Chancey - George R. Stuart Elementary



Chancey - George R. Stuart Elementary
Mrs. Chancey’s School Supply List
2- plastic three prong folders with side pockets
2- Large Packs of Disinfectant wipes
3- Large box of tissues
1- pack of 3 or 4 playdough (any colors)
1- Supply Box
1- Backpack
2-disinfectant sprays
(any color)
1- travel pack of wet wipes
- 1 pack of My First Ticonderoga Large Pencils
- 1 pack of thin Expo dry erase markers with
eraser (any colors)
- 1 pack of sandwich bags (with zipper)
- 1 large 3 ring binder
-1 set of headphones
- MAT Fee Money $25- this is a school fee to help
buy any other supplies needed for the classroom.

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