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Making a real difference, impacting
our culture one person at a time.
Connecting people to God,
connecting people to people, and
empowering people to serve.
Spiritual Growth
Attend weekend celebration
Be active in a small group
Serve in a specific ministry
Bryan Champ, pastor
Nathan Tate, pastor
(7th - 12th)
Sundays, 10:15 AM
Recent Sermons
Cell Groups
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Collide Student
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Kingdom Kids
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Partnering with
Christian Families
Page 2…
Who Are We
Antioch is a community of believers in Jesus, who are trying to follow God by letting His Spirit
lead in every area of our lives. We don’t claim to be the only church, but we join together with
all who are Christ-followers to live out our faith together. We encourage non-Christ followers
to come as you are and seek God with us as well.
Our dress is casual (if you prefer)… our music is
contemporary with a few familiar favorites blended
in occasionally… our messages attempt to take the
Bible and apply it to our every day lives giving
practical help for living out our journey of faith.
We begin each Sunday at 10:15 AM. We also encourage you to get involved in a small group so that
you can find community with others and learn more about God through Bible study. If you have any
questions, e-mail any of the pastors or go to the website to find out more about Antioch.
before I ever was willing to give up my own
identity and let Him be my Lord and Savior.
Do You Know Who
Jesus Is?
By Nathan Tate
A couple of years ago, I read a book called,
“They Like Jesus, But Not The Church” by
Dan Kimball. It was a very eye-opening
book about how many people in the world
are drawn to Jesus (like he predicted they
would be), but the church has turned them
off. Even though the book was meant to be
a “wake-up” call for the church, Kimball
admitted that people who like Jesus, but not
his bride sometimes have a skewed view of
who Jesus really is. Do you know who Jesus
really is?
If you asked a Jewish person who they
thought Jesus was, you would get one
response. If you asked a Muslim, you might
get another answer. If you ask a Christian,
you might get the right answer and then
again, you might not! Jesus is a very
polarizing figure, and who he really is can be
very offensive to many if not all. In fact, I
had to be offended by the Gospel (Jesus)
In April, we will be going through John 10,
and we will let Jesus speak for Himself. He
reveals who he really is in these 42 verses.
He tells us that he is the gate, the good
Shepherd, the guardian and God. Once you
find out who Jesus really is, the next
question is, “what will you do with Jesus?”
Acknowledging that he is who he is doesn’t
change your life. You must let him
transform and renew you (Romans 12:1-2).
Will you let Jesus take over your life? I pray
you will.
Don’t miss this Sunday, April 4, as we begin
this series and celebrate the resurrection of
Jesus. If you regularly attend Antioch,
please come early and sit towards the front
and middle of the rows so that our guests
can easily find a place to sit. Coffee is
served at 9:45 AM, so come and enjoy a cup
and help us welcome our guests.
Online Sermons
If you have an activity or event that you need us to promote in the monthly
newsletter or the weekly bulletin, please call the church office or send an email to [email protected]
On our website, www.antiochokc.org, you can hear our sermons at your
computer. Click on the “Ministries” pages and select the sermon you would
like to listen to by pressing the mp3 link.
Bryan Champ [email protected]
Nathan Tate, pastor [email protected]
Phil Horne [email protected]
Robert Miller [email protected]
Scott Overstreet [email protected]
Nathan Tate [email protected]
Phone - 405.691.2115 Fax - 405.691-2697
Website… www.antiochokc.org
Office Hours
Monday - Thursday (8:30 AM- 4:30 PM)
Friday (10:00 AM– 12:00 PM)
Page 3…
In April join us
for this new
Come find out
who Jesus
claims to be.
Join us each
Sunday at
Invite someone
to church!.
Do you have any questions about God
or how he works? Are there things about him that are
confusing? If you were standing before God, are there any
questions you’d like to ask him. Please write down your question(s)
and put it in the black boxes in the back or in the buckets passed in
Celebration Services. These will be used for a series in the Fall 2010!
Interested in becoming a follower of Jesus?
Sign up on the cards offered in the Celebration Service, or call the church office.
Saturday, April 10, 10:00 AM
2 classes offered
Child/Teen Class & Adult Class
Join us for one hour here at the church and find out what you need
to do to become a follower of Jesus, and what a life with Jesus is
really about. If you are seeking and want answers, this class is for
you. Sign up Sunday, April 4th, or call the church office by
Wednesday, April 7th.
Page 4…
The PURPOSE for the ministry:
To prepare a week’s supply of food for families who call the church office and state
their need. These supplies have been prepared and given out by appointment on
Please consider helping by bringing any of the items on the following list to the
church as often as you are able.
(Highlighted items are particularly
needed at this time.)
Cans of vegetables and fruits
Cans of meats - chicken, ham, spam,
Cans of chili, beans
Canned or powdered milk
Boxed dinners and baked goods
Macaroni & cheese mixes
Packages of spaghetti and pastas
Cans of chili, beans, and spaghetti
Boxes of rice and potatoes
Breakfast cereals
Baby food, diapers, and wipes
The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'
Matthew 25:34-40
Monday, May 3, 2010
3616 SW 119th Street
Cookout - 6:00 to 7:00 PM Program - 7:15 PM
Guest Speaker - Mark Christian
Senior Minister
Christ Church of Oronogo, MO
Mark Christian was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. He
graduated from Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing,
Michigan and Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI.
He served a 22 year ministry with the First Church of Christ in
Mount Pleasant, Michigan. He has taught at Great Lakes
Christian College for the past 17 years. In July of 2009, he joined
the Christ’s Church of Oronogo in Oronogo, MO as Senior
Minister.Mark is a great communicator who has spoken at CIY
conferences. He will challenge you and move you into a deeper
relationship with Jesus!
Page 5…
“Beloved, you are acting faithfully in whatever you accomplish for the brethren, and especially when they are strangers;” 3 John 1:5
Antioch is building a team of volunteers for a rebuilding work project in May. If you
would like to join us, please contact Bruce Kidwell, [email protected] Twenty
skilled (OR five skilled and fifteen “not so skilled’) workers is our goal!
Check out the website for more detailed information, including the type of work that
will be done. This includes clean-up, painting, repairs, and installations. The recipient of
this effort will be an elderly homeowner who is no longer able to do, both physically and
financially, on his/her own. Besides the joy of serving another, the homeowner’s life is
often ‘rebuilt’ in this relational experience.
Our Antioch library is sorted,
shelved, and catalogued, waiting for
more people to use the interesting
things it has to offer. Bible study,
reading for enjoyment, testimony,
teaching, reference...come check it
out! Literally, come check it out!
When you select the material from
the library shelves, pull the card out,
sign your name, and leave the card in
the box on the table in the church
office. When you return the material,
please leave it on the same office
Thank you, and enjoy!
Page 6…
Registration, Hospitality Room, M-Veta‟s Christian Bookstore
Guest Speaker Cindy Dagnan
Author of Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?
Contributor to Focus on the Family and Today‟s Christian Woman Magazines
Her Messages: „The Chocolate Side of Life” and “Chocolate Comfort”
Lunch, Music, and Fun
Celebrate the 25th year of Ladies Days with us!
Come share the memories! Were you at the very first PCC Ladies Day in 1986?
Registration Information:
Cost $12 , Antioch Contact - Connie Overstreet
Women of Antioch, a group will be attending the event at a
host church: Southpark Baptist, at SW 119th and May Ave. The
live simulcast begins at [NEW TIMES!!] 8:30 AM and ends at
2:30 PM. We will meet at Antioch at 8 AM. Purchase your ticket
at Southpark for $25. Lunch and snacks are provided.
A Beth Moore Simulcast Event
Saturday, April 24th
Kiss your insecurities
good-bye and discover the joy of
living with confidence!
Ozark Christian College‟s Annual Women‟s Conference
“Balance, Resetting the Scales of Life”
April 23-24, www.OCC.edu/WomensConference, 417.626.1234x2104.
Cost: Love Offering
Page 7…
Check out the Empower card at the
Connection Corner in the auditorium
to get involved in service at Antioch.
Watch for other opportunities in the future or
create your own opportunities to serve.
Please consider coming to Primetimers. Newcomers are
welcome! We share good conversation and lunch.
We normally meet the second Wednesday of
each month at NOON. Sometimes we meet at
the Golden Corral, so call ahead! Plan to join us
in the future. Check the date by calling the
church office.
You are invited for…
April 16-18
Friday & Saturday at 7 PM Sunday at 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM
Parkview Christian Church
2828 S. 9th, Chickasha
Music Worship Leader Tom Graham
Speaker Doug Marks, Minister & Potter
Prayer Requests
Please lift up those listed below for prayers of hope, healing, comfort, encouragement,
peace, and praise. Specific requests will not be shared in this document. If you are
interested in participating in the prayer chain, e-mail [email protected]
is an important mission to pray for these requests. Detailed lists may be picked up at the church office.
The list is updated monthly based on information received. If you know of someone to place on or remove
from this list, please contact the church office 691-2115.)
The Antioch
Church Family
The Antioch
Academy &
Our nation and
All military
Anita Babbitt
Linda Baker
Susan Edge-Bliss
Joan Bronstad
Vickie Buchanan
Cheryl Ciere
Lorna Crosswhite
Kay Cunningham
Rick Curry
Emily Dunne
The Ellis Family
Hank Gold
Mike Gold
Scott Gold
Pennie Gregg
Chris Hartman
Sonya Hearn
Laura Koehler
Tom Kordic
Brad Kosir
Kent Lindholm
Lesa Manuel
Lyn Manuel
Kevin McClain
Glenn Nixon
Ellen Patterson
Gene Patterson
Lillie Patterson
Lois Platt
E.W. Pribble
LuAnn Sailor
Charles Saner
Myrna Schneider
Carolyn Simmons
Wynona Sorrells
Debbie Staats
Debbi Trail
Harold Winchester
Randy Wright
Joy Wyman
A young Husband
& Father
Page 8…
Page 9…
Psalm 127:3
“Children are a
from the Lord.”
Kingdom Kids Family Get-togethers
Our Children’s Ministry strives to provide a loving, caring
environment and curriculum to encourage children to grow up
knowing and loving the Lord, and having faith in God.
Little River Zoo
Saturday, April 24th
Ways you can help make our ministry effective:
 Pray for and with your child
 Pray for your child’s teachers and encourage them
 Be consistent in your attendance so your child can fully
benefit from their class
 Volunteer to serve...God can use all sorts of people to
minister to children
Bring the whole family and join us for a day at the zoo,
with a personal guided tour and a chance to pet many of
the animals! There are great areas for picnics or there is
a concession stand. We will meet at the entrance at 10
AM. The zoo is located near Norman.
This was the event originally scheduled for March, when
we ended up with a snow day. Sign up or re-sign up at
the Kingdom Kids Registration Table.
Please partner with us to grow these precious young people.
“Whoever welcomes a little child in my
name, welcomes me.”
Mark 9:37
Kingdom Kids
What a treasure are these little children! If you would
like to help for a two week period every few months,
please join our team. Contact any one of the following
women to get ‘plugged in’: Alicia Benton, Sam
Schasteen, and Angela Cole.
COORDINATOR NEEDED: We are currently seeking a
person who loves our children to be a coordinator for
our two-year-old group - to schedule workers and help
us quarterly (at most) to put together curriculum.
Please contact us!
CURRICULUM PREPARATION: Saturday, March 6th, 11
AM. Please come and help us put together the next
session’s curriculum.
Kids in Christ
(1st—6th Grades)
Kids in Christ Join us by signing in at the Kids in Christ
desk in the west hallway.
CO-LEADERS NEEDED: Kids in Christ is looking for coleaders. Please pray about this ministry opportunity. Class
leaders are also needed to work in two- week periods.
Contact Kara Kordic 799.7025 or Bryan Champ 691.2115.
Page 10…
To submit teen pictures, send to [email protected]
Junior and Senior High
Thursday, April 15th, Cost $10
Invite your friends!
For details contact Bryan Champ
Also contact Bryan by April 14th to go with a group.
Our regular youth meetings are every Wednesday! Invite a friend and join us each Wednesday,
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm in the NEW Student Center.
And don’t forget - keep livin’ it! Our goal has been to
self and our world. Keep being bold!
with God in a direct impact to
Page 10…
(Use the link pictured.)
2010 Summer Camp Dates & Deans
2nd Grade
June 5
9:30am - 4:00pm
Stony Capehart
3rd - 4th
June 28 - 30
10:00am - 11:00am
Dawn Moss
Josh Adsit
5th - 6th
June 21 - 25
10:00am - 11:00am
Dawn Moss
Josh Adsit
7th - 8th
June 13 - 18
3:00pm - 11:00am
Kyle Rodell
Lane Moss
9th - 12th
June 6 - 11
3:00pm - 11:00am
Bryan Champ
Jimmy Foreman
Come on!
You gotta com
It’ll be fun!
& Serious!
(Ya know wha
I mean,)
Page 12…
“I am once again reminded of how fortunate our Academy is to be
a part of the lives of families who, themselves and their children, bless
us each and every day. I really feel that together in partnership we
are raising a generation who will bring the light of God’s hope to a
world in need of His love. I believe with the leading of the Holy Spirit,
ACA can help our children be positive “Christ-like” contributors to
God’s very own creation.”
Annette Schrag, Principal
“Train a child in the way he should go and when
he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6
“...let us run with perseverance the race marked
out for us.” Hebrews 12:1b
Our Mission
To Support - ACA provides quality Christian education as an independent ministry of Antioch Christian
Church. We believe that the education and training of children is a God-given parental responsibility. Our
purpose is to support parents in this task. We serve as an extension of the home, existing to strengthen the
parent-child bond. We work together with parents by guiding, loving and disciplining their children.
To Equip - We will strive to equip your child academically by teaching all the core subjects in an effective
manner, but we also want to equip your child morally. The best text book for this task is the Bible. Our
philosophy of education is based upon the authority, authenticity, and reliability of the Bible as the complete
and final revelation of God. We view Christian Education as the process of learning truth through the Bible,
and communicating this truth in all that is studied.
OPEN ENROLLMENT - ON-GOING - For all families
Academy Office: 691-8012
Webpage: www.antiochokc.org
(select the tab “SCHOOL”)
Jesus said, “Let the little
children come to me, and do
not hinder them, for the
kingdom of heaven belongs to
such as these.”
Our Mission
Antioch Christian Preschool is a mission of Antioch Christian Church. Our goal is to assist parents with the
responsibility of guiding, teaching, loving, disciplining and directing children to love and serve God. It is our
desire to aid your child in becoming more Christ-like and to grow "in wisdom and stature, and in favor with
God and man," as stated in Luke 2:52.
OPEN ENROLLMENT - ON-GOING - For all families
Preschool Office: 692-1288
Webpage: www.antiochokc.org
(select the tab “SCHOOL”)
Page 13
Sam Bradford Autographed Football Jersey
Sooners 2009 Autographed Team Picture
Barry Switzer Autographed OU Football
Ball Caps
Game Tickets - for Sep. 11 - Box Seats on the 45 yd
Ball Caps
Fan Package
Game Tickets - for Apr. 14
Game tickets
Moon Bounce Rental
Custom Cake
Andy Alligator’s Fun Park Family Fun Pack
HeyDay Entertainment Laser Tag/Golf
Incredible Pizza
TG Farms Pumpkin Patch Family Pass
Science Museum Passes
A New American Doll - Emily & 3 outfits
Tumbling/Cheer Sessions at Twisters Gym
Star Gymnastics
Soccer Package
Martial Arts Packages
Afternoon for 6 at Remington Park racetrack
Full Car Detail
Parent Survival Night at The Little Gym
Spa & Salon Services
Gym/Fitness Package
Home Décor
Gift Sets
Golf package
Spring Plants
Coffee Products
Special Services and Offers
Restaurant Certificates
Colcord Hotel Stay
Gourmet Items
Box of 16 Ribeye Steaks
Autographed Framed Pictures
Event Passes
Everything benefits our Academy and children! Please bring them to ACA by April 7th,
or notify Loraine at [email protected]
Page 14
1 pm
6:-7:30 PM
10:15 AM
6:45 PM
10:15 AM
6:-7:30 PM
6:45 PM
10:15 AM
6:-7:30 PM
All Day
10:15 AM
Everyone Welcome
1st & 3rd Sundays - 9 AM
On Campus
Robert Miller (691.1097)
Everyone Welcome
Sunday - Noon
Off Campus
Marty & Lorri Czarneski (759.2313)
Young Adults/Families
Sunday - 5 PM
Off Campus
Kyle & Sam Schasteen(237.9966)
Everyone Welcome
Sunday - 5:30 PM
Off Campus
Eddie & Donna Vickers (799.6535)
Everyone Welcome
Sunday - 6 PM
Off Campus
David & Debbie Emberson (314.5885)
Tom & Kara Kordic (799.7025)
6:-7:30 PM
Monday - 6:45 PM
On Campus
Scott Overstreet (392.3955)
Tuesday - Noon
Off Campus
Terrie DeShazo (794.1426)
Everyone Welcome
Tuesday - 6:30 PM
Off Campus
Nathan & Sharla Tate (392.2224)
Senior Adults
Monthly - Noon
On Campus
Church Office (691.2115)
Wednesday - 6:30 pm
On Campus
Jennifer Stier (692.5303)
Everyone Welcome
2nd & 4th Sundays - 5:30 PM
Off Campus
John & Staci Jorgenson (790.0841)
Please consider getting connected and help others get connected in a small group,
whether it is one of those listed above, one just beginning, or one you initiate. This is
how we get to know and encourage one another, and learn and serve together. Even
make a temporary commitment to try one out!
Statistically, people who do not get connected will not remain within a church family.
Try us out! We’re all just a group of sinners, loved and cherished by our King.