100% natural



100% natural
Gookies are
Now even better tasting &
100% natural
Gookies, cookies with a ‘Spread the Love’ attitude and karma-inspired flavours,
are a joint creation from Dutch Bakery Van Strien and Gummo.
With only natural ingredients and a new, distinctive view on the product
‘Cookie’, Gookie became a Dutch underground hit. Already being sold in Dutch
supermarkets like Plusmarkt and available at Lowlands Festival.
Gookie is always looking for ways to improve the taste and sustainability,
so what’s new with Gookie 2.0?:
 The recepies are improved and Gookie is now 100% natural
 Gookies are baked with creamy grass butter. So, only happy cows!
 Only Fairtrade Chocolate is used from now on
 New packaging that is more environmental friendly
 Baked by Van Strien, one of the best and well known bakers in the Netherlands
 Lower pricing
 Most important, even more delicious than ever!
 And of course, 10% of the profits still goes to charity
Do you want to help Gookie spreading the love? Contact Jaques van Strien for more
information: 0186-626326.
As John Altman would say, ‘Spread the Love, man’.
Cookies will never be the same.
Available from 1st of April.
We were hanging out on Baker Beach in San Francisco when
we met him giving away free cookies. We were entranced.
We’ve got three karma-inspired
flavours that balance the sweet
with the sour,
the light with the dark to take you
on a deeply spiritual trip.
And what goes in them?
Nothing but natural ingredients.
And lots of love, obviously.
Gookie Production & Sales
Van Strien Bakeries
Simon Stevinstraat 3
3261 MG Oud-Beijerland.
Jaques van Strien
Tel: +31 (0) 186 626326
Email: [email protected]
It might have been the weather, it might have been the vibes,
it might have been the intense combination of sour cherry
and rich chocolate flakes, but they were the best damn
cookies we’d ever tasted.
When we told John this, he said only one thing:
“Spread the love.”
“Like, make people happy, man. Take the recipe,
bake the cookies, spread the love.”
So that’s exactly what we do. We bake cookies
ts to
as naturally as possible, give 10% of the profi
good causes and try to make people’s lives a
sweeter every day.
Gookie Marketing & Communication
Wibautstraat 129
1091 GL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 20 3306464
Email: [email protected]

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