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Frequency Guides and Online Resources
Scanner Master Southern New England Communications Guide 10th Edition
Covering Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New England, this book contains more in-depth frequency, sub-audible tone, and trunking information than
any other resource, including the Web. This is our signature book. Incredibly accurate. $24.95
Scanner Master New York Metro/Northern New Jersey Guide 7th Edition
One of our most popular products is better than ever. Over 700 pages of revised information on police, fire, EMS, local government, transit, sports, and much
more. The book includes a huge federal government section. Filled with not only frequencies, but PL/DPL tones, channelization information, unit designators,
radio codes and more. $38.95
Philadelphia Area Online Communications Guide
The ultimate resource for radio hobbyists and public safety professionals in the South Jersey/Philly region. Filled with exacting detail on radio systems, frequencies, PL/DPL tones, radio
codes and more. With this electronic book you can view all chapters online, download them to your hard drive, and print them out as well. This is a lifetime subscription! $39.95
Frequencies Online
Check our web site for online resources. Click on the Frequency Link on our home page.
Filters, Pre-amplifiers & Multicouplers
Scanner Master is the North American distributor of unique and low-cost scanner filters and pre-amplifiers. Filters can be used to
limit interference and focus on particular band segments. Pre-amplifiers are best used with outside antennas to significantly boost
signal. Multicouplers allow you to feed multiple scanners with one antenna. Check our web site for products and pricing.
AC Adapters & Mobile Chargers
We carry a complete line of replacement AC adapters as well as mobile (cigarette lighter) power cords for most all Uniden scanners.
PC Cables and Accessories
Check our web site for cables for connecting your Uniden, Radio Shack, AOR or ICOM scanner to a
computer including Uniden's new USB cable for connecting their newer scanners to any USB port.
SportSync Radio
Listen To Your Favorite Radio Broadcasters Call Games In Sync With The Action On Your TV! Now you can turn down the sound on your TV and
watch the game while listening to your favorite radio announcers. Radio play-by-play announcers provide the most descriptive, interesting and fun
calls of pro or college sports events. But radio signals often run several seconds ahead of TV broadcasts which must pass through cable, satellite
or HDTV systems. Before, if you tried to listen on the radio and watch on TV, you heard each play called on the radio well in advance of the same
action you saw on TV….it took all the fun out of the game. Now, with SportSyncRadio, you can delay the radio audio to exactly match what you're
watching. This Scanner Master designed product makes for a great, unique, gift for any sports fan!
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Tune in your local police and fire and know what’s happening as it happens!
The ultimate trunking APCO-25 digital
scanner. Uses advanced Dynamic
Memory Management. This
scanner does it all! Covers all
bands, is PC programmable,
with Close Call and much
more. If you want the best, this is the choice.
• Location-Based Scanning (GPS optional use)
• APCO 25 Digital
• Dual-Color Display
• Temporary Lockout
• 6000 Dynamically Allocated channels with 100 System QK
• Dangerous Crossing, Dangerous Road and POI Alert
• DIN-E Mounting
• Multi-Site Trunking Support
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
An upgrade from the BC340CRS,
this model also includes an All
Hazards/Weather Alert function,
alarm snooze, 800 MHz, and
200 additional memory channels.
Like the 340 this radio also
includes a service search.
• 300 Channels in 10 Banks
• All Hazard Alert
• AM/FM Radio
• Audio TV 2-13
• Service Search
• Atomic Clock
• Weather Scan
• Alarm Clock with Snooze
The finest (non-digital) trunking mobile
scanner that can also be used as a base.
Includes pre-programmed
state and local police
frequencies & trunking.
Select from the 50 state
menu. Add in thousands of
frequencies too with alpha tags.
(The BCT-8 is also available for $188.95.)
• 2500 Dynamically Allocated Channels; 100 System QK’s
• TrunkTracker III with exclusive Temporary Lockout!
• Location-Based Scanning (GPS optional use)
• BearTracker™ Warning System
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• DIN-E Mounting Capable (for in-dash mounting)
• Dangerous Crossing, Dangerous Road and POI Alert
An excellent choice for a
night-table or family room
scanner for areas with standard analog radio systems.
This scanner even includes
AM-FM radio and TV audio
from channels 2 thru 13 and
a clock/alarm.
• 100 channels in 10 banks
• Service search
• volume and squelch control
• full frequency LCD display
• lockout, priority channel
• VHF (low/high) and UHF scanner band coverage
• AM/FM radio and TV channels 2-13 with 30 presets
Top-of-the-line trunked digital scanner
workhorse that's slim but powerful in
audio and features. Thouands of memory
slots, service search, weather alert, Close Call,
sub-tones and so much more. For digital
areas this is the scanner you have to have.
Uses 3 AA's.
• APCO 25 Digital Scanner / TrunkTracker IV
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• Preprogramed Service Searches (12)
• 6000 Dynamically Allocated channels
• CTCSS/DCS Decode
• S.A.M.E. Weather Alert
• PC Control/Programming
• Backlit Keypad
• Fire Tone-Out
The only trunking (non-digital) scanner made anymore with a big-box
base design. Has a large
thumbwheel for easy channel
or frequency tuning. Standard
memory design. PC programming/control. CTCSS/DCS
capable but no alpha. An all-around classic.
• Multiple Channels (500) in 10 Banks
• TrunkTracker III Technology
• S.A.M.E. Weather Alert
• Conventional and Trunked Search Operations
• Priority Operation
• Programmable Delay and Search
• Modulation Capability (AM/FM/NFM)
Low-cost, small, basic mobile
scanner that can also be used in
the home. Uses up/down
frequency programming, but
once programmed it works
like a champ. Includes 800
MHz. Does not trunk or do
digital. With service search.
• 100 Memory Channels
• Preprogrammed Service Search
• Covers VHF, UHF and 800 MHz
• Search Lockouts
• Backlit Display
• 100 ch/sec Scan Speed
• AC adapter for in-home & DC cord for mobile use
The only trunking scanner that also
covers the AM and Shortwave
bands from 500 KHz to 25 MHz.
Also UHF TV audio, great for listening to
wireless mics. Full alpha, PC prog./control.
• .1MHz - 1.3GHz coverage (no cell)
• Trunktracker III
• 2500 Dynamically Allocated Channels
• Racetrack Operation
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• Fire Tone-Out Operation
• Extended Quick-Key Operation
• Alpha Tagging
• Search with Scan
• 400+ Cities & Races pre-programmed
• Agreat radio for bringing to a sports event!
All the features of the BC72 but
with 200 channels and 800
MHz. The future upgraded BC95 (pending
FCC approval) will include PC program
capability through a new port on the radio.
Great size and features for a basic scanner.
• 200 Channels in 10 Banks
• Standard Programming Operations
• Compact Design
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• 10 Programmable Search Ranges
• 6 Preprogrammed Service Searches
• Backlit Display
• 2 AA Battery Operation
• Priority Scan
An all-time favorite. Compact
design fits in your shirt pocket. Has
a 2-line alphanumeric display. We
love the top-mounted volume/squelch and
tuning knobs. Dynamic Memory
Management and Close Call. Just a great
trunking scanner for any non-digital area.
• Compact Size (4½” x 2¾” x 1¼”)
• Runs on 2 AAs (Alkaline or rechargeable)
• TrunkTracker III Technology
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• 3000+ dynamically allocated memories
• SAME Weather Alert
• 10 Programmable Search Ranges
• 12 Preprogrammed Service Searches
• Backlit Display
Easy-to-program basic (non-digital/nontrunked) handheld scanner. Great size
fits in your shirt pocket. Covers VHF and
UHF bands only. 100 channel memory.
Includes service searches and Close Call
so while low in price the BC72 packs a
punch. Runs on two AA's.
• 100 Channels / 10 Banks
• Compact Design
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• 10 Programmable Search Ranges
• 6 Preprogrammed Service Searches
• Backlit Display
• 2 AA Battery Operation
• Priority Scan
. . . . . . . P O R TA B L E S C A N N E R S . . . . . . . P O R TA B L E S C A N N E R S . . . . . .
The Sportcat scanner designed for
racetrack use. Program frequencies for
the track by car number or use as a
standard scanner. No trunking or digital but
great for use not only at the track but around
town. Small size, runs on two AA's.
• 1600 Channels Typical / 2500 Maximum
• Dynamically Allocated Channel Memory
• Compact Design
• Race Track Operation
• Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
• Alpha Tagging
• Preprogrammed with Major Racing Freqs.
• DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode
• 10 Programmable Search Ranges
• Backlit Display
We Program Scanners
800 MHz Gain Antenna
Perfect for improved trunk system reception $29.95
Mini-UHF antenna designed for use at the race track $12.95
Austin Condor Antenna (pictured)
One foot tall rubber-duck brings in extra signal on all bands $29.95
Antennas for Portable Scanners
Check the Accessories section on our web site for other scanner cases.
For Radio Shack PRO92, PRO93, PRO95, PRO96, PRO97
Rugged Leather Case with swivel belt clip $34.95
For Bearcat BCD396T, BC330T
Leather Case with belt loop $19.95
Leather Case with swivel belt clip $29.95
For Bearcat BC72, BC92, BC95, SC230, BC246T, PRO83, PRO85
Nylon Case with belt loop $19.95 (pictured)
Nylon Case with swivel belt clip $29.95
Portable Scanner Cases
How to Choose the Right Scanner
Scanner Packages
As scanner technology advances to keep up with new communications systems, scanners have become increasingly complex to set-up and program. Scanner Master is the nation's
leader in scanner programming, relying on our nearly 30 years of experience in reporting on the nation's communications systems. To learn the cost of our programming either a
scanner you already own or a scanner you wish to buy, either call us at 1-800-SCANNER or, preferably, send an e-mail to [email protected] and tell us what scanner you
have (or wish to buy) and the cities, counties and state that you want programmed. Pricing depends on the scanner type, the number of agencies you want programmed and the
complexity of the radio systems in your area. Generally we program police/sheriff, fire and EMS unless otherwise requested.
Scanner Software
Only Scanner Master offers our unique Packages which make your purchase not only
cost-effective, but complete. With a package you get the scanner of your choice, the
Butel ARC software for that model, and either a programming cable (for base/mobile
units) or a carrying case (for portable scanner units) along with savings ranging from
$20 to $30. Packages are not available for every model. Check scannermaster.com for
details or call us at 1-800-SCANNER.
Race Headsets & Accessories
Check our web site or call about headsets for the race track for your portable. Other
race scanning accessories and frequency update services are also available.
Coax Cable & Connectors
Scanner Master offers professional-grade, low-loss, LMR-400 cable. Cable lengths
come in 25' increments and we install BNC and N connectors on the cable so it's ready
to go to connect to your scanner and antenna. We also offer a variety of connectors to
help with your installation. Please check our web site for details.
Batteries for Portable Scanners
We carry replacement batteries for all Uniden portable scanners, including newer models of batteries with longer life between charges. We also carry AA rechargeables for the
newer portable scanners. Check our web site for details.
Uniden BC-RH96 Remote Head
Why Buy from Scanner Master?
For RadioShack® Scanners (coming soon)
Replacement Rubber Duck Antenna
Uniden will be releasing a remote head unit for the BCT-15, BCDARC83/84 (available now)
Standard replacement rubber duck with BNC connector $12.95
996, BC396 and BC330 scanners. The remote head package will
include a new head unit that connects to the scanner via the RS-232 port which can
UHF SMA Antenna
control all functions including volume and squelch. This is a great solution to mounting
SMA Antenna for the BCD396T and BR330 $21.95
a scanner in a car that has limited space. (The existing radio will mount under a seat or
Scanner-over-IP Software
With Butel’s Scanner-over-IP software (SOIP) in the trunk.) The price of the BC-RH96 has not been set but is expected to be under
Check our web site for additional antenna options.
you can stream the audio of up to 4 scanners $200. Estimated delivery is early 2007, pending FCC approval.
remotely from anywhere in the world. At the
client end you see an image of the scanner
on your PC and you fully control all functions!
Scanner Master has served the scanner community since 1978. We focus exclusively on scanners and understand the equipment second to none. We also help develop and test
Single stream version is $395; 2-4 stream
many of the products we sell. Scanner Master editors also write the best-selling national frequency guides which you'll find included in this catalog. When you buy scanners from us
package is $995. Recording software also
available. Check our web site for more details you not only get the highest level of expertise behind the sale, we can program these scanners for you as well. Other dealers who don’t specialize in scanners, or who are just interested in moving boxes out the door, can never provide the level of expertise we offer. Make sure you have the right scanner for your area, make sure you have the right frequencies
and system and scanner requirements.
and programming if necessary, and make sure you have the support you need that comes from buying from Scanner Master.
For Uniden-Bearcat® Portable Scanners
ARC230 Lite
ARC330 Basic
ARC330 Pro
ARC396 Basic
ARC396 Pro
Some software is available in Basic or Pro versions. Both versions will allow you to both
program your scanner and remotely control it when connected to your PC. The Pro version
will also allow you to record scanner audio to WAV files on your computer and store logs of
communications activity. Lite versions provide programming only. For further details, screen
shots and demos check www.scannermaster.com. Note that the software name correlates
to the scanner name (ARC15 is for the BCT-15, etc.).
Scanner Master is the North American distributor of the world's finest scanner software,
Butel ARC (Advanced Radio Control). Butel software is easy to use, incredibly versatile and
powerful. With Butel you can enter your own frequency information into the spreadsheet-like
form or you can access online databases (separate fees may be required) and download
frequencies and trunking systems right into most PC programmable scanners.
Are you new to scanners or are you buying a scanner as a gift? Not sure which scanner to buy? We can help! Call 1-800-SCANNER or send an e-mail to [email protected]
with the city, county and state where you live. We'll do the research and let you know your best options. Some people living in a big city such as Boston could buy a $99 scanner and
hear the police, fire and EMS. Another person in rural upstate Michigan might need a $500 digital scanner because the county sheriff and fire have switched to the state's advanced digital radio system. There's no easy answer as to what scanner will best suit you. Check with Scanner Master and we'll let you know. Then you can also decide whether you would like us
to program the scanner before it ships, making it ready to use right out of the box. Note that AOR Receivers are also available.
Antennas for Base Scanners
All-Band Discone Antenna (pictured)
Our best-selling all-band base station antenna. Holds up well in the
weather. Does a fantastic job pulling in signal on all bands. $99.95.
SkyBand Base Station Antenna
Low-cost all-band antenna. $39.95
800 MHz 9db gain Beam Antenna
Great for pulling in distant trunking systems. $139.95
800 MHz 2.5 dB Back of the Set Antenna
Plugs into the back of your base scanner. Great for pulling in trunked systems. $29.95
Nomad All-Band In-house/In-Apartment Antenna
For those who cannot mount an outside antenna. $39.95.
Professional base and mobile single-band gain antennas for base and mobile use are
also available. See our web site for details.
Antennas for Mobile Scanners
For Uniden-Bearcat® Base Scanners
ARC15 Lite
ARC15 Basic
ARC15 Pro
ARC250 Basic
ARC250 Pro (For BC250, 296, 785 & 796)
ARC996 Basic
ARC996 Pro
For RadioShack® Scanners (coming soon)
Comtelco All-Band Antenna (pictured)
Our best-selling mobile scanner antenna is low-profile (black, only 15" high)
covers all bands. $29.95
Austin Spectra Mobile
High-quality mobile with loading coils for top reception on all bands. Includes a
rugged spring which keeps the antenna on the car at high speed. 33" tall. $99.95.
Butel software is also available for AOR and
ICOM communications receivers.
ARC Lite: $29.95
ARC Basic: $39.95
ARC Pro: $69.95
Butel Software is available on CD or via
instant download from our web site!
In-Car Mobile Antenna
A wire antenna with suction cups for those who don't want to mount a mobile
antenna on their car. Compromised, but acceptable, reception. $9.95.
Thru-Glass Mobile Scanner Antenna
Cellular look alike antenna sends signal through the glass. Not the best choice
but better than an antenna inside the car. $29.95.
Magnetic, trunk-lip, and hole mounts with coax cable to connect your scanner
to the mobile antennas are also available.

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