Winter 2013 - Chautauqua County Humane Society



Winter 2013 - Chautauqua County Humane Society
Winter 2013
Living Our Mission
The Chautauqua County Humane Society is a proud and responsible
community partner. Over the years we have grown to be the largest
animal welfare organization in Southwestern New York. What is most
important, are the positive outcomes for the animals we take into our
We remain committed to reducing the overpopulation of cats. We have
spayed/neutered over 10,000 cats for low income families during the
nine years of the program. As far as preventing cruelty, Ag & Markets
Law states that area law enforcement “shall” investigate animal cruelty,
however it also empowers CCHS to employ peace officers, and we have
embraced that mandate.
The Strunk Road Adoption Facility continues to operate at a capacity of
100 -125 cats and 25 dogs. This represents animals awaiting adoption
and does not include dogs received from stray holding contracts or
animals in volunteer foster care. CCHS has successfully worked to
reduce euthanasia for all animals that enter into our care. Beginning
in 2003, with a save rate of 54%, the Board of Directors approved the
policy that no healthy and friendly animal would be euthanized due to
overcrowding. CCHS has continued to implement protocols that increase
the save rate and as of December 2012, we have achieved a save rate of
over 92% for three consecutive years.
Adoptions continue to be a priority but the methods are changing. For the first time, the percentage of offsite adoptions
exceeds 30%. To test the effectiveness of a no fee adoption promotion, CCHS conducted a two-day “Adoptathon” on
March 23 & 24, 2012. The purpose was to place animals and to identify what preparation should take place if a much
longer event was scheduled. The promotion was held at one offsite location, the showroom of Shults Car Corner in
Jamestown, and at the CCHS Adoption Center. The event was supported in part by an advertising donation from
Shults Auto Group. The results were tremendous with 46 pets placed into approved homes.
Our revenue sources and program expenditures have changed significantly. Adoption fees received have decreased
by half as we transitioned from a high kill shelter to a rescue-based business model. In 2010 CCHS received the last
monthly payment from a 10 year (bequest) annuity, which provided operating revenues of $740,000. Beginning in
2005, we aggressively began to develop new sources of revenue. Our direct mail campaign, 2nd Chances Thrift Store,
and a commitment to increase special event dollars brings significant operating revenue from sources that did not exist
just seven years ago.
The challenges we face in 2013 are significant, but not impossible. Through
efficient allocation of staff resources and a continued commitment to existing
and new funding sources, we can remain responsible and fiscally sound as
we serve the animals in our community.
Proud sponsor of CCHS
Mission Statement
The Chautauqua County
Humane Society provides
compassionate care and
promotes the respectful
treatment of animals to
create a humane community.
Guiding Values
We promote quality and
enduring companionship
between people and
We provide a safe,
comfortable haven for
unwanted, abused and
neglected animals.
We believe euthanizing
healthy, adoptable animals is
Pennies 4 Paws 2013
It is time for CCHS’s 8th Annual “Pennies
4 Paws” campaign. Our 2013 goal is to
raise 1.7 million pennies ($17,000) to
help defray the high costs of the special
needs pets under our care. In order to
help place our pets in caring homes, we
keep our adoption fees affordable. This
means that most of the time we will spend
more money on a pet’s care than we receive from adoption fees. This always
leaves our organization in a position of needing to reach out to the communityat-large for help.
Our mission of the three P’s: promoting adoptions, preventing cruelty, and
providing education, requires a community-minded approach. People readily
accept the social responsibility of caring for unwanted animals, and here at
CCHS we love, cherish and embrace this endearing element of our community’s
social fabric, and our homeless pets truly rely on it. To continue to be able to
give the necessary care to each pet, we are asking for everyone’s help this year.
We emphasize rehabilitation
of animals and strive to
provide lasting homes for all
animals in our care.
Please consider doing a Pennies 4 Paws (P4P) drive to help. The P4P
campaign runs from February 12th (Lincoln’s birthday) through April 30th, so
there is plenty of time to put together a fun and informative penny drive. Theme
ideas are available at Arrangements can be made to pick
up the donations at the end of the fundraiser if needed or you can bring your
contributions to our shelter on Strunk Road in Jamestown. We are always
thrilled to see you, and our pets are even more so.
We respect animal life,
promote good health of
animals and work to control
Please feel free to call 665-2209 ext. 213, or email to [email protected]
com to schedule a donation pick-up/drop-off. Thank you for supporting your
Chautauqua County Humane Society!
We believe education is
essential to the humane
treatment of animals.
We strive to prevent cruelty,
neglect, carelessness
and ignorance toward
animals through advocacy,
collaboration, education and
Demolition of the previous Cat Colony began in
earnest on January 2, 2013 with the project to be
completed in about one month. During the month
of December 2012 many, many colony residents
were adopted by offering fee-waived adoptions.
The goal was to adopt out as many colony cats as
possible prior to beginning construction in order to
reduce stress on the cats during the transitions.
At the time of this newsletter deadline we are well underway and the remaining
colony cats have been temporarily placed in other areas of our shelter. We are
very excited that our Phase I dream for CCHS kitties
is really happening!
Photos and information about the completion of the
project, the housewarming party with ribbon cutting
ceremony, and details about Phase II efforts will be
in the spring issue of Making Tracks, so stay tuned!
Walk 4 Paws 2012 Recap
More than 370 people and 36 teams from county organizations gathered in
a strong show of support for the Chautauqua County Humane Society’s 8th
annual Walk 4 Paws event on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at Chautauqua
Institution’s Market Gate Area. The total event campaign closed at the end of
October with over $31,000 raised to help cover the soaring costs of caring for
the area’s unwanted pet population.
“This event grows each year and it is amazing to witness firsthand the love
between our supporters and their pets when they come to this event to offer
their commitment to help CCHS prevent animal cruelty, promote pet adoption
and provide education about the humane treatment of animals,” states Roxanne
Wendling, CCHS Community Relations Director. “We also had tremendous
support from our dedicated volunteers and area businesses, too. The pets in
our care need help every day, 365 days a year, and we could not do it without
this kind of commitment. It is vital to CCHS and we truly appreciate it.”
The 2013 Walk 4 Paws promises to be even better as CCHS is already in the
planning phases for the 9th annual Walk 4 Paws scheduled for early October.
CCHS is currently launching a very robust online option so that individuals and
teams can prepare and promote earlier in the year. CCHS is also currently
seeking 2013 event sponsors. Any businesses interested in becoming a CCHS
special event sponsor or creating a walk team should email to [email protected] or visit
“Fix-A-Bull” Provides 14701 Area Residents
with Affordable Spay/neuter Options
for Pit Bull & Pit Mix Breeds
In January of 2013, the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) opened a new no-cost spay/neuter
clinic that will provide pit bull owners residing in the 14701 zip code with more affordable spay/neuter
services for their pit and pit mix breed dogs.
The CCHS received $19,500 in grants from PetSmart Charities® for funding to the clinic which is anticipated
to perform 300 spay/neuter surgeries in 2013. The new Fix-A-Bull spay/neuter clinic will only ask for a
cash donation of the participant’s choice.
According to Jeff Lubi, CCHS executive
director, “Our goal is to make spay/neuter
services more affordable to pit bull breed
owners who might not otherwise be able
to sterilize their pets. With hundreds of
homeless and unwanted dogs surfacing
every year in our area, these services are
essential to reducing our homeless pet
overpopulation problem.”
The CCHS Fix-A-Bull Clinic will be open
each Wednesday starting on January 9th.
For more information or to schedule your
pet’s sterilization, call 665-2209 ext. 205 or
Piglet’s Point 3.0
Hello there! Just me, Piglet, again.
Did you know, next to me working
at 2nd Chances Thrift Store, the
most fun I have is writing a column
for this newsletter! Even though my
paws aren’t very easy to type with,
I’d do anything to help the needy and
homeless animals of Chautauqua
The other day I was wandering
around in my mom’s closet being
my usual nosey self, and you know
what I realized? For a person with
only two feet, my goodness she has
a lot of shoes! Really? I think I only
see her wear one or two pairs on a
regular basis. Why in the world does
she have so many shoes?
So here’s my point: 2nd Chances
Thrift Store is always finding
innovative ways to turn our excess
belongings into money to help the
animals. So, I am proud to introduce
Project Soles 4 Souls. With this
program, 2nd Chances can accept
any and all wearable shoes (no
holes in the bottoms) and they will
be boxed and sent to third-world
has collected over 150,000 pounds
of broken and outdated electronics.
While earning pennies on the pound
for these electronics, it is important
to note that we are keeping these
items out of our landfills and
are disposing of the hazardous
materials properly.
countries to help folks in desperate
need of footwear. For this, we
can earn $.50 per pound of shoes
shipped! Within three months, the
store collected over 3,000 pounds
of shoes and earned more than
$1,500.00 for the animals!
You know, 2nd Chances Thrift Store
is always looking for ways to keep
items out of our landfills and earn
money to help the animals. Since
becoming a state-certified electronics
collection site in 2011, 2nd Chances
And, don’t forget that we accept all
forms of clothing and rags. No piece
of clothing is thrown away at 2nd
Chances! Again, we earn pennies
per pound for worn out clothing and
rags. In less than two years we have
recycled more than 120,000 pounds
of unusable clothing!
So remember, help us turn our
carbon footprint into a green paw
print. But I swear, if they try to dye
my paws green, I’m quitting!
That’s my point.
Meowfully submitted,
Bunny Enthusiast Expands Rabbit Care at CCHS
As part of the shelter intake, CCHS occassionally
receives rabbits. Maybe not in the quantities as the cats
and dogs, but rabbits do occasionally enter the shelter.
Most of our shelter care is geared toward dogs and cats.
We find that most people are under the impression
that a rabbit doesn’t need a lot of attention. The exact
opposite is true. Rabbits indeed need very specialized
care and specific methods. Rabbits can be very social
creatures that have personalities just like our feline and
canine friends, and when properly cared for, they bring
much joy to a pet owner’s life.
CCHS was contacted by a man named Ron one day
last fall who had been at one of our off-site locations
and noticed that we had a rabbit up for adoption. He
decided to reach out and ask for a bit of my time. As
a novice when it comes to rabbit care, I was interested
and intrigued after speaking with Ron and decided to
schedule him to speak at our staff meeting about his
knowledge of rabbits. Not only did he know a great
deal about rabbits, he was also prepared to back up
all his information with literature and research on rabbit
care, such as what types of food are best, chew toys,
diseases, and how much exercise they need.
Ron not only shared his experiences about rabbits,
but he also donated money to create a fund which
will be used for all kinds of rabbit care. Thanks to his
generosity, “Stevie,” aka, “BooBoo Bunny” received
medical treatment for an abscess that would have
been very expensive for us otherwise. Another female
bunny was able to be spayed, where in the past only
male rabbits where altered. In addition to the medical
treatment and pet supplies, the program was able to pay
for a comprehensive rabbit book that will go home with
every rabbit adopted from the shelter.
Heaven Can (and did) Wait
required to become adoptable family
pets. This work is accomplished
by dedicated volunteers that spend
extra time working with the dogs in
the program and following a guided
care plan that addresses the special
issues each one has.
This has been an exciting and
exhausting year for the Heaven
Can Wait program at CCHS. The
program focuses on saving more
lives by providing dogs that would
otherwise be euthanized with training,
socializing and the extra attention
In 2012, we were able to finish working
with and placing the remainder of the
Prospect Street dogs. All 30 dogs
were a part of the program due to
lack of human socializing and never
being exposed to anything outside
the apartment they were born in. It
was a very long road to recovery,
but one that was taken with love and
commitment to the dogs. It is with a
bittersweet feeling that we watched
each one move on to become part of
a family. You do not spend that much
time with a dog and not have it put its
paw print on your heart. We will be
forever grateful to the kind adopters
that saw the best in what these pups
had to offer.
We have moved on to other dogs, as
there always seems to be one that
could use the extra help to become
the best dog it can be. Currently, Boris
Ron not only has a passion for CCHS rabbits, he is also
a proud owner of eight rabbits himself. At this point he
is unable to take any more rabbits, but that did not seem
to stop him from helping other bunnies sitting in shelters.
It’s just amazing what can happen when people really
care about something and are willing to reach deep
down inside themselves to help out others. Through his
connections Ron was able to not only donate money out
of his pocket, but also have his place of work match his
donation too, doubling the power of the effort.
Volunteers are needed to help socialize rabbits when
the shelter receives them. In addition, foster homes
for recovering bunnies are very welcome, too. CCHS
is planning on setting up more seminars with Ron to
speak with volunteers and the public in the near future.
In the meantime, if you have a bunny behavior problem
or just need more information, call the front desk at
716-665-2209 ext. 0.
and Zeke have our attention. Boris is
a young boxer mix that came to us
as a stray and needed confidence.
He has successfully completed a
Basic Obedience class and is ready
to move into his perfect home. He
loves to play and especially looks
forward to playtime with another dog.
Zeke also came to us as a stray.
He is an Australian Shepherd that
really needs a job. We are working
with him on leash walking and basic
obedience commands. He has a
tendency to chase cars and trucks,
and we are trying to break him of that
habit. He really wants to herd!
This program would not work if not for
the wonderful volunteers involved.
We appreciate all that they do in this
life saving project that they wholeheartedly dive into. They have made
a difference in not only the dogs’
lives, but in the families that adopted
them. We are proud that you are on
our team!
If you are interested in becoming
a part of this “pawsome” program,
please contact Sue Bobek at (716)
665-4214 or [email protected]
Also, before adopting a new bunny or surrendering
one that seems too difficult to handle, please give us
the chance to get you in touch with Ron. You may be
surprised to realize that bunnies are more complex, yet
with the right information can be a wonderful family pet.
We Fetch
Do you have furniture or appliances that you would like
to donate, but won’t fit in your car or truck? 2nd Chances
Thrift Store, an affiliate of the Chautauqua County Humane
Society, has introduced its “We Fetch” program.
By just picking up the phone and calling our store at (716)
664-4504 you can schedule a pick-up which will be handled
by our very capable staff. In most instances we can be at
your home within a few days, but please allow a maximum of
two weeks.
2nd Chances encourages a donation, usually of $20.00,
which helps offset the operational costs of our van. Thanks
to the generosity of volunteers like Sue and Tom Tempel,
we also have a trailer available. Pick-ups can be scheduled
Monday – Saturday.
The proceeds from the sale
of your gently used sofa will
cover the cost of four spay/
neuters. A dining table and
chairs will feed all the dogs in
the shelter for about a week.
While clearing out your house, you are also helping enrich
the lives of our animals while they wait for adoption into their
forever home.
We also encourage you to bring your smaller items to
our store at 707 Fairmount Ave., across from the Sam’s
Club Plaza in Jamestown. We accept donations Monday
– Saturday from 9 – 5, and Sunday from 10 – 4. Your
patronage is always appreciated.
Got Talent? We May Have a
Volunteer Position for You!
The Chautauqua County Humane Society is eternally
grateful for all the volunteers who come through our doors.
With their help, the shelter has been able to do so many
things that would otherwise not be possible. Every year we
look for new challenges that take us in whole new direction.
As the Volunteer Coordinator for CCHS, I am looking at
2013 volunteer positions and envisioning ways to expand
them. We still will have many of the same duties, such
as dog walking, cat socializing, fostering, spay clinic, etc.;
however, in 2013 we will be redefining these areas. Dog
walkers and other traditional volunteer roles are always
needed, yet at this point we have the opportunity to explore
new volunteer positions. Volunteers who wanted to work
with dogs found that walking dogs can be an active position.
Maybe you are a person that is not as agile, yet has a few
hours a week to give us. Maybe socializing the cats was
not as fulfilling as you originally envisioned, and you wanted
to do more. The program will now have more tailored cat
and dog enrichment programs, and a new rabbit program,
too, which will lend more possibilities for anyone interested
in volunteering.
What is an enrichment program? This is an area where
volunteers may do simple tasks such as relieving stress for
the animals by doing special feeding programs, exercise
programs, or behavior programs. We need volunteers who
are willing to do “quiet
kennel,” which will help
eliminate a dog’s stress
while in the kennel and
teach better behavior so
that the dogs can interact
with potential adopters in
more positive ways.
We need volunteers who are willing to make sure we have
soft music playing in the rooms for the animals. Volunteers
are needed to fill “Kongs” or special feeding bottles with
peanut butter or food. This process gives overly energetic
dogs a much-needed job to do while they work to get the
food out of the toy. We also need volunteers who have
more experience with dog behaviors because they could
really help dogs that need more social skills or who are
having a tough time adjusting to the shelter. These types of
enrichment activities, along with others, really work to help
make dogs and cats more adoptable, and we truly hope
to build a well-trained volunteer base dedicated to animal
enrichment growth.
Now that our new cat colony is nearing completion, it is
possible to consider expansion of enrichment programs
for cats, too. Currently, cats at the shelter don’t have an
exercise program, yet with the new toys and furnishings for
the colony it would be possible. Not an outdoor person?
Cats are willing to walk on leashes with a little work and we
could use your help with that.
The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a community
coming together to make the world better for the animals
living in Chautauqua County. Just ask yourself, do I have
one or two hours a week to give, and am I a dog or cat
person? Actually why choose one or the other? Become
an “enrichment elf” and bring some magic to our pets’ lives.
If you thought you couldn’t help at CCHS, think
Make an appointment with me, Susanne
Bloom, and we can see where it will take us. You
may contact me at [email protected] or phone
716-665-2209 ext. 205.
In Honor of:
Allen “Skip” Yahn’s Birthday
Mrs. Barbara Yahn
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Margaret Blakeslee
60th Wedding Anniversary
Michele & Nathan Terrill
Mack & Mercedes
Gene & Nana Anderson
Connie Nemes Birthday
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Nancy Sheldon’s Birthday
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Friends at Real Estate Advantage
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Wedding Anniversary
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Tim & Jan Mara’s 25th Wedding Anniversary
Evelyn Parsons
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3-year-old Jakob Huling
Grandpa Gary & Grandma Cindy Cuckler
Marcia Jones
Southwestern CSD
Jackie Carlson for the TNR program
Birgit Hanson, Sarah Giordar, Linda Feather,
& Jan Aldrich
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Carol Millons Birthday
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Colony Project
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The Ehnstrom Family for Christmas
George & Joyce Bataitis
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Ray & Debbie Imhof, for the loving care they
give to their rescued cats, for Christmas
Sandi Imhof
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Christina Luce for Christmas from
Secret Santa
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Jackie Carlson and 50 years of love for felines
Mary Bellizzi
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creatures all her life
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Gary & Nancy Risley
Lori Bridges for Christmas
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Rummy for Christmas
Kimberly Ognibene for her ongoing interest in
animal rescue
Frederick Ognibene, MD
Nils Peterson
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Nancy & Brent Sheldon
Margaret Basile Johnson
The DSS TA Supervisory Team
Margaret Basile Johnson
Friend Janie who has been helping all of
God’s creatures all her life
Krisse Mercurio
Great Pets “Mattie & Charlie”
Robert Fredrickson
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Ella “Ellie” Jose
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Rita Arisman
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Chautauqua Region Quilt Guild Inc.
Joyce Pillsbury
All honorariums/memorials listed were given between
July 11, 2012 and December 20, 2012
“Demon” & “Sage” beloved cats of Mr. &
Mrs. Mark Frank
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“Sassy” beloved cat of Barbara Hart
Barbara Hart
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Dennis & Pauline Harris
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“Tigger II”
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Clarabelle Gens
Vicki Coan
Terri Catafu
Donna Jadlowski
Dorothy Verry
John Watkins
Loveda Snyder
TRC Counseling & Psychiatric Services
Vicky Juhl
Gayle Schulte
Connie & Terry Hunt
Donna & Daniel Gustafson
Der Kobblers Automobile Assoc Inc.
Edna Coffin
Joan Johnson & Doris Nelson
Leann Putnam
“Lucky” beloved cat of Kim Doty &
Terry Herbeck
Laurie Livingston & Jean McGowan
John R. Moore Jr & “Lizzie”
Mr. & Mrs. John Sundeen
Patricia Sunzeri
Gordon Johnson
Mary Hendrickson
Stella Dynys
Warren Dahlin
Hope & Walter Cline
LeElla “Lee” Nelson
John & Becky Carleton
Edward Raymond
Sally Swarzt, Scott & Diane Swartz
Lois Doub
Dory Jamieson
Jamie Anderson
Gloria Pearson
Marge Mignacca
Cynthia Carr
“Teisha” 4 legged child of Becky & Rich Ross
Mimi & Rich Laughner
Ann Lindstrom
Susanna & Thomas Lawson
Alfio Cantali
David & Marlene Walkinson
Elsa Reich
Employees of Truck-Lite Co
Inscape Architectural Interiors
Isaac Steele
Jeffrey & Randall Present
Danny Smith
Ed & Bev Bello
Miriam “Patsy” Hoffman
Gerald & Lois Inman
Terry & Kelly Sedon
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Vecellio
Charles W. Joslyn
Mike & Lyn Rabent
Ellie E. Munson
Linda Donche
Helen Kazelunas
Kyle Siebert
Marsha Pritz
John O’Neil
Lady Islanders Golf
Loving Dog “Phantom”
Mr. & Mrs. Kent
Mary Lee Nelson
Herb & Lois Larson
Mr. Wayne Anderson
“Gus” Aufick
Jeffrey & Ann Anderson
Joseph Dynys
Carol Johnson
Carol & Gene Saunders
Mary Card
Edward & Anhild Evanczik
Harry & Ann Farmer
Dorthy Ecklund
Mitch & Jan Rice
Robert & Donna DiMilia
Bonnie Tesone
Bruce, Carolyn & JoAnn SanFilippo
Joseph Dynys Cont.
Pat Anzideo & Michael Flaxman
Jeff & Edmond Tomassini
Louis Racitano
Stella Dynys
Evelyn Jean Piazza
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Vitello
Timothy & Diana Allen
Donna Pacitti
Frank & Carola Papaserge
Charles & Patricia Piazza
Bill & Darrylin Sperry
Alyson Frost
Raymond & Janice Blair
Stanley Morris
Kathy & Lyle Gardner
Ross Patti
Mr. & Mrs. John Gatto
Dolores & Robert Prince
Gordie Johnson
Ted Larson
James & Lois Lindell
Norma Dynys
Loving Mother Betty & Sweet Dog “Grizzly”
Linda Yates
Allen J. Smith
John & Mary Nelson
Robert Stark Sr.
Samantha & Ava Nyweide
Beloved pet “Bo”
Kim Mann
Jacqueline Smith
Kathryn Heintzman
Lynda Tanner
West Herr Automotive Group
Ted & Sally Patterson
Lois Durda
DMV of Mayville, Jamestown & Dunkirk
Gail Ashley
Frederick & Catherine Obert
Trish & Rich Perry and Jane & Denny Stornes
Beloved dog “Duke”
Kathy Dennis
June Franson
Michael & Marilyn Sees
Dorothy & Brook Rhinehart
Elfriede Brumfield
WCA Hospital
Mary Hansen
Hope’s Windows, Inc
Annelie Rosenow
The Angeli Family
Bill & Kathy Whitmore
Retha Rumbaugh
The Carriage House
Don & Sue Angelo
Patricia Meekins
Homer Meekins
Steven Jewell
Jim & Linda Muhs
Samantha & Ava Maggio
Deb & Dave Felton
Daryl & Rita Felton
Rhonda & Darren Wieder
Melissa Congdon
Marilyn Longenecker
Family Friend “Brandon”
Stefanie & Jim Mittlefehldt
Eleanor C. Larson
Angie Loughrey & Josephine Destro
Sandra Currah
Doll Study Club of Jamestown
Emmaline Knickerbocker
Terry & Judy Dailey
Erik J. Carlson
Pat & Kate Lamancuso
James Hitchcock
Vicki Hitchcock
Phylis Howe
Donald & Karen Bifaro
Timothy Gleason
Jamestown DMV
Robyn Hogan
Edward Danety
Karen Martinson
Vea Marie Reese-Ion
Jim & Sue Haskins
All honorariums/memorials listed were given between
July 11, 2012 and December 20, 2012
Barbara Burns
Beautiful girls “Mindy” & “Velvet”
Laurie Peterson
Mr. Donald Dennerlein
Charles & Linda Frank
Travis Hilton
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Meadows
The Salvador Family
Sarah Wojehowski
John & Kathleen Gustafson
Charlie & Valerie Heggarty
Aimee Brunelle
Bill & Pam Cordosi
Anthony & Lisa Mosca
Inscape Architectural Interiors
“Mickey” beloved cat of Sandy Giambra
Josh, Jeremy, Joette, Pat & Julie
Margiann S. Jankowski
Mark & Linda Steffan
Mrs. Guny Ecklund
Ed Bello
Dolores Bloom
Cindy Buck
“Mac & other Special Pets”
Bob & Judy Petroline
“Rita” Beloved Pet of Siam, Liz, Cyrees &
Sage Jones
Al & Diane Atcheson
Sue Benson
Shannon’s “old cat” Newton
William & Kitty Bessette, William, Salie & Kristen
Bessette and William & Michelle Bessette
Aimee Brunelle
Mookie Calkin
Edward Calkin
Mary Beth’s Shetland Sheepdogs
Mary Beth Carlson
Claire Post
Sandy & Gary DuBois
Raymond Krull
Gov TWC Team
Shauna Anderson
Terry Skura
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rickard
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Conroe
Stephen Humm
Wonderful & Beautiful “Jake”
Lori & Jim Foti
“Razi” beloved pet of Patricia Sunzeri
Patricia Sunzeri
goat “Hannah Rose”
Lisa & Joan Wagner
Alice Burch
Marlene Wilkinson
Rose Marshall
Herny W. Dahlgren
Beverly Armitage
Charles & Hazel Crossley
Linda Barmore
June Nord
Gertrude & Robert Olson
Beloved Pets “Lea” & “Socks”
Ruth Wilcox
Edward Danetz
Friends & Co-workers of his wife Peggy
Edward Danetz / Dad & Pop Pop for
Tina Britt
Margaret Barstow
John & Helena Damond
George V. Vangel
Bryan & Abbey Simmons
Gillian & Ellen Ditonto
Beth Bundy
Sharon Lisciandro
A very good dog “Merlin”
Alan Hill
Beloved Pet “Tara”
Phyllis Kron
Jim Widrig
Cheryl Nelson
Bernice Danielson
Barbara & David Chall
Moo, Mac, Joe, & Linda Mecca
Jeanette Hansen
Connie & Bill Wright
Linda Owings
Larry Cupp
Beloved Cat “Pooker”
Diane Forsberg
Linda Aures
“Zuzu, Juni & Deco”
Linda Aures
Linda Aures
Kim & Jon Torrey
Doug Pangborn
Linnea Pangborn
Jann Swanson
Betty Murphy
Betty Swanson
Bernard Newhouse
Robert Geertson
Daniel Arrance
Terry Jo Arrance
Margaret Nyweide
Thom & Cheryl Shagla
Uhl Family Beloved dog “Duke”
Linda & Clair Inkley
Richard Long
Kim & Judy Greyber
Dick & Sue Wright
Michael & Pamela Latone
Barsema, Tuzik & Hurley, LTD
Deborah & David Kjornsberg
Ed & Susie Shults
Martin & Patricia Idzik
Jacqueline Darrock
Robert & Kelly Dubois & Mary Farrell
Chris & Emily Prybylo
Beloved “Max”
Byron & Barbara Bilicki
Marca Enyart
Chris Kaczmarek
Jordan Karp
Diane Davis
Gary & Nancy Risley
Phoebe & Isabel
Lydia Romer
Skip & Gen Lumia & all of their boxer dogs
Dan & Michele Seymour
Richard Sanfilippo
Sally Matey
Beloved Pets Sable, Mandy, Lydie, Pal,
Madison, J.R., Scottie, Mrs. Carter,
BIG Boy & Tina
Gary & Debbie Kinnis
Betty Lobb Scala
Jim & Linda Bailey, Ken & Penny Rosenberg, Dennis
& Mina Wilson, Virginia Inglesby
Beloved Pets “Jake & Gus”
Robert Fredrickson
“Zarina” beloved Great Dane of Keith Warner
& Autumn Maring
Dave & Pat Swartwood

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