reunion publication - Anderson School Ipoh



reunion publication - Anderson School Ipoh
Anderson School Ipoh
Class of ‘69
30th Anniversary Re-Union
A publication to commemorate our 30th Anniversary
Celebrated with friends and family at
The Anderson School Old Boys’ Clubhouse, Ipoh
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Welcome to the 30th Anniversary Re-Union for the Class of ’69!
This is a very significant milestone. Having established that we would have a re-union dinner, thoughts
turned rapidly towards creation of an updated contact list. From a series of e-mail discussions the idea grew
into a simple publication to commemorate this event. Logistics aside, it seems strange that I should have the
honour to edit this “mini yearbook”, as it should really be reserved for a “local”. However, Wong Mee Yong
was able to convince me and voila, the result is in your hand. An electronic version is also published on the
web at, courtesy of the young webmaster below.
When the project began, we were not sure how extensive the work would be. We sent out repeated
solicitations for information updates to flesh out happenings, successes, and so forth over the 30 years. We
are grateful to those who have responded; their information forms the basis for this publication. We are
fortunate to have Mr. Eddy Chin write an opening that conjures up images from the past and reflects on his
teaching philosophy that is still true today. We included a section on Memories of ‘69 for old time’s sake and
a contemporary personal section to bring us up to the present. Finally, a contact listing captures a segment of
the graduating class of ’69. We will be willing to update the contact list in the web document if new
information is forwarded to me at the e-mail addresses below.
Let us acknowledge several people whose tireless efforts have made this occasion possible: Wong MeeYong for advertising, networking, photographs and photocopies of the ’69 edition of the Opinion; Kok Wai
Sum for a constant stream of quality suggestions and for compiling the contact list; Steven Yen Siew San for
scanning and forwarding images from the ‘69 yearbook; Mohd. Abdul Kadir and Tan Kok Wah for
coordinating the venue and caterer for the re-union at the Anderson School Old Boy’s Clubhouse; Datuk N.
Selvamany for his warm welcome message, Mr. Eddy Chin for his continuing guidance and support; and the
enthusiasm of many others – Lee Yoong Min, Kwok Pooi Hung, and Wan Chan Weng - who cannot make it
back for this event.
It is hard to comprehend that 30 years have passed. I still remember listening to the live radio broadcast of
Apollo XI’s landing of the first man on the moon during a physics class. So much time has passed and for
most of us, our children are now older than we were back then in ’69. Some lucky few have even retired
while many more like me are still on the treadmill. One of the perks of being the editor for this publication is
that I got to preview all the submitted material. From the photos I have seen, I would say that time has been
kind to most of us. For one who has ventured far and wide to make my career, I have not been able to keep
in touch with many of you. However, I have retained the indelible image of how you looked back then for all
these years. Khor Siok Hoon and Chan Wai Weng looks exactly the same as I remembered them to be!
This re-union is a time to celebrate life, to reminisce about memories from long ago, and to renew old ties
for the future. Friends and extended families all add to make this a very special occasion. We hope the
evening will be meaningful and nostalgic and above all, fun. Till we meet again at the next re-union, all the
very best in health, prosperity, and happiness to you and yours,
Meng H. Lean, Ph.D.
353 Sleepy Hollow Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 USA
Tel: 914-762-1626, 914-762-1283 (fax)
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Xerox Corporation
Wilson Center For Research & Technology
141 Webber Avenue
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 USA
Tel: 914-333-1019, 914-631-8338 (fax)
E-mail: [email protected]
March 28, 1999
MH and Rich, the webmaster
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
It is with nostalgia and happiness that I write this message for the year Book of
the 1967 Graduating Form Five and 1969 Upper Sixth Classes of Anderson School
Ipoh - nostalgia because 1967 and 1969 bring back so many memories and happiness,
and because after more than three decades, many of the 1967 and 1969 students will
meet again at the reunion function on 28.3.1999. Furthermore, those of us who were
teachers then in Anderson School Ipoh feel honoured to be remembered and to be
invited to this function.
The Editorial of the 1967 "Andersonian" summed up the spirit of the Anderson
School, thus:
"The spirit of the school friendship and cooperation spreads across the school,
proving yet once again that no challenge is too trivial or too great for Andersonians
to handle....we are confident that Anderson School will always remain as the
molding place for citizens exhibiting the dynamism necessary to a young Nation
such as ours."
The 1967 and 1969 students have lived up to the lines I have quoted and have
produced a judge, super speciality doctors, eminent professionals, very successful
businessmen, fine administrators, civil servants, and the list goes on. They have
nurtured a level headed multiracial culture with a grateful heart which is vital for the
greatness of our beloved Nation, Malaysia.
Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked so tirelessly
to make this reunion possible.
May God's blessings be with us all.
With Love and Best Wishes,
Dato' N. Selvamany
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
I must thank Wong Mee Yong for extending this invitation to me on behalf of the Class of ‘69. Especially
as I had left the Anderson that year, to work at my own alma mater, the A.C.S.
But the three years from 1966 were my own formative years as a struggling first-job bolder, and taught me
not a few enviably good things, including:
a. The value of trust, as shown by Mr. N.S. Selvarmany (now Datuk) who I know was influentia1 in hiring
me over candidates with teaching qualifications. He could have been joined by the late Mr. Ung Khek
Chow, who like1y saw some gain from my athletics record that could be put to use with Anderson’s relay
b. Compliance with basic rules in an organisation that had taken a risk in hiring me, in the expectation I
would be able to impart to a varied group of young charges. Almost stemming from this....
c. A judicious need to discard notions of hierarchy, and be able to rap with teaching colleagues as well as
pupils. Pulling rank never worked to the good. (Not then, not now.)
d. The importance of HOW (— finding solutions to problems, issues) over WHAT (= content, information,
book knowledge). Even today, the delight in presenting a poser far supercedes the tendency to provide an
answer, to my colleagues in advertising.
e. The inevitability of change, and the need for flexibility in exploiting to advantage, any change. Yet,
without compromising one’s organisation’s core values. (Anderson’s are enshrined in its motto ‘To strive,
to seek, to find, and not to yield.’)
My short stint at your old schoo1, then, probably gave me more than I gave. Prepared me better for life in
the private sector. Has even sustained my current career in advertising, via useful contacts with old boys and
girls such as some of you!
Of course, my more exciting moments then were spent with the track teams: Teoh Gim Meng, Lee Ean
Keong (splendid first two legs in the quartet!), Kok Wai Sum (who initially thought he couldn’t fit into the
race?) and Lam Thye Loy the turbocharged anchor. In the longer relay, Lee Ean Chiew (before he became a
banker) and also Dollah Mohyddin the 400m hero and hurdler.
Just as meaningful, the many days drilling the debaters, who did busloads of us proud at the Malaysian
schools’ finals led by Chen Lip Keong. To me, the trying, and how this galvanised the whole school as one —
was more valuable than the runner-up result secured.
And I remember the 90-odd choir in ‘A Grand Night for Singing’. It was your show, first to last. You
organised it, sold it, and delivered it. I was merely the willing instrument, offering rudimentary help with
vocal production!
I believe any teacher’s final role is not imparting knowledge (= content) but infecting his pupils with
attitudes. Correct attitudes (no need to preach them here!). In many senses, my teaching colleagues and the
pupils at Anderson imbued me with not a few good attitudes. That’s why when I meet you now, years later, I
don’t cringe. I smile. Because you smile back. Thank you! And all best wishes for life!
Eddy Y.S. Chin
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Sdn. Bhd.
Kuala Lumpur
03-215-2600 h/p 012-283-5497
Fax: 03-235-1289
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Basir Ahmad
Chan Kuan Yoke
Chan Wai Weng
Chee Kam Chye
Cheong Soon Fong
Chew Kim Yoom
Chow Kim Weng,
Foong How Yam
Khong Fon Seng, Jim
Khor Siok Hoon
Kok Wai Sum
Kwok Pooi Hung
Lean Meng Hin
Lee Ean Keong
Lee Yoong Min
Liew Tet Seng
Manjit Singh
Mohd. Abdul Kadir
Mohd. Ghouse
Mohd. Jamel Basha
Ng Chong Wah
Satish Kumar Shukla
Soon (Mrs)
Math Teacher
Tan Kok Wah,
Teoh Ah Bah
Wan Chan Weng
Wong Ho Poh
Wong Guang Seng,
Wong Mee Yong
Yen Siew San, Steven
March 28, 1999
Contact Information
Kuala Lumpur/PJ, 03-2032174, h/p 010-2134572
44, Jalan Serunai 15, Taman Klang Jaya, 41200 Klang, Selangor, 03-9251077 (w)
03-3238617 (h)
33, SS4C/10, 47301 Petaling Jaya, 03-7036401 (h), [email protected]
16, Lengkok Zaaba Dua, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, 03-7181764
[email protected]
37 Jalan Bakawali 10, Taman Johor Jaya, Johore Baru 81100, 07-3536588
56, Pesiaran Bruas, Damansara Heights, 50490, Kuala Lumpur, 03-2523530,
03-2545709 (fax), [email protected]
The Skin Centre, Suite 30, 4th Floor, Pantai Medical Centre, 8 Jln Bukit Pantai,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, 03-2225278, 03-2225273 (fax), [email protected]
53, Jalan Teluk Pulai, Bukit Seputeh, 58000 K.L., 03-2743653
2 Howell Close, Doncaster East, Victoria, Australia 3109, 613-96633044,
613-96638051 (Fax), [email protected],
102, Lintang Delima 4, Glugor 11700, Penang, 04-6575713, [email protected]
2832 Via Pacheco, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 USA
213-3836353 (w), 310-3778860 (h), 310-3778678 (fax), [email protected]
12467 Mooreknoll Lane, Houston, TX 77024 USA, 713-8277753 (h),
281-2933390 (w), 281-2935529 (fax), [email protected]
353 Sleepy Hollow Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 USA, 914-3331019 (w),
914-7621626 (h), 914-7621283 (fax), [email protected], [email protected]
Malaysian Airlines System, Kuala Lumpur/PJ, [email protected]
Auckland, New Zealand, [email protected]
73 Jalan SS 18/1, Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya, 03-3688264 (w),
03-7332836 (h), [email protected]
Penang, [email protected]
Ipoh, 05-5465707 (w), 05-3126205 (h)
Kuala Lumpur/PJ, 03-6561121 (w), 03-7195229 (h)
Physics Dept, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, 04-6577888 x 3673 (w)
51, Jalan SS 22/27A, Damansara Jaya, 47400, P.J., 03-7185935,
[email protected]
Glugor, Penang, 04-863586? (w), 04-215203? (h), [email protected]
Kuala Lumpur/PJ, 03-2557484
Penang, 04-8267336 (h), 04-2636320 (w), 04-2618246 (fax)
Baxter Penang, Penang
24-1100 Queens Ave, Oakville, ONT, Canada L6H 2B5, 905-3392675
[email protected], [email protected]
584, Siglap Road, Singapore 455949, (65) 4483728,
[email protected], [email protected]
27, Solok Tambun, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, 05-5467361 (h), 05-2531358 (w),
[email protected]
139, SS21/13, Damansara Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 03-7196009,
03-7197175 (fax), [email protected]
1-10-2,No.1, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang, 04-2267663 (h), 03-7182663,
04-3865101 (w), h/p 012-4845577, [email protected]
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
44, Jalan Serunai 15,
Taman Klang Jaya,
41200 Klang, Selangor.
Tel.: 03-9251077 (office) 3238617 (house)
Married: 22 years - happily
Family Members:
Husband - 1
Children - 2 (Aged: 21yrs and 14yrs)
Dog - 1
Tax Director, KPMG Tax Services
Other Activities:
Treasurer - National Autistic Society of Malaysia
33, SS4C/10
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel.: 7036401 (hse)
E-mail: [email protected]
1968-1969: Studied Sixth Form in Anderson School.
1970-1973: University of Otago, BSc. Hon. (Chemistry)
1974: Temporary teacher at ACS, Ipoh.
1975-1997: Worked as a Biochemist in
general hospital, retired in June 1997.
Spouse: Ling Eng Piau, Accountant,
Head of Finance,
General Manager,
Felda Palm Industries Sdn Bhd
Children: 2 Sons
(1) Ling Hua Yew: Studying Econ/Law at
Monash University, Australia.
(2) Ling Hua Loon: Studying A-level at
Sunway College.
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
(Mrs. Chan Keng Leong)
16, Lengkok Zaaba Dua
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel.: 03-7181764
E-mail: [email protected]
P.K. HEM at Sentul Convent Secondary School, K.L.
Has been teaching for the past 27 years.
Chan Keng Leong - attached to Petronas, K.L.
Eldest son - Chan Ming-Yau, 21 years old, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student in
Melbourne, Australia.
Youngest son - Chan Ming-Chyuan, 18 years old, A-Levels student in Taylor's College.
Tel: 07-3536588
Address: 37, Jalan. Bakawali 10, Taman Johor Jaya, J.B.81100, Johor.
Husband's name: Chan Chee Keong. Have 5 sons: Hon Keat (born in
85), Hon Pun ( 87), Hon Yong(88), Hon Meng (92), not sure of the youngest)
1970 -1973:
Upper 6 Science 3, Anderson School, Ipoh.
University of Canterbury, New Zealand,
B. Sc (Hons) in Biochemistry.
1974 -1975:
Temporary teacher in MGS, Ipoh.
1975 -1976:
University of Malaya, Diploma in Education.
1976 -1978:
Teacher in Sam Tet, Ipoh.
1979 -1999:
Teacher in S.M.K. Datok Lokman,
Jalan Kampong Pandan, K.L.
53, Jalan Teluk Pulai, Bukit Seputeh, 58000 K.L.
Tel.: 03- 2743653
Yap Foo Cheow, Director at Reuters Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Yap Wai Leng (18), currently doing A-levels at Taylor's college.
Yap Wai Sun (16), Form 4 student in MGS , K.L.
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Name of spouse Ng Hock Beng
Names of children Ng Su Li (girl), Ng Mi Li (girl)
Home Address:
56, Pesiaran Bruas,
Damansara heights,
50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel. No. 03- 2523530
Fax No. 03 – 2545709
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Address: Malaysian Industrial Development Authority
Chemical Industries Division,
11th. Floor, Wisma Damansara,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
P.O. Box 10618,
50720 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel. No. 03 - 2553633 (GL)
03- 2595564-(DL)
Fax No. 03 - 2538464
I graduated from the University of Malaya as a chemical engineer and has since then been working with
Malaysian Industrial Development Authority. This is a Government agency, which is involved in the
promotion and development of the industrial sector in Malaysia. I am currently attached to the Chemical
Industries Division.
I am married with two daughters. My husband, Hock Beng was three years our senior at Anderson
School. He is a mechanical engineer and he was running his own construction and development business
until about three years ago. He has since retired from formal business. He is a fairly keen golfer, and I join
him at the game almost every weekend.
My older daughter, Su Li who will turn 23 soon has graduated as an electrical engineer last year. She
is currently working with Nortel in Canada as a software development engineer. She is also married to a
Canadian. Nope I am not a grandmother yet. I wonder how many of us have become grandparents.
My younger daughter is eighteen. At the moment, is a first year undergraduate at the University of
Toronto. She is with the department of Electrical/Computer Engineering. Another engineer!!!
Where am I heading? I am heading for retirement - I'd like very much to join my husband so that we
can find more time to do things together. We would like to visit our daughter more often too. I will do this
after Mi Li graduates - we will know where she is heading by then.
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Dear Wai Sum,
It’s been too long. I do not know whether you remember me or not but I am Khong Fon
Seng. Unfortunately, I cannot make it to the reunion, much to my greatest disappointment.
Not good enough to just walk away from what I am doing which is one of the many things
that has eluded me for all this years. Still working every day to achieve them.
My address is:
Jim Khong Fon Seng,
2. Howell Close
Doncaster East
Victoria, Australia 3109
Fortuna Village Restaurant
235, Little Bourke Street
Victoria, Victoria 3000
Tel: (613) 96633044
Fax: (613) 96638051
Email: [email protected]
Website: http:\\
where you can find out more about me and what I do all these 30 years.
Please let me know how I can get a copy of this publication?
Please sentd my warmest regards and best wishes to the Class of 69 and
do let me know some details of what is partaking. I only wish I could
be there.
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Hi, I'm Siok Hoon. Just heard from Mee Yong today about the
commemorative yearbook you're preparing for all of us. I'm really out of
touch with all of you and am real glad to meet up for this coming reunion.
Some updates about myself.
Finished medical studies in 1975 MBBS UM. Married my classmate in
1976 (Tan Lim Seng). He's now a surgeon in private practise. Did not
specialise due to family commitments.
Presently working as the director of Balik Pulau Hospital in Penang. Have 3 boys--1) 2nd year medical student in Leeds UK
2) 1st year medical student in NUS, S'pore
3) waiting for SPM results....This fellow also wants to do medicine, no, I did not influence them in their
career choice!!
Home Address: 102, Lintang Delima 4, Gelugor, 11700, Penang
E-mail [email protected]
Tel. 04-6575713
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
in one of our camping trips to the rockies in colorado/wyoming, we came near the great
continental divide, which is unique. imagine two drops of rain, just an inch apart, falling
onto the divide but on different slopes. each will travel their separate ways via brooks then
rivers, finally into the atlantic & pacific oceans respectively, some four thousand miles
apart. we were the raindrops @ anderson then we went our separate journeys coursing
through the oceans of humanity. unlike the raindrops we have crossed oceans to balek
kampong to our roots.
30 (almost!) years ago, i decided against going to nz, to
enter um with a fire to do better than my hsc. that burning
resolution wilted in months. academically um was the pit
for me. all others, um was my highlites. i thoroughly
enjoyed the sports, the student organizations, made tons of
life long friends and met my life long special - catherine.
cat is from kuching, sarawak (no pun intended!). before
"stealing" a bs degree from um in 74, i taught as a temp in
acs kelang for a few months while waiting for the final
results. it was fun to be on the other side of the classroom.
with bs in hand, i bs (pun intended!) myself into a sales job with bayer chemicals
in penang. returned to kl 2 years later. through bayer we got to travel all around
europe/uk. oh! in between we got married in 75 in ipoh and honeymooned in the
far east. our 1st girl, mei-yin came in 78 with the second, also another netball
player, su-yin, in 80. after 8 years with bayer, left with my boss to start up
nordmann rassmann's (german) office in kl. a year later became a partner. cat
who was teaching all this while, wanted a career change. after much thought, she
left for west virginia to do her mba in 82. unbeknownst to both of us, she left
with a stowaway! she was pregnant! li-yin, our 3rd girl came during her finals (in
83) which she took from the maternity ward. cat brought a month old li-yin back
to kl during her summer break and went back solo to finish her final year. earlier i had visited cat in west
virginia and that rekindled my mba fire (another fire again!)
when cat finished in 84, i left for ucla with 2 kids and a baby. we met in
los angeles. took in the 84 olympics. due to $$ problems, cramped the
course and finished in 85. however cat found employment and wanted to
stay. reluctant to give up the cushy life in kl, i refused. finally i was
persuaded by the thought that if my grandparents had not struck out for
malaya, i would still be in canton! we literally started all over again a 2nd
time. on reflection now, it was fun. no $$ as the 2 mbas cleaned us out.
our one asset was our kl bangsar house. no friends in a foreign land. we
were literally each others best friends. me with 4 girls as my best & only
friends!! i found work as the office manager with a clothing company;
then as an asst. vp with a singapore bank in la; onto being the controller
of a ladies swimwear company and now as the controller (=bean counter) with a small medical group.
meanwhile cat stayed in her specialty in regulatory affairs i.e. getting the mandatory fda approvals for new
pharmaceuticals. she is a regulatory affairs manager. in between we traveled around north america (visited
>30 states), camping in many of its parks & islands, watched a fifa world cup finals in 94, going to watch
another fifa world cup finals (ladies) this july, ran (no walking) a full marathon, saw musicals, plays, ballets,
operas & rock concerts. no, have not taken up golf yet. mei-yin is her 3rd year @ wellesley college, su-yin is
a freshman @ cornell and li-yin is in high school - 10th grade & a serious ballet dancer.
30 years seem so long but yet so short in a lifetime of living.....bring on the next millennium!!
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Kwok Pooi Hung (ex-Kok Phooi Hung)
12467 Mooreknoll Lane
Houston, TX 77024 USA
Home (713) 827-7753
Office Tel (281) 293-3390
Office Fax (281) 293-5529
E-mail [email protected]
Married Lorie since 1976 and we have three children, namely:
Katrina 19 in college
Jonathan 16 in high school
Gabriel 12 in middle school
March 28, 1999
Conoco Inc.: an integrated international oil & gas company; a partner with Petronas in the
Melaka refinery; owns and operates Jet petrol stations in Malaysia
Provide production engineering support for business development and/or new ventures in the
areas of extraction systems, cost estimates and project management for infrastructure
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Worked for a few years before leaving for Canada in 1973 for undergraduate studies in
Electrical Engineering. Met my future wife Linda, from Taipei, who was a graduate
student in Anthropology. We were married in 1977. Linda has since converted to an IT
career with a second masters in MIS. Completed my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering under
a Xerox Fellowship and joined their Palo Alto Research Center in 1981. Spent the last 18
years with them advancing from individual contributor to project leadership on a multitude
of very interesting research problems. Major thrust has been building prototype color
engines for the analog-to-digital migration of copier and printer technologies. Traveled
extensively both in the US and abroad to conferences in Japan, Europe and the Americas. Also frequent
travel to the national labs (PPPL & LANL) and academia to coordinate collaborative research. Several
opportunities over the years for professorships in academia but opted to remain in applied industrial research.
We are settled into suburbia just 40 miles north of New York City.
Access to the city is convenient and we have enjoyed the varied
culture that the New York metropolitan area has to offer. Two
children: David (18), a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University in
Pittsburgh; and Richard (15), a freshman in Briarcliff High School.
Linda and I have tried to balance the kids’ development in sports,
music, and technology. Both play travel ice hockey at AA and
AAA levels. Rich was on an all star team representing the New
England states at the 1998 World Pee Wee (age 13-14) Ice hockey
Championships in the Quebec Carnivale. I coached David’s teams
for several years. Both kids attend the Northern Westchester
Chinese School system on weekends. David has since graduated
with a 12th grade diploma and Rich is presently a 10th grader.
They both read and write reasonably well in Mandarin. David
plays the viola and Rich the piano. Of course being teenagers,
they also play lead and bass guitars for their own rock bands. From a very early age, we provided them with
their own computer systems, which have since undergone several major upgrades to stay current with
contemporary technology. They are reasonably immersed in computing and were/are in turn sysops and
webmasters at their high school. Linda and I are kept pretty busy with their activities. However, the load is
now lighter as David is boarding in college. Rich has three years to go in high school, and we are enjoying
the interactions with him. We know those of you who are already “empty nesters” do miss having the kids
around. Linda and I will continue to work in the foreseeable future, both for the income and the intellectual
challenges. Over all, we have been fairly successful in our careers. Having made our home in the US, our
biggest sacrifice has been the absence of relatives and friends especially during festive holidays. As we grow
older, it is natural to get nostalgic and long for our roots and childhood friends. This may be the motivation
for more frequent visits in the future. Contact us if you will be in the New York area and we can arrange to
show you around our adopted home. Cheers!
The Leans
353 Sleepy Hollow Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 USA
914-762-1626, 914-762-1283(fax)
[email protected]
Circa June ’98 in front of
Azaleas in our yard. David is
in a “tux” for his senior prom.
Rich just graduated from
middle school (8th grade).
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Hi Meng Hin & the rest on the net, Kiora! Yes it is a good 30 years
since we left yet sometimes it feels like only yesterday. I still remember
very clearly the parties we used to have at my house and how I have to
clean up afterwards. Still remember how we tried to teach Bashir and
Krishnan how to foxtrot. Those were the days and it was good that I
could reminisce with some of you when I was last back. So what do you
want to know about me?? Yes like most I am still married to the same
woman, Tammy for the last 20 years, have 2 boys aged 17 and 14. the
elder one Edmund is in his last year of high school and the younger in Form 4. I am not sure
what achievements I have had, can't compare with some like High Court Judge, MD, Chief
Surgeon, Professors etc. I started work in Penang, that's where I met my wife, selling
dyestuffs for textile industry and my last job in Penang was selling Towels. You can say I was
into selling most of the time. Went through 7 jobs in M'sia only exception to non-selling was
when I was with Intel, Penang but that was only for 4 months couldn't hack an office job. Been in NZ for 4+ years and I
am into my 4th job again mostly selling from vacuum cleaners to real estate and presently air tickets. NZ is not exactly
an exciting place but it is nice if you want to slow down a bit. Let's see what else I can say, yes I live in a modest
country(only 3.5 mil people), a modest house(only 3 bedrooms), drive a modest car(Mazda) and make peanuts. I enclose
a photo of my family(a bit out of date 2 years old) and some shots from the past, see if you can pick yourself out??
Regards Y Min
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Address: Office- Albright & Wilson (M) Sdn.Bhd.
Pandamaran New Industrial Estate
42000 Port Klang
Home- 73 Jalan SS 18/1
Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya
Tel: Office- 03-3688264, Home- 03-7332836
e-mail: [email protected]
I am now with Petronas, 22 years already. Am married with one wife and have four
children. Presently staying at:
51, Jalan SS22/27A, Damansara Jaya, 47400, P.J.
Tel: 03-7185935.
E-mail: [email protected]
Please contact me if more info than the above is needed. Many thanks for your effort,
should toast more that night.
aka CW Wan, married since '73 to Kit Yew (formerly of Ipoh); 2 sons: Eugene (23) and Benjamin (21); came
to the Great White North in '92 via Penang (a stop-over of 19 yrs); resides west of Toronto at:
24-1100 Queens Ave, Oakville, ONT, Canada L6H 2B5
Tel: (905) 339 2675
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
No pets but share compound with squirrels (once nested outside French-window for entire winter). Currently
employed by ATI Technologies Inc (maker of graphics and multimedia products), Component Op. & Eng;
manages test engineering function for ASICs. Passes time mainly as a couch potato, whenever possible reads
(currently non-friction), used to shoot arrows (FITA, field), now only exercise is shoveling snow.
(No photo in ’69 Opinion either! – Ed.)
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Married to Amy (Singaporean) since 1980 (she's
still my wife). 2 girls viz Alice (17 turning 18) and
Ann (14 turning 15).
Address: 584, Siglap Road, Singapore 455949
Phone: (65) 4483728
e-mail: (1)
Ho Poh [email protected]
(2) [email protected]
Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Tan Tock Seng Hospital
(Tel: (65) 2566011)
Head, Emergency Medicine (Tan Tock Seng Hospital)
Hobbies: computer, reading, gardening, music listening, occasional
movies, TV watching, travelling, photography, reading, golf
(perpetual beginner!).
I'll think of more when I begin my next
session as a couch potato! I don't do all these at the same time nor in the same order. And, learning to play
the digeridoo by myself (find out what it is your self but rest assured it is nothing obscene).
My house is midway between Changi Airport and the city. I have 2 jobs but only one pay! Kok WS (big
time CEO) take note. Will be scanning some photos to send to MH soon.
I'm an orthopedic surgeon at Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. Been in Singapore since 1970. TTSH is
the 2nd largest government hospital in S'pore. By May 1999 I'll have been the Head of its Emergency
Department for the last
10 years. I've been
married to Amy since
1980. Like Kok WS,
still with the same
I have 2
daughters, aged 18
years and 15 years
come first quarter of
this year. Both are still
in school. Sorry, no
except every time we
had one, I ended up
looking after them! So,
no more pets! Interests:
gardening, reading - not
all at the same time and
not necessarily in that
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
27, Solok Tambun,
31400 Ipoh, Perak
05-5467361 (home)
05-2531358 (office)
[email protected]
Gregory went to London to pursue his professional
qualifications (FCA, CPA, ACMA, etc.) Did his Masters
degree in Business Administration, Cranfield School of Management, UK. Started working since 1970
serving articleship with a professional firm of accountants, London. Became senior auditor to Asst. Manager
with Touche Ross London. Was seconded to Price Commission as an independent accountant. Also worked
as insolvency supervisor. In 1977, joined Kassim Chan & Co., member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
International as a senior consultant and admitted to partnership in 1981. Greg married Lily Chin who is a
home-maker. She (her maid) brews beautiful Ipoh white coffee. If you happen to be in Ipoh and yearn for a
cuppas, do drop in at 27 Solok Tambun. They have three sons … Alan (16), Kenny (14), and Richard (11).
Greg relaxes playing golf.
Since he plays at least four
times a week, we can conclude
that he is a very relaxed guy.
He keeps fit swimming every
morning at least 10 laps (in his
15 m pool) before he is off to
his office. He enjoys having
friends and relatives (esp. his
favourite sister) over in the
evening for chit-chat but don’t
drop in after 10pm as he
believes in early to bed, early
to rise or rather the early bird
catches the worms!!!!!
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Ever wondered what happened to Mee-yong & Ean Keong? Well,
Mee-Yong graduated from University Sains Malaysia (USM) with a
degree in Science cum Education. Ean Keong joined as a cadet pilot
with Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in 1971 & graduated from
the Philippines Airline Aviation school in 1972.
The couple currently resides in the suburb of Petaling Jaya. Their 3
children are pursuing higher education overseas. The eldest, Jean-Jasmin, is
completing her 4th year of medical school in Singapore (NUS). Dawn-Darlene, is in
the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM), currently in her 3rd year in Mass
Communications. Keith-Kevin, just embarked in his first year at the University of
Wisconsin, Madison. (UWM)., & is keen on doing a Business degree.
Mee-yong has been teaching Maths & Chemistry in P.J. & Ean Keong is with
MAS flying the B-747-400 as an Instructor Pilot (so do check it out when you fly
MAS, as he may be "your captain speaking'!!! Now that they are 'Home Alone' most
of the time, they have more time to devote to their hobbies. Ean Keong plays golf,
watches TV, & enjoys listening to music (especially oldies!!! The children used to get
thrilled if dad says ' hey, i don't know the name of this song'.....because usually he
KNOWS all the old songs!). Mee-yong enjoys swimming, & has been actively involved, serving the Amature
Swimming Union of Malaysia as a technically official since 1985. Mee-yong (a.k.a. Caroline ) & Ean Keong
love to keep in touch with old friends. So whenever you guys are in town, or feel like having a karoake
session, do call at:
139, SS21/13, Damansara Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Fax: 03-7197175
E-mail: [email protected]
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
March 28, 1999
30th Anniversary Re-Union – Class of ’69
Yen Siew San (Steven)
1-10-2,No.1, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang
Home tel:
Off. Tel:
Married to Doris.
March 28, 1999

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