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Oriental and European Ceramics and Glass will be on view on:
Saturday 19th October 9.00am to 1.00pm
Sunday 20th October 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Monday 21st October 9.00am to 5.15pm
Tuesday 22nd October 9.00am to 5.15pm
Wednesday 23rd October 9.00am to 5.15pm
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A Dutch light baluster wine
glass the bell shaped bowl
engraved with a circular
panel depicting a handshake
flanked by heavily laden grape
vines and verso ‘De Gode
Vrindschap’, set on a hollow
inverted baluster stem and
domed foldover foot, 18.5 cm
high, mid 18th century.
£200 - 400
A Dutch wine glass the
pointed round funnel shaped
bowl engraved with an anchor
below ‘Nach Glück’ set on
a hollow baluster stem and
domed foldover foot, 16 cm
£80 - 120
Two Dutch light baluster
glasses each with pointed
round funnel shaped bowl
on an annulated and inverted
baluster stem containing a
series of tears on a conical
foot, one engraved beneath
the rim with drapes, pendant
husks and flowers, 18.5 cm
high each, mid 18th century,
tiny chips to feet. (2)
£300 - 500
A Silesian goblet the bell
shaped bowl with cut stylised
decoration and bands of
printies set on a knopped
and faceted stem and domed
foldover foot, 20.5 cm high.
£100 - 150
A Netherlands ‘Façon de
Venise’ wine glass the
wrythen moulded conical
bowl with blue tinged rim with
basal blade knop on a hollow
inverted baluster stem and
conical foot with blue tinged
rim, 16 cm high, 18th century.
£150 - 200
A Bohemian green and
white overlay vase the bowl
with petal shaped rim set on
a trumpet shaped foot and
set with raised gold panels of
stylised foliage and blooms
alternating with fret cut
white panels reserved on a gilt
scrolling ground, 23 cm high.
£300 - 500
Two Bohemian overlay vases
one green and white overlay
example of tear drop form
decorated with a circular
panel containing a female
portrait and two similar panels
containing flowers on a gilt
scrolling ground, 20 cm high
together with a red and white
overlay example of footed
tear drop form with triangular
panels of flowers alternating
with tooled gilt panels, 23 cm
high. (2)
£200 - 250
A Baccarat dated spaced
millefiori paperweight set
with a variety of coloured
and butterfly canes and eight
animal silhouettes comprising
two cockerels, stag, elephant,
horse, monkey, dog and goat
and on the flank ‘B 1848’ on
a bed of diced white latticinio
tubes, 7.5 cm diameter.
£500 - 800
A Lalique opalescent vase
‘Spirales’ the exterior moulded
in high relief with scallop
edged coils, 17 cm high,
stencilled R. Lalique France,
circa 1930.
£300 - 400
A Lalique opalescent glass
vase ‘Avallon’ the exterior
moulded with birds amongst
fruit and foliage, 14.5 cm high,
wheel cut R.Lalique, France,
diamond point etched no.986.
£500 - 800
A Murano glass floor vase of
oviform the graduating blue to
orange body with powder blue
inclusions set with scattered
large coloured canes, 50 cm
£200 - 250
Tapio Wrikkala for Littala
an art glass vase of tapering
cylindrical form the heavy base
with inset blue spiral, 22 cm
high, diamond point etched
Tapio Wrikkala Littala.
£100 - 200
A Chinese porcelain vase of swelling cylindrical form with slightly
spreading foot painted in blue with four panels bisected by ruyi
heads and containing large archiastic masks on a fretted ground
between bands of petal lappets beneath smaller line, cell and ruyi
head borders, 35.5 cm high, Kangxi, glaze filled firing crack to
neck. Bears paper labels for Edward James Collection, West Dean
and Christies.
Provenance; Sold in Christies dispersal of the Edward James
Collection, West Dean, 3rd June 1986, lot 875
£1000 - 1500
564 detail
A Chinese pale celadon
‘chicken head’ ewer with
double chicken head spouts
and bound handle the globular
body incised with flowers
and foliage, the pale celadon
glazed body with darker green
splashes, 23 cm high.
£300 - 400
A Chinese soft paste
porcelain Meiping vase
painted in blue with two
attendants in a garden pavilion
displaying a scroll to a scholar
and companion, 19 cm high,
apocryphal six character mark
for Kangxi.
£500 - 700
A Chinese blue and white
wine teapot and cover of fluted
beehive form with overhead
handle and slender spout, painted
with flowering shrubs and
rockwork, Kangxi, 18cm high
crack to handle, spout and finial.
£150 - 200
A Chinese blue and white vase
of ovoid form, painted with a
continuous scene of an extensive
water landscape with two figures,
a horse to one side and an island
in the distance, within two incised
foliate bands, Transitional, 15.5cm
high restored.
£100 - 200
A Chinese blue and white
yen-yen vase and one other
the first painted with precious
objects, concentric ring marks,
28cm high badly damaged;
the second painted with a bold
design of scrolling lotus, Kangxi,
25.5cm high cut-down. (2)
£100 - 200
A pair of Chinese blue and
white saucer dishes with
fluted rims, painted with
peaches and pomegranates,
the undersides with auspicious
characters and floral sprays,
six-character Kangxi marks
within concentric rings and of
the period, 16cm diameter.
£200 - 300
A Chinese blue and white
dish in the manner of Dutch
delft with moulded fluted rim,
painted in bright blue with a
large tiger, a cockerel, a deer
and other animals in a rocky
landscape, a dragon amongst
clouds above, flowerhead
mark within concentric rings,
Kangxi, 25cm diameter.
£300 - 400
A pair of Chinese blue and
white dishes painted with
two hunters on horseback in
an extensive landscape, the
moulded barbed rims with a
repeated design of scrolling lotus
and precious objects, apocryphal
six character Chenghua marks,
probably 18th century, 23cm
diameter one damaged.
£200 - 250
A pair of Chinese blue
and white saucer dishes
each painted with a central
medallion of a lady and a
dancing child in an interior,
the exterior with bamboo
branches, floral seal marks
within concentric rings,
probably 18th century, 20.5cm
diameter two small rim chips
to one, the other with kiln
imperfection and rim chip.
£100 - 200
A Chinese famille rose
cylindrical mug painted with
various figures in a garden or
on terraces within underglaze
blue cartouche and foliate
panels, Qianlong, 13.5cm
£120 - 180
Five Chinese porcelain spoon
trays of oval or hexagonal
form four painted in blue with
a different landscape within
diaper or cell borders and
one with a central peony and
scattered blooms, each 12.5
cm long, Qianlong. (5)
£100 - 150
A group of Chinese famille
rose tea wares including a
pair of teacups and saucers
painted with a lake landscape
with a boy riding a water
buffalo, deer and birds; a
pair of saucers and matching
cup finely painted with a lake
scene with squirrels, peacocks
and geese cup damaged, one
saucer with star crack; and a
teabowl and saucer painted
with figures and floral sprays,
all Qianlong (9).
£80 - 120
A collection of Chinese
blue and white tea wares
all painted with flowers and
foliage, including a fluted
teabowl and saucer, hatched
seal marks; a pair of teabowls
and saucers, character marks;
and nineteen various teabowls
and saucers, mostly Kangxi,
minor damages (25).
£200 - 400
Three Chinese porcelain
stands one of oval form
painted in blue with a lakeside
landscape within a diaper
border, 31 cm long slight
glaze wear, a small oval stand
painted with a pair of phoenix
in a garden setting, 19 cm
long slight chip and a small
canted rectangular example
painted with a pair of cranes in
a fenced garden, 19 cm long,
both within diaper borders, all
Qianlong. (3)
£150 - 180
A group of Chinese celadonglazed wares including
a small dish with incised
foliate design, Song dynasty,
11.5cm diameter [paper label
for Sydney L.Moss]; a small
baluster jar and a cover, 6cm
high; and a ‘twin-fish’ bowl,
the cavetto moulded with two
fish within a ring, the exterior
moulded with ribs, 22cm
diameter cracked. (3)
£100 - 200
A large Chinese bottle vase: painted in iron red and gilt with
lappet bands of chrysanthemum below further bands of stiff
leaves and narrow lattice, 45 cm high, concentric ring marks to
base, Kangxi.
£1000 – 1500
A Chinese famille verte jar
and cover of squat cylindrical
form with domed cover the
exterior enamelled with pairs
of magpies amongst prunus,
peony, chrysanthemum,
foliage and rocks below narrow
lotus panelled bands, 25 cm
high, Kangxi, jar cracked and
581-584 No Lots.
A Chinese porcelain wine pot
of pear shaped form enamelled
in the famille rose palette with
chrysanthemum and peony
below a diaper band, 12 cm
high, Qianlong, cover restored.
£150 – 200
A Chinese porcelain oviform
jar enamelled in the famille
verte palette with a pair
of quadrilobed panels and
subsidiary oval and leaf shaped
panels containing household
and precious objects reserved
on a powder blue ground,
21 cm high, concentric ring
marks, but probably early
19th century, together with a
hardwood cover.
£300 - 350
A Chinese doucai saucer dish
painted with a five-clawed
dragon and phoenix amongst
foliage and flames, the reverse
with bats and waves in
underglaze blue and iron red,
apocryphal Yongzheng mark,
20.5cm diameter.
£100 - 150
A Chinese porcelain vase of
baluster form enamelled in
the famille verte palette with
a bird and butterflies amongst
hydrangea and verso with a
bird and butterflies amongst
prunus with subsidiary
panels of lotus, peony and
chrysanthemum, reserved on a
foliate scrolling ground, 45 cm
high, later 19th century.
£200 - 400
A Chinese porcelain plaque
of rectangular form painted
in blue with lotus, willow and
prunus within a cell border
with ruyi head corners, 24 x
34 cm.
£200 - 300
An unusual Chinese porcelain
small bowl of ribbed and
scalloped form the exterior
decorated with a pair of
figures in a fenced garden with
pierced rocks and prunus, the
interior rim with an iron red
foliate and floral band, 6 cm
high, mid/late 18th century.
£300 - 400
591 detail
A pair of Chinese saucer
dishes each painted in blue
with a mounted traveller and
porter in a landscape, the
exterior with a procession
of boys, 11 cm diameter,
apocryphal six character mark
for Jiajing within concentric
rings, some glaze wear to rims
£150 - 200
A Chinese porcelain vase
of flattened and inverted
pear shaped form with four
simple handles enamelled
with a peach shaped panel
of chrysanthemum and verso
iris and peony reserved on a
celadon ground with scroll,
ruyi head and lappet bands,
26 cm high, apocryphal blue
Qianlong seal mark, two
handles and rim restored.
£200 - 300
A Chinese flambe glazed vase, Fanghu of archaic bronze form,
the pear shaped body of rectangular section with moulded
panels and lug handles, covered in a speckled red glaze with
mottled green to the handles and corners, incised six-character
Guangxu mark and of the period, 30cm high.
£2000 - 3000
A Chinese porcelain vase
of shouldered square profile
painted in blue with scattered
blooms on a turquoise ground,
32 cm high, apocryphal iron
red Qianglong seal mark.
£600 - 800
A Chinese porcelain celadon
glazed vase of garlic shaped
form, painted front and verso
in blue with extensive lakeside
landscapes within quadrilobed
panels, flanked by subsidiary
foliate panels, 35 cm high,
apocryphal Qianlong seal mark
in blue, 19th century, short
glaze filled crack on rim
£200 - 300
A small Chinese vase
enamelled in the Wucai
palette of shouldered oviform
with raised flaring neck and
decorated with two near naked
lads amongst scrolling foliage
and peony blooms, 13 cm
high, green Artemesia leaf to
base, with hardwood base.
£150 - 200
A Chinese porcelain vase
of oviform with raised flaring
neck enamelled in the famille
rose palette with two porters
in a landscape, iron red four
character mark for Qianlong, but
late 19th or early 20th century.
£180 - 220
599 detail
601 detail
A Chinese porcelain rouleau
vase painted in blue front and
verso with a couple and a child
and smaller fan shaped panels
reserved on a cods roe ground
beneath a band of precious
objects and peony panels, 17
cm high, six character Kangxi
mark in concentric rings.
£200 - 300
A Chinese blue and white
bowl of canted square form,
painted on each side with
a shaped panel depicting
figures at play in interiors and
on a terrace between diaper
borders, the interior with three
figures in a fenced garden,
six-character Xuande mark but
19th century, 19cm wide.
£200 - 300
600 detail
A pair of Chinese famille
rose vases and a similar vase
of lantern form, decorated
with an elegant lady fishing,
two attendants nearby, a
calligraphic inscription to the
reverse, the yellow ground
necks with scrolling lotus and
ruyi and diaper bands, one
larger vase and the smaller
vase with iron red seal marks,
Republic period, 19.5 and
22cm high the smaller vase
with tiny restored chip (3)
£400 - 600
A Canton famille rose moon
flask decorated on one side
with a procession scene, the
reverse with a magnolia tree,
peonies and peacocks, on a
pink ground of scrolling lotus
and shou characters, iron
red seal mark, 36cm high
damaged and restored.
£100 - 150
A Chinese blue and white
dish with shaped moulded
rim, painted with flowers and
foliage within a central circular
and surrounding lappet panels,
artemesia leaf mark within
concentric rings, Kangxi, 28cm
diameter short rim crack,
minor fritting.
£100 - 150
A Chinese blue and white vase of square baluster section, finely
painted with the eight Daoist Immortals riding animals and
mythological beasts, the neck with scholar’s tables above bands
of scrolling lotus, 19th century, 43cm high minor frits to corners
of rim.
£800 - 1200
A pair of Chinese miniature
Dragon vases each of
compressed pear shape with
slender neck, painted in
underglaze blue and copper
red with opposing dragons,
a pearl of wisdom and cloud
scrolls, apocryphal six character
Kangxi marks, 8cm high.
£100 - 150
A set of three Chinese blue
and white saucer dishes each
painted with a central panel of a
prunus and other plants growing
from an elaborate jardiniere, the
exterior with a continuous scene
of figures in a garden landscape,
six character Chenghua marks but
18th century, 20cm diameter two
with rim cracks, one with interior
cracks, all with rim chips (3)
£150 - 200
A pair of Canton famille
verte bottle vases the necks
and shoulders applied with
buddhistic lion handles and
chilong, decorated with figures
in gardens and playing musical
instruments on a green and
gilt foliate diaper ground, the
rims with cockerels, late 19th
century, 24.5cm high one
handle restored.
£200 - 300
A group of three Chinese
blue and white octagonal
dishes one with shaped rim
and painted with flowers and
foliage, Qianlong, 33.5cm wide,
the other two with re-entrant
corners and painted with lake
scenes within ornate diaper and
foliate borders, Qianlong, 33cm
minor damage and fritting (3).
£300 - 400
A Chinese famille verte pearshaped bottle vase decorated
with cartouche, foliate and
circular panels of water plants,
flowers and rockwork on a
green ground of floral sprays,
19th century, 30cm high.
£150 - 200
A Chinese celadon twohandled vase of square section,
carved with shou characters
within scrolling chilong
medallions, the neck with stiff
leaf, key pattern and foliate
bands, apocryphal incised
Qianlong seal mark, 27cm high.
£200 - 300
A pair of Chinese famille
rose vases of ovoid form,
each painted with peony,
chrysanthemum and blossom
beneath cartouche-shaped
panels of flowers and pendant
ornaments, 19th century,
15cm high and wood stands.
£200 - 400
A Chinese celadon-glazed
brushpot in the form of a
section of bamboo moulded
with bats amongst hawthorn
blossom and bamboo,
apocryphal Yongzheng seal
mark, 13cm high.
£200 - 300
A Chinese celadon-glazed
brushwasher and water
dropper in the form of an
open lotus leaf and pod, on six
branch feet, 18th/19th century,
11.5cm wide two small frits.
£100 - 150
A Chinese flambe-glazed
bottle vase and a copper
red-glazed vase the first
heavily potted, the glaze with
lavender streaks, 19.5cm high;
the second of ogee form,
underglaze blue ring marks,
16cm high hair crack to rim (2).
£200 - 300
A Chinese crackle-glazed
robin’s-egg vase of
compressed ovoid form, the
slender neck and flared rim
moulded with rings, 19th
century, 20.5cm high.
£100 - 200
A pair of Chinese famille
rose baluster vases painted
with a continuous scene with
three scholars in a fenced
garden, apocryphal iron red
Qianlong marks, 25cm high
one damaged wood stands;
together with two small famille
rose vases, 14 and 14.5cms. (4)
£400 - 500
611 mark
A Chinese porcelain bottle
vase with ribbed neck, painted
in blue with a lady beneath a
fir tree holding aloft a basket
of fruit, assisted by a child and
a deer below her, 22 cm high,
with wood stand.
£100 - 150
A Yixing teapot and kettle
the former of rounded
rectangular form with
crabstock handle and spout,
the latter of oval form with
rustic overhead twig handle
both modelled with tree
squirrels amongst fruiting vine,
impressed seal marks to base
of both, 12 and 17 cm high,
chips to both covers, (2).
£200 - 300
A Chinese famille rose
teapot and cover of globular
bullet form with short spout,
the cover with flattened
flowerhead knop, painted
with vases and jardinieres of
flowers within shaped panels
on a pink and turquoise foliate
and diaper ground, 18th/19th
century, 13.5cm high handle
£100 - 200
A Chinese porcelain bowl
of circular form the exterior
enamelled in the famille
verte palette with the Eight
Immortals, on an incised
ground, 13.5 cm diameter,
apocryphal six character mark
for Kangxi, but late 19th
£100 - 200
A Chinese porcelain vase of
oviform with raised flaring
neck enamelled in the famille
rose palette with a pair of
pheasants in a prunus tree
above chrysanthemum, peony
and other blooms, 20 cm
high, four character mark for
£120 - 180
A small group of Chinese
blue and white porcelain
comprising a brush washer of
beehive form painted with a
pair of dragons competing for
a flaming pearl amongst cloud
and sea scrolls, 8 cm diameter;
a snuff bottle painted with
eight figures on horseback
approaching a fort, apocryphal
six character Yongzheng mark,
8 cm high and a small soft paste
‘Hundred Boys’ jar and cover
with apocryphal six character
Kangxi mark, 8 cm high. (3)
£150 - 200
A Chinese porcelain box
and cover of circular form the
cover enamelled in the famille
rose palette with a single
magpie on a prunus branch,
the base with lotus, prunus,
chrysanthemum, peony
and aster, 8 cm diameter,
apocryphal four character mark
‘Made during the Qianlong
Reign’, 19th century.
£100 - 200
A Chinese porcelain vase of
Fanghu form of pear shaped
rectangular section with lug
handles, under lavender tinged
flambe glazes, 30 cm high, rim
£800 - 1200
A pair of Chinese yellow
glazed small saucer dishes
each with shallow curving
sides and everted rim,
apocryphal underglaze blue
six-character Jiajing marks,
11.5cm diameter one with two
haircracks to rim.
£100 - 200
A Yixing kettle of dark brown
colour and of squat square
profile with overhead handle,
17 cm high, square seal mark
to base.
£40 - 60
Two Yixing teapots and
covers one of globular form
with crabstock handle, knop
and spout the dark brown
body and cover moulded
and modelled with tree rats
amongst fruiting branches,
12.5 cm long, impressed single
character mark, the latter of
‘double peach’ form with
overhead handle, 11 cm long.
£150 - 250
A Yixing teapot and cover
the chestnut brown body
modelled in the form of a
peach with applied foliage
overhead branch handle and
foliate cover with fruit knop,
14 cm high, circular seal mark
to base.
£150 - 200
Three Yixing teapots and
covers each of dark brown
colour, two of squat and
lobed form and one of disc
shape, 15, 15 and 14 cm long
respectively, each with seal
mark. (3)
£120 - 180
A Yixing teapot the dark
brown body moulded of
rustic asymmetric form with
crabstock handle and moulded
with raised prunus branches
in fruit and flower, 19 cm
long, impressed gourd shaped
seal under cover and square
‘flower’ seal under base, minor
chips to cover.
£70 - 90
A Chinese porcelain saucer
dish the interior painted in
green with a five toed dragon
chasing a pearl within simple
borders, the exterior with a
pair of dragons on a wave
incised ground, 18.5 cm
diameter, six character mark
for Tongzhi and of the period.
£150 - 200
An Arita porcelain jar of oviform painted in blue with a
continuous band of chrysanthemum, peony and grasses below
four peony decorated panels flanked by narrow lappet bands, 37
cm high, late 17th or early 18th century.
£600 - 800
Two Kutani chargers both
decorated in typical iron red
and gold, one with a group
of actresses and musicians
dancing on a footbridge,
the other with panels of
chrysanthemum and peony,
47 and 46 cm diameter, both
signed, late Meiji.
£150 - 200
An Arita porcelain jar and
domed cover decorated with
circular panels containing
ducks and fan shaped panels
containing a banded hedge
and chrysanthemum with
subsidiary panels of phoenix
and turtle on a profuse
ground, 28 cm high, late Meiji.
£80 - 120
A set of four Japanese bowls
and covers for the Chinese
market decorated in imari
colours on one side with
The Black Ship, the other
with Dutch traders reserved
on an iron red ground, the
interiors with shou roundels,
six character Wanli marks, mid
19th century, 11cm diameter
one bowl with tiny chip, (8)
£200 - 300
A Japanese porcelain figure
of Gama Senin seated in floral
robes on the back of a three
legged toad, under enamel
colours, 19cm high, early 20th
century damaged.
£150 - 200
Chohusan, a Satsuma
earthenware koro and cover the
quadrilobed body on three feet
with elephant mask handles and
butterfly pierced cover, decorated
with a continuous landscape
band containing female figures
approaching a temple beneath
a profusely decorated band, 19
cm high, signed to base, with
wooden stand.
£200 - 250
A Yixing teapot of chestnut
brown colour modelled in the
form of a sleep sage, seated
with his cloak wrapped around
him, head cocked to one side,
13 cm long, seal mark to base.
£80 - 120
A Spanish faience jug
probably Talavera, of oviform
with flaring rim and applied
strap handle painted beneath
the spout with a jardiniere with
mask decoration, containing
yellow blooms, flanked by
a pair of lions and scattered
floret reserved on an ivory
ground, 34 cm high, rim chips.
£300 - 400
A Spanish faience jug
probably Talavera of oviform
with flared lip and applied
grooved strap handle
decorated beneath the spout
with a cavalry officer mounted
on a horse, flanked by large
blooms between narrow bands
reserved on an ivory ground,
35 cm high, losses to rim.
£300 - 500
A delft ointment dispensing
pot, possibly Lambeth of
circular footed form painted
in blue with a simple foliate
design, 4.5 cm diameter, circa
1780 minor flakes and wear
to rim.
£100 - 150
A dated Italian maiolica wet drug jar, probably Naples of
generous oviform with acanthus moulded handles with mask
terminals painted in yellow, blue, green and ochre with a scene
depicting Saint Martin within a landscape mounted on horseback
cutting his cloak for a beggar and captioned ‘A** Ros Persic’
(Persian Rose Water) the whole framed in yellow and ochre
foliate bands, painted verso in blue with a cross, monogram and
1702 amongst loose scrolls, 50 cm high, rim repaired.
£2500 - 3500
A similar example made for the Carthusian Order of the Certosa
di San Martino was sold Christies, New York, 21st January,
2004 as lot 630. Drug jars of a similar form are illustrated and
discussed by Julia Poole in Italian Maiolica in the Fitzwilliam
Museum, page 434.
A Leeds creamware quintuple
flower vase and a similar
pair the former with foliate
moulded spouts on a moulded
rectangular base picked out
in green and brown, 18.5 cm
high, losses to end of the spouts
the latter of similar form, 20
cm high, losses to end of some
spouts, circa 1780. (3)
£200 - 400
A Davenport chalcedony
bough pot and cover of demilune form with fluted rim and
set on three feet decorated in
orange tones with an extensive
parkland landscape, 29 cm wide,
pattern no.47, early 19th century
minute chip to back corner.
£120 - 180
Two nursery ware child’s mugs
both printed in orange on a
canary yellow ground ‘A Present
for Samuel’ and ‘When this you
see remember me’, below silver
lustre rims, 6 and 6.5 cm high,
circa 1830, rim chips.
£100 - 150
A nursery ware child’s plate of
circular form with moulded dog,
fox and monkey border, printed
and enamelled on a canary
yellow ground with ‘My Girl’s
Favourite’, 14 cm diameter, circa
1830, faint crack.
£80 - 120
A Wedgwood Auro Basalt two handled vase of slender oviform
decorated in raised gold and bronze with leafy foliage, 42 cm
high, impressed upper case mark and incised S.544, circa 1885,
neck rubbed.
£500 - 700
A Wedgwood lavender
and white jasper ware oval
plaque decorated with a
group of dancing and music
making naked putti, 17 cm
long, impressed upper case
mark, framed and mounted.
£200 - 400
Five Worcester and related
porcelain volumes comprising
‘Worcester Porcelain, The
Zorensky Collection’, Spero
& Sandon; ‘The Dictionary
of Worcester Porcelain 17511851’ Sandon; Chamberlain
Worcester Porcelain 17881852’, Godden; Flight and Barr
Worcester Porcelain 1783-1840’,
Sandon and ‘Champion’s Bristol
Porcelain’ Saverne Mackenna. (5)
£80 - 120
Five Welsh ceramic related
volumes comprising ‘Swansea
Porcelain’, John; ‘Swansea
Porcelain Shapes and
Decoration’, Jones; ‘Nantgarw
Porcelain 1813-1822’ Williams;
‘Welsh China an Illustrated
Handbook 1972’ Hughes and
‘Welsh China an Illustrated
Handbook 1983’ Hughes. (5)
£40 - 60
Six English porcelain
related volumes comprising
‘Staffordshire Porcelain’
Godden; ‘Coalport 17951926’, Messenger; ‘Liverpool
Porcelain’, Boney; ‘New Hall’,
Holgate; ‘Lowestoft China’,
Spelman and ‘H & R Daniel
1822-1846’, Berthoud. (6)
£80 - 100
Four Chinese porcelain and
related volumes comprising
‘From the Dragon’s Treasure’,
Avitabile; ‘Chinese Ceramics The Koger Collection’, Ayers;
‘Chinese Ceramics from
Datable Tombs’, Addis and
‘Chinese Jade’, Knott. (4)
£40 - 60
An Austrian cold painted
terracotta nude in the
Goldscheider manner modelled
kneeling on a rock partially
protecting her modesty with
long flowing hair, under
subdued greens, blue and flesh
tones, 48 cm high, indistinct
incised signature and impressed
5001, early 20th century, base
£400 - 600
A Mettlach (Villeroy Boch)
stoneware stein of tapering
cylindrical form with pewter
mounted cover incised and
picked out in colours with
Tyrolean Dancers, between
moulded foliate bands, 23.5
cm high, impressed marks and
model no. 1655.
£100 – 150
A Royal Doulton character
jug Drake style one without
hat (D.6115), circa 1940,
professionally restored crack.
£500 - 600
A Minton pottery pilgrim
flask modelled after the
original designed by W.S.
Coleman bat printed and
enamelled with a birds nest
and butterfly amongst grasses,
flowers and foliage and verso
with moths and a flowering
branch, 35 cm high, impressed
Minton 1498 with datecode
for 1872, flake chip to one
corner of foot.
£150 - 180
A Zsolnay Pécs ‘Persian’
vase of tear drop form with
pierced handles, foot and rim
decorated in pink, green and
brown with tulip, other blooms
and serrated leaves on an
ivory gilt embellished ground,
18 cm high, printed blue
five churches and TJM mark,
impressed Zsolnay Pécs 2131,
circa 1885-87.
£200 - 300
A pair of Royal Doulton
porcelain two handled vases
decorated by Fred Walklett
of slender oviform with raised
flaring neck and foot, the
body enamelled with a pair of
swans upon a lake, signed F.
Walklett, 23.5 cm high, green
backstamp, circa 1900.
£180 - 220
A Wedgwood fairyland
lustre bowl of Kang Hsi form,
the exterior decorated in the
Woodland Bridge pattern,
the interior in the Woodland
Elves pattern, 21 cm diameter,
gold Portland Vase mark and
£600 - 800
A pottery jardiniere possibly
designed by Frederick Rhead
for Liberty of squat form, the
exterior incised and applied
with pale green slip with four
swimming frogs reserved on
a blue green ground, the rim
bearing the tube lined caption
‘Even in Winter it is Spring with
the Frog’, 19 cm diameter,
impressed Made for Liberty &
Co. with pattern no.1942
£150 - 250
A Lenci pottery figure
modelled as a kneeling girl
dressed in a flowing florally
patterned dress holding a dove
in each hand, 21 cm high,
painted Lenci, Made in Italy,
18-3-931, circa 1931, two
small glaze flakes to scalp.
£800 – 1000
No Lot.
Two Moorcroft pottery vases
one of globular form with raised
neck tubelined in the Cornflower
pattern in red and blue on
a green ground, 8 cm high,
indistinctly impressed Moorcroft
Burslem, with green, together
with a similar vase tubelined in
the Pomegranate pattern in red,
yellow and green signatures on
a blue ground, 9.5 cm high,
indistinctly impressed Moorcroft
Burslem, with green signatures,
both circa 1913-16. (2)
£200 - 300
A James Macintyre ‘Gesso
Faience’ coffee pot and cover
after a design by Harry Barnard
and of tapering form with reeded
handle and spout, the body
tubelined with a broad band
of blooms divided by serrated
leaves on a green and cream
ground, 18 cm high, brown
cartouche mark, circa 1897.
£180 - 220
A Moorcroft pottery vase in the Revived Cornflower pattern
of oviform and tube lined with scrolling blooms in red and ochre
on a mottled green ground, 14.5 cm high, impressed Moorcroft
Burslem with green signature, circa 1913-16.
£800 – 1000
A Moorcroft pottery lamp of squat globular
form tubelined in the Carp pattern in green
orange, lilac and yellow on a blue green
ground, 20 cm high excluding fittings,
impressed Moorcroft Made in England with
datecode for 1991.
£300 - 400
A Moorcroft pottery lamp of slender baluster
form tubelined in the Carp pattern in green,
orange, lilac, burgundy and pink on a blue
green ground, 33 cm high excluding fittings,
impressed Moorcroft Made in England with
datecode for 1991.
£300 - 400
A Moorcroft pottery limited edition vase
of slender waisted form tube lined in the
Ranthambore pattern with three tigers in an
Indian landscape, 25 cm high, impressed
Moorcroft Made in Stoke in Trent England with
datecode for 2001, signed by Sian Leeper and
numbered 38/400.
£300 - 400
A Moorcroft pottery two handled biscuit
box and cover tubelined on all sides in the
Claremont pattern in red, yellow, green and
blue on a green ground, 18 cm high, base
impressed Moorcroft Made in England, base
and cover with blue signature, circa 1915-25,
one corner of cover repaired.
£1000 - 1200
• Michael Casson (1925-2003) a stoneware
jug of generous proportions with robust ribbed
strap handle, the exterior with tenmoku and
oatmeal glazes with wax resist wave design,
simple incised band and arbitrary blue spots,
the interior under green glazes, 35 cm high,
impressed personal seal on exterior of base
beneath handle, circa. 1975.
£400 - 600
• Svend Bayer (b.1946) a stoneware dish
of circular form, the interior with three
brushwork fish in black with some incised line
embellishment on a pale rust and tenmoku
banded ground, 27 cm diameter together
with a St Ives stoneware jug, the interior under
celadon glazes, 23.5 cm high, impressed St Ives
seal. (2)
£80 - 120
• Michael Cardew (19011983), two slip decorated
terracotta baking dishes each
of oval form with finger trailed
decoration in mustard slips
over a chocolate ground, 35
and 36 cm wide, impressed
circular Winchcombe Pottery
seal marks, circa 1930-40, rim
chip to one.
£200 -300
A Bow porcelain bowl of
circular form, the exterior
painted in blue in the Prunus
Root pattern, the interior with
flowering branches, 15 cm
diameter, circa 1760
£200 - 300
A Chelsea porcelain dish
of canted rectangular form,
the interior decorated with
cut fruit, apples, pears,
gooseberries, blackberries and
cherries amongst scattered
insects and moths, 22 cm
long, red anchor mark, circa
1755, professional restoration
to rim.
£320 - 380
A Bow porcelain shell
centrepiece modelled with
two large shells beneath
a single smaller shell on a
shell and coral encrusted
rectangular base, 21 cm long,
circa 1760, restorations and
areas of over painting.
£280 - 320
A Lowestoft porcelain
sparrow beak cream jug of
bulbous form with simple scroll
handle painted in the Redgrave
manner in blue, white and red
in the Dolls House pattern, the
interior rim with lattice and
flower border, 9 cm high, circa
1780-90, handle repaired.
£150 - 180
Two Bow porcelain
sauceboats the floral and shell
moulded exterior painted in
blue with daisy-like blooms
and foliage, the interior with
a single peony spray within
a lattice border with floral
husks, 18 cm long, circa 1765,
restorations to both.
£500 - 600
A pair of Derby Cos leaf
sauceboats of leaf moulded
form with scrolling handle
painted in colours with
bouquets and scattered sprigs
below a yellow and green
border, 13 cm long, circa 1760.
£700 - 900
A First Period Worcester
porcelain mug of bell shaped
form with grooved strap handle,
painted in blue in the Walk in the
Garden pattern, 12.5 cm high,
open crescent mark, circa 176065, cracked with filled rim chips.
£150 - 180
A Bow figure of a girl and a
similar figure of a putto the
seated girl with a bird’s nest
of fledglings on her knee and
holding a bird, missing aloft,
wearing a yellow hat, blue
jacket and a skirt painted with
flowers and foliage, circa 1760,
12cm rim of hat chipped, bird
lacking; the putto holding a vase
of flowers, impressed repairer’s
mark, circa 1760, 9cm lower part
of right leg missing, chips 2.
£200 - 300
A Bow porcelain sauceboat of
fluted form with strap handle
and thumb rest enamelled
front and verso in colours with
a dancing boy beside a vase,
the interior with a single spray
within a pink feathered border,
11 cm long, circa 1760-65.
£80 - 120
A Derby or Chelsea Derby
porcelain figure group
allegorical of the Continents
modelled with Europe standing
above a bull, Africa as a
Blackamoor stepping over a
lion and Asia as a Levantine
stood above a camel each stood
around a central obelisk, 26 cm
high, late 18th century, devoid
America with restorations.
£200 - 300
A Bow porcelain shell
centrepiece modelled as two tiers
of three scallop shells surmounted
by a single shell, the whole
supported on three dolphins and
a pillar of smaller shells, brightly
enamelled and decorated with
floral sprays within gilt dentil
rims, 27 cm high, red dagger
and anchor mark, circa 1760-70,
discoloured restoration to one
shell and slight chip restoration.
£400 - 600
A First Period Worcester
porcelain coffee pot and
domed cover printed front
and verso in blue in the
Three Flowers pattern within
a double line border, 23 cm
high, hatched crescent mark,
circa 1770-80.
£200 - 300
A Chelsea porcelain and
gilt metal mounted scent
bottle modelled in the form
of a lad holding a goat by the
horns amongst grape vines
and blooms, 7.5 cm high, the
concave base with single gold
bloom, circa 1760, loss of one
horn and rear leg of goat.
* A similar example is illustrated
by Bryant, The Chelsea
Porcelain Toys, plate 15
£200 - 250
A Chelsea Derby porcelain
vase of quadrilobed form with
pinched neck and scroll handles,
enamelled front and verso with
panels of ‘fancy birds’ reserved
on a turquoise ground, 26 cm
high, gold anchor mark, circa
1770-80, restoration to foot,
handles and rim.
£80 - 120
A Bow porcelain figure of a
Turk the lad stood wearing a
turban, fur lined coat trousers
and boots with one hand on
his hip, on a flowering and
pierced scroll base, 15 cm
high, dagger and anchor mark,
circa 1760-65, hand restored.
£180 - 220
A Derby porcelain figure
of a Boy Shepherd Bagpiper
modelled standing before
a flowering bocage on a
flat rustic base, 17 cm high,
circa 1760-70, professional
restoration to hat.
£150 - 200
A Derby porcelain Dresden
Shepherdess candlestick
modelled standing with an
apron full of fruit and her left
arm draped around a flower
branch supporting a sconce,
on a scroll base, 26 cm high,
circa 1765-70, restoration to
sconce and neck.
£150 - 180
A Derby porcelain figure of
the Dresden Shepherdess
modelled standing with
an apron full of fruit whilst
supporting a basket of fruit on
her opposite hip, on a scroll
base, 26 cm high, circa 176570, slight restoration.
£180 - 220
A Derby porcelain Rabbit
candlestick modelled with
two grazing rabbits before
a flowering bocage on a
scrolling base, 23 cm high,
circa 1775, repair to sconce.
£200 - 250
A Derby porcelain candlestick
figure of a Shepherd Bagpiper
modelled seated with a dog at
foot before a flowering bocage
flanked by a pair of sconces on
a pierced scrolling base, 26 cm
high, circa 1760-70, sconces
£180 - 220
A garniture of three Spode
‘3994’ pattern match pots
of scalloped edged, flanged
top beaker form comprising
one large and a pair smaller
enamelled with Convolvulus
and gilt foliage, 15 and 10.5
cm high, red script mark, circa
1825, some slight loss to rims.
£150 - 200
A Champion’s Bristol trio and a teapot and
cover the trio painted in shaded green camieu
with floral garlands and sprigs within gilt dentil
rims, X1 marks in blue enamel, circa 1775
crack to top of teacup handle; together with a
Champion’s Bristol teapot and cover of ogee
form painted in enamels with floral garlands
hung from puce scrollwork and gilt loops,
underglaze blue crossed swords and gilder’s
mark, circa 1775, 16.5 cm high tip of spout and
cover restored (5).
£150 - 250
A Worcester First Period dessert plate and
one similar painted with European flowers
within gilt rococo reserves on a scale blue
ground, mock Chinese seal marks, circa 1770,
19cm diameter (2).
£200 - 300
A group of Caughley porcelain in the
Fisherman and Cormorant pattern comprising
a pair of leaf shaped butter boats, a pair of
asparagus servers, a leaf shaped pickle dish, two
strainers and a tea canister devoid cover each
printed in blue in a cell and spearhead border,
circa 1780-90, printed ‘S’ marks to four pieces.
£250 - 300
A group of Caughley porcelain in the Pagoda
pattern comprising a spoon tray, two saucers,
two cups, cream jug and cover, cover with
filled chips each printed in blue within a diaper
border with gilt embellishment, printed ‘S’ and
‘S+’ marks to three pieces, circa 1780. (7)
£150 - 180
Two First Period Worcester
teacups and saucers and
matching tea canister each
painted in dry blue with
bouquets and scattered sprigs
within gold dentil rims, one
cup and saucer and canister
with fretted square marks, circa
1770, canister restored and
devoid cover. (5)
£150 - 180
A pair of First Period
Worcester spoon trays of
hexagonal form printed in
blue with the Fisherman and
Cormorant pattern within gilt
embellished cell and spearhead
borders, 14.5 cm wide, one
with hatched crescent and one
with pseudo Chinese mark,
circa 1780-90.
£120 - 180
Three First Period Worcester
porcelain trios comprising
one printed in the Fence
pattern, one reeded example
with painted borders, both
with hatched crescent marks
and another painted in the
Mansfield pattern, open
crescent and script ‘W’ marks,
circa 1760-80. (9)
£150 - 200
Two First Period Worcester
porcelain tea bowls and
saucers and two cups and
saucers the former printed
in the European Landscape
Group and Fisherman and
Cormorant pattern, hatched
crescent and pseudo Chinese
marks, the later painted in the
Feather Mould Floral pattern
and a reeded example with
cell border, workman’s mark
and open crescent marks, circa
1760-80. (8)
£120 - 180
A pair of First Period
Worcester porcelain
butterboats one printed in
blue in the Rose and Running
Border pattern, open crescent
mark, circa 1760-65, cracked
with minor rim chips the other
painted in the Butterboat
Mansfield pattern, workman’s
mark, circa 1758-65. (2)
£180 - 220
An assembled Worcester and
Flight & Barr porcelain part
tea service comprising seven
tea bowls and seven saucers
of wrythen fluted form, the
exterior painted in puce and
gilt with floral sprigs and
feather foliage, one saucer
with incised B mark, circa
1795. (14)
£150 - 200
A pair of English porcelain armorial plates
probably Coalport bearing the arms of John
Louis Goldsmid, the centre decorated with
a demi-lion and stave within the caption
‘Concordia et Sedulitate’, within a royal blue
border containing bouquets with raised gilt
foliate and dentil borders, 26 cm diameter, circa
£120 - 180
An English porcelain topographical plaque,
probably Derby enamelled with a Scottish
landscape with cattle and figures in the
foreground, 21 x 21 cm, bears paper label
verso ‘View of Glenlyon, Perthshire. Painted by
J.F. Hartshorne, from an original painting by
H.Gastineau in the possession of G. Pritchard
Esq.’, circa 1880, in gilt frame, the plaque
reduced on one margin.
£150 - 200
A Derby porcelain topographical vase of
campana form with scrolling handles with mask
terminals, enamelled with a panel containing a
view of the River Arno reserved on a royal blue
ground with gilt foliate decoration, 34 cm high,
puce marks and captioned ‘On the Arno River,
Italy’, circa 1820-30, glue repairs to handles.
£300 - 500
A Copeland & Garrett porcelain
topographical vase of footed two handled
form enamelled front and verso with circular
gilt edged panels containing Arabic views,
captioned ‘Tophana entrance to Pera’ and
‘Mosque of Sultan Soliman’, reserved on a
turquoise ground, green marks, circa 1840, chip
restoration to foot and some oxidisation.
£80 - 120
A Nantgarw deep plate
London decorated in blue
with sprays of flowers within
a moulded ‘C’ scroll and
foliate rim border, gilt dentil
rim, impressed NANTGARW
C.W., circa 1820, 24cm
diameter, minor rubbing to
well and gilt.
£150 - 200
A Nantgarw plate of Brace
service type, painted with
a central floral bouquet,
the moulded ‘C’ scroll and
foliate rim painted with a
bird on a branch, fruit and
floral sprays, impressed
NANTGARW C.W., circa 181820, 21.5cm diameter, minor
£200 - 300
A Swansea plate with
moulded ‘C’ scroll and
foliate moulded rim painted
with floral sprays and wild
strawberries, the well with
a single spray within a gilt
scrollwork and star border,
circa 1815-20, 21cm diameter,
minor rubbing to well.
£100 - 200
A H&R Daniel dessert dish of
shaped square form, painted
by William Pollard, with a
central bouquet of flowers and
wild strawberries, the rim with
garlands and foliage in gilt,
21.5cm wide.
£80 - 120
A Newhall teapot and cover
of silver shape, painted in
famille rose colours with floral
sprigs and sprays, pat.241,
circa 1790-95, 24cm wide.
£80 - 120
A pair of Coalport baluster
vases in the Sevres style,
with gilt scroll handles, each
painted on one side with an
oval landscape panel, the
reverse with a floral bouquet in
the manner of William Cook,
gilt Ampersand mark, circa
1865-70, 23cm high covers
£150 - 200
A Newhall porcelain trio and
matching cup and saucer
each enamelled and gilt in
pattern no. 1153 with an
underglaze blue tree, orange
blooms and green foliage,
1805-10. (5)
£80 - 120
Six Newhall porcelain
coffee cans comprising three
in pattern no. 524 with a
gilt and blue foliate band,
one in pattern 446 with an
underglaze blue tree, gilt
edged leaves and orange fruit,
one in pattern 1401 with a
polychrome foliate band and
another in pattern no. 1153
with an underglaze blue tree,
orange blooms and green
foliage, circa 1795-1815. (6)
£120 - 180
A Swansea trio, a Swansea
cup and Spode saucer the
trio, pattern 251, painted with
a continuous band of green
leaves above gilt foliage and
berries, printed mark in red,
circa 1820; a Swansea ‘Japan’
pattern cup [pat.194], paper
label for A.E.[Jimmy} Jones
Collection; and a similar Spode
saucer interior crack (5)
£80 - 120
A Thomas Rose (Coalport)
tea service comprising a
teapot spout repaired and
cover, sugar box and cover,
jug, waste bowl, eight
breakfast cups two cracked,
one chipped, eight tea cups
two cracked, seven saucers
one chipped and two bread
and butter plates decorated in
pattern no. 500 with bands of
garden flowers between blue
and gilt borders, circa 181215.
£200 - 400
Three Spode porcelain
trios each comprising a tea
cup, coffee cup and saucer,
one decorated with a broad
band of garden flowers on
a graduating wine coloured
ground, red lower case script
mark, one decorated in a Japan
pattern, upper case script mark
and pattern no. 2693 and one
decorated with roses, upper
case script mark and pattern
no. 2812, circa 1820-30. (3)
£100 - 150
A Barr Flight & Barr (Worcester) topographical vase of
campana form with rustic handles with leafy terminals set on
a gadrooned stem and square base, enamelled with a view of
Warwick Castle reserved on a turquoise and gilt embellished
ground, 18 cm high, puce crown and four line script mark,
captioned Warwick Castle, circa 1807-13, minor flake to one
corner of base.
£1200 - 1800
A pair of Barr Flight & Barr
(Worcester) topographical
vases of campana form and
set on square bases, enamelled
respectively with views of
the River Esk and Ullswater,
reserved on a turquoise and
gilt decorated ground, 12
cm high, impressed crown
and BFB with puce three line
script mark and captioned ‘On
the River Esk - Scotland’ and
‘Ullswater Cumberland’, circa
1804-13, devoid all handles,
£200 - 400
Two Flight Barr & Barr
porcelain trios and a cup and
saucer one trio painted with
an exotic bird and verso with
a bouquet reserved on a gilt
moss fibre ground within a
gold gadrooned rim, another
with a band of feathery foliage
in pink, sepia and gold within
a gold gadrooned rim and the
cup and saucer decorated with
a Japan pattern with panels of
stylised blooms reserved on a
blue and gilt decorated band,
below a gold gadrooned band,
various painted, printed and
impressed marks, circa 1820.
£120 - 180
A group of Flight Barr & Barr
porcelain comprising a coffee
can and saucer decorated with
a sepia band of leaves and
orange florets, another cup
and saucer with gilt scrolling
decoration on a salmon band,
a can with a Japan pattern, a
Barr can with gilt decoration
and a pair of plates decorated
in puce with poppy likeblooms, impressed crown and
FBB, one can with incised B,
circa 1810-20. (8)
£80 - 120
A Royal Worcester porcelain
vase of globular form with
raised flaring neck enamelled
by Ernest Barker with a pair
of sheep in a Moorland
landscape, 15 cm high, green
marks and datecode for 1912,
pattern no. G.702.
£200 - 400
A Royal Worcester cabinet
plate of silver shape with
gadrooned rim painted by R.
Price with apples, grapes and
cherries, signed lower right, 23
cm diameter, black backstamp.
£200 - 300
A Royal Worcester porcelain
cabinet cup and saucer the
former painted by Tom Lockyer
with apples and grapes and
the saucer painted by F.Harper
with peaches and cherries on
a mossy ground, puce marks
and datecode for 1918.
£100 - 150
A Royal Worcester porcelain
cream jug and sugar bowl
the former enamelled by
Walter Austin with blackberries
and apples on a mossy ground,
signed lower left, 7 cm high,
the bowl enamelled with
peaches and cherries, signed
lower right, 8 cm diameter,
both with puce marks and
datecode for 1923. (2)
£150 - 200
An English, probably
Chamberlain (Worcester),
porcelain pedestal vase in
the Empire manner with swan
neck handles enamelled front
and verso with garden blooms
reserved on a white and profusely
gilt ground, 24.5 cm high, circa
1820, beak tips touched in.
£150 – 200
726 -30. No Lot.
A Continental porcelain
plaque of circular form
enamelled with the Madonna
della Sedia, 15 cm diameter,
stamped in red Firenze, within
a Florentine giltwood frame.
£200 - 300
A French porcelain plate
in the Sèvres manner the
centre painted with a portrait
of the young Napoleon II after
an original by Louis Marckl,
indistinctly signed lower right,
within blue and gilt borders, 24
cm diameter, faux Sèvres and
captioned ‘Le Roi de Rome’.
£150 - 180
A pair of Continental
porcelain baskets of flattened
and pierced form with floral
encrustations, with panels
enamelled with songbirds, 28
cm long, blue crossed swords
and star mark, late 19th
century, minor restorations to
petals and leaves.
£250 - 350
A German porcelain plaque, probably Berlin
of rectangular form and painted after Max
Nonnebruch with a portrait of a semi naked
Flora carrying an urn of flowers on one hip, 21
x 13.5 cm, framed and mounted, bearing paper
retailer’s label for Lorentz & Company, inscribed
Flora after Nonnebruch, circa 1880.
£600 - 700
A garniture of three Bourdois & Bloch (Paris)
porcelain vases and covers in the Meissen
manner comprising one large and two smaller
oviform vases with domed covers with large
figural knops, each applied with floral and
foliate swags and enamelled with large brightly
coloured bouquets, 65 and 55 cm high, blue
painted crossed swords marks and EC, circa
1890, glue repair to one rim.
£800 - 1200
A set of five Samson (Paris) ‘gold anchor’
figures modelled as actors and actresses each
standing before a flowering bocage on pierced
gilt scrolling bases, 19 cm high, 19th century
minor loss of foliage.
£280 - 320
A group of French porcelain coffee cans,
saucers and a jar and cover comprising
a Sèvres can with scroll handle enamelled
and gilt with vertical floral bands, blue mark
surmounted by a crown, circa 1800, a Chantilly
can and saucer enamelled with butterflies
and moths amongst gilt sprigs, the can with
hunting horn mark and script ‘P’ for Pigory,
circa. 1805, another can, saucer and matching
jar and cover, possibly Chantilly, decorated with
puce and gold scrolls and pendants, circa 1805
[hair cracks] together with a can and saucer
enamelled with pink sprigs within a gilt dentil
rim, bearing Sèvres marks. (9)
£200 - 250
A pair of French porcelain plates in the
Sèvres manner the centre of each enamelled
with Louis XIV leading troops into battle, both
signed R.E.Y., within royal blue and raised gold
borders, 24 cm diameter, faux Sèvres marks and
captioned ‘Bataille de Denain Louis XIV’ and
‘Bataille de Recroy Louis XIV’ respectively, 19th
century. (2)
£250 - 350
A Lenox silver overlay porcelain whisky flask
of squat form with raised neck and handle, the
burgundy glazed body and stopper overlaid
with thistle decoration, 17 cm high, green
backstamp, circa 1920-30.
£150 - 200
A Raynaud & Cie (Limoges) porcelain punch
bowl and stand the footed bowl with foliate
moulded rim, the stand with four scrolling
feet, the exterior of the bowl painted with
seven naked cherubs amongst bunches of
grapes, the interior painted in puce with grape
vines embellished in gold with a spider and
web, signed and dated M.Mayo 1908, 36 cm
diameter, green backstamps.
£300 - 400
A pair of outside decorated
Meissen porcelain figures
of peasant musicians he
modelled standing in ragged
breeches and floral frock coat
playing the bagpipes and she
in patterned dress and pink
apron playing a hurdy gurdy,
on rustic scroll moulded bases,
33 cm high, cancelled blue
crossed swords with pommels,
19th century.
£400 - 600
A Meissen porcelain figure
of Bacchus modelled after
the original by J.F. Eberlein
in standing pose, near naked
save for a drape of fruiting
vine holding aloft a bunch of
grapes with a glass of wine
in his opposing hand, 21 cm
high, blue crossed swords with
pommels, incised C.82 with
press number 122, late 19th
£300 - 400
A Meissen porcelain figure
of Winter modelled after the
original by J.J. Kaendler as a
scantily clad ice skating putto
in a green fir lined cape, on
circular base, 12.5 cm high,
blue crossed swords, incised
A.71 with press number 811,
20th century.
£120 – 180
744-50 No Lots.

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