Basecamp Newsletter Week 4, Term 4



Basecamp Newsletter Week 4, Term 4
Basecamp Newsletter
Week 4, Term 4
We have had a busy but short week. The children have been working hard and have been really
enjoying their swimming lessons. It is wonderful to see the progress week to week.
Just a reminder that we have swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Due to swimming our normal learning timetable will be altered. This may mean that reading
books may not come home every night.
The children have been really tired since we have started swimming. Please feel free to give your
child a half day if they need a rest.
Our Key Competency is :Aiming High
* I do my best.
* I can recognise quality 3 star work.
* I am aware of my goals and reflect on my progress with help.
Learner Profile - I am knowledgable.
* I am learning about myself and others.
* I am learning about the world around me.
This week's Wednesday oral language topic is: Tell us what you would like
for Christmas.
* We have clubs day coming up on Wednesday 12th November. Are you able to lead a club?
Let us know.
* We have lots of coughs and colds going around Basecamp at the moment. Please help to
encourage your child with nose blowing and hand washing.
* Please can all children bring in an empty rinsed out glass bottle (wine is ideal) with your
child's name written on the label. They will be transformed into a gorgeous Christmas craft later
in the term.
* Please make sure your child has a drink bottle with fresh water everyday.
* Mrs Hair and Mrs Rowe have a classroom release day on Thursday for planning and assessment
* Just a reminder to return calendar art and photo money if you would like to purchase these
items and any term costs to the office please.
* Due to swimming the children don't need to bring in a Letterland item on Tuesdays.
* Who is teaching in Basecamp this week? Monday and Tuesday - Jane / Kirsty, Wednesday:
Leanne / Kirsty, Thursday: Andrea / Leanne and Friday : Sarah / Leanne/ Jane. Please remind
your child to greet BOTH of us when they arrive in the morning.
* Please check out our Basecamp blog. You will find lots of photos of our learning. Go to: Click on the black 'Room News' button and go to Basecamp.
* We have some un-named navy socks, pink undies and a navy singlet left over from swimming.
Jane, Kirsty, Sarah, Leanne