founders awards eng



founders awards eng
started by
believing first”
Mr. Diaz de Leon
Founders Award
During the year 2016 all Ardyss distributors registered only in the United States and
the Caribbean region at this time, will be able to participate in a special opportunity.
Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon the founder of Ardyss, has decided to structure a plan to
invite those committed distributors who share his dream of building a business
based on values and hard work to participate in the decisions and wealth that Ardyss
produces annually
The Dream
"To have a selected group of leaders who wants to be part of
making of one of the best network marketing companies in
the world. Not only because of the product and compensation
plan, but because of its people”
The Benefits
Participate on the annual Ardyss Board Meeting. (Next Cancun Mexico)
Earn a 10% of the annual results of the Ardyss USA and Caribbean region
business among qualifiers*
The Goal
Option 1:
All existing Advisors, Coordinator, Supervisors, Managers, Directors,
Presidents, Executives and Diamonds will need to achieve the rank of
Platinum at least 4 times during 2016*
Option 2:
All existing Platinum’s will need to qualified at least 7 months during the
year to participate and bring at least one new leg during 2016 with 20,000
with 50% rule or more points*
*The required volume to achieve the goal will need to come exclusively from the USA and Caribbean Region
*The next board meeting will be held in Cancun Mexico, in September 2016. This will take place one day after the
vacation rewards “Ardyss in Paradise” concludes. The distributors who qualifies for the vacation rewards and has
qualified or in the path to do so, will be invited to the board meeting to provide further information
*To earn the 10% of the results of the USA and Caribbean annual results will be accordingly to the plan presented at the
Cancun board meeting

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