to see the program and read the cast bios from



to see the program and read the cast bios from
T h e h u n t i ngton be ac h
pl ay house
pr e sen ts t h e wor l d pr e m i er e
of a n o r igi n a l mu s ic a l p l a y
september 23 - october 9, 2005
book & lyrics by
Joe Syiek
music by Erik Przytulski
directed by Stephen Reifenstein
Medieval Heraldry
Heraldry involves the use of colorful markings to indicate ownership over
lands and was used in battle for recognition, serving as a rallying banner
for men in combat. Each king would create or inherit a distictive herald to
proclaim his rule, often drawing upon items of personal significance.
The Crest of King Dereck
Dereck ruled over his lands with a
iron hand and believed that all should
submit to him. His crest was a purple
dragon on a gray field with a red edge,
Purple - The color of royal privilege
Dragon - A mythological beast of
great mystical powers - symbol of fear
where none is really warranted
Grey Field - Life is like stone,
hard and cold
Red Edge - Hell awaits us
book & lyrics by
Joe Syiek
music by Erik Przytulski
directed by Stephen Reifenstein
choreography by Edward Bangasser
produced by Bettie Muellenberg
co-produced by
Michael Betts, Daniel Thomas & Joe Syiek
The Crest of King Alec
Alec rose to power on the strength of
his dreams and his determination to
put an end to evil. The crest he chose
was a golden griffin on a red field with
a black edge, signifying:
Gold - The color of dreams
Griffin - A mythological beast, part
lion & part eagle - combining strength
with the ability to fly - symbol of the
power of dreams and their ability to
take flight.
Red Field - Symbolizing the blood
spilt to achieve dreams
Black Edge - Evil surrounds us
THE GOLDEN DREAM © Copyright 2001 - 2005 Joseph A. Syiek All Rights Reserved
The Golden Dream musical play is derived from The Golden Dream, a poetry anthology copyrighted in July
2001 by Joseph A Syiek. All lyrics, text, graphics, logos, artwork, music and other embellishments that are part of
this play are protected by copyright law. No portions thereof may be duplicated, reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent. Any unauthorized use is prohibited and could
be subject to criminal prosecution. No videorecording or photography is permitted during the performances.
King Dereck
Brock (Alec’s Father)
Gerard (Joanna’s Father)
Pismo the Smith
Jester/Little Johnny Jack
Old Father Time
The Noble King
The Churlish Knight
Doctor Do Good
Young Girls
Dan Wozniak
Nickie Gentry
Paul Hanegan
Adriana Sanchez
Nathan Hieger
Michael Keeney
Brian Sipkovich
Kyle McFarlan
Ryan Coon
Alex Syiek
Deidre Doyle
Arroya Karian
Mike Bower
Kristin Taylor Schlick
Trevor Gardner
Shane Cervantes
Ryan Marks
Tracey Slonim
Brittany Beaudry
Rachel Buffett,
Marisa Saggiani
Joanna Syiek
Samantha Burbidge
Perry & Marlena Mattfeld
Catherine Stip
Harold Gooder
Vice President
Lisa Andrews
Debbie Henderson
Dawn Conant
Business Manager
Monica Bartolone
Michael Betts
Marjie Ferguson
Chris Grisey
Heidi Hummel-Grant
BJ O’Rourke Smith
James E Reagan II
Nathan Singh
Ray Stirling
Daniel Thomas
Phil de Barros
President Emeritus
June Chow
Office Manager
Bettie Muellenberg
Community Liaison/
Resident Costumer
Betty Greene
Laurie Fisher
Box Office Staff
Jan Fournier
Encore Coordinator
Diane Loefler
We Need Your Help!
For over 40 years, the Playhouse has provided live
theatre to the residents of Huntington Beach and the
surrounding area. To continue to grow and thrive, it
is important for the Playhouse to find a permanent
home to call our own. As you might guess, this is an
enormous undertaking, and one that has been years
in the dreaming and planning stages. To help make
this dream a reality and to ensure that live theater
remains a vital part of Huntington Beach’s cultural
life, we are appealing to you - our loyal subscribers,
patrons and volunteers. Of course, cash donations of
any amount are always welcome (and fully tax-deductible), but we also have a “wish list” of other items
that will help us make the transition into a new home:
Lighting/Sound Equipment
Construction Supplies
Architectural Renderings
Lobby Furnishings
Display Cabinets
Costume/Prop Organization Products
Storage Products
Construction Volunteer Workers
Goods and services like those listed above also are
tax-deductible. For more information, please see one
of our Board members in the lobby or call our office
at (714) 375-0696.
Thanks for attending today’s show and for helping
the Playhouse bring live theatre to the community!
Musical Director
Dance/Fight Choreographer
Stage Manager
Set Designer, Dresser & Scenic Artist
Master Carpenter
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Costume Designer
Costumes Provided By
Production Assistant
Choreographer’s Assistant
Prop Manager
Facilities Director
Light Board Operator
Sound Board Supervisor
Program, Poster & Flyer Design
Audition Assistants
Stephen Reifenstein
Erik Przytulski
Edward Bangasser
Bettie Muellenberg
Michael Betts, Daniel Thomas,
and Joe Syiek
Jonna Hutchinson
Andrew Otero
Chris Love
Kiana St. Laurent
Ron Wyand
Andrew Otero
Valentino’s Costumes and
Jeffrey Shoenberg
Joanna Syiek
Shelley Millet
Catherine Stip
Harold Gooder
Kiana St. Laurent, Nancy Evans
Jonna Hutchinson
Joe Syiek
Bess Burke, Jan Fournier
NOTE: Fog machines and battle-ready swords will be used during the performance
To Joanna Syiek for hours of work and lots of creativity
in promotion, publicity and production assistance
To Costco Wholesale for their generous donation of food and
beverages for the Opening Night “Meet & Greet” Reception
To Rocky Castro and all the crew at SGX Media for their
fine work and support in the cost of printing this program
for more information about this show, please visit
w w w. t h e g o l d e n d re a m . c om
Hours of Operation: Monday 4:30-8:30 PM; Tuesday & Wednesday 1:00-8:00 PM
Thursday 1:00-6:00 PM; Friday & Saturday 1:00-5:00 PM; Closed Sunday
The Box Office also is open one hour prior to each performance for ticket sales and
will-call for that day’s performance only. Exchanges are not processed during the one
hour prior to performances.
Box Office Phone: (714) 375-0696
Story synopsis
Scenes & Musical Numbers
Surrounded by poverty and despair, a young man achieves what many can only
dream of -- freedom from oppression and success in life and love. Nonetheless, he
cannot stop a never-ending quest that deprives him of joy and leads to his undoing.
Prologue: On the Outskirts of a Medieval Village
“Fairy Tale Lands (Intro)”
Act I
In a medieval land, a young man rallies the people with dreams of a better life. Using cunning and stealth, they overthrow an oppressive king and the young leader
assumes the throne. Taken by the beauty of the ex-king’s stepdaughter, he is disappointed when she spurns his advances and soon becomes frustrated by the politics
of court. When word comes that a dark knight is terrorizing the realm, he decides
that putting an end to such evil must be his true calling. Finally won over by the new
king’s compassion and conviction, the lady’s heart softens.
Scene One: Medieval Village and Castle
“Cockaygne Ditty”
“Golden Cities”
“Across The Moat”
Scene Two: Village and Castle
“This I Vow” - Part 1
“This I Vow” - Part 2
Scene Three: Village and Castle
“Free Men”
“Golden Cities (Reprise)”
Scene Four: In the Castle
“Day At Court”
“The Ruler”
“Softly She’s Touched Me”
Scene Five: Jousting Field
“Answer To The Call”
Scene Six: In the Castle
“Before Another Day Goes By”
“The One That I Adore”
“Act I Finale”
Act II
Fifteen years later, returning from yet another battle, the king and his men receive a
warm welcome home. But, while they recuperate, the dark knight lurks nearby and
lays out a plan to entrap the king. When the king decides the time has come to leave
again, the people sense that their idyllic kingdom is slipping away. One night, on a
distant battlefield with his troops near exhaustion, the king acknowledges the error
of his ways and resolves that this campaign will be his last. The battle rages again
until it seems the dark knight is finally captured. After a final confrontation, the remaining men return home, and the people reminisce for all that they had and lost.
About cockaygne
(pronounced Kaw-KANE)
“Far in the sea, to the west of Spain
there is a land we call Cockaygne.
Under God’s heaven no other land
has such wealth and goodness to hand.
Though Paradise be merry and bright,
Cockaygne is yet a fairer sight.”
-- The Land of Cockaygne
13th Century French Poem
An imaginary land of ease and luxury, references to Cockaygne are prominent in
medieval European lore. In 1790, George Ellis printed a 13th century French poem
called “The Land of Cockaygne” where “the houses were made of barley sugar and
cakes, the streets were paved with pastry, and the shops supplied goods for nothing.”
Like Atlantis and El Dorado, the land of Cockaygne was a fictional utopia, a place
where idleness and gluttony were the principal occupations. In Cockaygne, buildings and roads were made of food just waiting to be devoured and money could be
earned even while one slept. Grounded in peasant culture, the tales of Cockaygne
offered medieval men and women a way to cope with immediate concerns of famine
and backbreaking work, as well as more monumental fears about heaven and the
recently discovered New World. Over time, as control over food supplies increased
and a more modern work ethic was established, these fears diminished and the stories about Cockaygne faded away.
Old Minstrel
Alec, Gerard & Ensemble
Alec, Gavin & Brock
Marget & Joanna
Alec & Peasants
Alec, Gavin, Marget & Ensemble
Alec, Gavin & Ensemble
Alec & Joanna
Alec & Joanna
Alec & Ensemble
Marget & Joanna
Alec & Joanna
There will be a fifteen minute intermission
- fifteen years later -
Scene One: In the Castle
“Welcome Back Again”
“Mummer’s Play”
“Fuel On The Fire”
Scene Two: Castle Garden
“Go Slowly”
“Please, Good Lord”
Scene Three: In the Castle & Garden
“The One That I Adore (Reprise)”
Scene Four: In the Village
“In Cockaygne”
Scene Five: On a Distant Battlefield
“Dust & Death”
Scene Six: In the Village
“Fairy-Tale Lands”
Company of Actors
Desmond & Alec
Joanna & Gavin
Marget & Alec
Alec & Joanna
Alec, Gavin & Ensemble
Alec, Desmond & Men
Alec & Desmond
Joanna, Gavin, Alec & Ensemble
A Huntington Beach resident and business owner, Joe Syiek
also is a published poet and songwriter whose works include
Echoes of An Era, Saga and a poetry anthology, The Golden
Dream, that was the basis for this play. He has carried this
story and most of the melodies in his head for many years,
having penned the first lines over 25 years ago. A member
of ASCAP and the Dramatists Guild, Joe considers himself
fortunate to have found a creative and skillful composer, an
energetic and imaginative director, and an extraordinarily
talented and enthusiastic cast to bring the production to life. Thanks also go to the
Huntington Beach Playhouse and especially to our producer Bettie Muellenberg
for her tireless efforts and unwavering support. Most importantly, he thanks his
wife and children for all their love and patience.
It is a great pleasure for Stephen Reifenstein to be directing
his first show at the Huntington Beach Playhouse and he
feels honored to have been chosen to bring to life this World
Premiere of The Golden Dream. He is, however, no stranger
to the HBPH stage, having performed in Damn Yankees and
Grease a few years ago. Stephen’s previous directing credits include record-breaking productions of Joseph and the
Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Annie for La Habra
Depot Theatre, Aladdin for Broadway on Tour, and Bye Bye
Birdie and Guys and Dolls for Orange County Children’s Theatre. Acting credits
include various roles in Annie Get Your Gun for Saddleback CLO, Oklahoma! for
Downey CLO and many other roles for La Habra Depot Theatre including the upcoming reprisal of Mr. Marshall in John Blaylock’s original musical, A Christmas
Show. Theatre has been in Stephen’s blood since he was cast in his first show over
18 years ago and he hopes to continue to expand his career and knowledge for the
next 18 years and more. He sends special thanks to his friend and choreographer
Edward for his expertise, to Bettie Muellenberg for her support, to Erik for his
amazing music and to Joe for trusting him with his story.
Musical Director
Erik Przytulski (pronounced “pruh-TOLL-skee”), studied
music and composition at Berklee College of Music where
he was president of the Songwriters’ Forum and received
the prestigious Songwriting Achievement Award. After college, Erik created Pretzyl Music Productions and returned
to California to expand his writing and performing services.
Previous songwriting projects include: The Alma Mater for
P.S. 60 in Staten Island; Keith’s Rhapsody for Peer to Peer
Productions; music for the comicstrip Melonpool by Steve
Troop; composer for Musicland by Auriel Wyndham Livezey; radio/television jingles; and numerous other film score and song credits. Erik also works as a private
piano and music theory instructor, is piano accompanist for the Waldorf School
in Costa Mesa, and is keyboardist for the critically acclaimed new band “Natusol.”
The Golden Dream is his first fully composed musical work and he is grateful to Joe
Syiek for the opportunity to help bring this story to life. Erik would like to thank
his family and friends for their unending support, the amazing cast and crew, and
you, the audience, for joining us in this debut performance.
the Golden Dream
souvenirs & memorabilia on sale in the lobby
T-Shirts Cast-Signed Posters
a portion of all proceeds benefit the Huntington Beach Playhouse
help support local live Theatre
Enjoy the show!
“Like hungry guests, a sitting audience looks.
Plays are like suppers; poets are the cooks.
The founder’s you; the table is the place.
The carvers we; the prologue is the grace.
Each act, a course; each scene, a different dish.”
Samantha Burbidge - Elaine, Ensemble
Samantha is enrolled in the Academy for Performing Arts at
Huntington Beach High School where she has appeared in 42nd
Street (ensemble) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Hermia)
Her hobbies include dance and soccer. She would like to give
thanks to God, family, and friends for being “just plain awesome.”
- from The Inconstant
by George Farquhar, 1702
(in Alphabetical Order)
All Huntington Beach Playhouse cast members are talented artists who give their time,
energy, skill and creativity in an effort to entertain you. They receive no compensation
other than your applause and appreciation. Please join the producers in thanking them.
Shane Cervantes - Brac, Sir Shane, Ensemble
Shane is a senior at Newport Harbor High School and is proud
to make his debut at HBPH. He has worked backstage on many
productions and made his on-stage debut in NHHS’s Man of La
Mancha. You also may have seen him in Babes in Arms (Peter),
Tom Sawyer (Injun Joe), How to Succeed in Business... (Tackleberry), Seussical: The Musical (General Schmitz), and Anything
Goes (Mr. Whitney). He would like to thank all who have helped
and supported him through the years and offer a special thanks
to those who gave him the chance to be part of this show.
Brittany Beaudry - Seamstress, The Noble King, Ensemble
Brittany is happy to be making her debut at the Huntington
Beach Playhouse. Favorite past roles include Eulalie Shinn
(The Music Man), Kit Kat Girl (Cabaret) and Sarah Brown
(Guys and Dolls). She attends the Orange County High School
of the Arts with plans to attend AMDA in Los Angeles. She
wants to give special thanks to Stephen Reifenstein, the cast
and writers, her parents and to her best friend Dan Wozniak. I
love you so much. Thank you for all of your love and support!
Ryan Coon - Pismo the Smith
This is Ryan’s first performance at the Huntington Beach Playhouse and he is very pleased to be performing with such a
wonderful cast and crew. Recently, he was seen in Santa Ana
College’s productions of Hair and James and the Giant Peach. He
hopes you enjoy the show!
Mike Bower - Priest
Mike is pleased to be returning to the Huntington Beach Playhouse having appeared on this stage as Lazar Wolf in Fiddler
on the Roof. He is a familiar face around SoCal theater, recently
completing a run as Jacob in the La Habra Depot Theater production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Among his other favorite roles are Pa Carnes in Oklahoma!, the
Barber in Man of La Mancha, Capt. Bracket in South Pacific,
Frank Gilbreth in Cheaper by the Dozen, and Arvide in Guys and
Dolls. Mike is a professor of communications at Cal State Fullerton and is delighted
to work with this outstanding cast. Thanks to his first love, Jenny, for her support
and understanding of his “second love”… theater.
Rachel Buffett - The Churlish Knight, Ensemble
Rachel Buffett has trained in dance, voice, and long ago, in a
galaxy far, far away, was on drama team. She made her musical
debut at HBPH last summer in The Pirates of Penzance, and is
pleased to return to this lovely organization. She comments...
“I’m simply ecstatic to be in an original cast! I thank God for
everything!!! To my family, friends and teacher, I love you guys!
To the general public, ‘If we bring a little joy into your humdrum
lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain’t been in vain
for nothin.’ Bless you all!”
Deidre Doyle - Bess
Deidre is so excited to be performing in this brand new show!
She is currently a senior at Huntington Beach High School and
is in her 4th year at the Academy of the Performing Arts. Her
favorite roles include Daisy Mae in Li’l Abner, Val in A Chorus
Line, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and Deborah Sue in Bye,
Bye Birdie. Deidre would like to thank her voice coach, Sharon
Cowan, for her support and all her friends and family for their
never-ending love.
Trevor Gardner - Bric, Cook, Sir Trevor, Ensemble
This is Trevor’s 25th show; his favorite roles include: Young Don
in Singin’ in the Rain, Vincent in Beast on the Moon and Sim in
the world premiere of Ray Bradbury’s Frost and Fire. He appeared
in the film Virtuosity with Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington and Three Wishes with Patrick Swayze, has performed on a
cruise ship to Alaska, is on the varsity dive team at Marina High
and is a Surf City Singer at Huntington Beach High. He thanks
Sharon Cowan and everyone involved in this show.
Nickie Gentry - Joanna
Nickie is thrilled to be accomplishing at 25 one of her lifetime
dreams: originating a role in a world premiere musical. After
graduating from USC, she took to the high seas for 8 months
to perform on the cruise ship Rotterdam. Since returning, she
has taken a different path and now works at a financial services
company. Some of her favorite roles include Frenchie in Grease,
Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors and Marsinah in Kismet. This
show is for those of you who have encouraged the passion inside; for my family and the ones I love most.
Paul Anthony Hanegan - Gavin
Paul is happy to be making his debut at HBPH. He has been
seen previously as the Baker in Into the Woods at Vanguard University and as ensemble in Fiddler on the Roof at Performance
Riverside. He has a BA in Theater Arts from Vanguard University. Favorite roles include Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors;
Danceny in Les Liaisons Dangereuses; Rosencrantz in Hamlet;
and Combferre/Ensemble in Les Miserables. Film roles include
King David in The Third Psalm and Man on Bus in Arizona. To
the cast: “I am privileged to have taken this journey with you.” To Joe, Stephen and
Erik: “I feel honored to be a part of making your vision a reality.” To the audience:
“You may never realize what you have until it is gone - your golden dream may be
right here right now!”
Nathan Hieger - Desmond
Nathan is excited to be making his HBPH debut for this world
premiere of The Golden Dream, which follows hot on the heels
of the role of George in Schoolhouse Rock Live! at the Newport
Theatre Arts Center. Nathan holds a bachelor’s degree in vocal
music performance from UCI and has been performing in Opera Pacific’s Opera Chorus since 2001. In the past four years he
has performed in twelve different operas in venues including
Orange County Performing Arts Center, Pacific Amphitheater
and the Hollywood Bowl. Nathan recently played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz,
Fyedka in Fiddler on the Roof and Rapunzel’s Prince in Into The Woods.
Arroya Karian - Catrin
Enrolled in APA at Huntington Beach High School, Arroya has
appeared in Alice in Wonderland (Alice), Annie (Grace), You’re a
Good Man, Charlie Brown (Marcie), Evita (ensemble), The Wizard of Oz (dancer), Peter Pan (Twin), The King and I (Twin Child
and Little Eva), West Side Story (dancer), and Little Shop of Horrors (ensemble). She has trained with Jimmy Defore (Dance),
Megan Bodel (Ballet/Pointe), Carrie Hacker (Tap/Jazz), Sharon
Cowan, John Blaylock and Elizabeth Burson (Voice), Improv
(Earl Byers). Arroya was the Long Beach and Sunset League High Jump Champion;
she has been doing musical theater since age four and loving every minute of it!
Michael J. Keeney - King Dereck, Drunken Man, Ensemble
Michael is making his HBPH debut in this world premiere production and is very happy to be here. Some of his favorite roles
include Renfield in Dracula, ensemble in Tommy and Little Shop
of Horrors, Hudson Landers in the Interactive Mystery Theater
production of Audition for Murder. Michael enjoys rock climbing, stunt work, music and video editing and writing short stories, poems & scripts during his free time, which he expects will
diminsh once he gets married in May 2006.
Ryan Marks - Jester, Little Johnny Jack, Dance Captain
Ryan is enrolled in APA at Huntington Beach High School
and has appeared in Bugsy Malone (Bugsy Malone), Lil’ Abner
(Romeo Scragg), Fiddler on the Roof (Motel), numerous dance
shows, and many other musicals! He has studied voice with Sharon Cowan and dance with Andrea Elliot and Marie Hoffman.
An honor student, Ryan has received numerous awards recognizing his talent in dance and theatre. He enjoys listening to music, dancing, choreography, reading and playing the piano.
Marlena Mattfeld - Mary (Joanna & Alec’s Younger Daughter)
I’m not really a royal princess; I’m 9 years old and when I’m not
burning up the tennis court, I do excellent in school, play piano
and sing in a children’s choir. I have been in several musicals but
my favorite shows to be in are the ones that Stephen Reifenstein
directs. You may have seen me as a Hairy Ishmaelite in his production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I
hope you enjoy spending time with me in this fairy-tale land.
Shining a bright light . . .
. . . on all the great talent in this show...
Break A Leg!
Perry Mattfeld - Laura (Joanna & Alec’s Older Daughter), Ensemble
Call me today to buy or sell
[email protected]
Good day royal subjects, I am proud to be in the first production
of The Golden Dream. I’m 11, and have been singing/dancing
since I was 4 in musical theatre productions with Orange County Children’s Theatre, dance ballet in The Nutcracker every year,
and just completed a dance intensive with Debbie Allen’s Dance
Academy. I will appear in two major motion pictures this year. I
love life and it’s especially good when I’m under the direction of
Stephen Reifenstein; he’s the best! Special thanks to my family
and to Joe and Erik for letting me be part of their real life dream come true.
Kyle McFarlan - Gerard, Messenger, Ensemble
Area Specialist
This is Kyle’s first appearance on the Huntington Beach Playhouse stage. He is 18 and attended the Orange County High
School of the Arts where he studied Opera for 3 years. His past
performance credits include: Chebutykin in Chekhov’s The Three
Sisters, Bottom the Weaver in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and
Capulet in Romeo and Juliet. He would like to thank his parents
for their love and support.
Marisa Saggiani - Doctor Do Good, Ensemble, Dance Captain
Marisa, a former FORD model, has been in 9 national commercials for companies and products such as Neutrogena, Bank of
America and Starburst. She co-starred in City Guys and Hang
Time (NBC), and starred in Dream Force Angels. Marisa graduated from Chapman University, where she studied communications and ballet. She is now a pharmaceutical representative.
Adriana Sanchez - Marget
Adriana is thrilled to be a part of this exciting endeavor and to
be part of such a talented cast of people. She is most proud of
working with Stephen again after having been directed by him
in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as the Narrator. Other favorite roles include Sally in Cabaret, Eva in Evita,
Ella in Bells are Ringing and Lili in Carnival to name a few. During the day, Adriana teaches first grade in Santa Ana with her
dear friend Kyle. Many thanks to Ed for his polish, Joe for his
inspiring words, Erik for his beautiful music and Stephen for constantly amazing me
with his undying passion for the theatre. Adriana also sends her love to her wonderful husband Greg.
Brian Sipkovich - Brock, Lord Faison, Sir Brian, Ensemble
Brian was last seen in the CHOC Follies and Goldenwest College’s production of Hamlet. Previous performances include:
The Grapes of Wrath, The Crucible (Ezekiel Cheever), The Boy
Friend, The Diviners (Ferris Layman), The Diary of Anne Frank,
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Napthali), and
West Side Story. In addition to acting, Brian has extensive singing experience and is pursuing a Theatre Arts degree. While not
performing, Brian enjoys reading, playing basketball and snowboarding. He’s glad to be a part of this production and wishes everyone the best of
luck. Enjoy the show.
Tracy Slonim - Old Father Time, Ensemble
This is Tracey’s first show at HBPH and she is thrilled to be part
of such a wonderful cast. Tracey has appeared in performances
of West Side Story, Little Shop of Horrors, Li’l Abner, 42nd Street,
Evita and The Wizard of Oz. For several years she has studied
Voice along with Modern and Jazz Dance Technique. She would
like to thank Sharon Cowan for helping her become a better
performer and her family and friends for always coming to see
her shows.
“Actors should be overheard, not listened to, and the audience is fifty
percent of the performance.”
- Shirley Booth
Acclaimed American Actress, 1898-1992
Alex Syiek - Edward, Ensemble
This is Alex’s third show at the Huntington Beach Playhouse,
having first appeared in last summer’s The Pirates of Penzance
and earlier this season as Harvey Johnson in Bye, Bye Birdie. He
played the lead role of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof and Aladdin in Dwyer Middle School productions and is enrolled in
the Academy for Performing Arts at Huntington Beach High
School. Alex also perfomed with MYART as a Lost Boy in Peter
Pan and as the Mayor of Munchkin City in The Wizard of Oz.
He’d like to thank his Dad for writing this great show!
Joanna Syiek - Adele, Ensemble, Assistant Music Director
Joanna is delighted to be involved at the Huntington Beach
Playhouse once again. She is ecstatic that her father’s musical
has come to life and she is able to be a part of the experience!
Some of her favorite past roles include Glinda in The Wizard of
Oz, the Queen in Cinderella and Kate in The Pirates of Penzance
here at HBPH. She also has enjoyed parts in APA shows: Secret
Garden, 42nd Street, and Evita. Thanks to Sharon Cowan, her
ever-supportive family, wonderful friends, and to her father for
teaching her that anyone can achieve a golden dream!
On behalf of Kim Cosenza, Louis Dennis and Dan Doyle…
Kristin Taylor Schlick - Bryn
Kristin is very excited to be in this production of The Golden
Dream. You may have seen her as the sister in Damn Yankees,
the step-mother in Cinderella, and as a member of the ensemble
in Zorba, Gypsy and The Music Man. Kristin is an alumni of the
Academy of the Performing Arts and currently is a theater major at California State University Long Beach. An award winning actress, Kristin received the 2004 Macy Award and was a
Cappie Award nominee. She would like to thank her family and
friends for their love and support.
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our
congratulations to the Huntington Beach Playhouse for providing
43 Years of live theatre entertainment!
16969 Von Karman Avenue, Suite #150, Irvine, CA 92606 (949) 263-6800
Special Thanks To
For Their Generous Donation of
Coffee and Cups
Dan Wozniak - Alec
Dan recently closed a three month run portraying Frank Butler
in Annie Get Your Gun at the Curtain Call Dinner Theatre in
Tustin. Other recent credits include: Javert in Musical Theatre
West’s production of Les Miserables, Capt. Von Trapp in The
Sound of Music and Harold Hill in The Music Man. Thank you
to Steve, Joe and Erik for giving me this priceless “golden” opportunity. Special thanks to Mom & Dad, Britt and Chiz-Woz
Pictures. Sit back, relax, and follow me Across the Moat!!!
Join us At
Five Points Plaza
18685 Main Street, huntington Beach
(714) 842-5020
“Nobody “becomes” a character. You can’t act unless you are who you are.”
- Marlon Brando
Acclaimed American Actor, 1924-2004
Production staff PROFILES
Production staff PROFILES
Edward Bangasser - Choreographer
Ed is thrilled to work again with his good friend Stephen Reifenstein on this World
Premiere of The Golden Dream. He has choreographed for many OC and LA theaters,
including La Habra Depot Theater (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat),
Insurgo Theater Movement (Heaven’s Café), Maverick Theater (Superman, the Musical), Brea Curtis Theater (J.C. Superstar), HBPH (Damn Yankees; Man of La Mancha), Newport Theater Arts Center (Bells are Ringing), Westchester Playhouse (Guys
and Dolls, Man of La Mancha). Ed is also the resident director/choreographer for
the musical theater program at Manhattan Beach Middle School. He has been seen
performing at the Curtain Call Dinner Theatre in Tustin, Saddleback Civic Light
Opera, Maverick Theater, Insurgo Theatre, Main Street Players, Huntington Beach
Playhouse, Long Beach Playhouse, Brea Curtis Theater, Westchester Playhouse, and
the Newport Theatre Arts Center. Special thanks to Stephen, Joe and Erik, a great
team to be a part of; to Shelly for always being there to pick up the slack; to Michael
Lopez for being a great friend and mentor; and finally, to the amazing cast for all
their hard work!
Ron Wyand - Sound Designer
Ron is the resident Sound Designer at the Long Beach Playhouse and a member of
the production staff at A Noise Within. His work can be heard throughout Southern
California; some favorites include: Lee Miller, The Angel and the Fiend for the J. Paul
Getty Museum; The Subject Was Roses at the Newport Theater Arts Center; the LA
Ovation Award winning production of The Women for Theater Neo; Quilters and
Cabaret for Huntington Beach Playhouse; The Crumple Zone in Los Angeles and
Seattle for Dad ‘n’ Pop Productions; A Noise Within’s production of The Price, which
earned a Backstage West Garland Award; GLAAD Media Award nominee Blues for
an Alabama Sky at Long Beach Playhouse; Ernest In Love at the Fremont Center Theater and Goodnight Children Everywhere for the Chance Theater. Ron has received
numerous design awards including a Backstage West Garland Award for The Interact Theater’s production of The Cherry Orchard.
Jonna Hutchinson - Stage Manager, Sound Board Operator
Jonna is excited to be part of this awesome production and to work with Stephen,
Joe, Erik and this amazing cast and crew. You may have seen Jonna fluttering about
during previous productions at HB Playhouse, including the award winning productions of Over The River and Through The Woods and Picnic, Ten Little Indians,
Heaven Can Wait, Arsenic And Old Lace and Oklahoma. Jonna also works as Stage
Manager, Light Operator and Sound Technician for other theaters in the Orange
County area. She would like to thank Bettie and Stephen for asking her to be a part
of this World Premiere and to her friends and family who support her love of theater
“even though they just don’t understand…” Lots of love and huggz to MCA, TSMS,
Andrew Otero - Set & Costume Designer, Scenic Artist & Set Dresser
Andrew is the resident set designer at the Curtain Call Dinner Theatre in Tustin. He
frequently works with the Huntington Beach Playhouse as well as with the Lawrence
Welk Dinner Theatre, The Long Beach Playhouse and the Newport Theatre Arts
Kiana St. Laurent - Lighting Designer, Light Board Operator
Kiana is happy to be back at Huntington Beach Playhouse to work on a world premiere with her friend Stephen Reifenstein. Some of her other credits include: Assistant Stage Manager/Scenic Design Anything Goes; Light Design/Stage Manager
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Sound/Stage Manager Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat; Light Design Over the River and Through the Woods; Assistant Stage Manager/Sound Cabaret; Light Design/Stage Manager Godspell. When
not at the theater, Kiana likes to spend time at Disneyland or out with friends. She
would like to thank her parents for their everyday support, her Guardian Angel,
Shawn, and her love, Ken.
“I have the terrible feeling that, because I am wearing a white beard
and am sitting in the back of the theatre, you expect me to tell you the
truth about something. These are the cheap seats, not Mount Sinai.”
- Orson Welles
Actor, Director, Screenwriter, 1915-1985
Let Him Sleep Until It’s
Time For His Funeral
Comedy by Peg Kehret
October 28 - November 13, 2005
Cancel Christmas
by Local Playwright Sam Younghans
December 20, 21 & 22, 3:00 & 7:00 PM
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