St. Veronica Church - St. Veronica Catholic Parish



St. Veronica Church - St. Veronica Catholic Parish
“Lord, heal my soul, for I have sinned against you.”
February 19, 2012
Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Veronica Church
Established 1951
434 Alida Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Fax: 650-588-1481
Phone: 650-588-1455
St. Veronica Parish
Parish Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Lunch Noon - 1:00 p.m.
Phone: 650-588-1455 Fax: 650-588-1481
Mass Intentions
WEEK of February 19, 2012
Parish Staff
Fr. Charles Puthota, Ph.D., Pastor
Sandy Kearney, Parish Manager Ext. 304
Patricia Spiteri, Parish Secretary
Nita Rivera
Marianne Barbara
Miriam Larosa
Anthony Andrighetto
People of St. Veronica
Mon 02/20 8:30 † Leo Crosariol
Fr. Linh Nguyen, Parochial Vicar
Deacon Roger Beaudry
Deacon Joseph LeBlanc
6:45 †
8:00 †
11:00 †
6:30 † Peggy Bagnani
8:30 † Phyllis Macay
Wed 02/22 6:30
Margarita Baluyot
Constancia Cuejilo
JR Brown
JR & Alice Brown
Karen Guglielmoni, Faith Formation &
Wedding Coordinator Ext.305
Christopher Lindstrom, Music Director
650-588-1455 Ext. 308
02/24 6:30 † Willie & Rose Pinkney
8:30 † Connie Voreyer
02/25 8:30 † Lillian Barbe
5:00 † Elizabeth Bartoli
St. Veronica Catholic School
Phone: 650-589-3909
Kathryn Lucchesi
Pam Cavagnaro
Vice Principal
Sacrament of Baptism
Baptismal Preparation classes are held once a month.
Call the Parish Office 650-588-1455
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)
Call the Parish Office to register 650-588-1455 Ext.309
Faith Formation: 650-588-1455 Ext. 305
Catechetical instructions (1st to 8th grades)
Confirmation Classes: 650-588-1455
6:30 † Conchita Toman
8:30 † Jesse Callejas
6:45 †
8:00 †
9:30 †
11:00 †
Ban Lin Lim
Paul Azzopardi
Ammini Zachariah
Thomas Egan
People of St. Veronica
We will pray the
Stations of the Cross beginning Friday,
February 24, 2012
Each Friday during Lent at
9:00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.
ABSTINENCE: Everyone 14 years of age and older is bound to
abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, each Friday of Lent, and
Good Friday.
FASTING: Those 18-60 years of age are to fast on Ash Wednesday
& Good Friday. On these two days the law of fasting allows only one
full meal a day, but does not prohibit taking some food during the
day, as long as this does not constitute another full meal.
Drinking liquids during the day is permitted.
Parish Office email: [email protected]
Mass Schedule
Saturdays: 8:30AM & 5:00PM
Sundays: 6:45, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00AM, and 12:30PM
Holy Days: 6:30, 8:30AM, & 6:30PM
Feb. 20 -
Presidents’ Day Holiday,
Pastoral Center Offices Closed
No 6:30AM Mass
Saturdays: 4:00—5:00PM
Feb. 22 -
Ash Wednesday - Mass and ash distribution at 6:30 and 8:30AM.; 4:00 and 6:30 PM
Liturgy of the Hours
Monday—Friday: Morning Prayer at 6:00AM
March 3 -
Parish Lenten Mini Retreat - Falcon Hall,
following the 8:30 AM Mass. Call the
Monday—Friday: 6:30 & 8:30AM
Eucharistic Adoration
Monday—Friday: 9:00AM—9:00PM
Training Classes March 24, 2012
Another training session for Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers is being offered as noted above.
Parish Registration
Please complete and return form to the parish office,
or simply drop it in the collection basket.
Kindly print all information
If you are interested in proclaiming the Word of God at Mass
or becoming a Eucharistic Minister, please contact:
Karen Guglielmoni at 650-588-1455 Ext. 305
Name(s) ____________________________________
Name(s) ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City & Zip ___________________________________
Phone ______________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________
Updating Current Parish Registration
Moving / Please remove from mailing list.
___This is a new registration
Please remember the sick and the care-givers
in our community. Pray that they may find comfort
and healing in Christ.
Please contact the Parish office if Homebound
Eucharistic services are needed.
Welcome Newly Registered Parishioners!
Our parish continues to be blessed and enriched by the
presence of new parishioners:
Mannie, Christine & Diego Diaz
Gerry, Caroline & Nathan Joseph Fernandez
Please call me.
A basket will be placed by our baptismal font to
collect your palm fronds from last year. These
palms will be burned and used as a source of ashes
for our Ash Wednesday services.
May St. Veronica Church offer you a place where you can
bring your sorrow and joys, your pain and triumphs
and peace for your soul.
Thank you for your sacrificial offering in supporting St. Veronica Parish
Mass Time
1st Collection
Church Environment
Saturday 02/11/12
From the Pastor's Desk
Dear Parishioners,
Confirmation: Our 70 candidates along with four
others from neighboring parishes were confirmed by
Bishop Robert McElroy last Sunday at a prayerful
and joyful celebration of the Eucharist. In my thankyou speech at the end, as usual, I invited those confirmed to not only practice the faith but also share it
in a way the community can see and be inspired by.
When these young men and women spend time and
energy on academics, sports, entertainment, etc.,
some attention needs to be given to faith, which in
the Catholic Church we practice in private as well as
in a very public way, by joining together in prayer
and deeds of service. This has been our tradition for
over 2000 years. Parents, teachers, parishioners,
clergy, and others need to work together to encourage these young men and women to grow in the life
of the Spirit.
I would like to thank Karen Guglielmoni, our Faith
Formation Coordinator; the dedicated catechists:
David & Maria Collins, Liz Hornick & Vicki Dimitroff, Mary & Melissa Martin, Pat Murray, Pamela
Silva & Sara Theisen, Sandi Zicke & Pamela
Lucero, Christine & Patrick Lucy, and the youth
retreat team led by Patrick Lucy. They have done a
fabulous job again. Kudos to them!
Lent: This Wednesday--- Ash Wednesday--- we
start the season of holiness and wholeness. Ashes
will be placed on our foreheads with the words:
“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall
return.” Powerful and hard words, indeed! And yet,
it’s the truth about our lives. The reminder of our
mortality can help us live more deeply and lovingly.
One thing that can happen in Lent for us is that we
may gain a perspective on life and see a bit more
clearly what matters and what does not---in the long
run. Let’s do something extra in Lent. Maybe, join
the daily Mass, if possible. Attend the weekend
Mass regularly. Give to those in need. Join us for the
Stations of the Cross. Spend some time daily in
prayer. Explore how we can become better human
beings and better Christians.
Archbishop’s Annual Appeal (AAA): Last weekend we launched the month-long campaign for AAA.
I preached at all the Masses and invited everyone to
participate in this noble and necessary project of raising $46,900. We assist the Archbishop as he carries
out his mission and ministries in the Archdiocese
spread over three counties. Parishioners, faith formation families, school families, visitors, various organizations within our parish! I invite all of you--each one of you---to participate in this appeal and donate so that we can complete it within a month. I will
be placing the donors’ names in the bulletin as a way
of thanking you for your generosity.
Lenten Mini-Retreat: Saturday March 03, 2012.
This is something new. It’s planned to make it as easy
and convenient as possible for many parishioners and
school/faith formation families to participate as part
of our Lenten holy practices. It will start with the 8:30
a.m. Mass celebrated by Father Bernie Bush, S.J., a
well-known and popular retreat preacher from El Retiro, Los Altos. After coffee and donuts, Fr. Bush will
give the first session around 9:30. After a break, there
will be a second session. Retreat will close with lunch
around 12:30 p.m. The cost: FREE. Come one, come
Word of God: This Sunday’s gospel gives us the
healing story of the paralytic who is lowered down
through the roof! An interesting way to bring this
poor man in contact with Jesus! Isn’t it true that we
all need others to bring us to Jesus because for some
reason or another we are unable to get to him on our
own. We need others to walk with us and share our
thoughts and anxieties, our faith and wisdom. We
have to hang together or we’ll hang separately!
Think about it: Somebody has said there are only
two kinds of people in the world. There are those who
wake up in the morning and say, "Good morning,
Lord ," and there are those who wake up in the morning and say, "Good Lord, it's morning."
Your Friend and Pastor,
Father Charles Puthota
We congratulate our 70 Confirmandi who received
the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday,
February 12, 2012, here at St. Veronica Church.
Gabriel “Martin” Alvarez
Carlos “Charles” Barahona
Cierra “Cecilia” Bibbs
Tyler “Michael” Birch
Lauren “Ursula” Campagna
Ana E. “Catherine” Ceja
Ariana “Aloysius” Ceja
Erika “Our Lady of Guadalupe” Ceja
Brooke “Adriana” Chappell
Lindsey “Hedwig” Chen
Leon “Isidore” Cheung
Thomas “Veronica” Clifford
Hannah “Margaret” Collins
Kayla “Faith” Compton
Miranda “Elizabeth” Contreras
Thomas “James” Cronin
Kean “Xavier” Cruz
Ryan “Junipero” Cruz
Raina “Veronica” Cushen
Justin “Christopher” Da San Martino
Gabriel “Gabriel” Del Rosario
Gerhard “Phillip” Dielacher
Elizabeth “Elizabeth” Ferrari
Carmen “Cecilia” Gardner
Alec “Michael” Goff
Jesus “Jesus” Gomez
Anthony “Christopher” Graham
Teresa “Catherine” Gulli
Eric “Gabriel” Guzman
Maricruz “Julia” Hernandez
Natalie “Anne” Hoffer
Austin “Michael” Jackson
Cappi “Abigail” Jackson
Katrina “Lucina” Japson
Joseph “Patrick” Jensen
Rebecca “Siobhan” Kerrisk
Paulo “Peter” Langi
Victoria “Agnes” Langi
Krista “Maria” Leonardini
Melanie “Patrick” Lucy
Byanka “Zita” Lujano
Stephanie “Evelyn” Lynch
Mauricio “Joseph” Mabutas
Ramon “Sebastian” Marroquin
Michael “Christopher” Martin
Carolina “Teresa” Martinez
Rosemarie “Adela” Martinez
Siobhan “Margaret” Murphy
Nicholas “Marc” Mussman
Justine “Hope” Oliva
Silvana “Josefina Maria” Padilla
Andrew “Michael” Pierotti
Haileigh “Catherine” Pinell
Sydney “Ann” Raggio
Emily “Maria Goretti” Ramirez
Kevin “Michael” Raval
Jose “Jose” Ruiz
Benjamin “Dominic” Santana
Paola “Fatima” Santana
Loren “Joseph” Santos
Julia “Michelle” Sequeira
Andrew “Isidore” Smith
Jennifer “Veronica” Smith
Mercedes “Maria Goretti” Sutton
Lauren “Elizabeth” Tapang
Kristen “Adelina” Teupel
Joshua “Cajetan” Troche
Monica “Monica” Vazquez
Araceli “Elizabeth” Vieyra
Lauren “Tarsicius” Yarwood
Special Thanks to:
Most Reverend Bishop Robert W. McElroy
Reverend Charles Puthota & Reverend Linh Nguyen
Master of Ceremonies - Deacon Steve Fox
Deacons Roger Beaudry & Joseph LeBlanc
Faith Formation Coordinator Karen Guglielmoni
Music Director Christopher Lindstrom & our Choir
Our Catechists, Parents, Sponsors, Friends & Family Members
Factory-Quality Collision
Repair Since 1973
Phone: 650-588-1764
890 El Camino Real • South San Francisco
Most Convenient
SF/Peninsula Location
Traditional and
Cremation Services
Unlimited Parking
500 Westlake Avenue
Daly City
(650) 756-4500
Authentic Mexican Cuisine
Order 2 Lunch or Dinner Entrées 583-4751
Receive 50% Off 1 Entrée
of Equal or Lesser Value 792 El Camino Real
Remodeling, New Construction
Lic. # 562854 • Insured
(650) 873-4502
•Illuminated manuscript art from the Vatican Apostolic Library
(The Pope’s personal collection!)
•Charming photographs of Pope Benedict XVI and excerpts from his writings
•Large Roman Catholic calendar grid with important liturgical and civil dates
12x9, full color • JSP12-VCR $14.95
1144 Old Mission Road
South San Francisco
(650) 873-4910
Monday thru Friday
11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Saturday 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
Lunch / Dinner Wed. - Sunday 5 to 9
Garden Chapel
Funeral Directors
Serving All Families
With Reverence & Dignity
885 El Camino Real
So. San Francisco, Calif.
Telephone 583-2510
Lic FD #805
~ Parishioner ~
learn more at
650 871-6844
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Since 1961
Water Heaters, Copper Piping
Sewer Repair & Replacement
1059 San Mateo Ave. • San Bruno
Lic. #818070 583-0391
Donate your vehicle,
household items or your time!
So. San Francisco
435 El Camino Real
Phone: 650-589-6288
Fax: 650-589-5851
“Where Patients Come First!”
~ Conveniently Open 7am-7pm ~
931 El Camino Real • SSF
967394 St Veronica Church
Daly City Auto Repair
Auto and Truck Repairs
136 Reiner St., Colma 94014
Robert & Tim Leggero Parishioner
One Block From Bart Station
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-231-0805
Acob, Frank & Aurella
Aguirre, Rosalia
Alano, Filoteo and Florita
Aldeguer, Francisco and Jemyma
Allard, Donna
Aquilina, Josephine
Azzopardi, Joseph
Balancio, Wilfredo & Remy
Bartolo, Sally
Boccaleoni, Louis & Barbara
Borella, Vito & Yvonne
Borg, Rita
Buerger, Pauline
Byrd, Sean & Lisa
Camacho, Marlon & Rizzalyn
Campbell, Barbara
Carmen, Zosimo & Sionita
Casias, Basilio &Esther
Castro, Adriano & Alexandra
Cauterucio, Robert & Shirley
Chan, Matthew & Olivia
Clinton, William & Carolina
Cornett, James & Anita
Corral, Jaime
Corrigan, Edward & Charlotte
Cuaton, Cres & Rosalinda
Cussary, Zita
Da Cunha, Filomeno and Wenda
Damonte, Emanuele and Carolyn
De Juan, Amelia
De La Cerna, Rene and Marissa
Dela Fuente, Manuel and Alma
Di Pasqua, Gene
Do, Khang & Rebecca
Domingo, Demetria
Drablos, Violeta
Drevin, Michael and Juanita
Duri, Mark & Alyssa
Fabiano, Frank
Fanfelle, Joel & Jackie
Flores, Melissa Nora
Francisco, Felicisimo & Catherine
Fuentebella, Plaridel & Erlinda
Gabriel, Barbara
Gainey, William and Nancy
Gallardo, Teresita
Garcia, David & Jessica
Garcia, Miguela
Garlit, Lilia
Ghiorso, Mary
Giron-Virgen, Linda
Gonzalez, Gabe and Betty
Heise, June
Hoffmann, Oliver & Carmela
Huliganga, Emerald & Lina
Iglesias, Guillermo & Karrie
Lam, Edward & Virginia
Langi, Joseph
Lara, Jr. Carlos & Geraldine
Laurito, Dionisio A. & Juvylyn
Leong, Howard
Maffei, Wynnelle
Maguire, Clemence & Daniel
Mamaradlo, Elmer & Flaviana
Manalansan, Noel & Cecila
Mariano, Zenaida
Martens, William & Dina
Massolo, Edward & Isabelle
Mitchell, John W.
Mitchell, Michael & Wendy
Moreno, Jaime & Maryann
Mullin, Eugene & Terri
Narciso, Ernie & Marissa
Nicklas, Greg & Michelle
Noonan, Michael & Marilou
Nuñez, Joseph & Sonia
O'Keefe, Mary
Ortisi, Joseph & Theresa
Pablo, Josefina
Pabros, Florence
Palaad, Amado & Maria
Perreras, Lennie
Perry-Palmer, Rafael
Philpott, Luke
Poblete, Pepito & Elisa
Policar, Wally & Edda
Ponte, Ilia
Puthota, Rev. Charles
Rafael, T.J. & Florine
Ramirez, Benjamin & Darwyn
Ramirez, Elpidio & Paula
Ries, John & Peggy
Rodriguez, Noel & Maricel
Roxas, Dominador & Leonida
Ruble, Don & Debbie
Rufino, Emmanuel & Victoria
Ryan, Dianne
Saavedra, Honorato & Dina
Saballa, Lino
Siguido, Salvador M.
Sta. Maria, Jesus & Ana Marie
Stanfill, Robert & Karen
Valente, Patricia
Vega, Maria Rosa
Wendler, Joy-Ann
Williamson, Amy
Williamson, Bill &Adair
Wilson, Harvey
Wilson, Rick
Wolfe, Betty
Yuen, Russell & Selina
Please note: e-contributions
will be posted in the bulletin
once we receive the report
from the Archdiocese
Development Office.

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