2006 89x bash birthday



2006 89x bash birthday
T H E G R E AT E R M E D I A | 2 V O L . 8 S P R I N G 2 0 1 3
WRIF-FM’s Steve
Black Honored by
Gilda’s Club
the Dave
& Chuck
the Freak
WMMR-FM Celebrates
45 Years of Bringing
Contemporary Rock
to Philadelphia
Greater Media Is
Boston Strong
c o n t e n t s
Table of Contents:
Look Who’s Making Greater Media Greater
People and News
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WRIF-FM’s Steve Black Honored by Gilda’s Club
WRIF-FM Welcomes the Dave & Chuck
the Freak Morning Show
Honors and Awards
Greater Media Newspapers Wins
23 Awards in NJPA Better Newspaper Contest
Community: Giving Back
14-15, 18-19
WMMR-FM Celebrates 45 Years
of Bringing Contemporary Rock to Philadelphia
New WCSX-FM Garage Web Page Is All Things Auto
Greater Insights: Theater of the Mind
WBOS-FM’s EarthFest Marks 20th Anniversary
Boston Strong: Greater Media Stations
Reach Out after Marathon Tragedy
Greater Good
New On-Air Lineup at the New 100.1 WJRZ-FM
Interactive Corner: The Disruptive Environment
Greater Media Newspapers Photo Gallery
Graduations, Anniversaries, Babies, Weddings
The Greater Media
PUBLISHER: Greater Media, Inc.
EDITOR: Heidi Raphael
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Monique Walton/MWalton Design
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Jennifer Amato, Tom Bender, Clare Celano, Stella
Morrison, Jack Murtha, Ed Nolan, Amy Rosen, Tim Siegrist and Adele Young
PRINTER: Maureen Morrow/Printex
Special thanks to the people of Greater Media for making this publication possible.
Greater Media, Inc.
35 Braintree Hill Office Park
Suite 300
Braintree, MA 02184
For more information, please contact Heidi Raphael at [email protected]
From left, Dave Hunter, Lisa Way and Chuck “the Freak” Urquhart are the
new morning team on WRIF-FM in Detroit. Story, see page 8.
3, 7
2 013
Hello Everyone,
As we move into the second half
of the year, I would like to thank
all of you for your continued
contributions to Greater Media.
Your dedication is evident in the
success we experience every day
with our valued listeners, clients
and communities.
We had a very busy second
Congratulations to Rob Williams
on being promoted to Vice
President of Greater Media
Boston and Steve Chessare on
being named as the new Market
Manager of Greater Media
I would like to welcome Dave
Hunter, Chuck Urquhart and
Lisa Way as the new morning
show at WRIF-FM in Detroit
and wish them the very best as
they continue the legacy of one
of America’s legendary stations.
In addition, we are thrilled to
have longtime WRIF-FM News
Director Trudi Daniels move
down the hall to become the new
Co-Host of the WCSX Morning
Show with Ken Calvert.
I was proud to be a part of the
first annual Chairman’s Awards.
All of the finalists were amazing.
Congratulations to Boston’s Sue
Alexander, New Jersey’s Frank
Migliorino and Greater Media
Philadelphia’s TruMark Team
(Traci Kloss, Chris Taylor,
Florence Joyce, Bob Ryan and
Rob Keegan) as well as Matt
Rovine for consistently going
above and beyond to meet the
challenge of our customers’ needs
through the use of traditional
and digital media. This type of
innovation is exactly what makes
Greater Media stand out from
our competitors. This is the
future and we are embracing it.
As we all know, the Boston
Marathon bombings were a great
tragedy for both Boston and our
nation. I am grateful to the entire
Greater Media Boston team for
their support of the Boston Strong
initiative. From raising money for
the victims and their families to
keeping listeners up to date, it was
an incredible effort and another
great example of how radio is
there to help the communities we
serve during challenging times.
I would like to recognize Bob
& Sheri for officially launching
their show in conjunction with
Joe Radio on the American Forces
Network. It is now being carried
live daily on AFN to members of
the U.S. Military serving abroad
and to their families in more than
177 countries and on all 150 U.S.
ships at sea.
Congratulations to WMMR-FM
for celebrating 45 years of success
in rock radio in Philadelphia,
as well as to Loren and Wally on
their 30th anniversary in Boston
radio. These major milestones are
a result of the outstanding people
we have within our organization.
As you know, family is an
important part of who we are as
a company. Kudos to Greater
Media Newspapers for hosting
their Take Your Child to Work
Day. It’s the best way for our
employees to show their children
the important work they do on a
daily basis. Congratulations also
are in order for the newspaper
group’s excellent showing in the
NJPA’s 2012 Better Contest.
Enjoy your summer, take some
time to recharge your batteries,
and keep up the great work!
Peter H. Smyth
people who go
the extra mile
Brian Samborski
National Sales Manager
Greater Media Boston
When you ask anyone about Brian
Samborski, the consistent short
answer is: “The best! He’s the best
in the business!” Brian started his
career at Greater Media as National
Sales Manager nine years ago. Having
strong, valued relationships that
are built on trust are the keys to his
success. He is beloved by the buyers
and the reps that take Greater Media
to market on his behalf. His positive
energy is felt in our building as
well—inspiring our local teams and
everyone around him. Brian also
makes us laugh. No one is exempt
from his wisecracking, quick-witted
sense of humor. If there were a
“Making Greater Media Funnier
Award,” he’d win that one hands
down! But for all the ribbing he gives
us, we love him. His thoughtful,
generous nature makes him a favorite
with all departments. Brian is also a
favorite with his lovely wife, Megan,
dog Ben, and their 7-month-old
daughter, Lily—Boston’s cutest baby!
Dan Kaiser
Assistant Chief Engineer
Greater Media Boston
Dan Kaiser is one of the most caring
and multi-skilled engineers at
Greater Media. After more than 13
years at Greater Media Boston, he
always likes to get to the bottom of a
problem and fix it correctly, rather
than put a “Band-Aid” on it. His
knowledge of his job is outstanding,
and he’s just an all-around great
guy, not to mention his phenomenal
impersonation skills! Dan has deadon impressions of characters from
Family Guy, The Simpsons and famous
celebrities. It makes you wonder why
he’s in engineering in the first place!
If he can’t put a smile on your face,
no one can! Congratulations, Dan!
You deserve to be recognized!
Scott Whitlock
Account Executive
Account Executive Scott Whitlock is
called a Boy Scout by his peers. And
they would be right—Scott is a Boy
Scout. Besides being an outstanding
account executive for WBT AM/
FM and WLNK-FM, Scott has a
vocation he loves just as much, if
not more—scouting. Scott has been
involved with the area Boy Scout
Council for many years—helping boys
(including his sons) embrace the Boy
Scout motto of Be Prepared. Last year,
Scott was asked to start a Boy Scout
troop for boys facing issues brought
about by poverty, crime and a broken
home. As is Scott’s nature, he took
the challenge and now leads an active
troop, taking them camping to learn
about nature and how to survive with
minimal skills and tools. Scott has
taken the time to make a difference
in the lives of these Scouts and their
community. Scott’s devotion to his
family, scouting and his work with
what makes Greater Media Charlotte
Bo Thompson
Host, Morning News
Bo Thompson, host of WBT AM/
FM’s Charlotte’s Morning News,
grew up in Charlotte and at WBT
AM/FM. Starting in 1990, Bo
worked part-time at WBT AM/FM
throughout high school and college.
Bo has always had a connection with
Charlotte’s Morning News since
he was part of the production team
that launched the show in 1997 with
longtime host Al Gardner. Like all
kids, Bo left WBT AM/FM for a time
to spread his wings and develop his
skills as a producer and program
director. Bo returned to WBT AM/
FM last year, having honed his craft
as a talk-show host and has brought
new energy and direction not only to
his show, but also to the entire WBT
AM/FM Programming Department.
Bo is the consummate professional,
always striving to raise the profile
(and ratings!) of WBT AM/FM in
Charlotte. It is Bo’s charm, quick
wit and leadership style that make
working at Greater Media Charlotte
Katie Passamani
Sales Assistant
WRIF-FM Sales Assistant Katie
Passamani is living proof of the power
of optimism. She brings a positive
energy to everything she does at
Greater Media Detroit. We dare say
it’s rare to ever see Katie without a
welcoming smile.
This talented grad of Michigan
State University and The Specs
Howard School of Media Arts joined
the GMD team in June 2012 as a
Promotion Coordinator. But Katie’s
dedicated work ethic and infectious
attitude soon came to the attention
of WRIF-FM GSM Mike Broadwell,
who couldn’t miss the chance to have
her join his team. Because she is a
huge fan of WRIF-FM, this was a
great fit!
Katie brings much to her position at
WRIF-FM, including a passion for
copywriting and voice work. You’ll
often find her in the studio with
the Production Directors lending
her voice to campaigns. Ultimately,
Katie’s dream is to start her own
production studio
One of the most inspiring things
about Katie is that she never misses
the opportunity to say “hello” to
someone or really ask how they are
doing … and she waits to hear the
Music and entertainment have been a
part of Katie’s life since she was a very
young child. She began playing the
piano at the age of 7. Katie also sang
in choirs and as a soloist throughout
school and continues to sing today.
While she loves alternative/pop/rock
and an eclectic variety of music, her
current favorite song to perform is
“Stay” by Rihanna.
A Michigander through and through,
Katie considers herself the Red
Wings’ No. 1 fan. During hockey
season you can find her talking about
“The Wings” with fellow fans at
Greater Media Detroit.
We are so pleased that Katie and her
optimism are a part of the Greater
Media Detroit team. Please join us in
saluting her for all she does to make
Greater Media Detroit great!
Lauren Conn
Sales Assistant & Weekly Deal
Greater Media Detroit
Growing up in the Metro Detroit
area, Greater Media Detroit’s Lauren
Conn always loved listening to WRIFFM and WCSX-FM. Little did she
know that one day she’d be one of the
people making things happen at these
heritage stations.
Lauren joined Greater Media Detroit
in early 2011 as a Sales Assistant, and
soon people began to take note of her
skill and talent. With a background
in event planning and promotion,
Lauren demonstrated an attention
to detail and natural ability to work
with people, which made her a perfect
choice to spearhead Greater Media
Detroit’s Deal Program. She started
overseeing the program in mid-2011
and has embraced the challenge
head-on. Lauren shared that one
of the many things she has enjoyed
about working on the Deal Program
is that she gets to work directly with
clients to help them find success.
As Lauren will tell you, there is a new
opportunity for her to be creative
every day. From working with a client
to craft a perfect deal offering to
teaming with an account manager to
develop a great proposal, each day
brings something fun and new.
Lauren has been using her creativity
to help others through her volunteer
efforts for Relay for Life in Shelby
Township, MI. Lauren and her
mother, a breast cancer survivor,
got involved in the program to
benefit the American Cancer Society
eight years ago. Today, she is on
the planning committee and helps
run the website, the ceremonies
and of course raise funds. Since
she started working with the Relay
for Life, Lauren’s team has raised
over $100,000, and this year the
community event is poised to raise
more than $160,0000.
When not working or volunteering,
you can find Lauren and her fiancé,
Brian, visiting many of the historic
locations in and around Detroit and
attending concerts. Lauren tells us
that she has seen Bob Seger twice and
loved both shows. She’s really looking
forward to seeing another Detroit
rock ’n’ roll hero, Kid Rock, this
We are so proud to salute Lauren for
everything that she does every day to
make Greater Media Detroit great!
Marvin Friedman
Greater Media Newspapers
In his eight years working as a
part-time paginator for Greater
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2 01 3
Rob Williams Promoted to Vice President
of Greater Media Boston
Channel Radio, where he led
the company’s largest region by
revenue (29 markets, including
major markets New York City,
Philadelphia and Boston),
and later served as President
and Market Manager for Clear
Channel’s industry-leading New
York City stations, among them
the legendary Z100-FM and
WLTW-FM, the perennial highest
billing radio station in the U.S.
Rob Williams
Market Manager Rob Williams has
been promoted to Vice President
of the company’s Boston-based
radio properties, MAGIC 106.7/
WMJX-FM, Hot 96.9/WBQTFM, Country 102.5/WKLB-FM,
Radio 92.9/WBOS-FM, and
“Rob has done an outstanding job
since he joined Greater Media
Boston in taking the cluster to the
next level,” said Peter H. Smyth,
Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Greater Media, Inc.
“He is a brilliant strategist and
respected leader. We are very
proud to have him in our family.”
Williams, who joined Greater
Media Boston as the Market
Manager in January 2012, is a
veteran radio professional who has
led some of the industry’s most
successful radio stations during
his career. Prior to joining the
company, he served as CEO of
Digital Brand Connections, LLC,
a company he co-founded.
Prior to that, Williams was a
longtime executive with Clear
He left Clear Channel Radio
following that company’s sale
in 2008 and became CEO of
Internet radio start-up Goom
Radio, a service he helped launch
in the U.S. in 2009.
Williams joined Clear Channel
Radio with its acquisition of
AMFM, Inc. in 2000 and was
promoted to Clear Channel’s
Senior Management Team in
2001, following his success
as Market Manager of Clear
Channel’s Philadelphia cluster.
He was named Clear Channel
Communications Executive of the
Year in 2001.
Williams began his career as an
account executive and advanced
through a variety of radio sales
and management positions in
markets including Buffalo, NY;
Charleston, SC; Hartford-New
Haven, CT; Philadelphia, PA;
and New York, NY.
The radio veteran grew up in
the industry. His late father,
Bob Williams, was a respected
broadcaster who owned several
radio stations. Williams started his
own radio career after graduating
with honors from Tulane
2 013
Rob Williams Named to
2014 Country Radio Seminar
Agenda Committee
Greater Media Boston Vice President and Market
Manager Rob Williams has been named to the 2014
Country Radio Seminar Agenda Committee.
The Agenda Committee is made up of volunteers from
all areas of the country radio and record industries.
This year’s Agenda Committee members met
June 19-20 in Nashville, TN, to brainstorm topics
to be covered at CRS 2014 next February.
Steve Chessare Promoted to Market Manager
of Greater Media Detroit
Steve Chessare
Steve Chessare has been promoted
to Market Manager of Greater
Media’s Detroit radio stations,
WMGC-FM. He most recently
served as Director of Sales for
Greater Media Detroit.
“Steve brings a tremendous
wealth of experience, knowledge
and leadership to our team,”
said Greater Media Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer
Peter Smyth. “We look forward
to having him take our Detroit
cluster to the next level.”
“I’m in this business because
I love and believe in radio,”
said Chessare. “Having the
opportunity to work with these
heritage radio stations, these
incredibly professional people and
this great organization is the best
next step in my career. People that
I’ve worked with and respected
over the past 25 years in New York
City have asked me ‘Why Detroit?’
and my answer is simple, ‘Greater
Media.’ I couldn’t be more
Chessare is no stranger to radio.
An accomplished veteran, prior to
joining Greater Media he served
as the Senior Vice President
of Sales for Westwood One
Companies. Prior to that, he
was the General Sales Manager
of Clear Channel’s WLTW-FM
in New York City and also held
various positions within the
CBS Radio organization that
culminated in the role of Vice
President/General Manager of
CBS Radio Sales, the national
sales division of the company’s
radio division.
Chessare is a graduate of Fairfield
University in Fairfield, CT, with a
B.S. in Business Management.
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Jim Dolan Named New General Sales Manager
at BEN-FM in Philadelphia
Mark Keaney Promoted to Director of Sales
at Greater Media Boston
Jim Dolan
Mark Keaney
Jim Dolan has been named the
new General Sales Manager at
BEN-FM in Philadelphia. He
began his new position on April 1.
“Jim’s outstanding track record
speaks for itself,” said Greater
Media Philadelphia Vice
President of Sales Paul Blake. “His
commitment to both the radio
industry and the community made
him the perfect choice to lead our
outstanding team at BEN-FM.
We look forward to having him
take the station to the next level
and continue to super-serve our
“This is an enormous opportunity
for me to work with Paul Blake
and Vice President/Market
Manager John Fullam at Greater
Media Philadelphia,” said Dolan.
“Both hold long-standing
reputations as great leaders in our
business. The company continues
to win accolades as one of the best
places to work in Philadelphia
and with good reason. It is an
‘oasis of excellence’ in the radio
industry, continually focused on
customer intimate solutions and
the development of their people.
I am excited to be working with
the best.”
Dolan most recently served
as Regional Sales Manager at
Comcast Spotlight in Baltimore,
MD, and in South Ridge, SC.
Previous to that, he was the Vice
President and Market Manager
at Clear Channel Radio in
Baltimore, where he led Country
WPOC-FM, Smooth Jazz
WSMJ-FM and Black Gospel
WCAO-AM. Prior to that, he
served as General Sales Manager at
Nationwide Communications in
On an industry and community
level, the broadcasting veteran
was the State Chairman of the
Maryland, D.C., and Delaware
Broadcasters and is a past member
of the Arbitron Advisory Council
and the Scarborough Advisory
In addition, Dolan is a past
member of the Board of
Directors of the Country Radio
Broadcasters and the Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation. He also
served as the past President of the
Baltimore Area Radio Association
and the March of Dimes AIR
Awards Board of Governors.
Dolan received a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Economics and English
Literature from Columbia
College in New York City.
Greater Media’s Raphael Named
to 2013 NAB Radio Board
The National Association of Broadcasters has announced that
Heidi Raphael, Greater Media, Inc.’s Vice President of Corporate
Communication, has been elected to the 2013 NAB Radio Board. The
two-year terms of the newly elected board members began in June.
Mark Keaney has been promoted
to Director of Sales at Greater
Media Boston—MAGIC 106.7/
WMJX-FM, Hot 96.9/WBQTFM, Country 102.5/WKLB-FM,
Radio 92.9/WBOS-FM and 105.7
Keaney, who has been with Greater
Media Boston for five years, most
recently served as the General
Sales Manager of Country 102.5/
Previous to that, he worked as the
Director of Sales for Comcast
Spotlight from 2004 to 2008,
the General Sales Manager at Mix
98.5 FM from 1998 to 2004 and
as an Account Executive at Kiss 108
FM Boston and at KIIS-FM Los
Angeles from 1990 to 1998.
“Mark has led his teams to
high performance throughout
his career, and this trend has
continued during his tenure at
Greater Media, first with WBOSFM and most recently WKLBFM,” said Greater Media Vice
President and Market Manager
Rob Williams. “He demonstrates
every day that a great manager
makes a profound impact on his
team. Simply put, top talent wants
to work for Mark. I couldn’t be
more excited to partner with him
as we work to deliver exceptional
results and experiences for our
customers and our team.”
“I am ecstatic for the opportunity
to be Director of Sales for Greater
Media Boston,” said Keaney.
“With the launch of Hot 96.9
FM, we have five of the top music
brands in Boston radio. I really
look forward to working with
my team to leverage each asset
individually and as a cluster.”
Keaney received a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Economics and
Marketing from Boston College.
John Mullett Assumes Marketing Director Post
at Boston’s Radio 92.9 WBOS-FM
departments at The River and The
Point in Burlington, VT.
John Mullett has been named the
Marketing Director at Radio 92.9
WBOS-FM in Boston. He began
his new position on April 29.
Mullett most recently served as
Marketing Director at WXRVFM/92.5 The River. Prior to
that, he worked in the traffic
department and served as the
“go to” person for the sales,
programming and engineering
“I can’t begin to express how
honored I feel to be joining the
team at Radio 92.9,” said Mullett.
“I’m eager to become part of
the creative force that has built
such a great and unique brand in
“John will fit in well with Greater
Media and the Radio 92.9 staff,”
said Program Director Ken West.
“He impressed us with his passion
for music, his understanding of
connecting people to the Radio
92.9 brand, and his positive
attitude. We look forward to
having John take on all facets of
moving the Radio 92.9 brand
forward and creating experiences
and stories for our fans and
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2 01 3
special feature
WRIF-FM’s Steve Black Honored
by Gilda’s Club for Tireless Support
of Those Battling Cancer
STEVE Black, a radio host
patient by “adopting” them
for a period of time.
on WRIF-FM in Detroit, has
dedicated significant time
over the last seven years to
the emotional and financial
needs of cancer patients.
“What we did that was different than other foundations was instead of trying
to find a cure and trying to
help everyone a little bit, we
would adopt one to two patients per year and pay their
entire medical bill, whatever
that was,” Black said. “It was
life-changing that we were
able to touch someone, but
it wasn’t a great number of
In recognition of his efforts,
on May 16 he received the
Founders Award, the highest honor given by Gilda’s
Club Metro Detroit, the cancer resource center named
after the late comedian
Gilda Radner.
“The Founders Award is the
most prestigious award that
they give out every year,”
Black said. “The award is
for people who are missionfocused [to Gilda’s Club],
whether they are bringing a
new idea, or just volunteering, or their dedication to
Black operated the Sabrina
Black Foundation for six
years, until the weight of
constantly remembering his
wife as sickly and not as a
healthy woman eventually
caught up with him.
“We ultimately decided that
the foundation itself was
connecting me to the wrong
memories of Sabrina,” Black
said. “I wanted to remember the good times with
Sabrina, but the foundation
was tying me to funerals,
medical bills, the constant
stress of everyday life, and
the struggles of a cancer
patient and caregiver.”
Black’s involvement in
cancer support groups and
with Gilda’s Club actually
comes from a completely
different foundation. Black
is the founder of the Sabrina
Black Foundation, named
after his wife, a Detroit radio
personality. Diagnosed with
cancer at age 29, Sabrina
lost her battle with the disease by age 35.
“Right before she passed
away, we talked about
creating the Sabrina Black
Foundation,” Black said.
“We were inspired by our
station helping to pay her
hospital bills.”
Although Black was involved with spousal support
groups and other initiatives
at Gilda’s Club, he started
the Sabrina Black Foundation in 2006 with the intent
of financially supporting a
Black decided to approach
Gilda’s Club to see if it
would be interested in taking on the Sabrina Black
Foundation’s assets, liabilities and patient commitments.
top to bottom, Steve Black
and wife Sabrina in 2004 /
Steve Black / Pictured are
Luci Butler of Trans-Siberian
Orchestra (TSO); Laura Varon
Brown, Executive Director of
Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit;
Chris Caffery of TSO; Steve
Black of WRIF-FM; and
Georgia Napolitano of TSO.
2 013
“Both Sabrina and I had
taken involvement in Gilda’s
Club, so I reached out to
them and asked for someone to absorb the foundation,” Black said. “I still wanted to have an impact, but I
didn’t want to deal with the
everyday stress of it.”
Gilda’s Club received around
$50,000 of the Sabrina
Black Foundation’s remaining assets last summer,
along with the foundation’s
last client and remaining
responsibilities. Black joined
Gilda’s Club’s Board of
Directors and now concentrates his cancer support
efforts on that group.
“I still do one to two fundraisers per year in memory
of Sabrina, but it’s all Gilda’s
Club,” Black said.
WRIF-FM Detroit hosted a
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
concert in December that
raised $10,000 for Gilda’s
While Gilda’s Club has a different aim than the Sabrina
Black Foundation did, its
support for cancer patients and their families was
something that the Blacks
took advantage of during
Sabrina’s illness.
“Gilda’s Club is an actual
home, and people can come
there for support on any
number of levels,” Black
said. “There are a number of
activities to get your mind
off the day-to-day struggles
that you’re dealing with and
do something else.”
That network of other survivors, family members and
loved ones is what Black is
ultimately looking to be a
part of, and he found that
home at Gilda’s Club.
“I saw a lady in the library in
Gilda’s Club the other day,
and I just let her cry on my
shoulder to let her know
that she’s not alone,” Black
said. “It’s all about community support.”
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Media Newspapers, Marvin
Friedman has been a dedicated and
invaluable member of the Editorial
Department’s production team.
Marvin can always be counted on to
produce quality work under tight
deadlines. His genial disposition
and friendly manner always brighten
deadline days in the newsroom.
Jack Murtha
Staff Writer
Greater Media Newspapers
Jack Murtha joined Greater Media
Newspapers in December 2011 and
quickly distinguished himself with
his excellent writing and affable
demeanor. He joined the company
after graduating from Rutgers,
the State University of New Jersey.
Jack was named the first general
assignment reporter for Greater
Media in April 2013. He always goes
the extra mile in offering to help out
with assignments and special projects
in the newsroom. Jack enjoys music
and living at the beach. Perhaps
newsprint is in his veins, since his
grandfather was a pressman and his
grandmother was in human resources
at The Record, now North Jersey Media
Group, where Greater Media prints
its newspapers.
John Hodorovych
Promotions Assistant
John Hodorovych is in his fifth
year in WMTR-AM/WDHA-FM’s
Promotions Department and is
the “go to” guy for anything from
promotional events, engineering
and board operations to lastminute emergencies. This is the
gentleman we can all count on not
only to execute an event, but to do
it professionally and with a great
attitude. He is very much a team
player and is willing to work whenever
and wherever needed for the good of
the stations.
Jana Fiorello
Interactive Content Manager
Greater Media New Jersey
Although she has only been here a
short time, Jana Fiorello has jumped
right in and made her mark as a
fantastic employee for Greater Media
New Jersey. She is creative, upbeat,
fun and a fantastic pastry chef. Her
contributions to our Interactive
Department are innovative and
executed professionally. Although she
is a regional employee, she is housed
most of the time in Morristown and
has endeared herself to the entire
staff. She has extensive knowledge of
the radio industry, promotions and
interactive, as well as an innate ability
to come up with fantastic and stationappropriate ideas.
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Trudi Daniels Named New Morning Show Co-Host
of Greater Media Detroit’s WCSX-FM
Donnie Black
AMD Producer and
Programming Assistant
Donnie Black recently stepped up
big-time to fill in for a coworker. He
has also taken on a new role as “The
BEN Guy,” a mascot-like character
appearing all over the market
promoting the station and collecting
listener audio for use on-air. Donnie
has always been willing to go way
above and beyond his normal day-today duties!
Casey Keating
Sales Assistant
The Above and Beyond Award
was presented to BEN-FM Sales
Assistant Casey Keating for her
great work in assuring continuity of
sales and business systems during
a period of change. Casey was
described as “Our North Star”
by GSM Jim Dolan for her hard
work in helping management with
maintaining packages, the Account
List Management System and revenue
tracking during a period of transition
for the radio station in Q4 of 2012
and Q1 of 2013. Casey’s attitude is
always positive, and she continues to
exhibit the deepest professionalism
in all areas of her work product. She
exemplifies “team player,” and we are
grateful to have her as an anchor for
the BEN-FM Sales Team.
K.C. & Trudi
A new on-air chemistry awaits Detroit classic rock listeners with the addition
of Trudi Daniels as the new co-host of the WCSX Morning Show with K.C. &
Trudi on Greater Media Detroit’s 94.7 WCSX-FM in the Motor City.
She began her new role on Monday, June 3, 2013.
Daniels’ unique and flat-out funny take on twisted stories from the shadows
of today’s headlines are a perfect match for WCSX-FM mainstay Ken “K.C.”
Calvert, the “Casual One.” As morning shift supervisors of the WCSX
Workforce, the pair will add a new level of entertainment to the station’s blend of
classic rock, comedy and community.
The Sandusky, OH, native was most recently heard on the air as the longtime
news personality on Greater Media Detroit’s 101 WRIF-FM for the past 22 years.
Previous to that, she worked as a morning show host at WZOU-FM in Boston;
KSEG-FM in Sacramento, CA; WLVQ-FM in Columbus, OH; and
WIOT-FM in Toledo, OH.
“I spent most of my life going to concerts and had to find SOME way to keep
getting free tickets,” said Daniels. “I’m also going for the record for shortest radio
move—about 40 yards and across the hall!”
A Bowling Green State University graduate, Daniels transferred from the
neuro- and medical sciences track over to radio in the final semester of her
senior year of school.
Trouble the Dog Visits MAGIC 106.7 FM’s Candy O’Terry
Morning MAGIC’s Candy
O’Terry, Sheila Duncan
and Trouble!
O’Terry hosted a special “Exceptional
Women” show with Sheila Duncan,
who created the children’s character
“Trouble the Dog” with her 12-year-old
niece. It started as a book the two wrote
together, and now Trouble is a plush toy
with his own doghouse!
On Sunday, April 7, after the show
aired on MAGIC 106.7, Trouble visited
The Healing Newtown Arts Space from
2 to 4 p.m. Kids who attended each
received a plush Trouble, his house for
them to personalize and decorate, and
the Here Comes Trouble children’s book. It
was all to help out the little ones who’ve
been affected by the Newtown, CT,
2 01 3
special feature
The Legacy Continues….
WRIF-FM Welcomes the Dave and Chuck the Freak Morning Show
DETROIT radio staples
have made their way to
Greater Media. The Dave
and Chuck the Freak morning show, which has been
on the air since 2001, debuted on 101.1 WRIF-FM on
May 28.
“Our goal when we started
doing a show together
12 years ago was to be
at WRIF,” Co-Host Dave
Hunter said in an interview.
“It doesn’t seem like reality
yet, but it’s all been great.”
Hunter, along with co-hosts
Chuck “the Freak” Urquhart
and Lisa Way, make up the
trio that has been a Detroitarea radio mainstay for a
dozen years.
The show joins the Greater
Media family after a successful 11-year run with
CIMX-FM (88.7 FM, known
as “89X”) in Windsor, Ontario, followed by a six-month
period off the air when they
left CIMX-FM in November
“I’ve been listening to the
show for quite a few years,
and I watched the show
and its audience grow,”
WRIF-FM Program Director
Mark Pennington said.
“I knew there was a lot
of talent there. When the
opportunity came that
we could solidify the next
generation of WRIF audience with Dave and Chuck
the Freak, we knew that we
had to take it.”
The hosts’ departure from
CIMX-FM was a surprising
one for fans, who didn’t
expect the sudden sign-off
on November 23. However,
due to the show’s immense
popularity, many speculated
that the show would make
its way to another Detroitarea station. Greater Media
Detroit announced on May
8 that WRIF-FM was the
station that would serve
as Dave and Chuck the
Freak’s new home.
“Detroit is a very local
area, and our fans
want to know about
the concerns and
issues here,” Hunter
said about the move
to a Detroit station.
“Our show is very
listener-driven and
interactive as well.”
The Dave and Chuck the
Freak morning show is
replacing the long-running
Drew and Mike, who signed
off on May 17 after 21 years
with WRIF-FM. The sixmonth downtime between
Dave and Chuck the Freak’s
signoff in Ontario and Drew
and Mike’s signoff at WRIFFM gave the new team
some time to pack their
bags and physically move
their show stateside.
“We’re only a few shows
in at WRIF now, and it’s
all been great,” Hunter
said in early June.
Greater Media Detroit anticipates a
great future for the
show. “We are very
excited to have
these hosts on
our team, and
we’re looking
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2 013
forward to many mornings of laughs,” Pennington said. “As
part of the Greater Media family, we strive to have the best
talent on our stations, and we succeeded by bringing this
talent to WRIF.”
Greater Media Boston Staff Is Boston Strong
with Staff Party
Celebrating All That’s GREAT About Boston!
As the Memorial Day long weekend approached, the Greater Media
Boston staff decided to hold a Summer Kick-off event on May 22.
The business office closed a little early, and all employees gathered
together to enjoy some great refreshments and excellent tunes
(provided by Roy Barboza, Hot 96.9 FM’s “Master Music Mixer”).
Everyone was encouraged to show their Boston pride by dressing up
like their favorite team, band, Boston personality, etc. Prizes were
awarded for the best costumes. In addition, staff members donated
$1,200 to benefit The One Fund Boston in support of our great city.
New Morning Show Lineup for
Detroit’s 101 WRIF-FM
counterclockwise from top right,
(l-r) MAGIC 106.7 FM Assistant Program Director Morgan Prue (Boston
Bruin), VP/Market Manager Rob
Williams (Red Sox fan), and Administrative Services’ Leo Egan (as
Cheers’ Cliff Clavin) / (l-r) WBOSFM/WROR-FM Program Director
Ken West, Hot 96.9 FM Producer
Matt Shearer, Videographer Marco
Corrado, WBOS-FM Promotion Assistant “Mattu,” Hot 96.9 FM “Master
Music Mixer” (and party DJ) Roy
Barboza, and MAGIC 106.7 FM Sales
Assistant Dan (“DJ Obie”) Wairi /
(l-r) MAGIC 106.7 FM Assistant Program Director Morgan Prue (Boston
Bruin), WKLB-FM Traffic Manager
Kate Naughton (Fenway Frank),
MAGIC 106.7 FM Afternoon Drive
News Announcer Tina Gao, Director
of Sales Kevin Keaney, WBOS-FM
Traffic Manager Megan O’Brian and
VP/Market Manager Rob Williams /
First Prize – Costume: Make Way for
Ducklings! (l-r) WROR-FM Account
Managers Michelle Deasy, Kevin
Keogh and Andrew Corbett / (l-r)
Hot 96.9 FM Producer Matt Shearer,
WBOS-FM General Sales Manager
Nick Lombardi, Director of Sales
Mark Keaney, National Sales Manager Brian Samborski, Radio 92.9
Programming/Promotion Assistant
Jason Rossi and (front) WROR-FM
Programming/Promotion Assistant
PJ “The Eternal Intern” / Greater
Media Boston Q1 “Fun Committee”
(l-r): Hot 96.9 FM Traffic Manager
David Hastie, WKLB-FM Marketing Manager Dawn Santolucito,
Production Director David O’Leary,
WBQT-FM/WKLB-FM Sales Assistant Courtney Healey, WROR-FM Sr.
Account Manager Michelle Deasy,
and Credit Manager Leslie Jenkins
Dave Hunter & Chuck “the Freak” Urquhart
Lisa Way – Co-Host
James – Producer
2 01 3
Greater Media Chairman
& CEO Peter Smyth
Honored by Massachusetts
Women’s Political Caucus at
12th Annual Good Guys Awards
MAGIC 106.7 FM’s
Candy O’Terry Honored with
Communicator Award of Excellence
Greater Media VP of Corporate Communication
Heidi Raphael, Hot 96.9 FM Morning Show CoHost Pebbles, Greater Media Boston VP/Market
Manager Rob Williams, Greater Media Chairman and CEO Peter Smyth, Hot 96.9 FM APD
and Digital Media Brand Manager Jill Strada,
105.7 WROR-FM General Sales Manager Matt
DiRoberto and Greater Media VP of Program
Development Buzz Knight
The Massachusetts Women’s
Political Caucus honored
Greater Media Chairman and
CEO Peter Smyth at its 12th
Annual Good Guys Awards
for his continued support
of women and families in
MWPC Executive Director
Priti Rao said, “We were very
excited to honor Peter Smyth
as one of our Good Guys.
His dedicated advocacy to
advance women serves as a
role model to our community.
His support of programs
and initiatives that improve
the welfare and safety of
women and families has been
The annual Good Guys
Awards was established
12 years ago to honor
outstanding male leaders
who have worked in their
civic and professional lives
to achieve parity for women
across all realms.
Said Smyth, “I am thrilled
to have received this award
from an organization that
works to give all women an
equal chance at success. It’s a
great honor to be recognized
alongside such distinguished
Smyth is an active
philanthropist working with
many organizations that
advocate for women and
families, including the United
Way of Massachusetts,
the New England Baptist
Hospital and Emerson
College. In addition, he is a
supporter of GRLZ Radio, a
radio station giving young
women a voice in their
MAGIC 106.7 FM’s Candy O’Terry
Co-Host Candy O’Terry was
awarded the Communicator
Award of Excellence
(Major Market Radio/OnAir Talent/News Anchor/
Bombs in Boston) from the
International Academy of
Visual Arts for a piece she
submitted on her coverage
in morning drive of the twin
bombings at the Boston
Marathon. The entry was
called Bombs in Boston and
was a composite of Morning
MAGIC airchecks from April
15 through April 19. It was her
hope to capture the initial joy
of Marathon Monday … the
horror and surprise everyone
felt when the bombs
exploded on Boylston Street
… the bravery of so many at
the finish line … the manhunt
… the lockdown of Boston
… and the ultimate strength
of the city to rise and shine
through it all. Candy’s
Morning MAGIC co-host, Mike
Addams, was included in the
aircheck, which was edited
by Morning MAGIC Producer
Mike Roberts. This is Candy’s
eighth Communicator Award,
and her 36th broadcasting
award overall.
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Final 4 Riff Rock Girls Take on Mexico!
THE annual Riff Rock Girl Search began
in January as 101 WRIF-FM started
searching for a “Rock Girl” to represent
the station in 2013. Thirty-two top
candidates were selected to participate in
the program, and they began to hit the
streets to secure votes to enable them to
advance in the competition. The field
was narrowed from 32 to 16 and then
again to the Top Eight, and finally to the
Top Four. These four lucky contestants
had a very special treat in store for them
… an all-expense-paid trip to Puerto
Vallarta, Mexico, for a photo shoot!
1 0
The Top Four Rock Girl contestants,
along with eight Riff listeners, boarded
a plane in early May for Puerto Vallarta,
where they stayed at the all-inclusive RIU
Pacifico Palace. The girls and listeners
got to experience Mexico in style at the
five-star resort. While enjoying the
amenities of the RIU, the girls also hit
the beaches, pools and hot spots around
the resort for photo shoots to be used
in future calendars and posters. It was
truly a trip of a lifetime and only leaves
one remaining question … which girl
will win the 2013 Riff Rock Girl crown?
2 013
Riff Rock Girl finalists Nicole, Tasha, Bella and Lyndsey enjoy the pool at the RIU
Pacifico Palace in Puerto Vallarta. Lyndsey was named Riff Rock Girl for 2013.
That answer came on May 16 at the Hard Rock Café where the girls competed
in the final competitions to win, while also checking out Buckcherry live
onstage! Lyndsey was named the winner!
First Greater Media Chairman’s
Awards Announced
In February, Greater Media
CEO Peter Smyth hosted
a company-wide video
online sales meeting to
announce the winners of the
first annual Greater Media
Chairman’s Awards.
The Greater Media
Chairman’s Awards recognize
team members who have
consistently gone above
and beyond to meet the
challenge of our customers’
needs through the use of
traditional and digital media.
This spotlight on the “best of
the best” in the creation and
execution of multiplatform
programs was a shining
example of how we are
becoming the preferred
solution provider to our local
We saw many examples of
integrated campaigns that
were creative, effective and
memorable for advertisers,
while at the same time
engaging and entertaining
for our listeners.
As advertisers request more
integrated programs, Greater
Media is continuing work to
be the local media company
that advertisers look to first
for marketing solutions. We
look forward to the 2013
Greater Media Chairman’s
Awards and honoring and
rewarding those who have
embraced the challenge
of becoming the preferred
integrated solution provider
for our clients.
left, Sue Alexander –
Integrated Solution Provider of the
Year (Greater Media Boston)
right, Frank Migliorino –
Interactive Salesperson of the Year
(Greater Media New Jersey)
Congratulations to all of this
year’s winners:
Integrated Solution Provider
of the Year – Sue Alexander
(Greater Media Boston)
Interactive Salesperson of
the Year – Frank Migliorino
(Greater Media New Jersey)
Greater Media Charlotte’s Bob Lacey
Inducted into the NCAB Hall of Fame
Bob Lacey
At an awards banquet at
the Grandover Resort in
Greensboro, NC, on June 25,
Greater Media Charlotte’s
Bob Lacey was inducted
into the North Carolina
Association of Broadcasters
Hall of Fame. Bob was
inducted by his on-air
partner, Sheri Lynch. A threeminute video celebrated his
career (to date) in television
and radio. Bob is in some very
special company in the Hall of
Fame, including Charlie Rose
(2003), Rick Dees (2002),
Ty Boyd (1991), Charles Kuralt
(1977), Edward R. Murrow
(1970) and David Brinkley
Congratulations to WLNK-FM’s
very own Anthony Michaels for
being recognized as one of the top
programmers in radio by Radio Ink
magazine! (Everyone thought
he should wear his award around
his neck Flavor Flav style.)
Creative Project of the Year –
TruMark Team (l-r): Paul Blake,
John Fullam, Traci Kloss, Chris Taylor,
Florence Joyce, Bob Ryan and
Rob Keegan. Greater Media
Philadelphia partnered TruMark
Financial with The Hamels
Foundation on a multi-touchpoint
campaign that featured on-air, digital
and on-site promotion that generated
significant and measurable results for
both organizations.
Creative Project of the Year –
TruMark Financial (Greater
Media Philadelphia)
Business Developer of the
Year – Matt Rovine (Greater
Media Philadelphia)
Matt Rovine – Business Developer
of the Year (Greater Media
Philadelphia); (l-r) Paul Blake,
Jim Antes, Matt Rovine, Bill Burns
and John Fullam.
Anthony Michaels – Weeknights on
107.9 FM The Link
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2 01 3
Superheroes in Charlotte Prove Their
Mettle in Spartan Sprint Mud Run
Greater Media Newspapers
Recognized for Excellence
THE New Jersey Press Association (NJPA) recognized Greater
Media Newspapers, based in
Manalapan, NJ, for editorial and
advertising excellence with 23
awards in its 2012 Better Newspaper Contest.
The awards—for editorial, photography and advertising—were
celebrated in two ceremonies held
in April at the Hamilton Manor.
More than 600 awards were presented to newspapers in the Garden
State during the two events.
WHAT better way to spend a
cold and rainy Sunday morning
in March than to be in a Spartan
Sprint, more commonly called a
mud run? On Sunday, March 24,
four intrepid souls from Greater
Media Charlotte did just that! If
you aren’t familiar with a mud run,
it’s like doing Army maneuvers on
steroids! There’s lots of running
(over 4 miles), climbing, crawling, lifting and getting dirtier than
you’ve ever been before. Add to
that a cold spring rain and time
spent in chest-high water, fighting
exhaustion and hyperthermia, and
you have a mud run! Led by ringleader Jenn Jackson—and trained
by former Marine Billy Hall—Tammy Lowry and Ann Marie Young
joined in on the fun and challenge
of pushing themselves to their
physical limits!
The team trained in a local park,
rain or shine, every Friday afternoon for about six weeks leading
up to the Spartan Sprint. On race
day, the temperature was 46
FREEZING degrees, and it rained
from start to finish. The race
took place at The U.S. National
Whitewater Center, and race coordinators took the runners chest
deep into the Catawba River three
times. Anytime participants could
not complete an obstacle, they were
penalized and required to execute
a set of burpees: stand up, do a
push-up, stand up, and then do it
all again and again. Toward the end
of the race, everyone was extremely
cold and truly earned their Spartan
top to bottom, Jenn Jackson
executes the rope climb. /
The team shows off its climbing skills. / Being almost waist
deep in muddy water was not
a problem for Tammy Lowry.
During Press Night on April 25,
Greater Media’s editorial excellence was honored with 18 awards
for photography, reporting,
general news, writing and illustration, as well as column writing and
Awards were given for photography, sports and news that appeared
in the Atlanticville, East Brunswick
Sentinel, Edison/Metuchen Sentinel, Examiner, Independent, North/South Brunswick
Sentinel, Suburban and News Transcript.
At the Advertising Awards Celebration on April 11, Greater Media
received five awards for ad campaigns in the Atlanticville, Examiner, News Transcript and East Brunswick
The NJPA also lauded the 2013
Bernard Kilgore Memorial Scholarship winner, Jullian Bao of Edison. The student is a senior at J.P.
Stevens High School in Edison,
where she is editor-in-chief of the
school’s newspaper, The Hawkeye.
The NJPA comprises 18 New Jersey
daily newspapers, three out-ofstate dailies, more than 165 weekly
newspapers, and four non-English
and seven specialty publications. It
was formed in 1857.
Greater Media publishes 10 community newspapers as well as online
publications covering Middlesex,
Monmouth and Ocean counties.
Jeff Granit, “Daughters,” first
place, Weekly General News,
Never again will this Fab Four be
viewed as just employees at a radio
station. They are now the Superheroes of Greater Media Charlotte!
Donna Kenyon is the Executive Editor of
Greater Media Newspapers.
Jeff Granit, “Together,” third
place, Weekly General News,
Jeff Granit, “Catch,” first
place, Sports Action, Edison/
Metuchen Sentinel
Eric Sucar, “Superstorm
Sandy,” first place, News
Picture Story, Atlanticville
Jeff Granit, “Forearm,” second
place, Sports Action, Edison/
Metuchen Sentinel
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2 013
Mike Addams
Officially Retires from
MAGIC 106.7 FM in Boston
Scott Friedman, “Diving Stop,”
third place, Sports Action,
North/South Brunswick
Longtime WMJX-FM Morning
Show Personality Mike Addams
has officially retired after 19 years
on MAGIC 106.7 in Boston.
His last official day on the air was
Friday, June 28, 2013.
Addams joined the station back in
August of 1994. Prior to that, he
and WRKO-AM.
Eric Sucar, “Victory Shouts,”
second place, Sports Feature,
North/South Brunswick
“It has been a pleasure to work
with a radio pro like Mike
Addams,” said Greater Media
Boston Vice President and Market
Manager Rob Williams. “He has
had a wonderful career on some
Jeff Granit, “Win,” third place,
Sports Feature, North/South
Brunswick Sentinel
Eric Sucar, “Wrestling Day,”
third place, Feature,
Jeff Granit, “iPads,” second
place, Feature Picture Story,
Edison/Metuchen Sentinel
Eric Sucar, “Game Setting,”
third place Pictorial, Examiner
There’s a New Shirt in
Town for WROR-FM!
of the top stations in America
including the last 19 years on
Magic 106.7. I wish Mike and
his family many happy years of
“From the days at WRKO as the
exciting Mike Addams to his
recent tenure waking up Boston
on Magic 106.7, Mike has been
the consummate professional and
has enjoyed a storied career in
our ever-changing business,” said
Greater Media Boston Director
of Programming Cadillac Jack. “I
respect him greatly, and wish him
all the best.”
Modeling the new
kids’ T-shirt for
105.7 WROR-FM are Jersey
(daughter of Marketing
Director Jamie Martel) and
Sam (son of Loren & Wally
Producer Brian Bell).
Two New Funds Added to Greater Media, Inc.
401(k) Plan Fund Lineup
Ed Nolan
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Greater Media, Inc.
Effective April 1 of this year,
the company added two new
investment options to the
Greater Media, Inc. 401(k)
Plan: the Fidelity Real Estate
Income Fund (ticker symbol
FRIFX) and the JPMorgan
Disciplined Equity Fund
Institutional Class (JPIEX).
The introduction of the
Fidelity Real Estate Income
Fund demonstrates the
company’s commitment to
providing plan participants
with a broad array of
investment options in order
to allow them the opportunity
to appropriately invest
their retirement savings
under a variety of economic
scenarios. The addition of the
JPMorgan Disciplined Equity
Fund Institutional Class
resulted from the company’s
regular process of reviewing
the performance of all mutual
funds offered as investment
The addition of the Fidelity
Real Estate Income Fund
gives plan participants the
opportunity to further diversify
their portfolio by introducing
a new asset category to the
401(k) Plan lineup, namely
real estate. The fund normally
invests primarily in preferred
and common stocks of REITs,
debt securities of real estate
entities, and commercial
and other mortgage-backed
securities, with an emphasis on
lower-quality debt securities.
It invests at least 80% of
its assets in securities of
companies principally engaged
in the real estate industry
and other real estate related
investments. The fund may
invest in both domestic and
foreign issuers.
The JPMorgan Disciplined
Equity Fund Institutional Class
has replaced the Davis New
York Venture Fund Class Y.
JPMorgan Disciplined Equity
is categorized by Morningstar
as a Large-Cap Blend fund. It
seeks to provide a consistently
high total return from a broadly
diversified portfolio of
equity securities with risk
characteristics similar to the
S&P 500 Index. It primarily
invests in the common stocks
of U.S. companies with
market capitalizations similar
to those within the universe
of the S&P 500 Index. The
fund invests at least 80% of
its assets in equity securities.
The company continues to
strive to provide you with
a comprehensive menu of
high-quality investment
options that will afford you
the opportunity to tailor
your retirement savings to
your own particular needs.
You may visit Fidelity.com
or contact Fidelity by phone
to obtain a prospectus or
other information for either
of these two new funds. I
encourage you to discuss
these new options with
your own personal financial
advisor to determine
whether they might play a
role in your own investment
2 01 3
greater media
gives back to the
Bob & Sheri’s Syndicated Morning Show Goes
Worldwide, Bringing Laughs to the American Forces Network
Bob & Sheri
Popular Duo, Whose Show
Is Based at Charlotte’s
WLNK-FM, Will Reach
Military Personnel Abroad
and at Sea
past the live broadcast.
“Nothing gives us more pride
and satisfaction than to serve the
men, women and children who
are dedicated to protecting our
country,” said Bob and Sheri. “It
is more than an honor to have
this opportunity, and we will rise
to it!”
Joe Radio on the American
Forces Network officially
launched The Bob & Sheri Show
on Monday, April 8, 2013, as
the new morning show on the
AC programming format. The
popular morning show, based in
Charlotte on WLNK-FM with
hosts Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch,
will now be carried live daily on
AFN to members of the U.S.
Military serving abroad and to
their families. Joe Radio on AFN
carries the programming to 177
countries and on all U.S. ships at
sea (approximately 150).
“After visiting with the Bob &
Sheri team in Charlotte and
hearing their very professional
and entertaining show, we knew
almost immediately that they’d be
a perfect fit for our ‘Joe Radio’
service,” said Jeff Reilly, Director
of American Forces Radio
Network. “Bob & Sheri are very
popular among military audiences
stateside, and we’re sure that will
be the case on AFN Radio overseas
where our heroes are stationed
and listening.“
consider it a privilege to be able
to serve our dedicated men and
women who continue to sacrifice
to keep our families and country
“We are absolutely thrilled that
Bob and Sheri will be sharing
their entertaining show with our
valued members of the United
States Military and their families
both here and now abroad,” said
Greater Media Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer Peter
Smyth. “Bob and Sheri will be a
fantastic addition to Joe Radio
on the American Forces Radio
Network. As a company, we
Bob & Sheri have a history with
military involvement, supporting
the Wounded Warrior Project. In
2012, Bob & Sheri participated
in a military-devoted Flag Day Parade
in Hudson, NY. They attended
the Army Birthday Celebration at Fort
Bragg military base, where more
than 13,000 soldiers were in
attendance, at times cheering and
calling them by name as they ran
Bob & Sheri also broadcasted
live on December 20, 2012, in
support of the USO’s Victory Block
Leave, code named Operation
Exodus, where they helped usher
more than 15,000 troops who
had been stationed overseas
through the Charlotte Douglas
International Airport as they
headed home for the holidays.
The Bob & Sheri Show is a
reality-based morning program,
currently heard on 42 stations
across the country. Their show
is described as hilarious and
touching with a deep connection
to their passionate listeners. They
are real people, with real laughs,
and all are accepted into their
morning show family.
WDHA-FM and WMTR-AM Celebrate 4th Annual KidFest
held their 4th annual KidFest
on Sunday, February 10, at the
Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany,
NJ. The event once again attracted
thousands of listeners from all
across New Jersey.
from the lobby, giving attendees a
chance to see what went into a live
radio broadcast.
This year’s KidFest featured a
huge game room, princesses,
Harlem Globetrotter Buckets
Blakes, therapy dogs, dancers, the
Big Apple Circus, and former
New Jersey Devil Sergei Brylin.
WDHA-FM also broadcasted live
1 4
above, The entire WDHA-FM/WMTR-AM staff at KidFest 2013
left, WDHA-FM Program Director and Afternoon Drive Jock Curtis Kay and
WDHA-FM General Manager Nancy McKinley pose with a fake Stanley Cup at
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2 013
Dogs Are Greater Media Stations’ Best Friends!
WRAT-FM and WJRZ-FM’s Bark in the Park:
A Howling Success
WLNK-FM Supports
Bark for Life, Raising
Money for Local
Animal Shelters
Thousands of Dogs and
Owners Flock to 11th
Annual DeBella Dog Walk
102.9 WMGK-FM Morning
Man John DeBella hosted the 11th
annual DeBella Dog Walk, the biggest
outdoor “dog fair” of its kind, on
May 5. The event typically attracts
more than 6,000 people and
their animals. The Dog Walk is a
free outdoor gathering for people
and their dogs, for those looking
to adopt, and for those seeking
information about particular
breeds. Its aim is to teach people
how to be better pet owners and to
educate the public about the work
that nonprofit rescue groups and
shelters do.
John DeBella has dedicated
himself to the welfare of animals
throughout his 30-plus years onair in Philadelphia. He hosted
the “DeBella’s Dogs” segment
on NBC’s 10! Show for years.
In 2008, he was honored with
an award at the Morris Animal
Refuge’s 11th annual Fur Ball
WRAT-FM’s Carl Craft hosts Canine Kissing Contest.
WRAT-FM and the New 100.1
WJRZ-FM conducted their
annual Bark in the Park event at
FirstEnergy Park in New Jersey,
home of the Lakewood BlueClaws,
on May 4. The day started out
on the front lawn of the stadium
three hours prior to the gates
opening for the 4 p.m. game.
Vendors were selling their doggie
wares, shelters were showing off
dogs and puppies available for
adoption, and clients were taking
advantage of the thousands of
people and pooches that attended
the event. The Rat and WJRZ
emcee and host the whole event.
Games included the Canine
Kissing Contest, where the dog
that licks their owner’s face the
longest wins, and America’s Got
Tail-ent, a doggie talent show with
concert tickets as prizes.
Later on came the Dog Adoption
Showcase. Each adoption agency
was allowed to enter two dogs to
be walked down the catwalk, or
rather “dogwalk,” while the jocks
read their doggie profiles; for
example, “Cocoa is a 3-year-
old Labradoodle brought to the
shelter with a broken leg. The leg
is now healed and she loves long
walks on the beach, playing catch
and tug-o-war and loves children.
Cocoa’s had all her shots, is
fixed and ready to go home with
WLNK-FM’s Event Coordinator Piper
Moore attends Charlotte’s Bark for Life
event with her dog.
Once the gates opened, dog
owners could enter for the day’s
game with their dogs and the
purchase of a Paw-Pass. Lined
up around the stadium, the dogs
(and owners) marched around
the field in the Bark in the Park Pooch
Parade. Prior to the game, Rocky
the Rat mascot threw out the first
pitch (perfect strike, BTW) and
the game was on.
Several dogs were adopted and
went home with new owners that
day, according to reports from
several of the adoption agencies.
Our own Carl Craft, PD and
Morning Co-Host, couldn’t resist
two sister Lab/boxer mixes, Miles
and Davis (yes, male names … the
deal was, if the wife picked ’em,
Carl got to name ’em).
WLNK-FM’s Midday Host Kelly McKay
hosted Charlotte’s Bark for Life event,
which raises money for local animal
WMGK-FM’s John DeBella poses with
this year’s “Mayor of Dogville” at the
11th annual DeBella Dog Walk.
WLNK-FM’s Program Director
Anthony Michaels at Charlotte’s
Bark for Life
One of many dogs who posed with
WMGK-FM’s classic rock standups at
the 11th annual DeBella Dog Walk
A pooch up for adoption sniffs out a RAT!
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2 01 3
greater media
in pictures
1 6
2 013
1. Hard times really do bring people together ... after the terrible tragedy of the Boston
Marathon bombings on April 15, some of
the MAGIC 106.7 FM air talent went out
for lunch together, and they all work very
different shifts: Dan Justin, Mike Addams,
Michael Burns, Jackie Brush, and the arm
is none other than David Allan Boucher
2. WBT AM/FM and WLNK-FM Chief Engineer Jerry Dowd stays busy by picking up
all the dropped papers that he brings with
him to every remote!; 3. WDHA-FM/WMTRAM Account Executive Ellen AnapollePaola (l-r) with WDHA-FM Music Director/
Midday Host Terrie Carr and WDHA-FM
Morning Jolt Host Kim Mulligan; 4. Gill Cornwall from the BEN-FM Party Patrol shows
some kids how to dunk a basketball at the
Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia;
5. WRAT-FM mascot Rocky, Morning Team Carl & Marty along with the
Coors Light Girls celebrate Opening
Day of the Lakewood, NJ, BlueClaws;
6. WROR-FM’s Wally Brine celebrated his
birthday at Kelly’s Roast Beef with a giant
roast beef birthday cake (courtesy of Wilson Farms); 7. Tony Bruno and the 97.5 FM
The Fanatic Fantasy Girls at the Mike Missanelli Open; 8. WMGK-FM’s John DeBella
with Jim Breuer, Vinnie Brand and station
staff at Xfinity Live at DeBella’s Combat Comedy show, benefiting veterans;
9. BEN-FM’s Marilyn Russell shows off her
IKEA Boom Stick while celebrating IKEA’s
10-year anniversary; 10. WMMR-FM’s Jacky
Bam Bam with members of Motley Crue
before their May 25 show in Atlantic City;
11. WDHA-FM Promotions Assistant John
Hodorovych, GMNJ Interactive Content
Manager Jana Fiorello, Sales Assistant Jen
Strasle, and Account Executive Val Freda
at a WDHA-FM event; 12. WBT AM/FM’s
Engineer Ron Tollison, Evening Host John
Hancock and WBT Sports Director Jim
Szoke broadcast live for the NFL/Carolina Panthers draft; 13. WMGK-FM’s John
DeBella with listeners at the 11th annual
DeBella Dog Walk; 14. Jimmy “O’Steal”
broadcasts live for St. Patrick’s Day with
Carl Craft and the Rat Rock Girl Calendar
Cover Girl winner, Anna; 15. WMGK-FM’s
Andre Gardner and the Classic Rock Squad
with George Thorogood at the Classic
Rock Close-up; 16. Hot 96.9 FM Morning
Show Producer Big Mack falls asleep …
again after the show; 17. Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos and the Fanatic Fantasy
Girls at 97.5 The Fanatic’s NFL Draft Party;
18. Greater Media Boston staff (John Mullett, Jason Rossi and Courtney Healey) at
Summer Kick-off Party; 19. BEN-FM’s Marilyn Russell with speakers Maria Bello and
Lisa Oz at the Woman of the Week luncheon; 20. The BEN-FM Guy hit the streets
on Easter and handed out hundreds of
Easter eggs with chances to win concert
tickets; 21. WKLB-FM Program Director
Mike Brophey presents Midday Personality Carolyn Kruse with a cake celebrating
her 20 years on the air with WKLB-FM;
22. WRAT-FM Night Timer Steve Hook (l)
with Coors Light’s B.J. the D.J.; 23. Today’s
105.1 FM’s Sandy Kovach and Mickey Mouse
mix up some fun in Walt Disney World;
24. WMGK-FM’s Andre Gardner with a listener attending the WMGK Classic Rock Art
Show; 25. WLNK-FM’s Midday Host Kelly
McKay on the ice at the Charlotte Checkers hockey team’s Fan Appreciation Day;
26. WMMR-FM’s Jacky Bam Bam (l) hosts
the 1st annual Philadelphia Zombie Run;
27. WMTR-AM’s Steve Pellettiere and Operations Manager Chris Edwards of The
Morning Team broadcast live for Nurses
Week; 28. Greater Media Boston Street
Teamer James Norris meets Eve when
she stopped by the Hot 96.9 FM studios;
29. Hot 96.9 FM Morning Show staff Sara
Morgan (l), Baltazar and his family, and
Pebbles (r) on Boylston Street, supporting the reopened businesses and restaurants closed after the Boston Marathon
bombings; 30. (l-r) MCA Nashville rep
Michelle Tryell, WKLB-FM Music Director Ginny Rogers, MCA Nashville recording artist Drake White, Program Director
Mike Brophey, Promotions Director Dawn
Santolucito and VP Rob Williams inside
Boston’s Studio 102.5; 31. WRAT-FM Rat
Rock Calendar Cover Girl winner Anna
with Gotts (r) and the Rock on the Range
trip winner, Jerry; 32. Afternoon Host Matt
Harris with WLNK-FM listeners and an actual goat at Charlotte’s Green, Goats and
Gardens Festival on April 27.
2 01 3
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WBT AM/FM’s Keith Larson’s Ride 11
Helps More Kids in Need
WBT AM/FM Morning
Host Keith Larson’s eleventh
motorcycle ride, held April 27,
once again helped kids battling
life-threatening illnesses and their
families. Riders signed up for this
terrific annual police-escorted
event, while non-riders made
contributions straight to the kids
and families directly through the
501(c)(3) fund.
WBT AM/FM Morning Host Keith
Larson’s jacket
WCSX-FM Hosts One-Day Fundraiser for Family of
Fallen Firefighter
94.7 WCSX-FM hosted a one-day
fundraising effort for the family
of Brian Woehlke, a WayneWestland, MI, firefighter, who was
recently killed in the line of duty.
Woehlke, 29, was just 10 months
into his dream job when he was
killed after a roof collapsed on
him during a strip mall fire. He
was the first firefighter killed in
the line of duty in the Westland
department’s 47-year history and
left behind his wife, Jennifer, and
13-month-old daughter, Ava.
On Monday, May 13, the station
hosted a daylong fundraiser with
on-air personalities Jim O’Brien,
Ken Calvert, Uncle Buck and
WCSX-FM’s Jim O’Brien accepts
donations from listeners at Big Boy
in Westland, MI.
Juline Jordan at various locations
throughout the day.
The station encouraged listeners
who were unable to attend the
day’s events to make a donation
directly to the Westland
Firefighters Charity.
Country 102.5 WKLB-FM Healing Tour Brings Lee Brice to
Boston’s Floating Hospital for Children
Participants in Ride 11 cruise along the escorted route.
Keith’s Ride is escorted by the
Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s
Office Motor Patrol and
supported by several other law
enforcement agencies. The ride
this year left from Matthews Fun
Machines at 10 a.m. for a cruise
to beautiful Morrow Mountain
near Albemarle, NC, and then
returned to MFM at 1:30 p.m. for
a barbecue and live music from
regional favorites Harvest.
The ride supports the March
Forth with Hope Foundation
(Hope Stout family foundation)
and Zach Ramsey Children’s
Cancer Fund, both started by the
families of two amazing young
people the Carolinas met through
Keith’s show. The ride always
reaches out to help a couple of
kids and families directly as well.
This year those kids are Harlan
“The Hero” Sullins and Dylan
Jacob. Ride 11 raised more than
$17,500 this year.
Charlotte’s News Talk 1110
WBT-AM/99.3 FM teamed up
with Keffer Hyundai. Rider fees
and donations go straight to the
charities, while WBT AM/FM
sponsors and WBT AM/FM radio
cover the event costs to make Keith’s
Ride 11 possible.
Country singer Lee Brice
visits with the kids at
Floating Hospital for
Children at Tufts Medical
Center in Boston. Lee
stopped by the hospital as
part of the Country 102.5 FM Healing
Tour, singing for the kids, signing
autographs and taking pictures,
all to help raise their spirits while
they are undergoing treatment.
Lee was in town for his concert
with Brad Paisley at the Comcast
Center on May 17.
LIVE with Regis & … Bert?
WCTC-AM Host Joins TV Icon for Heart Talk
“Jersey Today” Host Bert Baron
joined media personality, actor,
singer and legend Regis Philbin
at a special heart-health program
sponsored by Somerset Medical
Center in New Jersey on February
26 titled A Heart-to-Heart Live with
Regis Philbin. Regis spoke about what
he has learned about heart health,
and distributed copies of his new
book, How I Got This Way. Bert had
the opportunity to take a photo
with Regis and to sit down and talk
with the remarkable character who
has entertained our families for
WCTC-AM’s Bert Baron
and Regis Philbin
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1 8
2 013
Mike Missanelli Golf Outing
Benefits Ronald McDonald House
97.5 FM The Fanatic’s Mike
Missanelli hosted his 4th annual
Golf Outing on May 9 at Seaview
Golf Club, one of the most
beautiful courses at the Jersey
Shore and located just outside
of Atlantic City. Benefiting the
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald
House, the Missanelli Golf Outing gave
Mike’s listeners the chance to see
if his game is as good as he says
it is!
Missanelli was in a foursome with
the DiAngelus family who donated
$3,000 to play with Mike ... and
Mike was disappointed they didn’t
win the top foursome prize.
Mike Missanelli (third from left),
The Fanatic Fantasy Girls, and
golfers at the Mike Missanelli Open.
The golfers were joined by
special guests Darren Daulton
(former Phillies catcher and
Fanatic host), Jeremiah Trotter
(former Eagles linebacker and
Fanatic host), Jerome Allen
(University of Pennsylvania men’s
basketball coach), Tim Saunders
(Philadelphia Flyers Radio playby-play) and Tom McGinnis
(Philadelphia 76ers radio playby-play).
WCTC-AM Joins Vegas & Vino Casino Night
to Benefit Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald
meets WCTC-AM’s
New Jersey Today
Host Bert Baron at
the Vegas & Vino
casino night to
benefit the Ronald
McDonald House.
The Forsgate Country Club in
Monroe, NJ, held its first Vegas
& Vino casino night on April 19,
and WCTC-AM got a chance
to step in and test its skills with
Lady Luck! New Jersey Today
Host Bert Baron hosted (and
made a generous donation of
his winnings) with a night full
of casino games, live music,
prize auctions, and wine tasting.
Featured activities included a
poker tournament, black jack,
roulette and craps, with proceeds
benefiting the Ronald McDonald
House in WCTC-AM’s
hometown of New Brunswick and
in Long Branch. Bert even got a
photo op with Ronald McDonald
John Hancock and WBT AM/FM Give Back with
Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Bo Thompson, Britt Whitmire, Brad Krantz, John Hancock and
Keith Larson all together and all supporting Hancock’s Pancake Breakfast,
benefiting the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte
Every year, WBT AM/FM’s John
Hancock celebrates Father’s Day in
March with a special broadcast in
memory of his father. Charlotte
area listeners are invited to call
in to share their own stories in
what has become an inspiring and
heart-warming event. To celebrate
with him, WBT AM/FM made
it a bigger event in the style John
would want in order to give back
to the community. John Hancock’s
Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast was on
Saturday, March 16, from 8 a.m.
to 10 a.m. at a local church.
We honored fathers everywhere.
Dads attended with their kids, and
kids brought their dads to enjoy
pancakes served with bacon, coffee
and juice. Admission was free and
the entire WBT lineup came out
in support of John Hancock’s
John recruited the best team of
servers in Charlotte, including
Boy Scout Pack 34 and WBT AM/
John Hancock and WBT AM/FM
were able to raise more than $1,200
for the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte.
FM’s Bo Thompson, Jim Szoke,
Keith Larson, Brad Krantz and
Britt Whitmire. The first 50
people who registered received a
John Hancock coffee mug and a
ticket to the Charlotte Knights’
Father’s Day game on Sunday,
June 16!
Donations were collected for the
Men’s Shelter of Charlotte.
Kathy Romano
accepts a cash
donation at her
annual Locks
of Love charity
2 01 3
special feature
WMMR-FM Celebrates 45 Years of Bringing
Contemporary Rock to Philadelphia
Iconic Brands like Pierre Robert and Preston & Steve Keep Listeners Tuned In
FOR a rock station to make
it 45 years with great success
is certainly an achievement
in a notoriously tough radio
93.3 WMMR-FM, Philadelphia, has certainly aced all
the challenges that face rock
stations and developed a
loyal listener base that the
station credits for its enormous success.
“In light of so many rock
stations not finding their
way, it’s pretty amazing that
WMMR has been a consistent
contemporary rock station
for 45 years,” Program Director Bill Weston said. “Even in
1968, we were playing ‘The
White Album’ [The Beatles’
1968 release], and when the
DJ opened the mailer and
played ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ for the first time,
that is a moment the station
still does every day.”
WMMR-FM began broadcasting as a contemporary
rock station in 1968 under
now-defunct Metromedia.
Greater Media purchased
the station 15 years ago and
moved its headquarters out
of the city into suburban Bala
Cynwyd, PA.
“[With Greater Media], we
have an autonomy and a
focus,” Weston said. “We
have our own programming,
and we’re really focused on
one thing here. It helps us do
a good job in programming,
sales promotions and advertising. It’s a great culture
2 0
row 1 (l-r), An early WMMR-FM logo
/ The station’s logo from the mid- tolate-’80s / Logo for the station’s 45th
Birthday Month
row 2 (l-r), WMMR-FM free concert
on South Street / WMMR-FM bus
advertising in the early 1980s /
WMMR-FM’s Morning Zoo artwork
row 3 (l-r),Pierre Robert interviews
Bono. / Rodney Dangerfield visits
WMMR in the early ’80s. / Pierre
Robert in the current WMMR air studio
For the 45th anniversary,
which was on April 29,
station employees Steve
Lushbaugh and Kevin Gunn
prepared a month-long
celebration of the station’s
most memorable broadcasts,
from the night John Lennon
was shot in 1980 to a contest
for Bruce Springsteen tickets
before he became worldfamous.
“It’s chilling to be taken back
to those moments in time,”
Weston said.
2 013
“[When Lennon was shot],
a DJ was on the air… and he
got an announcement from
The Associated Press that
Lennon was shot. He took
phone calls from listeners
and played a lot of Lennon
and The Beatles. It was really
a moment when the listeners
gathered around their radio
station for information and to
express their shock and grief
That community-centric
philosophy of WMMR-FM’s
row 4 (l-r), WMMR-FM’s Preston &
Steve Show in their current studio /
Cover of the WMMR-FM RockNRoll
Celebrity Cookbook / WMMR-FM’s
Pierre Robert and John DeBella with
David Lee Roth
programming has been a
dominant one—and the one
that Weston believes helps
lead the station’s success.
“Having passionate air talent
who put the listener first is
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key, like [on-air personality]
Pierre Robert, who understands that radio is about
the listener and not the DJ,”
Weston said. “Our success
also has so much to do with
our morning show, Preston &
Steve, who have revitalized
WMMR since they arrived
The Preston & Steve Show,
Weston said, initiated the use
of newer technologies such
as webcams in the studio to
help create more experiences
that engage listeners in the
day-to-day programming.
“They have brought a lot of
digital distribution into our
studio,” Weston said. “They
championed podcasts and
in-studio webcams, all different ways to connect with the
WMMR-FM recently launched
its own daily video system to
help connect more listeners
to the station’s experience.
“We just rolled out a brandnew daily video system,
which is a huge step forward
for us,” Weston said. “We’re
an established brand, and
we’re really leaning forward
into the new digital space.
We’re trying to find ways to
get the content out there.”
Above all, Weston believes, is
WMMR’s meaningful connection to Philadelphia. The staff
and on-air talent understand
what it means to be from
Philadelphia and keeps its
finger on the pulse of the
community, creating content
that brings listeners in every
“WMMR-FM has always
been this cool Philadelphiafocused unit,” Weston said.
“The local personalities present the music and relatable
information about the community where our listeners
live and work.”
Robert, who has been on the
air with WMMR-FM for 31
years, agrees that the interaction with the local commu-
nity is what helps the station
“The basic thing is that we’re
live and local 24/7,” Robert
said. “We do remotes and
we’re in the city all the time.
That’s the selling point … we
never forget our past and
we play it every day, but it’s
side by side with the present
displays pictures of its staff
with visiting musicians, actors and performers.
“We have everyone in our hall
of fame, from Eddie Vedder [of Pearl Jam] to [actor]
Bradley Cooper to Chris
Cornell [of Soundgarden],”
Robert said. “We’re a pretty
heavy station. I’m bragging
because I’m really proud of
it. There’s almost nothing like
this place. It’s a very unique
and special place.”
Boston’s Country 102.5 FM Cares
That history, Robert said,
can be seen on the walls of
the hallway—a reminder to
everyone who works there of
the success that they’ve had
over the past 45 years.
“When you walk inside
WMMR, our history is on
the walls,” Robert said. “We
are kind of a living museum.
You’ll see a lineup of our first
staff until Preston & Steve.
Each DJ has a big frame in
the hallway, and there are a
lot of group shots.”
Robert recalls when acts like
Bon Jovi and U2 were first
starting out and the radio
station that gave them their
first shot: WMMR.
WKLB-FM Morning Show Co-Host
Lori Grande with some of Boston’s
finest at the MS Climb to the Top event
at the John Hancock Building.
“I once got the chance to talk
to [U2’s] Bono, and he knew
WMMR and remembered us,”
Robert said. “He said that
WMMR saved the band. We
were one of the first four stations in 1981 to adopt them
as a new band, and we’re still
doing that today. We’re playing the young bands coming
out, but we’re not forgetting
the U2s and the Led Zeppelins, the more classic bands.”
“We plan the right library
material and plan the right
current rock bands,” Weston
added. “Searching for new
bands is a cool part of the
lifeblood of WMMR. It keeps
us contemporary and vital.
Looking back—but not too
much—lets us honor our history, and we’re always looking at what’s next.”
Country 102.5 FM partnered with
the March of Dimes for their annual
March for Babies in Boston in May.
Hank Morse was on hand to emcee
the day’s festivities.
The celebrity and rock star
appearances don’t hurt,
either: WMMR-FM proudly
2 01 3
motor city
special feature
New WCSX Garage Web Page Is All Things Auto
Motor City Station Now Offers All the News
Car Enthusiasts Want to Know
cars and rock ’n’
roll simply go together. Ask
anyone who has a keen interest in either.
left, WCSX-FM’s Jim
below, FM’s Stone
Soup car, a 1969
That’s the dynamic combination that has kept Greater
Media Detroit’s 94. 7 WCSXFM radio a listeners’ favorite
for more than 25 years.
The station has grown up
with classic rock as its foundation and automobiles, new,
old, special or otherwise, as
part of its format. After all, the
station is based in Detroit—
the Motor City—the home of
the country’s auto industry,
so what better place for this
great rock-and-car duo radio
station to make its mark?
To that end, the station has
launched a new page on its
website, aptly christened the
WCSX Garage. It features “all
things auto,” according to Jim
O’Brien, who is the Producer
for KC & Trudi’s Morning
Show and Sports Director for
The world of rock has long
been associated with a love
and passion for cars, according to O’Brien, who said, “It’s
always been like that.” A few
of many examples are Bruce
Springsteen’s 1975 song
“Thunder Road,” his 1984
tune “Pink Cadillac,” and the
Eagles’ 1972 hit “Life in the
Fast Lane.”
The 1970s saw “Rockin’ Down
the Highway” by the Doobie
Brothers. The 1960s were
full of rock influences, with
references to summer rides
in convertibles and fast cars,
symbols of coming of age
and freedom. The Beach
Boys told us about “Fun Fun
Fun” (’Til Her Daddy Takes
the T-Bird Away) in 1964, and
Ronny & The Daytonas sang
2 2
drive by,” O’Brien said, noting
that the new Corvette is coming out this fall.
“We decided to focus on our
love of all things auto-related
and open up the Garage,” he
said. “It’s a page [on the website] dedicated to car news.”
O’Brien said one of the things
featured on the Garage page
was his attendance at the
unveiling of the new C-7 Corvette in Detroit on January 13,
as well as his interviews with
NASCAR and Indy Racing
League drivers, plus the latest
automotive stories from the
“Big Three”: Ford, General
Motors and Chrysler.
about their “GTO,” also in
1964. Motown tunes also told
of cars and girls with Wilson
Pickett’s version of “Mustang
Sally” in 1966, among others.
O’Brien cited the significance
of cars—all kinds of cars—to
the Detroit area and spoke of
the importance people in the
city place on their cars.
“We also have a section dedicated to classic cars, featuring
our listeners and their classic
rock cruisers, plus a video
section with everything from
Jay Leno’s Ford Falcon Sprint
to driving in the new Venom
GT, which does 0-260 mph in
13 seconds,” he said.
“It’s different here. The lifestyle here is built around cars.
There is a real passion for cars
here,” said O’Brien, describing
the atmosphere and mind-set
of car enthusiasts in the Detroit area and the importance
of cars, cars, cars.
O’Brien describes new cars in
detail for his listeners and also
puts a local perspective on his
description. He is dedicated
to passing on whatever he
knows or learns to his listeners. If it has to do with cars,
O’Brien says he’s there.
From Cruise Nights to major
auto shows, such as the
North American International
Auto Show, held annually at
the Cobo Center in Detroit,
O’Brien is on the scene, getting the latest in auto news,
interviewing race car drivers
and those in the auto industry,
in order to bring live coverage
of the events to the station’s
When talking about his listeners, O’Brien describes them as
“Radio Gearheads.”
“Only in Detroit would you
look out the studio window
and see the new Corvette
2 013
“This is a way to describe our
great listeners in Detroit who
not only love classic rock but
cars ... classic and new,” he
said. The radio station’s format, O’Brien said, therefore,
“makes perfect sense.”
After all, O’Brien admits that
cars are his passion too. His
enthusiasm was clearly evident as he spoke of the new
cars being manufactured that
are reminiscent of some of
their classic originals, such as
the Ford Mustang, the Dodge
Charger, Chevy Camaro and
the Plymouth Road Runner.
And the music played on
this unique station? Tunes by
artists you’d expect, like the
Beatles, the Rolling Stones,
Led Zeppelin and The Doors,
among others, or, in O’Brien’s
own words, “The Mount Rushmore of Classic Rock.”
O’Brien also mentioned the
importance of sports at the
station. He does a spot with
Ken Calvert on Calvert’s
morning show where he gives
listeners the latest updates
in the sports world. Whether
it is hockey’s Detroit Red
Wings, baseball’s Detroit
Tigers, football’s Detroit Lions,
or Michigan State University
players, listeners will get their
information here.
The radio station also is very
involved in raising money for
charity, and it is no surprise
that a car theme comes into
play here too—for example,
the Stone Soup Project,
where O’Brien says everyone,
including the station staff,
listeners and local businesses,
all work together to build a
car to raffle off for charity. All
parts are donated by local
sponsors, O’Brien noted.
The most recent project was
a Ford Mustang, he said. In
total, the station has raised
more than $1.2 million for local
charities by building seven
cars in the past 10 years.
“People are passionate about
cars worldwide,” O’Brien said,
adding, “but there is no other
city like Detroit when it comes
to who we are.”
To electronically subscribe,
visit www.theBeachBeat.
com. Subscribers receive
reminder emails every
Thursday morning.
Theater of the Mind
By Tim Siegrist
Director of Production
Greater Media Detroit
“Theater of the Mind”—it’s
the audio artist’s most
valuable tool. Learning how
to master “Theater of the
Mind,” to create audio cues
that trigger visual images
and engage the listener, lies
at the very core of fantastic
Audio Production.
The “Theater of the Mind” is
always open—24 hours a day,
365 days a year, every year
of your life. You’re always
there, nestled in the soft
cushions of that comfortable
recliner, the dimly lit space
seductively caressing you
with its soft shadows of
anticipation, the huge white
screen looming before you
like a giant easel begging
to be filled with action,
adventure, beauty and
amazing tales of every shape
and size. In fact you’re ready
and willing to be dazzled,
entertained and emotionally
connected to the story that’s
about to unfold.
Yet, you’re not alone. Just
a few rows down front sits
a tall imposing thought
wearing a bright red shirt
reminding you of that
proposal you need to have
ready by 10 a.m. tomorrow
morning. If you get it right
you can put $50K on the
books this month. Then, just
to your right, two seats over,
sits a young thought wearing
a sports jersey and sweats
… texting away on the
glowing smartphone in her
lap urging you to get your
daughter and her friends,
Clair and Jessica, to their
7 o’clock soccer match on
time. “Theater of the Mind,”
where way in the back, just
under the dimly lit square
of the projection booth,
hidden in the shadows,
sits a constantly mumbling
thought impressing you with
how hungry you are. You
could really go for some
of those deliciously tender
red skin potatoes drizzled
in butter, a side of that
creamy coleslaw with that
really good, slightly sweet,
any audio production, isn’t
limited so much by size, scale,
budgets, physical restrictions
or confining logistics. If you
want to be in the middle
of some vast desert, you
simply employ the sound of a
whistling wind stirring up sand
devils, the high-pitched audio
screech of the blazing sun, and
perhaps the distinctive sound
of a camel’s cry, layered over
some Middle Eastern music, to
capture the mood. The magic
of “Theater of the Mind” is that
it’s different for each person
who perceives it. The movie
they create is dependent on
their life experiences, the
snapshots they’ve filed away
Greater Media Detroit’s Tim Siegrist
gives us a glimpse into the creative
process of the Production Department and
helps us better understand the magic of
the “Theater of the Mind.”
vinegary taste you love so
much … and that hot, moist,
delicate roasted chicken with
the crispy skin you just can’t
resist from Chicken Shack.
Yeah, you’ll have to have that
again soon. Maybe even after
the soccer game tonight. If
not, then definitely after you
nail that account tomorrow.
That would make the perfect
celebratory lunch!
Creating engaging “Theater
of the Mind” is as simple
as closing your eyes and
hearing your thoughts.
Radio Production, indeed
over time and the emotions
they associate with those
images. That emotional
attachment or engagement, if
you will, is the key to the whole
“Theater of the Mind” is the
rich, colorful and compelling
platform that permits you to
engage your listeners and
capture their imagination,
despite all the other intrusive
thoughts and impressions
competing for their attention.
You can then use that moment
to channel that connection,
make your impression, to
manipulate an emotional
attachment resulting in a
directed and purposeful
action on the part of your
listeners. (Those roasted red
skin potatoes really sound
good right about now. I love
the way they crunch when I
bite them and then ooze that
buttery goodness all over
my taste buds, making them
jump for joy.)
“Theater of the Mind” is the
motion picture of life. You’re
always there, even as you’ve
read these words, you’ve
formed visions in your head
based on your environment,
your experiences and the
emotions you’ve collected
over time. When it comes
to Marketing, Entertaining,
Engaging our listeners,
providing quality content
and compelling reasons to
listen and act, “Theater of
the Mind” is the nectar of
life. Use it wisely and direct
it properly, picking the right
time, the right place, the
right demographic, the right
psychographics and the right
That sounds like material
to be covered in the next
article. Thanks for reading
this one. Right now I’m off to
Chicken Shack to celebrate
getting this done. Man, I’m
Tim Siegrist is making
Greater Media great in
his role of Director of
Production for Greater Media
2 01 3
the music that makes
greater media
WMMR-FM Live Broadcast Featured
on Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s
Texas Flood: Legacy Edition
In celebration of its 30th
anniversary, Epic/Legacy is set to
release Texas Flood, the electrifying
debut album by the American blues
rock trio Stevie Ray Vaughan and
Double Trouble, as a double-disc
Disc One features the original
album plus the bonus track “Tin
Pan Alley” (aka “Roughest Place in
Town”), while Disc Two premieres a
previously unavailable hour-long set
of the group live at Ripley’s Music
Hall in Philadelphia. Recorded
on October 20, 1982, for a
WMMR-FM radio broadcast, this
extraordinary performance finds
Vaughan and Double Trouble at the
peak of their formidable powers.
Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double
Trouble’s Texas Flood album cover
Executive produced by legendary
Columbia A&R staffer John
Hammond, the original Texas
Flood was produced by Stevie Ray
Vaughan, Tommy Shannon, Chris
Layton and engineer Richard
Mullen. This legacy edition of Texas
Flood is produced by Gregg Geller,
who, as head of Epic’s A&R in 1983,
signed Stevie Ray Vaughan and
Double Trouble to the label.
Hot 96.9 FM Rocks the
Boston Music Scene
Hot 96.9 FM’s Assistant Program Director
Jill Strada and Marketing Director Hisham
Fayed backstage with Alicia Keyes
Ashanti with
Hot 96.9 FM’s
sales team
Boston Bands Vie for 92.9 WBOS-FM
EarthFest Opener
This year, more than 200 local bands battled to open the Radio 92.9
WBOS-FM EarthFest 2013. Local bands submitted audio that was then
judged by industry professionals, representatives from Whole Foods
Market, and the members of Gentlemen Hall. The selected bands gave
great performances at three semifinal rounds, with the winner of each
night moving on to the Battle of the Bands’ final round. In the end, the
Todd Biggins Band took home the victory, with Joe Cocker-style vocals,
a high-energy stage presence and a groovy sound. All in attendance
were blown away by the band. Their performance at Radio 92.9 EarthFest
2013 wowed the crowd and left everyone with an impressive and
satisfying dose of local music.
left, Await Rescue performs at the Battle of the Bands’ semifinals.
right, The winner: the Todd Biggins Band
Hot 96.9 FM’s
Creative Services
Director Doug
MacAskill with Eve
Director Hisham
Fayed hangs out
with Miguel.
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2 013
Music Makes the World Go Round
Just one month after the tragedy of
the Boston marathon bombings,
the city had something wonderful
to celebrate. Radio station 92.9
WBOS-FM held its 20th annual
EarthFest event, a day of music,
environmental awareness and family
Boston’s Radio 92.9 Celebrates
20th Anniversary of EarthFest
of planning and the 100,000
people who attend, EarthFest was
held just a month after the tragedy
during the April 15 Boston
Marathon, which resulted in three
deaths and numerous injuries
from a terrorist bombing. There
were some procedural and security
changes, specifically because of
the location at a state park, but in
general things went smoothly and
were safe.
“It started as and still is a way to
celebrate the Earth and music,”
said Ken West, Program Director
for 92.9 WBOS-FM and 105.7
WROR-FM. “It’s a way for
families and music fans to enjoy
a free afternoon of music and the
environment,” West added, saying
that the connection between the
environment and the Earth is that
“it brings people together for a
good cause.”
“There was never a moment we
thought about not doing [the
festival],” West said. “Just having the
festival was really important. … To
have 100,000 people assembled
proves ‘Boston Strong’ in action.”
In addition, Radio 92.9 FM
encouraged attendees to donate to
The One Fund Boston, an organization
set up by Massachusetts Governor
Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor
Tom Menino to benefit the victims
of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Individuals were able to donate by
visiting www.onefund.org or by
texting “Boston” to 80108.
The alternative rock station,
which serves Boston, metro New
Hampshire and Rhode Island,
welcomed Vertical Horizon,
Cracker, Gentlemen Hall, Fastball,
Camper Van Beethoven and the
Todd Biggins Band to the main
stage on May 18 at the Massachusetts
Department of Conservation and
Recreation’s Hatch Memorial Shell
on the Esplanade for the largest
free radio-station concert in the
Attendees brought towels and
blankets to sit in front of the stage
for the day. For those who couldn’t
attend in person, the radio station
streamed the performances and
band interviews live during a webcast
at www.myradio929.com.
To accommodate families at
the festival, children listened to
performances by Zumix, Super
Cool Beans, Fiddlin’ Quinn and
the Big Folks Band, Josh & the
Jamtones, and Little Groove in
the Kids Planet area. Because
environmental responsibility
starts at a young age, there were
environmental activities and
educational displays that catered to
those under 12 years of age.
“I think people want to know what
they can do to live in the world and
“We created the idea, if we’re all
here and we’re all one, if everybody
donated $1, think of the difference
we can make,” West said. The
amount raised from EarthFest has not
yet been calculated.
make a difference, or teach kids how
to make a difference,” West said.
The festival was presented by
Whole Foods Market, whose
employees brought along samples
of Earth-conscious foods to help
cultivate the message of being
Earth friendly, West said. There
were dozens of other vendors
offering environmentally friendly
products, as well as tables set up
by local nonprofit environmental
organizations. Information was
provided on areas such as solar
panels, clean water, household
cleaning products and organic
clockwise from top, WBOS-FM’s
Amy Brooks interviews Miles Zuniga
and Tony Scalzo of Fastball. / David
Lowery and Johnny Hickman of
Cracker with Radio 92.9 FM Personality Amy Brooks and Program
Director Ken West / Radio 92.9 FM
Promotions Director Jason Rossi
embraces Vertical Horizon. / Radio
92.9 FM staff right after EarthFest,
all still smiling!
“There were multiple prongs of the
event going on in different parts,”
West said. “It’s almost like two or
three events going on [at the same
time] but they are linked because
you can come and go as you please.”
Described by West as a “massive
undertaking” because of the months
West said that there are already talks
about next year’s festival, though the
planning doesn’t begin until the fall
and doesn’t kick into high gear until
after the first of the year.
“We’d like to have it as long as
people are interested and keep
coming,” West said. “The festival
has been very similar [over the years]
except we have grown the vendor
area and the kids’ area. The concert
part is still big but other areas …
have really grown because of the
interest,” he said.
In terms of the anniversary, West
said, “It’s a testament to the fact that
there is some relevance to the whole
EarthFest idea … and how to make the
world a better place.”
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WRIF-FM Hosts Stripped Down Lounge
with Soundgarden!
Iconic ’80s Superstar Huey Lewis Headlines MAGIC
98.3 FM’s Sold-Out 35th Birthday Bash in New Jersey
Over the years, 101 WRIF-FM
has hosted a series of unique
promotions for its listeners called
the Stripped Down Lounge, where artists
perform an acoustic set in an
intimate setting. Past guests in the
Stripped Down Lounge have included
Scott Weiland, Shinedown and
MAGIC 98.3 FM held its 35th
Birthday Bash in conjunction with
the Huey Lewis & The News: ‘Sports’ 30th
Anniversary Concert on Friday, May
10, at the State Theatre in New
Brunswick, NJ.
One-hundred listeners, sponsors
and guests attended a special catered
pre-show VIP reception to meet the
on-air staff and enter a drawing to
win a backstage meet and greet with
the band. The performance had
been sold out a week in advance,
thanks to the on-air promotion
with MAGIC 98.3 FM. The station
and the theater were inundated with
calls from listeners attempting to
purchase last-minute seats.
On Monday, April 22, 101 WRIFFM hosted a very special Stripped
Down Lounge with none other than
Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd
of Soundgarden! Fifty lucky Riff
listeners gathered at 5th Avenue
Bar in Royal Oak, MI, and waited
in high anticipation for the guests
of honor to take the stage. Right
around lunchtime, the guys from
Soundgarden hit the stage for a
five-song acoustic set that included
major hits “Black Hole Sun,” “Fell
on Black Days,” and “Blow Up the
Outside World.”
After Evening Host John Lisk
welcomed the crowd, Huey Lewis
thanked MAGIC 98.3 FM from the
stage and kicked off the show with
the band’s big hit, “The Heart of
Rock and Roll.”
“I couldn’t think of a better way to
celebrate our 35th birthday,” said
MAGIC 98.3 Program Director
Jeff Rafter. “We had a great turnout
for our VIP pre-show party and
followed it with a solid performance
to a sold-out venue.”
top to bottom, MAGIC 98.3 FM’s
official birthday cake! / The MAGIC
98.3 FM staff at VIP pre-show party
/ WMGQ-FM Evening Host John
Lisk, Huey Lewis and Program
Director Jeff Rafter
Following the performance, all
the listeners had the opportunity
to meet Chris and Ben and get
their photos taken. Later that
afternoon, the WRIF-FM listening
audience was able to hear the entire
performance rebroadcasted live
on the Riff airwaves, marking yet
another successful Riff Stripped Down
top to bottom, WRIF-FM’s Anne
Carlini interviews Chris Cornell
onstage before Soundgarden
performs. / Chris Cornell and Ben
Shepherd of Soundgarden live in the
Riff Stripped Down Lounge / Chris
Cornell, Anne Carlini and Ben
Shepherd of Soundgarden
WCSX-FM Offers Listeners Two Tickets to Paradise
94.7 WCSX-FM’s Doug Podell joined
10 lucky listeners in Riviera Maya,
Mexico, for a once-in-a-lifetime trip
to see Eddie Money perform live on
the beach. Winners enjoyed the private
concert on the beach along with a relaxing
seven-night stay at the Iberostar Paraiso
del Mar. During the weeks leading up to
this unique concert, listeners flooded
the phone lines trying to win
Two Tickets to Paradise.
Listeners were able to meet Eddie Money after the
concert on the beach.
Crowds gathered to watch this once-in-a-lifetime
concert with Eddie Money in Riviera Maya, Mexico.
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2 013
Bands in the House
WDHA-FM Program
Director and Afternoon
Drive Jock Curtis Kay
with Canadian rockers
The Sheepdogs
WDHA-FM Music Director and Midday Jock Terrie Carr with
Team DHA members Bret and John meet the band In This Moment.
WDHA-FM Promotions Assistant John
Hodorovych with
Grammy winners
Director and Midday
Jock Terrie Carr hangs
with Zebra.
The Who’s Roger Daltrey Teams Up
with 102.9 WMGK-FM
for 13th Annual Classic Rock Art Show and Sale
Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK-FM
was proud to announce that The
Who’s Roger Daltrey was the
honorary chairperson for this year’s
13th annual 102.9 WMGK-FM Classic
Rock Art Show and Sale. A portion of the
proceeds from art show sales went
to Daltrey’s Teen Cancer America
organization, a nonprofit dedicated
to improving the lives of teenagers
and young adults with cancer. This
year’s exhibit ran from May 17
through June 2. Admission to the
exhibit was free, and all of the art
exhibited was available for purchase.
Items ranged in price from $5 to
$10,000, with many items priced
under $200.
The 13th annual 102.9 WMGK
Classic Rock Art Show and Sale features
the world’s largest collection
of photographs, paintings and
drawings made by and featuring
the biggest names in classic rock.
The show’s amazing collection
of works includes pieces created
by classic rockers such as Paul
McCartney, John Lennon, Bob
Dylan, Jerry Garcia, John Entwistle
(The Who), Jimi Hendrix, Ron
Wood (Rolling Stones), Robby
Krieger (The Doors), Ringo Starr,
Carlos Santana and many others.
This year’s Classic Rock Art Show also
featured photos of The Rolling
Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who,
Van Halen, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty,
Beatles animation art, gold records,
concert tour posters and handsigned artwork.
Some of the highlights at this year’s
show included a series of early
photographs of Bruce Springsteen,
taken in the ’70s when Bruce
was still playing the club circuit;
an extremely rare hand-signed
lithograph from Bob Dylan (never
released in America); two neverbefore-published photographs of
Bon Jovi taken at The Warehouse
recording studio in Philadelphia
during the recording of the
“7800 Fahrenheit” album in
top to bottom, The entrance to
the WMGK-FM Classic Rock Art
Show/ WMGK-FM’s Andre Gardner
examines a piece of Beatles artwork.
/ Classic Rock Art Show attendees
pose with Ron Campbell, Director of
the Saturday morning Beatles
cartoon series and one of the
animators for the film Yellow
1985; original Beatles cartoon
paintings from Ron Campbell,
Director of The Beatles cartoon series
and Animator for the film Yellow
Submarine; and a newly discovered
panoramic photo of the Allman
Brothers, taken during the first few
days of their formation by Rolling
Stone magazine photographer Baron
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2 01 3
Radio 92.9 Music Corner
WMMR-FM Rocks Cinco de Mayo at
Philly’s Electric Factory
The 93.3 WMMR-FM Cinco de Mayo
Concert rocked with four killer bands:
Bullet for My Valentine, Halestorm,
Young Guns and Stars in Stereo.
The national tour hit Philly at just
the right time, and the station went
“all in” on the show, and developed
a promotional package to market to
a client—and found the perfect one:
Corona Light.
The concert venue was also a
perfect fit—the Outdoor Stage at
Philadelphia’s Electric Factory.
Instead of inside with 2,250 fans,
we went outside on a beautiful
Sunday with 4,000 in attendance.
Corona Light was able to host five
ticket raids leading up to their
biggest holiday, giving away free
tickets at each event, and brand
the venue with festive signage and
increased points of sale.
On air, we rewarded listeners with
afternoon sound check passes for
Philly’s own Halestorm, followed
by a chance to shake hands and
take pictures with the band. We
tapped into our VIP database to
host a contest for the Best Seats in
the House and a signed guitar; the
winner got to sit on stage during the
Bullet for My Valentine set and was
then presented with a guitar played
that night and signed by the band.
Overall, the event was muy bueno, for
the station, the client and WMMRFM listeners.
below - left to right, WMMR-FM
winners with Halestorm at the Cinco
de Mayo Concert / WMMR-FM DJ
Brent Porche, Lzzy and RJ from
Halestorm, and WMMR Music
Director Sean Tyszler
WMMR-FM Staff Hangs with Dropkick Murphys
WMMR-FM DJs Matt Cord, Kathy Romano,
Jason Fehon, Caseyboy, Nick McIlwain, Preston
Elliot, Pierre Robert, Jaxon, Marisa Magnatta
and Steve Morrison pose with Dropkick Murphys.
The Celtic punk rock band played live in the
WMMR-FM studios in March.
Radio 92.9 FM’s
Amy Brooks onstage
at a private
Thirty Seconds to
Mars show
Radio 92.9 FM Program
Director Ken West and
Music Director Paul
Jarvis backstage with
Muse at Boston’s TD
Radio 92.9 FM’s Jason Rossi interviews Paramore
backstage at Boston’s House of Blues.
Radio 92.9 FM
lucky listener
Graham Beard
got to present
the Airborne
Toxic event
at Boston’s
House of
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2 8
2 013
Country 102.5 WKLB-FM Celebrates
20th Anniversary in Boston
Country 102.5 WKLB-FM’s
20th-Year Celebration continues with
special one-of-a-kind events for
their listeners. In March, Country
102.5 FM invited its good friends
Gloriana to Boston for a special
20th-Year Concert at the House
Blues on Lansdowne Street. Tom,
Rachel and Mike played to a sold-out
crowd, but not before they spent
the afternoon with some very
excited winners at a private bowling
party at Lucky Strike. The only
way into this exclusive party was to
win with Country 102.5 FM, and
30 lucky listeners were treated to
an afternoon of lunch, bowling
and one-on-one time with one
of country music’s brightest rising
stars, Gloriana. It was an afternoon
of fun and laughs followed by a
night of exciting country music!
The celebrations didn’t stop there.
Country 102.5 FM held a private
Thompson Square CD Listening Party
for the release of their new CD
“Just Feels Good” for members of
the Country 102.5 FM VIP Club at
the Hard Rock Cafe Boston. These
lucky VIP members got the chance
to meet Thompson Square, hear
the entire new CD, and were treated
to live acoustic performances of
some of their new songs.
But there was even more! Next up
was an acoustic night April 25 with
Uncle Kracker at the House of
Blues’ Foundation Room with an
up-close and personal performance
by Kracker. Nothing but good times
at Country 102.5 FM!
clockwise from top left, Gloriana performs at the House of Blues. / Brothers
Tom and Mike Gossin of Gloriana face off at the bowling alley! / EMI/Capitol
Records Nashville rep Mike Krinik, Promotions Director Dawn Santolucito,
Uncle Kracker, Music Director Ginny Rogers, Nighttime Personality Keith
Stephens, Promotions Coordinator Scott Thompson and Program
Director Mike Brophey celebrate 20 years of great country music with a
private acoustic concert with Uncle Kracker at the Foundation Room in the
House of Blues. / Uncle Kracker entertains Country 102.5 FM fans at House
of Blues. / Thompson Square at the Hard Rock Cafe
‘Little Things’ Lecture Features
Giuliana and Bill Rancic
Brad Paisley surprises WKLB-FM Music Director
Ginny Rogers with a special cake backstage at his recent
Boston show to celebrate the station’s
20 years of country in Boston!
LAUREN Simons (second from right), Advertising
Manager at Greater Media Newspapers, and husband Jason
Moses (second from left) attended a lecture titled “Little
Things” featuring Giuliana and Bill Rancic at the Algonquin
Arts Theatre in Manasquan, NJ, on May 4. The lecture,
sponsored by Meridian Health, a GMN advertiser, was part
of Paint the Town Pink, a month-long event designed to raise awareness of the importance
of annual mammography. The Rancics appear in the Style Network’s Giuliana & Bill. Bill,
Donald Trump’s original Apprentice winner, is an entrepreneur and international speaker.
Giuliana is an anchor and managing editor of E! News, where she reports on celebrity news,
and has hosted many red carpet events. The couple have become tireless advocates for
annual mammography because of Giuliana’s own personal experience.
2 01 3
In the Face of Tragedy, Greater Media Pushes
Ahead Boston Strong
Stations, Listeners Rally to Aid of Bombing Victims through
Special Events, Fundraisers
By Jack Murtha
When two bombs exploded near the Boston
Marathon finish line on
April 15, a dark cloud of
terror and disbelief rose
from the smoke that
filled Boylston Street.
The blasts killed three
individuals, injured many,
and left Boston residents
unsure of how the morbid plot would ultimately
Employees of Greater
Media Boston’s five radio
stations responded with
up-to-the-minute coverage of the tragedy. Onair hosts offered stunned
listeners a chance to
share their thoughts as
reporters relayed traffic
updates to the public.
As journalists, Greater
Media’s staff members
swiftly and responsibly
answered the call to
action. But their most
important contribution
came afterward, in a
Boston Strong push to
support the bombing
victims through a storm
of charitable donations,
special events and fundraisers.
“On a good day, when
this stuff doesn’t happen, we’re here to serve
the public by entertaining them, and making
them smile and feel good
about their day,” said Ken
West, Program Director for 105.7 WROR-FM
and Radio 92.9 WBOSFM. “But in these types
of situations, it’s about
reacting to what’s going
on in people’s lives and
trying to get them to feel
like we’re part of their
As of May 15, Greater
Media raised more than
$53,000 for The One
Fund Boston, a reserve
established the day
following the attack to
deliver relief to affected
individuals. The money
sent to the fund came
largely through grassroots initiatives launched
by employees.
Popular WROR-FM
morning show personalities Loren & Wally sold
memorial T-shirts at $25
a pop to their listeners on
April 19, West said. The
blue shirts with yellow
lettering—the signature
colors of the Boston
Marathon—featured the
word “Boston” and a
quote from Fred Rogers,
who created and hosted
the popular children’s
TV show Mister Rogers’
“We quickly put a run
of these shirts on sale
and sold out basically in
a day,” West said. “With
something like a T-shirt,
it gives the listeners a
badge of honor to wear
that says they were able
to help on some level,
The next week, they produced another batch of
T-shirts that featured the
word “Strong,” he said.
The station sold a total
of 1,800 shirts, which
yielded a $45,000 haul
for The One Fund, West
Just two days after the
bombings, Greater Media
Boston made the decision to suspend on-air
contests for the rest of
the week. Instead, the
company channeled
$8,000 to The One Fund,
Vice President of Corporate Communication
Heidi Raphael said.
“We discussed it with our
team and Greater Media
Boston Market Manager
Rob Williams, and felt
that this was absolutely
the appropriate thing to
do in an effort to help all
the individuals directly
impacted by the tragic
event that took place in
our city,” Director of Programming Cadillac Jack
said in a statement.
Ginny Rogers, Assistant
Program Director and
Music Director of Country 102.5 WKLB-FM, and
her coworkers used their
pull in the music industry
to drive even more aid to
the city. Country music star Kenny Chesney,
angry over the senseless
violence, contacted Rogers immediately after the
catastrophe to see how
he could help the residents of Boston in their
time of need, she said.
“I made a few calls and
learned prosthetics were
extraordinarily expensive,
and with so many people
losing limbs that sad day,
Kenny could really make
a difference in people’s
lives if we did something
to help pay for prostheses and treatments for
those directly injured,”
Rogers said. “Kenny
loved the idea.”
Rogers called Greater
Media Chairman and
CEO Peter Smyth, who
connected Chesney with
a Boston Medical Center
board member. As one
of the city’s top trauma
hospitals, the facility treated a number of
patients who lost body
parts in the explosions.
With a bit of work, cooperation between multiple
entities, and a lot of
heart, Chesney founded
the trust Spread the
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2 013
Love—A Fund for Boston
through the hospital. All
proceeds from iTunes
purchases of his new
single, also titled “Spread
the Love,” will go to the
fund, Rogers said.
Chesney took to the
airwaves on WKLB-FM to
announce the initiative,
along with a generous
personal donation, she
“We will continue to talk
about the fund on the
air and continue a major
campaign on our website, calling people to action through the summer,
when Kenny will be performing at two sold-out
shows at Gillette Stadium
in Foxboro, Massachusetts,” Rogers added.
While star-power shines
bright on the national
stage, Greater Media
Boston decided to do
even more to help local
businesses and residents.
The police investigation
and manhunt that trailed
the bombings forced
many local stores to
close shop. To reinvigorate the downtown area,
the Greater Media Boson
radio stations offered
free roundtrip trolley services from their Morrissey
Boulevard headquarters
to Boylston Street.
Greater Media asked every patron to contribute
$1, which would ultimately translate to another
$100,000 to benefit the
victims, West said.
More than 100 people
took advantage of the
ride on Sunday, April 28,
West said.
“It’s another Boston
event just helping out
Boston people,” West
“It showed that this kind
of stuff isn’t going to
stop us. It’s not going
to stop us from being a
strong community together,” West said.
MAGIC 106.7 FM’s Candy
O’Terry used her awardwinning “Exceptional
Women” program to
present a five-part series
spotlighting the exceptional women at the finish line of the marathon.
The segments featured
Radio 92.9-FM’s EarthFest 2013 concert would
Radio 92.9 FM EarthFest Announces
One for the One Fund Initiative on Festival’s
20th Anniversary
Text Campaign Raises Funds during
May 18 EarthFest Concert for Victims of
Marathon Tragedy
environmental organizations.
More than 70,000 listeners (safely)
enjoyed the day’s festivities.
Radio 92.9 WBOS-FM EarthFest
announced a new One for the One Fund
initiative to help raise funds for
victims of the Boston Marathon
attack. Leading up to and during
the outdoor concert event on May
18, Radio 92.9 FM asked festival
attendees to donate at least $1 to
The One Fund Boston.
“This is the largest concert of
its kind in America. If EarthFest
attendees give what they can—even if
it’s just $1—we can make a big impact
in one day for the Marathon victims
and their families,” said Ken West,
Program Director at Radio 92.9
FM. “Every year this show brings
together children, families and
individuals from across the region,
and we want to use this opportunity
to show our support for all those
impacted by this terrible tragedy.
Together we can make a difference
and be One for the One Fund.”
Radio 92.9 FM’s family-friendly
EarthFest is the largest free radio
station concert in the country,
which showcases national and local
music acts, environmentally friendly
products and local nonprofit
further develop that
sense of camaraderie
on May 18, he said. With
an expected draw of
100,000 New Englanders, the show would be
a golden opportunity
to boost The One Fund,
West said.
nurses, doctors, police
officers, social workers
and EMTs who worked
diligently to save lives
in the aftermath of the
As a whole, the energy expended by each
Greater Media Boston
employee in the face of
a devastating hardship
embodied the Rogers
quote that now travels
the city on the T-shirts
of almost 2,000 people:
“When I was a boy and
I would see scary things
in the news, my mother
would say to me, ‘Look
for the helpers. You will
always find people who
are helping,’ ” the quote
And, like Smyth said in
a company-wide statement, “Moments like this
define who we are as
Greater Media Boston Stations Suspend On-Air
Contesting and Donate Money to The One Fund Boston to
Benefit Families Impacted by Marathon Tragedy
In the wake of the Boston Marathon
tragedy, Greater Media suspended
all on-air listener contesting for
the remainder of that week on its
Boston-based stations, Hot 96.9
WBQT-FM, Country 102.5
WMJX-FM, Radio 92.9 WBOSFM and 105.7 WROR-FM, and
will be donating the money to The
One Fund Boston instead.
The fund, announced by
Boston Mayor Tom Menino and
Massachusetts Governor Deval
Patrick, has been created to help the
people most affected by the tragic
events that occurred in Boston on
April 15, 2013.
Additional information about
The One Fund Boston is available at
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3 1
Marathoner from Greater Media Newspapers Recounts Mayhem at Boston Finish Line
out of Boston before the city was
locked down; as far away as 60 miles
from the city a seemingly endless
line of emergency vehicles headed in
the opposite direction.
By Amy Rosen
Meredith Reccoppa has been
running toward her dream of
running the Boston Marathon
since 2010 when she ran her first
marathon. On April 15 she stood at
the starting line, with four months
of training behind her, feeling
confident and determined to finally
see her dream a reality. Reccoppa,
an Advertising Consultant with
Greater Media Newspapers and
a resident of Howell, NJ, crossed
the finish line in under four hours
and proceeded through the crowd
of runners to receive her medal.
Minutes later, the first explosion
tore through the crowd about
100 feet away from where she was
Meredith Reccoppa at the finish line
of the 2013 Boston Marathon
“I thought it was a gunshot, so
I looked back,” Reccoppa said.
“There was complete silence, and
then the runners began to ask one
another ‘What was that?’ ” Five to
10 seconds later came the piercing
sound of the second explosion. “At
that point police ran toward us,
yelling for us to run and directing
us which direction to go,” she said.
moment, but instead she employed
those same skills to run for her life.
After the explosion shook the area
near the finish line, Reccoppa ran
down the street, away from the mass
destruction. She called her family
on her cell phone, which she was
happy to have with her because she
usually does not carry a cell phone
when she races.
The day soon turned from one of
the happiest days of her life into the
most terrifying. There was chaos
in the streets; emergency vehicles
crowded the scene to provide
medical attention to the injured,
and runners and loved ones stood
around in fear.
Reccoppa ran down the road and
crawled under barricades to get
out of the sectioned-off area that
was only for runners. As she stood,
drenched with sweat and shaking
while waiting for her family to catch
up to her, a woman stopped to ask if
she was OK. “The woman seemed
to have no idea of what happened,”
she said.
“I have been counting down to
this for months and months,” said
Reccoppa, who has been looking
forward to running the Boston
Marathon since qualifying for the
race at the New Jersey Marathon in
May 2012.
To train, she ran 70 miles per
week. Reccoppa can run a mile in
six minutes and she has the medals
to prove it, having run 40 races in
four years. Her journey to Boston
should have been her crowning
She finally saw her husband and
parents coming down the street and
ran to them. Her father said, “Let’s
get out of here.”
Her father had parked in a
downtown building and they feared
it, too, might be a target. They
decided to forgo the elevator and
walked up six flights of steps to
their car, going forward on sheer
adrenaline. They managed to get
Before that fateful moment,
Reccoppa was having the time of
her life. “This one for me was all
about the experience. I was enjoying
every single moment and every
single step along the way,” she said.
“The streets were lined for 26.2
miles with people. Little kids were
handing out water and candy. Many
children reached out their hands to
slap high five. They were so excited
to get a high five from a marathon
runner. It was awesome; it was all
that I imagined it to be and more.
I met new people from all over
the country. The Boston Athletic
Association treated each runner like
royalty; they were just wonderful.
Throughout the 26.2 miles people
were cooking, the college kids
were outside offering words of
encouragement, and complete
strangers were cheering my name.”
Reccoppa’s parents had
accompanied her to Boston. Her
husband, Damian, did not come
initially. The Reccoppas had
recently rescued a mother cat who
gave birth to six kittens. Damian
stayed home to care for one kitten
who was not doing well. Reccoppa’s
sister later stayed with the kitten so
Damian, who had never missed his
wife crossing a finish line, could take
a train to Boston and surprise her
on the morning of the marathon.
However, she did not get to see her
husband before starting the race.
Damian waited with his in-laws
for Reccoppa to cross the finish
line. Initially her parents were
standing in the spot where, as it
turned out, one bomb went off,
but fortunately Damian told them
it was too crowded at that location
and they would not be able to get
good photos, so they moved to
another spot down the street. After
watching Reccoppa cross the finish
line in just under four hours, they
started walking toward her, and that
is when the bombs went off. They
were not injured, but they witnessed
the horrific scene unfolding
around them as they tried to get
to her. Reccoppa said she never
stops during a race, but she had
toe cramps and a knee cramp that
caused her to stop off at a medical
tent to have her knee massaged. She
made one other stop and eventually
crossed the finish line.
Two days before the marathon
Reccoppa’s mother gave her
an angel pin to wear as she ran.
As Reccoppa conquered the
challenging course, mile after mile,
she would periodically glance down
at the angel to make sure it didn’t
fall off along the course. Reccoppa
felt that as long as the angel that her
mother gave her was with her, she
would be safe and she could tackle
any obstacle along the way.
The moment Reccoppa had waited
for and trained so hard to get to
had arrived. “I turned the corner
where the grandstands were and
when I saw the Boston Marathon
finish line, I sprinted full speed
right to the finish,” Reccoppa said.
“I didn’t hear my family yelling my
name. When I crossed the finish
line volunteers and fellow runners
congratulated me.
“They gave me a Mylar wrap to keep
warm. Thank goodness I had it
because I was cold and shaken up.
The volunteers gave me water and
Gatorade and made sure I was OK.
They put my medal around my
neck; I walked a few steps and then I
heard the explosion,” she said.
In the terror and confusion
that occurred at the finish line,
Reccoppa never got to enjoy her
shining moment, never got to
hug her family and feel that sense
of pride that comes with a major
achievement. “But to put it in
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2 013
perspective, some people never got
to see the next day and others may
never walk again,” she said.
Reccoppa still gets emotional when
speaking about her experience.
She says that she is determined to
run the 118th Boston Marathon in
2014. On May 5, Reccoppa ran
in the New Jersey Marathon in her
Boston Marathon colors (blue and
yellow) to honor those who lost
their lives and suffered injuries on
that tragic day. She wore a headband
that read, “In our hearts and in our
“Although it is a challenge to
complete a full marathon just three
weeks after the Boston Marathon,
the pain was nowhere near the pain
that so many endured that day,” she
Reccoppa finished the New Jersey
Marathon in 3:45:01 (8:35
per mile). It was not her fastest
marathon but it was her most
meaningful. She will run her next
marathon in late August in hopes
of qualifying for the 118th Boston
“Each time I take to the pavement,
I keep each and every individual
affected that day in my thoughts.
I consider myself very lucky. So
many things could have turned out
differently that day,” she said.
Kenny Chesney’s Spread the Love Fund
to Aid Bombing Victims
Like so many people, country
star Kenny Chesney watched the
bombings at the Boston Marathon
with incredulity and horror. The
idea that people who had trained
so hard for the iconic race—and
those who had turned out to cheer
them on—would be injured was
unthinkable. Like so many people,
he didn’t know what to do; like so
many people, he wanted to make a
After careful consideration about
how to make an impact, Chesney
reached out to Country 102.5
WKLB-FM and explained his
desire to help fund and support
prosthetics for the people who were
having or would ultimately need
amputations. Chesney decided to
put his music where his heart was
by establishing the Spread the Love
Fund with Boston Medical Center
(BMC) to help pay not just for the
prosthetics, but also for the fitting,
ongoing care and physical therapy
The Spread the Love Fund will benefit
post-acute care for victims of
traumatic injuries from the Boston
Marathon bombings at BMC or
other Boston hospitals. Chesney
made a sizable donation for seed
money, and the station’s listeners
and general public are able to
contribute to the Spread the Love Fund
by downloading Chesney’s single
“Spread the Love” on iTunes with
all proceeds going to the fund, or
by visiting www.bmc.org/kenny and
making a donation.
Wearing a Red Sox cap and holding
a Boston Strong T-shirt, country
superstar Kenny Chesney shows his
solidarity with Boston.
“We are extremely grateful to
Kenny Chesney for spearheading
a Boston-based fund that will
meet real immediate and future
needs: prosthetics and prosthetic
therapy for victims. This will help
make their long road to recovery a
little shorter,” said Mike Brophey,
Country 102.5 WKLB-FM
Program Director. “Boston Medical
Center, the patients with prosthetic
needs, and the city of Boston will
quickly and directly benefit from
the Spread the Love Fund.”
“We are extremely grateful to Kenny Chesney
for spearheading a Boston-based fund that will
meet real immediate and future needs.”
WROR-FM’s Loren & Wally Listeners Step Up for The One Fund Boston
The Boston Marathon bombings
on April 15 stunned and saddened
the entire nation. Here in Boston,
we were all in a state of shock after
the horrific events.
So we turned to a trusted source:
Mister Rogers.
“When I was a boy and I would see
scary things in the news, my mother
would say to me, ‘Look for the
helpers. You will always find people
who are helping.’ ”
His famous quote reminded us of
the good in the world—the heroes
who jumped over barricades to save
victims, the runners who ran 26.2
miles only to run farther to hospitals
to donate blood, and the police and
EMS workers who put themselves
at risk tracking down the bombing
The original plan was to sell 400
T-shirts, but they sold out in less
than two hours. By the end of the
day, the station’s amazing listeners
had purchased 900-plus shirts.
Boston Sports Apparel donated
900 more shirts.
Boston was down, but we weren’t
defeated. We are Boston Strong.
In 72 hours, listeners of The Loren
& Wally Morning Show raised
$46,500 for victims.
And so, with permission from the
Fred Rogers Foundation, 105.7
WROR-FM’s The Loren & Wally
Morning Show created a T-shirt
with that quote and the Boston Strong
logo. All of the proceeds would
Marketing Director Jamie Martel and
WROR-FM’s morning Co-Host Wally
Brine model WROR-FM’s Boston
Strong T-shirt, sales of which raised
$46,500 for The One Fund Boston.
benefit The One Fund Boston, the official
charity for victims of the bombing.
“Every time we need our listeners
to step up and help during any
crisis, they’ve always come through,”
said hosts Loren Owens and Wally
Brine, “and they did it again.”
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Greater Media Boston Is Boylston Strong for Residents and Businesses
In an effort to encourage residents and visitors
back onto Boylston Street, where businesses were
shut down for many days at great financial loss
following the Marathon bombings, Greater Media
Boston’s five radio stations (Radio 92.9 FM, Hot
96.9 FM, Country 102.5 FM, 105.7 WROR-FM
and MAGIC 106.7 FM) got behind Boston Mayor
Menino’s Boylston Strong effort on Sunday, April
28, by providing free round-trip Upper Deck
Trolley services from its headquarters on Morrissey
Boulevard to Boylston Street.
The trolleys carried more than 100 listeners to the
Boylston Street area, bringing customers back to
these financially crippled restaurants and stores.
clockwise from top left, Trolleys line up outside
Greater Media Boston studios, ready to take
listeners to Boylston Street, the area shut down
after the Boston Marathon bombings. / Hot
96.9 FM Morning Show Host Baltazar greets
listeners as they board a trolley for Boylston
Street. / Greater Media Boston Street Teamers,
Upper Deck Trolley driver and listeners celebrate
Boylston Street.
Radio 92.9 WBOS-FM and 30 Seconds to Mars Band
Are Boston Strong
top, Jared Leto addressing the
bottom, Sales of the limited-edition
30 Seconds to Mars poster benefited The One Fund Boston.
In the wake of the Boston
Marathon, the band 30 Seconds to
Mars wanted to show their support
for the great city of Boston. The
band teamed up with Radio 92.9
WBOS-FM and The One Fund Boston
to sponsor a free concert for their
Boston fans. In addition to playing
a set comprising fan favorites, the
band also debuted the music video
for their latest single, “Up in the
Air,” and gave the audience a sneak
peek of a documentary Artifact that
will see wide release later this year.
Jared Leto & his band mates were
also selling a limited-edition poster
that evening to benefit .
MAGIC 106.7 FM’s “Exceptional
Women” program, hosted and
produced by Morning Show CoHost Candy O’Terry, presented
a five-part series spotlighting the
exceptional women at the finish
line of the marathon. The series
includes nurses, doctors, police
officers, social workers and EMTs
who saved lives at the 117th running
of the Boston Marathon on April
The series kicked off on April
28, with the story of 60-year-old
Mary O’Brien, a nurse from
Massachusetts General Hospital,
who volunteers at the finish line
every year. A runner herself, Mary
has run the marathon three times.
She is a trauma nurse, EMT,
paramedic, and a member of the
medical team that spent 11 days at
Ground Zero in 2001. She was a
runners’ assistant on the day of the
Marathon. When the first blast went
off, she was about two blocks away.
After the second blast, she started
running toward the finish line
where she gave lifesaving primary
The trio also stopped by Radio 92.9
FM’s Boch Studio to talk to our
own Amy Brooks about the release
of their fourth full-length album
Love Lust Faith + Dreams and about the
powerful ability that music has to
bring communities together in
times of tragedy.
MAGIC 106.7 FM’s Candy O’Terry
Launches 5-Part ‘Exceptional Women’
Series Spotlighting the Women at the
Finish Line of the Boston Marathon
2 013
Boston Marathon volunteer and
runners’ assistant (as well as a
trained trauma nurse) Mary O’Brien
(circled) runs straight into the
marathon finish-line post-explosion
chaos to use her skills to save lives.
When asked to define Boston Strong,
she said: “Boston Strong is running into
the smoke and fire when your first
thought is to protect yourself and
run the other way. I’m not a hero.
There were so many everyday people
who just reacted quickly, and I’m
thankful I was there … that I could
use my skills to help.”
The women Candy profiled saved
lives on a day Boston will never
forget, and they are among the
most inspiring women she has ever
interviewed on MAGIC 106.7 FM’s
“Exceptional Women” show.
Greater Media Charlotte Staff Serves
Mother’s Day Lunch at the Dove’s Nest
clockwise from top left, Karen
Suddreth carefully creates floral
arrangements for the Dove’s Nest
lunch tables. / Scott Whitlock
(l-r), Scott Casey and Jonathan
Mauney serve BBQ to the Dove’s
Nest ladies. / The full volunteer
Greater Good Charlotte Team
for the Dove’s Nest event: Karen
Suddreth, Billy Black, Jonathan
Mauney, Scott Whitlock, Jenn
Jackson, Jessica Robards, Jerry
Dowd and Trip Savery
On Friday, May 10, staff from
Greater Media Charlotte
served a Mother’s Day Lunch
to residents of Dove’s Nest.
Dove’s Nest is part of the
Charlotte Rescue Mission,
helping women who are
battling drug and alcohol
addictions. Mother’s Day is
especially difficult for many
of the ladies because they
are without their families
and their children. The staff
served a great lunch in a
Southern tradition: BBQ
sandwiches, coleslaw, baked
beans and iced tea. Many
Greater Media staff members
provided homemade
desserts, ranging from
another Southern classic,
banana pudding, to cakes and
Chief Engineer Jerry Dowd
provided entertainment,
playing his guitar and singing
everything from Mumford
and Sons to the Eagles. Jerry
had the ladies singing and
dancing and enjoying a brief
respite from their troubles.
In addition to lunch, Greater
Media Charlotte made a
donation of more than 40
combination locks for the
ladies’ use while in residence
at Dove’s Nest. It was a
great day for Greater Media
Charlotte and the residents of
Dove’s Nest, sharing a meal
and building community.
Greater Media New Jersey Director of National Sales
and Colleagues Rally for the Greater Good
of Local Teen Battling Cancer
On April 27, Greater Media
New Jersey Director of
National Sales Pete Forester
was among those who
gathered at Redeemer
Lutheran Church in
Succasunna, Morris County,
NJ, to participate in a St.
Baldrick’s Foundation
fundraiser in support of
a local teenager battling
The proceeds raised were
used to offset some of
the expenses incurred
by Rebecca Shannon’s
family due to her year-plus
battle with non-Hodgkin’s
and Rebecca prepared for
Confirmation together this year.
In addition to promoting the St.
Baldrick’s fundraiser, WMTRAM ran PSAs for the event, and
several of Pete’s colleagues
across New Jersey personally
donated to St. Baldrick’s on
behalf of Rebecca.
With Greater Media New
Jersey’s help, the group
hit its fundraising goals,
raising nearly $5,000 to help
Rebecca fight her battle! Pete
is very grateful for all the
support he received from his
Greater Media New Jersey
top, The group who shaved their
heads in support of a local teen
bottom, Greater Media New Jersey’s
Pete Forester with his recently
shaved head
The teen and her family are
members of and friends
from Forester’s church. His
13-year-old daughter, Emily,
2 01 3
S T.
I C K’ S
95.9 WRAT-FM Celebrates St. Ratrick’s Season
at the Jersey Shore
top, WRAT-FM’s Carl and Marty
interview Belmar, NJ, Mayor Matt
Doherty and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono on
air at the Belmar St. Patrick’s Day
Revelers Get
Wake-up Call
from WMMR-FM’s
Preston & Steve
bottom, Jersey Rock’s Maria Mar,
Morning Show’s Gotts along with
the rest of The Rat air staff and
Rocky the Rat mascot aboard The
Rat float in the Belmar St. Patrick’s
Day Parade.
St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just
a day at 95.9 WRAT-FM in
New Jersey—it’s more like
a month! And at The Rat
it’s known as St. Ratrick’s
Season. Why a season?
Probably because of the
five parades, three live
broadcasts and many
bar appearances The Rat
participates in at the Jersey
On March 3, the 40th annual
Belmar St. Patrick’s Day
Parade, the biggest parade
in New Jersey, marched
right past the radio station.
The parade was caught on
The Rat’s Lepra-Cam and
was streamed on wrat.com.
The live broadcast was set
up on the station’s front
lawn, and the staff pulled
people off the parade route
to interview them on the air,
including Belmar Mayor Matt
Doherty and New Jersey
Democratic gubernatorial
candidate Barbara Buono,
who’s running against
Governor Chris Christie in the
next election. The Rat studio
treated staff and clients to a
smorgasbord of traditional
corned beef and cabbage
with all the trimmings.
Since Belmar is WRAT-FM’s
hometown, they make sure
their presence is known in
the parade every year, along
the parade route and at the
local bars.
Inn. Rumson, one of the
more affluent towns in New
Jersey, is home to Jon Bon
Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.
This was the first parade of
its kind for Rumson, and The
Rat was there to make its
presence known, with Rocky
the Rat mascot marching in
the parade and the Rat Pack
promoting at Molly Maguire’s.
On March 9, The Rat
broadcasted after the Ocean
County St. Patrick’s Day
Parade in Seaside Heights
from Spicy Cantina (as
seen on the MTV show
Jersey Shore). The parade
in Seaside Heights always
attracts a big crowd, but this
year it was even more well
attended because of visitors
who wanted to observe
firsthand the destruction that
Superstorm Sandy wreaked
on the town. Traffic was
backed up over an hour to
get into town, and the parade
route was lined at least five
people deep. The parade
provided a great sense of
unity; it was a festive street
party that took people’s
minds off the challenges of
the recovery efforts.
On March 17, The Rat had
back-to-back St. Ratrick’s
Day live broadcasts at two
of the biggest Irish bars on
the Jersey Shore. The first
broadcast was at The Shore
House in Point Pleasant with
Rockyn Robyn Lane, and the
next was at Clancy’s Tavern
in Neptune with Jimmy
Steal and hosted by Carl
and Marty from the Morning
Rat Race. The celebrations
included Irish jig contests,
cabbage-eating contests and
much more. Just when the
staff might think St. Ratrick’s
Season was over — no —
there were still two other
parades, both in areas hit
hard by Superstorm Sandy:
the Highlands St. Patrick’s
Day Parade on March 23 and
the Keansburg St. Patrick’s
Day Parade on March 24.
On March 10, WRAT-FM
participated in the Rumson
St. Patrick’s Day Parade with
a post-parade appearance at
Molly Maguire’s Black Point
St. Patrick’s Day festivities are
a great way for WRAT-FM
to make connections in the
communities it serves!
WMMR-FM’s Jacky Bam Bam and
Leprechaun Chuck Love
Wake-up victim is a good sport
about the unexpected visit.
In celebration of St. Patrick’s
Day, the WMMR-FM
Morning Show’s Preston
and Steve dispatched
over-nighter Jacky Bam
Bam, along with little
person/Leprechaun Chuck
Love (representing www.
and members of the
Philadelphia Police & Fire
Pipes & Drums unit, to
wake up unsuspecting St.
Paddy’s Day sleepy-heads
who were late for school or
work because of too much
revelry the night before.
The action was carried live
on the morning show with
accompanying live video
coverage on U-stream.
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2 013
Philly’s Ring of
Honor Inducts
Preston & Steve
‘Go Green’!
A young
FM listener
dresses up
to show her
WMMR-FM’s Preston & Steve
were inducted into the Ring
of Honor at Philadelphia’s
2013 St. Patrick’s Day Parade
for their contributions to feed
the hungry through their
annual Camp Out for Hunger.
WBT AM/FM attended
the Charlotte Goes Green
Festival in Uptown Charlotte
on March 16, with a major
parade for kids, adults and
families. WBT AM/FM had
“green” dress-up items for
the kids; parents could take
pictures and then download
them at WBT.com. WBT AM/
FM also provided kid-friendly
St. Paddy’s Day bead-making
WLNK-FM Broadcasts from
U.S. National Whitewater Center’s
Green River Revival
Matt & Ramona’s producer,
Brent “Bandy Boo” O’Brien,
broadcasts live from the
U.S. National Whitewater
Center’s Green River Revival,
a Charlotte St. Paddy’s Day
event, where the river is
turned green. The Link 107.9
FM hosted games and fun
activities for kids and adults.
WROR-FM Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day
Everyone Is Irish at South Amboy’s
St. Patrick’s Day Parade!
From bagpipers and
drummers, to Mass and
plentiful servings of delicious
corned beef and cabbage,
the WCTC-AM team got
quite a dose of Irish pride
at this year’s St. Patrick’s
Day Parade held in South
Amboy. It was a weeklong
celebration, as New Jersey
TALK! Host Bert Baron first
interviewed his good friend
Mickey Gross and his very
talented bagpipe musician
group. During their interview,
Mickey and the musicians
talked about their plans to
participate in the upcoming
parade, and the bagpipers
even performed live outside
for all the New Jersey TALK
Facebook fans to enjoy!
Mass and brunch started
out parade day in honor of
S T.
WCTC-AM’s Bert Baron waves to
the crowd.
all committee members and
people involved in putting
together the event. As the
parade kicked off, New
Jersey TALK Radio Host Bert
Baron not only got a chance
to attend, but even became
a part of the procession,
as the WCTC-AM van was
featured in the lineup driven
by interns, and Bert took
his spot on the back of a
classy black Cadillac, proudly
waving to the crowds. After
the parade there were
bagpipe performances and
corned beef and cabbage,
serving as a perfect ending
to a day filled with Irish fun,
music and all-around pride,
and bringing a smile to
everyone’s face.
WROR-FM’s Street Team join in the famous
South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade festivities.
(Peter Pan the Musical was a sponsor; hence the
Captain Hook and Tick-Tock Croc costumes.)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Loren & Wally Morning
Show, McDonald’s and The Haley School of Irish Dance!
Did someone say “Shamrock Shake?”
I C K’ S
2 01 3
S T.
I C K’ S
A Tip of the Hat from WDHA-FM
for St. Patrick’s Day Broadcast
Sends Wishes of Good Cheer
WDHA-FM’s Morning Jolt team, Jim Monaghan
and Kim Mulligan, pose with their hats at their annual
St. Patrick’s Day broadcast.
WMTR-AM’s Slick waves to spectators at the Morris County
Saint Patrick’s Day parade on March 9 in Morristown, NJ.
Greater Media Announces New On-Air Talent Lineup at the
New 100.1 WJRZ-FM in New Jersey
Greater Media is pleased to
announce the new on-air talent
lineup at 100.1 WJRZ-FM. This
iconic station for the Jersey Shore
will play the greatest hits of the
’60s, ’70s and ’80s, including
The Beatles, Michael Jackson,
Chicago, Elton John and many
more from this incredible music
“WJRZ-FM is now playing
the heritage soundtrack of the
Jersey Shore,” said Daniel A.
Finn, Senior Vice President
and Regional Sales Manager
of Greater Media New Jersey.
“We’re returning to the legacy of
WJRZ’s roots.”
The new on-air talent lineup
consists of the following:
5:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.: Matt
Matt Knight is an experienced
and dedicated professional
who previously worked at the
original WBBO-FM/B98.5
as Assistant Program Director,
Music Director and PM Drive
Personality. Previous to that,
Knight served as the Program
Coordinator at WHTG-FM/GRock; it morphed into WHTGFM’s Hit 106, where he was
promoted to Program Director and
was an on-air talent. Most recently,
Matt was heard on the air doing
weekend shifts on Greater Media
New Jersey’s WRAT-FM.
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.: TJ Bryan
TJ Bryan began his radio career in
Long Branch, NJ, at WMJY-FM.
He went on to work on the air at
WDHA-FM, where he helped
establish and was co-producer of the
original Rock the Park concert series.
In addition, TJ has won several
on-air awards, including one from
the NJBA for best commercial
production. Previous to that, he
served as the Program Director
at WHTG-FM in the late ’90s.
Prior to that, TJ spent several years
in the record industry at Windup
Records and was responsible for the
promotion of bands such as Creed,
Five for Fighting and Evanescence.
In addition to his new on-air role,
TJ will also be assisting with music
and production responsibilities.
2 p.m. – 7 p.m.: Glenn Kalina
Glenn Kalina has been with Greater
(l-r), Matt Knight, TJ Bryan, Barbara
Farragher, Glenn Kalina and Ricky A.
Media for the past 10 years and
has served in a variety of capacities.
He spent more than three decades
working in the Philadelphia radio
market, including several years
at Greater Media’s Mix 95.7 FM
and 97.5 FM. In addition, Kalina
served as the Morning Show Host
and Program Director of Q102
for 11 years along, with working at
WZZD. Kalina has been recognized
on local and national levels for his
programming accomplishments,
along with receiving countless
awards for his civic and charitable
work. In addition to his on-air role,
he serves as Program Director of
100.1 WJRZ-FM.
7 p.m. – 12 a.m.: Barbara
Barbara Farragher has been a part
of the Greater Media New Jersey
broadcast group for many years. She
has been on-air at WMGQ-FM,
addition, she has worked outside
the company on WKXW-FM
101.5 and has maintained a
successful voiceover business for
several years.
12 a.m. – 5:30 a.m.: Ricky A.
Ricky A. began his career a few
years ago in the engineering
and promotions departments
at Greater Media Philadelphia
at 95.7 WBEN-FM. He joined
Greater Media New Jersey shortly
after and has been working as a
weekend on-air talent for nearly
two years. “I’m thrilled to be
working with such a talented air
staff and to be able to entertain
listeners with a daily dose of
‘Jersey’s Greatest Hits’ of the ’60s,
’70s and ’80s,” said Ricky A.
“WJRZ-FM is poised to soar
to new heights with our new
outstanding on-air lineup!”
said 100.1 WJRZ-FM Program
Director Glenn Kalina.
100.1 WJRZ-FM originally
debuted on July 4, 1976.
Continued on next page
3 8
2 013
95.7 BEN-FM’s Hosts 4th Annual Woman of the Week Luncheon
featuring Maria Bello and Lisa Oz
95.7 BEN-FM held its 4th annual
Woman of the Week Luncheon on April 5,
featuring two famous women with local
roots. Actor/activist Maria Bello and
author/radio host Lisa Oz were the
keynote speakers at the invitation-only
Morning Personality Marilyn Russell
hosted the event, which included
hundreds of women including CEOs,
movers and shakers in art and culture,
directors of nonprofit organizations,
superstars of the blogosphere as well as
BEN-FM listeners who won passes to
the event. Throughout the luncheon,
awards were presented in various
categories including the BEN-FM
“Queen of the Scene Award,” the
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
The Misadventures of WROR-FM’s Loren & Wally
“Woman Who Never Quits Award,” the PECO “Woman Who Empowers Us”
Award, and more.
The “Woman of the Week” program, which airs Sunday mornings at 7:30 a.m.
and is available via podcast on ilikebenfm.com, was created five years ago as a
way to showcase dynamic women who are making a significant impact in the
community via their business, their charity work or a combination of both.
left, Lisa Oz speaks to the crowd about managing relationships
and personal lives.
below, Maria Bello discusses her charity, We Advance, and her
experiences in Haiti.
Greater Media Remembers
Robert “Bob” Pedder
Media Boston radio stations,
maintaining a brain-storming
program for each station,
developing and installing
the digital department for
each station, including the
creation of a functioning
video department.
WROR-FM’s Loren & Wally try to answer the age-old question.
While enjoying a leisurely ride in Boston Harbor on
their pet shark, Jaws, Loren & Wally are brutally
attacked by a fishing boat!
Greater Media Boston lost
an important member of our
staff on May 7, 2013. Robert
“Bob” Pedder may be gone,
but will never be forgotten
by his friends and colleagues.
For the past 16 years, Bob
worked at Greater Media
Boston, where he held
the position of Director of
Sponsorship Sales, Business
Development Manager, and
Director of Greater Media
Marketing Group. Some of
his major accomplishments
were establishing an event
menu for each of the Greater
Tom Bender (Sr. VP/General
Manager–Greater Media
Interactive) remembers
Bob: “Bob always struck me
as a wonderful mixture of
passion and creativity. He
had no fear of dreaming big
and stretching to make his
vision become real. What
affected me the most was his
determination in the face of
the chronic and debilitating
afflictions that he fought
every day. It was as though
they just didn’t matter; they
were minor annoyances;
never did I hear a word of
self-pity cross Bob’s lips.”
Be at rest, Bob. We’ll miss
2 01 3
By Tom Bender
Senior Vice President
Greater Media Interactive
The Disruptive Environment
Greater Media Interactive is
charged with helping adapt
our radio station brands to
the enormous challenges that
technological change brings
with it. Over the past five years,
one of the most significant
pieces of research that we use
is the annual Jacobs Media
Tech Survey, now in its ninth
year. Each year, the Greater
Media stations participate in a
national survey of radio loyalists
to ascertain what tech gadgets
and services have gained
traction in their lives with an
eye toward how these changes
affect their relationship with
their favorite radio station. Every
year, we learn something new
and remarkable that we did
not anticipate and adjust our
strategic focus accordingly. I
know of no other research study
that stands at the intersection of
radio and digital with as much
practical advice as the Jacobs
Tech Survey.
How many listeners use each
of the new technologies on a
weekly basis. Percentages at
right indicate increase/decrease
in past year.
Contemporary listeners (mostly
female and 64% Baby Boomers),
listen to streaming radio and mp3
music on their mobile device.
Compare their habits to Alternative
listeners (majority male and
Generation Y) where more than
42% regularly listen to streaming
radio on the phone and 48% listen
to their own music files.
The survey shows that near to
20% of listening to our stations
is now happening on digital
platforms, even higher for some
formats. These trends redouble
our commitment to our stationbranded mobile apps for both
iPhone and Android, as well as our
new mobile websites for phones
and tablets. We are striving to give
our listeners access to our station
information, whether it is audio,
video, text or photos, wherever
and whenever they want it. We are
also moving forward on creating
audio on demand to go beyond
the streaming simulcast of the
radio station and provide listeners
more in-depth listening to special
interest material.
Digital now allows us to speak
specifically to smaller groups of
listeners in depth and at length to
address their hot buttons. In the
digital half of the station brand, we
can deepen and broaden those
relationships with listeners by
fostering two-way communication
with individual listeners. We can
respond in detail to their questions
about music artists, station
events and local news. We can
utilize text, photos and video to
keep the information interesting
and engaging. Our websites,
Facebook pages and tweets give
us the opportunity to deepen and
enhance the relationship with the
air personality in a substantive
way that increases loyalty. More
than 56% of our listeners are on
Facebook more than once a day;
social media is also a significant
place to look for new listeners. It
has become a virtual town square
for the new century.
In-car listening remains a core
strength for radio, but it too is
changing. The “digital dash” or
“connected car” is taking hold in
our audience’s life. The Tech Survey
• 65% of all listening occurred in
the car.
• A full 84% of our listeners rate
AM/FM a “very important”
feature for their next car.
• 51% of listeners have already
figured out a way to connect
their personal listening device
(iPod, smartphone or mp3 player)
to the car they are driving today.
This year was no exception,
and we have received this
year’s edition of the research. I
thought we would share some
of those findings along with
our initiatives to address those
changes and needs.
One of the headlines of Survey
9 is that our media habits
are definitely generational.
First, smartphones and mobile
devices are now a majority
(62.6%) of everyone surveyed
for the first time. Especially
with the growth of tablet
devices (which increased 51%
since last year), it appears that
we have broken free of the
desktop PC. What is striking,
however, are the different
ways in which the generations
use them. For example, while
everyone, regardless of age or
gender, texts frequently on their
smartphone, only 15% of Adult
Our efforts in mobile are
accompanied by initiatives in
social media, like Facebook,
Twitter and others, creating fresh
and interesting content for our
websites, an enjoyable streaming
audio environment as well as
more sophisticated use of e-mail
marketing. The Tech Survey again
confirmed for us the fact that
listeners form a stronger bond
and a closer relationship with their
radio station when it is reinforced
by using those tools.
2 013
Greater Media’s apps highlighted
by Ford at CES
This trend is one of the reasons
that Greater Media stations were
the first broadcasters to provide
Ford SYNC AppLink integration in
our mobile apps. We continue to
look for opportunities to partner
with other automakers to make
it even easier for our audiences
to use our apps while driving.
With each new car purchased,
our listeners have more and more
in-car audio options. We will need
to work to maintain our mobile
relationship with them.
Tech Survey 9 shows us that
there is no one new technology
that is seeking to woo our
listeners away from the radio
dial; there are many.
• 11.2% say they are listening less
to their favorite radio station
because they are spending
more time on the Internet.
• 16.3% say Pandora is taking
some of their listening time.
• Satellite radio is given as a
reason by 17.1% of listeners.
• iPods with personal music
collections are cited by 16% of
the respondents.
But there are reasons cited that
we can change: More than 27%
of the listeners … and these are
involved fans with their radio
stations … are not enjoying the
programming choices, and 23%
of them say there are too many
commercials keeping them from
listening more. While we cannot
control the new technology,
we can control the quality and
quantity of what we present
both on-air and online. The
survey is compelling proof that
we need to be at the top of our
game to compete effectively
with new challengers for our
listeners’ time and attention.
And most important, the Tech
Survey allows us to look at
these changes and challenges
individually for every one of our
stations. More than ever before,
we have to tailor our response
to the generation, the location
and the tastes of the individual
listeners. So much of the
research that’s bandied about
makes generalized statements
about national trends; Tech
Survey allows us to zero in on
our listeners and respond more
effectively to their needs. It
also provides a roadmap for
integration of our broadcast and
digital presence and uses both
to their maximum effectiveness.
There’s plenty to work on, and
the Greater Media Interactive
department is working to help
every one of our stations to
adapt and thrive in a disruptive
Love Is in the Air
at WROR-FM’s Loren & Wally Show
WMGK-FM’s First Likestock Is a
Social Media Success
WMGK-FM’s own Ray Koob sings
“Touch Me” by The Doors, with the
MGK house band, The Sofa Kings.
Philly Station’s First
Facebook Party Shows
Its Listeners Really
‘Like’ It!
102.9 WMGK-FM launched its
Cupid (Hank Morse from The Loren & Wally Morning Show)
made surprise visits to listeners’ significant others who, in the
words of rock star Bon Jovi, had “given love a bad name” and
messed up Valentine’s Day! They may have been falling “in and
out of love,” but “keep the faith,” Cupid came to the rescue
with Bon Jovi tickets and other Valentine’s Day essentials!
Everyone from the WROR-FM Loren & Wally Show
staff crams into the very popular photo booth at the
annual Loren & Wally Valentine Dance.
promotion of Likestock, a first-of-itskind MGK party for its Facebook fans,
on March 1. Listeners then packed the
Broad Street Bullies Pub inside Xfinity
Live in Philadelphia on Saturday,
March 23, from 7 to 10 p.m. Facebook
was integrated into every aspect of the
event, complete with the station’s FB
page being displayed on a huge screen
in front of the MGK house band, The
Sofa Kings. During the event, listeners
made nonstop requests and posted
pictures and comments to our page
in real time. The screen was refreshed
every 10 seconds to keep the content up
to date.
Listeners took part in various activities
during the evening, including getting
their pictures taken inside iconic classic
rock album covers, getting interviewed
on camera for an upcoming MGK
promotional video, and Text2win
contests. There was also a big raffle for
door prizes like cash and concert tickets,
and everyone in attendance received a
free commemorative Likestock pint glass.
The MGK airstaff had an extremely
busy night—they met EVERY listener,
signed mementos that the listeners
brought with them or that we provided,
and posed for lots of pictures with the
attendees. Many of those pictures ended
John DeBella poses with excited
listeners at MGK’s Likestock event.
up on our Facebook page, their page,
or both. MGK Evening Host Ray Koob
even got up on stage and performed
The Doors’ “Touch Me” with The Sofa
Likestock lived beyond March 23! Thankyou emails, texts and posts on MGK’s
page about how much fun our listeners
had at Likestock poured in after the event.
The staff picked four of the listeners’
pictures, taken from the pictures posted
to the MGK Facebook page during the
event, and put them on the station’s
huge, electronic billboards that line the
busiest highways in the Philadelphia
area. MGK amplified the “thank you”
aspect of the event by running live
liners congratulating the listeners whose
photos we used, and promoting the
fact that the billboards would be up all
day the following Tuesday. The event
was a complete success and may become
a quarterly thank you for MGK’s
Facebook community.
Greater Media Newspapers Observes
Take Your Child to Work Day
KIDS working hard! Some children
of Greater Media Newspapers staff
members joined their moms and
dads in the office on April 25 for
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
Pictured (l-r) are Faith Benko (Barbara
Benko, Production); Carly Binn
(Denise Binn, Advertising); Anthony
Tomaselli (Troy Tomaselli, IT); Palmer
Peyton with mom Jennifer Peyton
(Advertising); Samantha Binn (Denise
Binn, Advertising); and Timothy,
Christopher and Matthew Weg (Gloria
Weg, Editorial).
2 01 3
97.5 FM The Fanatic Holds NFL Draft Party
OUTSIDE of the traditional
football season, NFL Draft Day is one
of the most important days of the year,
and with new leadership over at the
NovaCare training facility and all eyes
on the Birds, 97.5 FM The Fanatic took
its shows out of the studio and to Dave &
Buster’s for an NFL Draft Party!
speculation and the Fanatic Fantasy
Girls were there to hang out, cheer
on listeners as they spun the prize
wheel and take photos with the fans.
Philadelphia Eagle Jon Dorenbos made
an appearance, performed some of his
famed magic tricks for the crowd and
even hopped on-air to give his thoughts
on whom the Eagles should draft.
Mike Missanelli kicked off the afternoon
of April 25 with last-minute analysis
of just who the Philadelphia Eagles
might draft with that fourth pick in the
first round and how well the new head
coach, Chip Kelly, would do in his
first draft in the NFL. The broadcast
continued with Joe DeCamara, Brian
Baldinger and Michael Bradley. ESPN’s
Sal Paolantonio and Eagles beat writer
Tim McManus checked in live from
the NovaCare Center with last-minute
The crowds all watched the huge bigscreen TV in anticipation when the
Eagles were on board and unanimously
cheered when they selected Lane
Johnson, offensive tackle from
Oklahoma. Draft coverage continued,
as did the broadcast, with Nick Kayal
and Matt Lombardo rounding out the
night. Everyone had a great time and left
excited and ready for the 2013 football
Six Hundred Guests Enjoy Annual
Today’s 105.1 FM Bunny Brunch
THE Easter Bunny hopped into town on Saturday, March 23, from 11 a.m. to 2
p.m. at Fern Hill Golf and Country Club in Clinton Township, MI, for the annual
Today’s 105.1 FM Bunny Brunch. Six hundred guests enjoyed a delicious brunch, pictures
with the Easter Bunny, and crafts inside the banquet center.
Guests also ventured outside for a petting zoo with lambs, bunnies and chicks. The
event concluded with a 3,000-egg hunt on the golf course!
Today’s 105.1 FM’s on-air staff, Chris Edmonds, Mitzi Miles, Lisa Jesswein, Jim
Paolucci, Sandy Kovach and Ben Coburn, all cuddle up to the Easter Bunny!
Michael Bradley, Brian Baldinger and Joe DeCamara broadcast live from
97.5 FM The Fanatic NFL Draft Party.
Face-painted little ones had a blast interacting with the cute petting zoo animals
at the Today’s 105.1 FM Bunny Brunch.
WCSX-FM Celebrates Detroit Tigers’ Opening Day
STEVE Kostan of 94.7 WCSXFM, Detroit’s No. 1 for Classic Rock,
broadcasted live for the Opening Day
Pre-Game Party at the Elwood Bar & Grill
in Downtown Detroit! It was the place to
be for your Opening Day celebration!
Local Detroit band 50 AMP Fuse
performed live; two DJs were spinning
music throughout the day and guests
enjoyed free samples of Ball Park Lean
Franks! There was no better place to be
than with WCSX-FM!
94.7 WCSX-FM’s Steve Kostan and pumped-up Detroit Tigers fans are ready for
the first game of the season!
Today’s 105.1 FM Goes to Walt Disney World
TODAY’S 105.1 FM had the key to a magical Walt
Today’s 105.1 FM’s Sandy
Kovach as she broadcasts
from the Magic Kingdom.
4 2
2 013
Disney World vacation! Today’s 105.1 FM’s Sandy
Kovach broadcasted from the Magic Kingdom and
brought a few lucky listeners along to unlock a world
of magical memories and dreams come true on a fiveday, four-night Walt Disney World vacation. They
enjoyed the thrills in all four Disney theme parks and
the enchantment of New Fantasyland. Plus, everyone
relaxed in the beautiful Disney deluxe resort hotel.
From the larger-than-life themes to the fun-filled
pools, there was something for everyone on this
magical trip!
Radio 92.9 WBOS-FM Teams Up with
Atlas Liquors for Web Series
RADIO 92.9 WBOS-FM has partnered with Atlas Liquors to create a cool,
custom and informational web series that will be filmed monthly and live on
myradio929.com. This web series will educate Radio 92.9 FM’s Boston area
audience about the Wine of the Month, basic wine etiquette and charity works that
Atlas performs in the community. This feature will assist in bringing the “Natalie”
personality (Atlas Liquors’ radio spokesperson) to life! The video will also be posted
monthly on Radio 92.9 FM’s Facebook page with 24,000-plus friends and will be
included in an email blast going out to 60,000-plus listeners.
Atlas Liquors’ spokesperson “Natalie” and Radio 92.9 WBOS-FM Production
Director David O’Leary discuss a bottle of wine on the informational web series.
Cover Models! Greater Media Newspapers
Designer Gets Pleasant Surprise
JOAN Fruchter, a longtime Graphics Designer in the
Production Department at Greater Media Newspapers,
was pleasantly surprised when she received her mail
recently. Her husband, Peter McIntyre, a Master
Gardener who has won many awards for his gardening
skills at the annual Monmouth County Fair in New
Jersey, was featured in a photograph with her on the
cover of the Monmouth County Fair Home & Garden
Competition brochure.
Joan and Peter didn’t know that a photo of them had
been chosen for the brochure, and they only learned
about it when it arrived in their mailbox!
102.9 WMGK-FM’s John DeBella and
Religious Leaders Send Good Blessings to
the Phillies before 2013 Home Opener
Church and Rabbi Gregory Marx of
Congregation Beth Or—took part in the
2008 blessing.
Autorama Visitors Have a Ball at 94.7 WCSX-FM’s
Classic Rock Arcade
94.7 WCSX-FM brought the Classic
Rock Arcade to the 2013 Autorama event
March 8-10 at Cobo Center in Detroit.
Listeners who stopped by the WCSXFM booth had a blast playing classic
arcade games and checking out the
classic rock photography featuring some
of the greatest bands of all time. Plus,
leading up to the event, listeners were
given a chance to enter their classic ride
to be featured in the booth at the event.
Two winners were selected at random
and put on display at the Autorama
for all those in attendance to cast their
votes for the 2013 WCSX Classic Rock Cruiser
ON Friday, April 5, 102.9 WMGKFM’s John DeBella presided over
the 7th annual Blessing of the Balls. at
McFadden’s at Citizens Bank Park. The
event was led by three religious figures
from the tri-state area, who blessed the
actual baseballs that the Phillies used
during their home opener game later
that day.
Father Kevin Nadolski, Director of
Development and Communications
for the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales,
participated as this year’s “rookie
blesser.” Each of the religious figures
performed his own individual blessing.
The blessing took place at 8:30 a.m.
In 2008, when DeBella had three
religious figures bless the baseballs
that the Phillies were going to use on
Opening Day, the team went on to win a
World Championship that year. DeBella
hoped for a similar result from this
year’s Blessing of the Balls.
In addition to the pastor, priest and
rabbi, other guests included comedian
Craig Shoemaker, former Phillies’
pitcher Dickie Noles and Phillies public
address announcer Dan Baker. Jayson
Stark, senior baseball writer for ESPN.
com, also appeared on the show as a
call-in guest. The first 50 people in
the door during the Blessing of the Balls.
broadcast received a free MGK Home
Opener T-shirt. In addition, McFadden’s
provided complimentary coffee, donuts
and bagels from 6 to 9 a.m. and a free
breakfast from 10 to 11 a.m.
Two of the three religious figures
blessing this year’s balls—Pastor Jeff
Raffauf of West Lawn United Methodist
WMGK-FM also hosted a Tailgate Party
on the front lawn of the Holiday Inn
WCTC-AM’s Bert Baron Welcomes Martin Short
to New Brunswick
WCTC-AM Program Director
top, The winner of the
2013 WCSX Classic Rock
Cruiser Contest at Autorama
bottom, 94.7 WCSX-FM’s
Classic Rock Arcade was a hit at
Detroit’s 2013 Autorama, featuring
everything from classic arcade
games and classic cars to
classic rock photography.
1450 WCTC-AM’s Bert Baron poses
with comedian Martin Short.
and Midday Host Bert Baron welcomed
Emmy Award-winner and celebrated
comedian and actor Martin Short on
March 13 as he performed a familyfriendly set for the crowd at the State
Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ, prior to
his appearance with Justin Timberlake
on Saturday Night Live. Bert was even lucky
enough to sit down with comedic legend
Jiminy Glick (Short’s fictional character)
on stage as part of the performance in
front of hundreds.
2 01 3
photo gallery
All Photos by Eric Sucar
Greater Media Newspapers staff
Allentown High School’s
Marc Kwietniak (r) has
the ball knocked away
by Hightstown’s Connor
Martin during the first half
of the game held in Allentown, NJ, on April 4.
A first-grader has makeup applied during International Night
at Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School in Parlin, NJ, on April 12.
The event included a kids’ fashion show, international cuisine, and a play
where aliens land on Earth and learn about different cultures.
Woodbridge Barrons pitcher
Juan Napoles hurls to a North
Brunswick hitter during a game in
North Brunswick, NJ, April 24.
Ramya Sudhakar, 14, (from left),
Tanya Krishnakumar, 16, and Vidisha
Banerjee, 11, help organize the dozens
of balloons for display at the annual
Hugs for Brady Foundation’s Twilight
5K and Family Fun Run at South
Brunswick (NJ) High School on April
27. The foundation was established
to help children battling cancer and
assist in research.
Two horses enjoy an afternoon snack at Historic Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, NJ, on a sunny spring afternoon.
Some hoop action
at Oak Glen Park
in Howell, NJ, on
April 16.
Middlesex County College shortstop
Jennifer Shereyka (r) misses the tag
during the Region XIX Division III Softball Championship Tournament game
at the college in Edison, NJ, on May 4.
4 4
2 013
Two Former Greater Media Boston High School Interns
Graduate from College
2009, Charles Williams with Amy Hull (GMB HR
Coordinator) at his 2009 high school graduation,
where he awarded Amy with an honorary high school
diploma from Boston Public High Schools.
Charles Williams began a high school internship with Greater Media Boston while a
junior at Media Communications & Technology High School. As President of his senior
class, he graduated with honors and earned a four-year scholarship to Emerson
College in Boston. After working (on and off) at GMB, he also pursued internships
at WCVB-TV5 and New England Cable News in Boston, before returning to Hot
96.9 FM as a Producer/Board Operator (where he continues to work part-time).
On May 12, Charles received a degree in Journalism and Communications from
Emerson College.
Farah Jeune earned a Bachelor Degree in Fine
Arts from UMass Amherst on May 10.
2013, Charles Williams receives his
undergraduate degree from Emerson College
on May 12.
Farah Jeune, while a Fenway High School senior, was looking
for a four-week “senior project” and approached MAGIC
106.7 FM’s Candy O’Terry in the spring of 2009. Starting
four weeks before MAGIC’s “Exceptional Women” luncheon,
Farah assumed the many tasks necessary to organize
a luncheon for more than 500 attendees as part of her
internship—and did a wonderful job! Farah went on to pursue a degree
at UMass Amherst. She joined the MAGIC Street Team in 2009, working
on and off throughout her summers and school vacations—and remains
a valued employee. On May 10, Farah was awarded a Bachelor of Science
degree in Fine Arts, with a Film Studies Certificate from UMass Amherst.
Farah says, “Greater Media Boston has become a second family that not
only pushed me to strive higher in education but also inspired me to
believe in myself. When I walked across that stage, I honorably walked not
only for me, but for all the people who made it possible. Thank you to all
the mentors and peers at Greater Media Boston!”
Philadelphia’s VP/Market Manager
John Fullam Turns 60!
Greater Media Philadelphia’s VP/Market Manager John Fullam
celebrated his 60th birthday in April. The staff threw him
a small birthday party, presenting him with a few gifts,
including a “Top Leader” award.
On behalf of the entire staff at
Greater Media Philadelphia, Vice
President of Sales Paul Blake (r)
presents Market Manager John
Fullam with the “Top Leader
award” in honor of his 60th
The birthday festivities for John Fullam continued
with song and confetti at the annual company
Phillies game outing at Citizens Bank Park, as
Greater Media Philadelphia employees look on
from the bleachers.
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Please take a moment to congratulate the following
employees as they celebrate “milestone”
Courtney Dinsmore
Timothy Gorham
Carls St. Fleur
Matthew Cowper
Sean Tyszler
Laurel Lee
Michael McMonagle
Sherri Powers
Donald Black
Christine Breckenridge
Melissa Carr
Donna Gallagher
Michael Missanelli
anniversaries with Greater Media!
Ginny Rogers and Carolyn Kruse
Mark 20 Years at WKLB-FM!
Country 102.5 WKLB-FM Assistant Program
Director/Music Director Ginny Rogers and Midday Personality
Carolyn Kruse celebrate 20 years with WKLB-FM as original
staff members. WKLB-FM premiered as a Boston country station in 1993.
Peggy Primiano
left, Carolyn Kruse (l) and
Ginny Rogers share 20-year
anniversaries at WKLB-FM.
above, Reba McIntyre was one of
the few country stars who toured
in the Northeast in the early
days. Pictured here with Ginny
(right) circa 1993-1994, Reba was
Carolyn’s first big country concert
in Boston. (Did anyone say “hair”?)
New Jersey
Michelle Viera
4 6
2 013
Hello, Baby
WROR General Sales
Manager Matt DiRoberto,
wife Erica and sister Sloane
welcomed Jordan Elizabeth
(6 pounds 19 inches) on
April 12, 2013.
Hello, Baby Dominic
Greater Media Detroit Webmaster Jeremy
Campbell welcomed son Dominic Keenan into
the world on April 13, 2013, weighing in at
6 pounds 14 ounces.
Hello, Baby Brody
Cheryl, David and Big Brother Connor
welcomed Brody Francis Bednar
(8 pounds 13 ounces and 19 3/4 inches)
at 12:14 p.m. on April 24, 2013. Mom and
baby are doing great! Cheryl is a Senior
Account Executive at Greater Media
New Jersey.
Hello, Baby
WCTC-AM Promotion
Director Dave Kirby,
and his wife, Suzanne,
welcomed their new
addition, Jack Steven Kirby,
on February 6, 2013.
Hello, Baby Jaxon
95.9 WRAT Marketing Director Doug Sjonvall and his wife,
Greater Media New Jersey NTR Events Coordinator Annie
Rodriguez-Sjonvall, announce the birth of the newest Baby
Rat to the WRAT-FM family, Jaxon Charles Sjonvall, born
March 16, 2013, at 9 pounds 6 ounces (rounded up from 9
pounds 5.9 ounces … no kidding!)
Best wishes to Greater Media Detroit
Local Sales Assistant Lauren Conn
and boyfriend Brian Sims on their
Just Married!
Greater Media Boston’s National Sales
Promotion Director Kaitlin Campbell
married Dominick Johnson in a private
ceremony on May 8, 2013, in the Turks
and Caicos Islands.
Congratulations to WRIF-FM
Account Executive Laura Banish
on her engagement to Matt Petracca
on May 28, 2013.
2 01 3
The band P.O.D. stopped by the WRAT-FM studios in
New Jersey and grabbed a copy of The Grapevine.
Huey Lewis, in town to perform at MAGIC 98.3 FM’s 35th
Birthday Bash, takes a moment to look at The Grapevine
when he stopped by the New Jersey radio station.
Eddie Money checks out The Grapevine while visiting
Today’s 105.1 FM in Detroit.
Greater Media, Inc., with headquarters in Braintree, Massachusetts, is the parent company of 21 AM and FM stations
located in the Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, New Jersey, and Philadelphia markets. It also owns a group of weekly newspapers in
central New Jersey, as well as several telecommunications towers located throughout the United States.
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