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Kgend - Koenders Windmills
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Is a Koenders Aeration System
right for me?
How much wind is needed to operate a Free-Air Windmill System?
3-5 mphwindswill operatethe Airstoneandproducea smallvolumeof water
from the pump.
What is your pond used for?
Whether you useyour pond of raisingfish, livestock,irrigation or for recreational
purposes,Koendershas the right systemfor you. For a pond focused on raising
fish, we recommend24n aeration availablewith our ElectricAerator. For most
other applications,our Free-AirWindmill will suit your needs.
How big is your pond?
One Koenders Free-Air Windmill Aeration System is ideal for ponds up to 2
acres. We recommend 2 Airstones if the pond is shallow (less than 8-10')
throughout the entire area of the pond. Each Airstone can be regulated with a
2-way selector valve.
In what type of climate do you live?
Koenders Aeration Systemsare designedto withstand extremeweather conditions. Our self-governingwindmill will turn itself out of the wind at 27 mph.
Our FreezeControl Unit will keep the air flowing, and with constant aeration
you can prevent icing near the Airstone.
How do I decide what size Windmill is right for me?
If you live in flat terrain, a 12' Systemwill suffice. If you live in an areawith
varying elevations,a 20' Systemwill catch the most wind possible.Your
Windmill may be located up to 1000' away from your pond.
Can the Free-Air Windmill System withstand high winds?
The windmill head is self-governing and bladeswill turn out of direct wind
when speedsexceed27 mph. Most damageto the windmill resultsfrom
improper anchoring.
Will the Air Line freeze in winter or during light frosts?
The Airstone Foot Valveis designedfor one-way only airflow, preventing moisture from entering the Air Line.A FreezeControl Unit can also be installedto
ensurethe Air Linestaysopen year-round. For added protection, install a
PressureReleaseValveto ensureexcesspressuredoes not build up in the Air
Line and damagethe diaphragm.
Does the Airstone ever get clogged with mud?
Do you need to pump water to a stock tank or pond?
Besidesaerating your ponds, a KoendersAeration Systemhasthe ability to
pump water when combined with one of our air-driven pumps. This is extremely
effective for ponds located in remote areaswhere electricity is not available.
Choose a "SW16" and begin pumping today!
Do you have a well?
Our "Verta-6" Well Pumpcombined with an Aeration Systemallows you to
pump water from wells 40' deep.
Recommended package to include: 1 aeration system (your
choice); 1 pair of pivot points; 1 Airstone Housing Bucket; 1 duck
decoy; 1 50' roll weighted Air Line; 1 packageAir Line Brackets;1
hoseconnector and clamp; 1 MaintenanceKit (for quick repairsas
needed)and 1 pair of No-Cut Gloves.
Routine air movement should keep the Airstone operating freely. Additionally,
when placed inside a Housing Bucket, most pond debris including mud, will not
affect the Airstone.
Will aeration rid my pond of algae and weeds?
Aeration will reduce and may even eliminate algae by breaking down nutrients
algaefeed on. Aeration can also improvethe aestheticsand overall health of
ponds. Improving water quality will reducethe chanceof unsightly algae
blooms, sludge accumulation, and fish kills. Bytargeting the root of the problem, not just the symptoms,you will havea much healthier pond.
How much water volume is pumped with the Koenders water pumps?
Our pumps will pump up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute, at 10' of lift. At
3-5 mph winds, both pumps will produce minimal amounts of water, which
increaseswith wind speed.Volume will also decreaseasthe lift increases,to a
maximum of 40'.
"Our three year warran9'
is unsuq)assed in the industry."
Koenders Free-Air WindJnill S 'stem
A proven low-maintenance,
low cost, highly effective method of improfing water quality.
To keep ponds clean and healthy, water requires oxygen. Without it, water turns ano 'c, resulting in fish kills and
bacterial growth. How can you prevent this condition?A Koenders Aeration System is th answer. Through aeration
(the process of supplying water with air), Koenders systemsprovide continuous oxygen to ltagnant, unhealthy water,
even during winter. This perpetual air circulation ensuresyour pond remains healthy a (l won't deteriorate during
any season. Koenders Windmills have been manufactured in North America since 1986. uilt with durable 18-gauge
galvanized steel, windmills installed 18 years ago stiO run strong today.
Eachsystemcomescomplete with 100' Air Line, Airstone, PressureReleaseValve,a~d an installation manual.
12' System Item No. KWS001
(61" stance*)/185.5 Ibs.
16' System Item No. KWS002
(79" stance*)/217 Ibs.
20' System Item No. KWS003
(98t' stance*)/256 Ibs.
*the distance from one leg of the tower to another (bottom extension touching the ground) point to point.
Full line of replacement
Freeze ctntro1
allowsyou to
from a pond
to another pond, to remote locations
including stock tanks, gardens, and
flower beds, or for use in trickle irrigation. Requires min. depth of 24" and
3-5 mph winds for effective operation.
Will pump a max.of 2.5 gallonsper
minute. Item No. PMP020/20 Ibs.
Self-governingduring high winds
Requiresminimum 3-5 mph winds
Systemdesignedfor up to 2 acre
Can be placed up to 1000' away from
the pond
Rotor Diameter: 65"
Transmission:Direct Drive
Foundation:3 ground rods; 1" diameter pipe, 4' long. NOTE: For safety,
we recommendcementing rods into
the ground.
Well Pumo
- "Verta-6"
Transfers water from a well to a pond,
stock tank, or other remote location.
Designed for hand dug wells or wells
with min. 6" casings. Will pump up to
2.9 gallons per minute. Requires at
least 6' of water and 3-5 mph winds
for effective operation. PVC casing,
brass check valves, and only 3 moving
parts ensure low maintenance.
Item No. PMP021/20 Ibs.
Garden Hose Adapter
For use when connecting either a 1/2" or 3/8" hose to an
Airstone Foot Valve.
Note: Garden hose should not be used to replace Air Line on a
Windmill or "EL2" aeration system.
1/2" Item No. ACC120
3/8" Item No. ACC121
Koenders Diffuser Airstone
Secret ingredient for efficient
aeration. Dimensions
2.25"x 7",3.5 Ibs.
Note: Shallow or
larger ponds may
require multiple
Item No. ACC016
Our air-driven pumps are perfect for remote water pumping needs. WOrks
with both Koenders Aeration systems.
The "SW16"
parts available
Horizontal Water Pumo "SWI6"
Protects your Air Line from freezing.
Helpsmaintain aeration year round in
locations with freezing temperatures.
Self-regul~tingto monitor line pressure. Attaches directly to Windmill.
Item No.IFCS012
Airstone Foot Valve
Connects Airstone
to Air Line. Insert
disc valve inside
foot valve ensures
one-way only flow of air
and water.
Item No. ACC019
Air Line
3/8" Polytubing Air
Designed to move with tl
turn of the Windmill. Aer
tems can be placed up tc
the pond when connecte
Line. Available in 100' or
100' Item No. ARL007
300' Item No. ARL032
Weighted Air Line
3/8" weighted hose sink~
tom of the pond. Connec
plastic in-line connector c
clamp to 3/8" Polytubing
Available in 50' and 100'
50' Item No. ARL008
100' Item No. ARL033
Air Line Bracket 4 Pack
from Included
mud and45'
Airstone rom protects
sinking into
the pond.
nylon rope
ties the b8cket to the Airstone Marker. Item No. ACC030
Set of brackets safely
secures Air Line to
Windmill. Brackets can a'
point on tower. Item Nc
The windmiU is a symbol of the past
and is the perfect addition to every
homestead. If pond aeration is not
required,feel free to order our ornamental windmills, which come complete
with windmiU and tower.
Ornamental Windmills
12' Ornamental Windmill
16' Ornamental Windmill
20' Ornamental Windmill
Item No.
Interested in creating your own custom tower? we also offer windmill
heads, available with or without aeration capabilities.
* For safety, we recommend towers be a minimum of 12' in
:ion sys000' from
by an Air
00' rolls.
surei~ anyKoenders
rh ","
. -'
Aeration system.Can
o{.attach to any point
on Air Line. Also
works as a hoseconnector.
Item No. ACC011
Hose Connector & Clamp Pack
weighted Air Lineto
Polytubing or additional weighted Air
Line. Eachpack
includes 1 connector and 2 clamps.
Item No. ACC023
Hose Connector 4 Pack
o the bot.with a
d hose
,ir Line.
Kh to any
Selector Valves
Regulates air pressureflow to
Airstone and pumps.
Note: Recommendedwhen using
multiple Airstonesor a combination or
Airstones and water pumps.
2-Way Item No. ACC014
3-Way Item No. ACC015
Allows you to connect
Air Linesfor
customized hose length.
Heavy-dutynylon. 2-way
connectors available.
Note: Deviceideal for PolytubingAir
Line connectionsonly. Usehose
clampswhen connecting weighted Air
Line to Connector. Item No. ACC022
No-Cut Flexible Gloves
- "EL2"
Built to last, our ElectricAerator works on HOV
and is designedfor use on aUponds, including
those located in wooded areas, and steep or
rugged terrain. Theperfect solution for 24-hour
Each" EL2" comescomplete with an ElectricAerator, 100' Air
Line, Airstone, PressureReleaseValve,6' electriccord and an
installation manual.
FunctionalWindmill Head Item No. KWS009/ 110 Ibs.
Ornamental Windmill Head Item No. KWS010/ 91 Ibs.
In-line Pressure Gauge
Gauge providesvisual
reading of air pres-
Koenders Electric Aerator System
Constant aeration (1.5 dm.; maximum 30 psi.)
Ideal for any pond situation, including commercialfisheries
Designedfor both deep and shallow ponds, with a maximum depth of 30'
Operateswith all KoendersAeration Accessories
Heavy-dutyexterior and work-horse construction
Item No. EAS017/ 941bs.
Replacement Insert Disc Valve
Replacement kit
includestwo discs
and one nylon flap.
Item No. PRT018
Maintenance Kit
Pressure Release Valve
Protects Air Line and Compressorby
releasingback pres"" i, l \
sure if Air Line
freezes or becomes
otherwise blocked.
Item No. PRT060
Pivot Point Pair
Pair of p!vots allows the
user to tilt the
Windmill over for
maintenanceand repair. -
Item No. ACC025
Maintenance recommendedevery
1-2 years. Kit contains 1
diaphragm and 3 insert disc
valves. Foruse on both Windmill
and" EL2" systems.
Note: Securebladesand tail before attempting
maintenanceor repairs.
Item No. PRT013
Koenders Bearing Replacement Kit
Replacementkit for crankshaft
bearings on all model Windmill and
"EL2" systems.Kit includes 1 bearing, 2 flangettes. (Mfg. Sugg.: 3
kits ensure proper replacement
Generation 2 Item No. PRT115
Generation 3 Item No. PRT024
A combination of Dyneemafiber and fiberglassshell with nitrile palm coating protects hands from metal cuts, yet is
flexible enough to pick up the smallestparts.
Note: Due to sharp edges, glovesshould be worn during installation and maintenanceof all Windmill parts and pieces.
Medium Item No. ACC027
Large Item No. ACC028
X Large Item No. ACC029