Get Ready for Scout Summer Camp 2015! August 2 to



Get Ready for Scout Summer Camp 2015! August 2 to
Get Ready for Scout Summer Camp 2015!
August 2nd to August 8th, Camp Wakpominee at Fort Anne, New York
May 5th
and 12th
May 21st
2015 Merit badge selection
July 1st
Medical Forms Due
(Parts A, B, and C)
Troop Meeting
Final Payment for Summer Camp Due
 Balance for scouts who made deposit in March
 Returning Scouts who did not make early bird deposit
in March must pay $570
 New Scouts $470
Mail, email or drop off to:
Jim Fitzmaurice
201 Bryant Street
Islip Terrace 11752
[email protected]
Larry Grey
67 Fawn Drive
East Islip, NY 11730
Email: [email protected]
Meet at GRFD for Camp!
Depart for Camp
Family Day at Wakpominee
Great River FD
Return to GRFD
Great River FD
Camp Wakpominee
6:00 AM
6:30 AM
4:00 EST
3:00 PM
Adult Leaders and Contact (cell) Information
Activity ASM’s
ASM’s at Camp - TBD
Jim Fitzmaurice, 917 337 9034
Larry Grey, 631.252.0620
Senior Patrol Leader
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 1
Updated: April 10, 2015
For our new Scouts just joining Troop 205, plan for a great week of camping and Scouting
activities at Twin River Council’s Camp Wakpominee near Lake George, New York. Located
on over 1,000 acres, this year round camp boasts one lake and three ponds. Camp
Wakpominee's week long resident camp offers an excellent traditional Boy Scout program
in an attractive Adirondack setting. Activities include a wide range of rank advancement
and merit badge opportunities. This is a GREAT opportunity for your son to grow and
develop as a scout, and there is no better way to get a jump on advancements than
attending summer camp!
SAFETY is our biggest concern while at camp. Wakpominee enforces a strict buddy system
which is tested multiple times daily, especially at the waterfront areas. Scout regulations
require multiple leaders to be present at all times. Troop 205 Leaders are there to guide
your sons through a great week of camp!
As the year continues there will be additional information to help you prepare for summer
camp. Information is available today (and will continue to be updated) on the Troop 205
site ( under the Summer Camp tab, and you can find information on the
Camp Wakpominee website at:
Another great source of information is your son’s fellow Scouts and Leaders! Please review
the attached information, and refer any questions to Assistant Scoutmasters Jim
Fitzmaurice (224-2674, [email protected]) or Larry Grey (581-8044,
[email protected]).
Yours in Scouting,
Assistant Scoutmaster Jim Fitzmaurice
Assistant Scoutmaster Larry Grey
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 2
Updated: April 10, 2015
FOR NEW SCOUTS, costs for camp are $470 if paid by June 1st. Applications after June 1st
will pay a higher rate of $570. This includes per scout gas and tolls expense.
Assistant Scoutmasters and parent volunteers drive to and from camp, and plan on leaving
the Great River Fire Department early on Sunday, August 2nd. The Troop returns on
Saturday August 8th in the mid-afternoon. There are stops to and from camp to allow all to
stretch. For Sunday please pack a lunch for the road, and on Saturday’s return we stop for
lunch, so the boys will need $10.
In advance of our departure we will review what to pack and how to prepare. A checklist is
provided below, however, now is a great time to schedule a doctor’s appointment for lateMay and early June. Medical forms are available on the Troop 205 website, and MUST be
completed and submitted by July 1st to Jim and Larry. Scouts and approved Leaders not
having a completed medical form WILL NOT be permitted to attend camp! Any
prescription medicines MUST be in the original container, and will be disbursed by the
Camp’s medical unit. AS A REMINDER, vaccination details MUST be detailed on the
medical form, even if a vaccination history is attached. NO EXCEPTIONS!
The Camp provides tents (two scouts per) and cots. Scouts should bring a sleeping bag,
light blanket, and pillow.
Think about purchasing a plastic, lockable foot locker and a combination lock now, in
advance of the summer. The locker should have your son’s name labeled on the outside!
The Contico Foot locker pictured is available at WalMart for $34.97, and has wheels to allow for easy
movement. has a similar version for $34.97, but
shipping MAY be extra.
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 3
Updated: April 10, 2015
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 4
Updated: April 10, 2015
Your son will be busy! New Scouts will enter a program called ‘Pioneer’, which completes
many of the Tenderfoot and Second Class requirements. This program occurs every
morning and is very structured. Details include:
Pioneer Program
The Pioneer program is designed for Scouts who have recently entered the Boy
Scout program or are working toward achieving their First Class rank. The program
will focus on the requirements of Scout through First Class ranks. Each Scout will
work on the requirements needed to advance to his next rank. The Scouts will
work in each program area to achieve requirements.
The Pioneer Program is designed to meet the needs of Scouts who have not
obtained the rank of First Class. Scouts are assigned to groups in a two-tier
program using the patrol method. This allows for personal goal setting,
achievement in the regular camp program and personal advancement. Swimming
instruction, scout craft, camping and a host of other skills are basic to this
outstanding five-day activity. The program runs Monday through Friday, and new
scouts will participate in either the entire morning program (9 AM to 11:00 PM OR
2:00 to 4:00, Monday through Friday.
Pioneer Program scouts will participate in an evening outpost camping experience
and are encouraged to bring a back pack (or pack frame), ground cloth, sleeping
bag, and flashlight for that purpose.
Pioneer program scouts should bring a pair of long pants, belt, socks & shoes, and a
button up long-sleeve shirt for clothing inflation as part of the Swimming merit
badge requirements.
In the afternoon the Scouts will choose other merit badges or activities that can be
completed. Scout Leaders are there to ensure the boys take advantage of the
opportunities and remain safe at all times! A sample of the week’s schedule is attached.
Please note that some activities have age and rank requirements.
Also, your son will need to care for himself, including washing, tending to clothes and tent
(he will be sharing a tent with another Scout). As needed the ASM’s are there to guide and
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 5
Updated: April 10, 2015
‘prompt’ Scouts to complete these tasks! Each Scout is required to complete waiter duty
three times that week, and leaders/older scouts are there to assist!
The following is a sample schedule for the week:
August 2nd (Sunday)
6:00 AM – Meet at GRFD
6:30 AM – Depart
12:00 N – Stop for lunch (bag lunch brought by each
Scout, drinks provided)
1:30 PM – Arrive and unpack
2:00 PM – Medical Review, swim test
August 8th (Saturday)
8:00 AM – Break Camp (after breakfast)
10:00 AM – Depart
12:30 PM – Stop for lunch (each Scout to buy
lunch, approximately $10)
3:30 PM – Arrive at GRFD
Pioneer Program
Merit Badge and Activities
Wednesday is Family Day at Wakpominee!
Parents and siblings are invited to come to camp on Wednesday to see the Wakpominee
experience first-hand! Beginning mid-afternoon, families can visit, see the camp, and join
the Scouts for a family-style bar-b-que (nominal charge for each family member). After
dinner families and Scouts enjoy a family campfire with entertainment provided by the
Scouts themselves!
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 6
Updated: April 10, 2015
Advancements and Merit Badges
2015 Merit Badges can be found at: Key
to remember is that:
1. The Camp has added three new badges for 2015: Pulp and Paper, Bird Study,
2. All first-year Scouts will attend the Pioneer program, and can choose two to three
merit badges for the remainder of the day.
3. Not all badges offered at every session, so check the Camp website for updates!
4. Some merit badges/activities have age and/or rank requirements as pre-requisites.
Please confirm these pre-requisites now so your son can confirm if he is eligible to
participate in a merit back, and what can or MUST be completed prior to camp:
5. Some of the activities provide certificates, NOT badges, for completion (e.g.
snorkeling, COPE), so please check the Merit Badge listing OR with an Assistant Scout
Trading Post
The Trading Post is open daily and sells candy, drinks, camp t-shirts, and misc Scout items.
It is recommended that your son have cash for the TP, however, please give this to one of
the Assistant Scoutmasters Sunday morning before leaving for camp. He will keep track of
the cash, if necessary, and this will help to prevent lost money.
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 7
Updated: April 10, 2015
Attached please find a Camp Wakpominee map.
Fishing and
Swimming and
Water Activities
2014 Troop 205
Camp ground
Scout Crafts
Cooking, etc)
(wood carving,
basketry, etc)
Cooking, etc)
Archery and Rifle
We hope this information is helpful in preparing both you and your son for his summer
camp adventure! Please let either of us know if you have any questions!
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 8
Updated: April 10, 2015
Following are CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS only!
Scout Summer Camp 2015 Overview
Page 9
Mountain Biking
Updated: April 10, 2015

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