Creation Experience Museum Review



Creation Experience Museum Review
Creation Experience Museum Review
On July 13, 2013 our family was privileged to go to the Creation Experience
Museum in Strafford, MO. Strafford is a very small town and I was very
impressed that they had a really nice place in the middle of town for people to
come and learn about God's wonderful Creation. From the time we walked
through the door, we felt very welcomed. We were offered to either join the tour that was going
through the museum or to take our time and do a self tour. We
decided to do our own tour.
One thing you do need to keep in mind this is only a small building, but they have
packed a lot into it. There is items that are to big for this building and they are waiting to put
those items into the big museum they are building in Branson, MO that
they hope to open around December.
They have an aquarium with Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.
Yep they are just as ugly as any other cockroaches.
They have a replica of the Tower of Babel and information all about the building of it and where
the location of it was. To think that the area in the world that has so much turmoil today was once
where the beginning really began. Yes, when you start really getting into science you also get into a lot
of history and Bible.
They have a media room where students and adults can sit down and
watch a movie. They have several different creation movies to pick from. The
staff are really nice and offered their visitors to sit and watch a movie while they had something to
drink and a cookie. It was a hot day and it was nice to be able to sit
down and enjoy a nice cool area where the kids were learning about
Creation and enjoying themselves.
As in every museum it was interesting to see artifacts and
replicas of things I had heard about. Milton enjoyed seeing all the
dinosaurs. One of the neat places in the museum was the cave area that they had. So many
people believe that caves take million and billion of years
when in actuality it is only a few thousand of years old.
We also enjoyed getting to see all the books for adults, teens and children. They
had a neat little area for kids to sit and play with Creation toys
while their parents shopped. Now if you are wanting to
compare this to one of the big Creation Museum's, DON'T! It
is a very small “store building” and they have done a super job
with it. In the media room they have a diagram of what the
new museum in Branson will look like and it looks awesome. Yes, we highly recommend
visiting this wonderful place.
For more information and directions to get to the museum go to

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