Famous and Not Famous Inventor project



Famous and Not Famous Inventor project
Inventors--Famous & Not-So-Famous
Directions: You are to complete this packet
in the following order.
Elijah McCoy: Complete the Handout on Elijah McCoy.
World’s Ten Greatest Inventions: Complete the Handout.
Inventor Trading Cards: Select an inventor from Section
#2 (pages 561-566) or from the 1850’s to 1910’s. Use the
research sites found in your pink folders on the table to find
information on a different invention or inventor.--Complete
the handout for your research. (Please let me know if you
pick someone that is not in your textbook, I will print a
picture for you.)
Improve an Invention: Complete the Handout.
Directions: Use the following website to complete the questions
about inventor Elijah McCoy.
1. Why was Elijah McCoy born in Canada?
2. Where did McCoy study mechanical engineering?
3. Where did the phrase “the real McCoy” come from?
4. How many patents did McCoy hold when he died?
5. What did McCoy invent?

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