December 2010 - Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church



December 2010 - Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
The Birth of the Savior
according to Saint Luke
And it came to pass in those days that a
decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all
the world should be registered. This census
first took place while Quirinius was governing
Syria. So all went to be registered everyone to
his own city.
Joseph also went up from
Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea,
to the city of David, which is called
Bethlehem, because he was of the house and
lineage of David, to be registered with Mary,
his betrothed wife, who was with child. So it
was, that while they were there, the days were
completed for her to be delivered. And she
brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped
Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room
for them in the inn.
Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping
watch over their flock by night. And behold, an angel of the Lord stood before
them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly
afraid. Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you
good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this
day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign
to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising
God and saying:
y ttoo G
d iin
n tth
hee h
d oon
n eea
accee,, ggooood
wiillll ttoow
So it was, when the angels had gone away from them into heaven that the
shepherds said to one another, “Let us now go to Bethlehem and see this thing that
has come to pass, which the Lord has made known to us.” And they came with
haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger. Now when
they had seen Him, they made widely known the saying which was told them
concerning this Child. And all those who heard it marveled at those things which
were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things and
pondered them in her heart. Then the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising
God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them.
The Voice
Volume : 10
Number : 12
Month : December 2010
The Monthly Newsletter of
Holy Trinity–St. Nicholas
Greek Orthodox Church
V. Rev. Fr. William
Cassis, Proistamenos
Rev. Fr. Ciprian Streza,
Associate Priest
Inside this Issue:
The Nativity Sermon................. ... 1
Parish Administrator................... 3
President’s Message..................... 4
Church Organizations.................. 5
Transitions .................................... .. 6
Parish People News ................ .... 6
2011 Stewardship Message .. ... 6
2010 Stewardship list ..... ........... 7
2011 Stewardship List ......... .... 10
Parish Calendar......................... .. 11
St. Nicholas Dinner-Dance....... 12
I behold a new and wondrous mystery!
My ears resound to the Shepherd's song,
piping no soft melody, but chanting full
forth a heavenly hymn.
The Angels sing!
The Archangels blend their voices in
The Cherubim hymn their joyful praise!
The Seraphim exalt His glory!
All join to praise this holy feast, beholding
the Godhead here on earth, and man in
heaven. He who is above, now for our
redemption dwells here below; and he
that was lowly is by divine mercy raised.
Bethlehem this day resembles heaven;
hearing from the stars the singing of
angelic voices; and in place of the sun,
enfolds within itself on every side, the
Sun of Justice. And ask not how: for
where God wills, the order of nature
yields. For He willed, He had the power,
He descended, He redeemed; all things
move in obedience to God. This day He
who is, is
Born; and He
becomes what
He was not. For
when He was
became man;
departing from
the Godhead that is His. Nor yet by any
loss of divinity He became man, nor
through increase became He God from
man; but being the Word He became
flesh, His nature, because of impassibility,
remaining unchanged…
And so the kings have come, and they
have seen the heavenly King that has
come upon the earth, not bringing with
Him Angels, or Archangels, or Thrones, or
Dominations, or Powers, or Principalities,
but, treading a new and solitary path, He
has come forth from a spotless womb.
Yet He has not forsaken His angels, nor
22001111 PPaarriisshh C
Sunday, December 12
SSuunnddaayy C
Chhuurrcchh SScchhooooll
maass PPaaggeeaanntt
8:00 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
Divine Liturgy
Note the new hours.
Peter Aamodt *
Chris Chryssovergis **
Frank Cook **
Brad Fielden **
William “Buzzy’ Gaz
Nick Georgiton
George Haralamos
*Newly elected
Tasos Ioannides *
Peter J. Kambelos. M.D.
Paul J. Misali
John J. Sakelos *
Milan Snyder
Andrew Stefanopoulos *
The Voice
December 2010
left them deprived of His care, nor nursing children, He might perfect
because of His Incarnation has he praise; children, to the Child Who
departed from the Godhead.
raised up martyrs through the rage of
Herod; men, to Him Who became man,
And behold kings have come, that they
that He might heal the miseries of His
might adore the heavenly King of
servants; shepherds, to the Good
glory; soldiers, that they might serve
Shepherd Who has laid down His life
the Leader of the Hosts of Heaven;
for His sheep; priests, to Him Who has
women, that they might adore Him
become a High Priest according to the
Who was born of a woman so that He
order of Melchisedech; servants, to
might change the pains of child-birth
Him Who took upon Himself the form
into joy; virgins, to the Son of the
of a servant that He might bless our
Virgin, beholding with joy, that He
servitude with the reward of freedom;
Who is the Giver of milk, Who has
fisherman, to Him Who from amongst
decreed that the fountains of the
fishermen chose catchers of men;
breast pour forth in ready streams,
publicans, to Him Who from amongst
receives from a Virgin Mother the food
them named a chosen Evangelist;
of infancy; infants, that they may adore
sinful women, to Him Who exposed His
Him Who became a little child, so that
feet to the tears of the repentant; and
out of the mouth of infants and of
that I may embrace them all together,
all sinners have come, that they may
look upon the Lamb of God who takes
away the sins of the world.
Since therefore all rejoice, I too desire
to rejoice. I too wish to share the
choral dance, to celebrate the festival.
But I take my part, not plucking the
harp, not shaking the Thyrsian staff,
not with the music of the pipes, nor
holding a torch, but holding in my
arms the cradle of Christ. For this is all
my hope, this is my life, this my
salvation, this my pipe, my harp. And
bearing it I come, and having from its
power received the gift of speech, I too,
with the angels, sing: Glory to God in
the Highest; and with the shepherds,
and on earth peace, good will to men.
m tthhee O
Offffiiccee ooff tthhee PPaarriisshh A
December is our busiest mailing month. This year in order to save
some money we will have the calendar mailing available for pick
up after Divine Liturgy. The packages will have your name on
them so that we can hand out as many as possible before mailing
the rest.
Did You Know?
 All of our Stewardship materials were produced in
house this year. (Thanks Fr. Ciprian and the
Stewardship Committee)
You may have noticed that we were able send out quarterly
statements this year. This was due to the fact that we have new
software that makes this task much easier and more accurate.
This will allow us to produce the end of year statements much
quicker. It is extremely important that all donations for this year
are received by Friday 12-31-10 in order for it to be included in
your 2010 statement. Please don’t wait until the last minute to
complete your 2010 stewardship.
 We changed our electric supply provider which
should save us between $7,000 and $10,000 per
We are looking for one or two volunteers to run our bookstore.
Responsibilities include maintaining inventory, placing special
orders and opening on Sundays and during the Panegyri. It would
be preferable to have more than one volunteer so that the
bookstore can be open every Sunday. If you are interested please
contact me or Father Bill at 591-0030 or [email protected]
I would like to thank all of the people who responded to my
request to receive The Voice via email. We now have over 280
parishioners and friends on our email distribution list. If you
would like to switch, send an email to [email protected] or
register at
 We saved $3,120 this year by emailing The Voice.
 We changed our gas supply provider which should
save us between $4,000 and $5,000 per year.
 We donated $1,000 of Panegyri proceeds to the
FreeStore FoodBank’s PowerPack Program which
helps to feed local children.
 We donated $1,000 to the National Sisterhood of
Presvyteres for their 2011 Retreat.
 The expense cutting efforts of the last three Parish
Councils and our staff have helped to reduce the
Archdiocese Fair Share by $15,600 per year.
 We have saved $5,600 so far this year by not hiring
a part time bookkeeper to process our daily
financial transactions.
The Voice
December 2010
Parish Council President's Message
by Gus Perdikakis
It is with mixed emotions that I prepare this final message as your parish council president. When
last elected to serve as president for a fourth time and spanning four decades, it was again with
“blind faith.” And, as with the first term during the 1970’s I have been blessed in receiving more
than I could ever give.
As our former parish priest, Father Mitsos, often expressed in reflecting on parish life, “people are people” and he was
right that we are all vulnerable human beings, the faithful is the church. We can admire the beautiful edifice and historic
byzantine structure, but it is we the people that gather to seek Christ’s forgiveness and interact to grow individually and
collectively as a community.
It is this communion of relationship that I cherish the most as I consider all of you as family.
I want to also express how fortunate we all are to have Father Bill as our Parish Priest and leader of the church. Father
Bill and his assistant, Father Ciprian have embraced and guided this parish council in working as a true team. And, the
results speak for themselves.
 We now have a dynamic parish administrator who in a short time
has demonstrated his immense value
to this parish.
 Fiscal management was demonstrated in control of income and expenses resulting in cost savings.
 Stewardship has gone from rhetoric to results.
 Church governance was brought to life by encouraging parishioners to participate and accept church
leadership roles.
 Outreach Ministry and public relations was made a priority including welcoming our newcomers and
communicating parish council goals and objectives to all church organizations.
 A dynamic action based Men’s Ministry was organized and answered the call to “start your engines” in
doing God’s good works.
 Human Resources were able to develop a needed church HR policy manual and Facilities assured us a safe
church environment in maintaining our physical assets.
 The major fund raising and special events gave us the expected financial results and the opportunity to
give back to not only our parish but to the greater Cincinnati community as well.
I want thank the members of the parish council and to let them know of my admiration and appreciation for their
cooperation and that it has been an honor to sit around the parish council table that represents the body of Christ. We
extend our gratitude to Jim Kappas and Marcus Chichura who are retiring from the Parish Council. Other remaining
parish council members are Chris Chryssovergis, Nick Georgiton, Paul Misali, George Haralamos, Brad Fielden, Dr. Peter
Kambelos, Milan Snyder, Frank Cook, John Sakelos, Buzzy Gaz and our Honorary members Sophia Guethlein and Lewis
Parsenios .
The new parish council members will be invited to attend this month’s final meeting of the year and include, Peter
Aamodt, Anastasios “Tasos" Ioannides and Andy Stefanopoulos.
Thank you to Chris Jonson and the volunteer office staff. Chris deserves our congratulation as he celebrates his 20-year
anniversary with the church. We are indebted to Chris’s loyalty and years of extraordinary service for his church.
To the first lady and beautiful wife Jo Ann and my family, I so appreciate the support, encouragement, advice and counsel
in serving on parish council and holding the office of President.
May Christ’s birth and the joy of this Christmas season bring you all continued blessings as we honor in faith the true
meaning of His Birth.
The Voice
December 2010
MOTHERS CLUB…Catherine D. Stavros
Mothers Club would like to thank Carole Demetrion and Carol
Kalomeres for organizing another great rummage sale. A
tremendous amount of time and effort goes into the annual
event and we appreciate their dedication to making it happen
each year!
Philoptochos would like to thank everyone for donating their
phones to our “Cell Phones for Soldiers” collection which
ended on Veteran’s Day. Close to 100 phones and accessories
were donated and we thank all who participated. We also
thank Melanie McNulty for chairing this project and collecting
the phones each week! Our Coat collection and Yoplait Pink
Lids for Breast Cancer will continue through early December.
We would also like to thank all who attended the Halloween
Party. We hope you enjoyed the fun, food and Frisch
Marionette Puppet Show!
Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 5 after the Divine
Liturgy for Breakfast with Santa. Join your family and friends
for breakfast and a visit from Santa and one of his elf helpers.
Everyone welcome!
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 11. We hope to
see you there!
Congratulations to Dena Paraska on the birth of her second
great grandchild. A little girl was born on October 5 at 8 lbs,
to her granddaughter, Santina. Also, congratulations to Litsa
Vidas on the birth of twin grandsons, born to son Victor and
daughter-in-law Alexandra.
Our sympathy to Mary Mokas and family in their loss of Tony,
who passed away on October 8. They just joined Over Fifties
and came to the luncheon in August. We lit a candle in his
memory. May he rest in peace.
I think everyone enjoyed the luncheon we had in memory of
our mother, Kalliope Dimitry. My sister, Elaine, and I and our
families treated the Club in her memory. I would like to thank
Alex for cooking the delicious lunch and brothers-in-law Peter
Cardullias and Jim Jonson for helping him in the kitchen. Also,
I would like to thank the hostesses, who so graciously agreed
to be hostesses. They are Thelma Jonson, Chris Morris, Tina
Petropoulos, Evridiki Vidas and Sister Elaine. May she rest in
We also had a new member join. Welcome Bill Sakkas. He
lives in Greece most of the time, but is in the United States for
several months. We are glad to see you and to have you as a
I would like to thank Thelma Jonson for making chili for
Outreach Sunday. And, I made the other one.
Our next luncheon will be on December 18, which will be our
Christmas luncheon at Church, with fantastic entertainment.
The Philoptochos Christmas Party reservations were due by
November 28 for the Montgomery Inn on Tuesday night,
December 14 at 6:30. We hope you are planning to join us on
this particular evening. Cost per person is $28. Cathy
Nadaud, 742-4277, is handling the arrangements, and we may
be able to add you on if you call us this week!
Our “Sweet Treats from the Greeks” bake sale is right around
the corner! The ladies have been baking and preparing for
this for several weeks. They can really use some additional
help on Thursday, December 9 for prep and set up of the bake
sale. We will open Friday, December 10 from 11:00 a.m. to
6:00 p.m., Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday Noon
to 3:00 p.m.
Thank you everyone for your participation during Outreach
Sunday, held November 7. It was a pleasure to see all of the
organizations and their various activities on display. The
winners of the chili cook off are as follows: Stacy Herrmann a total of three winnings for Misc., Best Overall, and People’s
Choice! Cara Chryssovergis – Vegetarian! Pana Gregg –
Southwest w/beans! Theodora Zika – Southwest without
beans! A tie for best White Chili between Carol Kantor and
Jeri Marone! And one other tie between Vera Manolakas and
Joann Perdikakis for best Cincinnati style chili! Congrats to all
and thank you for your entries everyone!
George and Eleni Haralamos will visit Philoptochos at our
meeting Tuesday, January 4, 2011 and present a program of
their travels to the Holy Land. We are looking forward to this
very much, and hope that our members and guests will plan
to join us on the special evening.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
May we continue to be grateful to our Parish, our families,
and for each other as we begin a new year together.
The Voice
December 2010
Parish People News
Thoma Kavouras, 52 years of age, brother of George Kavouras and brother-in-law of Fran Kavouras, passed away suddenly
in Athens, Greece on Wednesday, October 13, 2010. He is survived by his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson who was
named after him and born this past June. May his memory be eternal and may he rest in peace.
Victor and Alex (Williams) Vidas proudly announce the birth of twin sons, Vasilios and Evangelos, on October 8, 2010. Proud
grandmothers are Lily Williams of Dayton, Ohio, and our own Evangelia Vidas.
The New Christian: Jade Clark on November 13, 2010
Sponsor: Feven Bekure
Chris Fletcher was welcomed into the Orthodox Faith through the Sacraments of Baptism
and Chrismation on October 24, 2010. He was given the name Christos. His Sponsor is
Mairanthi Simos.
The Newlyweds: Stacy Browning and Joseph Reich on October 23, 2010
Sponsor: Christopher Browning
Beulah Lambrinides, age 81 on November 15, 2010
Stewardship Message
Dear Fellow Holy Trinity Saint Nicholas Parishioners,
As the end of the year and the holidays come upon us our “Things to Do” lists seem to get
longer and longer. Recently a 2011 Stewardship commitment card and third quarter 2010
stewardship statement were mailed to your home. Thank you to everyone who has already
taken the time to complete and return the 2011 stewardship commitment card and validate
the progress to date on 2010’s stewardship commitment. Returning a commitment card and
honoring that commitment affords Holy Trinity - Saint Nicholas the ability to properly allocate
and budget for everything the church does this year and next.
If you have not yet had the opportunity to return your 2011 stewardship commitment card or
are not tracking to your 2010 stewardship commitment, please add it to your “Things to Do”
list, or better yet, take care of it now while you are thinking about it. If you have misplaced
your mailing, please call the Church office for a replacement or pick up another copy after
Divine Liturgy.
At Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church our support is shown through our
Stewardship commitment; there is no “membership fee.” Each individual is asked to
contribute based on their ability and desire to share the gifts that God has bestowed upon
them. There is no minimum and no maximum commitment that is required. Traditionally only
55% of our active parishioners are pledging stewards; they pledge 45% of the church’s
operating needs. We can do better, much better than half. Our parish requires $2,225 per
day, every day or $1,550 per pledging steward to operate and flourish.
If you have not made
your Stewardship Pledge
for 2010 we encourage
you to do so today.
Pledge Cards are
available through the
Church Office or can be
obtained by contacting
any member of the Parish
Council or the Clergy. The
names that appear on
this list are those who
have declared their
intention to give by filling
out and returning a
Pledge Card to the
Church Office.
If you have not pledged in the past, please do so this year. If you have pledged in the past but
have not yet returned your 2011 commitment card or fully honored your 2010 commitment,
please prayerfully consider how to establish and honor that commitment. If you have already
returned your pledge card, thank you again.
The Voice
December 2010
Aamodt, Peter and Karen
Abrames, Dora
Adinamis, George & Robyn
Alex, James L. & Koula
Alexandropoulos, Hattie
Amarantos, Andrew T. & Ginger
Amarantos, Terry and Gina
Anagnostou, Elias and Helen
Anastasiou, Demetra
Andreadis, Paul
Andreadis, Sophie S.
Andrews, Evan and Terry
Antoniades, Anthony G. and Tracey L.
Apostol, Katherine
Apostolides, Vasso A.
Argeros, Aristea
Arvanetes, Gregory and Sandra
Assaley, Anna
Assaley, Lewis and Patricia
Austin, Athena
Aziz, Steve and Leslie
Balkenbusch, Matt and Nicole
Balli, James and Virginia
Barnhart, Thomas & Sylvia
Batsakes, Stephanie
Batsakes, George P.
Batsakes, Peter and Maria
Batsakis, Chris and Lydia
Batsakis, George C. and Amy
Bazoff, Phillip
Beatty, Mark and Leni
Beish, Andrew
Beish, Dan and Karen
Beish, Lauren
Belitsos, Helen
Beltsos, Chris and Melissa
Beltsos, Paul and Jeanna
Beltsos, Sam and Esmine
Beltsos, Steven and Kanda
Benard, Mathew & Sophia
Bender, Christina E.
Bender, Robert and Kathy
Berling, Ben
Berndt, Philip
Betas, Jim & Stephanie
Betas, Maria
Bidzos, Vasiliki
Bikas, George M. and Anna
Birch, Brian and Maria Stamatakos
Black, William and Lenora
Blackstone, Mark and Angela D.
Blavos, Sylvia
Borod, Gregory and Gloria
Borcoman, Tate & Nicole
Bottomley, Stephen and Stephanie
Boulmetis, Sam and Anita
Boulmetis, Stephen
Boumis, Peter and Kimberly
Bouras, Peter and Anna
Brausch, Robert and Julie
Bridges Jr., Herstle & Mina
Brown, Bryan and Nickie
Brown, William and George-Ann
Brunson, Jason and Vasiliki
Burton, Matthew D. and Kathy
Caddell, Chris and Eleni
Callos, Harry and Angie
Callos, Thomas and Patricia
Caneris, Adonis & Ana Maria
Caneris, Anthony and Antoinette
Caneris, Onassis A.
Caneris, Thomas and Joanna
Cardullias, Dr. Peter & Elaine
Carey, Lee and Efstratia (Tula)
Carumpalos, Constantine
Cassis, Presvytera Anastasia
Chachoff, Nada
Chaldekas, William and Bess
Chantilas, George
Chantilas, James and Lydia
Charnas, Terry & Koula
Chichura, Marcus and Michelle
Christman, Carl and Margaret
Christofield, Angeliki
Christofield, Chris
Christofield, George P. and Dorothy
Christoforidis, Alex and Jennifer
Christon, Angelos and Deanna
Christopher, Spiro and Olga
Christopoulos, Vassiliki
Christos, Mary J.
Christos, Mary M.
Christos, William P.
Chryssovergis, Chris and Cara
Cimarosti, Eugene and Helen
Colak, Tony and Joan
Colyer, Clarence
Colyer, Donna
Colyer, Jeff and Laura
Colyer, Keith and Diane
Condorodis, Anestis and Janeen
Condorodis, Constantinos J. and Caroline
Cook, Barbara
Cook, Frank and Karen
Copetas, Theodore and Judy
Coures, George and Joyce
Courlas, Peter G.
Cranley, John and Dena
D’Orazio, Steve and Angela
Dadas, Alex
Dargis, David and Melody
Davros, Michael & Vivian
Demas, George P.
Demetrion, Jim J. & Carole
Demis, Lee and Elizabeth
Dimas, Gregory & Evelyn Patsavos
Dimitriades, Zissis & Helen
Dimitroff, Robert S.
Eatrides, George J.
Economacos, Demetrios and Christine
Economacos, Eleni
Economacos, Tom and Jennifer
Economakis, Tina
Economou, Alex
Economou, Robert
Edgington, Paul, Mary Lou and Jonathan
Eisen, Jerry & Angela
Elias, Michael E.
Elias, Nicholas and Monica
Elias, Tom and Tina
Ernst, James H. and Sue
Evangelou, Dimitri and Katie
Evangelou, Sofia
Fawcett, Tracy and Jessica
Fekkos, Haralambos and Loella Ann
Ferraro, Chris and Eleni
Fielden, Brad and Tricia
Fillios, Alexandra
Fotopoulos, Christine
Francis, Dean and Kathryn
Francis, Sharon
Frankenstein, George and Christine
Franklin, Gari
Freeman, Maria
Freudenberg, Grey and Eleni
Fritz, Margaret
Furkas, Kostadinos & Lisa
Gaier, Jeffrey and Chris Anne
Galanes, George
Gaz, William “Buzzy”
Gelis, Despina
Gelis, Georgia
Gelis, James and Kathy
Georgacopoulos, Demetrios and Jaime
Georgantonis, Calliope
Georges, Charles P. & Sophia
Georges, Peter & Anna
Georgeton, Chris P. and Barbara
Georgeton, John C. and Becky
Georgeton, John P. and Kimberly
Georgeton, Nickoletta
Georgeton, Peter C.
Georgiades, Peri and Cheri Rekow
Georgiou, George & Maria
Georgiton, John N and Jenny
Georgiton, Nick
Georgiton, Pete N. and Carol
Georgiton, Peter J. and Betsy
Georgopoulos, Tasos and Eileen
Georgostathis, Gus and Connie
Georgostathis, Gus and Elaine
Georgostathis, Joanne
Georgostathis, Maria
Georgostathis, Tasia A.
Georgoulakis, Athanasios and Sofia
Geromes, Alexander
Gerros, Carl and Mary
Ghiz, Paul G. & Christie
Giovis, Helen
Giovis, Thomas
Glaser, Brian and Stella
Gormas, Pete
Gortsas, Alex
Grammas, George and Pam
Grammas, James & Tacia
Grammas, Peter and Panagiota
Greene, David
Gregg, Jeff and Pana
Gregory, Dean and Hedy
The Voice
December 2010
Gregory, Matula
Gregory, Thomas and Pamela
Gregory, Victoria
Guethlein, Sophia
Haddad, Saba and Elise
Hadzivrettas, George M. and Soultana
Haggis, Flora
Haralamos, George and Eleni
Haralamos, Mike G. and Akrivi
Harvey, Sophia
Hayden, Jason and Rebecca
Herrmann, Dennis and Stacy
Hill, Ann “Tasha”
Hill, Charles
Himonidis, Chris and Ruth
Hinton, Chad and Lynne
Hock, Les and Jennifer
Hodges, Nick and Millie
Humbert, Randy and Dede
Ioannides, Tasos and Anna
Jerow, James and Anthe
Johnson, John & Antigone
Jones, Albert and Carolyn
Jones, James A. Jo Ann
Jones, Demus J. and Betty
Jonson, Alexander & Ann
Jonson, Chris C. and Loy
Jonson, George N. and Sophia
Jonson, James G. and Thelma
Jonson, Luke and Lauren
Kalemanis, Gary and Maria
Kalemanis, George
Kalomeres, George C.
Kalomeres, Peter & Carol
Kambelos, John P. and Erato
Kambelos, Dr. Peter J.
Kambelos, Stratos and Hope
Kanaris, Christos and Melpomeni
Kanaris, Konstantinos and Katy
Kanaris, Lazaros
Kanelopoulos, John K. & Christine
Kapourales, Harry and Vivian
Kapourales, Louis
Kappas, James P.
Karageorge, Dimitri and Athena
Karageorges, Terry & Carolyn
Karampas, George and Diane
Karas, Bill J. and Lynn
Karas, Katherine
Karas, Ted and Dixie
Karras, Giorgio and Erene
Kasidonis, John & Tina
Kasprzycki, Peter
Katsanis, Claire C.
Katsanis, James and Diane
Katsanis, Perry
Katsaounis, Nick & Fay
Kavouras, Elizabeth & Michael Weckenbrock
Kavouras, George and Fran
Kay, Shana
Kehayes, William
Kellaris, James and Janice
Kelley, Pauline and Michael
Kereiakes, James and Helen
Kessis, Paul & Theodora
Kevin, Patrick and Diane
Kezios, Bessie
Kindle, Jeffrey and Belinda
Kissopoulos, Nick & Effy
Kladakis, John and Teddi
Kolentse, George
Kolianos, George
Kontonickas, Mary
Kontopos, Pete and Katerina
Kontopos, Vangelis and Amanda
Kontsis, George & Melissa
Korvessis, Anthony and Georgia
Koskinaris, Athanasios and Helen
Kostopoulos, Chris and Erin
Kostopoulos, James & Dina
Kostopoulos, Nikolaos & Dana
Kramvousanos Family
Kranias, George and Litsa
Kranias, Efstratios & Amanda
Kunkemoeller, Thomas & Janice
Kurelis, Marilyn
Kurlas, Louise T.
Kurlas, Peter & Susan
Kyrios, Eleni
Kyrios, Irini
Kyrios, Katina
Kyrios, Lillian
Kyrios, Tassos and Maria
Lagos, Tom and Matina
Lambrinides, Beulah
Lambrinides, Gregory T. and Erica
Helen Lambrinides
Lambrinides, Nicholas & Diane
Lambrinides, Ted and Kimberly
Lambrinides, Thomas J. and Mary Ann
Landers, Lauren
Lazares, Gus J.
Lazares, John K. and Patricia
Leon, Gus A. and Kathryn
LesChander, Scott and Alexandra
Leslie, Wayne and Peggy
Levenderis, Bill and Jill
Liaros, Vasilios and Evangelia
Liston, Robert and Eleni
Locklear, Ray & Niki
Loukoumides, George and Stacey
Love, David and Iris
Makris, George J. & Katherine
Maleas, Pete C. and Pearl
Maniates, Chris
Manolakas, Alexander and Vera
Maras, Ryan & Maria E.
Marinakis, Bill D. and Evonne
Marinakis, George D. and Helen
Marinakis, George S.
Marinakis, Marina
Marinakis, Panagiota
Marinakis, Ted & Katie
Maris, George and Patricia
Marrone, John & Tai
Marrone, John J. & Jeri
Mason, Shawn and Lea
Mathes, Robert and Dena
Mathew, Varughese and Wanda
Mavridoglou, Anthony and Janette
Mavridoglou, George and Penny
Mavridoglou, Konstantinos and Marion
Mavridoglou, Nicholas and Jessica
McDonald, Nicholas and Allison
McKay, Betty Jo
McKay, Jr., Ted
McLeish, David and Kiki
McNeal, Steve and Aimee
McNulty, Robin and Melanie
Megois, Lee S. and Stephanie
Merianos, Ted
Meyer, Andy and Maria
Mihou, Efterpy
Mintsoulis, Maria and Jack O’Banion
Mirkopoulos, Nicholas and Mare
Mirkopoulos, Stavros and Sophia
Mirkos, Thomas and Marilyn
Misali, A.J. “Ike” and Margaret
Misali, John P. and Deborah
Misali, Paul J.
Misali, Sam and Mary Jean
Mitropoulos, Pete and Konstantina
Mokas, Tony and Mary
Monroe, Angeliki
Moraites, Dena
Moraites, Richard and Aphrodite
Moraites, Steve
Morris, John and Christine
Moulas, Dean & Catherine
Moustakis, George and Frances
Muennich, Sam and Melissa E.
Murray, Stella P.
Nadaud, Catherine
Naser, Jacoub and Dina
Nathan, Jaimie and Amy
Neuendorf, David and Patricia
Nicholas, Eugene and Cindy
Nicholas, Nick and Helen
Nichols, Lee
Nichols, Ronald D. and Philanthy K.
Niehoff, Frank and Barbara
Nikias, Charles P. and Vicki
Nikias, Vasilia
Nikolaidis, Nick and Linda
Nipper, Chris & Julie
Nitsis, Dimitrius and Leisa
Nyktas, George W.
Oestreicher, Doug and Eleni
Orphanos, Peter and Angela
Palassis, Michael & Alison
Palassis, Nick and Maria
Panagiotidis, Pantelis and Anastasia
Pangalos, Vincent and Billie
Panos, Aphrodite
Panos, Lula
Pantel, Alex E. & Julie
Pantel, Christopher
Pantel, John and Ana
Pantel, Nicholas J.
Papaioannou, Thomas and Mary
Papakirk, James & Maria
Papanikolaou, Evan & Evi
The Voice
December 2010
Paparodis, Bess
Papas, James & Dimitra
Papathanas, Harry and Joyce
Pappas, Andrew S. and Julie
Pappas, John & Zoe
Pappas, Martha H.
Parsenios, Doris
Parsenios, Lewis G.
Parthenakis, Nicholas and Angie
Pascal, Betsy
Pascal, James
Paskal, Pete & Tary
Payiatis, Paul P. and Patricia
Perdikakis, George C. and Katie Stanbery
Perdikakis, Gus G. and Jo Ann
Perdikakis, Lynn
Peters, Manuel and Claire
Petkos, Joannis and Christine
Petropoulos, Kosta and Tina
Petrou, George A.
Petrou, James and Carrie
Photos, Alta
Pilipovich, George and Cynthia
Plomaritis, Peter and Elsa
Polychroniou, Constantine and Christine
Poneris, Constantinos E. and Tara
Poneris, Nikitas and Rena
Ponticos, George D. and Laurie
Ponticos, Koula
Polen, Joe & Stephanie
Popescu, Bogdan and Valentina
Poplos, Theodore and Stephanie
Prasinos, Dino and Amy
Prasinos, James and Nicki
Prasinos, John and Zoe
Priest, Daniel and Christina
Proffitt, Steve and Laurie
Psaros, Gus & Eleni
Psihountas, Mary
Quill, Kevin and Mary
Ramstetter, Robert and Lisa
Raptis, James and Maria
Raptis, James and Olga
Reich, Joseph & Stacy
Riber, Sam and Filio
Richardson, Josh and Nicole
Rieman, Christopher and Blanca
Rodish, Peter and Suzanne
Romanos, Constantine & Carla
Romanos, Michael and Carla
Rombes, Tom and Angie
Rombis, Petros and Sofia
Rose, Marvin and Chrysoula
Rosenbaum, David and Maria
Ruch, Marigo
Ruppert, Timothy and Sia
Saba, George & Youhana
Sakellariou, Eleni
Sakellariou, John and Pavlina
Sakellariou, Maria B.
Sakelos, James
Sakelos, John and Kathleen
Sampson, Angie
Sampson, Anthony and Mary Ann
Sampson, Michael and Roxanne
Sansalone, Anthony and Keke
Sansone, Craig and Susie
Sarakatsannis, Chris N. and Judith
Sarakatsannis, George and C. Marie
Sarakatsannis, Nicholas J. and Vicki
Sarakatsannis, Nicholas L. and Carla
Sarakatsannis, Olympia
Sarakatsannis, Panny and Judy
Sarakatsannis, Spiros N.
Sarros, George H. and Alexandra
Sarros, Harry J.
Sarros, John H.
Savas, Dionysia
Schmalz, Mary Ann
Schmitz, Thomas and Cathy
Schneider, Elizabeth
Schooley, Barbara
Schuler, Bill and Julie
Schutter, Mike and Lynne
Schwab, Robert & Valerie
Sciortino, Mark & Jenny
Semertzides, John and Evangelia
Seremetis, Afrodite K.
Seremetis, Gregory
Seremetis, Lia
Seremetis, Peter D. and Janine
Seremetis, Stratin and Marjory
Shteiwi, Nazih
Siambekos, Steve and Laura
Sias, George N. and Kathy
Sideris, Antonios and Mina
Sideris, Danny and Amy
Siegel, August C.
Siegel, Daniel R. and Marianthi
Sifri, Edmond and Sally
Sifri, Suad
Simos, Marianthi
Sims, David and Penelope
Singleton, Steven M. and Sandra
Snider, Luke and Dacia
Snyder, Milan and Elaine
Soulas, Angelo & Eleni
Spanorigas, Nicholas and Becky
Spanos, Van & Litsa
Sperelakis, Nicholas & Dolores
Spyridon, Pearl
Stamatakos, Dino and Diamanto
Stamatakos, Gus and Vivi
Stathis, Angelo and Aspasia
Stathis, Lee E. and Evanthia
Stavros, Catherine
Stefanopoulos, Andy and Carol
Stephan, Charles M.
Stephan, George
Stephan, Kara
Stephan, Nicholas
Stergiopoulos, Michael W. & Christina
Stergiopoulos, William M. and Janis
Stergiopulos, Anna
Stergiopulos, Nick & Corey
Stiegelmeyer, Michael and Tasia
Storch, Mark and Angela
Storgion, John
Strike, George L.
Strike, Louis N.
Stringas, Emanuel and Katherine
Stroplos, George S. & Susan R.
Stroplos, Gus and Terry
Suhar, Sylvia
Sylvester, Vince and Debi
Tassopoulos, Michael & Ritsa
Tefferi, Mebrat
Thomakos, Artemis
Toleski, Steve & Tatsa
Traiforos, Eleftherios & Magdalena
Tremoulis, John N. & Sunday
Trennepohl, Mike and Tina
Trester, Ronald and Maria
Triantafilou, Alex & Jennifer
Triantafilou, Michael & Rita
Trivett, Michael and Matina
Trohanis, Mary V.
Tsacalis, William & Marie
Tsimaras, Nicholas
Tsolometes, James and Maria
Valcarcel, John and JoAnne
Vasiliou, Demetrios and Gloria
Vassil, William J.
Vassiliou, Alex & Soula
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Veres, Helen
Vessey, Lenie
Vidas, Alexandros and Tonya
Vidas, Angelis and Evridiki
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Vidas, Olga
Vidas, Sofia A.
Vidas, Ted & Zoe
Vlahakis, Tom & Carol
Vollhardt, Arthur and AnnaMarie
Watson, Douglas and Akrivi
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Weisenborn, Maria & Cary
Wellman, Helen N.
Williamson, Mark A. & Karen
Wilson, Wally and Michelle
Witt, Alan and Bessie
Wright, Duane M. & Stacy
Xanthakos, Stavra & Helmut Roehrig
Young, Voula L.
Zaferes, George P. and Diane
Zaferes, Katherine (Tina)
Zaferes, Patricia J.
Zaferes, Patricia P.
Zaferes, Peter T.
Zaferes, Thomas and Eleni
Zaferes, Toula
Zaharopoulos, Antonios and Dimitra
Zalants, Larry and Anitsa
Zarick, Rosemarie
Zeilman, John & Anna
Zigoris, Mark and Irene
Zika, Richard and Theodora
Zolotas, Angelo and Suzy
Zolotas, Pete and Papy
The Voice
December 2010
If you have not completed your Stewardship Pledge for 2010 or made your 2011 Stewardship Pledge we
encourage you to do so today. Pledge cards are available through the Church Office or can be obtained by
contacting any member of the Parish Council or the Parish Stewardship Committee. We would also like to share
with you the names of those who have already made a Stewardship commitment for 2011. They are:
Andrews, Evan & Terry
Apostolides, Vasso A.
Assaley, Lewis & Patricia
Balkenbusch, Matt & Nicole
Beish, Lauren & Doug Stenger
Belitsos, Helen
Bender, Robert & Kathy
Blavos, Sylvia
Boulmetis, Samuel N. & Anita
Carumpalos, Constantine
Cassis, Presvytera Anastasia
Chryssovergis, Chris & Cara
Columbus, Richie & Eva
Colyer, Donna
Cook, Frank & Karen
Dadas, Alex & Rosalyn
Georgacopoulos, Demetrios &
Georgiades, Peri & Cheri Rekow
Haralamos, George & Eleni
Francis, Dean & Kathy
Kambelos, John P. & Erato
Katsanis, James & Diane
Kehayes, William
Kereiakes, James & Helen
Korvessis, Anthony & Georgia
Landers, Lauren
Leslie, Wayne & Peggy
Liston, Robert & Eleni
Maleas, Pete C. & Pearl
Mavridoglou, Nicholas & Jessica
Megois, Lee S. & Stephanie
Meyer, Andy & Maria
Miller, Peter
Misali, A. J. "Ike" & Marge
Misali, John P. & Deborah
Misali, Paul J.
Nicholas, Eugene & Cindy
Nicholas, Nick & Helen
Nichols, Ronald D. & Philanthy
Orphanos, Peter & Angela
Parsenios, Doris
Perdikakis, Gus G. & JoAnn
Quill, Kevin & Mary
Richardson, Josh & Nicole
Rodish, Peter & Suzanne
Sakellariou, Maria B.
Sansalone, Anthony & Angeleke
Sarakatsannis, Nicholas J. & Vicki
Schooley, Barbara
Schwab, Robert & Valerie
Seremetis, Afrodite K.
Snyder, Milan & Elaine
Spanorigas, Nicholas & Becky
Sperelakis, Dr. Nicholas & Dolores
Stathis, Angelos & Aspasia
Stathis, Lee & Evie
Stephan, Charles M.
Stephan, Melinda C.
Stephan, Michael C.
Stefanopoulos, Andrew & Carol
Stringas, Emanuel & Katherine
Thomakos, Artemis
Vollhardt, Arthur & AnnaMarie
Wilson, Wallace & Michelle
Xanthakos, Stavra & Helmut
Zeilman, John & Anna
Zolotas, Angelo & Suzy
SPYRIDON, the God-bearing Father of the Church, the great defender of Corfu and the boast of all the
Orthodox, had Cyprus as his homeland. He was simple in manner and humble of heart, and was a
shepherd of sheep. When he was joined to a wife, he begat of her a daughter whom they named Irene.
After his wife's departure from this life, he was appointed Bishop of Trimythus, and thus he became
also a shepherd of rational sheep. When the First Ecumenical Council was assembled in Nicaea, he
also was present, and by means of his most simple words stopped the mouths of the Arians who were
wise in their own conceit. By the divine grace which dwelt in him, he wrought such great wonders
that he received the surname 'Wonderworker." So it is that, having tended his flock piously and in a
manner pleasing to God, he reposed in the Lord about the year 350, leaving to his country his sacred
relics as a consolation and source of healing for the faithful.
About the middle of the seventh century, because of the incursions made by the barbarians at that time, his sacred relics were
taken to Constantinople, where they remained, being honoured by the emperors themselves. But before the fall of
Constantinople, which took place on May 29, 1453, a certain priest named George Kalokhairetes, the parish priest of the church
where the Saint's sacred relics, as well as those of Saint Theodora the Empress, were kept, took them away on account of the
impending peril. Travelling by way of Serbia, he came as far as Arta in Epirus, a region in Western Greece opposite to the isle of
Corfu. From there, while the misfortunes of the Christian people were increasing with every day, he passed over to Corfu about
the year 1460. The relics of Saint Theodora were given to the people of Corfu; but those of Saint Spyridon remain to this day,
according to the rights of inheritance, the most precious treasure of the priest's own descendants, and they continue to be a
staff for the faithful in Orthodoxy, and a supernatural wonder for those that behold him; for even after the passage of 1,500
years, they have remained incorrupt, and even the flexibility of his flesh has been preserved. Truly wondrous is God in His
Saints! (Ps. 67:3 5)
Apolytikion in the First Tone: O Father, God-bearer, Spyridon, you were proven a champion and Wonder Worker of the First
Ecumenical Council. You spoke to the girl in the grave and turned the serpent to gold. And, when chanting your prayers, most
sacred One, angels ministered with you. Glory to Him who glorified you; glory to Him who crowned you; glory to Him who, through
you, works healing for all.
Kontakion in the Second Tone: Wounded by your love for Christ, O holy One, your mind given wings by the radiance of the Spirit,
you put the practice of theory into deeds, becoming a sacred altar, O Chosen by God, and praying for the divine illumination of all.
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