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Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church
Saint Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church
33 New Hyde Park Road, Franklin Square, New York 1101011010-3692
Parish Social Ministry
Maureen Russell
Faith Formation
Debbie Hurley
Rev. Msgr. Richard M. Figliozzi
Associate Pastors
Rev. Allan Arneaud
Rev. Johnny Mendonca
Rev. Charles N. Srion
Music Director
Jennifer Wells
Joseph Benincasa
Frank Gonzalez
Dennis Canese
Marion G. Dreyfus
Parish office: (516) 352-0146
Faith Formation: (516) 354-4554
Parish FAX: (516) 326-7427
Social / Outreach: (516) 775-0840
Sunday Masses
Saturday: Saint Catherine Chapel-Sienna Center 5:00PM
Church 8:00PM
Sunday: Church 7:30AM, 9:30AM (Italian), 11:30AM
and 5:00PM (Spanish)
Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center
9:30AM, 11:00AM and 1:00PM
Weekday Masses
Monday through Saturday: 8:00AM
Parish Office Hours (990 Holzheimer St.)
Monday to Thursday: 9:00AM—8:00PM
Friday: 9:00AM—7:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM—4:00PM Sunday: 10:00AM—1:00PM
Parish Social Ministry Outreach Hours
(995 Lutz Street)
Monday through Friday, 11:00AM-1:00PM
Thursday, 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Additional hours by appointment only.
Anointing of the Sick
Communal Anointing of the Sick on Thursdays during the
8:00AM Mass. Please notify priest if family member is sick
at home. Emergency Sick Calls: Call 352-0146
Celebrate Baptism
We welcome Children & Adults to Catholicism through
Baptism. Call the Parish Office to make arrangements.
Children: Baptism Celebrated First & Third Saturdays of
each month at 12:30PM.
Baptism Preparation Class: 2nd Tuesday of each month at
7:30PM (pre-registration is required).
Adults: Adults to be Baptized (or Confirmed) are
invited to call the Parish Office for assistance.
Celebrate Marriage
Please make an appointment with a priest or deacon
before making your social arrangements.
Reconciliation (Confession/Penance)
Every Saturday: 4:00PM-5:00PM and 7:30PM-8:00PM
Parish Membership
ALL are welcome to join our parish family; please REGISTER
on the First Sunday of the Month at the Pastoral Table after
Mass or anytime at the Parish Office. We invite you to be part
of our Parish Ministry through various groups and activities.
Parish Prayer Life
Adoration: Every Friday After 8:00AM Mass - 9:00PM
and 24HR every First Friday,
Saint Catherine Chapel, Sienna Center
Miraculous Medal Novena: Mondays after 8:00AM Mass
Parishioners with Special Needs
The Church, Saint Catherine Chapel and Sienna Center are
accessible through doors on right side of the Church where
buildings meet. The Sienna Center is also accessible through
its front doors and has an elevator at ground level for upper
and lower levels (left side of staircase) allowing access to
Church as well.
Assisted Listening Devices are available in Church for
the hearing impaired. Please ask an usher if you need one.
Special Needs Advocacy: Dr. Priscilla O’Connell may
be reached by calling the Parish Social Ministry Office at
775-0840; contact if you have other needs to be addressed.
Mass For Those with Special Needs is celebrated on the
3rd Saturday of each month at 3:00PM in Saint Catherine
Chapel-Sienna Center.
Professional Therapy & Counseling
Family, marriage, and individual therapies, provided by
New York licensed therapists, are available to our parish.
Call Dr. Giuliani, Catholic Counseling Ctr., 631-243-2503.
Second Sunday of
December 7, 2014
8:00 PM
Dec. 6 - St. Nicholas
Ronald Siletti & Frank Corrado Annunciada DeLiguori - Joseph DeLiguori Edward Oak - Mary Smith
Liz & Edith Capuder
C !
7:30 AM
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
5:00 PM
C& .
9:30 AM
11:00 AM
1:00 PM
Dec. 7 - Second Sunday of Advent
8:00 AM
12:00 PM
7:00 PM
Dec. 8 - Immaculate Conception
For the People of the Parish
Elvira Matano
Maria, Domenico & Angela Mastrandrea
8:00 AM
7:00 PM
Dec. 9 - St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin
George Heine
Violet Cesare
8:00 AM
7:00 PM
Dec. 10
Mary Smith
Nora (Cookie) Zoral
8:00 AM
7:00 PM
Dec. 11 - St. Damasus
Maryanne Mennecke
Serafina Vagnii
8:00 AM
7:00 PM
Dec. 12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe
Irquinta Family
Joseph Ward
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
Dec. 13 St. Lucy
Anthony Letteriello
Anthony Angiuli - Marie Ceraolo Anne McGowan - Mary Smith - Pat Stango
Mary Reichel
8:00 PM
C !
7:30 AM
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
5:00 PM
C& .
9:30 AM
11:00 AM
1:00 PM
For the People of the Parish
Mary & Louis Panariello
Daniel Imbrenda
Spanish Mass
will burn in our Church
In Loving Memory of: Anthony & Evelyn Venezia
with the prayers of: Lorraine Annoscia
will be used at all Masses
In Loving Memory of: Luzzetta Hooker
with the prayers of: Amelia Intaglia and Family
James & Helen Wren
The Barrett Family
Paul Brito
Dec. 15 - Third Sunday of Advent
For the People of the Parish
Josephine & Luciano Colapietro
Antonietta Toscano
Spanish Mass
Americo Capogna
Deceased members of St. Anthony Assoc.
Marie McCormick
For the Parish Social Ministry Staff
Host Family/Individual:
Concepcion Santamaria
PRAY for those serving in MILITARY
Maj. Thomas Babbitt
Sgt. Patrick Brady
Maj. Catherine Babbitt
PFC Erik Jacobsen
Capt. Shaun R. Cullen A.N.G.
LCpl. Michael P. Kelly
M. Sgt. Peter Jacobsen
Cpl. Thomas R. Kroez, Jr.
Lt. Col. Christopher Congalise
Sgt. Michael Salemi
Lt. Col. Andrew Phillips
LCpl. Christopher Montes
Cpl. Joseph Blaikie
Esn. Anthony Patrick Huskisson
Robert Vitale
ET3 Peter J. King
E3 Thomas Mannle
A1C Phil Gautiere
Lt. John Debonis
Chaplain Col. Msgr. Mark Rowan
PRAY for the SICK:
Karen O’Connell, Barbara J. Alberti DiNatale
PRAY for DECEASED and their Families:
Velimir Bogdanov, Rosaria Pezzino Puleo,
Matilda Capozzi, Theresa J. Carrano
As members of St. Catherine of Sienna Roman Catholic Parish, we are committed by our Baptism to spread
the teachings of Jesus Christ by living our faith in loving service to all people. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and
through worship and prayer, we use our time, talent and treasure, to nourish the soul, care for the needy,
minister to the alienated, nurture the children and WELCOME all people into our community of faith.
Scriptural Reflection for the Week
“Therefore, beloved, since you await these things, be eager
to be found without spot or blemish before him, at
peace.” (see 2 Peter 3:8-14) “These things” which Saint Peter
refers to is a world and a time governed by the Lord’s justice.
This is the “promise” of God—a time when His justice will
reign over the earth. Two points to meditate on here. Firstly,
is this time that Peter describes being anxiously awaited for
by us? Or are we content with the status quo in which mankind’s life separate or apart from God is accepted as the
norm? God promises “new” things and a new way of living but
it seems we have grown used to and accustomed to, and
maybe even prefer, the present state of things! Once we realize that we truly prefer and want God’s way to reign rather
than “godless” men’s ways then we have to wake up and
change! And this is the second point for meditation. Peters’
words indicate that we can only be “at peace” when we own
up to what is wrong and sinful inside us and seek then the
way of God - Conversion. The Advent Season is the time to
be serious about seeing the reality of my life as it is and then
realizing with each lighting of a candle on the wreath that only
Christ’s way is the truth for us. Doesn't it take a piece of brillo
to wipe away difficult stains? Don’t be afraid of this type of
cleansing. Invite the Lord to make you clean, “without spot or
blemish, at peace”!
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
Monday, December 8th is a HOLYDAY of OBLIGATION.
Masses are at 8am,12Noon and 7:00pm.
From the Preface Prayer of this Mass:
“For you preserved the most Blessed Virgin Mary from
all stain of original sin, so that in her, endowed with the
rich fullness of your grace, you might prepare a worthy
Mother for your Son, and signify the beginning of your
Church, his beautiful Bride, without spot or wrinkle”.
Your Commitment to St. Catherine of Sienna Parish
It’s very important that the Stewardship Commitment Forms
found in the last few weeks bulletins be returned by all.
Everyone should consider it as your responsibility to support
your parish via your time, talent and treasure. Forms may be
picked up today at the Pastoral Council table in the SC Lobby
after Mass. Thanks much for your cooperation and help.
Advent Examination of Conscience
• Do I lie?
Have I gossiped or spread rumors?
Have I talked about others behind their backs?
Christmas Concert
We welcome back Natalie Salemmo and Christopher
Colmenero who will offer us a selection of classical, sacred
and seasonal music on SUNDAY, December 28th at 3pm in
the Church. Tickets will be available the next two weekends
after Masses and at the doors on December 28th.
Your Christmas Gift
Please PUT GOD FIRST in making your list of gifts at
Christmas. What would you be or be able to do without God?
One Final Thought
“People who really and truly love each other are the happiest
people in the world.”
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
or “speaking about Parish funding & finance”...
We demonstrate being good stewards of our Parish by
sharing our blessings through our weekly offertory gi,
and as donors of special funding for others in need.
5:00PM SC
8:00PM Church
Sun. 7:30AM Church
9:30AM SC (Family)
9:30AM Church (Italian)
11:00AM SC
11:30AM Church
1:00PM SC
5:00PM Church (Spanish)
Received by Mail
Received thru Faith Direct
Last Week’s Collec on Total:
Average Weekly Parish Expenditures: $32,000
Am I sincere and genuine with others?
Am I pessimistic, always looking for the worst in things
and other people?
An Act of Contrition
“Lord Jesus, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”
Times for Confession
Every Saturday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and 7:30pm to
8:00pm. Also, by appointment. Please call the Parish Office.
Added Mass Time During Advent
Mondays to Fridays at 7pm in the Church.
“God’s Greatest Gift—The Christmas Story
… will be performed by the members of our Morning Star
Youth Ministry on Sunday, December 14th at 7pm. Tickets are
available after Masses this weekend.
The Parish
Office will be
closed on
December 8,
of the
Feast Day
lit · ur · gy n. a form of public worship;
a collection of formularies for public worship;
the celebration of the Eucharist
Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish
December 2014
(Month of Divine Infancy)
8 Immaculate Conception of Blessed Mother
(Holy Day of Obligation)
(Masses: 8AM, 12Noon, 7PM Church)
12 Our Lady of Guadalupe
14 Family Mass - Level 1
(9:30AM St. Catherine Chapel - Sienna Center)
14 God’s Greatest Gift - The Christmas Story
(7PM - Parish Auditorium)
20 Mass for Those with Special Needs
(3PM St. Catherine Chapel -Sienna Center)
21 Family Mass - Level 3
(9:30AM St. Catherine Chapel - Sienna Center)
Scripture Readings for
the NEXT SUNDAY. . .
Third Sunday of Advent
Reading I - Isaiah 61: 1-2a, 10-11
Reading II - 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24
Gospel John 1: 6-8,19-28
For weekday readings visit our diocesan website at and go to THE DAILY READINGS
A Prayer for Advent
Your attitude during the months
between the angel’s announcement
and the birth of your son, Jesus,
is the model for all interior souls,
in whose depths
God has also chosen to dwell.
Following your example,
may we bring
the same kind of peace,
the same kind of recollection
to everything we do.
Help us to act in such a way
that through God’s presence in us
the most trivial things in our day
may be divinized. Amen
-Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity
By Rev. Johnny R. Mendonca
As we journey between the first coming of Jesus when he was born at Bethlehem
and his Second Coming at the end of time when he will come as Judge of all, this
time of Advent offers us an opportunity to reflect on the Second Coming of Jesus
and thus prepare. His second coming and our waiting is the central theme
in liturgy and prayer. In two of the Eucharistic Acclamations we profess our faith in
Jesus’ Second Coming: - We proclaim your Death, O Lord, and profess your
Resurrection until you come again. - When we eat this bread and drink this cup,
we proclaim your death, O Lord, until you come in glory.
In the Creed which we profess every Sunday we proclaim: He will come again in
glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end.
During the early part of Advent (until December 16th) the Church asks us to
reflect on the Second Coming of Jesus, and not just to reflect on it but to prepare
for it. "Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come…. May he
not come suddenly and find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to all:
‘Watch!’ (Mark 13:33-37)
The readings of the first Sunday of Advent each year invite us to watch for the
Second Coming of Jesus and the readings of the Second Sunday of Advent invite
us to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus. That is why each year on the
Second Sunday of Advent the Gospel is John the Baptist asking us to prepare a
way for the Lord. And on the third Sunday of Advent each year we can detect
some of the readings encouraging us to be patient for Jesus’ Second Coming.
So the Church invites us to long for and prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus.
How do we prepare for it? Let us place God first in our lives and love our neighbor
as ourselves. Let us cleanse our hearts from sin. The second reading during the
first three Sundays of Advent each year has much encouragement to prepare our
hearts and lives as we await the Second Coming:
" I give thanks to my God always on your account for the grace of God bestowed
on you in Christ Jesus, that in him you were enriched in every way, with all
discourse and all knowledge, as the testimony to Christ was confirmed among
you, so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift as you wait for the revelation of
our Lord Jesus Christ. He will keep you firm to the end, irreproachable on the day
of our Lord Jesus (Christ). God is faithful, and by him you were called to fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord" 1 Cor. 1:4-9.
"The Lord does not delay his promise, as some regard "delay," but he is patient
with you, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass
away with a mighty roar and the elements will be dissolved by fire, and the earth
and everything done on it will be found out. Since everything is to be dissolved in
this way, what sort of persons ought (you) to be, conducting yourselves in
holiness and devotion, waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God,
because of which the heavens will be dissolved in flames and the elements melted by fire. But according to his promise we await new heavens and a new earth in
which righteousness dwells. Therefore, beloved, since you await these things, be
eager to be found without spot or blemish before him, at peace" 2 Peter 3:9-14.
" Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come. It is like a man
traveling abroad. He leaves home and places his servants in charge, each with
his work, and orders the gatekeeper to be on the watch. Watch, therefore; you do
not know when the lord of the house is coming, whether in the evening, or at midnight, or at cockcrow, or in the morning. May he not come suddenly and find you
sleeping. What I say to you, I say to all: ‘Watch!’ " Mark 13:33-37.
Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.
Lord, may our love for each other ever increase more and more as we await the
coming of Our Lord Jesus.
A Heartfelt Thanks …
A few words, a simple smile, a sincere ‘thank you’
means much in these challenging times of today’s
world. In sharing a note from an individual to our parish priests and pastor we express gratitude
for our blessings and the wonderful members of the parish family of Saint Catherine of Sienna.
Monday, December 8, 2014
Mass 7:00PM
(Solemnity of Immaculate Conception—Holy Day of Obligation)
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
following Mass until 9:00PM
Come … Pray the Rosary for Life
We ask for offering of an unwrapped gift
for infant or toddler (child up to age 6)
to be distributed to local homes for unwed mothers!
It was on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception that Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and the
unborn, first appeared to Saint Juan Diego. The National Night of Prayer for Life bridges these two feasts to honor
Our Blessed Mother and prays through Her intercession for the establishment of a Culture of Life, protection for the
Church from persecution and asks Our Lord to REVIVE OUR LAND.
(Solemnity of Immaculate Conception—Dec 8
Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe Dec 12)
For additional information contact the Parish Office
T: 516-352-0146
SCS Parish Family Celebrates Thanksgiving 2014
with prayer, buffet dinner, music, dance and games. Four hundred people gathered; children,
teens, young adults and seniors. Msgr. Rick, our Pastor, welcomed all and led prayer. People
raised their voices in song, listened to the Word of God and prayed together in thanks of the gifts
God has bestowed and all His blessings.
We give thanks to you O God
For our many blessings
As we pray for those in need.
We give thanks for our family and friends
As we pray for those who are lonely.
We give thanks for our freedoms
As we pray for those who are oppressed.
We give thanks for our good health
As we pray for those who are ill.
We give thanks for our comfort and prosperity
As we share our blessings with others.
On this day of Thanksgiving,
May the love of God enfold us,
The peace of God dwell within us
And the joy of God uplift us.
We give thanks to you O God!
This parish-wide event is
the result of many people
working together. It begins
with those that are responsible for planning, securing
auction prizes, selling event
tickets, and the preparation
for prayer service. Some
are responsible for room
arrangements, set up of the
dining tables and chairs, DJ
and prayer service music,
while others may assist with
setting up food buffet and
It takes many
hands and we are grateful
to members of Liturgy Committee, Family Ministry and
our Morning Star Youth Ministry and their adult support
team for their support.
No turkey you say? A buffet
with family favorites to satisfy
the crowd was prepared by
Pizza Express and the menu, now tradition, began in 2008
at the first dinner. The lines moved quickly on both sides
of auditorium.
Whether you were on the working team, donated an auction
prize, prepared the food, or participated in the event …
!"#" $!%#&#' !( #(#)#(!&'
* + !, (!#&, # *- -%
OF PRAYER program reminds us of the importance of daily prayer for vocations, priests and our
family. It has traveled throughout our parish community weekly to families and individuals. It was
initiated in 2010 by a group on a pilgrimage that visited Ars, the home of Saint John Marie Vianney,
the Patron of Parish Priests. The parish was presented the CUP by the group to encourage increased
daily prayer in the home. Through the program, intentions are presented for much needed vocations
to the priesthood, our parish priests and their intentions, our own parish family, and also family and
individual intentions. The CUP is presented at weekend Mass of your choice; the family or an individ‐
ual receives a blessing witnessed by those assembled. A Cup of Prayer booklet provides suggested
OUR LADY OF FATIMA PILGRIM VIRGIN STATUE program promotes the daily praying of the Rosary and has
been a parish prayer program for 26 years. Initiated here due to the deep devotion to Our Lady
of Fatima and praying of the Rosary, it has since touched the lives of hundreds of families and
individuals over the years. A ‘pilgrim’ statue of Our Lady of Fatima travels to a home, delivered
by a member of the parish, and displayed to inspire praying the Rosary DAILY. There are spe‐
cific prayers led by the person that delivers and picks up the ‘pilgrim’ statue, prayer book‐
lets and
resources for praying throughout the week.
"#$$ # O" # 516-352-0146
Monday, December 8th we will join the Right to Life
Group for Mass, followed by special Prayers!
Monday, December 15 (Last meeting for the
year) We will have guest speaker, Sister Joyce
Hummel speaking on “The Three Comings of
Jesus” at 7:30pm, Saint Catherine Chapel.
All Are Welcome
The Confraternity of
Christian Mothers...
will have their monthly meeting on
Thursday, December 18, 2014 in the
Sienna Center Lower Level.
7 PM Executive Board
7:30 PM General Meeting and Christmas Party.
We will be donating this year again. Please bring an
unwrapped gift.
All our members wish you a Blessed Christmas and
a Healthy New Year.
Please note that we do not meet in January.
See you in February!!!!
Our Christmas Bulletin submission schedule is as follows: Bulletin submissions to be printed in the December 21st issue are
due on Tuesday, December 9th.. Submissions for December 28th are due on Monday, December 15th.
Submissions for January 4th are due on Friday, December 19th.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation
Faith Formation
Today is the second Sunday of Advent .
Tomorrow, December 8th, is the Immaculate
Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Holy Day
of Obligation. Please try to attend Mass.
Faith Matters
Sharing faith
through the eyes of
our Catechists:
I started teaching when my
children began Religious Education, or as we call it now Faith
Formation, over 25 years ago.
I continued teaching when my
grandchildren started classes.
I love the little ones. I have been
teaching first grade for the last
5 years. They see things so differently; so definitely I try to show
more than tell, and teach them with lots of
repetition to get their attention. I like to teach
them about their faith because I feel it is giving back and paying forward. It keeps my faith
strong and I learn a lot. Each chapter in their
Religion books talks about the saints and I
learn along with them as I never even heard of
some of the saints. My children already know
the sign of the cross, we repeat and repeat.
Now we are learning the Our Father prayer by
singing and actions. After we will learn the Hail
Mary prayer. We do lots of crafts and we even
do a ‘religion bee’ like a ‘spelling bee’. The children love it and we, meantime, are finding out
what they really know. I would encourage anyone to come and share their faith and learn
more, as well as grow stronger in their faith. I
do it with my first graders.
June Dolgos
1st Grade Catechist
Faith Matters will take the place of Grade Level
Parent Meetings and will be once a month on
Thursdays. Mom, dad or both, other family
members (if you don’t have a babysitter, you can
bring the kids) can come and have some spiritual
renewal and rejuvenation for one hour. These are
stressful times. We will always have different topics
and these will be advertised on our website.
Faith Matters—we need it today more than ever.
Come together and let’s share our Faith-coffee,
tea and dessert.
Level 1 Mass
All first grade students and their families are invited
to attend Mass on:
Sunday, December 14th
9:30 am
Saint Catherine Chapel
Post Abortion Help
Do you know someone who is carrying
the grief and sorrow of past abortions?
Share with them the “Good News” of God’s
merciful love:
Days of Prayer and Healing
For women and men suffering
from the effects of abortion
For more information or to register, please call the
Sisters of Life: 866-575-0075 or email:
[email protected],
For more information or to register, please call:
Or email [email protected]
You don’t need to suffer alone. There’s help
Faith Formation Students, please take this page to class
Name_______________________ Grade Level________ December 7, 2014
Feast of the Immaculate
December 8, 2014
Pray 3 Hail Marys
while thinking about
Mother Mary’s love
for the Lord our God.
Who is in the
Use the picture clues to find the missing letters. The
answer is hidden in the bold squares! (Mark 1:3-4)
Prepare the Way!
How are you and your family going to prepare for the
birth of Jesus Christ?
Dec. 12 is the Feast Day of the Lady of Guadalupe,
when we remember Mother Mary appearing to Juan
Diego in Mexico City #GodIsLove
“Misa de Gallo”
Friday, December 19, 2014 @ 8:00 PM
Saint Catherine of Sienna Church
Franklin Square
Celebrant: Fr. Lennard Sabio
Choir: Friends in Christ
For more information please call Ester at 516 214 6130
The Foundation of Prayer for Priests
By Thomas Van (bio - articles - email) | Nov 17, 2014
In 2007, in light of increasing attacks on the priesthood from within and without, and particularly after the scandals that had done such damage to
the Church, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy saw the need to begin a global movement of prayer for priests. To that end, the Congregation issued a booklet to the bishops of the world, entitled Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity. In the booklet’s introduction, Cláudio Cardinal Hummes, then Prefect of the Congregation, wrote:
We intend in a very particular way to entrust all priests to Mary, the Mother of the Eternal High Priest, bringing about in the Church a movement of
prayer, placing 24 hour continuous Eucharistic adoration at the center, so that a prayer of adoration, thanksgiving, praise, petition, and reparation
will be raised to God, incessantly and from every corner of the earth, with the primary intention of awakening a sufficient number of holy vocations
to the priestly state and, at the same time, spiritually uniting with a certain spiritual maternity — at the level of the Mystical Body — all those who
have already been called to the ministerial priesthood and are ontologically conformed to the one High and Eternal priest. This movement will offer
better service to Christ and his brothers — those who are at once ‘inside’ the Church and also ‘at the forefront’ of the Church, standing in
Christ’s stead and representing Him, as head, shepherd and spouse of the Church.
In 2013, Kathleen Beckman, L.H.S, a retreat director and Catholic radio host who had spent the past decade working with priests in the ministry of
healing and deliverance, was inspired by the second edition of the Congregation’s booklet to turn the prayer initiative into a formal movement.
And so in July 2014, Beckman established the Foundation of Prayer for Priests with support from the
Congregation for the Clergy.
As the excerpt above indicates, Beckman’s apostolate is fundamentally Marian and Eucharistic. The FPP particularly
encourages Eucharistic adoration and the rosary as ways of praying for priests. Though the movement is for men and women equally, a special
aspect of this work for women is the focus on spiritual motherhood of priests. This means uniting oneself with Mary’s universal motherhood of
priests and participating in this life-giving function through communion with Mary, the most powerful form of which is the consecration to Jesus
through Mary. This spiritual maternity was practiced by many women saints, such as St. Catherine of Siena and St. Thérèse of Lisieux.
Another great source of inspiration in this area is Venerable Concepción Cabrera de Armida (1862-1937). Conchita, as she is also known, was a
Mexican mystic who inspired the creation of several apostolates in her home country. On many occasions she heard God speaking to her, and
Jesus gave her the mission of being a spiritual mother of thousands of priests and priests-to-be. Conchita practiced this spiritual maternity by
prayer, suffering and reparation for the sins of priests.
Coordinated with the establishment of the Foundation of Prayer for Priests was the release of Kathleen Beckman’s excellent book, Praying for
Priests: A Mission for the New Evangelization (published by Sophia Institute Press). In it, she explains why priests need the prayers of the laity,
and gives real-life examples of the efficacy of intercessory prayer in increasing vocations, strengthening priests who are suffering, and even bringing priests who have abandoned their vocations to repentance.
Beckman is at her best when writing about Mary’s special love for priests and the work of spiritual motherhood united with her. These chapters will
increase the reader’s devotion both to Mary and to the priesthood, and will be of particular interest to lay women. There is also a beautiful chapter
on how to make a holy hour for priests.
The book includes a number of prayers for priests, notably three scriptural Rosaries: one for priests, another for vocations, and a third in reparation for the sins of priests. These include not only meditations from Scripture but passages from two apostolic letters of
St. John Paul II: Pastores Dabo Vobis, dealing with the formation of priests, and Salvifici Doloris, on the Christian meaning of human suffering.
Those who wish to learn more about this crucial apostolate can also visit the website of the Foundation of Prayer for Priests, which offers a myriad
of resources on the priesthood, spiritual motherhood, spiritual fatherhood, and various forms of intercessory prayer for priests.
Advent Activity –December 6th & 7th
The second Sunday of Advent symbolizes Faith with the Bethlehem Candle
reminding us of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem.
Please color this candle PURPLE, cut it out and glue it to your Advent Wreath.
Violet or Purple is a liturgical color that is used to signify a time of
penance, sacrifice, and prayer.
Come Lord Jesus,
Fill My Heart With
(Christmas story)
Sunday, December 14, 2014
at: 7:00pm Sharp - Parish Auditorium
Reserve your seat today—Donation is $5 per person
Tickets on sale after Masses and at Welcome Desk
St. Catherine of Sienna Parish Social Ministry
This year when you
choose a star from the
tree, please purchase
the suggested gift card
in the amount you
choose ($10, $20,
$25, $50 …) mark
the amount on the
card & return by 12/14
with the star attached.
On the reverse side of
the star is a request for
a small prayer. During
this season of Advent
please say this prayer
so that we, together as
a parish, will offer
hundreds of prayers
for these special
Won’t you help the needy of our community?
Please place the gift cards in any of the collections at Mass or drop off in
the Outreach or Parish Office during our regular hours by Dec. 14th.
You’ll notice that all of the stars are requests for Gift Cards where you will determine the amount you
choose to give. Giving gift cards to families in need helps preserve their dignity in allowing them to
purchase for themselves the things they most need or want for Christmas. Any gift cards that might
be left over can then be used throughout the year to help our families get through tough times.
Gift cards may be of ANY denomination, but please mark the amount somewhere on the card.
May you and your family be blessed this Advent Season, as together we await the
Birth of our Lord at Christmas!
Pope's Video Message at Vigil for Beginning of Year of Consecrated Life
"May this be an 'intense time' to celebrate with the whole Church the gift of your vocation and to revive your prophetic mission"
Vatican City, November 30, 2014 ( | 848 hits
Here is a translation of Pope Francis’ video message by which he participated in Saturday evening’s prayer vigil to begin the Year of
Consecrated Life. The Pope was unable to lead the celebrations since he is today returning from a three-day visit to Turkey.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Even though physically far away because of my service to the universal Church, I feel profoundly united to all consecrated men
and women at the beginning of this year, which I wish to have dedicated to consecrated life. I greet affectionately all the members
of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, and all those present in the Basilica of Saint
Mary Major, under the tender gaze of the Blessed Virgin, Salus Populi Romani, for this Vigil of Prayer. With you I also greet all
the consecrated men and women who live and work in the world.
My first words, on this occasion, are of gratitude to the Lord for the precious gift of consecrated life to the Church and to the
world. May this Year of Consecrated Life be an occasion for all members of the People of God to thank the Lord, from whom
every good comes, for the gift of consecrated life, appreciating it appropriately. To you equally, dear brothers and sisters, goes my
gratitude for what you are and what you do in the Church and in the world. May this be an “intense time” to celebrate with the
whole Church the gift of your vocation and to revive your prophetic mission.
I repeat to you today what I have said at other times: “Awake the world! Awake the world!” How?
Put Christ at the center of your existence. The essential norm of your life being to “follow Christ as taught by the
Gospel” (Perfectae Caritatis, 2), consecrated life consists essentially in personal adherence to Him. Seek Christ constantly, dear
consecrated, seek his Face, may He occupy the center of your life in order to be transformed in “living memory of Jesus’ way of
living and acting, as Incarnate Word before the Father and before brothers” (Vita Consecrata, 22). Like the Apostle Paul, let
yourselves be conquered by Him, assume his sentiments and his way of life (cf. Ibid., 18); let yourselves be touched by his hand,
led by his voice, sustained by his grace (cf. Ibid., 40).
It is not easy; let yourselves be touched by his hand, led by his voice, sustained by his grace. And, with Christ, begin always from
the Gospel! Assume it as a way of life and translate it into daily gestures marked by simplicity and coherence, thus overcoming the
temptation to transform it into an ideology. The Gospel will keep your life and mission “young,” and it will render it timely and
attractive. May the Gospel be the solid terrain where you advance with courage. Called to be “living exegesis” of the Gospel, may
that be, dear consecrated, the foundation and ultimate reference of your life and mission.
Come out of your nest to the fringes of the man and woman of today! Therefore, let yourselves be encountered by Christ.
The encounter with Him will drive you to encounter others and will lead you to the neediest, to the poorest. Reach the fringes that
await the light of the Gospel (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 20). Inhabit the frontiers. This will require your vigilance to discover the
novelties of the Spirit; lucidity to recognize the complexity of the new frontiers; discernment to identify the limits and the appropriate way to proceed; and immersion in reality, “touching the suffering flesh of Christ in the people” (Ibid., 24).
Dear brothers and sisters: presented before you are many challenges, but these exist to be surmounted. “Let us be realistic, but
without losing joy, audacity and dedication full of hope! Let us not be robbed of the missionary force!” (Ibid., 109).
May Mary, woman in contemplation of the mystery of God in the world and in history, diligent woman in helping others with haste
(cf. Luke 1:39) and, therefore, model of every missionary-disciple, accompany you in this Year of Consecrated Life, which we put
under her maternal gaze.
To all of you, participants in the Vigil of Prayer at Saint Mary Major, and to all consecrated men and women, I impart my heartfelt
Blessing, and I ask you, please, to pray for me.
May the Lord bless you and may Our Lady protect you.
[Original text: Italian]
[Translation by ZENIT]
S# C$#%&'()&’* CYO
G('.* V0..&12$..
to our Senior Girls basketball team as they
captured their victory last week. This was their
last year of eligibility for most of the girls and
they completed their time here in grand fashion. The girls have been together since 3rd
grade. This was such a special day for them as
they went out on top and won the championship. Thanks to all who supported them.
(F0' 4('.* () G'$5&* 5-12)
S(4) U; D$#&:
** new registrants only, returning players
please contact last season’s coach via
Sunday, December 7nd
*Located in the Sienna Center Lobby*
Registration Fee: $140 (covers team registration,
referee fees, membership fee, insurance, jersey
(if needed) **Due at first practice**
Practice/Games: Each team will play a total of 10
games, 5 home/5 away at local parishes. Practice will
be held weekly beginning in January. Games run early
Teams: Teams are determined by coach availability. Placement is not guaranteed. Parents will
be notified by mid December by email. There will be a
12 girl per team, maximum.
We are looking for 1 more fifth grade
On Sunday, December 14, the Adult and Bell Choirs
of Our Lady of the Snows R.C. Church- led by Lisa
Evard Kelly, Director of Music Ministry - will present
“Lessons and Carols”- a wonderful selection of songs
and hymns to celebrate the Advent and Christmas seasons - at the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston, NY. Seminarians from the Center are also
scheduled to participate.
The presentation will be held in the Main Chapel, and
will start at 7:00 PM. Admission is free. Come and
enjoy the delightful musical performance. Bring a
friend as well.
For further information, you may call Our Lady of
Snow Parish Office at (718) 347-6070, or you may go
to the Parish website at
Coaches are unpaid volunteers! Each go through a
standard background check (through the parish),
complete a Virtus Training Class (through the
Dioceses), and take a Coaches Sanctioning Class
(through CYO).
Anyone interested in coaching
should email Tracey Curtin:
[email protected], or call 516-263-1100.
A Virtus Training Class and background check must
be completed by early January for all volunteers.
Knights of Columbus Twelve Apostles
# 5001
Lawn and Magnets Sale: Keep Christ in Christmas lawn signs
and magnets. Contact Joe Lannon PGK @ (516) 384-7862
if you would like to purchase signs.
Annual Christmas Party Jan.9th at Filomena’s (details to follow
Keep the date opened.
Saint Catherine of Sienna
Every First Friday
Next General Meeting will be on Dec. 15th @ 7:30 pm a small
repass will be provided. “Merry Christmas”
Next Officers Meeting will be on Jan.5th 2015 @ 7:30pm
24 Hour Eucharistic Adoration
8:30AM Friday
8:00AM Saturday
Dec 28,2014
Opera Christmas Concert
3:00 PM
Saint Catherine of Sienna Church
Details to Follow
December 9, 2014
Marian Healing Ministry
Healing Mass
7:00 PM
St. Anastasia’s Church
45-14, 245th Street Douglaston
Little Nick, NY 11362
January 24, 2015
1:00pm to 3:00pm
St. Martin de Porres Marianist School
Open House
530 Hempstead Boulevard
Uniondale, NY
For more information call 516-481-3303