2012 Report of Activities



2012 Report of Activities
• 2012 Report of Activities
About Synergos
Synergos helps solve complex problems of poverty and
inequality by promoting and supporting collaborations
among business, government, civil society, and
marginalized communities.
Where We Work
Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
South Africa and Mozambique
Senior Fellows
Global Philanthropists Circle
Special Events
Synergos Consulting Services
Financial Report Summary
Board of Directors
Staff, Representatives, and Offices
We create the conditions for these partnerships by building trust, enhancing the
effectiveness of bridging leaders and institutions, and sharing our knowledge and
Over the course of more than 25 years, Synergos has supported innovative initiatives
in more than 30 countries and regions, including Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia,
India, Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border, the Middle East and North Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
Right: Visual analysis of systemic
causes of isolation and depreviation of children in South Africa
– and possible responses. This
was created during workshop
of Synergos’ Social Connectedness program, which aims
to improve the wellbeing of
children and caregivers whose
lives are affected by poverty,
the HIV/AIDS crisis, and related
Where We Work
Senior Fellows
Key Program Countries
Global Philanthropists Circle
Board members
Pioneers of Egypt
Synergos Offices or
Arab World Social Innovators
Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
Nurturing social innovation
The Middle East and North Africa is a region of great hope and great change. Yet
too many of its people face poverty, inequity, and related development problems.
Our programs there focus on using social entrepreneurship to help local leaders
address pressing needs. The centerpiece of this work is the Arab World Social
Innovators network, which supports grassroots leaders in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan,
the Palestinian Territories, and the United Arab Emirates. Synergos provides the
Social Innovators with offerings including a financial award, technical assistance
and capacity-building workshops, access to Synergos’ global networks, mentoring,
and peer network exchanges.
One such Innovator is Ziad Abichaker, who started Cedar Environmental, an environmental and industrial engineering organization in Lebanon that is building
recycling plants to produce organically certified fertilizers, building materials, and
other products. The goal is a zero-waste society.
A related effort is the Pioneers of Egypt. Started by Synergos in June 2011 with
funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Pioneers of
Egypt will contribute to economic prosperity by expanding employment opportunities – particularly for youth – and supporting a new cadre of civil society and
business leaders in Egypt. Due to political change in Egypt, progress in 2012 was
slower than anticipated, and work instead focused on laying the groundwork for
fuller activities when conditions permit.
“Listen, quite frankly, if it wasn’t for Synergos, we wouldn’t
have been able to launch the green bottle initiative.”
– Ziad Abichaker, Synergos Arab World Social Innovator
Synergos also serves as lead implementer of the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, which we formed with USAID in collaboration with Ashoka and the Schwab
Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. The Alliance is helping create a robust
social entrepreneurship movement in selected developing countries. In 2012 we
conducted social entrepreneurship mapping exercises as an early step in this
We also began exploring ways to support emerging social entrepreneurship in
Central Asia, through discussions with the Aga Khan Development Network, a
leader in education and support for civil society in the region, and local actors.
Top: Ziad Abichaker. Above, left to right: Rabeea Al Nasser, a Synergos Social Innovator who introduces Jordanian children to the importance of art and music; meeting for philanthropists with Roza Otunbayeva,
former interim president of the Kyrgyz Republic, co-hosted with the Aga Khan Development Network.
South Africa and Mozambique
Strengthening connections and capacity to help children and youth
Our work in Mozambique and South Africa focuses on helping local institutions,
leaders, and communities meet the needs of children affected by poverty, HIV/
AIDS (including the loss of parents), and social exclusion.
In South Africa, our main initiative is LINC – the Leadership and Innovation Network for Collaboration in the Children’s Sector. LINC, co-founded by Synergos in
2006, has served 100 fellows – leaders in the children’s sector from government,
business, civil society, and donor agencies. Together, their organizations reach
11 million children. LINC helps the fellows function more effectively and fosters
innovation and cross-sector collaboration by providing group and individual
coaching, peer learning opportunities, social networking, and funding for innovation projects in key areas such as building community capacity.
In Mozambique and South Africa, our Social Connectedness program supports
actions to eliminate the isolation and social exclusion of vulnerable children by
influencing practices of governmental and nongovernmental institutions, and
potentially altering public policy. This initiative is conducted in partnership with
Synergos Canada, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Foundation for Community Development (Mozambique), Kim Samuel Johnson (a member of Synergos’ board and Global Philanthropists Circle), and the Oxford Poverty and Human
Development Initiative.
Top: Children who benefit from
programs of Childline South
Africa, an organization participating in LINC; visit to Xai Xai in
Mozambique as part of learning
through our Social Connectedness program.
Landscape research on social isolation and connectedness of children in South
Africa was completed in July of 2012. In September, two learning exchanges with
local youth organizations were conducted to incorporate the voices of young
people into the program.
Advancing health and nutrition
Since 2008, Synergos has helped support an effort that brings together
senior government officials, clinical
technicians, community health providers, and representatives from business
and civil society. This work has two
focuses: improving the performance
and capacity of the Namibian Ministry of Health’s senior leadership and
improving maternal health by enabling
health leaders to create, test, and replicate innovative projects.
In 2012, work on maternal health
focused on raising capacity at the
regional level. One example of this is
in Oshana region, where the Regional
Development Unit (RDU) we support
has worked to reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality rates through
maternal health outreach programs.
In one case, residents of Olulongo
village were often unable to get to
the regional hospital in flood season.
The RDU decided to install a container
clinic in the village, which will serve as
an antenatal clinic led by local health
leaders and health workers. The RDU
worked with local political leaders,
including the village headman, who
donated a plot of land for the container
clinic to be deployed.
Early nationwide surveys suggest
improvement in many measures of
maternal and child health - figures we
hope will be confirmed in 2013.
Synergos also serves as secretariat for
the Namibia Alliance for Improved
Nutrition (NAFIN), which was established by the Right Honorable Nahas
Angula, then Prime Minister, in 2010.
In 2012 NAFIN and the World Health
Organization completed a key study
of maternal and child nutrition that is
now informing policy development and
collaborative action.
“We need the commitment of all sectors of
society to work together to implement a
comprehensive approach that includes creating
policies that will address the inequities that
persist among regions, ethnic groups and
wealth quintiles, combining the skills and
resources we have for better and efficient
allocation of resources where they are most
Top to bottom: Hospital
in Windhoek; Nahas
Angula (left), then
prime minister of
Namibia, at the release
of a report on the
state of nutrition in
his country, with Graça
Machel and Dr. Richard
N. Kamwi, Minister
of Health and Social
Services of Namibia;
we are helping increase
access to maternal
health services through
new clinics located
in recycled shipping
ight Honorable Nahas Angula, former Prime
Minister of Namibia
Supporting agricultural transformation
In Ethiopia, Synergos works with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation
Agency (ATA) to build capacity for systems-shifting collaborations and support
ATA’s development as a high-performing organization. Agriculture is the foundation of Ethiopia’s economy, accounting for over 40% of its GDP and engaging more
than 80% of its labor force.
By establishing the ATA, the Government of Ethiopia demonstrated a shrewd
understanding of the systemic problems and the support needed by the Ministry
of Agriculture to accelerate agricultural growth.
Synergos supports ATA on multistakeholder collaborations by helping design and
implement processes that involve diverse stakeholders, build common vision and
achieve collaborative actions to resolve bottlenecks in the agricultural system.
This has included providing inputs and building broad-based support for ATA’s
five-year Cooperatives Sector Strategy, producing and disseminating a paper on
cooperatives’ and unions’ utilization of the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange
platform, and creating learning experiences that deepen understanding of smallholder farmers’ challenges. Synergos is also designing and executing a program to
enhance human resource capacity within ATA and the Ministry of Agriculture, as a
main focus of engagement with ATA.
Synergos’ support to ATA’s organizational development involves facilitating
thought partnership for the ATA leadership, senior staff secondments and expert
support on strategy, organizational structure, analytics and communications.
Improving child nutrition; supporting civil society leaders
Since 2006, Synergos’ key engagement in India has been through the Bhavishya
Alliance, a multistakeholder partnership involving Unilever, UNICEF, and local
stakeholders from business, government and civil society. This partnership developed cohesive responses to child undernutrition in both urban and rural settings
in the State of Maharashtra.
In early 2012, Bhavishya’s trustees, who are from Indian corporations, deemed
that the Alliance had successfully proved the efficacy of multisectoral approaches
to addressing child undernutrition. The activities of the organization were wound
up, with successful pilots being scaled up by the Indian government and other
actors. A learning document examining key lessons of the experience was shared
with stakeholders. At the same time, a recent UNICEF study showed declines in
the rate of stunting and severe malnutrition, including the rate of stunting of
children under two years of age falling by 41% .
Synergos’ networks also extend to India through our Senior Fellows and Global
Philanthropists Circle networks. One highlight in 2012 was Chintan Environmental
Research and Action Group – an Indian nonprofit organization founded and led by
Senior Fellow Bharati Chaturvedi – becoming one of three winners of a $500,000
US Secretary of State’s Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and
Girls. Chintan works on issues of urban poverty, consumption, and sustainable
livelihoods for people working in the informal sector. Ms. Chaturvedi has shared
her experience through our networks with other Senior Fellows, as well as with
Global Philanthropists Circle members who visited her group in 2012.
Clockwise from far left: Waste recyclers and
activists from Chintan, the NGO created by
Synergos Senior Fellow Bharati Chaturvedi
in India; US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
with Bharati Chaturvedi on the occasion of
Chintan sharing the $500,000 Innovation
Award for the Empowerment of Women and
Girls; training by Taj Hotel chefs in Maharashtra on cooking tasty nutritious meals for
children in government child-care facilities.
Helping strategic philanthropy emerge
As China’s economy grows, so too does its philanthropy. Synergos has been meeting with philanthropists, government leaders, philanthropy support
groups, and other actors in China. The purpose of
these discussions – held in China as well as other
venues – is to explore ways we and members of our
networks might be of service to emerging Chinese
philanthropic initiatives.
Top: Peter Buffett speaks
at an event on family and
corporate philanthropy in
Beijing during a GPC trip to
Left: Synergos hosted several
study groups from China
in 2012, including this one
organized by the University
of Pennsylvania.
Our goal is to enable philanthropy in China to play
a catalytic role in helping the country meet major
social, economic and environmental challenges.
A partnership to transform education
Synergos has been asked to design both a strategy and a process for stakeholder inclusion to
achieve comprehensive educational reform in the Amazonian state of Pará, where student test
scores are the lowest in the entire country.
The Inter-American Development Bank has committed $350 million to a loan facility for this
project, which expects to improve test scores within 24 months and work on infrastructure and
more extensive educational improvements over the next five years. In 2012 we conducted a
series of participatory planning workshops around the state to bring diverse voices, particularly
from local educators, into the process.
Photo: Planning workshop with teachers and principals.
Senior Fellows
The Synergos Senior Fellows network comprises
outstanding civil society leaders who are committed
to increasing their impact on poverty and inequity
through collaboration. Through a three-year fellowship program, these leaders exchange innovative
ideas, models, and tools in the development field and
benefit from opportunities to connect and collaborate with other change makers.
Each year new Fellows are recruited to a network – in
2012, ten Fellows were recruited, including our first
from Germany and Cameroon. These new Fellows’
programs address environmental conservation, children’s rights, girls’ and women’s empowerment, education for peace, and youth leadership development.
Fellows learn from each other through an annual
global meeting, regional meetings (which in 2012
were held in Latin America, Africa and South Asia),
and through exchanges in which Fellows meet with
each other and with each other’s organizations. Fellows also connect online through a private social
network hosted by Synergos.
One example of the impact of the program comes
from Janet Mbene, a Tanzanian who joined the program as Founder and Director of SIA Limited, a private
firm promoting poverty reduction through small and
medium enterprises. As a Senior Fellow, she learned
from the experience of Synergos’ LINC network in
South Africa. During a visit with LINC , she saw how
it promotes collaboration among the private sector,
nonprofit organizations, and government to help children in need. Now she is working to apply this in Tanzania as that country’s Deputy Minister of Finance.
“I learned lots of ideas about supporting
children, governmental support,
regulations, etc. And that helped
restructure my organization to better
work with private sector, government
and other nonprofits.”
—Janet Mbene, Founder of YATIMA
Trust on HIV/AIDS and of SIA Limited,
and now Deputy Minister of Finance
of Tanzania
Left: Meeting of South Asian Senior Fellows.
Above: Janet Mbene working with youth volunteers.
Global Philanthropists Circle
Founded in 2001 by Peggy Dulany, Synergos’ Chair,
and her father, David Rockefeller, the Circle is a network of philanthropic families – numbering more
than 70 from 23 countries in 2012 – who are committed to increasing their impact on poverty. The Circle
helps members increase their philanthropic impact
and become more effective social investors by offering them opportunities for learning and collaborating
with each other and with other members of Synergos’ networks.
Circle activities in 2012 included a learning journey
to South India in February, a series of GPC conversations in New York, Geneva and Madrid, and Next
Generation gatherings. In addition, GPC members
were invited to join Peggy Dulany during her visits to
Synergos network members (Synergos Senior Fellows
and GPC members) in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India,
Mexico, the Philippines, and South Africa.
The GPC’s core event is an annual meeting of members – and in 2012 we expanded to two such events,
one in New York in June and the second in London in
October. The June meeting was organized around the
theme Beyond Philanthropy: Deploying Capital to Create Social Change. GPC members involved in impact
investing and invited experts shared their experience
with the members. The London event built upon this
theme, with speakers that included Cherie Blair and
Tony Elumelu.
Clockwise from top: Members discussion in London, at the first-ever GPC Members Meeting held in Europe; Synergos Chair
Peggy Dulany (right) with students from the African Leadership Academy, an initiative supported by GPC members Amy and
Ed Brakeman; the GPC learning journey to India served as an opportunity to engage with young Indian philanthropists.
Special Events
Each year Synergos organizes events that connect members of our various networks in order to help them learn from each other’s work, and spark new ideas
and collaborations. Our largest event was University for a Night in New York,
featuring Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. At the event, he received the David Rockefeller Bridging
Leadership Award. We also held University for a Night in Africa – where philanthropist Mo Ibrahim received the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award for
his work to improve African governance. And, for the first time, we held University
for a Night in Europe – in London where His Highness the Aga Khan received the
award and shared his views on philanthropy, social investment, and partnerships.
We also held smaller events at our offices and co-sponsored the first Social Good
Brasil conference, which looked at the intersection of social media and citizen
“Creative cooperative networks are solving problems
all over the world today in a way that we can’t seem
to work into our political systems. And I don’t just
mean in the United States, I mean everywhere. Just
look, in place after place after place. The headlines
are filled with conflict. The trend lines are filled with
– President Bill Clinton at University for a Night 2012
Clockwise from top: The first University for a Night in Europe featured His Highness the Aga Khan (second
from left); Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (right) meets with senior Ethiopian officials at Synergos; Mo Ibrahim shares his vision of a well-governed, dynamic Africa at University for a Night in Africa; we
co-sponsored the first annual Social Good Brasil conference; Bill Clinton at University for a Night in New
Synergos Consulting
Synergos Consulting Services helps corporate clients engage in initiatives that
advance both corporate and social interests and build sustainable business practices into core business models.
In 2012 Synergos Consulting Services formalized its service offerings to private
sector clients, helping them integrate their social agenda with business priorities,
both at the strategic level and on the ground.
One example of such work was our engagement with a large U.S. food and beverage firm looking to safeguard the sourcing of critical input materials by working
with smallholder farmers in Africa. Another was a 70-year-old social enterprise
that has tenaciously survived the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Synergos Consulting Services also held its first corporate learning event in London,
in October 2012. Entitled “Challenges and Opportunities of Scaling Social Impact,”
the event featured Chris West of the Shell Foundation and Dafna Tapiero of the
International Finance Corporation.
Consulting Services also published a paper presenting ten lessons on multistakeholder partnerships, drawn from Synergos’ 25 years of experience helping create
such partnerships.
Financial Report Summary
Consolidated Statements of Financial Position
December 31,
Short-Term Investments (Cash and Money Market Funds)
Pledges and Other Receivables, net
Investments, at fair value
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets
Property and Equipment, net
Total assets
A complete set of audited financial statements is
available online at www.synergos.org/publications
and upon request.
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Capital lease obligation
Invested in property and equipment
Designated for long-term investment
Deferred lease obligations
Total liabilities
Commitments and Contingency
Net Assets:
Temporarily restricted net assets
Total unrestricted net assets
Total net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
Consolidated Statement of Activities
Year Ended December 31, 2012 (with summarized comparative financial information for the year ended December 31, 2011)
Support and Revenue:
Contributed services
GPC membership dues
Gates Foundation grant
Government grant
Program fees
Special event, net
Return on investments available for operating activities
Other income
Net assets released from restrictions - satisfaction of program and time restrictions
Total support and revenue
Program services:
Southern Africa
Communications and Outreach
Total program services
Supporting services:
Management and general
Total supporting services
Total expenses
Change in net assets before other changes
Other Changes:
Loss on sublease
Loss on uncollectible pledges
Return on investments of board-designated funds for long-term investments, net of
amounts appropriated for operating activities
Foreign currency transactions (loss) gain
Change in net assets
Net Assets:
Synergos’ 2012 programs and operations were supported by the following group of foundations, corporations, governments and international agencies, and
individuals. You can join them in supporting our work
by visiting www.synergos.org/donate.
Donors Providing
$100,000 or More
Peggy Dulany
Corinne Evens
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation
David Rockefeller
Rockefeller Foundation
Kim Samuel
U.S. Agency for International Development
Donors Providing
$50,000 to $99,999
Mr. and Mrs. Othman Benjelloun
Carlos and Natalia Bulgheroni
The William H. Donner Foundation
Andrew Forrest
Hashoo Foundation
Vincent and Anne Mai
Darren Manelski
Michael Sonnenfeldt and Katja Goldman
Monica Winsor and Josh Mailman Additional Donors
Ackerman Family
Aga Khan Development Network
Stephen and Elizabeth Alderman
Hussein Adam Ali on behalf of Swiss Arabian
Perfumes Group
Alliance for Global Good
Gail Alvarez
Shelley and Donald Rubin
Hylton and Wendy Appelbaum
The Loreen Arbus Foundation
The Atlantic Philanthropies
José Ignacio and Verónica Ávalos and Family
Azm for Development
Maureen Baehr
Alberto and Tere Baillères and Family
María Rosa and Roberto Baquerizo
Janet Becker
Reneé Beckerman, in honor of Tom Rautenberg
Ian Benjamin and Deborah Karpatkin
Edward and Sharon Bergman
Stanley and Marion Bergman
Angelica Berrie
Ricardo Betancourt
Annette Blum
David Bohnett Foundation
William Bohnett
Yann Borgstedt
Amy and Ed Brakeman
James M. Brasher III
Ellen B. Brehm
Kim Brizzolara
Ronald Bruder
Magalen O. Bryant and Family
Tony Bury
Charles Butt
Raymond Chambers and the MCJ Amelior Foundation Changing Our World, Inc.
Laura Chen
Mark Chen and Yangjin Lamu
Petr Chitipakhovyan and Family Mireya Cisneros
Silvana Cisneros
Noreen Clark and George Pitt
Bert and Barbara Cohn
Nelson I. Colón
The Commonwealth Foundation
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Cultures of Resistance Network Foundation
Tony Custer
Marcos de Moraes Richard Debs
Deutsche Bank AG
Youssef Dib
Ana Maria Diniz
Abigail E. Disney
Elliott Donnelley
Donner Canadian Foundation
Conway A. Downing
William H. Draper
Sam Dryden
Gilbert Dube
Robert H. Dunn
Andrew Elias
ePluribus Fund of the Community Foundation
of New Jersey Anthony Evnin
Hylke Faber
Daniel Feffer
Marc Flammang
Alan H. Fleischmann and Dafna Tapiero
GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Christopher D. Garcia
Sandy and George Garfunkel, in honor of
Tom Rautenberg
Nili Gilbert
Eleanor H. Gimon
Anna M. Ginn
Ben Goldhirsh
Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow Wesley Gordon
Agnes Gund
Iara Lee and George Gund
Addie Guttag, in honor of Tom Rautenberg
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund Hashwani Family
Barbara Hausman Sonnenfeldt, in honor of
Tom Rautenberg
Pamela Hawley
John Heller
Heller Family Foundation Mayra Hernández González
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Jerry Hirsch
Ira Hirschfield
Michael Hoffman
Jeff Huebner
IDP Foundation, Inc.
Institute of International Education
Raza Jafar
Johannson Family
Franklin P. Johnson
JPMorgan Chase
Patricia Kahane
Kele Contracting LLC
The Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation
Uday Khemka
Ana Carolina Khouri
Steve Killelea
Chris Kinabrew
Daniel Kropf
Laurie Lee
John P. Lennon
Yanan Li
Lunt Family
Libor Malý
Mannheim, LLC
Alexandre Mars
David Masten Montero-Rosen
Chris Mathias
Sally McDaniel
The McKnight Foundation
Mora McLean
The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
Nomkhita Mona
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Christopher Mouravieff-Apostol
Enrique Muñoz
Mitchell Netburn
Cherie Nursalim and Enki Tan
Abby O’Neill
Open Society Foundations Aysen and Hüsnü Özyegin
Kristian Parker
Patrick Parring
Ann Partlow
Marnie Pillsbury
Martin Ping
Fern Portnoy
Alejandro Ramírez Magaña
Jane Rautenberg
Marie Rautenberg
Michael and Brigitte Rennie Jair Ribeiro da Silva Neto
David Rockefeller, Jr.
Rockefeller Financial
Dale Rodrigues
Carlos and Gabriela Rodríguez-Pastor
Diana and Jonathan Rose
Mark Rubin
Güler Sabancı
David Sadroff
Roberta Scheinmann, in honor of Tom Rautenberg
Sally Schuckman
Daniel Schwartz
Marjorie Schwartz
Tsugiko and William Scullion
Ricardo Semler
Tokyo Sexwale
Nubiaa Shabaka
Adele Simmons
Gordon V. Smith
Jean Sommers
Theodore and Vada Stanley and Family
Lynn Thoman
Nicholas Timmons
Robert C. L. Timpson Jr.
Sarah L. Timpson
Amy and Steve Unfried Akbar Verjee
Rumi Verjee
Jan Vet
Walk Free-The Movement to End Human Slavery
Michaela Walsh
Hermine Warren
Curtis M. Webster
John C. Whitehead
Sesame Workshop
Robert Yang
Photos in this report courtesy of Bhavishya Alliance,
Dominic Chavez, Childline South Africa, Foundation
for Community Development, House of Tales and
Music, Pierre le Roux, Namibia Alliance for Improved
Nutrition, US Department of State, and Wei Jiang.
Board of Directors
January-December 2012 (with affiliations as of September 2013 for members on board at that time)
Hylton Appelbaum
Kagiso Trust
Youssef Dib
CEO, Private Banking
Crédit Agricole
Doug Baillie
Chief of Human Resources
Elliott Donnelley II
Founding General Partner
White Sand Investor Group, LP
(from April 2013)
Edward J. Bergman
Innovative Development Services Inc.
William Bohnett
Fulbright & Jaworski LLP
(to April 2012)
Noreen M. Clark
Myron E. Wegman Distinguished University
Professor and Director of the Center for Managing
Chronic Disease
University of Michigan
David de Ferranti
Results for Development
(from December 2012)
Marcos de Moraes
Founder and Chairman
Instituto Rukha
Alan Detheridge
Associate Director
The Partnering Initiative
(to June 2012)
Peggy Dulany
Founder and Chair
The Synergos Institute
Robert H. Dunn
President and CEO
The Synergos Institute
Philipp Engelhorn
Founder and Executive Director
Nili Gilbert
Co-Founder and Member of the Investment Team
Matarin Capital Management
Mayra Hernández González
Head of Corporate Responsibility
Grupo Financiero Banorte
(from October 2012)
Raza Jafar
Emirates Investment Group
Uday Khemka
Vice Chairman
SUN Group of Companies
Liesel Pritzker Simmons
Co-Founder and Principal
Blue Haven Initiative
(from October 2012)
Kim Samuel
Samuel Family Foundation
Daniel Schwartz
Executive Director
Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
(to January 2013)
Tokyo Sexwale
Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa
(to June 2012)
Adele Simmons
Global Philanthropy Partnership
Rajesh Tandon
Chief Executive
Society for Participatory Research in Asia
Dafna Tapiero
International Finance Corporation
(from October 2012)
Sarah Timpson
Equator Initiative
Monica Winsor
Inspired Philanthropy Group
Staff, Representatives, and Offices
Staff and representatives
as of September 2013
Chaltu Abera
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Rana Al-Salem
Tenaye Akilu
Karin Sonja Batista
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Virginia Briones
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Tanya Cruz Teller
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Robert H. Dunn
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Steve Ferrier
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John Heller
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Husam Jubran
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George Khalaf
Len le Roux
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Marlene Ogawa
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Katherine Potaski
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Rajash Sarin
Mesfin Shebele G/Tsadik
Shannon St. John
Mónica Tapia A.
Abera Tola
Denise Tollinche
John Tomlinson
Silvina Weihmüller
Thanks also to former staff and
representatives who served
with Synergos in 2012:
Almaz Abera
Justin Dake
Jessica Dolan
Glenys Evans
Hilda Gertze
Lulekwa Gqiba
Amanda Hoshimov
Dineo Malembe
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Marty Weiskott
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PO Box 291618, Melville 2109
South Africa
Tel: +27-011-726-8313/8199
Fax: +27-011-726-5646
[email protected]
Husam Jubran
AWSI Program Representative, Jordan
and the Palestinian Territories
Tel: +97-2599674996
[email protected]
Hisham El Rouby
Egypt Country Director
Tel: +20-101516322
[email protected]
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