PEI on WHO Radio and at the Iowa State Fair!



PEI on WHO Radio and at the Iowa State Fair!
Aug 10, 2015
Kick it off with
WHO radio and PEI
Join us at 10:00 on the Mickelson Show with Directors Jodie Nation and Jim Hawkins
Thursday, August 13, 2015.
10:00 AM on WHO radio
That is 1040 on the am dial.
Visit our booth, #270 in the Varied Industries Building. Our staff
and volunteers will love visiting with you!
State Conference: A Fast Fun informative Day!
John Carver encourages participation in the 21st Century!
It all came together and what a GREAT day it was! The networking alone was phenomenal as a packed room of teachers,
administrators and legislators all came together for a day to share and learn.
John Carver, Howard Winneshiek Superintendent, started the day and passionately spoke to the advantages of using digital
devices and the connections and learning possibilities available for our kids as well as educators. Embedding technology into
instruction might mean "tweeting" out an interest in dolphins for a kindergarten student and then being able to Skype 25 minutes
later with an oceanographer from San Diego, California!
Joanne Tubbs, Administrative Consultant for the BOEE, spoke on ethical issues that
commonly affect great teachers! After dividing the room, each section of educators choose a
typical educational scenario which Joanne added a dilemma to, with the group then endeavoring
to handle the situation correctly.
Jim Gilliam, attorney with Long & Gilliam in Des Moines gave his TOP TEN
Legal Issues Affecting PEI members 2015 Edition! Jim especially hit the
ethical concerns of educators and detailed the difficult experience of having ethics
charges filed against an educator.
Lance Horbach, with Independent Insurance Services, presented on PEI’s premier
career protection, representation, and liability insurance which is unparalleled in Iowa!
Lance’s yearly talk emboldens educators confirming the expanse of coverage each one
of them has.
Click the following links to see pictures of our
Thank you
to all of PEIF donors who were generous to support the silent auction foundation! Please consider patronizing these businesses and let them know how much
you appreciate them!
Click the following link into see all of the 2015 PEIF donors:
PEI is the best in quality and value!
Just think of it this way; PEI is an Iowa only organization. We promise the
best liability and legal coverage and we deliver! We represent our
members before the legislature, the department of education, and other
entities of influence on you lives. We are the voice for independent
PEI gives the security we all need!
We need professional career protection THE SAME AS we need insurance on our car, our
house, our health, our life!
IT'S TIME TO TELL OTHERS ABOUT PEI: new teachers, seasoned teachers, student
teachers and all others in the education arena.
Direct them to the website, call the office, 515-21-2330, give them a
brochure, or bring them to the fair!

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