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Let our give you back your smile
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Good hearing is essential to living a full, enjoyable
life. Yet hearing loss affects a large number of
Canadians – more than 1 million adults. Hearing
loss is one of the fastest growing and prevalent
chronic conditions in Canada.
Symptoms of Hearing Loss include:
• Difficulty understanding certain parts of words
• Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
• Turning the television or radio volume up higher
than most others would find comfortable
• Difficulty understanding words in
noisy environments
• Trouble hearing certain people like
women or children
Your Hearing Test:
A hearing test is painless and simple to take. The audiologist will take a detailed case
history. They will then look into your ears to check for things like excessive wax or
other issues, then check on your middle ear status using specialized equipment called
tympanometry. This can tell us if there are other abnormalities like fluid in the ear or
a perforated eardrum for example. The hearing test itself consists of earphones worn
where the patient presses a button whenever they hear tones. These tones vary in
pitch and intensity, but are softer than the level of conversational speech. The test
can tell us many things about your hearing, including whether it is a permanent or
medically treatable type of loss. The results are explained in a way that applies to the
person’s lifestyle in terms of the particular difficulties that type or severity of loss might
affect the patient. Treatment options are discussed and recommendations/other
referrals may be made at that time.
People are always interested to find out what things they would have particular
trouble hearing. It is always good to have regular hearing tests as hearing loss occurs
so gradually over time that it can be difficult to perceive a decrease.
Contact Sound Hearing Care today to schedule your hearing test.
We would love to hear your hearing story!
Free Parking. No doctor’s referral required.
13310 Lanoue Street, Tecumseh
(behind McDonalds on Manning Rd)
499 Notre Dame Street, Belle River
(located in the Community Support Centre)
519.979.3300 |
Tina Stafferton
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Wealth Transfer Strategies
To retire comfortably, you need to save and invest regularly using an effective savings and investment strategy. Maximizing RRSPs or other retirement accounts will likely be essential to realizing your retirement goals. Once you retire, you’ll
need to “switch gears” somewhat and begin considering wealth transfer strategies.
An effective wealth transfer strategy can help you accomplish a variety of goals, such as distributing your assets the way
you choose, avoiding probate fees and reducing estate taxes. You can explore a variety of wealth transfer tools, including
the following:
Gifting — Gifting your assets to your adult children can help minimize the size of your estate, reducing the tax burden
at death. This could also potentially lower probate, executor and legal fees. Be careful when gifting property (including
cash and securities) to a spouse or minor child, as income attribution rules may apply, causing income earned on the
gifted property to be taxed in your hands.
If you donate securities with a capital gain to a registered Canadian charity then there is no tax payable on the capital
gain, and you get full credit for the donation, up to the standard charitable deduction limit.
Will — A will is simply a plan for distributing your assets to family members and other beneficiaries. If you were to
die intestate (without a will), provincial laws would determine how your assets should be distributed — and there’s no
guarantee that the end result would be what you would have chosen.
Beneficiary designations — Many of your financial assets — including life insurance policies, RRSPs and TFSAs —
allow you to name a beneficiary. Upon your death, your beneficiary will automatically receive these assets, avoiding the
sometimes time-consuming, expensive (and public) process of probate. It is essential that you periodically review these
designations to make sure they reflect your current wishes and that they do not conflict with the terms of your will.
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Trusts — Different trusts can help you accomplish a variety of wealth transfer and estate planning goals. For example, an
inter vivos trust can help you leave assets to your heirs without going through probate. You can also structure the trust to
stagger payments over a number of years, rather than all at once, or include other restrictions or incentives. A testamentary trust, created in your will, can allow your heirs to effectively income split with the trust, potentially decreasing overall
As you can see, trusts are versatile instruments — but they are also complex. Consequently, you’ll need to consult with
your tax and legal advisors regarding your particular situation.
Permanent Life Insurance — When building an estate for your heirs, you have typically considered both registered and
unregistered investment accounts as your principal sources of accumulating wealth. Permanent life insurance can be used
to effectively accumulate wealth and pass it along to children or grandchildren, typically in a very tax-efficient manner.
All the wealth transfer techniques we’ve looked at will require some careful thought and preparation on your part — so
don’t wait too long before getting started. Time has a way of sneaking up on all of us — but it’s especially sneaky when
we’re unprepared.
This article was written by Edward Jones on behalf of your Edward Jones financial advisor. Edward Jones, its employees
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professional advice on your specific situation.
Insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (except in Quebec). In Quebec, insurance and
annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (Quebec) Inc.
Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund
Diane Santing
Dave Freeman
Sean Hunt
Karen Reid
John Atkinson
Steven Kidd
Lisa Milec
Chris Pearen
Matthew Sears
Tecumseh Centre
Cabana Near Howard
South Windsor
Forest Glade
Riverside East
Windsor St. Rose
FCA’s all new redesigned
2017 Chrysler Pacifica.
See page 18
FCA Launches An All New
Pacifica At The 2016 NAIAS
Rose City Ford Recently Completed
Renovations To Better Serve Customers
W i n d s o r
Mistaken Identity Rocks
The Windsor Area
Local Travelers Experience The
Country’s Booming Tourism Industry
Cabinetmaker Wayne Dupuis
Takes On The Challenge
L i f e
Auto Manufacturers Display
The Cream Of The Crop
Grant Quinlan Prepares
For A Future in NASCAR
New Book Will
Leave You In Stitches
Local Choir Sings
Back-up for Kenny Rogers
Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures that
Can Reveal Your Best Face and Body this Year
MANY PEOPLE HAVE MINOR OR MAJOR THINGS they would love to change
about their physical appearance, if they could. As the women and men who have trusted
The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre know, little tweaks and significant makeovers
can be done safely, skillfully and affordably, whenever you choose.
“At The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre, we’re delighted to be able to offer a
full range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Windsor’s only private, state of the art
and discreet surgical facility,” says Dr. Marcus Niessen, the Centre’s Board Certified Plastic
Placing patients’ safety above all else, The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre is a
fully accredited surgical facility with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, enabling procedures
to be done with general anesthesia and Twilight anesthesia. The centre is conveniently
located in the South Walkerville Health Centre, so local patients don’t have to travel far for
consultation, care and follow-up visits.
Heading the medical team is Dr. Niessen, who holds a specialist’s designation in Plastic
Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada). He has been in private practice since
1997. An innovator in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Niessen developed and patented InvisibleLift™ in response to patients who were pleased with the youthful effects they were
getting with injectable facial fillers yet wanted some tweaking done to the neck and the
lower portion of the face.
Dr. Niessen’s trademarked InvisibleLift™
tightens the skin and muscles in the neck, contours the jawline and reduces the appearance
of jowls. The result is a more youthful looking
neck and jawline that gives the woman or man
a more refreshed appearance overall – and
often, an increase in self-esteem. Less invasive
and less costly than a traditional facelift, InvisibleLift™ only leaves a scar behind the ear.
After an InvisibleLift™ has been performed,
recovery downtime is minimal. “Usually, my
patients are back to their daily lives in three to
five days,” Dr. Niessen says.
Younger people also turn to The Windsor
Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre, particularly
moms unhappy with their skin stretched by
pregnancy and breastfeeding. “As rewarding as
motherhood is, it leaves its mark on a woman’s
body,” Dr. Niessen says. To reverse the effects
of pregnancy or significant weight change, he
offers a special Mommy Makeover. “It’s a simultaneous tummy tuck and breast augmentation or lift.”
Both are surgical procedures. The tummy
tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess skin
and fat from the abdomen and tightens the
abdominal wall muscles. Liposuction may also
be employed to take away fat deposits on the
To restore or enhance the shape and firmness of breasts altered by pregnancy, nursing
and aging, Dr. Niessen performs a breast lift
or mastopexy. Another option is breast augmentation, the procedure most requested by
Dr. Niessen’s patients. The doctor offers a full
range of implant options, including the newest
generation of saline and cohesive “Gummy
Bear” gel implants.
Positive changes can also be achieved without surgery. One popular procedure is CoolSculpting, which The Windsor Breast and
Tummy Tuck Centre uses to eradicate muffin
top and other unwanted bulges caused by
excess fat cells that are resistant to diet and
exercise. “CoolSculpting is a quick, needle-free
solution that uses controlled cooling to target
and crystalize fat cells, which gradually die off
and are eliminated naturally by the body,”
Dr.Niessen says. Just one session continues to
have positive effects over several months as the
remaining fat cells condense, further trimming
the physique. There is no downtime after treatment. (
To discuss the best options for you, book
your consultation with The Windsor Breast
and Tummy Tuck Centre. Call 519-254-2676
or any of the toll free numbers on Dr. Niessen’s
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Facelift | Necklift | InvisibleLift™
Liposuction (Body Contouring)
Tummy Tuck | Mini Tuck
General Anaesthesia
Twilight Anaesthesia
Fully Accredited Private
Surgical Facility
fat removal)
Breastlift & Augmentation
(Saline and Cohesive Gel Implants)
MAKE 2016
• Tighten skin & muscles in the neck
• Reduce appearance of jowls
• Invisible scar (behind the ear)
• Create a more youthful appearing
neck and jawline
• Less invasive and less expensive
than traditional facelift
• Minimal downtime
• Back to work in 3-5 days
The Windsor Breast & Tummy Tuck Centre
Located in the South Walkerville Health Centre
2224 Walker Road, Suite 202, Windsor
Dr. Marcus Niessen
Actual Projects
Concept toCompletion
where creative solutions, fresh ideas and unique products abound
Greater Windsor Home
Builders’ Association
Most Outstanding
Renovation Project between
$100,000 - $200,000
Publisher’s Note
Innovative. Resilient. Strong. Determined.
Proud. Ask me to define Windsor-Essex and
Chatham-Kent and that is what comes to
mind. Six decades in my home community
have proven that no matter what, we keep on
trying until we triumph.
That was evident at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 11th,
where 2016 got off to a great start with Fiat
Chrysler Automobiles’ unveiling of the 2017
Chrysler Pacifica and its hybrid variant. Built
at the Windsor Assembly Plant, the next-generation minivan is driving the optimism we are
starting to feel again.
FCA’s hiring of more than 600 new employees will help create additional spinoff jobs in
our area. Now Ford of Canada has announced
its Essex Engine Plant will be building a new
engine product. Good news at our local auto
plants is good news for us all.
You can read more about the exciting Auto
Show revelations in this issue of Windsor Life.
Take the new Chrysler minivan for a test
drive – on paper – with our look at this outstanding vehicle, built by hardworking people
you and I know.
To showcase the 2016 lineup of Ford vehicles, Rose City Ford has invested in a big renovation of its dealership. Read about it here.
Cabinetmaker Wayne Dupuis has also just
put down his toolbox: Check out his extreme
mansion makeover.
For your entertainment, Windsor Life introduces Mistaken Identity, a cover band that
plays the big hits of Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd and
other rock bands of the 70s and 80s.
We also chat with the South Windsor Youth
Singers and find out what it was like to sing
with Kenny Rogers when he performed his
holiday concert on Dec. 6th at the Colosseum
at Caesars Windsor.
Get ready to laugh and commiserate when
you meet your next favourite fictional heroine
in a review of Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery, a
novel penned by local author Jennifer Ammoscato.
Our Indochina travel series winds up as we
follow four Essex County friends on their journey into Vietnam.
Just try and catch up with 17 year old racer
Grant Quinlan. He is burning up the track as
well as racing records, winning the 2015
ARCA/CRA Super Series champion as a
So far, this year is turning out pretty terrific.
2744 Jefferson Blvd. (519) 945-3000
Showroom Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5; Sat. 9-2
Bob Robinson
More Magical Than Ever
IN THE FALL OF 1983, Lee Iacocca and
the engineers at Chrysler were fairly certain
that the then new Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager “Magic Wagons” were
going to be a hit, but they along with everyone in Chrysler’s Windsor Plant #3 really
weren’t sure how big a hit they really were.
Fast forward to 2016, and the company,
now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has built
over fourteen million of these vehicles including the Chrysler Town & Country
upscale version. In Canada, the Dodge
Grand Caravan outsells the Chrysler Town
& Country, while in the U.S. market, the
opposite is true.
The 2016 North American International
Auto Show debuted the latest entry from
Auburn Hills, now known as the Chrysler
As much as the Town & Country and
Grand Caravan were the segment leaders in
terms of sales and features, the new Pacifica
leaves its five predecessor editions far behind. Up through 2015, the minivan twins
have been responsible for 78 innovations.
The new Pacifica adds 37 more.
Some basic techno facts: the wheelbase
has been increased to 121.7” (We’re talking
1970s full size car wheelbase here) with the
front and rear tracks also widened to allow
the passenger compartment to nestle between the wheels to allow for a lower overall
vehicle height.
The Pentastar V6 retains its 3.5L displacement but thanks to two stage variable
valve lift, EGR cooling and some internal
weight saving tweaks is 5% more fuel efficient. Best in class horsepower of 287 is another nicety. Available for the first time on
Pacifica is an all new nine speed Torqueflite
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Above: Flowing horizontal elements host the
high tech U-connect touchscreen.
Left: Optional twin high definition 10" touchscreens allow rear seat passengers to play
games, watch movies or use their devices.
Below: Pacifica Hybrid provides 30 miles of
all electric driving. The standard 3.5L V6
eliminates range anxiety.
automatic transmission which includes four overdrive ratios. Some time after launch,
Pacifica will also be available with engine stop/start technology.
On a model for model basis, the new Pacifica is 250 pounds lighter than the outgoing
2015s. Many innovations have gone into this weight reduction plan not the least of which
are aluminum outer skins on the sliding doors and liftgate with the liftgate structure being
made of magnesium. Like all Chrysler minivans, Pacifica features a unibody structure,
combining the upper body and frame into a single unit. Advanced hot stamped/high
strength steel is responsible for much this advancement, up 22% from the outgoing models.
Maximum strength and stiffness while also maximizing weight efficiency.
Many suspension and chassis components are now aluminum. The front suspension cradle is hydro formed and constructed of high strength steel with lightening holes to further
reduce weight.
Late model Chrysler minivan owners have
come to rely on pushing a button on their
fob to unlock and open the sliding side
doors. But the new Pacifica takes this to a
new level. Whether your arms are full of
bags or babies, just wave your foot under the
sill beneath the door and it will open on its
own. And the same applies to the rear liftgate. No more fumbling for the right button
on the fob. The car recognizes you by the
presence of the fob in your pocket or purse
and is ready to go.
The design of the new Pacifica speaks
volumes. No more does a minivan have to
‘look’ like a minivan. The sides are sculpted
and the look is strong. Upper and lower side
character lines provide a fluid-like treatment.
The side glass daylight opening is visually
stretched and accented by a chrome surround. The sliding side door tracks are hidden beneath the rear side windows, wind
and road noise are both reduced resulting in
much lower NVH. The rear roof “D” pillars
are swept back to accentuate the side and
roof profile further distancing the design
from the stereotypical minivan. The liftgate
glass is tucked into and offset from the “D”
pillars. Aerodynamics are improved which
helps fuel economy.
In addition to all of this, active noise cancellation (ANC) is used to produce an
almost vault-like level of quiet. ANC comes
standard with a six speaker sound system.
Premium audio upgrades include a thirteen
speaker Alpine system or a twenty speaker
Harmon Kardon unit.
The front end of Pacifica features the
Chrysler brand face and mimics the Chrysler 200 sedan. Gasoline powered vehicles
receive this style of grille while the Pacifica
Hybrid receives its own unique grille and
badging to set it off.
Inside, Pacifica features horizontal linear
elements across the sculpted instrument
panel. Control elements are modern and
high-tech. Control knobs in the center stack
have a spun finish and are reminiscent of
high end home audio components. The
U-connect touchscreen is available in either
a 5” or 8.4” and is set flush in the panel. Its
glossy face makes it reminiscent of a tablet.
At night, buttons are illuminated with white
light while the cluster display uses “Chrysler
blue”. Other control elements also use blue
lighting instead of the more traditional
amber. The optional U-connect theatre rear
seat system twin high definition 10” touchscreens allow rear seat passengers to watch
movies, play games or connect personal
devices to surf the ‘net and stream content.
The front passenger HVAC controls are mounted in the headliner with the rear HVAC
controls mounted above the right side sliding door. Chrysler research indicated this was
the most often occupied position if there was a single child present.
Storage is always an important consideration in any vehicle and Pacifica does not slouch
in this regard. The large center console located between the front seats is specifically designed
to fit devices like an iPad. The bottom of the bin is actually below floor level. Spaces for an
umbrella as well as sunglasses are provided and in the rear compartment are two bins that
can each hold a jug of milk. The front seat backs are also equipped with hooks to
support grocery bags.
Chrysler wowed the minivan world when “Stow-n-go” seats were introduced. Now they’re
fully power operated. Lift up the cover on the floor well, push a button and the seat stows
itself in the floor. Stow ‘n Go seats are now redesigned for added comfort and support.
Child safety seats are a given in today’s world. Pacifica now boasts up to five seating positions
that will accommodate LATCH child safety-seat installations.
And speaking of the floor, it’s now a single high strength steel stamping including the
seat wells. This actually does wonders for torsional and beam strength meaning that the
new Pacifica will have a stiffer chassis for better ride and steering control as well as being
quieter. When the optional eight passenger seating is chosen there are no less than 243
different seating configurations. Most importantly to all the Dads out there, with all of
the rear seats stowed, a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood can be loaded.
Whether you’re hauling people or packages, the time will inevitably come when the
interior needs cleaning. Pacifica is now available with “Stow ‘n Vac”, an integrated vacuum
powered by RIDGID. It’s the most powerful in-vehicle vacuum on the market. Located in
the “C” pillar, it provides easy access to anywhere in the interior.
While Pacifica is still technically a minivan, the new platform provides levels of ride and
handling on a par with premium sedans. On road performance and agility are now within
the purview of Pacifica.
Overhead Pacifica offers an optional tri-pane panoramic glass sunroof. The first two
sections are movable. The third section of the rearmost passengers is fixed.
Pacifica Hybrid features a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery which provides an estimated range
of 30 miles of pure electric power. Pacifica Hybrid features an innovative, FCA patented,
electrically variable transmission (EVT). This uses two electric motors capable of driving
the vehicle’s wheels.
From the safety and security side of things Pacifica offers parallel/perpendicular park
assist, adaptive cruise control with stop and hold, forward collision warning, lane departure
warning, blind spot monitoring, rear backup camera, electronic stability control and electric
park brake.
Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger car brands for FCA North America told me: “The
all new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is truly a no-compromises minivan giving customers everything they need or want. Pacifica was thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide
unsurpassed levels of comfort, convenience, technology and functionality.” I say “Mission
Chief Engineer, Jessica
Lafond lead a team of
designers, engineers and
manufacturing experts in
developing the all new
Pacifica. All Pacificas will be
built at Windsor Assembly.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Recently, the "#&*+!)/& /$+.-#*& enacted significant changes to the legislation of the ,.-.)/ '*+*.#-.*&+/ (-/ '!./ & / , transferring the
administration to the Minister of Revenue from the Minister of the Attorney
General. Changes include the introduction of the ,.-.)/%+ &#-.*&+/).#+
which executors are required to file.
Probate fees, more recently referred to as estate administration taxes, are
levied under the EATA. These taxes are paid when an “estate representative”
(including an executor, etc.) receives a court order certifying that the will of
the deceased is valid and that the estate representative has the legal
authority to administer the estate. Reporting has gone from largely an honour
system to one with considerably enhanced administration and compliance.
The new form details the value of all properties and assets owned by the
deceased at the time of death, that do not have named beneficiaries. The
rules are complex and are worth discussing with me.
In Ontario, .)/-)/& /+-*+/-/)+) *!*-# can be significant. If a beneficiary is named, at death the company is required to pay any death benefit
proceeds to the named beneficiary on record. Because these proceeds do
not pass through the estate, they not only avoid the delays of settling the
estate but also bypass “probate” and other estate administration fees.
RRSPs/RIFs and TFSAs are examples of investments that should have
named beneficiaries. Non-registered investments that do not have named
beneficiaries can be subject to the full estate tax rules.
Barbara Allen, HBA, CFP, CDFA
Manulife Securities Incorporated
Senior Financial Advisor
Life Insurance Advisor
Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.
Direct Line 519-250-0515
519-250-5190, ext. 409
[email protected]
2255 Cadillac Street, Windsor
on every new dollar deposited to a
Manulife Bank Tax-Free Advantage
Account or Registered Advantage
Account. Get your savings off the
bench and into the game! This is a
limited time offer, so contact me
today to go pro this RRSP season.
Investing your non-registered holdings in insured products, like segregated
funds, insured GICs, annuities and life insurance, can avoid probate and
other estate administration fees, and a timely payment of the death benefit.
Below is an illustration of the value of bypassing probate based on a $200,000 example in Ontario:
Mutual Fund/GIC Seg Fund or Insured GIC
Probate Fee
$250 + $15 per $1000> $50,000
– Executor: Varies by province
(up to 5% for corporate executors)
– Legal & Accounting: Varies
depends on complexity
– Total fees: 1.5% of assets used
in example
Total Cost
For illustration purposes only. Costs will vary depending on the province, complexity of the estate and length of time the assets were held in the contract.
Manulife Securities Incorporated is a Member of the
Canadian Investor Protection Fund. The Manulife
Securities logo and the Block Design are trademarks
of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and
are used by it, and by its affiliates under license.
Business Law ~ Wills & Estates ~ Commercial Leasing ~ Real Property
Employment & Labour Law ~ Civil Litigation ~ Education Law ~ Administrative Law ~ Human Rights
Main: 519-969-9844 Toll Free: 1-866-422-7988 Web:
2510 Ouellette Avenue, Suite 301, Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Your Ears Deserve an Audiologist!
Ed Fuerth
Chartered Accountants Make
Difficult Decisions Simple
Here at Hyatt Lassaline, we are dedicated to
enhancing the well-being of our clients through
the delivery of timely value added services.
Jeff Ostrow
2510 Ouellette Ave., Windsor 519.966.4626
14 Victoria Ave., Essex 519.776.4869
Brad Miehls
Don Lassaline
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Continued exposure to the common sounds
of a lawnmower, power saw or a stereo playing over half on the volume control can all
lead to hearing loss. Time spent around
loud machinery and nightclubs may also
damage ears. Genetics and chronic middle
ear infections may contribute to hearing loss.
To monitor what is happening with your
hearing, it’s a smart move to get regular hearing tests completed by an audiologist.
“People routinely get their eyes tested yet
don’t have their hearing examined,” says
Audiologist Neesha Dunkley. She and her
partner, Audiologist Allison Stevenson, test
and treat children, seniors and everyone in
between at South Windsor Hearing Centre.
“Although hearing loss is one of the world’s
most common health problems, people often
downplay or ignore their diminishing hearing. That is regrettable, since hearing loss is
highly treatable.”
Audiologists identify, assess and treat hearing loss and help rehabilitate auditory and
balance difficulties. With 20 years’ experience
as audiologists, Allison and Neesha strive to
protect existing hearing and work with each
client to improve communication. Providing
education and counseling about hearing and
balance challenges, Allison and Neesha partner with patients in their auditory wellbeing.
Advancements in hearing technology
make it possible for people with hearing
loss to communicate similar to those without
hearing loss. For example, Siemens’ binax
system can enhance clarity and improve
sound quality, often resulting in better and
easier communication.
Hearing aids can connect hearing instruments to smartphones, TVs, remote microphones and more, helping people integrate
seamlessly in today’s world. Rechargeable
battery systems ensure aids are convenient
and dependable.
“Don’t put your hearing aids in a drawer
or shirt pocket. Hearing instruments should
make life easier. Let us help find the fit that
works for you. Enjoy being part of the conversation again,” Neesha says.
People who don’t need hearing instruments can be proactive with custom fit noise
protectors and earplugs that help to guard
the hearing of swimmers, musicians, hunters
and people working near loud machinery. No
referral is required to see an audiologist. To
schedule your appointment, please call South
Windsor Hearing Centre at 519-250-9774.
Start Thinking
About Your Spring
& Renovation
Plans Early!
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Home Show
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Dennis Gerrard, WEHBA Executive Officer
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2016 HOME SHOW –
Presented by the Windsor Essex Home Builders’ Association
– Feb 19,20 & 21
At The
Ciociaro Club
Of Windsor
Arriscraft International
BK Cornerstone Homes
Budget Blinds
Diamond Home Improvement
Double AA Roofing
Eco Insulation
Great Northern Insulation
Green Sun Rising
Habitat For Humanity
Interlock Roofing
Kimball Lumber
Landscape Effects Group
London ECO Roofing
Metal Roof Outlet
Nantais Family Chiropractic
Postech Windsor
Rebath of Windsor
Royal Lepage Binder Realty
Santerra Stonecraft
Security One
Sentry Windows
Solid Foundations
Top Grade Landscape
Victoria/Greenlawn Memorial Gardens
And more
form the basis for the CHBA’s approach
to industry/government consultations. The
local Association remains firmly committed
to these fundamentals, which define the industry’s relationship with government and
its approach to housing issues.
The Windsor Essex Home Builders’ Association is the voice of Windsor-Essex’s residential
construction industry. The WEHBA's membership includes new home builders, renovators,
developers, trades, manufacturers, suppliers, lenders and other professionals - the companies
and people who provide quality housing from across the region. Members are guided by a
code of ethics and act with integrity and professionalism in all aspects of their company's
The WEHBA's Standing Committees and Councils oversee the work of the Association
in areas as diverse as technical and economic research, education and training, renovation,
the environment, urban issues, warranty and marketing. Through the voluntary efforts of
its members, the WEHBA serves both consumers and producers of housing by promoting
quality, affordability and choice in housing for all Canadians.
The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association is a voluntary organization that understands it's members needs and supports their success. It is a strong and positive representative body for our industry with consumers and government. The Association is made up of
individuals that work in the residential building industry right here in the Windsor area.
It's your Association organized so that you can get involved, be part of the "collective
voice" and have a strong impact on the future of the industry here in Windsor.
Information, support, business contacts, political representation and a chance to speak
out.... membership provides tangible benefits and real value that will help you succeed in
today's challenging business environment.
The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association is an association that serves its members
and represents the residential construction industry on three levels – locally, provincially
and nationally. All levels of the Association work closely together to keep members up-todate on the latest developments and well prepared to deal with business challenges and opportunities.
When you join the Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association, you automatically become a member at the provincial, and national levels, and you partake in the benefit of
services and activities from all three levels.
The WEHBA, as an affiliate of the CHBA (Canadian Home Builders Association),
proudly upholds and enforces the following commitments in the Windsor-Essex community.
The core purpose of the CHBA is to assist its members in serving the needs and meeting
the aspirations of Canadians for housing.
There are two fundamental principles guiding the CHBA’s approach to housing policy
in Canada:
• The right of all Canadians to decent, safe and appropriate housing; and
• The right of all Canadians to a reasonable opportunity to own their own homes.
The realization of these fundamental principles requires a partnership between government and the housing industry. While the industry actually builds housing, the Association
endorses the principle of industry/government partnership.
This partnership is required to achieve the above principles while improving quality,
affordability and choice.
The CHBA believes that these fundamentals provide a solid foundation for sound
national housing policy. They identify the legitimate roles of government and industry and
For more than 50 years, the Windsor Essex
Home Builders' Association and the Canadian Home Builders' Association have been
the effective and respected "voice for the
residential construction industry". We are
a voluntary organization, run by members
for members. We understand what our
members need and work to support their
business success.
WEHBA, OHBA and CHBA strives to
provide members with the resources you
need to succeed in the residential construction industry today:
A Business Network
Connect with other business people who
share your commitment to success
The Right Product
The latest market intelligence to help you
know what your customers want and how
to deliver it
The Right Skills
The business and technical knowledge you
need to run your business successfully
The technical advice and support you need
to solve problems
Opportunities to get your product and
service in front of customers
Recognition that your company is good to
do business with
A Stable Business Environment
Conditions that let you run your business
Timely information, business contacts, political representation and a chance to speak
out – membership provides real benefits
and real value that will help you to succeed
in today's challenging business environment.
Email [email protected]
call 519-948-3247 or go to
the region’s leading
specialist in rhinoplasty
Perfect Kiss this Valentine’s Day...
Make it the
Your premier location for Botox,
cosmetic fillers or surgical refinement!
2425 Tecumseh Rd. E., Suite 110, Windsor ON | (519) 252.9196 Ext. 2
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Total Care
FOR THE LAST FOUR DECADES, Tom Bardgett has treated Windsor to
a world-class denture experience. This year, dental patients will finally be able
to enjoy the same level of service. For whatever your dental needs are, you can
now trust Bardgett Total Care.
Scheduled to open its doors this January, Bardgett Total Care is an integrated
oral health operation that promises to connect the entire Windsor-Essex
community directly to denturists, dentists, hygienists, and more in a state-ofthe-art setting. It includes an onsite laboratory, which will
allow Bardgett and his associates to fabricate teeth and
implants without leaving the building. Additionally, it
includes a special surgical suite in which onsite dentists
can perform various dental procedures. The new facility is also able to accommodate an anesthesiologist
to sedate patients prior to these procedures, as required. Currently, no other clinic in Windsor offers such a patient-friendly, integrated approach
to oral health.
The all-in-one facility will ensure that the
Bardgett name remains associated with Canada’s
highest standards for denture care. For 40 years,
Tom Bardgett has utilized some of the world’s
most advanced and effective denture systems –
including complete, partial, and flexible removable and permanent dental prosthetics and implants – to deliver high-quality, predictable, and
consistent results. He has helped over 20,000
residents of Southwestern Ontario resume their
day-to-day activities with a smile on their face.
For Bardgett, the Total Care facility is the
culmination of a decades-long professional
journey. One year after graduating from
Toronto’s George Brown College in 1973, Bardgett secured a Registered Dental Technician
(RDT) licence and a Diploma of Denturism
(DD). Shortly thereafter, he received a letter from
Bill Davis, the premier of Ontario, informing him
that he was the youngest person in Ontario to
carry both qualifications.
Equipped with his impressive new credentials,
Bardgett joined a group practice with three local
dentists in 1974. After two years of hard work,
he was ready to open his first independent location. Bardgett’s denturist office debuted near the
W i n d s o r
L i f e
corner of Wyandotte and Pillette in 1977, where it grew
in stature and influence for nearly a full decade. In 1986,
Bardgett had outgrown his starter office; he relocated to
the 600 Building at Howard Avenue and Tecumseh
Road, where he still practices today.
Bardgett Total Care’s new 5,000-square-foot facility
is located right next door to the familiar Bardgett Denture and Implant Solutions office. The new business is
conveniently accessible from within the building or
from the Tecumseh Road side of the its exterior.
In addition to Bardgett and his award-winning fellow
denturist Charles Lim, the Total Care team includes
Dr. Hesham Sherghin and Dr. Michael Rondinelli, dentists, Dr. David Doerksen, anesthesiologist, and Tracey
Holgate, dental hygienist. “Our concept here is one
place where you can come in and get dental care, dental
hygiene services, tooth extractions, implants, denture
care, and everything else you might need,” says Bardgett
proudly. “It’s everything as it pertains to dentistry and
oral health, all in one place.”
Dr. Sherghin and Dr. Rondinelli are both young,
highly qualified professionals who studied at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Dr.
Sherghin is a lifelong Windsor resident who attended
Vincent Massey Secondary School and the University of Windsor before
commuting across the border to study dentistry. (His father is Dr. Ahmed
Sherghin, a local urologist.)
“The dentists who are coming in are going to do general dentistry for the
wider population,” notes Bardgett. “This is for everybody, young and old.
We’ve dealt with the grandparents, and now they’re bringing their kids and
their children. We want to welcome the people who know us, and encourage
them to tell their friends and family members to come.”
Both Dr. Sherghin and Dr. Rondinelli are eager to contribute to Bardgett’s
team. “As a Canadian going to school in Detroit, you hear
about who the influential professionals are in Windsor,” relates
Dr. Rondinelli. “Implants and full mouth reconstructions were
always a big interest of mine, so I came over to Windsor and
met Tom personally. I am excited to work with him.”
“I’m a local guy, so I know very well who Tom Bardgett is,”
adds Dr. Sherghin. “His skill is nothing short of legendary
in the Windsor area. He’s very well respected in the community.”
At Bardgett Total Care, Dr. Sherghin and Dr. Rondinelli
will offer a full complement of dental services, including
cleanings, pediatric dentistry, root canals, fillings, implants,
extractions, orthodontics, crowns and bridges, and sleep
sedation. “There’s really nothing that we don’t offer in terms
of dentistry,” assures Dr. Sherghin. “From basic services to
restorative dentistry and bigger surgical cases, we’re very
competent and very excited to start treating the Windsor
community. We both have the same vision of providing
h his
comprehensive dental care. I’ve always pictured a child walking in with
or her grandparents, for a teeth cleaning and denture care, respectively. We
want to see people from their childhood years all the way into their geriatric
Together, the two dentists currently own and operate five successful offices
throughout Southwestern Ontario. “That’s a testament to the quality of
service we offer to our patients,” says Dr. Rondinelli. “We’re driven by
patient-focused care. That’s a model that’s really not being emphasized in
today’s society as much as we’d like. For me, it’s perfect: you’ve got youth
with energy and hometown connections pairing up with somebody who’s
been in the community for 40 years in Windsor.”
“To me,” echoes Dr. Sherghin, “it makes sense in so many different ways
to be able to offer my services to my community, alongside Michael, Tom,
and Charles – a team of professionals whom I trust.”
600 Tecumseh Rd. E. Suite 139, Windsor
519.254.7511 • [email protected]
dgett aand
is tteam
m too ttak
akke ttotal
This year, trust T
Tom B
care of your dental needs. If you already wear dentures,
Bardgett Total Care will treat you to a free denture cleaning.
Dr. Sherghin and Dr. Rondinelli are available at regular,
convenient hours, including on Saturdays and some weekday evenings. Call the office to schedule a free consultation
Bardgett Denture Solutions is located at 600 Tecumseh
Road East, Suite 142, Windsor. Bardgett Total Care opens
in Suite 139 in the same building this winter.
For more information, phone 519-254-7511 or consult
Specializing in Treating Foot Pain, Disorders and Injuries
“When foot pain or discomfort slows you down, you should always seek
treatment,” advises Carla Di Gioia, DPM, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Foot Specialist (Chiropodist), of Complete Foot Care & Orthotic
Patients from newborns to seniors are treated at the centre for foot
conditions including but not limited to heel and arch pain, ingrown
nails, wounds, skin and nail disorders, flat feet, high arches, pediatric
foot conditions and sports related injuries.
Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre also provides patients with
custom and pre-fabricated orthotics, diabetic shoes, compression stockings, over the counter antifungal polishes and other foot care products.
People experiencing foot-related problems who thought their only
option for treatment was through their family doctor or a doctor referred
specialist can directly access services at Complete Foot Care & Orthotic
Centre. “As a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Registered Chiropodist,
I provide very specialized treatment for each patient’s needs,” says
Di Gioia. “Our centre is not part of a chain. As an independent, I’m
able to give unique care.”
After receiving a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of
Windsor, Di Gioia attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
at Kent State University for four years, earning her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine. She then completed a three year residency program in
Southeast Michigan, specializing in all aspects of primary foot care,
biomechanics and surgery.
Since establishing Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre six
years ago, Di Gioia has introduced innovative solutions to resolve
patients’ issues. The GenesisPlus laser treatment has proven effective for
remedying toenail fungus, plantar warts and scars. The GenesisPlus laser
is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Only a few operate in
Ontario; Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre has the only one in
Windsor-Essex County.
People afflicted with toenail fungus are often embarrassed by their
nails’ unsightly appearance. “This common problem needs immediate
attention to prevent the condition from spreading to your other nails
or other people,” says the Foot Specialist. “Oftentimes, topical or oral
medications alone are ineffective. Removing the involved nail itself is
not curative, either. The GenesisPlus laser has the highest success rates,
with no pain or downtime. Our medical grade laser is superior to many
of the other laser treatments advertised.”
“All children should have their feet assessed,” Di Gioia says. “Some
parents erroneously believe their children will outgrow flat feet or in and
out toeing. Children typically don’t. Once the child’s structural arch
achieves its shape, it’s difficult to make permanent structural changes
without surgery or custom foot orthotics.” She explains, “If not treated
early and aggressively, flat feet can lead to hammer toes, bunions, heel
pain and other conditions. Simple corrections now prevent lifelong
problems later.”
When arch supports are needed to correct foot issues and alleviate
pain, custom orthotics are made by a qualified Foot Specialist at Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre, authorized by insurance companies
to prescribe and dispense custom orthotics. “Rather than relying on foot
impressions made on a pressure point mat or foam box, the preferred
way to make orthotics is to make a plaster model of the patient’s foot or
use the 3D laser scanner at our centre,” Di Gioia explains. “Both achieve
higher success in treating the issue and minimizing recurrence.”
For treatment of foot-related concerns, make an appointment with
Complete Foot Care & Orthotic Centre. Referrals are not required and
services may be covered by an extended health care plan.
Keeping You On Your
Feet At Any Age
Heel and Arch Pain
Skin and Nail Conditions
Ingrown Toenails
Flat and High Arched Feet
Sports Related Injuries
Custom Orthotics
Diabetic Shoes
Compression Stockings
Diabetic and Wound Care
Laser for Toenail Fungus, Warts and Scars
Children's Foot Conditions and More
Carla Di Gioia, BSc, DPM, AACFAS
3020 Dougall, Windsor | 519-946-0420 |
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Offering Exclusive Zerona
Treatments That Shed Stubborn Fat
Toronto started a trial to see why so many of their patients didn't
need surgery after undergoing Zerona treatments. The reason is
heart patients can lose harmful fat without stressing their bodies
through strenuous exercise. The company that makes the Zerona
developed two new diodes to directly target belly fat. I was the first
one in Canada to purchase the new diodes. Since introducing them,
Tecumseh Laser Centre has helped clients drop real inches through
tremendous fat reduction.”
Feeling empowered and more energetic, clients are also benefiting
from the mood-boosting endorphins released during Zerona treatments.
To let people see for themselves how their bodies will respond to
Zerona, Tecumseh Laser Centre is offering a buy one, get one deal
for a limited time. Joanne says, “We are also offering a Zerona package never available before: Buy six treatments and get six free!”
With locally exclusive rights to the transformative Zerona Cold
Laser, Tecumseh Laser Centre is enabling men and women to
achieve their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, tone flabby skin
and take better care of their health.
Though the results speak for themselves, happy Tecumseh Laser
Centre clients also want to have their say.
Donna confesses that although she was impressed by Joanne’s
recent refurbishing of Tecumseh’s former Knights of Columbus
building into TLC’s “beautifully decorated, very welcoming spa,”
she was “nervous and apprehensive and really didn't know what to
expect.” The TLC staff put her at ease and
explained options for getting her figure back.
“Although I had my doubts about Zerona
working, I was desperate to try something,”
Donna says. After four treatments, she
slipped on pants she had outgrown. After
treatment nine, “I had lost almost 21 inches
in various places on my body including my
arms, legs, around the bra line (no more
bulges under the bra), my hips, stomach and
my waist where I lost 4 inches!”
Mary, who is turning 60, started Zerona
“Although I had myy doubts about it working I was desperate to try something
treatments on December 3rd. “After 12 treatso I purchased a package of nine treatments. I was measured before I started
ments, I have lost 15 ½ inches. I feel great
treatment and I lost 9 1/2 inches in my first treatment. After 4 treatments, I
and am now ready to continue with a healthy
was measured again and I knew I had lost inches because I could get into pants
lifestyle including an exercise plan and
that I couldn't do up prior to starting the treatments. They were amazed at how
healthy eating. Zerona has given me the
much I had lost and so was I. Thank you Joanne, Amy and Sam for your kindjump start I needed to embark on my journess, discretion and help through this. You are all great!!!”
ney,” she says. “I am planning a vacation at
the end of next month and I am actually
Thank you, Donna R.
looking forward to wearing a bathing suit.
(Side note from the Owner...Donna has continued since these treatments & now
My back fat is practically gone and my
is down 30 inches & counting ...)
tummy has shrunk considerably!”
Vilma enthuses, "I loved my Zerona treatments! It was a simple, painless and relaxing
way to lose weight. I was skeptical but after
my first weigh in, I was sold. In addition to
losing inches and pounds week after week, I
slept better, no hot flashes and overall, felt
happy and healthy. I lost over 15 inches
overall throughout my body in four weeks!
Simply amazing!”
She combined Zerona sessions with Venus
Legacy treatments that effectively targeted
cellulite and aging, sagging skin. “I got rid of
those stubborn extra inches that were hard to
target. The skin was rejuvenated, bringing
back the elasticity and collagen,” Vilma says.
“Friends and family tell me that I look much
younger, more refreshed and have smoother,
152 Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh
firmer skin!”
Zerona sessions go beyond enhancing a
person’s physical appearance. Joanne Duff,
laser technician and owner of Tecumseh
Laser Centre, says, “Cardiac surgeons in
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Some of Rose City Ford's inventory is pictured on its 6 acres of land, the showroom was remodeled to better serve customers and the pre-owned vehicle area
was expanded. President Rose City Ford John Chisholm, pictured with Dianne
Craig President and CEO Ford Motor Company Canada, Limited Cesar Arazian
New Vehicle Sales Manager Rose City Ford Sales, is proud to be a family owned
and operated business in this community.
The Dealership with a Heart
AFTER MONTHS OF CONSTRUCTION, completion of a $2 million renovation at
Rose City Ford, located at 6333 Tecumseh Road East, has created a stunning facility for
Extensive thoughts and planning went into the renovation that began in spring 2014.
Every detail was considered to create the most pleasing environment for customers. The
entire showroom was renovated along with the financial services offices. Two customer
lounges have been created; one is similar to an internet café complete with barstools and
TVs, while the second one is more business-oriented offering a quieter environment. There
is also free Wi-Fi available throughout the facility.
“The lounges are just one example of the thought that went into the renovations. We
want to ensure that whether customers are here to purchase a vehicle, or wait for a repair,
they have access to everything they need,” says John Chisholm, owner, Rose City Ford.
A new front entrance was built. Formerly customers entered via side entrances. The
pre-owned vehicle section was expanded and a new office was constructed for pre-owned
sales. In addition, new pavement, re-surfacing and paint were done externally.
The Service Drive-Thru have been completely renovated and now provides a more
modern, customer-centric experience. In addition, every window in the facility has been
changed to be more energy-efficient. The public restrooms were renovated to ensure they
are barrier-free.
“Customers have really embraced the changes that we have made,” states Chisholm.
“They appreciate that we have gone above and beyond in our efforts to meet their needs.”
Special attention has been paid to the service departments. Rose City now has one of
W i n d s o r
L i f e
the largest part stores in Canada. The Ford
Performance line of accessories and parts is
now available along with Roush parts.
The Collision Centre is the only Ford
dealership in Windsor certified to do repairs
on Ford Aluminum F-150 trucks. Technicians are required to do specialized training
to work on these vehicles. A $90,000 investment was required to add the Aluminum repair room. However, Chisholm says that it
was necessary to stand current with demands.
With six acres of land, including two acres
under roof, the Rose City Ford renovation
was carefully planned to ensure that customers were not disrupted throughout the
year-long process. In fact, sales actually increased during the renovation.
“A real team spirit developed among staff
during renovations. We often had to work
in close quarters. It was a learning experience for us everyday,” says Chisholm.
The renovation was guided by the Ford
Millennium Update program which guides
dealership imaging across Canada.
“Customers have been coming in and
saying thank you for the renovations. We
are fortunate to have loyal and trusting
customers. They feel rewarded for their
loyalty by having this new customer-centric
facility,” states Chisholm.
The family-owned dealership has a long
history of success in Windsor. John’s father
William (Bill) opened the business on June
1, 1981. Two years later, in 1983 John
joined the company and in October 1994
he took over the day to day operations.
Today he is the sole owner of the dealership
that employs 80 staff.
Chisholm admits that they are fortunate
to work in “Ford country.” “Customers in
this region are faithful to the Ford brand.”
However, Chisholm also believes that
there are attributes about Rose City that
keep clients loyal to his dealership.
“We are the dealership with a heart. We
are family owned and operated which
means we are in the building every day. We
see our customers on a daily basis and ask
them for their feedback. Also, we make a
solid effort to be involved in our community and give back.”
Last year Chisholm made a donation to
ensure that Downtown Windsor Farmers
Market remained in the core for the 2015
season. Rose City Ford is the sponsor for
this season. It is Chisholm’s hope that his
gesture will motivate city council and the
market to continue seeking a long-term
solution for the market’s location after this
In addition, Rose City Ford hosts the
Windsor Police Service annual Food and
Toy Drive during the holiday season.
Chisholm and the dealership have received several accolades for their leadership
and excellence. In 2015 Chisholm was a finalist for the Windsor Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards for
Entrepreneur of the Year. The dealership has
been recognized as a number one Volume
Dealer in Canada, Ford Top 100 Dealer and
nine-time Ford President’s Award recipient.
The customer satisfaction surveys managed by Ford Motor Company are consistently excellent for Rose City Ford.
“There is a rhythm to every person’s life.
Our goal at Rose City Ford is to assist them
in making their life as stress-free as possible
when it comes to their vehicle. Whether
that means the sale of a new or pre-owned
vehicle, repairs on a vehicle, or upgrades to
their car, we are here to assist.”
Ezio Tartaro
Some believe all homes are created equal. You know better.
Phase 1 & 2 SOLD OUT.
Visit our NEW COLLECTION of individually appointed townhomes.
[email protected] • (519) 972-1000 24hrs
A Passion for
Entertainment Solutions For Every Room
Specializing in Gas Fireplaces
. . . and more.
Mario Sementilli, Owner
3118 Jefferson Blvd.
Member of the
Better Business Bureau
Gas Lines for All Gas Appliances
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Assurance, Advisory and Tax Services for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Not-for-Profit Organizations
The Tax Team
The smartest leaders do what they know best and entrust the rest
to the experts. To guide its clients in important fiscal matters,
Collins Barrow Windsor LLP has skilled, experienced teams in
place, each focused on specific tasks to increase efficiency and profitability of every client served.
Tax partners Scott Dupuis and Dan Dwyer lead the tax team at
Collins Barrow, where everyone exchanges their expertise among
the firm’s various departments. For instance, “as a specialist in taxation, I also depend on the Collins Barrow assurance team. Together,
we work hand in hand with our clients,” Scott says.
Those clients are primarily professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses – people who are leaders in their own right and recognize the
value of having trusted, talented advisors on their team.
“Our local Collins Barrow tax team has grown substantially over
the past three years,” says Scott. Twelve team members now offer
special knowledge and guidance in tax matters for Canadian and
American business clients.
“Business owners realize there is opportunity on the other side of
the border but they have many questions. We provide guidance that
enables our Canadian and American clients to do business in one
another’s countries,” Scott says. “The size of Collins Barrow enables
us to give personal service and partner attention at a superior level.”
The Collins Barrow tax team also includes a mechanical engineer,
senior manager Daniel Coccimiglio. “His job is to understand the
technical aspects of our clients’ manufacturing business so we can
W i n d s o r
L i f e
take advantage of R&D tax incentives and other tax-saving opportunities,” Scott explains.
Manager Craig Hoover specializes in researching and applying
for government grants in Collins Barrow Windsor’s rapidly expanding R&D and Government Incentives practice. “We match government grants to our different clients and then advise them as to
which credits they should pursue,” says Scott. “With our clients’
approval, we do the grant writing, which is a specialized task. That
enables our clients to focus on what they do best.”
“We regularly follow over 200 grants and are continually filling
grant applications on our clients’ behalf. We have a healthy rate of
success in securing new, vital sources of revenue for our clients,”
Craig reports. “We can design custom tax credit solutions for companies who are expanding, hiring new employees, exporting product
or training existing staff.
Collins Barrow is not only committed to helping its clients make
and accumulate wealth, the firm also helps preserve it. “Our team
brings our clients creative ideas and tax efficient strategies for building and expanding their companies, as well as ensuring endurance
through estate planning,” says Dan.
Positioned for growth, the firm welcomes new clients in need of
business tax services and other financial guidance. “At this time of
year, business owners and managers see how they really did in 2015
and many are surprised by the amount of tax owing,” says Dan.
“Many may wonder if there are ways to do better. A conversation
with Collins Barrow can be enlightening.”
The Assurance and Advisory Team
Collins Barrow Windsor LLP serves a diverse range of private companies and not-for-profit organizations across Southwestern Ontario. Clients range in size from 10 to 600 employees and annual
revenues of $100,000 to $50 million. “We serve clients engaged in
the manufacturing, automotive, insurance, financial services and
technology sectors,” says Carl Hooper, Assurance and Advisory
partner. “We also assist various not-for-profit organizations and a
diverse group of professional corporations. We understand the
unique, specific needs of each client and customize our services and
deliverables accordingly.”
The Windsor office has five assurance and advisory partners
supported by a talented, dedicated group of assurance managers
empowered to lead team members. Collins Barrow offers the global
reach of some of its competitors but goes beyond in service delivery
and partner attention.
“We are committed to ensuring that an experienced client service
team is in place for each client,” says Michael Frenette, Assurance
and Advisory partner. “Our structure means our partners are directly
involved in the planning, management and review of our assurance
engagements. Our partner-level involvement is the key – we aim to
exceed the expectations of our clients”.
Business owners are required to make decisions affecting their
companies every day. In many cases, they seek input from a trusted
advisor. To meet this need, Collins Barrow makes certain their
assurance and advisory team is prepared to provide timely advice
tailored to each client.
“When we begin a new relationship, our team members meet face
to face with the business owner,” says Denise Hrastovec, Managing
Partner. “We spend the time it takes to understand the unique needs
of the client and we customize our approach accordingly.”
The assurance and advisory team is also beneficial when an existing business wants to purchase a business, expand its facility or
acquire new equipment or technology. “We help our clients structure their debt to finance assets that can grow or reinvigorate their
business,” says Paul Kale, Assurance and Advisory partner. “We have
a great relationship with many competitive lenders in the Windsor
The partners and staff of Collins Barrow are also leaders in the
local community, participating on various not-for-profit boards and
volunteer initiatives. “We’re excited about our city and proud to be
a part of it,” says Denise. “An important part of that is encouraging
the spirit of philanthropy in our office by getting involved in our
community and giving back.”
The assurance and advisory team has benefitted from the addition
of partner Peter Savoni in 2015. “The transition to Collins Barrow
has been seamless for me and my clients. This is a result of the commitment and dedication of the professionals at Collins Barrow
Windsor,” says Peter.
With the retirement of longtime tax, assurance and advisory partner, Brenda Griffith, Collins Barrow is looking forward to further
serving Brenda’s valued clients with new team members who will
uphold the high standard of service that Brenda has provided.
Looking towards 2016, Collins Barrow is focusing on the future.
“We have enjoyed impressive growth in the past three years and we
have exciting plans for 2016,” says Carl. “We remain one of the best
‘good news’ stories in town.”
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Introducing ThermiVa Vaginal
Rejuvenation Device
Medical Centre has practiced medicine for over 3 decades on 3 continents. An insatiable
student with a passion for helping people, Dr. Sherman focuses in the areas of Family
Practice, Women’s Health and Cosmetic Medicine. These areas of expertise, like the facets
of a well cut diamond, are in perfect symmetry, each adding to the other, resulting in a
synergistic whole greater that its parts.
The Coral Medical Health Spa offers services to both men and women. They believe
in focusing on the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. This is especially true in
the area of sexual health. We’ve all heard about male sexual problems such as Erectile
Dysfunction, but women in particular have been underserved in the sexual health arena.
Dr. Sherman is changing that at Coral Spa.
Women have sexual health concerns as the result of age, gravity, menopause, and
childbirth. Most women suffer in silence, unaware that the unpleasant symptoms of
vaginal laxity, incontinence, drooping labia, lack of vaginal nerve sensitivity, lack of vaginal lubrication, and painful intercourse are treatable. Coral Medical Health Spa is excited
to offer a non-surgical, non-invasive, in office treatment for these problems – ThermiVa.
ThermiVa is a state-of-the-art, computerized radio-frequency (RF) treatment tool
which helps to tighten tissue and strengthen
structural support. It is used as a highly
effective medical therapeutic treatment for
incontinence, pelvic and vulvovaginal laxity,
decreased vaginal moisture and painful intercourse. The improved appearance of the
vulvovaginal tissue following treatment
provides an added benefit to patients. This
device produces results which are immediately apparent, with little risk, no pain, and
no recovery down-time for as little as $3000!
The ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive. ThermiVa delivers computer controlled
gentle heat energy to the desired areas,
namely, the labia and/or vagina. Applying
thermal energy to tissue has become the
standard for promoting collagen remodeling
which helps strengthen the structural support columns of the vaginal complex and
improve the integrity of the tissue. A series
of three treatments over the course of three
months are necessary to achieve optimum
As Dr. Sherman explains, “ThermiVa
treatments have an immediate effect on
women. A woman doesn’t usually talk about
her sexual parts. She may think they are inferior or incomplete. As a doctor, I can help
women by offering a treatment that will
rejuvenate her sexual organs and improve
her intimate life. The results are immediate.
Women will achieve better self-esteem, better self-confidence, and their approach to
life may change. They will feel better about
themselves and that is reflected in all aspects
of their life.”
For more information or to schedule a
consultation with Dr. Sherman, contact us
Schedule Your Personal Consultation
Dr. Zoia Sherman
Coral Medical Health Spa
Selected As One Of
For additional details and pricing please visit…
1400 Provincial Rd. 519.969.1554
[email protected]
Bringing Your Vision and Look to a Whole New Level
Seeing is believing at Eyewares of Windsor, where John and Susan
Walker have been optimizing people’s vision for more than 20 years.
“Many people who wear glasses find there are weak spots in their
lenses, where the focus isn’t as sharp as they would like,” John says.
“That is where our expertise comes in. We don’t just fill optometrists’ prescriptions, we interpret them to ensure you will see
at a superior level.”
To make the most of your vision, the Eyewares team gets to know
you and how you move through your day. The amount of time you
spend working on the factory line or at a computer, watching
television, gaming, reading, being active outdoors, engaging in hobbies and other activities are taken into consideration. “The ways you
use your eyes directs how we will manufacture your glasses,” John
It may prove advantageous to have one pair for general use and
another for specific tasks, such as needlework or reading. Special
anti-reflective coatings can be effective in reducing eye fatigue and
glare from sunlight or a computer or TV screen.
When meeting with the Eyewares team, allow extra time for the
thorough attention you will receive. “We want to really get to know
your eyes, their shape, strengths and weaknesses. All of this information will help us determine the best lens type and size for you,”
John explains.
Once the team starts building your task specific, single, multifocal
vision, sports or safety glasses in Eyewares’ onsite lab, they make
strategic tweaks that result in significantly improved vision. This is
one of the many reasons why first time Eyewares customers often
remark they are able to see better than ever. “Our lenses don’t come
from some big commercial lab. They are one of a kind, made here,
exclusively for you,” John assures.
Comfort and style are also important when choosing eyeware.
“Our aim is that you will put on your glasses and forget you are
wearing them – until someone compliments you on how great you
look,” John says. “The right glasses will enhance your appearance
as well as your vision.”
In the Eyewares of Windsor boutique, the latest trends and classic
styles in frames and sunglasses are on display. There are more than
1500 frames by Tiffany & Co., Prada, Versace, Coach, Gucci, Dolce
& Gabbana, Burberry, DKNY, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Disney,
Oakley, Nike and others. Should the pair you covet online or in a
fashion magazine not be in store, Eyewares will bring it and any
other frames you admire until you meet your true match – at no
extra charge. Staff are happy to assist with discovering the perfect
pair for your vision needs, face and personal style.
Contact lenses perform well for many teens and adults. “Bausch
& Lomb, CIBA Vision, Johnson & Johnson and Cooper Vision all
make contact lenses to correct near and far-sightedness, astigmatism
and presbyopia,” John says. “Multifocal contacts enable people over
40 to see well, without having to juggle reading glasses or bifocals.”
The Eyewares team will show you how to wear and care for your
contacts and eyeglasses. Depend on Eyewares for follow-up care,
convenient repairs and free tune-ups.
Although the level of service is upper tier, Eyewares of Windsor
is affordable for every budget. Frame prices range from value to
designer. Eyeglass and contact lenses are competitively priced. Drop
in or schedule an appointment to see the difference!
Ph. 519.254.2020
3893 Dougall Ave.
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Increasing Your Confidence and Quality of Life with Implant Supported Dentures
Are you ready to take a bite out of life? Be healthy? Eat the foods
you crave? Look years younger? Get compliments on your amazing
Having the right dentures can do all of this for you. At the Dan
Landry Denture Clinic, denturist Dan Landry and his team work
to create the perfect fit and look. What does this involve? It requires
an accurate print of your teeth or gums and a skilled hand to fabricate dentures providing the best alignment and natural appearance.
“A denture that moves around in your mouth doesn’t allow you
to talk properly and certainly limits what you can eat,” says Dan.
“With implants, your denture will remain in place when you’re
speaking and chewing your food.”
The implants are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw and
normally integrate with the bone after two to three months. “Once
your gums are healed and the denture is secured to the implants,
your quality of life improves,” Dan assures. Patients with implant
supported dentures enjoy a wider variety of foods to eat which, in
turn, leads to healthier diets and greater choice at restaurants. Feeling more confident and content, patients find themselves smiling
frequently with their beautiful new teeth!
Different levels of comfort are possible with implants. Two implants on the lower jaw improves chewing significantly, close to
60% compared to conventional dentures. Three implants achieve
70% and four or more 80 to 90%. “For the upper jaw, you need a
minimum of four implants, depending on the quantity and quality
of the bone; anything less can lead to failure of the implants,” Dan
explains. “With an upper implant supported denture, you can usually remove a portion of the denture palate, heightening your ability
to taste food.”
“In the last 40 years, our office has seen many different kinds of
implant systems; they all worked to a degree and helped to keep the
dentures in place, some better than others,” Dan reflects. “I was fortunate to work alongside my father in law, John Gecelovsky, the first
licensed denturist in Essex County. He passed on his knowledge of
different systems and made me a better technician and denturist.”
“Technology improves all the time and we are dedicated to providing the latest implant system for our patients’ benefit. Whether
you want a denture that is supported by removable or fixed implants, we guarantee you will love your new teeth!”
After patients wear dentures for a few years and then decide to
get implant dentures, their most common remark is: “Why did I
wait this long to get my new teeth? I feel terrific!”
With offices in Windsor, Belle River and Essex, the Dan Landry
Denture Clinic collaborates with dentists at all three sites for patients’ optimal oral health. Valuing long lasting patient relationships
as far back as the 1970s, Dan notes, “some patients are now on their
third or fourth set of teeth. It’s a great feeling when your patients
return year after year. It’s an indication of mutual trust and respect.”
Taking the first step toward changing your life with implant supported dentures is simple. “Come in for a FREE consultation and
ask all the questions you want,” Dan invites. “Together, we will
make an informed decision that is right for you.”
Get the
Smile You
With a Visit to
The Landry Denture Clinic
Implant Dentures • Full Dentures • Partial Dentures
Denture Relines • Denture Rebases • Denture Repairs
Anti-Snoring Appliances • Night Guards
Permanent Soft Liners • Sports Guards
Remember, You’re worth it.
2532 Howard Ave.
360 Notre Dame
14 Gosfield Townline E.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Frank Brewing Co. is now open at 12000
Tecumseh Rd. E., in Tecumseh. Founder
Shane Meloche (left) recently celebrated the
The Pediatric Services Department at Windsor Regional Hospital has received $11,000 in donations from Advance Business Systems, local businesses
and national companies. The money is the happy outcome of the 24th Annual Advance Business Systems American Thanksgiving Day Football Classic
opening with Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara. Named after Shane’s grandfather,
Frank is a unique craft brewery that celebrates his rich past while creating an exciting new era in local brewing.
held at the Windsor Yacht Club and attended by more than 500 business
owners and guests. On Dec. 10, (left to right) David Musyj, President and
Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Regional Hospital; Jack Jorgensen, President and CEO, Advance Business Systems; and Mark Fathers, Vice President,
Corporate Services and CFO, Windsor Regional Hospital came together for
the cheque presentation at the hospital. Photo by Kevin Bodnar.
Canadian celebrity Chef David Rocco came
to Caesars Windsor December 2015 to uncork his own wine, now stored in the cellars
of the hospitality and entertainment complex. Chef Rocco also mingled with VIP
players at a private event and dined and
Preparing to bear all - nearly - local law enforcement representatives, St. Clair College
stayed at Caesars Windsor. Author of Made
students and staff went outdoors on Jan. 7th to promote the 2nd annual Polar Plunge. The
In Italy and two other cookbooks, the chef
actual goosebump inducing dip will take place at the campus at 2000 Talbot Rd. W.,
has three TV programs, David Rocco’s
Windsor at 10 a.m on Feb. 4th for college people and at noon on Feb. 6th for public
Dolce Vita, David Rocco’s Amalfi Getaway
plungers. Participants take the Polar Plunge in support of Special Olympics Ontario.
and the newly launched David Rocco’s
Dolce India.
W i n d s o r
L i f e
After 24 years downtown, Visions of
Canada has moved to a spacious facility at 1521 Riverside Dr. W., Windsor.
Owner Paul Boyko Jr., a licensed
optician for over 35 years, has created
a new full service optical dispensary,
offering eye exams, eyeglasses, contact
lenses and sunglasses. Making and shipping specialty eyeglasses all over the world for people
with unique vision needs, Visions of Canada has a large selection of frames. A grand
opening and 25th anniversary celebration will be held in spring 2016. 519-254-8488 Photo by Eric Davidson.
Dragons Den contestant Jason Carruthers
has just launched Mad Wax, Windsor’s only
wax bar dedicated solely to the art of waxing, an efficient method of hair removal.
Mike Webb (left) and Craig
Clean obsessed, Mad Wax uses all natural
Webb, with the help of General
Canadian made wax at 4050 Walker Rd.
Manager Lisa Morand (right),
Pictured with a client are Waxologists Jessica
are soon opening Webb’s, a new
and Amal, with Manager Mariana. Jason is
steak and seafood restaurant at 1640 Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh. They have created a casual
also the owner of Zipp Lash, an eyelash
and comfortable dining room and bar, where guests can eat, chat or watch the game. The
extension business.
menu will feature steaks with homemade Webb’s steak sauce, Angus burgers, seafood, loads
519-915-7377 or
of appetizers and more, affordably priced. 519-735-0007 or
Now marking five years helping people impacted
by depression, anxiety and psychological trauma
through his public counselling practice, Jim Jeannette, M.S.W., is also WFRS' Mental Health
Professional. Retired from the Windsor Fire &
Rescue Service, Jim heads the Windsor/Essex
County Fire Critical Incident Stress Team. His office is at 853 Goyeau St., Windsor. 519-980-7468.
Another semi-private room in the Windsor
Providing same or next day cremation serv-
Regional Hospital Met Campus Oncology
ice for pets, Windsor Precious Pet Crema-
Unit has now been made more comfortable
tion is a family owned and operated facility
and private for patients and their families,
that helps bereaved people in their time of
thanks to $25,000 donated by Caesars
need. After hours calls are personally taken
Windsor to Transition to Betterness’ room
by owners Janet and Ron Lefler. Pre-plan-
refurbishment program. A sleeper chair,
ning arrangements are available. A local
fridge, flat screen TV and attractive décor
woodworker handcrafts some of the wooded
will enhance the space. Funds were gener-
urns available to pet owners. Located at
ated by The Concerts for a Cure annual campaign that Caesars Windsor runs during cancer
2063 Continental Ave., Windsor Precious
awareness months. The entertainment complex donated $1 for every Colosseum ticket
Pet Cremation is the only pet cremation
sold for an October or November show. (Left to right) Dave Hunter of WRIF’s Dave and
facility from Windsor to the far side of Lon-
Chuck "The Freak" and T2B Spokesperson, and Scott Jenkins, Director, Advertising at
don. or
Caesars Windsor attended the cheque presentation at the hospital on Dec. 3.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Everyoneʼs skin is different. Everyoneʼs needs are different. Halo allows your clinician to customize your treatment to fit your lifestyle.
Need to be back at work tomorrow? A light treatment creates smooth, vibrant skin thatʼs ready for makeup the next day. Want to
WOW them? A more intense treatment will give your skin that youthful glow with just a few days of downtime. Ask the staff at Radin
Skin Centre today about how you can get the Halo glow.
What results can I expect?
Over time, your skin can lose its youthful glow due to sun
exposure and your bodyʼs natural aging process. As a
result, your body may develop sun spots, fine lines, and
lose that natural healthy glow. Previous lasers couldnʼt
effectively remove this damage, because the treatment
was either too shallow or too deep. Halo eliminates years
of damage by precisely targeting the right depth. Halo restores the luminous glow you had when you were younger.
Great Results with Minimal Downtime
In the past, you had to choose between a procedure that
offered really great results but required a lengthy recovery,
or a procedure with fast recovery but marginal results. Now
with Halo you get the best of both worlds: great results with
minimal downtime.
Halo combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal
renewal for a combined synergistic effect you canʼt get with
any other treatment. Halo creates beautiful results without
the downtime of more aggressive treatments.
Photos Courtesy of Rebecca Gelber, MD
Photos Courtesy of AesthetiCare MedSpa
Halo is a complete skin rejuvenation treatment. You will see improvements in overall tone and texture in addition to significant removal
of discolouration, reduction in fine lines*, reduced pore size, skin
reflectivity and glow.
How many treatments do you need?
Whatʼs great about Halo is that you can choose how many treatments you want! Discuss with your clinician your needs and you
can choose to have one or two more aggressive treatments or have
multiple treatments that are less aggressive and achieve a similar
goal over a longer period of time.
What happens during the treatment?
Thirty minutes to an hour before the treatment your clinician may
place a topical anesthetic on your skin to reduce the sensation during
the procedure. The area will be measured with motion tracking
technology to ensure the area is treated evenly. The clinician will
treat each measured section by uniformly rolling the Halo handpiece
over the skin until the system recognizes the treatment is complete.
What does Halo feel like?
With a topical anesthetic and integrated cooling technology, most
patients experience very little discomfort. Most patients describe the
treatment as a feeling of heat with occasional prickling sensation,
but are generally comfortable. After the treatment, most patients will
continue to feel warm for an additional 15 to 30 minutes, or a bit
longer with deeper treatment levels.
How soon after my treatment can I return to normal activities?
After 1 Tx
Photos Courtesy of AesthetiCare MedSpa
After 1 Tx
Photos Courtesy of Chris W. Robb, MD, PhD
For the first 24 hours you should keep your skin protected according
to your clinicianʼs instructions, but after that you should be able to
go about your normal activities. After the first 24 hours your skin will
begin to peel, but you will be able to put on makeup. For a facial
treatment, you will see very little change on the first day. After two to
three days you will develop a light bronzing appearance. By day
three or four your skin will peel, revealing your new skin beneath.
When will I see results?
After 2 Tx
Photos Courtesy of Sanctuary Medical Center
After 1 Tx
Photos Courtesy of Sanctuary Medical Center
You will see results between two and five days after your Halo treatment, but your skin will continue to improve over time. Most patients
see the greatest pigmentary improvement in the first two to three
weeks. This is followed by a dermal regeneration phase that continues to improve for months.
How long will my results last?
Your Halo results will last for years to come, but you should continue
to keep your skin protected at all times using UV sunscreen to protect
your new, healthy skin. Each additional Halo treatment you get will
only improve the results, giving you even better looking skin.
After 2 Tx
W i n d s o r
L i f e
After 2 Tx
*Only with full face resurfacing treatments.
It is
is amazing.
amazing. I would
recommend it
it to
to anyone."
Linda B.
Introducing the newest beauty breakthrough!
Halo precisely targets years of damage to your skin, including:
Enlarged pores
Poor texture
Uneven skin tone
Fine lines*
• Sun damage
• Visible signs of aging
• Acne scars
• Melasma
• Scar revision*
*only with full face resurfacing treatments
Available EXCLUSIVELY at
laser & cosmetic dermatology
Dr. Daniel A. Radin
13278 Tecumseh Road East Suite 103 B | 519-979-GLOW (4569) |
Dedicated and Experienced
Real estate, wills, estate work and powers of attorney are some of
the reasons you want to turn to the dedicated and experienced Kyrtsakas Law Office, established in 1986 by Chris Kyrtsakas.
Chris grew up in Windsor and is committed to serving his hometown. He applies his high standards and work ethic to his general
practice law office.
Nobody wants to “need a lawyer” but the reality is that in our
everyday lives there are reasons to require the thorough expertise
Chris Kyrtsakas provides in his general practice law office.
“My practice emphasizes services in real estate, small business
matters, estate work, wills and powers of attorney. The subject
matter can be intimidating but I am well versed in the process and
how different circumstances can be handled in a clear cut manner,”
Chris explains. “People actually tell me how simple it was. I take
that as a compliment,” he adds.
Small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs will appreciate Chris’ understanding of corporate law and his ability to break
it down in simple terms for good candid discussion with clients.
This excellent communication will help you determine whether
incorporation is right for you.
It can be unpleasant to think about preparing for the worst, so
many people avoid it. Chris stresses the importance of following
through with these preparations.
“It may be uncomfortable to dwell on, but having personal
decisions made in advance of any challenges that may come into
your life requires that certain matters be documented in such a way
that your wishes are upheld in a court of law,” Chris explains.
Wills and powers of attorney are designed for this purpose. For a
variety of situations and reasons, everyone should ensure they have
this peace of mind.
Chris encourages open communication. “It’s important that my
clients feel comfortable in discussing their legal needs with me.”
Purchasing a home is one of the most significant lifetime events
you will experience. Kyrtsakas Law Office is well versed in the
important matters that have to be seen to.
The closure of the sale requires a solicitor to oversee the title
search and preparation of the necessary government and mortgage
documents – including registering the deed.
“You will have a myriad of details to take care of,” Chris notes,
“which is why my law office is dedicated to a smooth and efficient
real estate transaction for you. This is one area you won’t have to
stress over when you are planning your move.”
Your solicitor plays a crucial role when you are selling your home
as well. “This requires a solicitor to prepare the sale documents and
ensure that any outstanding mortgages or other debts are paid
and discharged from the sales proceeds,” Chris explains. If you are
moving outside of Canada, a clearance from Canada Customs and
Revenue Agency must be obtained.
Kyrtsakas Law Office is committed to being responsive to clients
in a respectful and collaborative manner.
“I have had the privilege of acting as solicitor for thousands of
clients since 1986,” Chris says. “Chances are, I have acted on behalf
of one of your friends or relatives. Call me for a complimentary
review of your agreement,” he invites.
Are you buying or selling property?
Are you finally going to prepare that
will and power of attorney you’ve been
thinking about all these years?
Has a loved one recently passed and you
need help with finalizing the Estate?
Since 1986 I have helped my clients
with these types of matters.
5655 Tecumseh Rd. E. Windsor, ON N8T 1C8
W i n d s o r
L i f e
People Helping People Help Themselves
Motor City Community Credit Union (MCCCU) is a complete financial institution built from the ground up in Windsor.
Recently MCCCU wrapped up its 75th anniversary year. They
are proud of the accomplishments over the last year including enhancing their technology and increasing community engagement.
“In the last five years we have come a long way in our technology.
People are looking at banking in different ways and that means
fewer people are coming into the branch. MCCCU takes great pride
in servicing our members wherever they are – for some that means
mobile banking, while others continue to visit the branch,” states
CEO Charles Janisse.
MCCCU was the first financial institution in this area to offer
remote deposit capture which is basically a cell phone application
that lets you take a picture of your cheque
with your phone and deposit it into your
MCCCU has just launched Personal Financial Management (PFM). This will allow
members to better track their spending and
budgets. It will ultimately allow members
to have more control over their financial
MCCCU offers all the retail and commercial services a bank offers, but the members
are the owners, not absentee shareholders
whose interest is in profit. Every one of the
12,000 members has a say in how the credit
union operates.
“Our members like that we are grassroots
and local. We have relationships with our
members. MCCCU goes out of their way to
find solutions that work for individuals and
try to improve their lives. Our goal is to make
their situation better when they leave the
branch than when they walked in the door,”
says Janisse.
MCCCU has an astute, caring staff who
go out of their way to find solutions for
members. Sonia Lendardt, Branch Manager
at the Market Square, City Centre and
Tecumseh Road branches, was recognized for
her leadership in 2015 with a Biz X Award
for Financial Service.
It is the staff who create the healthy relationships that sustain business and membership financial security, adapting to every stage
of your life.
Helping small business is another niche for
MCCCU. The commercial lending staff
have a wealth of experience. They appreciate
the entrepreneurial spirit of these individuals
and have worked hard over the last year to
put tools in place to address their needs.
MCCCU is active in the community
through a variety of meaningful initiatives
including In Honour of the Ones We Love;
W.E. Care for Kids; Junior Achievement
Financial Literacy Program, United Way, We
Tech Alliance, causes for veterans and a host of sports teams and
event sponsorships that benefit our community. Scholarships are
offered to members and non-members, highlighting MCCCU’s
focus on the bright future ahead.
“Giving back to our community is an important part of
MCCCU’s values,” says Janisse.
After 75 years, MCCCU remains committed to enhance the
quality of life of our community by delivering quality financial
products and services effectively, efficiently and with excellence.
The convenience of MCCCU features four branches located
throughout the city and the ability to bank anytime, anywhere
through ATMs, Mobile and online. There are 3,000 ways to access
your money across the country.
Experience the credit union difference by banking at MCCCU
and see for yourself what sets them apart. Visit,
or call a branch to learn more.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Mystery and History Revealed
SAIGON WAS THE PLACE PEOPLE wanted to flee from
during the Vietnam War, 1955 to 1975. Today, renamed and
reborn as Ho Chi Minh City, it is attracting visitors in record
numbers. In June, CNN ranked it as one of the “top 10
fastest growing tourist cities in the world.”
Tourists mostly come from the U.S., Japan, Republic of
Korea, China, Australia, France, Singapore and Malaysia.
Among them last January were two Essex County couples,
keen to encounter complicated, tragic and glorious Vietnam.
Celebrating the 55th year of Vietnam Tourism, the country
was inclined to welcome Pam and Bill Seney and Maria and
Roger Bramhall when they flew into Hanoi Airport on Jan.
11th. The couples had just spent a few days exploring Hong
Kong and were acclimatized to the 11 hour time change, sunshine and 20 degrees Celsius temperature.
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Inhabited since the Paleolithic age, Vietnam has been subjected to long periods of foreign occupation. The country was
part of Imperial China from 111 BC until AD 938, when
Vietnam finally won independence. Vietnamese royal dynasties ruled until France colonized the Indochina Peninsula in
the mid-1800s. When the Japanese occupied Vietnam during
World War II, the Vietnamese, under the leadership of their
countryman Ho Chi Minh, saw their chance to shake off
French rule. Their fight for independence continued till they
succeeded in 1954.
The country split politically into Ho Chi Minh’s communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the north and
Emperor Bao Dại’s State of Vietnam in the south. Twenty
years of war ensued between the two; the U.S. joined in to
fight communism. North Vietnam was declared victor in
Clockwise from opposite: Maria and Roger Bramhall and Pam and Bill Seney toured Vietnam in
January. They sailed around 3,000 islets, islands
and outcroppings dotting Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting 232 coral
species in the coral reefs and white-tabby and
red-haired monkeys in the rainforests; bombs
and shells captured from the U.S. army during
the Vietnam War are displayed for tourists to see
in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon; Roger and
Maria crouch in the Cu Chi Tunnel system, an
underground network 121 km long that runs beneath Ho Chi Minh City and into the countryside.
Viet Cong soldiers lived and worked in the tunnels, hidden from American view. Today, it’s a war
memorial park, complete with a welcome sign
greeting tourists and returning U.S. veterans;
Roger seems to pop out of the ground. He is in
fact climbing through a secret trapdoor cut into
the underground tunnel; feeling claustrophobic.
1975. After some turbulent years, steady gains through economic
and politic reforms, including joining the World Trade Organization in 2007, have resulted in a high economic growth rate and
diplomatic relations with all nations.
Hanoi City
On Mon., Jan. 12th, the Bramhalls and Seneys embarked on a
guided, full day tour of Hanoi City in northern Vietnam. They
began in Ba Dinh Square, where silent sentries guard the marble
and granite mausoleum where Ho Chi Minh rests. “It’s always
guarded,” Roger notes.
Bill remarks, “Ho Chi Minh is almost revered as a god there.”
The French influence on Vietnam is evident throughout
Hanoi, including the former residence of the French GovernorGeneral of Indochina, completed in 1906. With architectural
features borrowed from the Italian Renaissance, the fine structure
eventually became the Presidential Palace of Vietnam. Shunning
what it once represented, “Ho Chi Minh would not live in the
residence. He lived modestly,” Roger says. Following a pathway
flanked by mango trees, the Canadians saw the raised cottage by
the carp pond that the ruler had built on the grounds; citizens
fondly call it Uncle Ho’s Stilt House. In 1975, it was deemed the
Presidential Palace Historical Site.
Top: The Vung Vieng fishing village in Ha Long Bay is home to 300
adults and children, crammed into tiny houses floating on the
water and fishing for their daily meals.
Above: In the dangerously congested traffic typical in Ho Chi Minh
City, 40 people die daily. Entire families ride on one scooter.
W i n d s o r
L i f e
At the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the evolution of Vietnamese independence is told, with emphasis given to the actions of Ho Chi Minh. Roger
and Bill knew the history of country and educated their wives before they
traveled. Remembering the American propaganda broadcast during the late
1960s and early 70s, the Canadians appreciated getting the Vietnamese
perspective firsthand. “The whole family went out and fought. It didn’t
matter how old you were or if you were male or female. Eight year old kids
would be armed to fight against American soldiers,” Bill says.
Many American prisoners of war were brought to Hoa Lo Prison, darkly
nicknamed Hanoi Hilton and now a museum. One inmate was fighter pilot
John McCain, whose plane had been shot down over Hanoi in 1967. He
remained imprisoned till after the Paris Peace Accords were negotiated in
1973. “His fighter’s suit was on display,” Roger says of the man who became
a U.S. senator and presidential candidate. “The conditions were dismal.
Prisoners would be chained in leg irons and sat on a bench.”
A more peaceful site is One Pillar Pagoda, originally erected in the 11th
century. A single stone pillar supports the wooden temple, shaped like a
lotus blossom, a Buddhist symbol of purity.
The Temple of Literature, built in 1070 and then dedicated to Confucius,
is Vietnam’s first university. The Seneys and Bramhalls toured the residences
and temple courts, accessed by gates such as the Attained Talent (Dai Tai)
gate and the Accomplished Virtue (Thanh Duc) gate. The names of graduates from 1442 and 1779 are engraved upon 116 blue stone steles
depicting turtles, symbolizing longevity and wisdom. The Well of Heavenly
Clarity is flanked by two great halls containing temple treasures. “We
covered every inch of the Temple of Literature,” says Bill, recalling the ancient books and scrolls displayed in cases.
The couples also visited the Lacquer Factory, where they were amazed by
the 15 step process required to create a lacquer painting. “It’s made from
eggshells and mother of pearl. All the work is done by hand and takes three
months to complete,” Maria says. Impressed by the beautiful results, she
bought a 10” by 12” plaque that would fit in her suitcase. “We would have
bought everything in there if we could.”
Not to be out-shopped by their wives,
Roger and Bill had two cashmere suits custom tailored. “They were $230 each,” Roger
says. “We’re happy with them.”
The next morning, the travelers drove 3
½ hours by car to board a small cruising
vessel. En route, they stopped at the Chan
Thien My craft factory. “Handicapped people make all the items, including silk clothing, hand embroidery, paintings, lacquer
artwork, jewellery and marble statues. The
workmanship is incredible,” Pam says.
Roger noticed, “Many had deformities
because of Agent Orange. It was a way for
them to support their own existence.”
American pilots sprayed huge quantities of
Agent Orange over Vietnam between 1961
and 1971, with the aim of defoliating the
dense jungle in order to spot enemy fighters.
Containing deadly dioxin, the herbicide has
been blamed by Vietnam for killing or
maiming 400,000 people; causing half a
million children to be born with birth
defects; and resulting in suffering directly
and indirectly for another 2 million people.
The chemical’s toxicity remains in the soil
and lakes, contaminating fish and the food
chain today.
Ha Long Bay
Amidst such horror, Vietnam is generous
with her natural glories. One is Ha Long
Bay, which means Where the Dragon
Descends into the Sea. Regarded as Vietnam’s eighth wonder of the world and a
Top: Sung Sot Cave aptly translates into Surprise Cave. The grotto is naturally carved into two chambers that could hold thousands of people. Spotlights show off the weird formations of stalactites and
stalagmites. Above: Pam, Bill, Roger and Maria exit the Me Cung Cave into welcome sunshine. Left:
Steps hewn into rock lead down into Me Cung Cave.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
UNESCO World Heritage site in northeast
Vietnam, it is an exotic, mysterious place
with 3,000 limestone and schist islands,
islets and outcroppings and arches rising
from the water.
“We boarded a traditional junk with five
estate rooms and sailed the area for three
days,” Pam says. The other couples on board
hailed from around the globe.
Maria, who doesn’t like the motion of
water, found the bay was like glass. “The
cruise was the highlight of our trip,” she
Roger relished the traditional cuisine
served on board, particularly the lotus root
salad. “The best food we had in Vietnam
was on that boat,” he says.
The travelers worked off calories during
land excursions, scrambling over rocky paths
and through caves and grottoes adorned
with stalactite and stalagmite formations.
Surprise Cave (Sung Sot) lived up to its
name. After taking a boat to Bo Hon Island
in the middle Ha Long Bay and climbing
steep steps, Bill was pleased to find “it is the
most spectacular cave ever.” A few steps
along the narrow entrance brings the explorer into a stunning hideaway, its naturally
craggy walls and ceilings illuminated by
W i n d s o r
L i f e
glowing spotlights. “The cave is bigger than
two football fields!”
On Lom Bo Island, the couples hopped
on bicycles and rode to Me Cung Cave,
which translates to Bewitching Grotto.
Then the travelers checked out produce
growing on an organic farm.
A different kind of crop was being harvested at the Ha Long Bay Pearl Farm
out in the sea. “We watched oysters being
opened and saw a pearl found,” says Maria.
The sea provides sustenance to the people
living in 8’ by 8’ homes floating on water in
the Vung Vieng fishing village. “They fish
every day to get their daily meal,” Pam says.
Ho Chi Minh City
Leaving the bay behind, the travelers flew
south to Ho Chi Minh City on Jan. 16th.
The temperature rose to 30 degrees Celsius.
“It’s a massive city of 10 million people.
Very modern.” Bill says. Roger adds, “It was
very safe.” In Market Square, the friends
purchased Nike sportswear, manufactured
in Vietnam.
They prowled through Ho Chi Minh
City for two days. “There are miniature
cities underground with the amazing Cu
Chi Tunnel system,” Roger says. It had underground kitchens, living areas, meeting
rooms, hospitals and trapdoors. “That’s how
the Americans couldn’t beat them,” Roger
explains. The Canadians were allowed into
small tunnel sections. “We marveled at the
Vietnamese ingenuity and resilience.”
Bill was intrigued to see “they had a firing
range with old communist AK47s that
tourists could pay buck a bullet to shoot.”
Top notch guides led the Bramhalls and
Seneys to the former Presidential Palace and
the History Museum, heavily featuring the
Vietnam War. The European architecture
and twin spires of Notre Dame Cathedral
indicate the strong influence the Roman
Catholic Church once had in the country.
Pam was alarmed by the traffic: “Millions
of scooters are used in that city, all going in
any direction. The fear of crossing the street
was unbelievable. The guide said just start
walking at a pace, don’t run or the drivers
will hit you.” Bill says, “A family of five,
dead pigs, mirrors, chickens, corn – everything was on scooters.”
“Vietnam was a pleasure. We all felt well
received wherever we went,” Pam says.
The friends said goodbye to the country
on Jan. 18th and headed to Cambodia, with
Thailand to follow before flying home on
Jan. 29th.
County Hospitality Pays
Off in the Heart of the City
Transforming a struggling dealership into one of the
largest Chrysler retailers across Canada in just two years,
The partners’ proven commitment to customer satisfaction has instilled confidence in the dealership’s
sales and service teams. “They know we are going
do everything possible to help them take care of our
customers,” Craig says. “We’ve won back a lot of the
dealership’s former clients with our significantly improved auto repair and maintenance services.”
“Our ultra-competitive prices and attractive terms
on all of our strong products also grabs people’s attention,” Tom finds.
By investing heavily in their sales, service and
financing teams, as well as launching new online marketing strategies, the partners have secured a healthy
Tom Mayhew and Craig Lanoue are having the time of their lives.
The friends own neighbouring auto dealerships in Tilbury. Craig heads up
Lanoue Chevrolet Inc., a family business founded in 1981 by his father, Andre,
at 85 Mill St. W. Tom has owned Tilbury Chrysler at 76 Mill St. W. since 1993.
They were both looking to expand their business interests when Craig heard
that Pinnacle Chrysler in Windsor was for sale. He crossed the street and had
an earnest conversation with Tom. The men decided to form a new partnership
to secure the Windsor dealership, while remaining independent dealers in
They took possession of the aging dealership on Nov. 1, 2013. Acknowledging
that the dealership’s standards had slipped, Tom and Craig immediately began
to upgrade the entire operation. Craig says, “The first thing we did was change
the name to Motor City Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram,” signifying the beginning
of a new era for the dealership at 2300 Tecumseh Rd. E. on the corner of Walker
Road. Craig chuckles, “When we tell people we’re across from Windsor’s Penalty
Box, home of the world famous Chicken Delight, they know exactly where to
find us.”
On day one, Tom and Craig established their open door policy: “Customers
can talk to us directly anytime they want,” Tom says. He and Craig frequently
contact people personally to discuss issues regarding their vehicles or service.
“Each of our customers deserves to be taken care of right away. We have empowered our managers so they can nip any concern in the bud and solve it now.”
Drawing on Craig’s 35 years of experience and Tom’s own 33 years in the
auto business, the partners were able to turn things around quickly at Motor
City Chrysler. “How we treat our employees transfers to our customers,” Craig
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
bottom line. Motor City Chrysler is now the number one retailer in all
of Canada for the sales of Town and Country vans. The dealership
also ranked among Chrysler Canada’s top auto sellers in 2015.
Customers are expressing their appreciation for the new comfortable lounge exclusively for their use, upgraded lighting,
extensive landscaping and resurfacing of the asphalt lot.
Standing in the Motor City Chrysler lot, the partners
watch many of their best customers drive past on their way
to work at the Chrysler Windsor Assembly Plant. “The
people who work there are very proud of the minivans they
build and rightly so,” Tom says.
Craig observes, “Windsor really supports its community. Forty-five percent of all new vehicles sold in the Windsor
area are Chrysler products. That is a huge and very loyal market
“A big part of our success
stems from six straight years of
Chrysler’s rebuilding of its strong
brand,” says Tom. “The future is
really bright for Chrysler workers.
There is a lot of confidence. It’s
lifting up our community as a
Hometown pride is bursting
“A big part of our success stems from six straight
years of Chrysler’s rebuilding of its strong brand.
The future is really bright for Chrysler workers.
There is a lot of confidence. ” – Tom Mayhew
W i n d s o r
L i f e
over the eagerly anticipated unveiling of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ new 2017 Town and Country minivan. “We will have this
next generation of superb minivans on our lot this May and
June,” Tom says.
People shopping for new vehicles as well as preowned cars,
minivans, SUVs and trucks have loads of choice at Motor City
Chrysler. “Thanks to our customers’ terrific support of our
dealership, we have been able to double our inventory to more
than $20 million. To give our customers even greater choice,
we need the room. We want to ensure they get exactly what
they want at our one stop shop,” Tom says. The partners
recently acquired an additional four acres on the north side
to enlarge the original four acre dealership.
“We’re going to reconfigure the lot so it is more customer-friendly,” Craig says. “We’re excited.” Vehicles
presently on the lot include the Dodge Grand Caravan,
“Windsor really supports its community. Forty-five
percent of all new vehicles sold in the Windsor area
are Chrysler products. That is a huge and very loyal
market share.” – Craig Lanoue
Journey, Chrysler Town & Country, RAM pickup trucks, Jeep
Cherokee and the all new Jeep Renegade.
As a longtime Chevy man, Craig was keen to give Chrysler a
chance to impress him. “I had always thought the Chevy product
was superior. Now I believe that Chrysler products are as good or
even better in some cases,” he says.
Grateful for local loyalty to the Chrysler brand, Motor City
Chrysler shows its appreciation by opening at 6 am Monday through
Friday and 8 am on Saturday so day and midnight shift workers can
get their vehicles in for servicing. Courtesy shuttle vans transport
Windsor-area customers to and from their workplaces and homes.
The dealership supports the annual Unifor picnic for Chrysler
workers and their families, as well as golf tournaments and the
Windsor Professional Firefighters’ annual Sparky’s Toy Drive. As the
main radio sponsor for the Windsor Spitfires, Motor City Chrysler
shares its team spirit.
Being in Windsor is a natural transition for the Tilbury auto
sellers. “About 80 percent of Lanoue Chevrolet customers are from
west of Tilbury. To get people to drive that distance from Windsor
or LaSalle, we have to be doing something right. It all comes down
to good customer service. Tom and I have brought our shared
philosophy about treating people well to Motor City Chrysler. It
seems to be working for us.”
“Ever since we took over this well-established dealership, we
haven’t missed a beat,” Tom says. “It’s been more fun and more
successful than we ever thought it could be.”
of securing benefits insurance that delivers great coverage at reasonable, stable
rates. More than 30,000 business owners and managers have achieved exactly
that with The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan®, making it
Canada's #1 employee benefits plan for small business.
The plan is tailored for operations with one employee up to 99. “We insure
virtually any industry, including home based businesses, contractors and contract
employees and not-for-profits,” says Brett Tanner, Regional Director of the
Chambers Plan Ontario Region.
“The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan works on a rock solid
stability model, based on affordable rates that
are renewable. Claims and premiums are
pooled, so even in a bad year, rates won’t be
thrown off. Insurance costs won’t escalate, so
budgeting is far more predictable for business
owners,” Brett explains.
Offering employee life insurance; health,
dental and optical benefits; and comprehensive benefits that cover disability, critical illness, employee assistance and more, The
Chambers Plan is now providing a new
managed health care option for prescription
Business Overhead Expense Indrugs.
surance supports the self employed
“Our program is very different from other business owner should he or she be
insurers,” Brett says. “As a not-for-profit sidelined with sudden illness or ingroup, our first priority is always our clients, jury, unable to generate revenue.
ensuring they are more than satisfied with BOE Insurance can cover the mortour level of service and the value we pro- gage or rent, utilities and more.
Coupled with The Chambers’ disTo support that aim, “whenever you have ability insurance, the owner can focus
a question about benefits and claims, you on getting better.
speak with real people working for The
The costs of introducing and
Chambers Plan, not offshore staff at a call maintaining benefits are substantially
centre,” Brett assures. Claims are typically offset by the rewards the business
paid within 48 hours.
gains. “According to Forbes, the
Through the program’s Best Doctors fea- number one influencer of employee
ture, employees and their families can con- retention is access to quality benenect to the world’s leading medical experts fits,” Brett points out. “When surfor free and benefit from superior advice.
veyed, over 70% of employees said
Owners and managers can access lawyers, they would rather take benefits over
accountants and human resource profession- a raise. It’s more than likely that
als with the Business Assistance Service, when people consider applying to
included free with every Chambers Plan pro- your company, they’ll be looking to
see if you have a benefits plan in
With The Chambers’ Plan Retiree op- place.”
tions, owners and managers have peace of
With access to health benefits, emmind because the program is protected. ployees have greater incentive to look
To help fund employees’ retirement, The after their own and their families’
Chambers Plan has a partnership with Man- wellness. That can translate into
ulife’s Future Step Group RRSP Program. fewer sick days, avoiding disruptions
There are no plan administration fees and no to business operations.
costs to the employer for the Group Regis“Our team of local advisors can
tered Retirement Savings Plan. The business help you determine the benefits plan
owner can also choose to make contributions that suits your needs,” Brett says.
to employees’ retirement funds, which The
Please visit for
Chambers Plan can manage.
more information.
For details or to request a
visit or call
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Local Craftsman Breathes New Life Into an Aging Mansion
AS A DESIGNER AND BUILDER of custom kitchens, bathrooms and home offices,
Wayne Dupuis has transformed hundreds of
local residences, bending his imagination to
suit his clients’ vision and budget. It is a
process that the creative craftsman enjoys.
So when Wayne encountered an opportunity to let his creativity off the chain and
do exactly what he wanted, according to his
own taste, he couldn’t resist.
What got him so excited was a reasonably
sized mansion at 284 Elmgrove Dr. in Russell Woods, beautifully situated on Lake St.
Clair. The 40 year old house was being sold
by its original owners. Although passersby
admired the classically Georgian architecture, with its soft orange brick graced with
a long balcony and an elegant triangular
pediment supported by four Corinthian
columns, the residence remained on the
market for over two years.
Featuring dark raised paneled walls and
heavy beams adorning the ceilings, “the
quality and detail were over the top,” Wayne
recalls. “But it was too much for today’s
taste. I knew I would have to modify, pull
out some elements and update the detail."
Examining one large room after another,
Wayne began mentally tallying the costs
to refurbish and remodel. “Ultimately, I
Opposite page: Emphasizing the grand in the grand foyer, Wayne Dupuis illuminated it with a dazzling
crystal chandelier, painted the staircase spindles white and laid a floor of white Carrera marble veined
with grey to complement the dove grey walls and white mouldings. Left: One of four bathrooms receives
a bold note with an off white and gold wallcovering in an open weave pattern, the backdrop to a white
quartz countertop and white vanity. Above: Floor to ceiling dark paneled walls and built in bookcases with
Palladian arches have aged well over 40 years. The inlaid hardwood floor is also original to the house.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
decided to do what this estate property deserves. I didn’t spare the money; budget
wasn’t a factor. I went with the best.”
“On May 26th, the day I got possession,
I started to renovate,” he says. He brought
in his own team of carpenters and craftsmen
from Wayne’s Custom Woodcraft, based in
Maidstone. “When they saw the property
and realized all that needed done, they
looked at me like I had two heads,” Wayne
In all, it took six months to complete the
many details the cabinetmaker envisioned.
“Having full reign to do exactly what I
wanted was my motivation,” Wayne notes.
“I found the process to be very energizing.”
Conscious of current design trends and
homebuyers’ preferences, Wayne lightened
and brightened the four bedroom, four
bathroom house everywhere he could.
Sections of walls were removed in the
foyer, opening the space to afford views of
the waterfront, glimpsed through several
new patio doors at the rear of the house. The
dark walnut grand staircase was transformed
with white paint on the spindles and stair
treads, covered with a taupe filigreed carpet
runner. Walnut paneled wainscoting and
This page, clockwise from below: White traditional cabinetry
and Carrera marble countertops were custom built for the
entertaining kitchen in the great room. The house also has
a separate kitchen for the cook; offering a cozy spot for
conversation, a grouping of four white armchairs around a
glass table is placed between the kitchen and living area;
sea blue accent pillows on a guest room bed are a nod to
the residence’s prime location on Lake St. Clair.
Top: The living area is pristine with beamed ceilings, paneled walls, bookcases and a
fireplace refinished in white. Left: Carrera marble on the floors and walls and a crystal
chandelier suspended above a soaker tub exude elegance in the master en suite
bathroom. Above: Understated good taste dictates the dining room’s white wainscoting,
deep taupe upper walls, hickory hardwood floor and crystal chandelier.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Left: Making the most of what is believed to be Russell Woods’ largest beach and dock, the new owner
installed an undulating stamped concrete pathway
leading to a geometric dock projecting over the sandy
stretch and Lake St. Clair. Photo courtesy Air Operations Drone Photography and Imaging.
trim were also coated in white paint; light grey paint graced the upper walls. Large white
Carrera marble tiles with natural grey veining clad the floor, warmed by a dark hide rug. A
crystal chandelier and chrome wall sconces with crystal drops added glamour.
“The whole house originally had copper fixtures, handles and hardware. I went with
chrome and crystal lighting and door handles. It's a little early in the Windsor trend but
it’s what's up and coming,” Wayne says.
The great room became great once more, after the removal of a decorative railing dividing
the living area from the kitchen. All the detail in the living area was preserved; the dark
woodwork was painted white.
The home actually has two kitchens: one for the cook to prepare meals for the family
and guests and the other for entertaining. The entertaining kitchen, newly opened to the
living area, was removed and enlarged. Traditional raised panel cabinetry in a pristine white
finish was installed in one large corner of the great room. Top of the line built in appliances
were added. The dishwasher and refrigerator were concealed behind coordinating panels.
Blue bar stools pulled up to the long matching island. The counters were topped with
Carrera marble; a thick slab of walnut butcher block was set in one section.
Dark hickory hardwood flooring unified the kitchen with the adjacent casual dining
space and the living area. It is a pleasing contrast to the white paint applied to lighten the
formal paneled walls, built in bookcases, beamed ceiling and fireplace mantel. White leather
armchairs around a small round glass table, a grey sofa and blue wingchair blurred the lines
between traditional and contemporary styling.
In the formal dining room, the upper walls were originally clad in inch thick padding
and covered in linen; the wainscoting sported a yellow distressed glaze. Wayne had the
wainscoting and crown moulding painted white. His daughters spent two weeks removing
the flower carvings out of the crown detail. A crystal chandelier now casts sparkles over the
dark wood pedestal dining table.
Upstairs, one stately room was left in its original state. The floor garners admiration for
its main pattern of crisscrossed hardwood, framed by an intricate geometric inlaid border.
The floor to ceiling dark paneled walls and carved built in cabinetry wrap the room in
refinement. Perhaps its next owner will make it an impressive library, home office or den.
Upgrades were done in the bedrooms, particularly the master bedroom suite. The old
narrow closet was deepened by five feet and organized with built in cabinets.
The master bathroom was doubled in size to become a serene spa. Carrera marble in 15”
by 30” tiles were laid on the floor and the lower portion of the walls; soft grey paint covered
the rest. A white quartz countertop and double vanity gleam. A freestanding rectangular
soaker tub is designed for relaxing. Winking overhead is a crystal chandelier, a whimsical
touch that Wayne thought the subtly over the top room needed.
Taking time out from the major work at hand, Wayne brought his family to play. “We
W i n d s o r
L i f e
didn’t go away on vacation last summer.
Instead, we went to the spectacular beach
every weekend, right on the house’s waterfront.”
The landscaping was torn out and redone
from the road to the beach. A new elongated
U-shaped concrete driveway was installed.
In the backyard, stamped concrete in a
seemingly freeform design fashioned a patio
extending the width of the house, protected
beneath the second storey balcony that
Wayne added. The pathway was undulated
through the back lawn and flowed outward
to create a concrete pad, defining the yard
from the 100’ wide band of sand.
From the pad, a narrow, straight walkway
crafted of weatherproof decking in the hue
of wet sand projects over the beach and then
widens into an angular deck set just above
the water. Red Muskoka chairs offer front
row seats to the Dupuis’ Sunday Fun Day
and the glorious sunsets. “The dream property now has the biggest beach and dock in
Russell Woods,” Wayne believes.
The Wayne’s Custom Woodcraft team returned to view the final result. “Their jaws
dropped,” Wayne says. “It’s so exciting to
show people the before and after.”
The residence is now listed for sale.
Wayne feels an attachment to the place that
enabled him to play professionally. “From
my first glimpse, I realized I could have a lot
of fun with this. It’s been a blast.”
Windsor Life Magazine is always searching for
interesting homes, landscaping, gardens, patios
and water features to show our readers what
others in the community are doing with their
living spaces. If you have a home that you
feel would be interesting please email photos to
[email protected] Photos need to be
for reference only. If your home is chosen we
will arrange for a complete photo shoot. If you
wish, you may remain anonymous and the
location of your home will not be disclosed.
PH: 776-6316
76 Talbot St. S., Essex
• 776-8611 • 776-9788
Actual Project
Custom Woodcraft
Located in
Corner of County Rd. 46 and Manning • 519-723-4141
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
TREATING every TCI Titan Contracting Incorporated project as
though he was working on his own
home, President Art Ussoletti has
set his company’s standards high.
Project Supervisor Andy Aden
says, “I know that not a day goes by
that Art makes sure to tell us the
number one thing is to guarantee
Project Supervisor
our customers’ satisfaction and
Andrew Aden
quality. That mandate combined
with Ussoletti’s eye to detail are what set Titan apart from
the rest.”
The Windsor company’s award winning workmanship
and solid value continue to secure projects throughout
Ontario. “Even during the winter months, we are as busy
as ever,” Ussoletti says.
To meet the demand, Titan has increased its workforce.
“As our company grows, it is important that we have the
peoplepower out in the field and all the support we need
in the office,” says Ussoletti. “One of our latest hires is a
full time engineer, who is a great addition to our staff. Our
clients are benefiting from this level of in-house expertise.”
In the past 12 months, Titan has completed a wide range
planning with the City of Windsor, the Ambassador Bridge’s debris retention
system was improved.
In neighbouring communities, the Titan team completed a multi-office
building in LaSalle; finished work on the Greater Essex County District
School Board’s Mason Education Centre; and constructed a new seasonal
washroom facility for the Town of Tecumseh at the Green Acres Community
Ussoletti is happy to report, “2016 is proving to be another healthy year.”
Among other projects, “we are currently working on a new state of the
art car wash that is promoting the first automated polishing system in the
Windsor area.”
Also on schedule are the building of a Leamington orthodontics office
and upgrading Canada Post’s Walker Road facility.
In Stratford, Titan is erecting a laser treatment clinic. For Ontario
Active Body Physiotherapy
LaSalle, Ontario
Supreme Car Wash
Windsor, Ontario
The Diamond Lounge – Caesars Windsor
Windsor, Ontario
Rock Developments Head Office
Lakeshore, Ontario
Rock Developments Head Office
Lakeshore, Ontario
of projects,
cts, kicking off with an execufice building on Amy Croft
tive office
or Rock Developments
Drive for
Developments. At Caesars Windsor, the Titan team built a
self serve dining area.
The University of Windsor relied on Titan to renovate
four classrooms; put in new underground storm and sanitary systems; replace a boulevard; and upgrade landscaping
and tunnel waterproofing at the Dillon Hall campus.
Elsewhere in the city, Titan extensively renovated Benson Tire; sidewalks were upgraded for Windsor’s Community Housing Corporation; and through much strategic
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Aboriginal Housing Services, the team is completely renovating
the exteriors of existing townhomes and putting the finishing
touches on a project in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.
Anticipating being contracted for a large scale project for a longstanding client in the Niagara Falls region, Ussoletti says, “This
will be very exciting for Titan, as we have done work in Niagara
in recent years and it would be nice to continue and expand on
our success there.”
Titan’s achievements, which include being honoured with the
Best of the Best Award from the Toronto Construction Association, are made possible in large part by its team of carefully selected
sub-contractors. “Without these special people, we would not be
as successful we are. Because of their willingness to adhere to our aggressive
schedules and tight budgets, we are able to advance our growth,” Ussoletti
“We feel positive about our future and our hometown,” the contractor
says. “Our Titan team looks forward to securing more opportunities to prove
our reputation for enduring construction in Windsor and throughout
Site Supervisor John Lepain,
Southwestern Ontario Senior Site
Supervisor Andrew Aden,
President Art Ussoletti and
Project Estimator Brian Miles.
TEL: 519-977-1125 • FAX: 519-977-0352
Actual Projects
Supreme Car Wash
Windsor, Ontario
Supreme Car Wash
Windsor, Ontario
Abraham Orthodontics
Leamington, Ontario
Ambassador Bridge
Windsor, Ontario
Greener Projects Development
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Windsor, Ontario
Helping You Feel, Look and Smell Fantastic This Winter
Be kind to yourself with Natural Origins’ therapeutic services and natural cosmeceutical products, while respecting the sensitivities of other
people and the environment. The wellness spa and shop is the creation
of owner Kristine Atkinson, a certified oncology esthetician with a gentle
touch for cancer patients and everyone else seeking beneficial treatments
for aging or distressed skin.
In private rooms, clients unwind with specialized facials and skin
treatments. “For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation,
I apply iS Clinical Cancer Care skin products containing powerful
botanical antioxidants to address chafing, burns, scar tissue and an
uneven complexion,” Kristine explains.
Clients’ collagen and elastin are rejuvenated with soothing Venus
Freeze radio frequency and magnetic pulse sessions, resulting in
smoother, firmer skin.
To calm or energize the body, Natural Origins offers hot stone and
relaxation massages. Check the spa’s Facebook page for notifications
of free 10 minute chair massages offered on quiet days. In return,
Kristine asks that you donate spare change to support the Windsor Cancer Centre.
For people on the go, Natural Origins stocks convenient remedy kits
for colds and flus that spread throughout workplaces, daycares, schools,
planes and cruise ships.
Workshops on natural winter remedies with essential oils were enthusiastically embraced by customers recently. The January 26 tutorial
focuses on “Pain Management.” February’s workshop is “Beating the
Winter Blues and Cabin Fever.” In March, participants can “Spring into
Action with Health Tune-ups and Allergy Busters.” Cancer patients can
learn healthy ways to “Put Your Best Face Forward with Oncology
Esthetics” in April.
Natural Origins’ Scent Centre is a big hit with women, men and kids.
One hundred essential oils from reputable Canadian suppliers are the
real deal, tested to prove that they have not been chemically or synthetically altered. Natural Origins’ certified aromatherapist provides reliable
advice on mixing and applying essential oils for a variety of conditions
such as clearing sinus congestion, elevating the immune system, treating
a headache or disinfecting a house.
You can create your signature fragrance with essential oils or buy
prepared scents. Men appreciate being able to custom blend beard,
shaving and skin balms. An aromatherapy locket contains a pad you
infuse with essential oils so you benefit wherever you are. Another
method of releasing therapeutic scent is with a Canadian Relaxus cold
diffuser that protects the essential oil’s potency. Natural Origins also carries scent balls that plug into electrical outlets, the car or USB port.
Enlarging Natural Origins’ selection, Kristine has added healing lip
balms and handmade essential oil soaps by local company Eastberry. For
a healthy home, try soap nuts to get laundry clean without leaving itchy
residue and dryer pillows stuffed with lavender buds as a chemical free
alternative to dryer sheets. Handcrafted wood and natural stone jewelry
are eye catching accessories. The Chill-in Hot Flash Pillow pad and
buckwheat pillows provide incredible comfort.
Avail yourself of the staff ’s knowledgeable advice so you can use the
correct products the best way. Natural Origins offers testers, samples
and free consultations regarding any service or product.
To read free newsletters, book appointments online and learn about
upcoming events and featured products, visit or
Facebook. Download the new free Natural Origins Inc. app for healthful
tips, money saving promotions and more.
Enroll in Natural Origins
Educational Workshops...
Winter Blues/Cabin Fever
1/2 OFF
kin tightening,
tightening, wrinkle
eduction and
and cellulite
reduction treatments
Face, Neck
Neck oorr Body
Bod y
series of
of 8 or
or 10
Valid when
when starting
starting the
the series
series in
in Feb.
Feb. 2016
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Spring Health Tune-up "Breathe Easy"
Your best face forward
with Oncology Esthetics
Pain Management
Details on Natural Origins Inc. app,
website or facebook events
RSVP Facebook
or 519-915-4777
5957 Wyandotte St. E.
519-915-4777 |
Certified Financial Planners
with Smart, Stress Tested Strategies
financial concerns. Do you want them to be positive or negative?
The right plan will have your affairs in order so your passing won’t
be a financial burden to your heirs,” Trevor assures.
Investors Group is in significant growth mode, with the number
of financial planners and the clients they serve increasing. “People
are intrigued about working here. Our current team includes former
professional engineers, teachers, military personnel and sales representatives who were successful in their prior careers and became
fascinated with wealth creation and management,” Trevor observes.
New candidates are now being selected for the Investors Group
internship program. “We are investing more resources in our new
planners to ensure their internship is successful. We don’t do training – we do mentorship,” says Trevor. “Driven people with an
entrepreneurial spirit who want to help others are encouraged to
have a conversation with us.”
Responsible people have a financial plan of some sort in place – and
then life happens. Serious illness strikes. A partner dies prematurely.
Retirement comes sooner rather than later. “That is when the
strength of your plan is revealed. If it can’t adapt to your changing
circumstances, your life can become very different from what you’d
hope for,” says Trevor LeDrew, CFP, the Regional Director for
Windsor Tri-County at Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Good financial planning requires more than investing money and
checking statements to see how much interest was earned. “There’s
a difference between simply having a product and securing your
future with a quality plan,” Trevor maintains. The determining
factor is the financial planning team.
To rate the firm you entrust with your
present and future financial wellbeing, “first
ensure the planner is a Certified Financial
Planner (CFP) or at least enrolled and progressing in the CFP program,” Trevor cautions. “Everyone deserves that level of
To gain the advantages of financial planning, determine “who in the firm can actually build strategies that factor in the
potential directions and detours the road
map of your life may take,” Trevor says.
The best firm will deliver on CFP qualified
planners and strategy builders. “They will
– Louis Szokol
also go out of their way to make certain your
journey is an enjoyable experience,” Trevor
says. “Every one of our clients receives our
best treatment. We strive to help them to
sleep better because solid professionals are
looking after their wealth. Perhaps that’s why
we have one of the highest client retention
levels in our industry. Many of our clients
Do you wonder how much of your savings you can afford to spend each year? Do you want
have been with us for 20 to 30 years now.”
to get the most out of retirement, but don’t want to risk out living your money? Let’s talk
If you already have a plan in place with anabout tax-efficiency, innovative payout strategies, growth potential and guarantees on your
capital. If you’re unsure where you stand financially, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
other advisor, Trevor recommends that you
can help.
ask, “Has it been stress tested?” He explains,
“At Investors Group, we run each proposed
plan through our in-house insurance, secuTax Planning
rity, debt and banking specialists to deterRetirement Planning
mine what we can do better. Anticipating
Cash Management
the major things that could occur in your
lifetime, we have multiple eyes examining
Estate Planning
your plan, a written strategy that measures
Insurance Planning
investment outcomes, progress and stability
Investment Planning
so you always know where you stand.”
As retirement approaches, Investors Group
is there to guide you in the next leg of your
journey. “How you transition from making
money to using savings in retirement determines if you’ll outlive your money or pre#1 Riverside Dr. West, Suite 102, Windsor, ON N9A 5K3
serve and enjoy your secured wealth,” Trevor
PH 519-253-3553 ext 207 | TF 877-497-5606 | FX 519-253-8064
[email protected]
“Death is an inevitable part of the journey.
You will leave behind memories as well as Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance license sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance Company.
Life is Rich and Varied.
Your Financial plan should be, too.
“TAXES! It’s not what
you make, but what
you keep that counts.”
> > >
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Kindergarten has never
been this much fun!
at Queen Victoria Public School may include solving puzzles, working on numbers, fixing a broken rocking chair and sharing stories
with friends during the Welcome Circle.
The Inquiry-Based Learning curriculum was introduced with
full-day Kindergarten in 2010. Essentially students are given the
opportunity to explore and discover at their own pace. Through
play-based learning, children begin to develop a strong foundation
in language and mathematics, discover the world around them
through the use of science and technology, engage in physical activities, explore the arts, and develop personal and social skills through
interaction with their peers and the teachers who guide them.
Mr. Westlake has been teaching Kindergarten for the Greater Essex
County District School Board (GECDSB) for six years. He has created a warm and inviting classroom environment for the students
that is visually and physically stimulating. For example, tree stumps
have been created to serve as chairs and photos and crafts are found
throughout. His students also build some of their own toys from
wooden materials. Most recently, the principal brought a broken
rocking chair to the classroom for repair. As a group they came up
with a plan to fix the chair and over the next few weeks they will learn
how to use tools to repair the chair.
Each day is very busy with several activities that rotates through a
five-day schedule.
Technology also plays a prominent role in today’s Kindergarten
classes. The majority of classrooms have Smart Boards that allow for
interactive learning. They allow children the opportunity to work on
everything from numbers, alphabets, songs and solving puzzles.
Tablets are also common learning tools in these classrooms.
“I love what I do,” says Westlake. “We have a lot of fun in here; I
wouldn’t want to do anything else. It is awesome to see the progress
and development that the students make by the end of the year.”
Throughout the busy day children participate in a wide range of
intentionally-planned, play-based activities in six areas of learning:
Personal and Social Development, Language, Mathematics, Science
and Technology, Health and Physical Activity, and the Arts. Children
are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a
variety of ways. The skills and knowledge developed through active
engagement, activities, observations, experimentation, and social interaction with others provide the foundation for successful future
learning experiences.
The move to the Full Day Learning Kindergarten program has
been greatly beneficial to the students.
“Structure and routine is everything when you are four and five
years old,” says Westlake. “The full day program provides much better
consistency for the children. Every day we have the opportunity to
build on the foundation of what they are learning.”
The inquiry-based teaching model encourages students to learn at
their own rate. The purpose of the program is to establish a strong
foundation for learning in the early years, and to do so in a safe and
caring play-based environment that promotes the physical, social,
emotional and cognitive development of all children.
The Kindergarten Registration period is February 16 – 26 at all of
the elementary schools. Although parents can register at any time,
they are encouraged to do so as early as possible to assist in planning
for the coming year. It also, helps parents prepare the children for the
start of the school year. If French Immersion is of interest, the
GECDSB offers it at nine elementary schools, four in Windsor and
five throughout Essex County.
The schools will also be holding Open Houses on Wednesday,
February 17 at 5 pm. The transition to a new environment can be
daunting for children and parents. The Open House provides a great
opportunity to provide an introduction to the school, teachers and
the play-based curriculum.
Although the curriculum is consistent at all of the schools, each
one has its own unique aspects. Children will be able to visit the
Kindergarten classrooms and parents have the opportunity to ask
“A Day in the Life” is another opportunity for parents and children
to visit their school and sit in on a Kindergarten class which happens
April 5th. It is a great way for students to find out what to expect in
September. Parents who are interested in participating should contact
their school for times.
Every family who registers with a GECDSB school receives a bag
of resources that helps maintain a link with the school and remove
any lingering anxiety about starting school in the coming September.
Parents are encouraged to visit your designated public school
during regular office hours to receive the complete registration package. Staff are happy to make the registration process as smooth and
understandable as possible. To find the public school your child
should attend call the GECDSB office at (519) 255-3200.
Kindergarten is a big step and provides an important foundation
for a child’s education. The GECDSB has big plans for your little
ones and they are going to love it!
Visit for more information.
r. Paul
Paul Hanson
n is
is a General
General Practitioner,
racticing medicine
medicine in
in the
the Windsor
Windsor area
area for
more than
than 30
30 years.
His practice
practice offers
offers full
full service
service pediatrics;
comprehensive preventative
preventative care
care medicine;
and geriatrics.
geriatriics. “Our
“Our special
special interests
interests are
are in
patients with
with chronic
chronic and
and complicated
complicated illillpatients
nesses,”” D
r. H
anson ssays.
ays. ““Most
Most ooff eeveryve r y nesses,”
thing that
that we
we do
do is
is covered
covered by
by OHIP.”
“This p
ractice iiss n
ot ffor
or eeverybody.
verybody. IIff yyou
are not
not interested
interested in
in learning
learning how
how your
yo u r
lifestyle choices
choices are
are going
going to
to affect
affect your
yo u r
health, tthen
hen tthis
hiss p
ractice iiss n
ot ffor
or yyou.
ou. IIff
ou’re iinterested
nterested in
in getting
getting a prescription
prescription for
blood pressure
pressure medications
medications and
and then
then not
showing up
up for
for two
two years,
yearrs, this
this practice
practice is
is not
or yyou,”
ou,” the
the d
octor eexplains.
Iff yyou’re
ou’re interested
interested in
in maintaining
maintaining your
ealth to
to the
the highest
highest degree
degree in
in preventing
erious iillnesses
llnesses d
own tthe
he rroad
oad oorr yyou
ou w
omplete ccare
are ffor
or w
hatever chronic
chronic oorr comcomwhatever
licated illness
illness you
u are
are suffering
suffering from,
from, then
I aam
m aatt yyour
our sservice.”
r. H
anson aassures,
ssures, ““We
We h
ave a ggood
eam h
ere; tthey’ve
hey’ve bbeen
een w
ith m
or yyears.
mee ffor
hey aare
re p
assionate aabout
bout w
hat tthey
hey d
doo aand
hey aare
re vvery
ery ccompassionate
ompassionate when
when it
it comes
co m e s
ttoo p
atient ccare.
are. T
hey m
ake a d
ifference iin
ur p
atieents’ llives.”
ew p
atients aare
re bbeing
eing aaccepted.
ccepted. ““Simply
all ttoo bbook
ook a new
new patient
patient consultation,”
consultation,” Dr.
ansoon ssays.
ays. ““We
We w
ill sit
sit down,
down, establish
hatt yyour
our cconcerns
oncerns aare
re and
and what
what I will
will exex what
ect ffrom
rom yyou
ou iin
n oour
ur p
artnership ffor
or yyour
is a General Practitioner, practicing medicine in the Windsor
area for more than 30 years.
His practice offers full service pediatrics; comprehensive preventative care
medicine; and geriatrics. “Our special interests are in patients with chronic and
complicated illnesses,” Dr. Hanson says. “Most of everything that we do is covered by OHIP.”
“This practice is not for everybody. If you are not interested in learning how
your lifestyle choices are going to affect your health, then this practice is not
for you. If you’re interested in getting a prescription for blood pressure medications and then not showing up for two years, this practice is not for you,”
the doctor explains. “If you’re interested in maintaining your health to the highest degree in preventing serious illnesses down the road or you want complete
care for whatever chronic or complicated illness you are suffering from, then I
am at your service.”
Dr. Hanson assures, “We have a good team here; they’ve been with me for
years. They are passionate about what they do and they are very compassionate
when it comes to patient care. They make a difference in our patients’ lives.”
New patients are being accepted. “Simply call to book a new patient consultation,” Dr. Hanson says. “We will sit down, establish what your concerns are
and what I will expect from you in our partnership for your best health.”
Dr. Paul Hanson is pictured here with
Dr. Rena Citron, Doctor of Chiropractic at
Proactive Healthcare. Along with Dr. Hanson, Proactive Healthcare (519-969-1119)
and Guardian Jackson Park Pharmacy
(519-972-0500) are conveniently located
in the Jackson Park Health Centre.
Reverse the Visible Signs of Aging!
We have some exciting news to share with
you! We are happy to announce the arrival
of Omnilux LED Light!
Omnilux is a light therapy treatment
that is pain-free, non-invasive and requires
no downtime. It is the only Health Canada
and FDA-approved device in light therapy.
The light is pure and safe – it does not generate heat, it’s not IPL or laser light and
it doesn’t contain any UVA or UVB rays.
The pure LED (Light Emitting Diode)
light stimulates the deeper layers of skin,
boosting your body’s natural hydration and
rejuvenation process. The result? Fine lines
and wrinkles are minimized, pigmentation
and scarring are repaired and skin looks
younger, smoother, radiant and healthy.
Omnilux Light Therapy can be used for:
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Anti-wrinkle,
collagen-boosting benefits
• Acne and acne scarring
• Hair growth
• Wound Healing/Cosmetic surgery
• Pigmentation
• Psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo
• Pre and post surgery preparation
• Photo-prevention (sun sensitivity)
Omnilux system uses three different
wavelengths: infrared (Omnilux Plus), red
(Omnilux Revive) and blue (Omnilux
Blue). The various wavelengths are suitable for treating different skin conditions,
and trigger cellular activity in the dermis
and epidermis to promote healthy skin
The powerful simplicity of an Omnilux
treatment involves the skin receiving immense benefit from being bathed in healing
light for 20 minutes with the best benefits
being achieved with a series of treatments.
In addition, Omnilux can be used as
monotherapy or in combination with
Mesotherapy, Photofacials (IPL), Titan Infrared Laser and Peels.
We are glad to be able to offer our customers these Omnilux components for best
results when treating various skin concerns.
Call Skinov8ive and book your FREE
Consultation at (519) 966-7200.
Introducing Oncology Esthetics
Caring partners of the international project "Health in the Mirror"
SKinov8ive promotes the well being and quality of life of cancer patients.
Clients can experience safe, individualized and specialized skin care
treatments in a soothing atmosphere.
ALPENRAUCH, an innovative, certified organic skin care line,
with full range of face and body care products (free of fragrances, parabans
and phthaletes).
SKinov8ive is proud to offer these unique services
for the community and welcomes any questions you may have.
A "real miracle treatment" to ease some of the skin discomfort during the
cancer journey.
This personalized massage is with the lightest touch and the focus is
physiological compassion. The soft touch has been proven to increase
personal well being, allowing a reconnection to the body.
An FDA approved LED device uses safe Low Level Light which helps
to reduce inflammation of the skin, hair and nails for cancer patients.
13300 Lanoue St., Tecumseh
(Off Manning , behind McDonalds)
Slajana Saveska and Karey Menzies
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
W i n d s o r
L i f e
dining & nightlife guide
Armando’s Belle River -Pizza made fresh from
our family to yours, with all your favourite
toppings. Other menu items available. Fast delivery. Located in Aspen Plaza.
1679 County Rd. 22. 519-727-0660
Billy’s Pub and Grill - 14 craft beer taps, local
wines, and food made from scratch. Take the
short drive to Essex and see why Billy’s was
voted one of Ontario’s hidden gems. See what's
on tap at
305 Talbot St. N., Essex 519-776-7094
Capri Pizzeria - Capri’s casual atmosphere and
welcoming staff attracts a mix of diners! Come
out and enjoy our great pizzas, pasta and more!
3020 Dougall Ave. 519-969-6851
eth Wh
Mouthgu itening or
every new ard with
x-rays an tient exam,
d cleanin
Our Team Philosophy:
Evening & Weekends
1695 Manning Rd
Rd. Unit D206 (E
C Row @ Manning)
Serving Windsor-Essex and Kent County
Joe Schmoe’s Eats N’ Drinks - Family friendly
restaurant in LaSalle. Handcrafted burgers,
sandwiches and salads. Fresh ingredients and
house made sauces. Local wines; 12 Ontario
craft and commercial beers on tap. HDTVs.
Fast, cheerful service.
5881 Malden Rd. (behind Rexall)
Commercial & Residential
Full or Maintenance Cleaning Service:
Steam Cleaning:
carpets, upholstery, mattress
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly programs
Certified Veteran’s Provider
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Fratelli Pasta Grill - Offering flavour drenched
“woodfire” grilled steaks, seafood and pasta
dishes. A fresh and healthy selection of modern
and time tested classics. Located behind McDonald’s on Manning Rd. in Tecumseh. Take-out,
catering, private parties. For reservations call
Jeff ’s Fresh Meats - We make dining at home
easy. Choose from one of our many ready made
products: stuffed pork chop, stirfrys, cordon
bleu, stuffed peppers, meat loaf.
The City Market – 1030 Walker Rd.
It’s not clean
until it’s with a
Cramdon’s Tap and Eatery - South Windsor’s
friendly gathering place. Offering great food at
affordable prices. Satellite sports and billiards in
a pub-like setting.
2950 Dougall Ave. 519-966-1228
12065 TECUMSEH RD. E. 519-735-2622
Joey’s Seafood Restaurant - Family friendly atmosphere. Locally owned and operated. Serving
our Famous Fish & Chips for over 20 years.
nnyy, Mirela,
a Dr.
Dr. Ed
Ed MacMurdo,
u do
do,, Rachel,
e , Jade
Hours: T-W 12-8 Th-F 8:30-4
Saturday Appointments Available
Casa Mia Ristorante - Experience authentic
Italian food, local wines and homemade desserts
and crepes served in a casual, completely handicap accessible setting. For 22 years, chef and
owner Frank Puccio has been making lunch and
dinner fresh to order. Gluten free options.
Closed Sunday.
523 Notre Dame St., Belle River.
VIP operates 24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year. We provide
flight monitoring, meet and greet at the airport, baggage
service, along with 24 hr Emergency Dispatch Service.
So why are you still driving yourself?
Det roit~Windsor~London~Toronto and more!
US D OT 1761199
Luxur y Sedans
SUVs ~Vans
Toll free: 1-866-255-9998
[email protected]
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Home of the All You Can Eat Fish & Chips.
Landlovers enjoy rotisserie chicken & ribs. Take
out available.
245 Talbot St. W., Leamington
Johnny Shotz - Tecumseh’s #1 roadhouse and
home of the New Chicken Deluxe. 2 for 1
wings (Sun 1-4, all day Mon). Breakfast Sat &
Sun. 38 HD screens covering every game, 7
pool tables & 13 beers on tap.
13037 Tecumseh Rd. E. 519-735-7005.
Please visit our website
Quenneville Wealth Management Group at:
Lux Diner - Family friendly atmosphere. Large
variety of items that makes everyone happy.
1/2LB Burgers, BBQ Ribs, Halibut, Pasta,
Breakfast, and our famous Broasted Chicken.
Open Tuesday thru Sunday.
E.C Row & Manning, Lakeshore,On
33 Amy Croft Dr. 519-735-8001
Parkside at Rochester Place - Newly renovated
with 3000 sq ft patio with large fountain pool,
incredible fire features, large outdoor lounge
area, dining area, new sound system that will
amaze you and a New menu that will more than
impress! See what they've done!
Cty Rd. 2 in Stoney Point at Ruscom River. 519-728-2361
[email protected]
Professional Grooming For Dogz
Your Best Friend’s Friendd
Our grooming shop is a home environment:
Smoke Free • Flea Free • Sedation Free
Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday
Let us Suit You!
12237 Riverside Dr. E. Tecumseh, ON • 519-735-4447
Hours: Mon-Sat 10-5:30; Thurs 10-7
et us
us bring
bring the
store tto
o yyour
our door.
el Campoli
Buy factory direct
and SAVE!
[email protected]
834 Lakeshore Rd. 107
RR3, Essex
Commercial | Residential
Free shop at
home service!
Call 519-739-9797
W i n d s o r
Neros Gourmet Steakhouse - Indulge in the
finer things in life at Neros where modern
upscale dining meets traditional steakhouse
fare. Fresh, local ingredients, an incredible wine
selection and superb service.
1-800-991-7777 ext. 22481.
L i f e
Sandbar Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Open
year round, featuring great steaks and seafood
plus live entertainment Thurs., Fri. and Sat.
nights in a casual atmosphere. Lots of guest boat
slips off Puce River.
930 Old Tecumseh Rd., Lakeshore.
Taza Mediterranean Grill - Enjoy a delectable
variety of authentic, Lebanese-style dishes rich
with flavour and traditional spices. Open to all
ages, located in the Augustus Hotel lobby at
Caesars Windsor, open weekdays 11 am–11 pm
and 7 am on weekends.
Tony’s Chargrill - Serving authentic Portuguese
Cuisine on a real charcoal grill. House specialty
is chargrilled chicken. Offering several meat and
seafood dishes grilled to perfection. Try our buffet and salad bar Thursday to Sunday Serving
lunch and dinner 6 days a week. Closed Mondays. Open noon to midnight. 226-674-1200
3347 Tecumseh Rd. E. (west of Central Ave.)
For information on listings and advertising
in the Bon Appetit! section please call Leslie
Campbell at 519-979-3419.
Mistaken Identity members
are (l-r): Pat Russo,Gino Tola,
Kevin Lefrancois, Alex Pagan
iand Paolo Pedri.
5 Guys Reviving Music From The 70s And 80s
a long time member of the Windsor Italian Men’s Choir. Paolo’s interest first blossomed at the age of 10 when he started guitar lessons.
He played the instrument for about six years before switching to the
bass after being invited to play in a local Italian wedding band. As a
17 year-old teenager, he gigged for numerous bar bands including
the original ‘Mistaken Identity’ and ‘TradeWind’ which was a regular
on the Channel 9 show, “Behind Bars” that showcased Windsor
bands. Paolo is a diverse player – his style ranges from jazz, to R &
B, rock, to contemporary. Paolo previously played alongside Kevin
in Second Nature as well as Alex Cusenza, who now runs sound for
the band. He has also performed with local musicians including John
Drew, Dave Labute, and Scott Browne. Paolo has also played with
numerous wedding bands including Essence alongside Luciano Pizzo
and Europa. The married father of three is a Quality Manager for a
major U.S. automotive supplier.
Auto-racing aficionado, Alex Pagani, is the band’s drummer with
a great zest for life. He played in various rock bands in the 1980s
and 90s, proving to be a rock-solid performer. He took fusion drum
lessons from Scott Browne, one of the great Windsor drummers,
which enhanced his unique and skilled technique. In 1997, Alex
joined Pat and Gino in the wedding band Flash and along with the
late Pino Biafora, travelled North America performing at venues in
North Miami Beach, Wheeling West Virginia and Columbus Ohio.
Flash played its final gig on New Year’s Eve, 2004 due to the decreasing demand of Italian Wedding groups and an aging immigrant population. Alex then joined the ‘Fabulous Soul Shakers’ and played
classic rock music in the Windsor-Detroit area casinos for the next
few years. He’s the owner-manager of ACP Racing and Performance
and has graced numerous racing circuits. In 2008 he won the
WHEN PAOLO PEDRI AND PAT RUSSO first got together in
2014, they discussed the possibility of creating a garage band with
regular jam nights. Pat called two former bandmates for a jam session
and Paolo contacted one of his compatriots. The result was instant
chemistry. After several months of practice they came up with a 70s
and 80s rock show and ‘Mistaken Identity’ became a reality. Little
did these guys know that their band would be making quite a local
splash and after several decades on the local music scene the five players are guaranteed to pack the house when they hit the stage.
Over the past year the group has delighted audiences in the Windsor-Essex County area, performing at the Sunsplash Festival in Belle
River, private parties and at a number of bars/restaurants. Basically
a cover band, Mistaken Identity’ rips through hits from Styx, Foreigner, Journey, Kansas, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, just
to mention a few. The renditions are tight and well rehearsed – the
audience response has been positive.
The lead singer Kevin James Lefrancois claims that at the age of
54, is just hitting his stride. A devoted family man with three children, Kevin is employed by Chrysler in Windsor. His family has a
long line of musicians, including his brother Randy who’s a singer
and guitarist, his son Brandon, a drummer and daughter Kayla, an
accomplished flutist. Kevin’s band experience dates back 37 years and
he has lent his unique voice to numerous groups including Prophecy,
Taylor Made, King Friday and Second Nature. For the last five years
he’s also been a performing fixture at the Belle River Sunsplash. His
influences include Steve Perry of Journey and Lou Gramm of Foreigner. His style is a perfect fit with ‘Mistaken Identity.’
Paolo Pedri, provides the solid bass lines, and contributes to the
vocals has been exposed to music at a very young age. His father was
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
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W i n d s o r
L i f e
NASA GTS racing championship and has
taken the checkered flag at regional and
national events. He’s married and has two
Like his bandmates, Pat Russo, keyboardist and vocalist, has also been in a number of groups and hooked up with ‘The
Fabulous Soul Shakers’ the same time as Alex
Pagani. Pat’s musical journey began with the
accordion in 1973 and he took lessons at
Luciano’s Music, a popular University Avenue establishment of the day. Russo’s main
influences were Dennis DeYoung of Styx and
Jonathan Cain of Journey. Pat is a partner in
a local accounting firm, is married and has
three daughters, each of whom plays a musical instrument. While attending university
in the late 80s Pat taught organ, keyboards
and theory at the Canadian Conservatory of
Music and Ouellette’s Music.
Mistaken Identity’s guitarist and vocalist
Gino Tola toured the area with various bands
including ‘Flash’. He loved rock music and
studied the guitar at Ciccone’s in 1974 and
later at Luciano’s. His influences include Joe
Satriani and Steve Vai. His jamming days
with Pat Russo go back to the age of 11 and
the two performed regularly at school shows.
Their first band, ‘White Satin’, which eventually became ‘Flash’ and included students
from Luciano’s, placed second at the Battle
of the Bands and played at many family
events, weddings and banquets. When the
group went on a five year hiatus in 1986,
Gino formed his own combo which played
regularly at the Canada Tavern and Rum
Runners. He attended St. Clair College and
apprenticed to become a licensed mouldmaker. Gino is married and has three children. The band ‘Flash’ was resurrected in
1992 under the leadership of Gino Mazzalonga and went on to record a couple of
CDs and played for Italian festivals in Little
Italy on Erie Street in Windsor and at events
in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Today, what started as a jam session
involving old buddies and bandmates, has
evolved into a popular musical attraction
that has managed to settle into a comfortable
schedule with regular gigs that alternate between the Lions’ Head Tavern, Bourbon Tap
and Grill, and the Players’ Backstage Club.
Everything you need know about the energetic group like updated news and schedules,
is available on Facebook by joining the “Mistaken Identity fan club”.
If you want a fun night out on the town
and listen to really cool music, check out
‘Mistaken Identity’ – you will be pleasantly
Incorporating the Newest
Technology to Enhance Patient Care
the better the outcome for the patient. With
that medical wisdom in mind, Dr. Tim
Guthrie, Optometrist, has added a new ally
to his practice: the Optovue iFusion, which
is a combination of optical coherence tomography(OCT) and retinal photography.
“An OCT image lets us see exactly what is
happening with your entire eye, inside and
out,” Dr. Guthrie says. “It’s an invaluable
tool for safeguarding our patients’ vision.”
h“I believe in having the best technologies, knowing the difference theyy
make to our patients’ eye health,” Dr.
Guthrie says. “At Guthrie Optometry,
we realize the sooner we can identify
pathology the more options we have too
prevent future vision loss. The quick,
easy iWellness screening combined with
aour eye exams gives us all the information we need.”
eThe first screening establishes a basenline. “We use this to compare and monitor retinal changes revealed in futuree
“P i
OCT scans,” Dr. Guthrie explains. “Periodic scans enable us to find problems we
may have missed otherwise. Patients like
being able to see everything is normal and
healthy. If there are problems, being able to
actually view the condition allows patients
to be active participants in their own care.”
“Use of the OCT is vital in the diagnosis
and management of chronic sight-threatening conditions such as macular degeneration
and glaucoma,” Dr. Guthrie says. “In addition, the OCT can be used to detect
swelling in the retina from a number of
causes including uncontrolled diabetes.”
The OCT detects more than eye conditions of the retina. “It has an anterior segment attachment that allows for imaging
of the cornea for conditions such as keratoconus and the management of surgical
patients who had LASIK or corneal transplantation,” says Dr. Guthrie. “The anterior
segment image provides precise fitting of
scleral contact lenses for treatment of
corneal disease. The OCT produces a cross
sectional image of a scleral contact lens on the cornea with precision within a
micron. This ensures the best fitting contact lens to cornea relationship for
enhanced vision.”
Dr. Guthrie is impressed by the strides OCT technology has made since
launched in the early 2000s. “It has been a game changer for eye care providers,
allowing physicians to non-invasively image ocular structures on a microscopic
level with unprecedented detail and accuracy. It has aided research and improved
management of ocular disease.”
Finding best practices for delivering thorough eye care has been Dr. Guthrie’s
mandate since graduating with honours from the Michigan College of Optometry
at Ferris State University in 1996. After interning at Eglin Air Force Base
iin Fl
id Mi
hi ’ JJackson
SState Prison
d other
h training
i i placements,
Dr. Guthrie worked with a private ophthalmology practice in Ludington, Michigan for five years before joining The Henry Ford Health System, serving as
Director of Clinical Services for the Downriver Supervision Center. He opened
Guthrie Optometry in 2012 to serve his local community.
To Dr. Guthrie, being an optometrist comes with a responsibility to serve
others. He is an active member of St. John Vianney Parish and sits on the board
of directors for the Transition to Betterness charity organization. In 2014, he
participated in an eye mission trip to Ghana, Africa.
Riverside Medical Centre
7875 Riverside Dr. E.
The MonaLisa Touch:
Revolutionary Treatment for Menopausal Women
FOR DECADES WOMEN HAVE SUFFERED with vaginal atrophy. Surprisingly the majority of women suffered in silence
without realizing there was a treatment available while others were
unhappy using creams and gels that are in current use.
There are many vaginal discomforts associated with this condition
including burning and dryness. It is characterized by thinning,
drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls and causes intercourse
to be painful and may also contribute to problems with urination.
Seventy-five per cent of women say that this condition negatively
impacts their lives and 44% never consult a gynecologist to find a
Until now…. The Mona Lisa Touch is a new revolutionary and
innovative laser technique that can resolve issues associated with
vaginal atrophy – safely and painlessly. The Mona Lisa Touch is
currently the only device to treat vaginal atrophy approved by
Health Canada and the FDA. The Mona Lisa laser is an Italian built
device using fractional laser that activates fibroblasts to stimulate
collagen, hyalouronic acid, glycosaminoglycons and proteoglycans
formation beneath the skin surface of the vaginal wall. This helps
regain hydrated mucosa that in turn restores a proper trophic supply
to the tissues, reinstating all the functioning of typical younger
healthy tissue.
Recognizing the pain that these women endure, and after extensive research and discussion, six Windsor gynecologists; Dr. John
Tomc, Dr. Greg Hasen, Dr. Michelle Suga-Rak, Dr. Brad Jasey,
Dr. Jenna Rawlins and Dr. Rahi Victory have decided to bring this
exciting technology to the Windsor area. It will be the only Mona
Lisa Touch in Southwestern Ontario.
Dr. Hasen says, “The typical patient will be a perimenopausal
and postmenopausal patient with symptoms of vaginal atrophy.” Vaginal atrophy, which is often caused by hormone changes
W i n d s o r
L i f e
associated with menopause, may also occur in younger women
who are breast feeding or experience low estrogen production due
to premature menopause induced by chemotherapy treatment for cancer.
The Mona Lisa Touch laser may also benefit younger
women who have had premature menopause secondary
to chemotherapy, such as those dealing with breast
The procedure is done in the physician’s office
by a board certified gynecologist. It requires
no anesthetic, is usually done within 10 minutes and there is no down time. A series of
three treatments is required for maximum results, over a period of three
months. Most women notice an
improvement after the first treatment
and are very pleased with the results
after three treatments. Touch ups may
be necessary every year or two to
maintain the effects.
The Mona Lisa Touch is conveniently and centrally located at 2425
Tecumseh Rd. Suite 216.
Visit or
call 519-254-1444 for further information regarding consultations, pricing
and scheduling.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Developing Young Minds
through Technology, the Arts and Social Consciousness
year, the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence students consistently
demonstrate outstanding academic abilities. If there was a test measuring overall satisfaction in school life, Conseil scolaire catholique
Providence students, who consistently score above provincial standards, would undoubtedly come out on top.
“Our recent initiatives are aimed at developing a positive school
environment. Rather than always telling kids, ‘Don’t do this or that,’
we are showing them how to develop positive relationships and live a
fulfilling life grounded in the Gospel teachings and applying them to
the modern world,” says Joseph Picard, director of education for
Conseil scolaire catholique Providence (Southwestern Ontario’s
French-language Catholic school board). “Part of that strategy is to
teach them to be 21st century critical thinkers and become people
who choose to make a difference today and in the future.”
“We have to go beyond the 3Rs,” Picard maintains. “Science, math
and technology are the bones of the body. The arts are the soul.
Without a soul, a person is doomed to fail.”
“Offering a wide range of subjects helps our students attain a
high and comfortable proficiency level in French,” says Picard.
Promoting plural-lingualism and celebrating multiculturalism, CSC
Providence seeks ways for its students to be part of the world beyond
the classroom. For instance, since the summer of 2014, students can
take Spanish classes and then travel together to Mexico for a Spanish
immersion experience.
As a Catholic school board, Gospel values and social conscience are
taught by example. The Rebuilding Wheels Rebuilding Lives project
offered at Ecole secondaire catholique E.J. Lajeunesse unites students
and staff with community partners to promote a shared Catholic
learning experience. This project allows students to partake in unique
educational experiences, such as the refurbishing of older model
vehicles by auto shop students. When the cars are roadworthy,
students donate them to local residents in need. Arts students designed
logo choices for the program. Business students create promotion
strategies. Young people are encouraged to apply their talents and skills
in meaningful ways. Ultimately, students with multiple areas of interest and diverse talents apply their skills to help those in need.
That attitude permeates CSC Providence’s 23 elementary and seven
secondary schools in the counties of Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex,
Grey, Lambton, Middlesex and Oxford.
To support learning and engagements, CSC Providence has implemented technological initiatives that benefit its families, in and away
from school. Google’s education platform is a core aspect of these
integration efforts. In virtual classrooms, students attending schools
where specific courses are not offered can log in and join the class
being simultaneously broadcast in another school. Video systems link
to other schools within CSC Providence or anywhere on the planet.
“Google has enabled us to get much better at collaboration,” Picard
finds. “There has been steady improvement towards working efficiently and quickly, together.”
“Google also gives parents access to what their kids are doing in
school,” Picard explains. “It gives them the ability to be informed and
engaged in their child’s education.”
Technology also provides tools for parents who don’t speak French.
“Seeing that we communicate everything in French, it can be challenging for English-speaking parents and caregivers,” Picard recognizes. Beginning this January, schools are hosting workshops for
parents to help engage parents in their child’s French-language
education. “We are teaching parents how to use apps to translate our
documents. For instance, if a parent has a smartphone, he/she can use
it to scan our document and an app will translate it right away.”
When students, teachers and parents figure out how to apply technology practically, expand their ability to communicate, and embrace
their birthrights of faith, creativity, curiosity and physical activity,
opportunities abound. “We’re all lifelong learners,” Picard believes.
Our children and families are well supported by a system of
responsive, high-quality, accessible, and increasingly integrated early
years programs and services. To support our competent, curious and
complex thinkers’ natural love of learning, CSC Providence offers
childcare for children starting at 18 months and even younger at some
CSC Providence schools. In addition, two of our schools are hosts to
our Parenting and Family Centres where parents and children can
explore and learn together. These programs provide nurturing environments and experiences to engage children in active, creative, and
meaningful exploration, play, and inquiry to develop growing minds.
“It gives kids exposure to the French language at an early age,” says
Picard, pointing out that learning more than one language has been
proven to have positive impacts on learning in other areas. “It’s exciting for families to have that opportunity.”
Being able to communicate in French throughout the day reinforces
students’ expanding vocabulary and grammar. “In addition to our
childcare services, the majority of our schools have before and after
school programs where French is spoken,” Picard says. “A lot of our
parents work outside of the home, so they appreciate being able to
drop off and pick up their children at our secure premises.”
For CSC Providence, learning is not about perfection, but
rather, Picard believes “The focus is on constant learning and
improvement, getting better together and having a positive
impact on students, schools and their communities.”
As a result of its range of programs, a vibrant
student learning culture, and the commitment of
staff, CSC Providence has been very successful in
achieving a graduate rate that exceeds provincial
standards. According to Picard, “By listening to
our families, we are continually learning what we
need to do next to give our students a solid education and a firm foundation for life.”
The North American International Auto Show
A Continuing Restoration
of Prestige and Quality
s the auto industry continues to heal, the North American International Auto Show in downtown Detroit
keeps getting more elaborate. In fact, the Detroit
Automobile Dealers’ Association which sponsors the
January event, spent around $200 million this year in grander,
more ornate and re-worked displays which provided more elbow
space for visitors.
With more than 5-thousand journalists from around the world
looking on, Fiat Chrysler presented its newest passenger van –
the Pacifica. Details on this Windsor-produced vehicle are
provided by Kevin McCabe elsewhere in this issue. Ram pickups,
Jeeps and the entire lineup of Chrysler cars dotted the FCA
This page clockwise from below: The 2017 Ford
Raptor; Motor Trend Car of the Year, Chevy Camaro;
new Lincoln Continental; The Chevy Bolt.
landscape in its section of the million-square foot exhibition area
of Cobo Center. And there was plenty of automotive muscle for
the lovers of performance vehicles...a far cry from the melancholy
period of several years ago when the North American auto industry was fighting for its life. Fortunately, for the time being at
least, those days are a distant memory.
GM earned bragging rights after the Chevy Camaro was
named Motor Trend Car of the Year and the Colorado pickup
was chosen as the magazine’s Truck of the Year for the second
consecutive year. The Volvo XC 90 also proved to be a big winner
after being named the magazine’s SUV of the year and the North
American Truck of the Year, as determined by a group of automotive writers. The Honda Civic received North American Car
of the Year honors from the automotive press. All winners were
displayed on the auto show floor.
W i n d s o r
L i f e
This page clockwise from top: The concept Buick Avista;
2017 Ford Fusion; Honda Civic, North American Car of
the Year; Motor Trend SUV of the Year and North American Truck of the Year, the 2016 Volvo XC90.
One of the most eye-catching models on the floor was the Buick
Avista Concept, a turbocharged 2 + 2 coupe with a 400-horsepower
twin-turbo V-6 supplying power to the rear wheels. Bluntly stated,
the Dark Sapphire Blue Jewel paint job on this beauty was spectacular and the flowing lines of the car evoked visions of high speed
performance. There’s no indication at this time, if the car will
ever go into production. By the way, did you realize that Buick produced the first concept vehicle....the Y-Job which was introduced
back in 1938.
Even though it was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in
Las Vegas earlier this month, the Chevrolet Bolt EV was re-introduced in Detroit. Due to be in showrooms this spring, the car will
sell for about $30,000 after federal tax credits and will be able to
travel an estimated 200 miles (320 km) on a single charge. According to Alan Batey, president of GM North America and head of
Global Chevrolet, “the Bolt embodies the ingenuity that is at the
core of everything we do at Chevrolet.” Despite its relatively small
size, the Bolt offers plenty of room for human occupants, has
excellent visibility and can be utilized for a fair bit of cargo.
The 2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback was also introduced in the
Motor City. While sharing wheelbase dimensions with the popular
Cruze sedan, the new model has a unique roof and rear-end structure which includes wraparound taillights and an integrated spoiler.
Available for sale in the fall of this year, the new hatchback is more
than 200 pounds lighter than earlier models. It can be bought in
LT and Premier trims, or it can supplied with the RS package featuring unique front and rear fascias, rocker panels, the rear spoiler
and fog lamps. Equip your new Cruze with the Premier package
and get 18 inch wheels in the bargain. The Cruze is Chevy’s hottest
seller around the world with its market share growing from 5.8 to
9.4 percent.
GMC unveiled its newest Acadia for 2017. Designed for maximum customer satisfaction, the crossover is a compact performer
with plenty of room for 6 adults in the three rows of seating. Driver
awareness technologies abound, with available traction mode selections and a hands free power liftgate, along with a litany of other
electronic features to make life on the road a little easier. The new
Acadia, to be built in Springhill Tennessee, can be powered by 2
engines – a 2.5L 4 cylinder power plant or a 3.6 L V-6 churning
out more than 300 horsepower and providing plenty of pulling
power in a professional grade trailering capability. GM says the Acadia gives customers everything they want in a premium crossover.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
It’ll be built in three models; the SLT, the All Terrain and the
Denali. Look for it in dealer showrooms this spring.
As in past years, Ford took over the Joe Louis Arena for its
presentations and, as usual, it was a packed house – comprising of journalists, company employees and executives, dealers,
politicians and students. In an unusual question-and-answer
format, television personality Ryan Seacrest talked with company chairman Bill Ford, and President and CEO Mark
Fields about the blue oval’s latest projects and its aim to become what’s termed an ‘auto and mobility company’. Fields
discussed the “transformation of Ford” to improve transportation services and mobility. He announced the April launch of
the Ford Pass program which encompasses the entire customer experience and allows anyone to register, whether or
not they own a Ford. The company is working hard on the
customer experience,” said Fields, “and we intend to be
a major player in mobility services.” For his part, Bill Ford
said the company pledges to grow its core business by building great cars, while changing the environment for greater
The automaker also unveiled new vehicles that are going
into production this year...models that Fields calls “pretty cool
stuff,” including the 2017 Ford Raptor, the performance
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Clockwise from above: The new GMC Acadia Denali; all new 2017
Chrysler Pacifica; Motor Trend Truck of the Year, Chevy Colorado; new
Chevy Cruze Hatchback; Ford Mustang.
version of the F150, America’s best selling
truck for 39 years. Described as the best
Raptor ever, it features a more powerful,
lighter engine and a 10 speed transmission
for better fuel economy. Built for the ultimate Baja experience, the Raptor will be in
showrooms this fall.
Although it looks much the same as earlier models, the new Fusion will be available
in 3 iterations: the new sport, which the
company says is the most technology packed
Fusion ever, will feature a twin-turbo engine
and all wheel drive. It’ll also be perfect for
Michigan’s notorious roads with a new Pothole Detection System designed to soften
the blow when suspension parts and wheels
are subjected to rutty thoroughfares. The
Fusion Hybrid boasts new software and
improved electric motors, while the Plug-in
Hybrid which is the top seller of similar
vehicles in the U.S., can go 500 miles on a
combination of a full charge and gas.
And, just as Chrysler revived the Pacifica
marque, Lincoln is bringing back the Continental. According to Mark Fields, the
re-introduction of the iconic name is a key
milestone in Lincoln’s journey. He says
Lincoln deliveries in the U.S. increased by
17% last year and is the first brand in China
to top 10,000 in annual sales. At the same
time, the number of Lincoln dealerships in
the Asian country is expected to nearly
double by the end of this year. The new
Continental is characterized by the company as ‘quiet luxury’, an all-new vehicle
which is synonymous with the best the
automaker has to offer. With a full line of
electronic assists for the driver, the new
Continental’s cabin is “a personal sanctuary
for the driver.” There’s leather seating with
a unique driver’s chair that can be adjusted
to provide ideal knee and leg positions. Natural wood accents are everywhere, and a digital Revel sound system provides the music.
Powered by a 300 HP, 4-cylinder twin-turbo
engine, the Continental will be available for
sale in the fall.
The 2016 North American International
Auto Show is history for another year and
its popularity continues to grow steadily.
The weather may not have been the best,
but that didn’t deter car lovers from going
through the turnstiles for a tour of more
than 700 vehicles in a million square-feet
of space- a time to dream about that new
ride in the driveway. With an estimated
return of $450 million into the Motor City’s
economy, the Detroit Automobile Dealers
Association has ensured that the show has
truly become one of the top exhibitions of
its kind in the world.
Owners Carolyn,
Justine and Michelle
Is Your Hair Ready For 2016?
You owe it to yourself to experience
the difference great training and
great products can make!
Our highly experienced hair
stylists and colour technicians use
Schwarzkopf products exclusively
Beautiful hair
begins at...
For appointme
ent call 519.727.0507
Lakeshore Oasis • 486 Advance Blvd. Unit 100 •
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Dauncey felt nervous about starting Corpus Christi Catholic Middle
School. However, after signing up for the soccer academy offered by the
Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board at the F.J. Brennan Centre
of Excellence and Innovation, the young player felt “at home.”
“I like that I get to spend my school day getting a great education,
while also having the opportunity to participate in a sport that I love,”
Tate says.
After launching its Hockey Canada Skills Academy in September 2014 at the Central Park Athletics Facility in Windsor, the school
board added a pilot soccer class last spring and a baseball program in fall 2015. “The sports academies are open to boys and girls of all
skill levels. There are no tryouts. Everybody plays. A big win for me is student engagement and we win that every day,” says Kevin Hamlin,
the centre’s Principal.
He knows, “There is no question this program is making it easier for students to come to school. Our stellar attendance rate attests to
that.” This school year, 225 students are enrolled in hockey, soccer and baseball academies. “We teach and reinforce positive habits.
Students become physically and mentally sharp. They are prepared to learn every day.”
High school students study geography, history, English and sports marketing leadership for half a day in the state of the art classroom.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they are also on the pitch, ice or field. On Tuesday and Thursday, learners attend sports-specific training,
theory and nutrition and health classes.
Elementary students have a similar schedule at opposite times.
“Teachers use sports analogies to engage the students. Our students are inspired and enjoy coming to school,” Kevin says. The payoff
is evident by the stats: “Last year, all 39 of our high school students received eight out of eight credits, which is extraordinary.”
Guest speakers and field trips expand students’ knowledge and views. A trip to the University of Michigan introduced students to the
sports program and campus. Fascinated, they explored the recruiting cell and training area and met the head of the men’s soccer team.
Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and attending a Maple Leafs practice were exciting warmups to seeing the Buffalo Sabres
play on home ice against the New Jersey Devils. During their visit to Toronto, students got to meet with Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock
and Captain Dion Phaneuf.
“We feel the academy gives students tremendous advantage. Their parents give great feedback about how the kids are developing into
the strong, disciplined, energetic young people they want them to be,” Kevin explains.
Although extra fees are charged, the school board has a subsidy program supported by the Windsor Spitfires Foundation and other
sponsors. “I’m pleased to say not one student who applied for financial assistance has been turned down,” Kevin notes. Every student is
also given a personal laptop for use while enrolled in school.
The strategy of firing up students’ minds by connecting with their interests has also prompted the creation of a culinary arts academy
and a masonry science program.
As for Tate, beyond developing his soccer skills, he says, “I have been able to focus on time management, which has allowed me to meet
with academic success. I have also obtained leadership skills that I will be able to carry on with me to high school.”
W i n d s o r
L i f e
The Family Home Health
Care Store You Can Count On
When you or someone you love is experiencing mobility challenges
and requiring some help in getting around, it may seem like the
options for enjoying an active lifestyle are diminishing. However,
today’s intelligently designed walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and
other gear are keeping people on the go, confidently and independently.
Comfort Mobility Inc. connects people with the right equipment.
Founded by John Fase, a 30-year registered nurse with 20 years’
experience in fitting and supplying clients with mobility solutions,
the company is family owned and operated. “We are large enough
to look after you and provide everything you require – yet small
enough to treat you like family,” John says.
Serving clients in Windsor-Essex County, Comfort Mobility sells,
rents, delivers and maintains manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, folding transport chairs and scooters. Canes, crutches
and other aids for daily living are available, as well. Lift chairs and
hospital beds enable clients to rest, rise and sit down securely, while
lessening the physical strain on their caregivers.
The company also sells and installs stair lifts and porch lifts in
private homes. Only quality equipment with high levels of safety
and customer satisfaction are offered by Comfort Mobility.
Respecting that some clients want sturdy, basic equipment while
others are ready to embrace the latest technology, Comfort Mobility
meets people where they are. “We always make certain that our
prices are unbeatable,” assures vice president Julie Fase.
“If you have a loved one in a nursing home or long term care
facility, you have the right to choose who provides your equipment,”
John explains. “There are many variables to consider when selecting
equipment, so it is important that you find a supplier who is knowledgeable and will take the time to ensure you are comfortable in
using the equipment that best suits your needs.”
Authorized as an Assistive Devices Program vendor by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Comfort Mobility
can take care of the client’s funding details and bill Green Shield
John and new sales consultant, Stephanie Mazzalonga, get to
know each client and the physical limitations that are preventing
the person from being active and engaged. The Comfort Mobility
team gladly makes house calls. “We can see how the home is
arranged and what we need to consider, such as porch steps that
have become a barrier,” says John. “Our clients feel far more secure
and content, once their home has been adapted to support their
independence. Even small enhancements, like the installation of
grab bars in the bathroom, can make a huge difference.”
To see what Comfort Mobility has to offer, clients and their
families can also drop into the showroom at 2707 Temple Dr. in
Windsor, conveniently located just off of Central Avenue at E.C.
Row Expressway. “While you’re visiting us, our certified compression stocking fitters can measure you for support stockings,” says
Customer Service Manager Jessica Fase, who answers questions
regarding product options. In the service department, experienced
technicians maintain rental equipment and refurbish clients’ older
devices to provide more years of reliable use.
Products can also be viewed online at and ordered by speaking with a real person on the phone at 519-988-1234.
Delivery in Windsor is free.
You may have to take life sitting down, but that
doesn't mean you can't get involved.
Trust Comfort Mobility
...we treat you like family.
Stephanie Mazzalonga
Sales Consultant
John Fase, RN
Power & Manual Wheelchairs
Walkers & Rollators, 3 & 4 Wheel Scooters
Stair Lifts, Porch Lifts, Patient & Ceiling Lifts,
Lift Chairs, Hospital Beds & Accessories,
Bathroom Safety Products
Sales, Service & Rentals
Comfort Mobility Inc. has a host of mobility products, all aimed at increasing your ability to get around. Let us help you get comfortable.
Family owned and operated
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Local Expert Tackles Concussion Problems
Hockey Association to implement its own concussion policy.
With the increasing prevalence of concussions, this information is
essential. The American Academy of Pediatrics has reported that
emergency room visits for concussions in kids ages 8 to 13 years old
has doubled, and concussions have risen 200 percent among teens
ages 14 to 19 in the last decade.
Ontario politicians are in the process of establishing a committee
to study the impact of head injuries in youth sports. This is the
result of Rowan’s Law, a bill named in memory of Rowan Stringer,
a 17-year old Ottawa high school student who died in 2013 after
suffering multiple concussions playing rugby. It is expected that the
bill will pass into law, making concussion policies mandatory for
every Ontario sports organization.
For more information about CARE Concussion Centre call
226- 280-2270, or visit
Head impacts and concussions caused by contact sports are a growing epidemic among young athletes. When left undetected, concussions can result in long-term brain damage and can even prove fatal.
Dr. Mark Dubreuil recently opened CARE Concussion Centre,
located at 12033 Tecumseh Rd. East, to specifically deal with
concussions. CARE is an acronym for Concussion, Assessment,
Rehabilitation and Education.
“Our goal at CARE Concussion Centre is to help educate our
community about the potential damaging effects of a concussion
and what to look for if someone sustains a head injury and what
they should do to properly manage it,” says Dr. Dubreuil.
Although there may be common characteristics of every
concussion, it is important to determine a
treatment protocol specific to each individual. Through a process of physical and cognitive testing, Dr. Dubreuil determines a
treatment plan.
“Concussions are generally very treatable,”
states Dr. Dubreuil. “However, rest alone is
not the answer. They need to be treated properly the first time to avoid ongoing issues in
the future.”
With proper treatment concussions should
heal within one to three weeks. Post-concussion syndrome can last longer. Generally
there are four categories for a concussion
diagnosis: physical (dizziness, headaches),
emotional (irritability), sleep (too much, or
too little) and cognitive (issues with concentration, memory).
CARE Concussion Centre offers baseline
testing done during the pre-season. This
examination assesses an athlete’s cognitive
(brain) and physical functions. The baseline
We offer a wide variety
testing will help to evaluate each athlete’s
‘normal’ levels before the season begins.
of concussion options:
The Centre also offers imPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment Cognitive
• Baseline Testing
Testing) computer testing. ImPACT is an
• Concussion Therapy
online program that has been developed by
the University of Pittsburgh to help assist in
• Concussion Education
the detection and management of concussion
• Concussion Resources
type injuries. It is currently used by professional sporting teams in the NHL, NFL,
MLB and NBA.
Dr. Dubreuil also stresses that a concussion
does not always originate from a head injury.
He often sees patients who have been in car
accidents with concussions stemming from
whiplash during the accident.
In addition to his work at the Centre,
Dr. Dubreuil is active in the community
speaking to coaches, players and parents to
12033 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh
make them aware of the inherent dangers
and how to properly perform a concussion
15 Mill St. E., Tilbury
evaluation. One of his recent projects was Dr. Mark Dubreuil
519-682-4247 •
working with the Tecumseh Shoreline Minor
Do You
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Quality Without Question!
Keeping up with the latest trends in the fitness
f tness industry,
y Train
T ain Station Fitness offers
ffers group training. They have
a e one
hour classes where the trainers are working with the members, each at their own pace. The trainers make sure that
f ty is key and that the client stay
a s motivated throughout the session. Group classes are an excellent way
a to increase
your metabolism, strengthen your body,
y help reduce weight and regain your energy
gy, leav
a ing you fe
eling like you hav
a e
overcome obstacles and achieved your fitness
f tness goals. If you happen to miss the morning class, Train
T ain Station Fitness
ffers evening classes as well.
Train Station Fitness is not your typical gym. There is a personal touch given, right from the start.
When Michelle gave me a tour of the facility, her enthusiasm spoke volumes. She took the time to
demonstrate the equipment and answer all of my questions. I had surgery on my leg and was hesitant
to work out because I didn’t want to re-injure it. She assured me that all of the Trainers are MES
Certified and could design a program specific to my needs, regardless of my injury. I began Express
Weight Loss in early October and have lost 30 pounds and several inches. In early December, Michelle
recognized that I no longer needed to lose weight but needed a new eating plan to help me build
lean muscle. Since incorporating this new lifestyle change, I feel amazing! I am now preparing for
the MS Ride, something I never would have done before. Thank you Michelle and Express Weight
Loss for helping me achieve my goal of getting healthy and re-gaining an active lifestyle.
Express Weight Loss is AMAZING! During my FREE consultation, I was told I would be 70 pounds
lighter in 6 months, if I followed the eating plan. I loved the fact that the food required on this plan is
all natural, normal food you would buy at the grocery store. But it was their confidence in the plan
itself that encouraged me to give it a try. I signed up with Helena on May 1st and did the 6 month
program. My goal was to lose 70 pounds by October 31st. With my weekly encouragement and weighins, I was able to push through the times I struggled. I worked out regularly and was told week after
week how amazing I looked and it changed the WAY I worked out. With every pound, Helena and I
celebrated together. I am so excited to say that I weighed in on October 31st, at 71 pounds lost! Thank
you Helena and Express Weight Loss– I now have the tools to live a healthier lifestyle!
When you hear the team at Train Station Fitness and Express Weight Loss say they’re “changing lives”
it’s the truth – and I don’t mean just physically. When I arrived back in Windsor I made a conscious
decision to lose weight but wasn’t living a “healthy” lifestyle. After my first walk-through of the facility
and meeting their team – namely Helena and Michelle who have enthusiasm and encouragement
teeming from their pores – I knew THIS TIME I could make a commitment to proper physical fitness
and stay committed. THIS TIME, I’d have support. At Train Station Fitness, they constantly celebrate
everyone’s successes and prop members up too, when necessary. Come to think of it, that sounds
more like a family. One that I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of!
SQUEEZE Helena Mendler
Michelle Pillon
Life Coach and IFA Sports Nutrition Certified,
Helena has been instrumental in the drastic
lifestyle changes their clients have realized.
Michelle has been active in the health and nutrition industry for more than 15 years and specializes
in hormone health and weight loss for both men
and women.
When you walk into Express Weight Loss, you’ll soon discover it’s not your typical “Diet Center”. The non-judgmental,
safe and motivating atmosphere Michelle and Helena have created for their clients is truly the secret to their success.
“Our goal is to create an atmosphere where our clients feel supported and encouraged,” explains Helena. “We love
our clients and really want to help them succeed.”
Express weight loss is located in Train Station Fitness on Tecumseh Rd. E., where clients can visit Michelle and
Helena for a free consultation and also have the option to get started on an exercise program to enhance their makeover
“We take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients on a personal level,” says Michelle, “No matter what
obstacles they are trying to overcome, we are here to guide and encourage them.”
“Life is hard sometimes and when you leave here, we hope you feel better than when you came in.” says Helena.
pecializing in
Marble • Travertine
Travertine • Granite
Limestone • Slate
rrazzo • C
Corian • Ceramic
Grout Colour
MAR 21 - APR 20:
Life might go more smoothly if you stand
down for now. Save your energy for issues
that make a big difference in your life. It
might help you relax and remain calmer if
you return to a hobby you previously set
APR 21 - MAY 21:
A sense of stability and reliability can help
you help others in a reasonable, timely manner. A peace-maker at heart, you provide
win-win situations for all concerned. A gentle touch works wonders. The more you
work with someone, the more both of you
can gain from doing so.
MAY 22 - JUN 21:
c. 519-980-9785 w. 519-997-0045
Let the
JUN 22 - JUL 23:
Sun Shine
Past efforts can be rewarded in unforeseen
ways. What you thought of as a lost cause
was possibly sleeping while gathering
strength. It may be time to take the road less
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in Your Life
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Let me help you
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AUG 24 - SEP 23:
Jim Jeann
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If you push too hard to get ahead, you will
end up getting the short end of the stick, as
in, here today, gone tomorrow. Dollars seem
to be going out faster than they are coming
in. Home repairs could be costly. Make sure
you know what you are getting before you
sign any document.
L i f e
This is not the time for putting things off.
Once again, instead of you waiting for the
perfect moment, create the moment. Instead of standing still in one spot make corrections as you advance towards your goals.
You will get there faster and in better condition. Learn to dance in the rain.
SEP 24 - OCT 23:
With the help of others, you can turn obstacles into stepping stones to success. You
may need to smooth out a few wrinkles here
and there related to relationships. The key
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OCT 24 - NOV 22:
The iron hand in a velvet glove might work
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NOV 23 - DEC 21:
Handle sticky situations very carefully. Do
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challenge can bring success if you really
think about the issues and people involved.
Not everything will be as it seems. You do
need to get the full facts before you take any
kind of action.
DEC 22 - JAN 20:
Your psychological insights into the actions
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and like-minded people. Together you can
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JAN 21 - FEB 19:
If at times you appear to be detached, you
may be focused on matters which can benefit all parties involved. A problem may arise
if someone takes it personally. Unless you
think carefully about your options, you can
get caught up in a tricky matter. Use caution
when required.
FEB 20 - MAR 20
No more hiding behind chronic shyness,
you need to talk to someone about what actually is rather than just dreaming about
how you wish things might be. A younger
person may surprise you when he/she informs you about solid progress made in
his/her current life adventures.
A NASCAR Star In The Making
HE’S STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL, but already Grant Quinlan is leaving his mark on race circuits in both Canada and the United States.
The Lakeshore youth who celebrated his 17th birthday on December
4th holds a NASCAR licence which enables him to race on tracks up
to one-and-a-half-miles in length – but he’ll have to wait until his 18th
birthday for sanction to compete on longer circuits.
Clockwise from top: Team Quinlan celebrates a win at Baerfield Speedway; teenage racing star Grant Quinlan. Photo by Dick Hildebrand;
Grant exits his car after finishing first in the Super Series at Baerfield
Speedway in August 2015; Grant’s CRA Super Late Model running Winchester 400.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Some Things
Are Meant to
Last Forever
MON-FRI 8-6, SAT 8-5, SUN 10-3
Tecumseh Auto-Spa Club
1611 Manning Rd.
W i n d s o r
L i f e
The oldest of three brothers, he was born
in Windsor, attended the Maidstone elementary school and is currently in Grade
12 at the Essex High School, where he’s on
the honour roll despite his active race
Before being bitten by the racing bug,
Grant enjoyed playing hockey but was
forced to hang up the skates when track activities began taking up more and more of
his time. He raced go karts for 5 or 6 years
beginning at the age of 5 and within a two
year period before his 12th birthday, he had
amassed 26 national wins in the World
Karting Association series. He then went
on to spend two years racing Legend cars.
Legends are 1/3 scale stock cars powered by
1250 cc motorcycle engines. They are a
natural progression to the “Big Leagues”.
By the time his 15th birthday had rolled
around, he moved into CRA late model
cars which are full sized, high powered
Last year, he ran 3 races in the NASCAR
K&N Pro Series aboard a super late model
car with a 650 HP engine. The cars are
actually old Sprint Cup NASCAR units
with slightly different tire compounds and
a “lot less” horsepower. Says Grant,“if you
ran one of these cars through a NASCAR
tech inspection, it would pass all the specifications with the exception of the motor
and the tires.”
Quinlan also competed in the full 14
race schedule of the ARCA/CRA super
series. His one victory last season came at
the Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne
Indiana, while the remainder of his impressive tour also included 6 top five finishes,
12 showings, two Fast Qualifier Awards
and he led more laps than all but 5 other
competitors (he was out in front of the field
for 155 laps). His performance earned him
the ‘Series Championship’ as well as being
named ‘Rookie of the Year’. He is youngest
driver in the series history ever to win the
double honor and only the third driver to
ever do so. He iced the championship at
the final race of the season by finishing
fourth at the prestigious running of the
Winchester 400 at the legendary very fast,
high-banked, half-mile track in Indiana...
Quinlan’s favorite circuit.
After starting 12th in the 38 car field,
the young driver skilfully worked his way
into the top five and stayed there until the
checkered flag. “Being named rookie of the
year is really a big accomplishment,” says
the soft-spoken Quinlan, “and helps in
making the next step.”
The teenage driver spends at least 7
months a year in his racing efforts. The
CRA series season begins the end of January in Georgia and finishes in late August.
Testing is usually done in the winter
months, and there are occasional races
which Quinlan is able to attend.
Even though he misses up to two days of
school on race weekends – of which there
are 28 in a year.....he manages to stay on
top of his studies. After high school he
intends to attend university to study engineering.
He says with drivers and cars these days
being so close and competitive, crews have
to know exactly what’s required to get that
extra ‘edge’. His main ambition is to be a
NASCAR racer, like his hero Jeff Gordon,
#24, who has just retired from the Sprint
Cup series. During Christmas and March
breaks, Quinlan heads south to where his
race cars are stored to help crews work on
“My dad started me in go-karts when I
was very young,” says Quinlan, “because he
raced. I tried it, liked it and became successful at it.”
At present, Grant races exclusively on
oval tracks even though he grew up on road
courses. While he prefers ovals, he does say,
“it would be cool to drive a NASCAR on
a road course.” He says that getting his
NASCAR licence was not easy, “you gotta
have experience, you have to do physical
tests and undergo drug testing. They do
background checks on you to make sure
you’re experienced enough to go out there
and race and not wreck the whole field. It’s
kind of hard because there’s no real pathway to take if you want to be a NASCAR
driver. What you must do is kinda win
races and sell yourself.”
Incidentally, Dad’s influence has also
been felt on Grant’s younger brothers, both
of whom race go-karts and both winning
their respective championships in Leamington.
Recently, he was honoured at the annual
awards banquet for the CRA series in Indianapolis and a week later he was in Daytona testing the cars he’ll be racing this year
and then it was back to his final year of
high school in anticipation of a June graduation.
Grant Qinlan is a polite, relatively softspoken individual with definite goals in
mind. He is a hard worker and a doer, leaving little doubt that some day he’ll be taking the checkered flag and a big trophy as a
Sprint Cup champion.
Debut Windsor author creates laughter
through a woman who feels life’s struggles
can be solved online.
Most potential authors will attest
that it’s not easy being published
these days and with the advent
of organizations like Amazon
publishing, the field of budding
writers has become very crowded.
For Jennifer Ammoscato of Windsor, the road travelled was far less
rocky than most.
The mother of two boys is a
debut author who got her big
break when fellow scribe Amanda
S. Jones recommended her to Blue
Moon Publishers of Toronto, after
reading and early draft of ‘Dear
Jennifer Ammoscato Internet: It’s Me Avery.’ In fact,
the publishers were so impressed
with Jennifer’s work that they signed her to a five-book
Jennifer Black grew up in Windsor and graduated
from the University of Windsor with a business degree.
She moved out of the area for a brief period, to work
as a reporter for the Sarnia Gazette, a weekly newspaper
which she describes as a “cool experience – it was very
neat to be paid to write.” On her return home she was
hired by the university’s public affairs department. Her
responsibilities include writing in the institution’s
various promotional publications, which she says is a
bonus in her job. She enjoys reading and spending time
with her family, which includes regular walks with her
husband and, of course, their beloved dog.
About four years ago, after deciding to write a book,
Jennifer justified the purchase of an iPad by figuring
she could write anywhere, anytime. Things didn’t quite work out the way she had planned and, after completing only one chapter, she
put the project aside for about a year until the urge struck her again. This time, she stayed with it and after numerous edits and rewrites—along with encouragement and fits of laughter from her friend Michelle Pilutti—the book was released in 2015.
‘Dear Internet: It’s Me Avery’ is a fictional, humorous study of Avery Fowler who typifies “someone incapable of making a decision
without going online. Says Jennifer, “as a society, we’re attached at the hip—or palm—to the Internet. Avery is every person who gets
that shaky feeling when they’re out of Wi-Fi range.”
This is one funny book! It’s not for kids. Loaded with satire, cynicism and adult language (all of which, incidentally, neatly fits into
the context of the novel), it is a terrific read from the first page to the last. It’s been described as “chicklit”, but guys will enjoy it too.
With her unique use of the English language, the author conveys her message with laser-like penetration.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
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Windsor Life Magazine is delivered to
74,000 Residential Addresses
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In Its 24th Year Of Business, Windsor Life Magazine
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Homes & Businesses In Windsor/Essex, Chatham/Kent
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Is yyour
our N
ew Y
ear's R
esolution ttoo bbuy
uy oorr ssell
ell a hhome?
ind o
ut h
ow A
turns a F
SIGN into
into a SOLD
Million Dollar Producer
Amy Mullins,BSW, RSW
mobile: 519.791.8313
W i n d s o r
L i f e
The premise is simple: the heroine, Avery,
a reporter for an Ottawa newspaper that’s in
trouble, discovers her husband is having an
affair and is planning on leaving. At about
the same time, she meets her new dictatorial
boss, who has just been hired from a
Toronto paper. With all this turmoil, Avery
turns to to find life problem
solutions from the site’s web chat advisor,
Clementine, a British version of Siri.
The ensuing narrative is definitely worth
the price of admission! As an example, when
Avery is confronted by her editor-in-chief
about a telling video which has placed the
reporter in an awkward position, the situation is described this way: “My boss peers so
intently at my face that I wonder if she is
trying to suck my very soul out of my body
through my eyes. I use every ounce of my
will to keep my mouth arranged in a serious
manner.” I’m sure that at one time or another, all of us have been in this position and
have experienced the same emotional turmoil of whether to laugh, or cry.
Time and time again, as Avery faces one
crisis after the other, it’s always the same –
she turns to Clementine for wireless advice.
“I lay down. One minute goes by. Then another. Three minutes later, I’m bored. I pull
my phone from under the couch cushion.
What am I going to do now? I pester”
And, even when life appears to be heading
in Avery’s direction, she does the inevitable:
“I sit at my desk. I chew on a ragged fingernail, nervous as a schoolgirl. I try to think
of what to say to him. As the minutes slip
by, the tension in me mounts. I need reassurance. I bite the bullet and log on to the site to beg Clementine for
So what happens in the end? Does Avery
find happiness? Does she experience true
love again? Does she reconcile with her husband or does another handsome prince
whisk her away? After a few interesting
twists, the answers present themselves, but
yyou’ll have to read the book and find out for
yyourself. You will not be disappointed.
‘Dear Internet: It’s Me Avery’ was officcially launched in May 2015 and is doing
qquite well.
It’s available online at and
A,, the University of Windsor bookstore, Biblioasis and
Juniper Books.
Book 2 in the Avery Fowler series titled,
‘The Internet Made Me Do It’, is due for release in the spring, and quite frankly, I can
hardly wait!
Back-up Choir For Kenny Rogers Christmas
Concert at the Colosseum Caesars Windsor
MOST CHOIRS ONLY DREAM of being asked to be the back-up singers for
the Kenny Rogers Christmas Show. This dream became a reality, not once but
twice for the twenty-eight members of 'South Windsor Youth Singers' under the
direction of Rose Jobin, a retired music teacher for the Windsor Essex Catholic
District School Board. On Sunday, December 6, 2015, choir had the awesome
experience of being the back-up choir for the Kenny Rogers Christmas Show at
Caesars Windsor. This was the groups second time performing with him.
The group has two choir performances at Carnegie Hall, two performances
at the Vatican, three performances at Downtown Disney on the Disney stage
and several performances with Music Fest Canada. Also in addition to the Canadian Nationals they do yearly performances with choir trips to such cities as
Chicago, Banff, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver. When asked, Rose Jobin’s immediate answer to providing a backup choir for the Kenny Rogers Christmas
Show was 'yes, yes, yes!!!!'
After being approached by the California based Kenny Rogers Touring
Production Company and John Drew from Caesars Windsor Entertainment in
August 2015, Rose set out to make it happen. Present and former choir members
were approached, practice venues were found and schedules were made and
distributed to interested high school and University students. Father Jim Roach,
Pastor of Corpus Christi Church, Father Mike Parent, of Our Lady of Mount
Carmel Church and Father Anthonio Del Cianci, of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Church were more than generous in accommodating the choir by allowing Rose
to use their churches or halls for weekly rehearsals.
Rehearsals consisted of learning and memorizing Christmas songs that Kenny
and Linda Davis (Mother to Hillary Scott-Tyrrell of 'Lady Antebellum') would
sing accompanied by a live orchestra during the concert. The music that the
choir learned was written in four part harmony, often split, with segments where
the choir would sing in harmony with Kenny or Linda or alone with the live
orchestra. The music was challenging but very beautiful. Songs such as 'The
Light', 'Go Tell It On the Mountain', 'Joy to the World', 'Silent Night', and
'O Holy Night' were perfectly timed with the choir often moving to different
locations on the stage during the song. The choir was honored to sing an 'A
Cappella' rendition of 'Carol of the Bells' alone on stage.
Not only did the Kenny Rogers Production Company require a back-up youth
choir but they also requested a small ensemble of 5 to 6 children. Since music is
such an integral part of the lives of Rose Jobin's grandchildren, she asked the
four children of Paul and Tania Jobin, (Tigh, Emma, Eric and Bobby) and the
two children of Philip and Jennifer Jobin, (Alexandrea and Julia) to represent
the children's choir. These children take voice, guitar and drum lessons from
Top: South Windsor Youth Singers share stage with Kenny Rogers at the
Colosseum at Caesars Windsor, December 6, 2015. Above: An experience
of a life-time with Kenny Rogers and Linda Davis for Tigh, Emma, Julia,
Bobby, Eric and Alexandrea Jobin.
Pete Palazzolo's Canadian Conservatory, they sing in the
St. Mary's Church Youth Choir, periodically perform with
Philip Jobin's group, 'The Rock Farm Band'. They also
take piano lessons from Rose Jobin. Because of this, as
young singers, Rose Jobin felt they could handle the time
on stage facing a sell out crowd of 5000 people. They had
three costume changes while singing songs such as 'Painting the Town', 'I Believe in Santa Claus', 'Silent Night'
and 'Joy to the World'. The children had to wear a microphone headset while on stage and so knowledge of words
to songs was very important. Nine weeks of rehearsals
really paid off!! No one forgot the words or routines.
All song selections for both the Youth Choir and Children's Ensemble had to be memorized. There was one
dress rehearsal one hour before the show in which several
directives were given to the choirs once the show started.
Kenny and Linda were very personable as they attempted
to help the choir members relax during the 'Meet and
Greet' session before the show. Both choirs were allowed
to take a picture with Kenny and Linda. One can only
imagine how breath taking the whole experience was once
the practices and dress rehearsal were over and the show
became a reality. To be part of such an awesome show and
to be able to share the stage with Kenny Rogers, a legend
in the music world, creates a memory like no other in the
lives of the young voices that participated in the choirs.
The weeks of rehearsals were certainly worth every minute.
The conversations at home and in the community have
been Kenny Rogers for days now and Rose knows that her
choirs have been honored to be with Kenny during his last
tour (so Rose was informed) and last time for singing all
those great hits for a Windsor audience.
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
Q: How many Treatments Will I Need?
A: The answer to that question is different for everyone. It all depends on
what your desired result is. Each treatment produces results, so you can
continue until you are satisfied. You may be very satisfied after just one
treatment as you can expect to lose anywhere from 1-4 inches per treatment.
Q: How long do the results last?
A: The results are PERMANENT! Because we are one of the few technologies
that actually kill the fat cell, your body will process it and expel it just like any
other fat. Once itʼs gone – itʼs gone forever.
FireBody Lipo is a new mobile in home service
providing surgery free cavitation lipo to help
clients reduce fat, tighten skin, get rid of
cellulite and reshape their physiques. The FDA
approved treatments direct biocavitational ultrasound waves and radio frequency energy to
safely break down fat cells and cellulite, achieving immediate results without pain, risk or side
effects. Traveling to clients’ homes from Windsor to London, owner Jillian Strong and her
FireBody team have a 100% success rate and
226-246-6668 or
Q: Are there any risks or side effects?
A: None. Both the process and our machines are FDA approved and offer
no side effects or downtime. Return to your daily activities immediately
following your treatments. Our technicians will conduct a medical background
consultation prior to any treatments making this process 100% risk free.
Q: How much time do I need to wait between appointments?
A: 72 hours. We only allow appointments once every three days as the body
can only process so much fat at once. It wouldnʼt be hazardous, however the
results wouldnʼt be as great and we want our clients to be happy.
Q: Iʼve heard these types of treatments arenʼt very successful.
Does it really work?
A: Yes! There are many different types of treatments available to you
that claim to produce results. We are the only clinic in South Western
Ontario specializing in this technology and we also offer A FULL MONEY
BACK GUARANTEE. We have not had a single client to date that has
not lost inches.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are unique in the fact that we come to you. All of our technicians
bring everything they need directly to you, making this convenient, private
and cost effective for all of our clients!
Michael Kennedy, JD, LL.M
Since 1989, trade between Canada and the United States has more
than tripled. The trading relationship between our two countries is
so strong that Canada and the U.S. are the world's largest trading
partners with nearly US$760 billion in goods and services in 2014.
The U.S. is the most important destination for Canadian direct investment abroad, totaling US$320 billion in 2014.
The United States is truly a land of opportunity for Canadians.
Many of us look to the south to expand business, purchase investment & vacation properties or relocate. Any such opportunity,
however, should take into consideration the myriad of business, tax,
estate and other laws. Finding the right professional to advise is
often difficult.
There is now a specialized law practice in Windsor to advise
Canadians on such matters. Whether your needs are commercial
or personal, Michael Kennedy and his team at Ingenuity Counsel
take pride in providing high quality U.S. tax and legal services to
Canadians in a collaborative, convenient and cost effective manner.
With a decade of legal experience under his belt, Michael recognized the need for a law firm in Canada specializing in U.S. tax &
legal service. “We discovered that Canadians had few places to seek
United States legal counsel close to home,” says Kennedy. “Even
those living in Windsor found Detroit law firms inconvenient,
costly and they did not appreciate the cross border tax & legal aspects of being Canadian.”
Michael is admitted to practice law in California & Michigan
and permitted by the Law Society of Upper Canada to provide U.S.
legal services in Ontario as a Foreign Legal Consultant. Prior to
establishing Ingenuity Counsel in 2012, he practiced law in the
United States for more than 10 years in California, Michigan and
Michael and his team assist companies and entrepreneurs with
immigration, business, real estate and tax matters in the U.S. With
his expertise, he is able to walk clients through the process of successfully setting up their business in the United States. He also offers
guidance with respect to human resources, banking, insurance and
lending. Admitted to the U.S. Tax Court, Michael also handles IRS
Increasingly, Michael is seeing clients that own property in Florida
and Michigan for estate planning. He advises on the consequences
of owning property in a foreign country. Michael also handles wills
& trusts, powers of attorney and probate administrations. Whether
you have real property, financial accounts or business assets located
in the United States, Michael and his team can help. “I handle it
all for clients and they like that. Many people come into my office
worried, and leave assured and relieved that things will be handled
Although we are located in close proximity to the United States,
it has its own unique set of laws and system of taxation. Ingenuity
Counsel understands the cross border nature of doing business and
owning property in the U.S. and how it affects you and your family
in Canada.
In 2015, Ingenuity Counsel hired its first full time professional
since business commenced 4 years ago. Andrea Prunariu has been
hired as law clerk to Michael and administrative professional for
Ingenuity Counsel Incorporated.
To learn more about Michael and Andrea and how Ingenuity
Counsel can assist you, visit
F e b r u a r y / M a r c h
2 0 1 6
january/february 2016
Wednesday, 27
Activities, stories and songs will make for a
fun time on Family Literacy Day from 5:30
to 7:30 pm at the Central Children's Learning Centre. The free drop in event is for all
ages at the Windsor Public Library - Central Branch, located at 850 Ouellette Ave.
Friday, 29
Showcasing local and Toronto literary talent, Border City Readings is being held at
Artcite, 109 University Ave. W., Windsor.
From 7 to 9 pm, Lisa Pike, Len Gasparini,
Sonia di Placido, and Jim Christy will be
reading their own poetry and fiction at the
free community event.
Saturday, 30
Get your free Healthy Mind Passport at the
7th Annual Healthy Mind Expo and journey into the lives of people dealing with
Alzheimer Disease. The Alzheimer Society
Windsor-Essex County invites you to take
the Dementia Challenge and try to perform
daily tasks with accessories that distort your
motor skills. Seasons Retirement Communities is presenting the Laugh Out Loud AThon. Many vendors will be at the free
event from 9:30 am to 6 pm at Devonshire
Mall, 3100 Howard Ave., Windsor. The
first 250 participants receive a free swag
bag. 519-974-2220, ext. 237
Step onto the Love Boat – or rather, the
Ciociaro Club of Windsor - for the 19th
fundraising gala hosted by Transition to
Betterness. At 3745 North Talbot Rd., Oldcastle, cast off at 5:30 pm and dine on hors
d’oeuvres and a gourmet dinner, revel in the
entertainment and live and silent auctions
and cruise the cocktail lounge. Monies
raised help fund programs at local health
care facilities and provide comfort to patients and their families impacted by life-altering illness. Ticket price is $150.
519-944-5143 or [email protected]
W i n d s o r
L i f e
Thursday, 11
Meet the real snowbirds, the owls of southwestern Ontario who winter at home.
Weather permitting, at 7 pm, the Essex Region Conservation Authority will take
trekkers on a guided hike, looking and listening for owls in the woods of Holiday
Beach Conservation Area, 6952 County Rd.
50, Amherstburg. Admission is $5 per person and $15 per family. Pre-registration is
Friday, 12
Amore is in the air at the Torino Banquet
Hall, where St. Anne's Parish and Torino
Plaza welcome everyone to their Valentine's
Day Gala. Held from 6 to 10 pm at 12049
Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh, the feast is
being prepared by Rob Kelly of Beach Grove
Golf and Country Club. The Beatles tribute
band Liverpool Echo are playing during
the night. Ticket price is $45. Funds benefit IRIS House and Advocating Young
Minds, a project in affiliation with the
Sandwich Teen Action Group.
519-816-7957 or [email protected]
Super heroes and super fun are coming to
the St. Clair Centre for the Arts at 201
Riverside Dr., Windsor. Presented in partnership by St. Clair College and the St. Clair
College Alumni Association, the event is
bringing fans together with 90 independent
and professional comic book creators. Attendees can shop for comic books and souvenirs, test their trivia knowledge, take
workshops and wear costumes to take their
place proudly with Windsor’s growing Cosplay community between 11 am and 5 pm.
Admission is $5; children age 12 years and
under get in free.
Monday, 15
Shake off cabin fever and head to Point
Pelee National Park for Family Day Fun.
Play games, make crafts and compete in the
snow sculpture contest. Lug your own mug
for hot chocolate savoured over a crackling
fire and roast marshmallows just the way
you like them. Rosy cheeks are guaranteed
from 10 am to 5 pm at 1118 Point Pelee
Drive, Leamington. 519-322-2365, ext. 0
or [email protected]
Local urban native young people between
four and 17 years old have created paintings,
beadwork, sketches and other artwork revealing what they believe living a healthy
lifestyle means. Their works have been entered in the Living a Good Life Native
Youth Art Contest and is being exhibited
from Feb. 15 to 20 at the Ontario Arts
Council’s Artspeak Gallery, 1942 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor. Contest judges are
well-known Indigenous artists including
Christi Belcourt, Mark Anthony Jacobson,
John Fadden and Jay Bell Redbird. Viewing
hours are 1 to 5 pm, Mon. through Sat. and
1 to 7 pm, Wed. A reception is being held 5
to 7 pm, Tues. The young artists will be on
hand. 519-253-3243 or
Saturday, 20
Join over 20,000 Canadians who are getting
pledges and gathering in communities to
walk 2, 5 or 10 km for the benefit of people
who are hungry, homeless and hurting.
Serving neighbours living in poverty, the
Downtown Mission of Windsor depends on
funds raised during the winter walkathon.
The event begins at 4 pm at the Mission at
664 Victoria Ave., Windsor.
Thursday, 25
Go blue or go bald in support of Make-AWish Southwestern Ontario. Refresh Day
Spa & Salon makes it fun and easy during
its 10th Annual Head Shave. Participants
will be provided with a dye kit to Go Blue,
pledge forms to help them raise monies and
then invited to come to the salon to get their
hair shaved off from 4 to 6 pm, Feb. 25 at
2407 Dougall Ave., Windsor. 519-988-0647
[email protected]
Saturday, 27
Will you be the victim or the super sleuth
at the 2nd Annual Murder Mystery Dinner,
masterminded by the Bulimia Anorexia
Nervosa Association? 6 to 11 pm in the Augustus Ballroom at Caesar’s Windsor, 377
Riverside Dr. E., Windsor. Ticket price is
$75 per person or $700 for a table of 10.
The fundraiser supports BANA’s local programs designed for people with eating disorders. 519-969-2112 or
FEBRUARY 13, 2016 - 8:00 PM
TICKETS: $45 & $55 - BOX SEATS $65 (PLUS HST)
MARCH 4, 2016 - 7:30 PM
APRIL 2, 2016 - 8:00 PM
MAY 27, 2016 - 8:00 PM
Ticket information is availab
ble at www
chryslertheatre com • 519-252-6579
Jennifer Dawson
Helping Windsor-Essex Achieve
Prosperity One Owner at a Time
Regional Manager of
Libro’s Essex-Kent Region
What does prosperity mean to you?
For busy people juggling work, family and home life, thinking about personal
prosperity is often pushed down on the priority list. Some folks even believe
their limited income means prosperity is out of reach.
Libro Credit Union is inviting its member-Owners to pause a moment and
consider the very important question regarding the meaning of prosperity. “Financial stability, good health, a new car, the creation of local jobs, the betterment
of our community - it’s different for everyone,” says Jennifer Dawson, Regional
Manager of Libro’s Essex-Kent region.
To start the conversation about defining, building and enjoying prosperity,
the credit union launched its Prosperity Project in April 2015. It’s founded on
Libro’s belief that real prosperity begins with the individual person and spreads
outward. “If we can help our Owners achieve their dreams of prosperity, we can
inspire financial happiness for our communities, the entire region and beyond,”
Jennifer says.
“There are a lot of things that we
don’t know. You need a coach to find
all the different products that are out
there, what’s suited for you and what
can make money for you.”
Lana & Tom Summerfield
Determined to empower people on their prosperityy journey
journey, the credit union
is offering the free services of its Libro coaches to its Owners.
Sitting down comfortably and confidentially, a coach helps the Owner identify
personal priorities, create a plan and set goals. “After making our Owners aware
of their options, they often realize they can actually accomplish what they
thought they couldn’t,” Jennifer notes. “Usually, just making subtle changes here
and there puts more money in Owners’ pockets.”
For Lana and Tom Summerfield, prosperity includes providing for their children, Joshua (8) and Alexa (3), paying for their Essex home and sharing family
time on a week-long cottage vacation every summer. “There are lots of things
we would like to do, but it’s about prioritizing, making plans and saving for those
things in the future,” Lana says.
“It comes down to wants and needs,” Tom recognizes. “Most of the time, what
you need trumps what you want.”
To keep the Summerfields on track, their coach, Lisa Swarts, calls every couple
of months to ask how things are going and if adjustments should be made to
W i n d s o r
L i f e
their plan. “That’s awesome, because life gets busy,”
Lana says. “It’s nice to have her in the background
thinking about those things for us and keeping us
thinking about the direction that we need to be moving
Tom readily admits, “There are a lot of things that
we don’t know. You need a coach to find all the different
products that are out there, what’s suited for you and
what can make money for you. I think having Lisa and
talking with her, she’s really looked at our lives, looked
at what we do and really shown us products that would
help us and that fit into our lifestyle. I think that if we
were left to our own abilities and knowledge, we wouldn’t invest in things, we wouldn’t take those little bit of
risky steps to better ourselves and let our money make
money for us.”
He says, “I can talk to Lisa. I’m going to get a truthful answer from her and I’m going to get a knowledgeable answer. That is worth its weight in gold.”
Jennifer acknowledges, “Many people feel intimidated about talking finances. There is a bit of fear that
their fi
ffinancial institution will judge them for not doing
well fi
or that they will be looked down on
f r not
n understanding banking terms or how an
RR works. At Libro, we don’t think that way.
W just happy for every opportunity to share our
Credit Union values the input from Owners like the Summerfields and is using it to tailor
its world-class
financial services and products, as well
as its coaching, community investment and business
strategi for the betterment of southwestern Ontario.
“I th
think Libro recognizes you have the choice to take
your money anywhere you want to go with it. They
work hard to keep your business. They want you there,”
Lana observes. “They believe in you and they believe
in you as a member of their community.”
The Prosperity Project is “really taking hold” among
Owners, says Jennifer. “The more conversations we
have, the better we’ll be able to measure prosperity –
which at Libro is not about numbers, it’s about measuring quality of life for our families and communities.”
Achieving prosperity is its own reward. However,
Libro Credit Union is providing extra incentive to its
Owners who are collaborating with coaches: those who
attain a short-term goal or are on track for a long-term
goal by Sept. 30, 2016 will be entered to win the
$10,000 Prosperity Challenge!
Photographed on location at
Synergy Wellness and Performance
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