2012-13 TCCES Annual Report



2012-13 TCCES Annual Report
F demics
A ervice
2012-13 TCCES/SMC
annual report
St. Gabriel Elementary School • St. Margaret Mary Elementary School
St. Mary Elementary School • Seton Catholic Middle School • St. Mary Central High School
TCCES Annual Fund Donors
Donated more than $5000
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
Joseph and Katie Golichnik
Donated between $3000 and $4999
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
Rick and Kristin Staehler
Pete and Cari Ullrich
Donated between $1000 and $2999
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
A grant from the Richard and Terri Auchter Fund within
the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
Ryan and Cindi Auth
Bill Griffith
Robert Nackers
Wayne and Candy Rusin
Michael Sajbel and Susan Allen
Mark and Nancy Te Tai
A grant from the Widener Family Fund within the
Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region
Donated between $250 and $999
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
The Reverend Richard Allen (H)
Robin and Lizzy (Bergstrom) ‘98 Auth
Todd and Terri Batzler
Jeff and Kim Berg
Christopher ‘91 and Kristen Bergstrom
Tim ‘95 and Natalie Bergstrom
Brazee Farms, Inc.
George and Elizabeth Brownell
Ken Danielson
Keith and Kathy Depies
Robert and Cheri Di Renzo
Chris and Gretchen Dimmer
Thomas Feavel and Margaret Bekkers
Scott and Tara Gagne
John and Julianne Giese
The Mark and Molly Griffin Family
Gunderson Cleaners
Gary and Judy Gunderson
John and Morgan Hogerty
John and Shanthi Joseph
Joan Jossart
Tom and Kathy Knott
David Kohlmeyer
David Magruder and Susan Hibbs-Magruder
Donn Marshall (H)
Dustin ‘00 and Stacie McClone
Ryan ‘94 and Laura McClone
Fritz and Elizabeth Merizon
Jon and Pat Myers
James and Susan O’Leary
Mary Plaisance
James Prosser and Laura Guy
William and Mary Lou Schmitzer
David and Vicki Schultz
Mark and Pam Seidl
Michael and Rita Sullivan
Karl and Mya Volkman
Thomas and Jeanne Young
Alexander and Jennifer Zenzick
Donated between $1 and $249
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
Matt and Jessica Anderson
Robert and Julie Anderson
Ramiro and Maria Arroyo
Lorraine (Verkuilen) Beachkofski ‘48
Lyle and Dolores Becker
Cindy Behm
Jerold and Mary Jane Belot
Patrick and Jean Berg
Michael and Georgiana Beyer
Richard and Mary Blashka
Jerry and Kristin Bormes
Dr. James and Mona Bouressa
Jim and Barb Boyle
Pat and Kim Breen
Preston and Jacqueline Brown
Tipton and Dawn Brown
Frank and Charlene Brumbeloe
Steve and Kris (Lenz) ‘83 Butke
James and Deborah Campbell
Rebecca Castonia
Paul and Pam Cleveland
Tom and Traci Conn
Paul and Lee Dallman
Richard ‘76 and Jean DeKleyn
Patrick and Susan Doherty
Jerome and Geralyn Dold
Gil and Linda Drewa
Bernard and Rosemary Dvorachek
Michael and Sandy Ellis
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
TCCES President’s Greeting
Dear TCCES Friends and Family:
Last August, shortly before the school year began, TCCES administrators, faculty and staff gathered for
a daylong retreat at St. Norbert Abbey where the theme for the year was unveiled: “think WE…then
think me.” Thereafter, this focus on moving forward with a system-oriented, “we are in this together”
frame of mind permeated the academic year.
I was gratified to see this focus on “system” exemplified in many ways, including:
• The opening of the incredible new Jane Bergstrom Fine Arts Education Center. The dream to build
this facility was realized through the combined efforts of a dedicated core committee, hundreds of
enthusiastic volunteers and many generous donors. Since the gala grand opening, it has been the venue
for dozens of TCCES activities from elementary concerts to meetings, community events and musical
performances by Seton, St. Mary Central and the TCCES Community Theater.
• The emphasis on collaboration and professional staff development within academic subjects and
across grade levels to improve our efforts to provide a well-rounded, academically challenging and
technology-enhanced Catholic education.
• Continued success in standardized test results at all levels: in MAP (Measure of Academic Progress)
tests taken by grades 2-9 and in ACT college-prep testing scores; as well as an increase in the number
of SMC students taking AP (Advanced Placement) exams and in the number of those achieving high
• Ongoing success of our technology clubs with nearly 70 students signing up for the inaugural year of
Junior Lego League at the elementary level, Seton’s FIRST Lego League achieving their highest ranking
yet in their sixth consecutive trip to the state meet and the VEX Robotics Club sending numerous
teams to both the national and world championships for the seventh year in a row.
These accomplishments were made possible by the support, prayers and dedication of our TCCES
friends and family. We thank you who choose Catholic education for your children, as well as you who
provide support to our TCCES schools. In the face of increasing secularism in our world, our TCCES
schools provide a nurturing environment that emphasizes Gospel values and a curriculum that prepares
students to be 21st century leaders.
Patrick Batey, President
Twin City Catholic Educational System
A Word from the TCCES
Board of Trustees President
Dear Friends and Supporters of Twin City Catholic Educational System:
The 2012-13 school year was one of great anticipation as we witnessed the construction of the
Jane Bergstrom Fine Arts Education Center and the new technology wing. It was also a year of
great enjoyment and pride as we joined in a gala grand opening and dedication, and then watched
TCCES students of all ages participate in performances; academic, service and sports recognition
programs; liturgies, classes and graduation ceremonies in the beautiful facility.
Even as the excitement of our new TCCES fine arts education center captured the community’s
imagination, the board of trustees remained focused on supporting education and technology, and
on sound fiscal management. The work of the board is evidenced by:
• The revitalization of the TCCES Technology Committee now charged with strengthening
the partnership between education and technology, addressing the issue of aging hardware and
creating a new five-year strategic plan.
• A commitment to increasing the student population at all of our TCCES campuses, and
the assignment and support of a special task force to address the enrollment goals at St. Mary
Elementary School.
• A commitment to developing and supporting accurate and appropriate communication to our
constituents in a positive and timely manner.
Moving forward, the board of trustees is committed to sustaining our focus on excellence in
education through continuing-education for faculty, interschool collaboration and technology;
enrollment growth at all levels; and addressing the challenges of our aging middle school.
We have been blessed in countless ways. Our school community is made up of students,
alumni, faculty & staff members and other friends who have one thing in common—we have
all been touched by the mission and the people of Twin City Catholic Educational System.
The extraordinary support of many TCCES friends and benefactors enables us to carry out
our mission of providing a quality Catholic education focused on faith, academics, service and
personal development.
We are grateful for and indebted to each one of you, and humbly ask for your continued prayers,
commitment of your time as volunteers and generous financial support.
Jeff Berg, President
TCCES Board of Trustees
Peter and Stephanie Emenecker
Engelhardt Dairy - Justin Harpel
Jeff ‘68 and Debbie Englebert
Jim ‘59 and Helen Englebert
Mike and Wendy Fischer
Eden and Katherine Foord
John and Barbara (H) Froelich
Dawn (Derfus) ‘89 and Daniel Gaab
Leah Garvey
Dale and Karen Glen
Brian Gullickson
Richard Hageman and Jill Honkamp
Ruth Ann Hamilton
Brian and Shannon Hayes
Meghan Healy Teeling ‘99 and Brenton Teeling
Keith and Paula Heid
Richard and Mary Hofman
Joyce and Arnie Honkamp
Richard and Chris Knapinski
LaVerne Kons
R. L. Konz
Frank and Donna Kranzusch
Norbert and Barbara Kuenzi
Don and Diane Lambert
Rick and Mary Langan
Rick and Karen Langdon
John and Jeanne Lee
Karen Lee
Eugene and Bernice Lerza
Chris (Clark) ‘67 and Jim Lewandowski
Abe and Ann Liebeskind
Florence Link
The Ludka Family
James and Angela Luther
Susan Mahoney ‘73
Richard and Patricia Makovec
Jerry and Deanna (Aykens) Manderfield ‘86
John and Barbara Marker
Michael and Lisa Marker
Paul and Maureen McAvoy
Randolph and Patricia McCarry
Arnold and Marjorie McClelland
Joe and Jackie McGrane
Michael Flesch and Kathleen Mengel Flesch
Frederick and Elizabeth Merizon
Peter and Jennifer Miller
Kasey Moede
Paul and Jennifer Molchany
Gene and Barbara Moran
Robert J. and Jean Marie Mueller
Larry and Janet Mulvey
Jacob and Judith Nennig
Sue Niesen
Chad and Tina Olsen
Larry and Kathleen Orth
Jesse and Julie Ostrom
Ralph and Mary Paul
David and Suzanne Pautz
Melissa Phillips
Beth Pier ‘83
Colleen (Coughlin) ‘95 and Peter Post
John and Marianne Powers
Jeffrey and Mary Prickette
Scott and Julie Puls
Mike and Carol Quinn
Ann (Miller) ‘80 and Kurt Rasmussen
Ken and Mary Reuter
Carole Ristow
Scott and Tricia Roh
Richard and Verna Rohe
Joyce Romnek
Bryan and Melissa Rosiejka
Brandon and Jessica Roth
Gary and Kris Rothenbach
Ed and Julie Sabish
Andrew and Paula Schmitz
Ann Marie (Hintenthuer) ‘76 and John Schmitz
Mark and Kristen Schoeni
Don and Deb Schultz
The Reverend Larry Seidl
Ken and Joan Settle
Stan Sevenich
Scott and Mona Sherwood
Rosemary Simonis
Jim and Jodie Sonnentag
Rob and Linda Srnka
John and Karen Staehler
Kevin and Angela Staner
Stephen and Joan Terrien
Pete and Sue Thelen
Berniel and Lorraine Tritt
The Trzasko Family
Frank and Anita Unger
John and Hope Van De Hey
Mike and Jodi (Niesen) ‘86 Van Rossum
Joe and Julie Vanden Acker
David ‘99 and Heather Voss
Chad and Tiffany Vosters
Sally Wautlet
Kevin and Theresa Weber
Bob and Kathy Wedge
Jeff Brightwell and Sara Widener-Brightwell
Wyon and Mary Jo Wiegratz
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
Joe Wierzbicki and Ellen Sturm
Madeleine Wilda
Bob and Lorene Willems
Darlene (Poquette) ‘56 and Duane Williams
Rose Mary (Schmitzer) ‘51 and Kenneth Williamsen
Dennis and Patti Wittmann
Helen Wolters
Paul Wolters
Pat Zelinski
Charlotte Zenzick
Ray and Julane Zielinski
St. Mary Central
Annual Fund Donors
Donated more than $5000
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
William ‘68 and Genevieve Arndt
Jack Berg and Carol (Swoboda) Berg ‘47
A grant from the James L. and Gail B. Cummings
Family Charitable Fund within the Community
Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
Michael ‘68 and Claudia McClone
A grant from the Harold R. and Doris M. Miller
Family Fund within the Community Foundation for
the Fox Valley Region
Jay ‘88 and Darci Minorik
Donated between $3000 and $4999
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
James and Gail Cummings
Donated between $1000 and $2999
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
A grant from the Richard and Terri Auchter Fund within
the Community Foundation for the fox Valley Region
Emily Blumer Trust
Mike and Beth Brown (H)
John and Leah (Brown) ‘64 Collins
Vernon Fahrenkrug ‘47
Tim and Joan Flaherty
Chris and Evie (Zuleger) ‘70 Hartwig Family Foundation
George Kronschnabel ‘42
Clarence Loehning ‘48
Thomas P. ‘50 and Shirley T. Maney
The Reverend Thomas Mayefske ‘54
Daniel and Cathy (Stilp) McClone ‘70
Paul Pakalski ‘55
Philip and Marna Pier (H)
Roy J. Stumpf ‘53
Francis and Josephine Van Lieshout
Paul ‘78 and Liz VanLieshout
Marvin ‘44 and Jayne Voissem
Donated between $250 and $999
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
Richard Abb
Paul Kreiling
Robert and Bridget Andersen
Mary Auth
Badger Plug Company
Bergstrom Automotive Corporation
Richard and Jennifer Bergstrom (H)
John F. and Dianne Bergstrom
The Jeff and Nancy Braatz Family
Christopher ‘96 and Liesl (Bergstrom) ‘99 Britzke
William Ciske’46
Gary ‘67 and Bonnie Coopman
Kate Cummings-Cubitt ‘88
Jim ‘55 and Brigitte De Decker
In memory of Dale R. DeKarske ‘60
Gene ‘57 and Mary Dunsirn
Douglas ‘60 and Kathleen Eckholm
Thomas Feavel and Margaret Bekkers
Dick and Pat Galloway
Michael ‘43 and Jean Graff
Roger J. Grassl ‘45
Julie (Hulbert) ‘76 and Michael Graverson
Drs. Peter Green ’88 and Sondra English
Tom ‘61 and Susan (Werner) ‘62 Gruper
George and Sue (Hirsch) ‘77 Gullick
Gary and Judy Gunderson
Ed Hirsch
Mike and Ann (Stanton) ‘81 Hoernke
Bob ‘57 and Mary Karisny
Nicholas ‘54 and Marilyn (Helms) ‘53 Kern
Herman Knuppel ‘58
Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.
Dr. Ann Mary Kosloske ‘55
Tracy and John ‘84 Koslowski, Jr.
Greg and Kimberly Lacey
Michael Mabie
Michael and Diane Mahlik
Donn Marshall (H)
Ryan ‘94 and Laura McClone
Michael ‘53 and Janet Murray
Mary Beth Nienhaus ‘61
Joyce Nyman ‘49
Jeff and Mary Beth Otto
Philip ‘59 and Frances Peterson
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
We believe in the value and importance of Catholic school education as
an integral part of the Neenah, Menasha, and surrounding area parish
Recognizing the critical importance of partnering with family, Church, and
community, our role within these communities is to provide our children from
preschool through high school with a strong educational foundation anchored
in our faith, and based on the Beatitudes.
Twin City Catholic Educational System, in partnership with family, Church
and community, provides a quality Catholic education that is focused on faith,
academics, service and personal development from preschool through high
school to influence a rapidly changing world.
More Steps Forward in the TCCES
Quest for Academic Excellence
In 2012-13, TCCES concentrated on
strengthening and broadening the curriculum
improvements that were started during the
previous school year. The system’s focus last year
was on student learning outcomes (SLOs), which
are being developed in addition to continued
implementation of the Common Core
Standards, which are endorsed by the National
Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
(USCCB) and the Diocese of Green Bay.
In the fall of 2012, ten TCCES teachers (two
from each building) and Jeanine Leege, director
of curriculum, attended three full days of
training in the implementation of SLOs. They
learned about implementing observation-based
expectations for their students based on data in
different subject areas. The educators returned
to their buildings very enthusiastic about this
educational tool, and shared the information
with their colleagues. Later, all TCCES educators
participated in a daylong workshop on the topic.
In addition to the student-focused learning
objectives, another educational focus during
the 2012-13 school year was the system-wide
science curriculum. Next-generation science
standards (NGSS) are K-12 standards based
on current research on science and science
learning. A cohort of TCCES science teachers
and Curriculum Director Jeanne Leege attended
training and met for three days to put together
the preliminary framework for a system-wide
plan for moving forward in science education,
which will include a greater emphasis on
engineering education. Next Generation Science
Standards and Common Core standards that
focus on math, English and Language arts
provide a rigorous framework to meet 21st
century learning needs.
Groups of teachers from all campuses
continued to meet throughout the year to
work on these three initiatives. In addition,
they were introduced to another important
tool that was made available to them late last
year—a password-protected website designed
specifically for TCCES educators. This website,
administered by Mrs. Leege, offers in-depth
information on TCCES curriculum, instruction,
assessment and professional development. She
continually updates the site, which she sees
as a way to provide support to and facilitate
an ongoing conversation among our TCCES
The Reverend Larry Abler*
Bob Andersen*
Patrick Batey
Jeff Berg
Nancy Braatz**
Patrick Breen**
Meg Brew*
Charlene Brumbeloe
Michelle Dejno
Gary Elmer
Howard Healy*
The Reverend Michael Ingold
Mary Krueger
Dustin McClone**
Kathleen Healy Osland**
The Reverend Paul Paider
Sue Pawlowski
Ann Rassmussen
The Reverend Larry Seidl
Pam Seidl
Heather Voss
*Term ended June 30, 2013
**Term began July 1, 2013
Throughout this report are boxes that highlight
ways in which your annual fund dollars directly
benefit TCCES students. Today we need your help
so that we can continue to provide a well-rounded,
outstanding Catholic education for our future
The TCCES/SMC Annual Fund is
Essential to our Success
The Twin City Catholic Educational System/St. Mary Central Annual Fund remained strong in 201213, with 646 generous donors giving nearly $140,000 for operations expenses and tuition assistance. As
illustrated below, there is a significant gap between the actual cost to educate a TCCES student and the
amount covered by tuition. We face a significant challenge since parish subsidy amounts continue to
decline (as planned), and the remaining gap must be bridged through third-source fundraising and our
annual fund appeal.
Actual Cost to
Educate a
St. Mary
Thomas Prosser
Robert M. Quella ‘57
The Ann (Miller) ‘80 and Kurt Rasmussen Family
Patrick Rass ‘73 and Alan Lang
Christopher ‘77 and Geralyn Schultz
Thomas ‘50 and Marian Selig, in memory of John
Selig ’48 and Barb (Selig) Multhauf ‘53
Lee Stadtmiller ‘57
Les ‘43 and Darlene Stumpf
Kurt ‘82 and Janet Swiecichowski
Charles and Rochelle Szews
Luke Szews ‘09
Peter and Uangie Vanderhyden ‘60
Steve ‘81 and Carol Wilda
Robert Zehren ‘45
Donated between $1 and $249
during the 2012-13 fiscal year
Verna Adrian
Mary Jane (Schrage) Alesch ‘44
Donna Alferi ‘59
Mary Anne (Rotzenberg) ‘70 and William Alt
Jerome and Esther Ament
Betty (Kersten) Appleton ‘50
Alan and Jody Arenz
Geraldine Asman
Herb ‘55 and Janice Batley
Sandra (Porsche) ‘66 and William Bean
Jerome and Margaret Beck
Patricia Beckerson
Helen (Kowalkowski) Bednarowski ‘55
Bill Beisenstein ‘66
Jason Bennin ‘99
Ken Berner ‘55
John ‘53 and Lynn Binder
Chris ‘97 and Karen (Kellner) ‘95 Birling
Gerald Birling ‘49
Tara Bitterman ‘96
Blue Inn/Park Dance Reunion
Virginia Bolwerk ‘52
Josephine (Schoetz) Bovill-Erpf ‘35
Judith A. (Briggs) Bowen ‘59
Carol (Dibelius) ‘58 and Joseph Brachmann
John ‘56 and Rita Bradish
Rita (Dietz) Brandt ‘46
Bruce and Marcy Brantmeier
John (‘61) and Linda Brantmeier
Norbert and Jean Braun
Michaela (McClone) ‘96 and Erik Brenn
Sharon (Thiel) ‘67 and Robert Brenner
Richard A. Broeren ‘44
Thomas ‘65 and Nancy Brown
Patricia (Wicheham) ‘78 and George Bryan
Keith and Kathy Buelow
Jim and Margaret Burns
Thomas Bushman ‘56
Anne (Freund) ‘70 and Mike Buss
Robert and Julienne (Francart) ‘85 Butelefski
The Reverend Michael Carroll
Patrick and Kathy Casperson
Ray Caston ‘65
Mary (Pocquette) Chervenak ‘61
Daniel Ciske ‘72
SMC Class of 1952
Ronald and Lynn Cops
John ‘65 and Diane Coughlin
Patricia L. (Vandenberg) Cox ‘48
Frances (Buck) Crain ‘50
Joseph ‘75 and Joan Damie
Margaret (Heitl) Damie ‘38
Andrew ‘05 and Marika Daniels
Bernice (Gestout) ‘57 and David John DeBoer
Peggy (Dombeck) DeBraal ‘64
Donald L. Dehn
Rita DeLain Gee ‘53
Keith and Kathleen Depies
Terry ‘65 and Susan Derfus
John ‘55 and Janet DeYoung
Ronald ‘56 and Lotus Dibelius
Patrick ‘57 and Judy Donohue
Adeline (Scherer) Dorzweiler ‘44
Julie Drzewiecki ‘77 and Adam Martin
Mark ‘66 and Jo Anne Ebben
Debra Mohnen-Eberhard ‘75
David ‘62 and Lynn Eckholm
Jo Ann Eisch ‘49
Fred and Mary Engel
Dan and Annamarie Engelhard
Jayne Englebert ‘79
Karen (Muehlenbein) ‘80 and Joseph Fahley
Patricia (Corry) ‘60 and Gary Fallon
James ‘50 and Carol (Voissem) ‘48 Ferron
John ‘66 and Susan (Viotto) ‘72 Fink
Cliff Fischer
Andrew Flesch ‘08
Terrence Fletcher
Dorothy M. Forsythe
James and Dorothy Francart
John and Mary Frozena
Rob ’07 and Tabatha Frozena
Emily (Rhode) Funk ‘60
David Galassie ‘75
Philip ‘65 and Diann Galassie
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
Only in this personal relationship with Christ…do we really
become Christians. Therefore, let us pray …that He will
grant us a lively faith, an open heart, and great charity for all,
capable of renewing the world.
-Blessed John Paul II
One of many 2012-13 highlights:
Unity in our Catholic faith is an important facet of education
in TCCES elementary schools. Prior to the school year
beginning, administrators developed a series of faith-oriented
activities, lessons plans and prayer services for all elementary
students to engage in. This included the addition of special
observations on the feast days of each school’s patron saint,
and parallel activities for the seasons of Advent and Lent.
One of many 2012-13 highlights:
The TCCES quest for excellence is reflected in the system’s
continued emphasis on refining a curriculum that is aligned
from kindergarten through twelfth grade. TCCES educators
attended professional workshops and multilevel, subject-specific
meetings to establish a seamless progression from grade to grade
in all academic areas. This effort is further enhanced by the
sustained growth of technology in our schools.
Following Jesus means learning how to come out of ourselves
to reach out to others…to bring the living presence of Jesus,
merciful and full of love!
-Pope Francis I
One of many 2012-13 highlights:
Several years ago, Seton established the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Service award which can be earned by middle school students
who complete service hours well above the general school
requirement in specified areas, complete additional study and
journaling, and obtain letters of recommendation. Last year, 25
Seton students put in the extra effort to earn this recognition
and pledged to follow Elizabeth Ann Seton’s example of a life
of service.
Set against (the world’s) personal struggles, moral confusion and fragmentation of
knowledge, the noble goals of scholarship and education, founded on the unity of truth
and in service of the person and the community, become an especially powerful
instrument of hope.
-Pope Benedict XVI
Becky (Wallace) Galligan ‘61
Monica (Van Lieshout) Gamm ‘76
Michelle (Monathan) ‘78 and Gary Gawinski
Joan (Braun) ‘56 and William Geenen
Leon ‘47 and June Geiger
John George ‘78
The Tony Gerharz ‘77 Family
Russell Gerritts
Frank Giesen ‘43
Mary Beth (St. Peter) ‘57 and Robert Gilmore
George and Judy Goetz
Robert and Kathy Golz
Charles and Jan (Gehring) ‘55 Gostas
Carl Grade ‘44
Dorothy (Meiers) Grade ‘38
Jean (Bretthauer) Grade ‘53
Pete ‘63 and NaVonne Green
Bill Griesbach ‘43
James Griesbach ‘74
Robert A. Griesbach ‘42
Susan (Beauchaine) ‘68 and Howard Gundlach
Anna Marie Halaychik ‘66
Gladys Hansen, RN CRRN ‘72
Gail Hawley
Ken and Jenny (Paul) ‘88 Heck
Mike and Sally Heideman
Fritz and Helen (Wilz) ‘50 Heiss
Bill and Joan (Schmitzer) ‘62 Helein
Dianne (Stark) ‘67 and Brian Henke
Ron and Naoko Hentz
Thomas ‘61 and Nancy (Harvey) ‘74 Herrmann
Mary (Dietz) Herwig ‘44
Pat (H) and Carol Hickey
Marguerite (Laemmrich) ‘51 and Gerald Hoffman
William ‘52 and Bev Hoffman
Emmett Hoks ‘43
Sister Mary Carla Huebner ‘55
Kathryn M. Huelsbeck ‘56
Anne (Lyons) ‘62 and John Huston
Don ‘61 and Mary Jacobs
Harvey and Rochelle Jacobs
Nancy (Buchanan) ‘49 and Ralph Jacobsen
Ken Jahnke ‘64
Margaret (Verbrick) Jahnke ‘50
Jeannine Jaykoski
Don ‘53 and Mary Helen (Denil) ‘54 Jensen
Jon and Shirley Joch
Mary Jossart
Donald and Penny (Kruckeberg) ‘66 Kaufert
Mary (Klamer) ‘74 and Nick Kees
Kathy (Marshall) ‘70 and Mark Kellermann
Ken and Lori Kellner
Barbara (Steidl) Kemps ‘51
Jill (Kettenhofen) Kerhin ‘88
Paul and Lois Kerscher
Donna Kessler ‘60
Edward Kiefer ‘49
Elaine V. (DeBruin) Killian ‘45
Michael ‘66 and Linda (Voss) ‘67 Killian
Joe King ‘63
John and Geri (Voissem) King ‘64
Ben and Kay (Young) ‘62 Kluth
Dan and Jodie (Resch) Knecht ‘85
Luke Knoedler
Don Koskinen
Steward P. Koskinen ‘01
Gerri ‘52 and Don Kramer
Joseph ‘62 and Barbara Kramer
William ‘64 and Jane (Weber) ‘65 Kramer
William L. Kraus ‘61
Michael and Nancy Krejcarek
Jeff ‘80 and Sheri Kroll
Nancy (Wickeham) Krupa ‘58
Dan ‘60 and Barb Kuepper
Mark and Peggy (Clifford) Laemmrich ‘72
Rick and Mary Langan
Karl ‘61 and Jeannine Langlois
G. Steven ‘69 and Debra Larson
Gerald and Margaret Latham
Thomas ‘90 and Kaonou Latham
Karen Lee
David and Cathy Lehner
Mike L. Leibham
Gail (Flunker) LeMere
Carol (Wangelin) Lemke ‘77
Barbara J. (Voss) Lenz ‘59
Gary ‘73 and Jan Lesperance
Jim and Chris (Clark) ‘67 Lewandowski
John ‘72 and Polly (Wagner) ’73 Lingnofski
Kurt Lingnowski ‘77
Bob and Kris Loderbauer
Kathy (Holloran) ‘54 and Eugene Losselyong
William Lueck ‘56
Julie Lutz
John ‘61 and Linda Lyons
Ambrose ‘49 and Shirley Magalski
Justin ‘99 and Sarah Mahlik
Richard and Patricia Makovec
Bob and Lynne Malinoski
Tom ‘73 and Ellen (Schoultz) ‘75 Mancosky
Dennis ‘49 and Lois Manderfield
Wayne Mannebach (H)
Stan and Pat Martenson
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
…offer opportunities for students
in the areas of fine arts, leadership,
service, world languages, athletics
and activities.
Twin City Catholic Educational System (TCCES ) enrollment continues to move upward overall,
in contrast to the state and nationwide downward trend in Catholic education. The administrators
and faculty at each of the five TCCES schools know that a Catholic education is a choice that many
families make great sacrifices to provide for their children. TCCES recognizes that commitment and
strives to provide the best possible well-rounded experience to every student whose family chooses a
TCCES education.
According to new TCCES families, reasons for choosing our school system include:
• a welcoming, family-oriented community
• the recommendation of current TCCES families
• the emphasis in TCCES schools on technology
• our strong curriculum, varied and numerous co-curricular opportunities • current students’ success
• new opportunities in the fine arts education center and technology classrooms
• competitive tuition rates in comparison to other area schools
• our commitment to Catholic values, teachings and sacramental opportunities
• the dedication of recruitment personnel in sharing information and providing opportunities to experience TCCES
• growing community knowledge and excitement about what TCCES has to offer
2006-07 2007-08
2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
…support families in their desire to provide
a Catholic education for their children by
providing need-based tuition to nearly 46%
of TCCES students in grades K-12. While
our enrollment is increasing, so is the
amount of assistance sought each year.
Adrian Martin ‘62
Mildred (Werner) ‘53 and James Mauthe
Jim McCourt
John McKenzie ‘49
Gordon Meier ‘40
Michael Flesch and Kathleen Mengel Flesch
Vicky (Ott) ‘98 and Scott Merzlicker
Dee (Ganzyk) Meyer ‘47
Dave ‘73 and Linda (H) Michalkiewicz
Mel Michalkiewicz ‘08
David ‘58 and Yolanda Miller
John ‘78 and Shelly Miller
Mark and Pat Miller
Kelanie (Robinson) Minten ‘87
Merry and Richard ‘55 Mitchell
Novella Moder ‘50
Pamela Moehring ‘60
Donald ‘51 and Vonnie Montonati
Janice (Baken) ‘80 and Thomas Morse
Jean (Farrell) ‘64 and Richard Moxon
Denise (Wanta) ‘76 and Richard Mullard
Mary (Mahoney) ‘74 and Sean Murphy
Lindell (Hopfensperger) ‘64 and Tom Nabbefeld
Ruth (Kueser) Nelson ‘55
Scott and Kim Nennig
Nancy (Bunker) Neuman ‘49
Gary and Renee Neumeyer
The Reverend Leander Nickel
Colleen O’Brien ‘60
Eugene and Cathy Ott
Rebecca Ott ‘07
Diane and Jerry Ozark
Barbara (Hienemann) Pankratz ‘38
Mary Beth (Brantmeier) ‘66 and Peter Pankratz
Colleen (Verkuilen) ‘81 and Patrick Parks
Sue (Woulf) ‘80 and Brad Pawlowski
Carl ‘57and Sharon Peeters
Raymond Peeters ‘48
Thomas K. Penney ‘60
Pete ‘55 and Elayne Peterson
Chris Pier ‘83
Dan ‘90 and Carol Pier
Tom Pier ‘87 and J. Russell Kieffer
Carol (Schueler) Plank ‘57
Carol Porsche ‘60
Jessica (Holey) Pownell ‘06
James ‘50 and Mary Lou Probst
William A. Quella
Helen (Hackstock) Quigley ‘60
Bill and Natalie Raaths
Mary (McCormick) ‘66 and David Rades
Brian R. Radichel
Richard and Carol (Werth) Rank ‘57
Molly Rasmussen ‘07
Magdalene (Rippl) ‘36 and Clem Rass
Jerome and Marilyn Resch
Kenneth ‘57 and Mary Resch
Philip R. Resch ‘84
Mr. and Mrs. Roger ‘71 Resch
Mary (Baldwin) Richards ‘57
The Reverend William Rickert
Dr. Jerome W. Riese ‘49
James ‘61 and Jeannie Rippl
Dorothy (Zeininger) Riska ‘52
Kathleen (Binder) Robl ‘44
Carol (Brantmeier) ‘74 and Dave Roche
In memory of Dorothy (Hett) Pommerening ‘38
William ‘59 and Judith Roemer
Barbara (Sipin) Rogers ‘58
Donald ‘45 and Joan Rogers
Mike ‘52 and Lois Rohe
Dan Rohrbeck ‘53
Kent ‘76 and Jennifer Ropella
Lisa (Kemps) Ropella ‘77
Paul ‘82 and Kris Ropella
David Rzentkowski ‘79
John V. Sahli ‘56
Lillian (Suess) ‘46 and Mike Sambs
The Samolinski Family
Robert Schipferling ‘49
Darwin ‘47 and Joan Schmalz
John Schmeisser ‘65
Betty Schmidt
Dave ‘61 and Barb Schmidt
Peter and Julie Schmitz
Alice Schnell
Donald and Alice Schommer
Jim ‘60 and Margaret Schroeder
Rosemary (Roegner) ‘56 and David Schuh
Donna Schultz ‘55
Peg (Ciske) Semple ‘68
Kathy Sendek
Thomas ‘56 and Lois Shandonay
James ‘58 and Denise Shaw
Jane Shepard
Kevin and Lori Shulfer
Gary and Sue Simonsen (H)
Thomas ‘73 and Anne Skalmoski
Bob and Ruth Ann Skoronski (H)
Robert ‘75 and Anne Skoronski
Patricia (Bolwerk) Smith ‘77
Patricia (Stilp) ‘58 and Robert Smith
Jeff and Jodi Smogoleski
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
Raising the Curtain on our
Beautiful New Fine Arts Facility
April 13, 2013 was a day of celebration with the grand opening and dedication
ceremony of the Jane Bergstrom Fine Arts Education Center on the campus of St. Mary
Central High School. This project fulfills a long-held dream of building a fine arts center
to enhance a well-rounded Catholic education and inspire growth in the elementary,
middle and high school fine arts programs. In the months after the plan was unveiled, a
core committee and more than 200 dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly toward that
vision raising more than $4.7 million over the course of 18 months.
The grand opening festivities included tours of the fine arts center and technology
classrooms, a dedication ceremony and a special concert. The Most Reverend David L.
Ricken, Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, blessed the theatre, praying that all those
who use the facility will use their God-given talents for His glory and for the enjoyment
of all future audiences. The keys to the fine arts center were received by students
representing all five TCCES schools and all of the fine arts. The Duttons, of Branson,
Missouri fame, performed two special concerts on the new stage.
The 22,000-square-foot addition, which was built by Miron Construction, Inc., includes
495-seat theater with a fly system and state-of-the art sound, lighting and production
equipment. A 96-seat “black box” theater, dressing rooms, scene and costume shops and
four entirely new technology-oriented classrooms were also added to the building.
The facility now benefits nearly 1,000 students, their families and other community
members. Since the grand opening, the theater is seldom empty. Since spring, it has
been used for all SMC liturgies and assemblies, a live broadcast of Catholic radio
personality Father Rocky’s “Go Ask Your Father”, Seton’s performance of Guys and Dolls,
Jr., all elementary, middle and high school band concerts, the elementary schools’ spring
music shows, the Seton and SMC choral concerts and awards presentations, the SMC
Junior/Senior Prom, the Zephyr Players’ presentation of Beauty and the Beast, Seton’s
and SMC’s awards and graduation ceremonies, the SMC Alumni Awards Event and the
TCCES Community Theater’s production of Oliver. The reception area and theater are
also used for non-TCCES gatherings and performances.
Our community is very excited about and grateful for this incredible gift, which has
already become an integral part of a well-rounded education for all TCCES students.
James and Jodie Sonnentag
Samantha Sonnentag ‘05
Zachary Sonnentag ‘07
Shelley (Kemps) ‘79 and Mike Sonsthagen
David ‘59 and Carol Spang
Judi (Adrian) ‘68 and Frederick Stadler
Fred ‘59 and Char Steenis
Carla (Kittner) and John Steidl ‘48
Richard ‘55 and Virginia Steidl
Samuel Steidl ‘87
Jeffrey Stilp ‘76
John P. Stilp ‘66
Tiffany (Halfmann) Stram ‘95
David ‘45 and Carol Stratton
Luann (Kons) ‘68 and William Streur
Linda (Wickeham) Stroup ‘74
Bill and Carrie Stuck
Bob ‘61 and Jeanne Stumpf
Kathleen (LeBouton) ‘52 and John Sturm
Connie (Johnson) Suchta’63
Ken Suess ‘55
Thomas ‘47 and Marge Suess
Dorothy M. Sullivan
Virginia R. (Griesbach) Swichtenberg ‘48
Paul Toonen ‘49
Judy (Wisnet) ‘56 and Russell Tyler
Tom ‘79 and Wendy Ulrich
James ‘54 and Carol VanDenHeuvel
John ‘74 and Marianne VanLieshout
Sarah Vande Hey ‘01
Tom and Sedona Vande Hey
Carol (Weber) ‘61 and Paul Vanevenhoven
Peter VanLankvelt ‘75
Lori (Ropella) ‘80 and Tom Vegso
Clare Verstegen ‘70
Ross and Marian Verstegen
Deborah (Helt) ‘70 and David Wagner
Lou Ann (Schultz) ‘72 and Richard Wagner
John ‘68 and Linda Wainscott
Gerald and Marion Walbrun
John ‘83 and Anne Walbrun
Judith (Miller) ‘57 and Roman Walbrun
Richard R. Walbrun ‘60
Greg and Anna Wallace
Brent Wautlet ‘06
Madeline Wedge ‘05
Natalie Wedge ‘07
Phil Wedge ‘10
Richard and Shirley Wehrel
Michael ‘74 and Elizabeth Wenzel
Bob and Mary Weyenberg
Madeleine Wilda
Ervin and Mary (Pakalski) ‘60 Willes
Tom Wilson ‘56
Chuck ‘68 and Jan (Beisenstein) ‘69 Wilz
Dave Wilz ‘69
Mark ‘74 and Linda (Krieger) ‘81 Wintheiser
Randy and Carol Wolfgram
James and Lisa Wright
Joan (Pawer) Wright ‘52
Tom and Kasey (Beisenstein) Wroblewski ‘97
Ted ‘54 and Julie Wydeven
James Young ‘51
Marilyn Zahorik
Judith Zaretzke
Thomas ‘74 and Jenni Zelinski
Ray and Julane Zielinski
Wes J. and Carol A. Zimmer
Agnes Zitzelsberger (H)
Donald and Carrie Zoromski
Ronald and Judie Zoromski
TCCES/SMC Matching
Companies and Foundations
Bemis Company Foundation
The Boeing Company
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Kimberly Clark Foundation
Lexus Pursuit of Potential
Menasha Corporation Foundation
Sentry Insurance Foundation
Toyota Dealer Match Program
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
WalMart Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational MG Program
Wisconsin Energy Foundation
Scholarship Donors
Cummings Family Fund
James and Gail Cummings
The Forward Future Fund for Tuition
Assistance and Scholarships
The Ahles Family
Robert and Bridget Andersen
Jerome J. and Margaret Beck
Greg and Chris Benrud
Jake ’02 and Bridgid Bergstrom
Luke ’02 and Libbe Bergstrom
Mark and Kathy Miner
Mike (H) and Anne (Freund ‘70) Buss
The Reverend Michael Carroll
The Marvin and Kathleen Daniels Family
Dan and Annamarie Engelhard
Bob and Karen Engelhard
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
TCCES Summary of Finances
tuition & fees
parish subsidies
other income
buildingS & grounds
purchased services
general expenses
office expenses
office expenses
Sandy Ehlers became
principal of Seton Catholic
Middle School in 2012
following the retirement of
Monica Bausom at the end
of the previous school year.
Ehlers was a teacher at Seton
for 12 years and at SMC
for two years prior to her
tenure as principal of St. John Neumann Catholic
Middle School in Oshkosh. As the parent of two
TCCES/SMC graduates, Ehlers stated that she
was pleased to return to TCCES and to continue
her professional career with the dedicated staff
at Seton. Ehlers’ educational philosophy focuses
on fostering teamwork, respecting self and others
and helping students to develop interpersonal
skills, manage conflict, think critically, and serving
our community. She strives to help create an
environment at the middle schools where prayer
is a part of daily life and scripture-based positive
character traits such as respect, compassion, justice,
unity, self-control, patience, kindness and integrity
permeate every school day.
In fall 2012, Jeanine Leege, principal of St.
Gabriel Elementary School, was appointed director
of curriculum, charged with overseeing the
development and implementation of standardsbased curriculum and professional development
for all of TCCES. Leege
enjoys continuing in her
role as principal along with
additional responsibility,
which she says allows her to
be involved in the two aspects
of education about which she
is most passionate—students
and curriculum.
With the retirement of Mr. Michael Buss as
principal of St. Mary Elementary School, TCCES
did not have to look far to find a suitable successor.
In May, TCCES announced that Jill Ahles from
Seton Catholic Middle School will assume the
position of principal of St. Mary in the fall of 2013.
Ahles’s first teaching job was in a fourth grade
classroom at St. Mary Elementary School, and after
staying home with her young children she returned
to TCCES at Seton where she was both recognized
as a Kohl Fellowship teacher and was the very
first recipient of the TCCES St. John Baptist de la
Salle Outstanding Teacher Award. An active parish
member at St. Mary her entire life, Ahles spent her
early years at St. Mary Elementary School and then
went on to attend the original St. Mary Central
High School. Now, she and her husband are
sending their daughters through TCCES schools
and their son is an SMC alumnus.
$crip Participation and the
Benefits to TCCES Skyrocket
Since October of last year when the online $crip
program was launched, the number of users and
the dollar amount going to families’ tuition,
TCCES tuition assistance and the participating
parishes of Neenah and Menasha skyrocketed!
According to TCCES Director of Business Services
Jeanne Lee, the dollar amount of profit more
than doubled last year, and the number of users
increased to more than 680. While the current
participation rate of 45% is a significant increase
from the prior year, many more TCCES families
could still take advantage of this benefit to achieve
a real reduction in the cost of tuition.
Of the $209,000 disbursed to TCCES through
the $crip program, $40,000 went to general
tuition assistance for TCCES school families,
$20,000 went to the Neenah-Menasha parishes
and a substantial $149,000 went directly to reduce
participants’ personal tuition bills. In addition,
families with children who attend religious
education classes or prepare for sacraments are
using TCCES $crip to offset the cost of religious
education fees. The dollars now going to the
scholarship program and parishes had been
previously applied to administrative costs, but is
now “new money” for those important recipients.
Lee hopes to see continued growth in the number
of TCCES and parish participants, and in the
dollars credited as word gets out about how easy
and financially lucrative it is to use the program.
She encourages constituents to take advantage of
this opportunity to earn “free money” to help pay
for a faith-based education for their children.
Three dedicated individuals received special
recognition at the annual year-end Mass and
reception for TCCES faculty and staff that was
held at St. Gabriel Parish on June 7, 2013. The
recipients of these three annually-bestowed
awards were each nominated by several parents,
students and/or peers, and then an administrative
committee reviewed and prayerfully considered
the nominating essays and chose the finalists. A list
of the comments from their supporters was given
every person who was nominated for an award.
The St. Frances
Xavier Positive
Influence Award was
presented to Nancy
Stevenson, prekindergarten teacher
at St. Margaret Mary
Elementary, for
continually going
above and beyond
to make sure that
her students feel
school is a haven
for learning and growing. She promotes personal
growth, spirituality and life-long learning as the
path to future success.
The St. Anne TCCES Spirit Award was presented
to Deb Schultz, school secretary at St. Mary
Elementary School. Mrs. Schultz shows an
outstanding commitment to presenting all TCCES
schools in a positive
manner and works
to retain and recruit
TCCES students
and families to all
of our schools. She
actively encourages
parents, families,
parishioners and
the community
to learn more
about our other
schools and programs and takes personal pride and
responsibility in TCCES’s success.
The St. John
Baptist de la Salle
Teacher Award was
presented to SMC
Learning Specialist
Lisa Van Camp.
Mrs. Van Camp
inspires, supports
and challenges her
students to achieve
to their fullest
potential. She excels in creativity, rapport with
students and individualized instruction, and has a
very positive attitude.
Jim ’59 and Helen Englebert
John and Mary Frozena
Drs. Peter Green ‘88 and Sondra English
The Mark and Molly Griffin Family
William ’78 and Christine Griffith
Gary and Judy Gunderson
Meghan Healy Teeling ’99 and Brenton Teeling
Gerald and Peg Henseler
Donald ‘75 and Marie (Resch ‘78) Hermus
Pat (H) and Carol Hickey
Ed Hirsch
Mike and Ann (Stanton) ‘80 Hoernke
John and Morgan Hogerty
Nancy (Buchanan) ‘49 and Ralph Jacobsen
Ward Jankus and Elizabeth Peloquin
Thomas Konetzke
Michael and Diane Mahlik
Adrian Martin ‘62
Jean (Farrell) ’64 and Richard Moxon
Beth Pier ‘83
Michael and Debbie (Shierl) Spielbauer ‘73
Thomas ’47 and Marge Suess
Bob and Lorene Willems
Jean (H) and Lyle Zuleger
Richard and Joan Hartl Family Foundation Scholarship
for SMC graduates
Richard and Joan Hartl
Healy Family Scholarship Fund
Meghan Healy Teeling ‘99 and Brenton Teeling
David Hussey Memorial Scholarship
Nancy Hussey and Family
Kraus Family Scholarship
Boeing Matching Gift Program
Linda (Kraus) DeLaMare ‘66
Carol A. (Kraus) Johnson ‘62
James J. Kraus ‘55
Lawrence J. Kraus
Lois J. Kraus
Richard K. Kraus ‘60
William L. Kraus ‘61
Margaret M. (Kraus) Loughman ‘58
Mike Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kathy (Marshall) ‘70 and Mark Kellermann
McClone Family Fund
Anne (Lyons) ‘62 and John Huston
Kevin McClone ‘69 and Grace Chen-McClone
Colleen O’Brien ‘60
John and Amy Weiss
Chris Meier Memorial Scholarship
Paul and Patricia (Vandehey) Meier ‘61
A grant from the Myra M. & Robert L. Vandehey
Raymond and Marie Miller Scholarship Fund
Raymond and Marie Miller
Jean O’Connell Memorial Scholarship
Gerald B. O’Connell ‘53
Pat O’Connell Unger ‘57
Monica T. Rohe Memorial Fund
Jim ‘82 and Mary Rohe
Joseph ‘78 and Stacey Rohe
Patti (Rohe) ‘77 and Ed VanZeeland
Richard ‘50 and Verna Rohe
Thomas Rohe ‘81 and Mary Husting-Rohe
Erna Schierl Memorial Scholarship
Paul Schierl ‘53
Sean Sullivan and Susan Schierl Sullivan
Dan Spalding Education Foundation Scholarship
Martha Spalding
Rosemary Trettin Forensic Scholarship
Luane LaZotte
Tuchscherer Family Scholarship
Michael and Kathleen Tuchscherer
Carl J. Voissem Memorial Scholarship
Badger Plug Company
Weiss Famiy Scholarship
A grant from the Jim and Margie Weiss Family Fund
within the Community Foundation for
the Fox Valley Region
Brandon Willems Memorial Scholarship
Brian and Mary Brotz
Mike and Beth Brown (H)
Peg Bunker
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Christnovich
John and Kathy Davis
Drs. Thomas and Gail Fishel
Peggy Flaten
Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology
The Grassmann Family
Bill Griffith
James and Diane Guckenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hoffman
John and Morgan Horgerty
Ron and Amy Jankowski
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jansen
Willy and Debra John
Tony and Mary Jane Koehn
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Leighton
Long Trucking
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Munson
Cindy Nelson
Donald and Dorothy Nienow
Northstar Dental Group - Dr. Peter Hehli
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
Pribbenow Agency LLC - Mark Pribbenow
Ann (Miller) ‘80 and Kurt Rasmussen
RL Cast Tech LLC
Kathleen Schneider
Standard Electric Supply Company
Philip and Julie Sweet
Patricia Walus
Wally and Anita Thomson
Werner Electric Supply Company
Lynn Wildenberg
Joan Williquette
Thomas and Jeanne Young
Jean (H) and Lyle Zuleger
The Reverend David R. Kiefer Memorial Scholarship
The Reverend David Robert Kiefer Estate
Wettengel Memorial Scholarship
The Edward A. Wettengel Estate
Jane Bergstrom
Fine Arts Education Center
2012-13 Donors
The Ahles Family
Rosemary Ahles
Andrew and Rebecca Aldag
Robert and Bridget Andersen
Laura Anderson
The Dan Ariens Family
William and Genevieve Arndt
Paul and Casey Auer
Robin and Lizzy Auth
Ryan and Cindi Auth
Badger Plug Company
Patrick and Marilyn Batey
Michelle Bauer and Dave Genke
In Memory of Gloria Bego
Jim and Sue Bere
Jeff and Kim Berg
The Bergholz Family
Bergstrom Corporation
Christopher and Kristen Bergstrom
Jake and Bridgid Bergstrom
Leif Bergstrom
Luke and Libbe Bergstrom
Richard and Jennifer Bergstrom
Rick and Sandi Bergstrom
Tim and Natalie Bergstrom
Wally and Marshelle Bergstrom
A grant from the William L. Bergstrom Memorial Fund
with in the Community Foundation of the
Fox Valley Region
In Memory of William L. Bergstrom
The Bliesner Family
Fritz and Donna Block
Sam and Melanie Bomier
Jerome and Kristin Bormes
Patricia Bowen
Jeff and Nancy Braatz
Dave and Meg Brew
Jim and Marsha Britt
Chris and Liesl Britzke
Tim and Pam Britzke
In Memory of Norman A. Brown III
Tim and Suzanne Brown
George and Elizabeth Brownell
Janet and Kenneth Brusda
Tom and Mary Buchta
Steve and Kris Butke
John and Jane Campbell
The Reverend Michael Carroll
A grant from the Kerwin Fund within the Community
Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
Sal and June Cianciola
Dale and Caroline Clark
Dr. Brian and Tracy Cole
Pam Connolly
James and Gail Cummings
Jeff and Lea Curler
The Marvin and Kathleen Daniels Family
Ken Danielson
Lynn and Catherine Davis
Michael and Donna Day, in memory of Joyce Day
Robert and Deborah DeKoch
Dell’s Service Center
Deloitte Services
Karen Dermond
Ben Determan, in memory of Victoria Anne Determan
Ron and Lotus Dibelius
Chris and Gretchen Dimmer
Fran and Cindy Dimmer
Vern and Pat Drechsler
Jeff and Sandy Ehlers
Dean and Patty Eichhorst
Richard and Vicki Eilers
Gary and Bonnie Elmer
Peter and Stephanie Emenecker
Robert and Patricia Endries
Dan and Annamarie Engelhard
Robert and Karen Engelhard
Margaret Bekkers and Thomas Feavel
The Jerold and Dr. Selene Finch Family
Roy Fine
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
SMC: A Home Away From Home
Although a small school, St. Mary Central High
School embraces opportunities on a global scale.
Not only do SMC student and faculty seek out
international enrichment through technology, they
also do so
by reaching
out to and
students from
a variety of
enhance our school culture, and contributes to the
system’s budget through the tuition charged. The
program has grown from one student in 2011-12
to six in 2012-13, with the numbers projected to
increase by several students the following year as
well. Program Liaison Jennifer Miller states that
TCCES is being very careful to maintain a good
balance. “It is important to keep the number of
exchange students small enough that they are able
to blend into the school without creating an isolated
community of their own, but large enough that
they don’t
feel alone
and have the
support to
step out and
get involved.”
STS has a
Over the years, SMC has embraced students from
many countries and through many programs,
but two organizations have developed a special
relationship with our community.
For decades, St. Mary Central has welcomed two
to three students per year from Eastern Europe
through Global Outreach, a Catholic organization
with roots right here in the Fox Cities. Students
from countries such as Lithuania, the Czech
Republic and Poland forge lasting relationships with
our community as they pursue their common goal
of learning to become leaders in the faith in their
home countries. Both students and host families are
carefully screened to ensure a successful experience,
and Global Outreach students are known for getting
involved in the academic, co-curricular and faith
opportunities offered at St. Mary Central.
More recently, SMC has also begun welcoming
students through STS, a not-for-profit corporation
dedicated to intercultural student exchange. First
pursued as a logical counterpart to our Mandarin
Chinese language and culture curriculum, the STS
partnership with Asian students has proven to
process for both the student visitors and their
host families, which Miller helps to facilitate. The
students are required to have good English skills and
grades, the desire to travel and a broad spectrum
of interests. A potential host family completes an
extensive questionnaire, and then undergoes a
background check and home visit. “I think the fact
that many students will be returning next year to
the same host families is an indication that the STS
program is working well for everyone involved.”
states Miller. Plans are also underway to designate
a faculty liaison to aid all exchange students in
making and sustaining a successful transition to life
as a student at St. Mary Central.
…offer professional development opportunities for
faculty, enabling them to focus on differentiated
instruction for each student and to effectively use
technology as an educational tool.
Success in Academics
TCCES uses the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests to track the scholastic progress of
all TCCES students in grades 2-9. The questions in this year’s assessments were aligned directly
with the state’s Common Core Standards in reading and language arts. MAP is a computerbased assessment program that uses questions of increasing difficulty in the areas of reading,
mathematics and language to estimate student achievement. MAP tests are administered in the
fall and spring of each school year, and the averages below reflect the spring 2013 evaluation
According to Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), the test’s administering agency, status
norms offer a starting point for educators to review data, and help them gain an understanding
of each child’s current academic level. This insight assists instructors in preparing differentiated
lesson plans for individual students, and the information obtained through MAP and its reports
can also be used, as in the chart below, to compare class- or grade-level performance to the 5.1
million students who took the tests in 2012-13.
TCCES MAP scores reflect the educational value TCCES offers. Further evidence lies in St.
Mary Central students’ average ACT score of 24.3 that ranked second highest among all Fox
Cities schools in 2012-13. In addition, SMC consistently has 100% of graduates taking the test.
The school has also had National Merit Scholar Finalists for the past four years, meaning that
they scored in the top .5% of students across the nation. In 2012-13, two SMC seniors earned
that distinction.
language ARTS
RIT (Rasch UnIT) score is a curriculum scale that measures growth over
time and has the same meaning regardless of a student’s age or grade level
John and Susan Fink
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Flaherty
Jud and Mary Beth Fowler
Robert and Helen Francart
Franzoi & Franzoi
John and Eileen Frega
Piano Studio of Barbara Froelich
John and Mary Frozena
Theodore Galloway
Pat and Kathy Gambsky
Adeline Gardner
John George
John and Julianne Giese
Joseph and Katie Golichnik
Great Northern Corporation
Mary and Robert Greene
Douglas and Anne Greif
The Mark and Molly Griffin Family
Bill Griffith
James and Jeanne Griffith
Thomas and Susan Gruper
Brian Gullickson
Richard and Constance Gullickson
Michael and Monica Guralski
Richard and Joan Hartl
Meghan Healy Teeling and Brenton Teeling
The Healy Children
Howard and Eleanor Healy
Mame and Dan Heaney
Frank and Florence Heckrodt
Keith and Paula Heid
Drs. Jason and Amy Henderson
A grant from the Henseler Family Fund with in the
Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region
The Herrmann Family
Hibbert Family Foundation
John and Jennifer Hibbert
Ed Hirsch
Ann and Mike Hoernke
Eric Hoest
John and Morgan Hogerty
Martha Hogerty
Loren and Melissa Holub
John and Jane Houlihan
Margaret Houlihan
Patti Houlihan
John Huck
The Ron and Amy Jankowski Family
Ronald and Jane Johnson
John and Shanthi Joseph
Mary Lou Kalaus
James and Sally Keating
The Kerwin Family
Tommy Kesler Family
Andrew and Lori King
Donald S. Koskinen
Steward P. Koskinen
Walter and Margaret Koskinen
Wendy and Bob Kraus
Adele Kulinski
Joel and Sharon Kuplack
Mitchell and Carol Kwaterski
Rick and Karen Langdon
Karen Lee
Barbara Lenz
Chris and Jim Lewandowski
The Liebeskind Family
The John and Polly Lingnofski
Dennis and Patti Long
Mark and Mary Loper
Patrick and Jean Lowney
MacDonald Family Foundation
David Magruder and Susan Hibbs-Magruder
Mike and Lisa Marker
Donn Marshall
Tom Marshall
Mary Kay Martin
Daniel and Cathy McClone
Michael and Claudia McClone
In Memory of Rita McClone
Jennifer Meier
Paul and Patricia (Vandehey) Meier
Michal Mendleski
The Merizon Family
Harold and Doris Miller
Peter and Jennifer Miller
Miron Construction Co., Inc.
James R. Murphy
Jeff and Laura Murphy
Phoebe Natzke
Randy and Debbie Nehring
Gary and Renee Neumeyer
Sheldon and Dianne Niquette
Wendy and Alex Noskowiak
James V. O’Leary, MD
Dr. Thomas and Suzanne O’Regan
Jesse and Julie Ostrom
Susan and Brad Pawlowski
Kathy Pettinger
Beth Pier
Chris Pier
Dan and Carol Pier
Philip and Marna Pier
Tom Pier and J. Russell Kieffer
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
St. Mary Central
Camaron Anderson
Nathan Jack
Miller Family Music Education Scholarship
Horatio Alger Association Wisconsin Scholar
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Robert Batzler
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Al Gosz Memorial Golf Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
UW Stout Chancellor’s Scholarship
Levi Bayer
United States Marine Corps
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
John Becker
St. Norbert College
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Baustin Bowers
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Neenah/Menasha Roundtable Kiwanis Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Gloria Kesler
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Bennett King
University of Wisconsin-Madison
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Corbin Klein
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Neenah/Menasha Noon Optimist Scholarship
Chase Knapp
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Greenville Lioness Scholarship
Austin Lauer
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Anne Britt
Brandon Willems Memorial Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Winnebago County Bar Association Scholarship
Andrew Leibham
Lakeland College
Kelly Conn
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Michael Daniels
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Bryce DeCoursin
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Matthew Levine
University of Wisconsin-Stout
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Madeline Loper
Marquette University
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Elizabeth Engelhard
Leah Marker
Brandon Willems Memorial Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
St. Vincent DePaul Scholarship – DePaul University
University of Wisconsin—Fox Valley
Menasha Corporation Foundation Scholarship
Brandon Willems Memorial Scholarship
Frances Brehm Memorial Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
Neenah Rotary Scholarship - UW Fox Valley Foundation
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Blake Gambsky
Kevin Michel
DePaul University
Katelyn Fairchild
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Gabrielle Hass
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
National Merit Scholar
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
2013 St. Mary Central Salutatorian
UW Oshkosh Scholarship
Jennifer Heid
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Madeline Miller
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Adam Morrison
Fox Valley Technical College
Trang Ngo
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Class of 2013
Meg Prosser
Melissa Van De Hey
Theda Clark Auxiliary Scholarship
Kramaczyk-Hephner/Lehrer Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Ignatius Academic Excellence Scholarship – Marquette
Leonard P. & Marie F. Kellett Scholarship
Ruth Williams Neabling and Richard
Neabling Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Abigail Shofner
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Marquette University
University of St. Thomas
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Tyler Shulfer
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Samantha Van Dyke
Kimberly-Clark Bright Futures Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Richard Vandenbranden
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Aaron Skrzypczak
University of Wisconsin-Stout
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Winnebago County Bar Association Scholarship
Jia Ming Song
St. Louis University
Sarah Stinski
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Menasha Athletic Association (MAC) Scholarship
Air Force Scholarship
Neenah/Menasha Roundtable Kiwanis Scholarship
Richard and Joan Hartl Family Foundation Scholarship
Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
2013 St. Mary Central Valedictorian
Ben Sumnicht
United States Marine Corps
Haley Thelen
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Jessica Uitenbroek
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Bachman Fund Memorial Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Natalie Ullrich
Marquette University
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Marquette University Scholarship
Lucas Unruh
University of Notre Dame
Neenah Rotary Jack W. Casper Service Above Self Award
Dan Johnson Neenah Rotary Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Megan Verhagen
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Seth Wallace
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Anthony Wolf
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Herrling Clark Law Firm Community
Service Scholarship
Frances Brehm Memorial Scholarship
J. Russell and Margaret Ward Scholarship
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Wisconsin Covenant Scholarship
Whitney Young
Blue Sky
Jon Zeininger
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley
Jed Zoromski
University of Wisconsin-Marathon County
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Mary E. Plaisance
The Post Crescent
James Prosser and Laura Guy
Eileen J. Prus
Bill and Natalie Raaths
James and Kristin Ransom
The Ann and Kurt Rasmussen Family
Steven D. and Amy Reilly
Jim and Christine Reiser
Carol Ropella
Wayne and Candy Rusin
Michael Sajbel and Susan Allen
Beth and Phillip Sass
Paul J. and Carol Schierl
Don and Deb Schultz
Mark Schulz
A grant from the SECURA Insurance Companies
Charitable Fund within the Community Foundation for
the Fox Valley Region
Seton Catholic Middle School
Scott and Mona Sherwood
Gary and Sue Simonsen
Jennifer Sitter
Staff of St. Mary Central High School
Lois Smith
Cyril and Mary Snyder
John and Peggy Spalding
Cindy and Jeff Spielbauer
Rick and Kristin Staehler
Kevin and Angela Staner
James Stark
Sarah and Jasen Stephany
Rollie and Sue Ellen Stephenson
Michael and Debbie Strick
Daniel and Dawn Stumpf
Stephen and Joan Terrien
Theda and Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation, Inc.
Berniel and Lorraine Tritt
Michael and Kathleen Tuchscherer
Donald and Gina Tully
Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc.
Steve and Peri Tyink
Craig and Melissa Uhlenbrauck
Cliff and Chris Uitenbroek
Peter and Cari Ullrich
Dan Van Daalwyk
Van Lieshout Law Office
Joe and Julie Vanden Acker
Philip K. Vanderhyden
Dave and Mel Vanderkolk
Lori and Tom Vegso
Kathy and Thomas Voelker
Karl and Mya Volkman
David and Jane Voss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waite
The Wasco Family
Madeline Wedge
Natalie Wedge
Phil Wedge
Bob and Kathy Wedge
Duane and Nicole Wendler
David and Anne-Marie Werner
Graham and Barbara Werner
Bill and Jackie Wernimont
A grant from the Widener Family Fund within the
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
Dr. Robert and Diana Wubben
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Zoch
Donald and Carrie Zoromski
Jean and Lyle Zuleger
After 42 years as an educator in TCCES schools,
Mr. Michael Buss retired from his role as principal
of St. Mary Elementary School. Buss began teaching
in 1971 at St. Margaret Mary where he taught
fourth through eighth grade for twenty years, and
then became principal of St. Mary in 1991. During
his years in TCCES Buss was active, along with
his wife, Anne (a teacher at St. Gabriel), both as
employees and as parents of three children who
are all now SMC alumni. Mr. Buss was active in
coaching basketball, cross country and Seton’s
FIRST Lego League. A former science teacher, Buss
also greatly enjoyed leading St. Mary students in
lab experiments on occasion, and students looked
forward to
having their
in the
with them.
Being a
of Catholic
taking a
in the
success of his students and sporting ties from his
wardrobe of colorful neckwear will be Buss’s fondly
remembered trademarks as principal of St. Mary
Elementary School.
Donors for Seats Purchased
in the Fine Arts Center
in Honor of Michael Buss
Mike, Sharon, Noelle and Nicholus Anderson
Dennis, Mary and Jolene Bachmayer
The Bergholz Family
Andy, Lyndsey and Faith Bergstrom
Terri Bonertz
Patricia G. Bowen
Frank and Charlene Brumbeloe
The Butke Family
The DeBraal Family
The Dold Family
Vern and Pat Drechsler
Dan and Annamarie Engelhard
The Mark and Molly Griffin Family
The James and Jeanne Griffith Family
Harlan and Patricia Hallett
Pat (H) and Carol Hickey
John and Shanthi Joseph
Emma and Kaley Keddell
Trudy and John Long
The Loper Family
Adrian Martin
Karen McCann-Dermond
Kevin and Maribeth McCann
Michael and Claudia McClone
Dave and Linda Michalkiewicz
Karl and Cheryl Moede
Mike and Mary Lou Murphy
Katie Nussbaum
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
…provide reasonable, just salary and
benefits for our exceptional faculty,
which includes recipients of TCCES
excellence awards and 13 Kohl
Fellowship Teacher’s Award winners.
Several other educators retired from TCCES
last year. We extend our sincere thanks to Pat
Bowen, Larry Orth and Judy Stoffel (TCCES
Elementary Schools); Mary Buchta, Sue Callan
and Jim Machamer (Seton); and Mike Heideman
and Bruce Nufer (SMC). In addition, TCCES
Director of Advancement Ann Engelhard stepped
down from her position after ten years of strong
We appreciate the dedication and commitment each
has shown to Catholic education, and wish them
the very best.
Each and every prayer for students, faculty, staff and administration, as well as your participation at the
schools or in any special event, is a great gift to TCCES.
Gifts of Cash
This is the most popular form of investing in TCCES. Every donation, whether unrestricted or for a
specific purpose, is tax deductible.
Annual Fund Campaign
Each year TCCES conducts an annual appeal that benefits the TCCES Foundation. Unlike campaigns
that do so much to provide enhancements for our students, the annual appeal helps to cover necessities
such as textbooks, technology, buildings and grounds maintenance, and scholarship assistance.
Matching Gifts
Many companies have programs that will match individual financial contributions to TCCES,
effectively doubling the contribution. Several area employers will make a donation based upon the
number of volunteer hours a worker contributes to an organization.
Gifts of Securities
Gifts to TCCES in the form of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares yield considerable, immediate tax
advantages for the donor. Appreciated securities can be transferred without causing the donor to realize
gain on the appreciation, still yielding a current deduction.
Planned Gifts
Planned gifts are contributions left by a donor through his or her estate. A statement in the donor’s will
or trust can direct the personal representative to gift to TCCES.
Life Insurance
By designating TCCES as a sole or shared beneficiary on a life insurance policy, a donor is able to make
a substantial contribution at a relatively small cost. Premium payments are tax deductible.
A bequest to TCCES may reduce the taxation on one’s estate, making the net cost of the gift less
than its face value. This can be done with a new or existing policy, IRA annuity, employer group term
insurance, or your retirement plan.
Trusts and Annuities
Trusts can be established to allow TCCES to receive a lifetime income.
Memorial Tributes and Gifts
Gifts can be given in memory of a friend or a loved one. Gifts may also be given in honor of an
anniversary, birthday, graduation or other significant event.
…maintain optimal
ratios in TCCES
classrooms, allowing
educators to focus on
meeting the needs of
individual students,
whether challenged or
Jeff and Lynn Parks
Dan and Carol Pier
Phil and Marna Pier
James Prosser and Laura Guy
Wayne and Candy Rusin
Don and Deb Schultz
Rob and Linda Srnka
The Tully Family
Pete and Cari Ullrich
Bill and Sue Van Eeckhout
Timothy and Lanette VanCuick
Kim ’65 and Ellen Vanderhyden
David and Jane Voss
The Tom and Suzanne Zoch Family
Jumbo Gumbo Donors
7 Angels Family Restaurant
7-Nick Inc. Events
The Reverend Larry Abler
ACC Planned Service, Inc.
Allergy & Asthma Associates, S.C.
Bob and Bridget Andersen
Craig and Sarah Anderson
Aspen Landing
Associated Wealth Management
Aunt T’s B&B
Baker Tilly
Bergstrom Automotive Corporation
Dave and Meg Brew
Bridgewood Resort Hotel and Conference Center Catering
Charlene and Frank Brumbeloe
Cannova’s Pizzeria & Fine Italian Dining
Century 21 Acre Realty
Choices Catering
James L. and Gail Cummings
Darboy Club
The Designer’s Chair
DiRenzo & Bomier Law Firm, Howard Healy
Gary and Bonnie Elmer
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Festival Foods
First National Bank - Fox Valley
Franzoi & Franzoi, S.C.
Scott and Tara Gagne
Galloway Company
Germania Hall
Joseph and Katie Golichnik
Greene’s Pour House
Higgins Technology Consulting
High Cliff
Jack’s Maintenance Service
SMC Football, Jason Dionne
Keesler Orthodontics
Knapinski Family
Attorney Michael P. Konz
Steward Koskinen
David Magruder CPA. LLC
Manderfield’s Home Bakery
Mary’s Place
McClone Agency
Menasha Corporation Foundation
Menasha Grill
Dave and Linda Michalkiewicz
Harold and Doris Miller
Neuroscience Group
Kurt and Ann Rasmussen Family
Hertz - Appleton
Remington’s Holiday Inn Riverwalk
Rogan’s Shoes
The Reverend Larry Seidl
Solea Mexican Grill
St. Gabriel PTO
St. Margaret Mary FACES
Dr. Rick Staehler
TCCES Board of Trustees Member
The Marq
The Weathervane
Twin City Diner
Pete and Cari Ullrich
United Paper Corporation
Van Lieshout Law Office
David and Heather Voss
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Woodfire Lodge
Zaug’s Vending & Food Service
Zephyrfest Donors
Patrice Acosta
ADESA Auto Auction
Adonis Limousine
Affinity Health System
Agea Spa
All Sport Trophy & Engraving
The Reverend Richard Allen
Allison’s Boutique
Alta Resources
A-Mazing Events
American Club, Kohler
American State Equipment Company
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
Amusement Devices, Inc.
Bob and Bridget Andersen
AON Risk Services, Inc.
Appleton Comfort Suites
Arby’s DRM Inc.
Alan and Jody Arenz
Ariens Company
Aspen Coffee & Tea
Aspen Landing
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Associated Wealth Management
Robin and Lizzy Auth
Automatic Data Processing
Autotrader.com, Inc.
Badger Sports Park
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Balloon Magic
Bank First National
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The Barbershop
Barlow Planetarium
Cindy Behm
The Bergholz Family
Bergstrom Acura
Bergstrom Automotive
Bergstrom Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac
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Bergstrom MINI
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Tim and Natalie Bergstrom
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Donna Block
Block Iron Supply Co, Inc.
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BMO Private Bank
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Erik and Caela Brenn
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Burger King
Kris and Steve Butke
Butte des Morts Golf Club
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Kaptain’s Korner
Carfax Inc.
Carmella’s-An Italian Bistro
Central Wisconsin Auto Auction
Century 21 Acre Realty
Cherry Berry
Cherry On Top Ice Cream Shop
Peter & Barbara Chiericozzi
Chuck E. Cheese
Coating Excellence International
Coldwell Banker-The Real Estate Group, Joyce Bytof
Community Bank & Trust
The Compass
Thomas and Monica Cops
Corcoran Paint & Glass, Jeff Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Corcoran
CWA, Inc.
Cy’s Asian Bistro
Dairy Queen
Marvin and Kathleen Daniels
Darboy Club
Dave Schanke
Ed and Linda Davidson
Dealer Dot Com. Inc.
Debe’ Cheesecake
Todd and Shannon Degner
Delta Dental
Paul and Shannon DeShambo
Dave and Liza DeWitt
Chris and Gretchen Dimmer
Domino’s Pizza - Neenah
Domino’s Pizza - Oshkosh
Donaldson’s Cleaners
Gilbert and Linda Drewa
Jack and Clare Drzewiecki
EAA AirVenture
Faith Edwards
Elements Unleashed
Charles Emmrich
Dan and Annamarie Engelhard
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
During the 2012-13 school year, The St. Mary
kindergarten class piloted a tablet program using
the devices with age-appropriate educational
programs and teachers at all TCCES schools
received special training to effectively use the
Smart boards that are now located in most of the
main classrooms in our K-8 schools.
In conjunction with the system’s emphasis
on technology in education, four interactive
classroom/labs were part of the fine arts
education center building project at the St. Mary
Central site. Each includes special equipment
to fulfill the classroom’s specific educational
purpose and enhance students’ 21st century
skills. The Distance-Learning Classroom offers
new opportunities for students, teachers and
community members to build vital skills through
live, interactive seminars, lab simulations and
virtual fieldtrips, access educational networks
to obtain direct connections to real-world
professionals in hundreds of fields and enroll
in AP, CAPP, specialized and accelerated classes
from schools across the state. The Forensic/
Presentation Lab is equipped with tools to
help students enhance their interpersonal
communication skills and craft quality
presentations. The Business Marketing and
Graphic (BMG) Design Lab provides an
environment for students to create high-quality
digital and print media. This lab will enable
students to become proficient with tools that
are commonly used in a wide range of creative
industries to produce real-world presentations
and graphic designs. The purpose of the
Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering
and Math (I-STEM) Lab is to provide students
the high-tech resources needed to apply math
and science knowledge using engineering
technologies including computer-aided design
(CAD) software.
Incoming TCCES Board of Trustees President
Jeff Berg has established a technology committee
that will focus on addressing the issue of aging
equipment in our schools and developing a
new long-term vision for technology in TCCES
schools. Joining Berg on the committee are
retired Kimberly Clark technology expert
Pat Hickey, TCCES administrators who
will provide the education perspective and
the director of curriculum, who will provide
curriculum alignment expertise. Members of
the TCCES technology department specializing
in infrastructure, equipment and teacher
education, along with outside consultants, will
be used as resources for the committee.
The focus of the committee will be building on
the system’s current technology successes such as
the high school’s one-to-one laptop program and
the emphasis on teacher training. They will set
priorities and work toward improved consistency
and standards, as well as addressing the issue of
the many aging personal computers throughout
the system. This committee is ready to address
the ongoing challenges of integrating technology
and education, ensuring TCCES’s position as an
area leader.
…enhance our strong
curriculum with technology
equipment and software,
as well as the technical
support to keep them
functioning optimally,
giving our students and
their teachers access to the
21st century tools
they need.
In celebration of the importance of technology
in education, TCCES participated in the
nation’s second annual Digital Learning Day
in February. Special Digital Learning Day
activities and events were planned using
technology that is used every day in the TCCES
classrooms on all five campuses. These special
projects included:
In addition to activities for students, TCCES
offered two sessions for community members
including an internet safety information session
for parents and an opportunity to gain handson experience with Smartphones.
• students using tablets, Skype, digital cameras,
laptops and Smart boards for special Digital
Learning Day projects in the elementary
• teachers integrating use of laptops, Smart
boards, digital projectors and responsecollecting software and students attending their
choice of two information sessions regarding
technology in the workplace presented by
15 local professionals from the fields of
engineering, medicine, finance, marketing, IT,
graphic arts and law enforcement
• SMC students attending forums presented
by their choice of two from among 17
professionals in the fields of healthcare,
marketing, law enforcement, engineering, IT,
aeronautics, real estate, business, engineering
and music to hear about technology in the
workplace. They also enjoyed completing three
fun quizzes, accessible only by QR code, for the
chance to win a prize.
Enterprise Motor Cars
Factory Motor Parts
Faith Technologies
Festival Foods
Tim and Joan Flaherty
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Fox Cities Racquet Club
Fox Valley Spring Company, Inc.
Fox Valley Technical College
Fox World Travel
John and Eileen Frega
Friends of St. Mary Central High School
Scott and Tara Gagne
Vincent and Robin Gallucci
Pat Gambsky
Paul and Carol Gehl
George’s Steak House
Roger and Debra Gerard
GingeRootz Asian Grille
Globe University
Good Company Restaurant
Greene’s Pour House
Doug and Anne Greif
Gries Architectural Group, Inc.
Brett and Amy Griffin
Griffin Builders, Inc.
The Mark and Molly Griffin Family
Jim and Jeanne Griffith
Grubb & Ellis/Pfefferle
George and Sue Gullick
Gunderson Cleaners
Gary and Judy Gunderson
H.J. Martin & Son, Inc.
Haen Meat Packing, Inc.
Howard and Eleanor Healy
Kathleen Healy Osland & Aaron Osland
Heartland Business Systems, Inc.
Nancy and Thomas Herrmann
Pat and Carol Hickey
Hickory Hills Country Club
High Cliff Restaurant, Banquet & Catering
John and Morgan Hogerty
Mark and Kristi Hoheisel
Hoheisel Painting & Decorating
Homestead Trees
Patt Huss
Images by Tiffany
J & B Trophy & Engraving, Inc.
J. Anthony Jewelers
J. F. Ahern Company
Eric, Joe and Kurt Jacobson
Melissa and Todd Jacobson
Ron and Amy Jankowski
Phil Janssen, SMC Baseball Coach
Jewelry by Jessica Theresa
Jitter’s Lounge
John and Mary Frozena
Bob and Mary Karisny
Adam Keller
Kathy Kellermann
Robert and Lucy Kesler
Andrew & Lori King
Ben and Lyssa King
The Knapinski Family
Margaret Koskinen
The Dan and Lisa Krieck Family
Krieger Jewelers
Kruger Engineering
Darrin and Erin Kuehn
Paul and Jean Kuepper
Joel and Sharon Kuplack
Hannah Kuplack
Lake of the Torches Casino
Lake Park Swim & Fitness Center
Lakeview Credit Union
The Learning Shop
LedgeStone Vineyard
Legacy Private Trust
David and Cathy Lehner
Mike Leibham
Dan and Cher Liebhauser
Life Promotions
Robert and Kristine Loderbauer
Mark and Mary Loper
Jean Lowney
Gary and Mary Ludwig
Lutz, Burnett, Jahn & King Law Offices
MacDonald Family Foundation
Manderfield’s Home Bakery
Marble and Granite Specialists
Michael and Lisa Marker
Ed Martin
Mary’s Family Restaurant
Dustin and Stacie McClone
Mike and Claudia McClone
McClone Group
McMahon Associates, Inc.
Memorial Florists and Greenhouse
Menasha Grill
(H) denotes Honorary Alumni
Menasha Parks and Recreation Department
Dave and Linda Michalkiewicz
Shirley Michalkiewicz
Michigan Technological University
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Bucks Community Relations
Ministry Health Care
Miron Construction Co. Inc.
Multi-Storage, LLC
Nakashima of Japan
Neenah Parks and Rec Department
Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Jeff and Mary Beth Otto
Paine Art Center
Paragon Development Systems, Inc.
Jeff and Lynn Parks
Dar Parks
Bill Paul LTD.
Tom and Eileen Pawlacyk
Brad and Sue Pawlowski
PDQ Car Wash
PDQ Food Store
Pine Mountain Ski Resort
Todd and Pamela Pingel
Dr. Cheryl Pitre & Chris McGuirk
Player’s Choice
Lori Poss
Premier Properties
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Pump N Munch
Bill and Natalie Raaths
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel
Randy’s Auto Service
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Kurt and Ann Rasmussen
Red Lobster Restaurants
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RedBumper Inventory Management Systems
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Salon CTI Day Spa
Sassy Seasonings
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Seton Catholic Middle School Students
Seton Seventh Graders
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Shelley Aaholm of Curly Girls Designs
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SMC Teens for Life
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SMC Volleyball Camp
Solea Mexican Grill
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St. Mary Elementary School
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Uitenbroek Plastering - Appleton
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University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley
Upper Midwest Gourmet
VacationCondoGuy.com, Jim & Vickie Morris
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Van Vreede’s
Van Zeeland Auto Care Centers
Vande Walles Candies
Deborah Vanden Bloomer
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Vic Ferrari Band
Victor Allen’s Coffee
Village Hearthstone Restaurant
Vince Lombardi’s Steakhouse
Vintique - A Vintage & Retro Boutique
Dan Voss
David and Jane Voss
David and Heather Voss
Greg and Anna Wallace
Waverly Beach and Tavern
Jim and Margie Weiss
Werner Electric
Gregg and Ann Wheeler
Whimsical Walls
Jeff Brightwell and Sara Widener-Brightwell
Wild Apple Glass Studio & Gallery
Wild Truffle
Bob and Lorene Willems
Wisconsin Right for Life Fox Valley Chapter
Wisconsin Spice
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Joel Witmeyer
Randy and Carol Wolfgram
Patricia Waldrop
The Wreath Factory
Bob Yancey
YMCA of the Fox Cities
Zacatecas Mexican Grill & Tequila Lounge
Zaug’s Vending & Food Service
Jon and Pat Zeininger
Joe and Amy Ziemba
Ben and Sarah Ziemba
Zurich American Insurance Company
Seton Meet Me in the Middle
Jeff and Kim Berg
Bergstrom Automotive
Mark and Gail Constancio
Debe` Cheesecake and Catering
Jeff and Sandy Ehlers
Golichnik Family
Fritz and Sarah Hildebrand
John and Morgan Hogerty
Marty Clarke
Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Jeff and Lynn Parks
Michael O. Sajbel and Susan M. Allen, MD
Dr. & Dr. Ken Schaufelberger
Three Jacks and a Jill
Jason and Alissa Trader
Pete and Cari Ullrich
Kevin and Mitzi Wasco
St. Gabriel Brewfest Sponsors
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Representative Joan Ballweg
Bee Hive Inn
Scott Boehlen
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Clover Chiropractic LLC
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Ganther Construction Architecture, Inc.
Herrling Clark Law Firm
Keesler Orthodontics
Knight of Columbus
Kramer Dentistry
Lakeview Credit Union
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Wisconsin Sunlight Solutions, LLC
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The Worlds Sponsors
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Robert F. Anderson, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell & Jane Anderson
Associated Financial Group
Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Mary Auth
Robert W. Baird and Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John & Dianne Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Bob & Judy Bero
In memory of Madeline Helen Blashka
Patrick and Kim Breen
Cellars Wine and Spirits
C.Clark Pilates Studios
Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin
Dave and Liza Dewitt
DiRenzo & Bomier Law Firm, Howard Healy &
Kathleen H. Osland, Howard & Eleanor Healy
Fiduciary Partners, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Florek
Fox Valley Stone and Brick
Vince and Robin Gallucci
Mrs. Sharon Goldberg, in memory of Mr. Frederick
Greene’s Pour House, Bobby and Mary Greene
Eric and Tamara Hasz, The Play Date
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Healy
Higgins Technology Consulting
John and Morgan Hogerty
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J Lambert
Fritz and Elizabeth Merizon
John and Melissa Mislinski
NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin
Troy and Lisa Noel
William and Maeline Okrie
Only Rent Houses.com
Jack and Sean Osland
Jesse and Julie Ostrom
Jeff and Lynn Parks
Mr. and Mrs. David Poch
Portside Builders, Inc.
Pump & Munch - Jake Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Roth
Ben Sajbel, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Robert and
Frances Sajbel
Michael Sajbel and Susan Allen
Marc and Kristle Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Cy & Mary Snyder
Rick and Kristin Staehler
Kevin and Angela Staner
John and Meridith Starling
State Farm Agent Dave Mader
Steckling Custom Home Builders
Surgical Associates of Neenah
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Pete and Cari Ullrich
Valley Cabinets
Karl and Mya Volkman
Karl Volkman, Your Real Estate Resource
Dr. Robert and Diana Wubben
Alex and Jen Zenzick
Tony and Kathy Zucchi
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Zunker
St. Mary Winter Escape
Anytime Fitness
Appleton Trophy and Engraving
Arthur Bay Cheese Company
Aspen Coffee and Tea
Badger Sports Park
Barlow Planetarium
Bergstrom Corporation
Big Apple Bagels
Erik and Caela Brenn
Bridgewood Golf Course
Bridgewood Resort and Hotel and Conference Center
Carmella’s an Italian Bistro
Captain’s Corner
Captain’s Walk Winery
Cedar Creek
Cinder’s Charcoal Grill
Cold Stone Creamery
Comfort Suites
Dairy Queen of Neenah
Keith and Kathy Depies
Domino’s Pizza of Neenah
Domino’s Pizza of Oshkosh
Edward Jones
Festival Foods
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Fox River Brewing Company
First National Bank (FNB)
Franzoi Law Firm
Jack and Mary Fulton
Pat and Kathy Gambsky
George’s Steak House
Grand Opera House
Green Bay Packers
Hjortness & Associates, SC
Holt’s Jewelry
Jitter’s Lounge
Kitz & Pfeil True Value Hardware
Life Promotions
Margo Rouge Detail, LLC
Dustin and Stacie McClone
McClone Agency
Menasha Parks and Recreation Department
Michiels Bar and Grill
Shirley Michalkiewicz
Mid Vallee Golf Course
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball
Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Chad and Lauren Moder
Nick and Dee Nakonechny
Aspen Landing
Neenah-Menasha YMCA
Nordic Mountain
Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery
Papa Murphy’s
Pinnacle Photo and Portraits
Resch Center/Green Bay Gamblers
Sabre Lanes
Scheel’s Sporting Goods
Schreiner’s Home Style Diner
Joe and Jean Sell
Salon CTI
Seton Catholic Middle School
Skyline Comedy Club
St. Mary Central High School
Simon’s Specialty Cheese
Stone Cellar Restaurant
Stone Toad Bar and Grill
Subway of Menasha
Swimtastic Swim School
Tanners Grill and Bar
The Brothers Three
The Learning Shop
Tom’s Drive In
U.R. WashinStuff
UW-Fox Theatre
Kim and Ellen Vanderhyden
Mike and Jodi Van Rossum
Van Zeeland’s Auto Care Centers
Dave and Jane Voss
Walgreens of Menasha
WeatherVane Restaurant
Wisconsin Spice
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Wild Apple Glass Studio and Gallery
Agnes Zitzelsberger
Zephyr Golf Outing Sponsors
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The Mark and Molly Griffin Family
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Gerald Leammrich
Lakeview Credit Union
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Midwest Industrial Rubber, Inc.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Miron Construction Co., Inc.
James Prosser and Laura Guy
Remley & Sensenbrenner, S.C.
Secura Insurance
Stone Toad Bar & Grill
Thunder Marketing
Tomsons of Appleton, Inc.
Pete and Cari Ullrich
United Paper Corporation
Vic Ferrari Enterprises, Inc.
Waverly Beach Sports Bar
WESCO Distribution
Junior Zephyr Basketball
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Bemis Company Foundation
The Bergholz Family
Bergstrom Automotive Corporation
First National Bank - Fox Valley
Fox Valley Orthopedic Surgeons Association
Gold Badge Driver Training
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Menasha Corporation Foundation
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NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin
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…purchase the equipment and
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1050 Zephyr Drive
Neenah, WI 54956
SMC Supporting
St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish
900 Geiger Street
Neenah, WI 54956
The parishes that work in partnership
with TCCES, providing St. Mary Central
High School with financial and/or
spiritual support, include:
St. Margaret Mary Campus
610 Division Street
Neenah, WI 54956
St. John the Baptist
516 DePere Street
Menasha, WI 54952
Holy Spirit Parish
620 E Kimberly Avenue
Kimberly, WI 54136-1513
St. Mary Campus
540 Second Street
Menasha, WI 54952
St. Margaret Mary Parish
620 Division Street
Neenah, WI 54956
Ss. Peter and Paul Parish
P.O. Box 238
Hortonville, WI 54944-0238
Seton Catholic Middle School
312 Nicolet Boulevard
Menasha, WI 54952
St. Mary Parish
212 Appleton Street
Menasha, WI 54952
St. Mary Parish Greenville
N2385 Municipal Drive
Greenville, WI 54942-7801
St. Mary Central High School
1050 Zephyr Drive
Neenah, WI 54956
St. Patrick Parish
324 Nicolet Boulevard
Menasha, WI 54952
St. John-Sacred Heart Parish
P.O. Box 58
Sherwood, WI 54169-0058
920- 989-1515
St. Gabriel Campus
900 Geiger Street
Neenah, WI 54956
TCCES Business Office
1050 Zephyr Drive
Neenah, WI 54956