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MEDIA PACK - Bauer Media
KISS entertains more millennials than any other
Bauer media brand and is extremely influential
among this hard-to-reach demographic. The mission
has always been to own this space. A space we call
‘The Now Generation’. Those people who are always
on to the next thing, who have or want everything
immediately and have the devices at their fingertips
to facilitate this sense of immediacy. Dual screening
was last year - now you have your phone, tablet, TV,
laptop and watch! How do we do it? By being ‘The
Beat of the UK’. A strapline that informs both our
editorial policy and our commercial strategy. Not
only do we give you the latest trends, we also
provide the internal rhythm and bounce that gets
you through the week, thanks to our innate
understanding of the changes in our audiences and
our ambition to never stand still with our content
solutions. It pivots through a platform strategy as
well; holding digital as important to radio, social as
important as our live events – they all work together
to engage the biggest digital listening figures across
Bauer Radio with a blend of remixed chart tunes
and over 30 hours of specialist music on-air, online,
on mobile and on your social media timelines.
The Kiss audience is a varied bunch, united by their love of
music and their affinity with KISS’ internal bounce. KISS
splits equally across digital and radio with a 60/40
female to male split, but it completely dominates that
core 15-34 audience with its youthful, peer-to-peer
approach to broadcasting. Two of our shows –
Breakfast and [email protected] – hold not just the
biggest audience share in London, but across
the nation too
Our audience are an active bunch who love
to be with us, whether that be attending
our sell-out KISSTORY events or entering
to be the next KISS Chosen One.
KISS listeners are urban, but
increasingly national with 65% of the
audience now living outside London. They
love to chat, with our Facebook reach
averaging between 400,000 and 700,000
each week. We’re also experiencing
encouraging degress of success with new
latforms like Snapchat and Viber.
Travel and movies come up
trumps when you delve into their
interests, uniting millennials around
their love of the experience. And tech
really excites them too, with more
entries for tech-wins than any other
commercial incentive.
And they take us with them wherever they
are. With over 1.3m downloads of the Kiss
Kube mobile app, we’re adding huge
mobile and digital value to consumers by
allowing them to listen now or listen again.
Wake up with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie
in the morning. Three mates who live
the dream chatting about the stuff they
love, this terrific trio get to meet
celebrities they’ve always admired –
and take the audience along for the
ride with them. Their fun-filled, friendly
presenting style creates a peer-to-peer
relationship with listeners that really
works. Rickie and Melvin have been
friends since university and after
presenting on TV together, they’ve
found a home at KISS where they’ve
become the station’s most famous
dynamic duo. Charlie joined the team
after doing work experience on the
show, proving KISS FM’s dedication to
putting real, honest, credible people
behind the mic of our biggest shows.
Daytime is the home of the biggest KISS DJ
talent – DJ Neev and Justin Wilkes. Together they
get audiences through the day with a blend of the
KISS mix, the latest tracks on the KISS playlist and
the heavy-hitting programming spikes of
KISSTORY and the KISS Mix Block. Daytime is the
real embodiment of ‘The Beat of the UK’, changing
from old-skool and anthems to Taylor Swift in a way
that always plays to that internal KISS bounce. It also
allows KISS to diversify its audience profile, adding
a slightly older, slightly more ABC1 dynamic to our
programming output.
[email protected]:
Michael and Andrea own the afternoon from 3 – 7pm. This
show epitomises our content strategy of keeping radio
relevant in a digital, social age. Content is drawn from - and
shared out – to our social media audiences, so by driving
content and engagement 360° across all brand platforms,
KISS’ biggest audience is able to hear it, see it and share it.
It enables KISS to be in your timeline as and when you hear
the topic under discussion. It means you can be involved even
if you can’t listen and moves KISS ever closer to cementing
itself as that real-time, national youth lifestyle brand.
KISS FM UK is England’s largest multimedia brand for
15-34 year olds, reaching over 4.6m listeners every week.
KISS plays the freshest new music and biggest tracks.
Its strapline, ‘The Beat of the UK’, encapsulates the essence of
its ‘Never Stand Still’ values. It’s the home of Rickie, Melvin and
Charlie in the morning, [email protected] with Michael and Andrea also
plays 35 hours of specialist programming including Shortee Blitz,
Majestic, Wideboys, Tough Love, Pioneer, Devolution and Dixon
Brothers every week.
The brand is home to two breakout, standalone digital
extensions, KISSTORY (non-stop old skool and anthems)
and KISSFRESH (non-stop new beats).
KISSFRESH is where you’ll find exclusive first
plays of some of the biggest club tracks right
now from some of the hottest artists and
producers in the industry. Think David Guetta,
Chris Brown, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj, Jeremih,
Fuse ODG, Sigma, Clean Bandit and Wretch 32
mixed in with some of this year’s freshest acts
like Kiesza, Years & Years, Blonde and George
The Poet. The week continues to turn it up into
the weekend, playing the best in new dance,
house, bassline and hip-hop beats with shows
from top DJs like Tough Love, TS7 and Mike
KISS FRESH is available on DAB Digital Radio
in London, in addition to the online KISSFRESH
Player Freeview TV channel 712 and the free to
KISSSTORY spins old-skool hip-hop, dance and
garage tracks and anthems 24/7 from artists
like Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Usher,
Justin Timberlake, TLC, Eminem, J-Lo, Ne-Yo
and Basement Jaxx. And it doesn’t stop there.
KISSTORY lives on beyond the radio with huge
compilation album releases and massive club
nights in London and Bristol.
KISSTORY is available on DAB Digital Radio in
London, Birmingham, South Yorkshire,
Liverpool, Teeside, Tyne & Wear, Humberside,
Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Central Lancashire,
Northern Ireland, Dundee & Perth, Inverness,
Stoke, Swansea, Norwich, the Sussex Coast,
Kent, Nottingham and Cambridge in addition to
the online KISSTORY Player, Freeview TV channel
714 and the free to download KISS KUBE mobile
Listen live and on-demand to KISS
radio stations with the KISS KUBE app
for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Listen to your favourite shows again
while you’re on the move and get the
latest news and social media updates
from KISS straight to your device!
Our new, dynamic,
responsive website has seen
745k unique views driving
3.5m total page views – with
over a third of its users
viewing on a mobile device.
Users are split 50/50 male/
female, with nearly
two-thirds being in the core
18-34 demographic.
Our biggest live event is KISSTORY,
which sells out London’s O2 up to
eight times a year, entertaining over
3,000 people each time with the
biggest old-skool tracks and anthems.
KISS also travels abroad to be in
among our audience. In 2015,
KISSTORY took up a summer
residency at Ibiza’s Ocean Beach Club
and launched KISS Pool Parties at BH
Mallorca. And for the first time ever,
we played exclusive KISSTORY club
nights in Dubai. But we’re not finished
yet. On 29 October, we’ll be returning
to Wembley Stadium where the
second KISS Haunted House Party will
see some of our biggest KISS artists
playing to a crowd of 10,000.
There are three ‘flavours’ to KISS on the
second biggest digital-only station in the
Group Managing Director, National Radio
Steve Parkinson
Group Programming Director
Andy Roberts
For all advertising enquiries
[email protected]
London Direct Sales enquiries
[email protected]
020 7208 3527