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Silas W. Kelly, MSW-S - Events | Adelphi
Silas W. Kelly, MSW-S: Adelphi University School of Social Work – Hauppauge, NY
The Media – A Conduit To “Social Work, The Go-To Profession”
Faculty Advisor-Lynne Shulman, LCSW-R:Director of Social Work Programs-Hauppauge, NY
Discussion of Future Practice
The development of service is a first step in addressing
client and community needs. Connecting clients to
services follows. This poster highlights social workers,
community advocates, and human services agencies
that use the media to connect people to vital resources
and services.
Statement of Problem
Social Work is “The Go To Profession”. We
ascertain client needs and provide appropriate
services. The profession faces the additional
challenge of connecting potential clients to those
services. Traditional methods such as by referrals
by professionals do not always reach all of those in
need. Linking clients and services is a fundamental
and constant problem for our profession.
July 24, 2011: The Long Island “Curvy Girls” Scoliosis Support Group was featured on
Z100’s Public Affairs program , “Get Active” Co-Produced By Silas W. Kelly, MSW Candidate and Host, Skeery Jones
On July, 21, 2011
Theresa Spinner, NASW
Senior PR Associate
posted this interview:
audio link added on
August 1, 2011.
The Scoliosis Group’s
website saw a 24%
increase in hits on
August 13th & 14th after
the broadcast, the NASW
interview post, and the
adding of the audio link
to the interview
according to the groups
From Left to Right: Emily Borsner, Founder-Leah Stoltz, Z100’s Skeery Jones,
Dr. Mermelstein, Patty Borsner, and Robin Stoltz - LCSW
Project GEAR UP
Review of Literature
1.) Professor Kathryn Zox – MSW, University of Albany:
Teaches students to use the media to promote services
2.)Edward Allan Brawley says, “social workers must do a
better job of educating the public about their work and
the people they help through the media.”
3.)Caitlin Moe, MSW, points to “radio, TV, billboards,
and the internet as valuable tools to provide
information about social work services and resources”.
4.) – Interview
1 in 5 People Will Experience a Mental Illness
Mental illness
and neither
should you. Give
everyone in our
community a
chance, with
employment, with
housing and most
of all, with
respect. You can
make a difference.
Using a combination of Print, Radio, and TV the campaign
succeeded in increasing visits to the website to 130% !!
(Figures from the Mental Health Association Fact Sheet)
Professor Zox is grooming future social workers, like Ms.
Griffin-Jenkins to use the media to “bring social work to
the masses” and Elliot Luscombe who said, “when used
properly, media can help get the message out.”
University of Albany School of Social Welfare Dean
Katharine Briar-Lawson says the program “enables our
social work students to learn how to harness the media to
get the stories out regarding the needs of those they
serve….”. This is clear evidence that The “Media is a
conduit to Social Work … The Go-To Profession”.
We are especially grateful to Mr. Silas Kelly, a
friend of GEAR UP, who was instrumental in
helping to arrange for this positive media coverage
Dr. Lois Stein, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs: Director MSW
Program – Adelphi University
Lynne Shulman – Faculty Mentor, Director of Social Work
Programs: Adelphi University, Hauppauge Campus
Corinthia Price Kelly: Doctoral Candidate - Dowling College
Robin Stoltz – Advisor, L.I. Scoliosis Support Group
Frank Pomata, Former Assistant Director, Project GEARUP
7.) Final tally numbers reported to “Toys for Tots”
regarding holiday gifts provided as relayed to Z100 in
agencies thank-you letter.
Implications of Practice
By using the media the Social Work profession and
Social Workers provide information about valuable
services, raise awareness of resources, and provide a
platform to highlight social work initiatives.
University of Albany Professor Kathryn Zox –MSW, says
of the “The Social Workers Radio Talk Show” that she
launched, “our mission is to educate and enlighten,
through the medium of radio, our university and
extended communities about current social work trends
and services.”
(From Left To Right) Student Lasheca Lewis, Z100 Personality
Skeery Jones, Ms. Adams, Dr. Miller, Frank Pomata & Dana Carter
5.)GEARUP Gazette Newsletter and Phone interview
with Frank Pomata, former Assistant Project Director.
6.) Mental Health Association of Nassau County – Fact
Sheet and Phone Interview with David Neimroff,
Executive Director.
This discretionary grant program is
designed to increase the number of
low-income students who are prepared to
enter and succeed in postsecondary
School of Social Welfare graduate student Candi
Griffin- Jenkins and nationally known radio personality
Kathryn Zox on the air. (Photo Mark Schmidt)
From left to right, Silas Kelly,
Clementine Price and Z100’s Skeary
Jones at the taping of the show.
Ms. Clementine Price, Executive Director
and Silas Kelly, Media Director of The
“Zion Institute” in Copiague, NY., were
guests on WHTZ 100.3 FM’s Public Affairs
Show “Get Active” discussing their
Annual Holiday Toy Drive. Phone-in
guests, included, Ms. Clyde Epps, a Social
Worker who works closely with the
institute, as well as Denice,
a local recipient of services.
Clementine R. Price, MEd., Executive Director – Zion Institute
David Neimroff, Executive Director Mental Health Association of
Nassau County
James Cassidy – Librarian –Hauppauge Campus
Vivian Bailey, Administrative Assistant – Hauppage Campus
Skeery Jones, Z100 Morning Show Executive Producer
A family who heard the
broadcast discusses gift choices
with the director, Ms. Price.
Karl Luntta, Director of Media Relations, University at Albany
Stephanie H. Wacholder Director, Special Projects and Strategic
Partnerships, School of Social Welfare, University at Albany
Mark Schmidt, Photographer (University of Albany)

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