Lead - It`s More Than Just Paint



Lead - It`s More Than Just Paint
Lead - It's More Than Just Paint
Monmouth County Health Department
Kate Andrews, REHS, LI/RA
Jeryl Krautle, RN, PHN
History of Lead
 Romans used lead
in face powders,
rouge, mascara,
chastity belts,
bowls, goblets,
coins, pots, pans
and plumbing
 Romans
recognized illness
from lead
Dust Complaints
 Called in by
on or by police
 Dry sanding
 Dry scraping
 Sand blasting
 Power washing
Dust Complaints
 Dust – is it leaded?
 Assessing the
impacted area
 How far did the
dust travel?
 What was the wind
Dust Complaints
 Stop Work
 Contacts
 Clean-up
 Enforcement
 Nuisance Code
Steel Structures – Big dust
 Preconstruction
 Meetings
 Contacts
 Concerns
Steel Structures – Big dust
 Issues
 Wind
 Weather
 Containment
 Improper Waste
Who regulates what?
 FDA – Food and Drug
 Food
 Pottery
 Vitamins
 Spices et al.
 CPSC -Consumer
Product Safety
 Toys
 Household items et al.
 Standards
 Flatware 3 mg/ml
 Small hollowware
2 mg/ml
 Cups/ mugs 0.5
 Candy 0.1 ppm
 Recently lowered
total lead content in
children’s products
to 100 ppm
 Paint and coatings
that contain lead
0.009% lead
Ethnic Foods
Chapulines from Oaxaca,
Mexico may contain as much
as 2,300 micrograms of lead
per gram of product
FDA recommends children < 6
years consume on average no
more than 6 micrograms lead
per day from all food sources
A child eating one highly
contaminated chapuline could
ingest 60 times the tolerable
daily intake for lead
Chapulines –
Mexican Delicacy
Ethnic/Cultural Sources
 Kohl – aka Kajal, Al-
Kahl, Surma
- Widely used
traditional cosmetics
- Fine powder
- Eyeliner
 Sindoor Products
 Incense
Home Remedies
 Azarcon a bright
orange powder also
known as Rueda, Coral,
Maria Luisa, Alarcon,
 Greta a yellow powder
 Litargiro a yellow or
peach colored powder
used as an
antiperspirant or antifungal foot powder.
Consumer Goods – Pottery &
 Lead is used in glazes,
decorations, crystal,
and is a constituent of
some pottery
 Lead leaches out due
- condition of plate,
dish etc
- food acidity,
temperature, contact
Consumer Goods- Jewelry
 Many charms
are cast of lead
 Glazed in lead
 Lead is used in
pigments for
vibrant colors.
Consumer Goods-Toys
 Huge 2007 toy,
craft, and jewelry
 CPSC Recalls
G.A. Gertmenian and Sons Recalls Toy Story 3 Bowling Game
Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below,
today announced a voluntary recall of the following
consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled
products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is
illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer
Name of Product: Toy Story 3 Bowling Game
Units: About 600
Importer: G.A. Gertmenian and Sons, LLC, of Los Angeles
Hazard: The red paint used on some bowling pins has been
measured to be in excess of the maximum allowable level of
90 ppm, a violation of the federal lead paint standard.
Incidents/Injuries: G.A. Gertmenian and Sons, LLC has
received no reports of incidents or injuries.
Description: This recall affects Toy Story 3 Bowling Game
Rugs with a batch marking of JA 148. The recalled item
contains six white plastic bowling pins with two red stripes
painted on the necks, one black plastic ball, and a 68 inch x
26 inch nylon game rug with a print of the character Buzz
Lightyear on the front. The batch marking JA 148 appears
on the bottom front of the packaging just above the bar
code, and is also located on the tag attached to the rug.
Sold at: Walmart Stores in the U.S. between September 1,
2010 and September 25, 2010 for about $18.
Manufactured in: China
Consumer Goods- Crafts
 Beads
 Art supplies
Consumer Goods- Furniture
Lead in Water
 Lead in Water
 Pipes and solder
 Low ph
 Low mineral
Flush cold water
pipes – if unused
6 hours or longer
 Use cold water for
drinking, cooking,
and preparing
infant formula
Possible Sources - Soil
 Contaminated
along roadways
 Drip Lines
 Landfills &
recycling centers
 Lead Smelters
Why is this important?
 When investigating
and managing
childhood lead
poisoning cases we
need to find all of the
possible sources of
 Protecting the public
How much lead is too much?
 A daily dose of
lead the size of 3
granules of sugar
is enough to
poison a child
 One square inch of
lead based paint
contains enough
lead to poison 550
 Helpful websites
 http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/categ
 http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/lead/
 http://www.epa.gov/safewater
 http://fda.gov
 http://www.state.nj.us/dca
 http://www.state.nj.us/health
 http://www.state.nj.us/dep/