwhelmingly in
support of this and the position has been formally retired.
As such, the Chief Rabban is now the Board of Directors
First Vice President and the Assistant Rabban, the Second
Vice President.
Other votes approved were Life members who hold
memberships as a result of prepayment of dues to a Temple that has surrendered or had its charter revoked will
retain their life membership status in another Temple.
Shriners International is permitted to advertise in Shriner
magazine products or services offered for sale by Shriners
International or sell advertising in Shriner magazine to
commercial or other business enterprises for the sale of
products or services. Shriners International is permitted to
furnish a list of members of Temples to a 3rd party for the
purposes of publication, distribution and sale of a directory
of Temple members. Shriners International is permitted to
use the members list furnished by Temples to solicit gifts,
contributions and bequests to Shriners International and to
sell products or services by Shriners International.
Shriners International is permitted to use the members list
furnished by Temples to promote the sale of Imperial Potentate memorabilia or commemorative items with the
proceeds of such sales benefiting Shriners International.
The promotion and sale of such items would be on such
terms and conditions as directed by a resolution adopted
by the Shriners International Board of Directors.
please contact one or more of the voting attendees: Illustrious Larry Clark, Potentate, Bill Schwartz, Treasurer and
Business Manager or Jay Bobick, Recorder.
Temple renovation and be an active part of El Jebel’s promising future. Remember, our Shrine can only be successful
with a continuing stream of new and active nobles ready and
Don’t forget our Circus Appreciation Party 7 Au- willing to be a part of all our events and activities. Let us all
gust, 1-3:00 pm at the Temple. This will be a thank you for ensure that peace and harmony prevails in all that we do.
all Nobles and family members who so graciously gave of
their time and efforts in support of the many tasks required
before, during and after the circus. Our first Fall Stated
Meeting will be 14 September. Put it on your calendar and
be at our Temple to celebrate the opening of our completed
The time is approaching for you to plan for your fall activities. Hopefully, at the top of your
list is our El Jebel Temple 12 September Meeting. We want to share with all our nobles and
family our newly renovated building and meeting space. You are definitely going to be extremely pleased with our facility. Everything is sparkling new and waiting for you to enjoy
the use. Our meeting hall is beautiful and very functional as well as our other meeting
rooms. There are several specialty rooms, a great kitchen that our caterer will enjoy using,
a marvelous bar with casual space and TVs, an impressive business meeting room and so
much more. The all new lighting is great, no dark corners. All of this is on the second floor
with a newly installed elevator and two separate staircases. Our offices are on the first floor
just to the right when entering the front door. Smart looking glass doors open to a welcoming area to greet you. The outside has been redone and our Statue from our old Temple will
be prominently standing on its new pedestal. We have so much to be thankful for and want
to share it with everyone. Don’t miss this marvelous event, every noble needs to be there
so you can say in the future that you were there supporting your fraternity.
On this festive occasion, there will be a catered dinner followed by an open and business
meeting and you will be able to tour the entire Temple and see for yourself the boundless
opportunities we will have with the use of the building. Units will be able to have a common
place to meet. This will instill joint events thus strengthening our camaraderie and brotherhood. After an extended period of separation, we now should, can and will reunite as one
strong Temple. Any organization is only as productive as its least productive member.
Please join the throng and be at our September meeting and every event thereafter. Remember, it is a fact that you are wanted and needed at YOUR SHRINE TEMPLE! Our Temple
cannot and will not be successful without you. See you at the meeting!
Nobles, ladies and friends, please join us, the Ladies of the Daughters of the Nile, for a trip to the Mardi Gras Casino in Black Hawk the
second Thursday of each month. The dates for this summer include August 11th and September 8th. The price for the bus is $10.00/person.
We play Bingo on the trip. The Casino provides vouchers for lunch, making the bus your only cost plus whatever you choose to spend at the Casino. We meet in the north lot of Highlands Masonic Temple at 10:00
a.m. and return from Black Hawk at 3:00 p.m. Please contact Pam
Smith at 303-756-9759 or by E-mail at [email protected] before
Wednesday of the week you would like to go.
Calendar of Events
El Jebel Shrine e-mails
Recorder—[email protected]
Circus—[email protected]
Susan Boles—[email protected]
Red Fez articles—[email protected]
Accounting—[email protected]
Calendar—[email protected]
6 – Douglas County Parade
7 – Circus Appreciation Party
20 – Sportsmen’s Raffle
20 – Eastern Star Picnic
24-27 – CSSA – Little Rock
10 – Arvada Parade
12 – Stated Meeting
17 – Broomfield Parade
Points—[email protected]
Norm O’Kelly
Gene King
John “Just John” DeWerff
Dune Buggy Patrol
Kellie Sellars
Judy Proctor
Bronwen Cheney
Rob Cheney
Deborah Elsloo
Gary Villhauer
Jeffco Shrine Club
Becky Jewell
Keystone Kops
Edith Chenoweth
Greta Lawlor
Kemry Wait II
Jeralyn Westerhoff
Family Night/Oktober Fest
Al Kaly Potentate’s Ball
Legion of Honor
Jack Harlan
Greig Lang
Ginny Gray
Dorothy Riglin
Glenita Emarine.
Loveland Shrine Club:
Edith Chenoweth
Audria Clark
Bill Hutchison
Carole Smith
Provost Guard:
Dick Karns, P.P.
RV Roamers
Dicky Showalter
Floyd Scoggin
Jeanette Nail
Betty Scheer
Roger Barnes
Lynda Feistner
Ken Conway.
Stu Asay
Ken Behrens
Curtis Bradley
Fred Henning
Bill Hutchison
Judy Proctor
Annette Stewart
Gerry Villhauer
Les Mayer
Ed Rendon
Dave Sherburne
Bob Paustian
Dick Williams, P.P
Bob Patten
Robert Finch
Duane Hiebert
Mark Huskins
Jim Long, P.P.
Erik Phillips.
Phone (303) 455-3470
Fax (303) 458-8849
Red Fez Articles - [email protected]
Desktop Edition 201608
Larry Clark
Illustrious Potentate
There was a friend whose heart was good.
He walked with men and understood.
His was a voice that spoke with cheer, And
felt like music on the ear.
His was a smile men loved to see; His was
a hand that asked no fee For friendliness or
kindness done. And now that he has journeyed on, His is a fame that never ends--He leaves behind uncounted friends.
Passed thru the Unseen Portals
In Memoriam
“Our beloved Brethren live on in new and
more glorious life and service. We carry their
influence in our lives and their memories in
our hearts. They are not forgotten.”
Robert L. Elder
Floyd H. Keller
David A. Marshall
William R. Mitchell
Richard Silver
John Zeaphey
Ric Dena
Joe Castellano
Bill Schwartz
Jay Bobick
Chief Rabban
Assistant Rabban
High Priest & Prophet
Oriental Guide
Bob Salazar
Loren Kohler
Perry Mittler
James Dawkins
Dave Krogh
Ron Dunsmore
Jim Oliver
1st Ceremonial Master
2nd Ceremonial Master
Captain of the Guard
Outer Guard
Lee E. Schlessman (1970)
Robert L. Ullery (1979)
Robert G. Van Male (1988)
Thomas D. Palmer (1989)
Jack D. Patten (1990)
Steve Tucker Jr. (1991)
Richard E. Williams (1993)
Amer Plaisted (1994)
Dr. David Powell (1997)
Jim Lear (1998)
Michael G. Severe (1999)
Jim Fitzpatrick (2000)
Ron Cosens (2003)
Richard Karns (2004-2005)
Clint Dexter (2006)
Tony Dattilo (2007)
Fred Taylor (2008)
Jim Stewart (2009)
Ed Rendon (2010)
Dennis Proctor (2011)
Jim Long (2012)
Matthew Raia (2013)
Phil Hause (2014)
Michael Trevathan (2015)
Susan Boles - Editor 455-3470
John Zeaphey - Associate Editor– Desktop
Ron Dunsmore - Photographer
Tony Dattilo, PP - Feature Writer
Advisory Committee - Tony Dattilo, PP
Subscriptions are only available to members. If you
would like a copy Call (303) 455-3470 and a copy
will be mailed to you for an annual fee of $15.00
Hello, my name is Julian Dawkins. I am currently working on my Eagle Scout Project, creating the Memorial & Serenity Garden for the new Shriner’s Office Building. This new garden will include the previous bricks from the old building and as a fundraiser for the new garden, orders are being taken for new bricks.
These bricks may be purchased in honor of someone, in memory of a loved one, or with a donation a brick would be
added with your name. These bricks serve as an easy and convenient way to donate and serve the El Jebel Shrine.
All proceeds will go towards the Memorial Garden Eagle Scout project. The bricks being sold come in five different
Diamond - $1,500 and up
Emerald - $1,000
Gold - $500
Silver - $300
Bronze - $100
The Diamond Level features a 12”x12” black polished granite brick with 4 lines of engraving. The Emerald Level features an 8”x8” imperial beige brick with 3 lines of engraving.
The Gold Level features an 8”x8” antique red brick with 3 lines of engraving.
The Silver Level features a 4”x8” imperial beige brick with 2 lines of engraving.
The Bronze Level features a 4”x8” antique red brick with 2 lines of engraving
An optional 3rd line is available for the Silver and Bronze Level for an extra $15.
If you would wish to make a donation rather than purchasing a brick, please contact me. It will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at [email protected] or call me at 303-906-2512 ASAP.
Order forms are available in the Shrine Office. Please contact the office at 303-455-3470 or e-mail at [email protected]
Attention all Nobles that are going to CSSA in Little
Rooms are available for you in Little Rock, for the August 24 – 28, CSSA event. The
hotel is the Comfort Inn & Suites Presidential, 707 Interstate 30 Frontage Road.
A block of 24 rooms is available for dates August 24 – 28, Wednesday through Saturday.
The main hotel is about 10 blocks from the convention center area. This is the best we
could get at this late date, but it is a great hotel with great amenities.
Free parking with a multi-level parking structure, free breakfast, afternoon happy
hour bar with snacks, free shuttle bus to and from the hotel to the main river front area
by the convention area. Also, a beautiful outdoor pool with a beautiful view.
We were able to get some great rates:
King or double queen standard rooms at $96.00 per night
King or double queen mini suite rooms at $106.00 per night
These rates do not include any taxes or additional fees.
We were also able to acquire a suite for an El Jebel Shrine hospitality room.
To book a room, please call the hotel directly at: 501-687-7700, ask to speak to the
front desk, then refer to the El Jebel Dune Buggy group to get our group rate. The cutoff date for these rates is August 1, 2016.
If you have any questions please call Don Weiser, 303-489-4390.
Plan ahead now to get your room!
Caring Ladies - By Lindy Wazny
On 13 July, we met at the Chalet and we
set an attendance record. There were
seventeen present including Sir Larry Clark
and his wife Carol.
Larry updated us on current shrine
events and progress on the new shrine
Next month we will meet at Perkins on
Colorado Blvd. and Buchtel.
Clowns - By Swede “Cuddles” Nelson
Different Kinds of Clowns???
Different Kinds of Clowns??? What's that
Generally, there are three kinds of
clowns: White Face, Auguste (pron. AHgoosed; means "fool" in German) and Hobo. I'll offer a peek at each of them for
this and another two issues of our GREAT
(self-rated opinion, of course) Red Fez.
The White Face is a unique clown. Their
trademark is a striking, unusually-perfect
white makeup covering their entire face.
Of course, they individualize their appearance such as delicate vertical lines across
their eyes, very-fine eyebrows, etc., but
absolutely nothing garish, nothing gaudy.
They are rarely seen as anything less than
perfection, and they are something to behold. "Peaches", her clown name (a Colorado Clown Assn. member living in Denver) is a Western United States Awardwinning White Face! She is breathtaking
as a White Face - - even personally created costume! YAY DAWN!!
The White Face clown is at the top of
the "pecking order" (there IS clown etiquette). One example would be in a clown
skit: When a White Face is present, he's
the central figure. An example of him in
the skit: He can pull pranks on other
clowns (non-White Face clowns), but the
others cannot do the same to him. That's
the world of the White Face clown!
White Face clowns are commonly
seen in cartoons and like publications.
However, they are the least frequently
seen "in person." Just as their makeup is
held to a very-high standard, their costume (almost always handmade) is just as
amazing. Few clowns, including yours truly, are inclined to devote so much time to
being the epitome in clown appearance.
Jebel Shrine Clowns,
Directors Staff - By Don Douglass
Things for all Nobles and Ladies,
At the retirement community that I
live in, there are four elevators and each
one contains the same quote of the day.
Sometimes they make sense and other
times they do not. I will try to pick out a
couple during the month that I think; you
might enjoy and pass it along to you.
Quote – “I’m Retired Do it yourself.”
- Unknown
Quote – “The eyes see the ears hear
the mind believes.” – Unknown
Quote- “Do I love you because
you’re beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you?” – Richard Rogers
Quote- “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would they have enough
evidence?” - Unknown
Stated Shrine Meetings Please see the Red Fez for details,
and future happenings. Per our Potentate’s
monthly Red Fez articles, our next stated
Shrine business meeting will be on September 12, 2016, in our new location.
Please keep checking the monthly Red Fez
for details and other interesting facts.
Also, please mark your calendars
and plan to attend, if at all possible. The
following – Circus appreciation Party on
Sunday, August 07, 2016, at the Shrine –
please be sure to let them know you are
coming. The Eastern Star and Shrine Picnic on Saturday, August 20, 2016, at the
Eastern Star Home. Again please let them
know you are coming. And of course the
Sportsman’s Raffle at the Douglas County
Fair Grounds in Castle Rock on Saturday,
August 20, 2016, and be sure to sell raffle
tickets for this Shrine money making
Director’s Staff Monthly Business
Meeting –
Please see the Monthly Business
meeting minutes to know the location of
our next eating and business meeting location(s).
Work nights Our Director will notify us, as to
where and when we need to meet for a
work night.
Our parades for 2016 have been
posted. Our next parade is the Douglas
County Parade on Saturday, August 06,
2016, please mark your calendars and
plan on attending.
Nobles and Ladies, let’s keep everyone that is under the weather, as well
as, our men and women fighting to protect
our freedom, and those members of law
enforcement, fire fighters, and paramedics
in our thoughts and prayers.
Dune Buggy Patrol - By: Don
Another Month of Parades and summer activities has finished, and once
again, the Dune Buggy Patrol was very
The month started out with the July
4 parade in Brush. We were out in force
with 7 buggy’s on parade. Since the
streets of Brush are so wide, we had ‘Lots
of Room’ to do our maneuvers. We all had
a great time, as usual, and all met for
breakfast before the parade in Fort Morgan.
July 6th was our monthly meeting,
at Malone’s Club House Grill. There were
8 members, 4 ladies, and our Divan Representative, Joe Costellano present. Reports of 2 dune buggy bodies being sold or
reserved were made. Also, discussion on
the report that Most Worshipful Grand
Master Bob Elsloo’s car being available to
purchase. The club will look into this matter.
On July 23rd, the Dune Buggys traveled to Ernie and Donna Edwards beautiful
home and were treated to a wonderful social. 7 members and their ladies attended.
We all enjoyed the social time on the deck,
and everyone had lots of great food and
drinks, thanks to our Ladies.
We extend a HUGE “Thank You” to
Ernie and Donna for Hosting this event,
and providing the Wonderful Edwards
Meats Brats, drinks, and the other great
At this writing, we expect 5 or so
buggys to come out to the Golden Buffalo
Bill Days Parade, on July 30th. Here’s hoping we have a great turnout as this is a
parade the Shrine used to participate in
years ago, and it would be great to see us
out in force again.
The month of August begins with the
Castle Rock parade on August 6th. We will
be meeting for breakfast at the IHOP. Fol9
lowing the parade, we will adjourn to the
Rock Yard Brewery for a fun filled afternoon, at our August social. Be sure to
come out and join the Dune Buggys for a
great day.
Wednesday, August 10, we will hold
our monthly meeting. This month at the
Jack N Nick’s BBQ, 8264 E. 49th ave. ,
Denver. Let’s see everyone out for this
month’s meeting.
The annual El Jebel Shrine Sportsman’s Raffle will be held on August 20th.
The new location is the Douglas County
Fairgrounds Event Center. Let’s all get out
and support our Shrine by attend and
Finally, on August 22nd, the Williamson’s, Weiser’s, and Dunsmore’s will begin
the journey to Little Rock, Ark., to attend
the 2016 CSSA. We are taking 2 cars and
plan to compete in the Show Car class,
and also in the Obstacle Course event.
The Divan members attending CSSA have
asked to ride in the Dune Buggys during
the Saturday morning Parade. We are all
looking forward to a fun filled 10 days of
travel and socializing with Shriners from
across CSSA.
Birthdays for the Month: Kellie
Sellars 6th, Judy Proctor 8th, Bronwen
Cheney 13th, Rob Cheney 18th, Deborah
Elsloo 25th, Gary Villhauer 27th.
If you’re looking for an Inner Body
to join that is very active, consider the
Dune Buggy Patrol. We have been informed that there is a Buggy now available
to buy. If interested, please contact MW
Bro. Bob Elsloo for more information.
Englewood Shrine Club - by Don
The Club members and guests enjoyed a Shrimp Broil at our July social. The social was held outdoors at Kent
and Mona Eckley's house. Our next social
will be back at Radiant Temple (2nd and
Acoma, Denver) on August 13, 2016. The
time is 5:30 for social hour and dinner at
6:30. The theme is "Pajama Party". There
will be music for listening and dancing. The cost is $18 per person. Come,
relax, and visit with your Shrine brothers
and sisters. Make reservations (a must)
with Don Phelps 303-471-2481 or email
[email protected]
Now for the highlight of the
Fall. Englewood Shrine Club Social for
Saturday September 10. 2016 will be
held at the Spero Winery located at 3316
West 64th Avenue, Denver CO, from 6:30
till 9:30 pm. All Masons, Shriners, and
guests are invited to join us for a fun
evening of Wine Tasting, dinner and fellowship. The cost is $25.00 per person
and includes wine tasting and dinner. Seating is limited to the first 70 people that sign up. Please get your reservations into Don Phelps at 303-471-2481 or
[email protected]
Jeffco Shrine Club - By Jim Cram
Congratulations to Herb and Lorna
Schillereff who will celebrate their 59th
wedding anniversary on August 25th.
A Get Well Wish to Jack Russell
who suffered a non-surgical aneurism of
the Aortic blood vessel on June 26th and
was taken by ambulance to the Lutheran
Hospital emergency room. After 9 days,
Jack was moved to the Denver Kaiser Rehabilitation center where he is making
good progress and expects to be home
soon. Jack reports that he was sitting outside of his apartment and upon rising to
enter, was slightly off-balance and used a
grab bar that strained his arm and chest.
He soon developed severe chest pain and
called out to his neighbor who then called
During our June 13th luncheon,
President Herb announced plans for an upcoming fishing trip to Wyoming. We hope
he has a good time and catches his limit!
Jim Cram reported a very successful celebration at his church on July 3rd for
his 100th birthday. Over 200 were in attendance and all enjoyed the antics of
Fuzzy, the El Jebel clown who happens to
be Bob Kerr. El Jebel staff and Divan
members attending were Susan Boles, editor, Assistant Rabban John Zeaphey and
his lady Margaret, and Chaplain Jim Oliver.
Shrine members from Optars and Jeffco
Shrine club also attended.
Keystone Kops - By Larry N. Clark
In July the Kops participated in several events, the Brush Parade, the lunch at
the lodge after the parade, and the Day at
the Races. Of course each Kop also had
their vacation trips and family functions.
Some of the Kops made it to the
Brush Parade on the 4th of July. We got up
very early and found our way to Brush.
We wandered down Edmunds Street, actually rode our vehicles, circled back around
on Mill Street and packed up for the trip
home. After the parade all of the Kops in
Brush found the Brush Masonic Lodge.
The Masons provided an after parade
luncheon for the Shriners. This gave everyone a good lunch, cool soft drinks and
place to relax and cool off. Brush is always a good parade. The people of Brush
are friendly and appreciate the El Jebel
Shrine attending their parade.
Some of the Kops and their Ladies
made it to the El Jebel Day at the Races.
We drove to the far east side of Aurora to
the Horse Race Track. It was a great day,
El Jebel had about 60 people out there in
our own section of the stands. We had tables for four in a covered section of the
stands, air conditioned too. All in all, this
was a fun afternoon, if you missed it you
missed a great deal.
We still have time to sell sell sell
Raffle Tickets. When you sell the tickets
get the money and ticket stubs to the office quickly. We want your winners to
have the ticket stubs in the drum for the
Plan on attending the Sportsmen’s
Raffle August 20th. Watch your August
calendars for upcoming parades. We have
a parade in Castle Rock, and Wheat Ridge.
See you all at the Kops meeting August 2nd.
Legion of Honor - by Don Phelps
We are not having meetings during June, July, and August. We are active
at all the official parades. Our next meeting will be on September 27th,
2016. Look for us at the parade. We will
be in front of the El Jebel Shrine unit. If
you have any questions about our unit
contact Don Phelps 303-471-2481 or [email protected]
Loveland Shrine Club - by Quentin
August? Already? I need a
new seatbelt on the rollercoaster of
time. But August has proved to be a banner month for romance: celebrating anniversaries are Thad and Ann McDonald at
50 years; Harold and Nicole Potter at 60
years; and Win and JoAnne Schendel
at 63 years! Way to go, lovers!
Please send some very good
thoughts to Geary Senter who sustained a
heart attack in June; after surgery with 2
stents, he is home and doing better. Thankfully, there is no other news of
Mark your calendars now for
our annual picnic on Saturday, Aug 27 @
3pm at Geary and Virginia's, 2205 Scotch
Pine Ct., Loveland. Call Virginia @ 970667-6355 for directions if needed.
Next month we will resume our
regular meetings on Sept 14 at Long's
Peak Lodge in Campion; please call Thad
@ 970-669-3069 for reservations/
"Most of the successful
people I've known are the ones who do
more listening than talking."
---Bernard M.
Baruch, 1870-1965
NORTHEAST Colorado Shrine Club - By
Charlie Johnson
‘Dawn was breaking in the early
day, with striking bright colors of red11
orange on gray. This is a sight seen only
by those, who rise before the sun and give
up their repose. Vivid and colorful can’t
begin to describe, the beauty one sees on
this morning drive, to the Shrine breakfast
and meeting held once every month with
dedicated Nobles, a fun loving bunch.
Sharing stories of Masons with charitable
thoughts and backing it up with funds from
their own money pots. These are the men
I choose to be near on this early dawn
morning so special and dear.’
Our recent business meeting was
completed in an efficient manner as we
heard reports from representatives of local
Lodges, York Rite and Scottish Rite bodies
sharing their upcoming activities. We also
discussed our successful fireworks sale
and created suggestions for improvement
next year. We listened to the minutes and
paid all our bills.
It was soon time for all
to go to work so we departed with Peace
and Harmony prevailing.
As most of you know, our club
meets for breakfast each month and we
often bring our Masonic friends to join us.
So, our standing invitation is offered to all
Masons to meet with us on the second
Monday of the month at 6:00 a.m. at the
Sinclair Overland Trail Café at the Atwood
Exit #115 off I-76. We guarantee a hearty
breakfast with lots of friendly Shriners.
Charlie Johnson – Reporter
OPTARS - By J & J Taylor
Optars’ member, Jim Cram, had his
100 birthday on July 3 this year! Many
Shriners, relatives and friends attended his
party to congratulate him and enjoy the
day. See two of his pictures here; we
hope to have you see more pictures on Picasa.
At the June Optars meeting, it was
voted to rent table space to sell a raffle
item. It was agreed that members would
submit their best photos, then to be voted
on after a week or so. The winning picture
will be enlarged and framed, and tickets
will be sold both before and at the El Jebel
Sportsmen’s Raffle. There were an amazing number of pictures submitted, and
they are of incredible quality---they should
be sold in stores! It will be very hard to
choose only one.
Ron Dunsmore will be heading up
the summer photo shoot at Red Rocks
Park, on August 14. We will meet at the
top, at 8:00 a.m.! Pictures taken at the
summer photo shoot have traditionally
been shown (and critiqued) at November’s
Optarama, organized by Ed Hamm.
So our next meeting, September 6,
we hope to hold in the new Shrine building. The dinner part would be at Kennedy
Golf Course Clubhouse---we have tried it,
and they have delicious food and a varied
menu. If the new building isn’t open for
us, we’ll meet at Davie’s on 26th and Kipling. STAY TUNED---we’ll send an e-mail
out in time! The program will be by Ron &
Robyn Williamson, on Hawaii. We’ll meet
at 6:00 p.m. for social hour and dinner;
then have a short meeting and the program will start shortly after 7:30. Come
with a guest or two; let our Treasurer,
George Moreno, know you’re coming.
Pipe Band - By Kent Burns
Sometimes it is rather difficult to
come up with a theme/topic for the
monthly contribution to this rather August
newsletter. On those occasions, it is bet12
ter to keep it brief, and thus keep the
reader from falling asleep. So, to that
The trip to Wheatland was very
profitable. Not only did the Wheatland
Lodge give us a check for our trouble, they
also passed the hat during the meeting
and the attendees ponied up almost as
much additional cash. And we were extended an open invitation to return next
year. That will depend on our schedule.
While it is a fun trip, it is hard on vehicles.
The road to the “lodge” is a typical ranch
trail, and the instance has been known
hubcaps have been lost (and ours was not
the first). The attendance was the smallest ever with just 37 Masons from Wyoming and the five of us from Colorado.
Hopefully this year was just a quirk and
this tradition will continue for some time to
The Elizabeth games were nowhere near a hot as in the past. The other
band that was supposed to be there on
Saturday canceled, and we were asked to
fill in. However, since it was om such
short notice, we were unable to cover the
extra day. (We had short notice for Sunday, but there were enough pipers who
were able to move their schedules around
to accommodate one day; but it was too
much to ask for the second day, especially
when the request was two days beforehand.) To prevent this from happening
again, the games committee extended
their invitation for both days next year.
Again, it will depend on schedules.
We are coming into the dog days
of August and so far have but two events
on the calendar. Time will tell if it fills in.
Will let all y’all know next month. (Not going to get caught with the proverbial pants
down three months in a row!
Enjoy the respite – there have
been years when we would have killed to
have an easy summer.
We always welcome any and all
who may be interested in our Band. We
meet every Thursday on the third floor at
1900 (that’s 7:00pm for the uninitiated).
And we offer lessons for those interested.
Sandblasters of El Jebel - J Randy
Penn Red Fez Rep
The uglier a man's legs are, the better he
plays golf - it's almost a law. H. G. Wells
The golf season is underway and
we’re having a great time on the links and
with each other! In June we played
Riverdale Dunes in Thornton, The Eastern
Star Masonic Retirement Community Tourney at Park Hill and Legacy Ridge. All were
a great time and beautiful, sunny days! It
seems the Gods of Golf smiled on us. In
July we played Eisenhower at the Air Force
Academy and Pinehurst. Neither of these
courses are usually open to outsiders but
our members get us on the best courses!
Our latest outing was Pinehurst
Country Club. We had 5 foursomes. The
day started off with a great sandwich buffet. The food was great and I find that I
can hurt myself with food if I don’t watch
it. The course was well maintained, beautiful and very scenic. Steve Tucker PP won
the Closest to the Pin and guest Max Kettler (247 yrs) took the Longest Drive Challenges. Noble Dan Kamanunen was 2nd
with 241 yrs. We welcomed Nile Queen
Patti Dawkins and her son Julian, a high
school golf team player to their first Sandblasters Tourney. See the attached pics!
Even in high school, I'd tell my mom
I was sick of swimming and wanted to try
to play golf. She wasn't too happy. She'd
say, 'Think about this.' And I'd always end
up getting back in the pool. Michael Phelps
We’re excited to have more Shrine
Golfers, men and ladies to join us on the
links for any of our outings. Guests are
welcomed and always encouraged. Dates
close a week before each outing. If you
don’t receive our mailing just contact Jim
Teagarden [email protected] to
join any golf date! Course fees include a
cart and often Lunch and Range Balls for
The upcoming golf dates are:
Red Hawk Ridge, Castle Rock including Lunch Sept 8 $90
Indian Peaks, Lafayette Including
Lunch Sept 19 $60 Are ready to come out
and play with us? We’re looking forward to
Shriners are welcome to attend our
monthly Sandblasters Luncheon Meeting at
Golden Corral, 3677 South Santa Fe Dr,
Sheridan, CO 80110. We pay about $11
at the door and have a Reserved Room for
I do not let a bad score ruin my enjoyment for golf. Darrell Royal
rade, so it was fantastic. Following the
parade, the lodge provided lunch and then
we went down to the river and watched
the kayaks competing in the international
competition. Unfortunately, while we were
there the less accomplished participants
were competing.
It was a great weekend in Salida
and, for those who have never been to this
parade, we recommend it for next year!
T-Nobles - By Chris Weymouth
We are still selling T-Noble raffle
tickets for the Sportsmen’s Raffle. The TNobles have purchased a “Bose Wave Music System” for their project. If you are
interested in buying some of these $5 tickets, please call me at 559-960-2339 and I
will be happy to assist you. If you happen
to be at the Shrine Office on Monday or
Thursday, Barb Lloyd would be happy to
sell you some tickets also. We are looking
forward to seeing everyone at the Sportsmen’s Raffle on August 20th.
On June 16th, Judy and I attended
the Friday night feast in Salida before the
parade. The Al Kaly Western Colorado
Shrine Club had a wonderful dinner for
everyone and we had a great time with
our Brothers from Southern Colorado and
Durango as well. There were approximately 90 people who attended. The Club
had great decorations and it was obvious
that they had spent a long time working
on the event.
On June 17th, Travis and his mother; Paul, his wife and kids; Byron; Judy & I
were there for the parade. It was nice to
have four cars in the parade, which is up
from just one car a year ago. In all, the
clubs had approximately 15 T’s in the pa14
July 4th was the Brush Parade.
Ryan, Judy and I, were all who were available. We had a last minute cancel from
Byron, due to car problems. They had a
nice lunch following the parade at the
On July 16th, our very own Don and
Karen Myers, were in charge of the “Day
at the Races with El Jebel Shrine” at the
Arapahoe Park. Don and Karen did a fabulous job planning and coordinating the entire event. Unfortunately, Don, Karen, Judy & I were the only ones from T-Nobles in
attendance. A lot of those in attendance,
us included, didn’t really know how to bet,
so we had fun sharing ideas. Some bet
based on the colors of the silks, some bet
on the jockeys, others on the name
of the horse, and some actually bet
on the horses stats from previous
races. We all had a great time socializing and most of us didn’t lose
a lot of money because we were
just making $2 bets. This was a
fun event and if Shrine has one
next year, hopefully, more will be
able to attend.
Foster Jeanie
Welch Family George & Caril
Welch Family George & Caril
Welch Family George & Caril
Monroe CL
Cannon Richard & Judith
Turner Roy
Aebi Robert "Bob"
Beatie David
Pierce Mike
Mitchell William R
Elder Robert "Bob"
Mayotte Doug & Norma
Rindone Greg & Kendy Cusick
Rindone Greg & Kendy Cusick
Welle Dick
Consultants, Inc. HRS Water
Barnes William
Lachut Imperial Sir Wayne
Mitchell Bill
Marshall David
Brown Charles & Judith
Zerobnick Jack
Smith Marvin
20ft pontoon boat aqua, Pattio 40hp
motor, new carpet and upholstery ,trailer, $3500.00 firm. Marv
303 419-3910
Side by Side—BlackPowder Shotgun
$600.00 - 303 941 6251
1 slightly used Classic, call Sam Wittner at 303-915-0905 he can send
pictures and answer any questions.
I have a Mills 1930’s Castle
Front .05 cent machine in good
condition. $2900.00,
I also have a Mills Castle Front to
be restored .10 cent machine as
is, $1700.00.
Perry Mittler
[email protected]
303 437-0287, pictures available
upon request.
an your Unit/Club use an Extra $500?
How about an Additional $3,000?
6th Annual Sportsmen’s Raffle -- AUGUST 20, 2016
Douglas County Fairgrounds
Now is a perfect time for your Unit/Club to get involved with the Sportsmen’s Raffle. It’s
easy and fun. All you need to do: (1) determine what to raffle ($999.99 maximum value);
(2) pay your $50 table fee and submit the “approval form” for approval of your item (as soon
as you get approval, you can start selling tickets); (3) get your members to sell tickets to
everyone they know (along with your Sportsmen’s Raffle tickets); (4) staff a table at the
Sportsmen’s Raffle on Saturday, August 20, 2016; and (5) put the money in the bank!
Last year, units made a profit from $300 to $3,000!
Units from last year have already started signing up again this year for the Sportsmen’s
Raffle. They felt it was easy and profitable. Note: There are a limited number of tables
available for this event. There are some guidelines that must be followed in order to assure
that all state laws regarding “raffle” requirements are met. Call Jim Kato at (303) 771-6835
(home) or (303) 478-6694 (cell) or [email protected] if you have any questions. Your
Unit/Club President and Secretary have been sent a detailed list of requirements and a
form to submit to get your “spot” reserved. We will answer your questions and help you in
any way that we can.
Don’t forget we will be having a few Vendor tables available at the Sportsmen’s Raffle on
August 20, 2016 for $100 for one table or $150 for two tables. If you know of any Vendor
who would like to be involved, please contact Jim Kato. He has the reservation forms for
the Vendor tables and will be glad to answer any questions and send out the forms.