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A new dimension in water treatment
The Energy & Water Saver
Scale & Hardness Remover
No Chemical
Ionization &
Water Treatment
Effective control of
Algae & Slime
Legionella Bacteria
BacComber system
A highly effective system comprising electromagnetism
and ionization processes to treat the water with no
chemical added. BacComber is effective in controlling;
Bacteria (including Legionella)
Algae and Slime
There are three basic components in the BacComber
An electromagnetic descaler
- for scale control
An electromagnetic magnetite generator
- for corrosion control
A copper-silver ionization unit
- for bacteria, algae & slime control
Electromagnetic Descaler
Principle of operation
The BacComber electromagnetic generator produces a
specially designed time varying electromagnetic wave
through the inductor coil unit. When water passed
through the inductor coil unit, water molecules and
calcium ions are "excited". This resulting in three
remarkable effects:
BacComber Descaler
Inductor Coil Unit
Wa ated
W a ed
1) Excited water molecules will trap the calcium ions
and prevent the formation of calcium carbonate.
2) Calcium ions which are not trapped can precipitate
into calcium carbonates. The scale thus formed at this
higher energy level is called aragonite. It is different
from Calcite, its counterpart formed at lower energy.
Calcite is hard and adheres strongly along the pipe
walls. Aragonite, on the other hand is powdery and
can be dislodged easily from surfaces.
3) Excited water can cause disintegration of the
existing scale present in the system thereby improving
the heat transfer efficiency.
BacComber Electromagnetic Descaler Effectiveness
a) Prevention of calcite scale formation
Descaling effectiveness of the BacComber can be easily
verified by a simple experiment.
Water with hardness of 300 - 400 ppm, PH=9,
TDS=1500ppm approximately are placed in two bakers or
containers. In each container, a small pump is used to
circulate the water through a transparent hose. The water in
both containers are then heated to 70 degree C to promote
the growth of hard scale. In one of the containers, the
transparent hose is passed through the BacComber
electromagnetic coil unit for treatment. The other act as a
control with no treatment. After 2-3 hours, it can be seen that
the hose transporting water treated by the BacComber
remains very clear without any scale deposit. The hose of the
control has significant quantity of hard scale deposited along
the hose wall. This provides unambiguous evidence of the
descaling effect of the BacComber.
b) Descaling effect
Existing hard scale in pipelines / equipment surfaces will
disintegrate after weeks or months of treatment with the
BacComber. Some examples are cooling towers, process
equipments, boilers that have water treated by the
BacComber. Following pictures show scales detached from
the boiler drum and descaling in the cooling water pipe.
•Saving in energy consumption due to scale prevention
and removal. $$$
•Cleaner system resulting in lower bacteria level.
BacComber Electromagnetic Magnetite Generator
Start of BacComber treatment
Basic Principle
Iron oxide, Fe2O3 commonly known as "red rust" is unstable and
will detach itself from the steel surface. Hence, the steel will
continue to corrode as the "red rust" do not act as a protective
layer. Rust formed on steel surface is usually Fe2O3 as this
compound requires the lowest energy of all types of iron oxides.
When the steel surface and water are electromagnetically
excited by the BacComber magnetite generator, they acquired a
higher energy. This causes the formation of "black rust" called
"magnetite". The magnetite is also a form of iron oxide but has
the composition of Fe3O4. As the magnetite is magnetic, it adheres
to steel surfaces in contact with water. Unlike the Fe2O3, the
magnetite Fe3O4 layer is stable and will act as a protective layer
preventing further corrosion. It also has "self-repair" property
when damaged.
Corrosion Control Effectiveness
The overall corrosion control effectiveness in a cooling water
system can be monitored by the free Fe ion present in the water.
In the event of severe corrosion, the Fe ion increment in the water
will be correspondingly high. When the corrosion is minimal, the
Fe ions increment will be low. For cooling water treated by the
BacComber system, the Fe ions level will stabilize after descaling.
Typical readings are below 0.08 ppm.
•Less corrosion related repair and maintenance expenses.
•Saving in capital equipment replacement cost.
•Better bacterial control due to less corrosion.
Fe ion ppm
Cooling Tower Institute guideline
max. control limit 3 ppm
Typical chemical treatment
Fe ion control range 1- 2 ppm
14 days after BacComber treatment
Magnetite can be seen after the Fe2O3
layer is washed off carefully
Typical BacComber treatment
Fe ion level, below 0.08 ppm
when stabilized
BacComber Copper-Silver Ionization
Basic Principle
The fact that copper and silver ions can be used
for disinfection and algae control has been widely
recognized and proven.
The AC power supply current, after passing
through the BacComber ionization unit, is first
converted into a low voltage DC current and
discharged into the water through the electrodes.
When the DC current passes through the copper
and silver electrodes, copper and silver ions are
produced and discharged into water. The copper
ions in water will kill bacteria while the silver ions
will alter the bacteria DNA and prevent the
bacteria from multiplying. The copper and silver
ions also have the effect of controlling algae and
biofilm growth.
Copper - Silver Ionization Effectiveness
Cooling tower treated with BacComber system can
achieve a low bacteria count. Legionella bacteria
can also be controlled effectively. BacComber
ionization is a continuous disinfection process and
will maintain the bacteria count at low levels at all
times. Cooling towers with preciously high
bacteria count by chemical treatment can see
significant improvement in the bacteria counts
after the BacComber treatment. Typically, cooling
towers with initial Total Bacteria Count (TBC)
exceeding 100,000 cfu/ml, can improve to
3,000cfu/ml or less after BacComber treatment.
•Saving in energy due to the reduction of
•Ensuring the safety and health by reducing the
•Minimizing Legionellosis disease outbreak
claims and possible loss of property income and
BacComber System Installation
The BacComber electromagnetic descaler & magnetite generator are
housed in one enclosure and mounted outside the cooling tower together
with the copper-silver ionization unit and ELCB enclosures.
Submersible pump placed in the sump delivers water through the coil unit
and discharges back to the sump through the holes drilled along the
PVC pipe.
BacComber System Applications
The BacComber is a hybrid system consisting of an
electromagnetic descaler-magnetite generator and a
copper-silver ionization unit. The ionization unit or the
electromagnetic generator may also be used
independently as required .
For water systems requiring only scale and corrosion
control, use only the electromagnetic descaler - magnetite
•Boiler water
•Process equipment water
•Water Storage Tank
•Chilled water system
•Potable water system
•Agricultural / Hydroponics
•Closed circuit cooling water
For water systems require only bacteria control, use only
the copper-silver ionization unit.
•Swimming pool
•Drinking water
For water systems requiring all round control of bacteria,
scale, corrosion, algae and slime, a complete BacComber
system should be used. These applications include
•Cooling towers
•Hot spas and tubs
•Potable water storage and
distribution system
•Cooling system using
recycled wastewater
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