Ash Rememberance - Aug 2000 to Nov 2015



Ash Rememberance - Aug 2000 to Nov 2015
Kristull Irish Ash, August 2000 – November 2015
He took our breath away. He was the most magnificent, regal and dignified dog we had
ever seen. Quiet and headstrong, soft and gentle but with a prey dog’s intensity, Ash was a
study in contrasts. He purred when you rubbed his ears. He hated the rain and loved the snow.
The only way to get him into the rain for a walk was to promise him the towel rub he loved so
He arrived in Vancouver in 2001 with his companion Kristull Egyptian Beauty, they being the
first silken windhounds in Canada. Ron and I had no idea what we were getting into when we
met them at a home about an hour from Vancouver, but we knew we loved them at first sight.
They were one year olds and they needed a safe and loving home. What cinched the deal was
the moment Beauty, aka Ruby, saw us she got up on the couch, turned belly up, looked straight
in my eyes and purred. We fell in love. She was my heart dog and there was no way we would
be separated. Then we noticed quiet Ash lying by the door. Shy but watching the action with
intent. He and Ron bonded at once. What were we to do? We were smitten.
Ruby, that silly, wiggly, demanding girl who could never run in a straight line, did the work for
them both by opening our hearts and capturing us with her charming purr.
She jumped into everything four paws first. Her companion Ash was intimidated by the city and
all it’s noises and activities. But he settled in quickly and they both became the toast of the
neighbourhood. We felt we should write up calling cards...”no they weren’t born here....they
were born in Texas, no they aren’t “fill in the blank”, they are silken windhounds.” We never
tired of bringing word of our two silken windhounds to the Canadian landscape.
Ash was a prime athlete. He ran with sheer beauty, grace and speed. Nothing was a challenge
to him as he ran through water, up and over hills, through sand and across a wide open field.
He would raise his tail and wag at whichever dog came across his path in the park, and he
would be blissful when he was alone in the back yard, nose to the soil, or wind in his mane. He
was just happy.
His eyes were deep brown and shone with a certain kind of life-love. To us he was snuggly and
loving, to many he was aloof. He kept his distance sometimes but you could count on him to lie
down in the dining room sleeping in the comfort of the dinnertime conversation.
He sired four litters and we can proudly say he sired the first silken windhound litter born in
Canada, to Allagante Sangilak Calypso, in Saskatchewan. He was happy to come home from the
bitter cold of the Saskatchewan winter, but he clearly enjoyed his Christmas holiday with his
lady love. Ruby was happy to have him back except she now had to share; not her strong suit.
We are comforted to know that Ash will be remembered by his get who will carry on his line.
Two grandchildren live here in Vancouver and one is his spitting image. We know we will find
joy in seeing Ash Jr. at our gatherings.
Ash was a true photohound. Silly, serious, ridiculous, handsome, goofy; all manner of “looks”
were at his disposal. A real goof one minute and a model of the breed another. Wearing silly
hats and running free were his specialities.
He and Ruby were true ambassadors for their breed. In the 14 years they were with us we had
many visitors and also long conversations about silkens. Just in Vancouver alone the silken
windhound population has grown from two to more than 15 and the Canadian numbers are
climbing. Ruby and Ash played their roles as part of the whole system of ambassadors from
around the world.
Ash and Ruby, the Canadian pioneers, will now be running side by side across the rainbow
bridge celebrating their reunion, having been separated by Ruby’s untimely death three years
We are joined in sadness by the many who loved Ash, some who called him The King, many
who knew him as a quiet shadow, and all who came to know silken windhounds through his
patient and loving presence. Ron and I, along with Tango, Taj and his friends miss him so. Rest
in peace, dear boy, and run like the wind with Ruby.
Photo Susan April
Photo: Pauline Ng
Photo Heather Culliford
Kristull Egyptian Beauty beckons Kristull Irish
Ash to join her over the Rainbow Bridge.
Their work in Canada is done.
RIP Ash and Ruby.
First and last photos: Heather Culliford

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