Volume 8 #3 - Icelandic Sheepdogs Association of America



Volume 8 #3 - Icelandic Sheepdogs Association of America
Volume 8 #3
Fall 2007
Introducing our new National Board President:
October 28, 2007
Dear ISAA members and friends:
Many of you are aware of how I found the club about two years ago. It was a homecoming of sorts as I had
found my first Icelandic Sheepdog in the 1970s. Her name was Perla frá Ólafsvöllum. Perla “raised” me and
passed away when I was 18. Who knew that some 35 years later I would be back in Iceland sitting at the
feet of Sigríður Pétursdóttir, the woman responsible for saving the breed and have Perla’s seventh generation granddaughter living in my home?
It is all possible because of the dedication and knowledge of members of this amazing group who have
served as our officers and committee chairs. Without them, I would never have met Jo-Ann Secondino. She
will be the ISAA’s new Vice President beginning November 1st. Jo-Ann and I are looking forward to working
with a dynamic, knowledgeable and committed group of ISAA Board and committee members. We are also
looking forward to working for you, the ISAA membership.
The contributions of Knox, our current President, and Liz, our current Vice President and the person responsible for founding the ISSA, have been tremendous. Jo-Ann and I are grateful that they will carry on in service to the membership as we continue to grow and change as a group. The tiny seed that Liz planted has
developed into a wonderful club that brings people together through what we all share in common, the love
of our Icelandic Sheepdogs.
I was surprised and speechless when our current ISAA President, Knox, approached me earlier this month
and asked that I consider taking over the presidency of the organization. After the shock wore off, I considered the responsibility and commitment the position demands. I reviewed the ISAA website, paying particular attention to the Constitution and Bylaws, Mission Statement, Purpose, the National Board of Directors
Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics posted there. I then wrote a letter to Knox indicating I was willing
to be nominated.
It wasn’t long until I was advised that I had been selected for the position by the President with the support
of the National Board of Directors. I learned that the Constitution and Bylaws are in need of revision and
therefore, have not been operationalized in regard to nomination and election of club officers. Knox’s letter
of October 17th addressed this as well as other items that I, the Board of Directors, and the membership will
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Volume 8 #3
Priorities for the upcoming year will remain as set by the previous Board:
Continue work on the breed standard. Work with the Icelandic National Kennel Club and the AKC to finalize
a standard that is acceptable to both organizations and submit that document to our membership for
Review and revise the ISAA Constitution and Bylaws and submit those documents to our membership for
approval. Operationalize both documents after approval.
Other tasks I hope our Board and membership will work on beginning November 1st include:
Growing participation from our membership in the club. The AKC wants to see broader membership participation. We anticipate there will be opportunities to work as a member of our Board of Directors or serve
on a committee.
If you are interested in deepening your level of participation, please contact myself or Jo-Ann so that we
can discuss what strengths you can bring to the group.
On-going Education. The BOD will provide bi-monthly informational bulletins regarding various topics, followed by live chats regarding that issue that individuals can choose to attend and participate in.
Next week, the NISC, a chapter of the ISAA will present an AKC Judges Education Seminar for 300 judges in
Seattle. While preparing for this event, we relied on documents, historical information, the ISAA website
and the ISAA Breed Standard. One cannot sit with the wealth of information regarding the Icelandic Sheepdog in the United States and not be in awe of those who have served to get us to the point we are at today.
We are so grateful for the tireless efforts of these individuals and owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.
I feel honored to be selected for this position. I am thankful for the support of the Board of Directors and
the Committee Chairs. I hope to earn the support of the entire membership and look forward to a busy and
fulfilling year for all of us as we continue this journey.
Kveðja, Donna McDermott
[email protected]
ISAA President
Introducing Our New National Board Vice President:
Hello fellow Icelandic Sheepdog Enthusiasts,
Like many of you, I’m a pet owner first and foremost. I am still in awe at how these dogs can influence
our lives.
Five years ago, I began searching for the PERFECT DOG for me. A year later and completely by accident
I stumbled upon her; an Icelandic Sheepdog named Viking Lilja. Just to keep her company, I also brought
home her littermate, Viking Hippi.
Soon, I joined the Iceland Dogs chat group and discovered a whole group of people who felt just like I
did; folks who raised these dogs not for profit but for the pure enjoyment of the breed. Their litters were
whelped in bedrooms and raised in cozy kitchens, not lonely kennels. There wasn’t a lot of petty rivalries
and those dogs who triumphed at an event were held in just as high regard as a child’s cherished pet.
I was floored by how Icelandic Sheepdog owners could find a "Puppy Scam", identify the puppy from the
photo, locate the kennel, and check on the puppy’s welfare in a matter of hours. I thought, this is much
more than a group but an International Community connected by a cyber highway, one which I was grateful
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ISAA Newsletter
to become part of.
On November 1, 2007 Donna McDermott and I were installed as the President and Vice President of the
Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America. When I was contacted by Knox Rhine about accepting the position I was Surprised that I was being considered, Thrilled at the prospect of a new challenge, and Honored
that the BOD had enough faith in my abilities to follow in Elisabet Stacy-Hurley's shoes, the founder of the
Donna and I have been collaborating this past year, successfully laying the foundation for the regional
chapters, organizing the NISC and AISC and their Fun Matches along with the others on the NISC’s BOD. It
has been an exercise in communication, co-operation, compromise and creativity, a practice we plan to continue.
I look forward to assisting the Board in fine tuning our organization so we can move towards AKC acceptance like a well oiled machine, no monkey wrenches in the gears or squeaky wheels. I will continue my interests with the Health and Genetics committee where we hope to work on a way to effectively share health
information in more accessible format. I hope to continue to build bridges with the Icelandic Sheepdog clubs
and owners abroad to further our understanding of the breed and its health issues. I would love to see more
member involvement with the ISAA and the Regional Chapters, if your interested in volunteering please contacted Donna at [email protected] or myself at [email protected] . Your involvement can only
make us a stronger organization.
I do not see myself as an Icelandic Sheepdog owner but rather one that his been blessed with their
Stewardship. I believe we all have a duty to honor their tradition and heritage while the breed moves into a
new chapter in its history with the AKC here in the United States. To insure that it remains true to its 1100
year legacy, we all need to become involved with our breed and our club. Through on-going education and
involvement in the grassroots organizations of the Regional Chapters we can help them steer through these
uncharted waters, keeping them on course and off the rocks, preserving them as Viking Herders for generations to come. I look forward to being able to serve the club and its membership to the best of my abilities.
Best to all,
Jo-Ann Secondino
Four Anniversary Parties, 3 AKC Judges’ Seminars, an exciting Summer! !
We are have made it to AKC Miscellaneous Recognition! As of
July of 2008. We have two Icies going to the Agility Invitational this
year, two others moving up fast, numerous obedience titles and more
to come. The Icelandic Sheepdog is coming into it’s own here in the
U.S. Besides being one of the best companions anyone could wish for.
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Volume 8 #3
The First ISAA/AISC Fun Match - Sunday, June 10th, 2007 - Tunbridge, Vermont
Sunday started out overcast and chilly with lots of rain. It rained till about 11:30 and people were
slow showing up for the gathering; consequently, we didn't have time for many games. We did
play musical chairs with the handlers and owners to "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" by the
King of R&R. We used Hula Hoops on the ground. The handlers and their dogs walked around
the circle till the music stopped, then they had to find a hula hoop and get inside the hoop with
their dog. The dogs were all very polite; the owners were a little more competitive!
Russ did the Judges Education with our AKC judge, Susan Parsons. Susan was very impressed
with the breed standard submitted to the AKC. She said that it was very well written and the descriptions were precise. She liked the fact that as she was reading the standard, she could picture the characteristic being described. She had a couple of comments/questions. She questioned our use of the terms "medium haired" and "long haired". Her interpretation was that if we
referred to medium and long, then there must be a short haired Icie. Russ explained that the
Icies are typically medium
or long haired, rather than short haired as what would be found in a Doberman pincher. She
asked if the Icies were "single trackers" like most of the other northern breeds. She confirmed
that the dogs were indeed single trackers as she observed their movement in the ring. Susan
was blown away by the fact that we had all of our dogs who did not know each other (male, female, neutered and intact) off leash all day and they all got along without one confrontation. She
said she did not know of another breed that could be trusted the way our dogs where.
We had 48 attendees, 13 adult Icelandic Sheepdogs, 4 Icie puppies, 4 dogs of other breeds. 4
Icelandic Horses, and 2 llamas (I don't think they were Icelandic llamas :-)). 12 Icies competed
in 5 different classes. Best in Match was awarded to Pine Plains Truthur. Best of Opposite Sex
was awarded to Istolts Run. Dogs are owned by Sara Jones & Stan Hirson or Pine Plains, NY.
(The dogs are mother and son.)
ISAA 10 year Anniversary T-shirts were offered for sale for $15.00 each. Judi and JP had the
shirts made at a cost of $300. They recouped $150 of their money at this event. The remaining
shirts will be taken to Maryland for sale there. The raffle and silent auction brought in $191.00
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ISAA Newsletter
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Volume 8 #3
Myrtle Creek, OR June 22, 23 & 24, 2007
Well the get-together is officially done and I'm feeling pleasantly exhausted. What a great bunch of folks and dogs. We had dogs from CA,
OR and WA, so I think we did the Western part proud. I'm still working on
a possibility of attending Sequim, but don't know yet.
We did try dock dogs. It was fun, but none of our very intelligent Icie
dogs could be convinced that jumping off a two foot high dock into water
over their heads was a great idea. Kutur was doing well till he went off
the bank and went underwater. Oh well, we'll play here at the home pond
some more and try it again.
Judy Brown has some great pictures of a Chocolate Lab demonstrating for
us. She has some in series that show the motion really well. As to swimming, several of our dogs picked that skill up rather quickly. I'm sure with
practice they'll have that part down pat.
We tried wines from local vineyards, tried some smoked Icelandic/Suffolk
crossed lamb and ate burgers, hotdogs, salads and chips till we
popped. I'd say that was a pretty good gathering.
I want to thank everyone again that attended. You were all so nice to
overlook the oopses that I might try this again. The fifteenth or twentieth
club anniversary might be good. : ) For those that didn't get the chance
at coming down, I haven't had a large group here at the house before and
haven't really done a lot of hostessing to begin with. It seemed that folks
had a good time, so maybe I didn't stink to badly as hostess.
Anyway, several people took photos and promised to share pictures. I didn't even bother. I'm sure there will be some really good ones.
Gwen Feero
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ISAA Newsletter
Gwen & Dennis did a wonderful job of hosting, everything was very relaxed
and the talk was interesting. Judy Brown and Xania Moreno from CA have
done a lot of studying on the Breed Structure along with Margaret Gimblin
from WA, they were very willing to share their views and insights. Mary
Lou Engert from Portland, OR and her mother Corinne were also in attendance, they are such wonderful people and great supporters of Icelandic's.
Jann & Tom Ibsen from Tri-cities, WA joined us also. Phil and I and our
four enjoyed ourselves immensely. The ponds on Gwen & Dennis’ property
are really fun, not so easy to get into but the dogs managed to get in a little swimming. The Icelandic horses and sheep added a great entertainment for our Icies who had never seen either before, my two young ones
had a great time moving about 8 of Gwen’s sheep, you could see the look
on their faces that said YES! This is what I’m supposed to do. I think that
the next event at Gwen’s will see a much bigger turn out, it’s an excellent
place for our Icies.
Icies in attendance were: Vittetoe’s Kutur Hjaltisson, Kersins Odinn & Midas Touch, Belglens’s Samba, Woolfarms Jewel (Jinx) & Sasha, Belglen’s
Risna, Sherwood Forest Meyla & Vesturhlithar Tisla, Reykja & Valkyrie Arnardottir, Alaskastadir Katarina, Lavandel’s Galdur, Lavandel’s Loki. Plus a
couple of non-Icies.
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Volume 8 #3
Third 10th Anniversary Gathering
Sequim, WA June 30—July 1st
Jerry Lynn and Gerri David Costa hosted the 3rd party of the year at their
wonderful home in Sequim, WA. It was attended by approximately 50
guardians of approximately 38 Icelandics. Saturday (June 30) we had fabulous food, lots of play by the Icies, CGC tests which were passed by seven of
our group with Pat Putnam doing the testing. Also on the agenda for the
day was a demonstration by Scott & Candise Berard with Tyra their Flyball
champion. We all had a good time trying our own Icies in Flyball.
Pat Putnam, awed us all with her stories of Sir Mark Watson (acknowledged
as one of the saviors of today’s Icelandics.). She, Pat, has wonderful memories of working with the Icies that Mark Watson was breeding in his Wensum
Kennels in Nicosia, California.
On Sunday, July 1st we started the day with a Judges’ Educational Seminar,
we presented the Icelandic Sheepdog Standard to five AKC Judges. Judges
Richard and Nancy Byrd, Sharon & James Dok and Pat Putnam were all very
interested and asked a lot of questions. The educational program was beautifully put together and presented by Knox, Christine, Donna. After the presentation we all had a fabulous breakfast then moved on to the Conformation
Fun Match , Judge Richard Byrd was in charge of the match.
Classes: Puppies 1-12 mo., male & female; Open Male; Open Female.
There were 5 puppies present, Nor’Star males; Pavo & Argo, females; Sand
Creek Bibi & Lilja and Heimskauts Skella. Pavo was judged best male puppy
the female puppies were judged in order; Sand Creek Bibi 1st, Heimskauts
Skella 2nd and Sand Creek Lilja 3rd.
Open Male: 9 males participated with Lavandel’s Galdur taking 1st; Sherwood Forest Gunnar (Edgar) 2nd; Hnuks Breki 3rd; and Lavandel’s Loki 4th.
Open Female: 13 females participated with Pineridge Kolperla 1st; Vinlands
Kippa 2nd; Reykja Arnardottir of Vittetoe 3rd; Pine Plains Elska 4th.
Best of Breed: Lavandel’s Galdur; Best of Opposite Sex: Sand Creek Bibi
All in all a very successful and fun Gathering.
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ISAA Newsletter
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Volume 8 #3
Last but not least Hagerstown, Maryland
Hosted by Bob & Liz Hurley
August 25, 2007
Reported by JoAnn Secondino
I want to Congratulate Kersin's Spurdann and his owner/handler Jeff Pease for
their Best of Match win today in a competition where thirty-one dogs showed. Wool
Farms Ilse took the Best of Opposite.
In the 2-6 month dog class Lokasteinn's Vaskur handled by Marie Claire Johnston
took 1st and Nor'Star Pavo and Knox took 2nd (and found a forever family, Hooray!) While the adorable North Skye Kolka handled by Linda Hansen was awarded
first and the charming Lokasteinn Visa and Russ Hansen took a second in 2-6 month
In 6-12 month Dogs Thymheim Ljotur and Julie Gluck took the 1st place position
and Audurs Skima won 1st and Arperla Brana handled by Shellie Grayhaven took 2nd
in 6-12 month Bitches.
In 12-18 dogs Isi Kaffisukkulathi was a awarded 1st place and 12-18 month
Bitches Vinlands Netta took first.
The open class was divided into short and long coats. In open short dogs Viking
Spathass took first while Thordunu Leppatuska was awarded first Sand Creek Disa be
Sassi was awarded 2nd, Nor'Star Kiska took 3rd and Toa was awarded 4th in the
short coat bitches category.
In longcoated open dogs Kersin's Spurdann was awarded first, Lundi fra Thytur
Stadir was awarded 2nd, Viking Leiknir was awarded 3rd, and Frostfyres Roskur was
placed 4th. In long coated open bitches Wool Farms Ilse was placed 1st, Pine Plains
Bella was 2nd, Gardner Ridge Isis was placed 3rd, and Chisick Farms Soley placed
We also had 5 new CGC titles earned! Jeff Kessler took the plunge and earned a
CGC titles with Gardner Ridge Isis
and his Portugese Water Dog
Teddy. Anita Pryor and Sand Creek
Reykja mastered the CGC test as
well as Best of Match winner Kersin's Spurdann and Hnuks Birta as
titled today.
It was a great day despite
the heat and the humidity, thanks
so much to all who traveled to come
out and play today. We had a lot of
diversity to show the judge and
everybody deserved blue ribbons
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ISAA Newsletter
2nd 2-6 month dog
Nor’Star Pavo
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Volume 8 #3
ISAA Health & Genetics Committee
(Watch this Column for Health & Genetics Articles)
The ISAA Health and Genetics Committee works to further our understanding of canine health, specifically, that of the Icelandic Sheepdog. The committee chair works under the Vice President who provides oversight for the committee.
Duties may include but are not limited to:
*the writing of educational, health related articles for the ISAA newsletter, tabulating of health statistics in U.S.
as they pertain to the ISD
*researching new health focused programs or tests to be presented to the BOD;
*the searching of ISIC member sites for new occurrences of potential genetic problems or affected dogs; which shall be reported to the tracking chairman and oversight committee
*assisting the tracking chairman in the compiling of health related reports when
*when able, providing rabies, CERF or other health related Clinics that may be
available to the membership of the ISAA
*tabulating of genetic statistics in the U.S, i.e... numbers of double dew, single
dew and double/single
dew claw combination puppies born, number of brown factored ( brown nosed )
puppies born etc.
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ISAA Newsletter
Watch Out Icie Agility here comes Tira!!
Tira earned her first agility title on August 19 at the Artful Dodgers CPE trial in Westminster, MD.
In addition, on 3-4 August she earned 4 more qualifying scores towards her RL1X (APDT rally) - just one to
go. 11-18-07 Tíra completed two more CPE agility titles this weekend (CSL1-H & CSL1-S) - the last of
the Level 1 titles and picked up several Level 2 Qs. A most successful weekend!
Laura & Viking Hjartadrottning CGC RN RL1 CSL1-R CSL1-H & CSL1-S
Let’s not forget our Nosi
Nosi moved up to the Open level in agility this weekend. We were able to get two Open legs in JWW & Std.
His runs were very nice. I'm very happy with them, especially his contacts. I have to admit in the first
standard run I didn't know what we were suppose to do on the table, so I guessed. It turned out to be a down! I
guess I should pay closer attention : )
Nosi just needs one more Open leg in both JWW and Std to get his Open titles. Then we will be at the excellent level running with the big dogs. He's a good boy and I'm very happy to have such a fun teammate!!
We had another good weekend. Nosi finished his Open Jumpers with weaves title. Now he is in the Excellent
A classes in Standard and Jumpers. We have one leg in each after the weekend. Two more Exc A legs and we
will be running with the big boys in Exc. B.
We've been having some bar knocking problems and from the last couple of videos I'm seeing that his tail is
catching the right side of the upright on nice tight right-handed turns. I can't fault my boy for giving me what
I ask for. So now I'm trying to take it easy on those right-hand turns, or I'm going to have to shave the tail : )
Just kidding! Maybe I could super glue it to his back!
We have another trial this weekend, then we will have a couple weeks off. He's been a super boy. This will be
7 weekends in a row of trials for him. He seems to keep up pretty good! Before you know it we will be earn
Double Qs and MACH points!! Gail & UAGI, U-CH Nosi OA, OAJ
Sunday July 22
Christine, JL and I took Kippa and Breki to a UKC conformation show this weekend. There were four shows, two each
day, in Longview, WA.
Breki took four best dog.
Kippa took four best bitch.
Breki took two BOB
Kippa took two BOB
Breki took third in herding group, then second in herding group
Kippa took Best in Herding Group twice and went on to BIS twice. She took third place in BIS once.
It was a joy to play with JL, Christine, Kippa and Breki. Edgar went to the shows today to cheer everyone on. "Our"
dogs were a big hit with the judges and the crowd.
I have not spent much time with Breki (bred by Hordur and Stina) prior to this weekend. He is pure joy and I'll try to
get some pictures of him out to the group soon. He has a million dollar smile and is a sweet, loving, beautiful boy.
Big congrats to Christine and JL and their fabulous dogs. Both dogs now have two of three competition wins needed
for a UKC Championship. One more point for each and we will be celebrating two more ISAA Champions!
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Volume 8 #3
ISAA Website http://Iceland_Dogs.com
ISAA National Board of Directors
Judi Vittetoe, Editor
24417 E. Rosewood
Newman Lake, WA 99025
The ISAA is changing and growing, keeping in mind that this is all
for the protection of our wonderful
Breed. If you have anything you
want to discuss with any of the
Board members, be it concerns
or ideas or to help, please don’t
hesitate to contact us either by email or give us a call. We welcome your input.
NISC has beautiful Banners to lend to members hosting informational Icelandic
Sheepdog booths or events.
You can email Peg Johnson
if you have questions about
size or what they look like
and scheduling their use.
[email protected]
President: Donna McDermott [email protected]
Vice President: JoAnn Secondino [email protected]
Membership Secretary: Peg Johnson [email protected]
Recording Secretary: Shellie Greyhavens [email protected] 740-592-1073
Treasurer : Judi Vittetoe, [email protected] .net 509-2263191
ISAA National Committee Members
Advertising: Christine Vowles
[email protected]
Guideline Compliance Chairperson: Knox Rhine
[email protected]
Member at Large/ Historian: Elizabet Stacy-Hurley,
[email protected] 301-797-7619
Publishing: Judi Vittetoe [email protected]
Rescue Committee Chairman: Dede Mantock
[email protected] 317-841-0381
Titles & Events: Maggie Pease [email protected]
Tracking Chairman: Knox Rhine [email protected]
Health & Genetics: Cheryl Shelton [email protected]
North American—Icelandic
Sheepdog books are still available
anyone who would like to learn
about our Icelandics - order from
Jaime Hansen $24.95 plus $5.00
shipping and handling. Email
Jaime today!
[email protected]
J o-Ann Secondino
[email protected]
Website Manager: Knox Rhine, [email protected]
Opinions expressed herein are
those of individual authors and not
necessarily those of the ISAA.

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