New Study Shows ʺCollapseʺ of Worldʹs Largest



New Study Shows ʺCollapseʺ of Worldʹs Largest
New Study Shows ʺCollapseʺ of Worldʹs
Largest Herbivores
The latest issue of Science Advances features a new
study reporting that 60% of the worldʹs largest
herbivores are now facing extinction...
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First Photos of Sumatran Tigress with
Cubs Captured in Kerinci Seblat National
Park, Indonesia
Camera traps set by Panthera and Fauna & Flora
International (FFI) recently captured...
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The Story of Chinga and her Cub
ʹChingaʹ was one of the first and most memorable
leopards studied through Pantheraʹs Munyawana
Leopard Project in South Africa...
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Africa Geographic Reports on ʹFinding
Gold in Gabonʹ ‑ The African Golden Cat
A new article published in Africa Geographic and
written by Pantheraʹs Kaplan Scholar Laila Bahaa‑
el‑din explores the fascinating work...
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The Irish Times Interviews Pantheraʹs
President on the Last Asiatic Cheetahs
In a new article, The Irish Times reported on the
state of the worldʹs Asiatic cheetah population and
the various conservation strategies...
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Ultimate Find by Google ‑ The Scat‑
Sniffing Dog
Google the Dog, a seven‑year‑old German
Shorthaired Pointer, is known to Pantheraʹs jaguar
scientists as ʺthe ultimate search engineʺ...
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Photo of the Month A new camera trap photo of a male lion caught on camera in
Gabon. Recent footage and images were obtained in this region
where lions were thought to be locally extinct. Learn more.
In Case You Missed It Oxford Scientist Named British Conservation Hero
Panthera and Wildlife Conservation Trust Provide Law
Enforcement Training to Protect Tigers
Forbes Mexico Highlights Pantheraʹs Jaguar Conservation Efforts
Mail & Guardian Africa Slideshow Features Furs for Life Leopard
The Guardian Reports on Wildlife Falling Victim to the
Landmines of the Forest
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Scientific Publications Recolonizing wolves influence the realized niche of resident
cougars | (Zoological Studies, 5/14/15)
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Pantheraʹs Career Opportunities Director of Communications Upcoming Events Greenwich Intl Film Festival ‑ Tiger Tiger Screening Featuring
Pantheraʹs CEO Dr. Rabinowitz ‑ June 4‑7, 2015
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