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Reliable analysis of wrinkles in 3D
Juvenile, wrinkle-free skin all the way into old age — these
are properties many skincare products promise to deliver. The
human skin as a natural barrier against environmental influences
is expected to look fresh and healthy at all times. Whether an
active agent, a treatment or a cream does indeed deliver these
desired miracles can now be verified through three-dimensional
skin assessments with the aid of a dermaTOP scanning system:
the effectiveness of a product is being scientifically examined
with wrinkles measurements in long-term studies.
The in-vivo scanner dermaTOP
Objective and advantages
In order to conduct precise measurements and evaluations of the
human skin, the 3D in-vivo scanning system dermaTOP of the Breuckmann GmbH has been specifically optimized for applications in the
fields of dermatology and cosmetics. The system is being successfully employed in the context of verification of the effectiveness of antiwrinkle, skin tightening and skin smoothening products. The effectiveness is verified on the basis of analyzing the so-called crow’s feet,
wrinkles developing at the left and right outside corner of the eye.
In the past, effectiveness analysis often required time consuming skin
replica which could then be assessed by means of 2D image evaluation methods. Thanks to the functionality extension into the third
dimension, the dermaTOP makes it possible not only to evaluate the
roughness profiles of a surface, but also to measure the alteration of
the wrinkle volumes, thus allowing verified conclusions to be drawn
with regard to the effectiveness of a skincare product.
Typically, the system is used by cosmetic manufacturers for the purpose of scientifically substantiated
wrinkle analysis in their quest for research and development of ingredients and end products.
But also independent testing laboratories verifying
the effectiveness of skincare products, are successfully applying the dermaTOP. The sensor of the
dermaTOP system is equipped with a blue LED light
source, allowing it to achieve a optimum representation of the skin structure. The extremely fast measurement value acquisition of the scanner allows for a
direct in-vivo analysis.
Measuring system and setup
In order to analyze the effectiveness of the test
products or their respective active ingredients, longterm assessment studies are necessary. To ensure
the exact reproducibility of the test person’s positioning over the course of several measurements and
over an extended period of time, the especially for
this purpose developed visioTOP 500 Workbench is
being used.
The positioning of the scanner to the test person
is easily and swiftly carried out by mechanically adjusting the exact location of the examination area
through software-supported positioning aids in the
live image. Following the image capture, the 3D data
is evaluated and visualized. Using intelligent alignment
options provided by the software, it is ensured that
always the same area is relevant for the assessment
is being scanned and evaluated.
The visioTOP 500 Workbench allows for an easy positioning of
the measuring system (left), the scanner‘s blue light allows for
a representation of the skin structure at optimum contrast (right)
Since the subsequent analysis is conducted only on
the basis of the wrinkle profile, the software automatically prepares the data in such a way that the
three-dimensional information of the wrinkle profile (macro structure)
is provided as an extract of the 3D information of the micro skin profile
(micro structure).
The assessment regarding the effectiveness of a product is always
based on the comparison of wrinkle information obtained at defined
points in time. Actual subject of the examination is the condition of the
wrinkle before the product has been applied for the first time (T0) as
well as its state after a course of several applications (T1, T2, T3 …).
The analysis of the vertical amplitude of the wrinkles
is evaluated alongside the wrinkle flow by making
use of the statistic roughness parameters Ra, Rz,
and LR known from the 2D analysis. In addition,
the 3D roughness parameters such as St, Sa or Sq
are being calculated. This is then followed by the
evaluation of further characteristic wrinkle features by
calculation of their respective surface, volume, amplitude, average and maximum height as well as a final
assessment of the product effectiveness for the given
examination period.
The breuckmann dermaTOP allows for the easy, fast
and precise analysis of crow’s feet, thereby helping
to achieve a scientifically substantiated, objective
assessment of the products used for wrinkle reduction. In particular in connection with agents used
in skincare products, such as anti-ageing creams,
but also in the context of cosmetic treatments, the
respective effectiveness results can be reproducibly registered and verified in long term studies, for
example by the Institute Dr. Schrader which regularly
conducts product verifications for the Stiftung Warentest, a German independent consumer foundation
for impartial tests of products and services.
Evaluation of the wrinkle amplitude with aid of
statistical roughness parameter
Contact / Link
Position control of the relevant analysis field (above) and extracted
3D mikro skin relief of the wrinkle / the analysis field shown above (below)
EOTech SA, 91460 Marcoussis, France
We would like to thank our sales partner EOTech SA
for their kind contribution of the interesting information material and pictures used to compile this report.
AICON 3D Systems GmbH
Biberweg 30 C | D-38114 Braunschweig
tel. +49 (0)531 58 000 58 | [email protected]

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