reetings Prayer Warriors. I pray INVITE others to sign up and be a



reetings Prayer Warriors. I pray INVITE others to sign up and be a
 G reetings Prayer Warriors. I pray that God blessed you with a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and holiday weekend. It’s prayer time! Once again we are calling on all Intercessory Prayer Warriors to join us in prayer from 6am on Saturday, December 5th to 6am on Sunday, December 6th. I cannot thank you enough for allowing God to use you as an intercessory prayer warrior. If there was ever a time we needed to pray, that time is NOW! I believe God wants to create within our church family a culture of prayer, where the community of believers is praying without ceasing – in season and out of season – interceding on behalf of our church family, community and city. I asked God to increase our prayer warriors by 50 additional new members to the ministry of prayer, but was convicted in my spirit not to limit God to a number. If the church is to create a culture of a praying atmosphere then every member – and any non‐member – should be invited and encouraged to participate in this life changing discipline. If we are going to grow spiritually, growth comes through spending time with God in prayer. Growth comes from focusing on God in prayer.  Watch prayer change our view of God.  Watch prayer change our circumstances.  Watch prayer change our view of ourselves.  Watch prayer change our view of others. We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth.” ~ ANDREW MURRAY ~ Let’s PRAY for Strength to do the will of God in our War Rooms. Let us PRAY for God to perform miracles in our lives as we journey through this season of Advent to celebrating the birth of Christ – our CHRISTMAS! PRAY that God continues to keep us from all hurt, harm and danger as we close out 2015 and enter into 2016. PRAY for the harvest of lost souls and hurting families. PRAY for the new members who will be joining the Intercessory Prayer Ministry team. PRAY that we take the limits off of God, spiritually and numerically. There is no secret what God can do. PRAY that you can find a way to pray 5 minutes a day for 21 days beginning December 7th through December 27th. INVITE others to sign up and be a part of our prayer ministry. TALK IT UP!
DECEMBER 24‐hour Prayer Vigil Schedule DATE & TIME DATE & TIME NAME Saturday,  Pastor Thomas  William Cornick December 5th 6am  Sandra Pugh  Rita Fields  Doris Diggs  Nancy Hamilton  Bessie Ward  Nellie Daniels  Rev. Sylvia Bills  Deborah Margolis  Rev. Stephanie Duncan  Janet Felton  Wanda Mills‐Bocachica NAME
 Daryl Lewis  Robert Chisley  Julia Hasan  Bessie Chisley  Rochelle Chisley  Jason Jasper  Dr. Shirley Mays  Dr. Jerome Garrison  Cheryl Garrison 7am  Verna Cordwell  Theatis McKissack  LaTonya Davis  L.C. Jones  Freddie Jones  Tom Sutton  Dr. Joel Martin  Evelyn Sutton  Sandra Bassett  Denise Phillips 8pm
 Hannah Lucas  Rev. Gordon Gordon  Rev. BJ Thomas  Terri Brown  Askia Stewart  Rev. Charlesetta Lee  Alicia Gowen  Julia Hasan 8am  Rev. Gordon Gordon  Rev. Ralph Hamilton  Amelia Hughes  Kenneth Granville  Nita Gentry  Dimitrius Weddington  Alice Wynn 9pm
 Ann Young  Fred Turner  Joyce McNeil  Cora Duncan  Ora Wagoner  Julia Hasan  Loren Grizzard  Andrea Brandon 9am  Sam Johnson  Marcia Tancil  Rev. Michael Hopkins  Juanita Tillman  Louis Webb 10pm
 Atasha Tallie  Abraham Taylor  Yvonne Dunn  Shirley Ware  Burniece Lytle  Julia Hasan 10am  Cara Weddington  Tonsa Price‐Edwards  Renee Bernard  Burniece Lytle 11pm
 Robert Motley  Ansel Styles Jr.  Kevin Merchant  Julia Hasan 11am  Wilma Osborne  Jerome Garrison Jr.  Kelly Solomon  Rebecca Dawkins 12noon  Mordecai Spriggs  Laraine Johnson  Jo‐Anne Parker  Larry Gould  Henry Scott  Willie Scott  Judith Mackey Sunday,  Pastor Thomas  Sandra Harrison December 6th  Herb Tancil  Floyd Galloway Midnight
 Julia Hasan 1pm  Gretchen Barber‐Lindstrom  Karen Flemister  Michael Flemister 1am
 Ann Young  Robert Young  Diane Willis  Julia Hasan 2pm  Janet Reed  Margaret Rease  Jearline Gould  Dr. Darlene Little  Dr. Michael Little 2am
 Proctor Houston  Lolli Houston  Rev. Quantá Crews 3pm  Phyllis Moore‐Rodriguez  Bertha Solomon  Dr. Shelia Mays  Rev. Quantá Crews  Kevin Merchant 3am
 Rev. Dorothy Thomas  Cloves Campbell III  Jhamie Howard 4pm  Sam Rodriguez  Stephany Dean  Earl Pettigrew 4am
 Charles Napier  Jhamie Howard  Randy Taylor  Theresa Maupin 5pm  Dr. Candace Hughes  Alice Wynn  Joyce Cameron  LaTonya Cameron  Ethel Carter  Marsha Pettigrew 5am
 Rodger Wells  Willie Johnson  Rita Fields  Jeri White  Dr. Linda Fulmore  Nancy Hamilton  Bobbie Washington  Rev. Tonya Taylor 6pm  Rev. Angela Miller  Jennifer Jasper  Rev. Bettye Yeatman  Jason Jasper  Sheila Mays  Janet Parker 6am
 Pastor Thomas  Tamara Thomas  Rev. Sylvia Bills  Deanne Adams  Bessie Ward  Nellie Daniels  Lorraine Taylor Revised Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 2pm