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PDF - RTM Productions
FRANKLIN, TENN. JANUARY 4, 2013 To celebrate the rare, original 427 COPO Camaro, "MuscleCar" is
teaming up with aftermarket partners Chevy Performance, Classic
Industries, Barrett-Jackson Restoration Systems and others to
build a correct-appearing tribute car with subtle upgrades.
The COPO Camaro legend started in 1969 when Chevy dealers,
desperate to beat GM's ban on selling high-performance small
cars, discovered he could order Camaros with 427-inch ZL1
aluminum race engines by using GM's Central Office Production
Order form. They were one of the most powerful street-legal
cars Detroit ever built, and with only 69 made, extremely rare.
"Forty-four years later, gearheads continue to lust after these cars.
This will be MuscleCar's highest profile project ever so
we are dedicating multiple episodes to detailing what
it takes for a guy to build one from the ground up,"
said RTM executive producer Joe St. Lawrence.
The tribute car will be built around sponsor products such as
a limited edition 430 HP 427 Anniversary Edition crate engine
from Chevy Performance and authentic GM Restoration parts
from Classic Industries, including everything from brake,
suspension, cooling system components and sheet metal. The
COPO will be painted with the new Barrett-Jackson Restoration
System, which features prep, paint and protection products.
The car will also feature an Auto Gear M22 four-speed
transmission, a 12-bolt Moser rear end, Lizard Skin
insulation, TMI seats, Wheel Vintiques rally wheels
and Firestone Wide Oval tires from Coker Tire.
RTM Productions will air the COPO episode of MuscleCar
at 10:30 a.m. EST/PST, Feb. 9-10 on Spike TV. Episodes of the
COPO also can be streamed for free at www.powerblocktv.
com, and include links to the featured parts.