Geoff Harris Biographical Information.indd



Geoff Harris Biographical Information.indd
Biographical Information:
Sensei Geoff Harris
Training in Martial Arts for 42 years (1974 - Present day)
To 1st Dan
1st - 7th Dan
BJC (Martial Arts Commision)
BJA (British Jujitsu Association)
BJJF (British Ju Jitsu Federation)
WJJF (World Ju Jitsu Federation)
Kokusai - Jujitsu Remmei
Jikishin Association
Kempo Jujitsu Association
FAO (Fighting Arts Orgnisation) of Great Britain
The Guild of 21st Century Fighting Styles
American Jujitsu Association
American School Of Self Defence
Coaching Certification
Society Of Okinawan Ko-Budo
Coaching Certification
Martial Arts Commission
Authorised instructor to British Special Forces and Royal Marines
Instructor to various UK based Airlines
Host to Metropolitan Police Force Officers Self Defence Training
European Director of Core Concepts
Inducted into Masters Hall OF Fame
Designer, builder and owner of The Dojo Sidcup a purpose built Martial Arts facility incorporating a wide
variety of Martial Arts styles and disciplines including Aikido, Kung Fu, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Jeet Kune Do,
Escrima, Silat, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Iaido, Iai-Jutsu and Tai Chi. Containing on site Sports
Physio and therapy facilities. The facility is now supported by The Lord Mayor of London’s Office and runs
many Government based charity programmes for the underpriviledged and disabled community offering
a fee free entry into the martial arts.
The Dojo Sidcup awarded Sport England Club Mark as a centre of excellence in first year of opening.
Carries out work for leading London Risk Management Agencies both in and outside of UK
Awarded Friendship Coin for loyalty, integrity, leadership and professionalism by Bob Doyle, County Sheriff, Riverside County, California.
Awarded Friendship Coin by Sgt Rick Rictor U.S.Marine Core, Carlsbad, California.
Trained with :
Soke Robert Clark 9th Dan Hontai Yoshin Ryu
Soke Munetoshi Inoue Nippon Hontai Yoshin Ryu
Soke Reushi Hayabuchi Nippon Dai Budo-Kai
Professor Dick Morris 9th Dan Jujitsu UK
Bob White 9th Dan Director BJC Jujitsu & Judo BJA UK
Roger Wilkes 7th Dan Kyushin Ryu Ju Jitsu
Sensei Fuji Japan/UK
Soke Innoue Nippon Dai Budo Kai, Japan
Terry Parker 9th Dan Jikishin Ju Jitsu UK
Peter Brown 8th Dan Kempo Jujitsu UK FAO GB
Master Bill Vigil 8th Degree San Soo USA
Grandmaster Kwan Sik Myung Hapkido10th Dan
Grandmaster John Pelligrin 10th Dan Combat Hakido USA
Shihan Tom Herald 6th Dan Judo/Jujitsu Germany
Shihan Mark Kemp 7th Dan Jujitsu/Gung Fu UK
Master George Maughn 10th Dan Modern Kenpo Ireland
Shihan Daniel Hayen 8th Dan Shingi Tai Kempo Belgium
Sigung Kailani Koa 6th Dan Kajukenbo Hawaii
Sifu Wim Maulemans 4th Dan Shaolin Kempo Holland
Professor Ron Duncan 10th Dan Koga Ryu Ninjitsu USA
Master Greg Jones 8th Dan San Soo Core Concepts USA
Master Marc Jones 8th Dan San Soo Core Concepts USA
Kyoshi Mike Johnson 7th Dan Go No Sen Ryu Jujitsu UK
Shihan Doug Griffiths 7th Dan Kempo Jujitsu UK
Master Dave Hopkins 8th Degree San Soo Kung Fu USA
Master George Kosty 8th Degree San Soo Kung Fu USA
Enrique Pérez-Carrillo de la Cueva 7th Dan Yawara Jitsu Spain
Sigung George Lim 7th Dan Kenpo Karate Hawaii/USA
Sigung Patrice Lim Iaido Hawaii/USA
Jeff Sawyer 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu Italy/UK
Professor David James 10th Dan Vee Arnis Jitsu USA
Professor Gunar Saunders 9th Dan Karate JutsuUK
Pofessor Feliciano B. Ferreira (KIMO) Hawaii
John Harvey 8th Degree Kapatiran Arnis UK
Danny Guba 10th Dan Doce Pares UK
Jude Tucker 5th Degree Kapatiran Arnis UK
Taught at various events both at home and internationally including:
Gathering Of The Masters:
St Jaques Du Monts,France
Las Vegas, USA
Torremolinos, Spain
Bournmouth, UK
FAO Annual UK Seminars
7th Great Britain Congress
Yoshimi Jujitsu International
San Soo Kung Fu, California
Grandfather Bio: Military
Kings Royal Rifle Regiment
Shot in the leg whilst fighting in the first world war in France.
Held in German prison camp at Ypres for four years.
Royal Docks in London
Professional Boxer
Bare knuckle booth fighter . After work would have 2 or 3 fights for money before going
Father Bio:
Quite Interesting
His wife reaped revenge after Geoff’s grandad had a glass thrown in his face in an East End
Pub whilst carrying an injury to his hand. She sewed up his cuts at the kitchen sink then
marched into a packed pub in the East End of London, tapped the offender on the arm and hit
him with an axe to his shoulder. (fortunately for him it was blunt).
Royal Navy during WW2
Took part in the D day landings at Omaha Beach, the Burma Campaign, deployed around the
Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean etc.
Royal Navy boxing champion.
London black cabbie
Mother Bio:
Quite Interesting
Marched into Ronnie and Reggie Crays (notorious London gangsters 1960’s) club in the East
End because they had not settled the cab fare. They paid him without question.
School, West Ham (East London) and London Area Boxing champion in several weight
divisions. He was a reserve in the Great Britain Boxing finals in 1935.
Security guard for international cable and wireless company (ITT/STC)
Quite interesting
Family tree dates back to 1200, is the decendant of the Addams Family Potters, in the mid
century they hired some of their kilns to, and taught, Josiah Wedgewood his trade including
the famous Jasperware. Males in the family were gentry, attaining posts of position such as
Lord Mayor etc.
Part of the family were drowned on the Titanic
Geoff Harris Bio: Employment
Property developer (Joint Director with Jo of our own company)
Martial Arts instructor ,personal protection and military trainer.
Quite Interesting
Was asked to teach at Skibo Castle in Scotland (where Madonna got married)
Was part of the Personal Protection Team to Chechen Rebel Leader Akhmed Zakaev
(supported by Vanessa Redgrave) at a rally in London. Alexander Litvinenko, who was
famously poisoned with Polonium 210 was the original hit man threat, but defected to the UK
before the event. Days after the rally Litvinenko was dead. Russian KGB denied
In my early twenties I played semi-professional football for Charlton Athletic.