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Nº3 | 2011
Sickle Cell Disease
First Lady Supports
Chevron’s Program
Africa Day
Our Diversity
Tank 12
The Largest Oil Tank
in Africa
Malaria Awareness
Saving Women
and Children
& AnswerS
Chevron in Angola
Mafumeira Norte:
Malaria Day Grabs
A New Recreation Center
Manuel Mingas: First
I recently assumed the position of Cabinda Gulf Oil Company
Corporate Responsibility
A Drilling
Synergies at Chevron
for Chevron Employees
Angolan Comptroller
Ltd (CABGOC) Managing Director. These first weeks have been
Efficiency Dream
an extraordinary experience. Angola is a country with unique
Screening the Sickle Cell
Tank 12: Tank Tips
Disease in Angola
Scale in Angola
Angola First Lady
Supports Chevron’s
Health Program
Chevron Donates
Mosquito Nets to
Hospitals in Luanda
Chevron’s Good
Malanje Hospital Gets
Performance at
Aid from Chevron
Petroleum Cup
Richard P. Cohagan
CABGOC Managing Director
potential, and I am proud of Chevron´s role in its socio-economic
Our People
gas operations to our social investments. We understand that our
At Chevron, partnership is a value that we honor, from our oil and
New Partners on the
In Search of New
Fight Against the Bite
Angolan Talents
Lucula Zenze Receives a
SASBU Leadership Forum
such as the construction of Tank 12 at our camp in Malongo, the
New Health Center
Class 2011
biggest of its kind in Africa; our environmental concerns and
in Angola
Mandarim Health
Africa Day at Chevron
& Safety
Reducing Our
Environmental Footprint
success as a global energy business company is inextricably linked
Awarded With
to the well-being of our employees and the communities in which
Prestigious Assignment
we operate. The pages of this magazine reflect who we are as a
company. This edition focuses on key aspects of our operations
policies; our health awareness programs and their impact on
Center Opening
Chevron at
CABGOC Employee
people; and our efforts to recruit the best Angolan talent to ensure
that we are creating a strong workforce to support our current and
future projects.
Our CABGOC Corporate Responsibility Report for 2010 was recently
Environment Fair
released. It is a relevant document. It shows how we continue
to align Chevron’s corporate responsibility strategies with the
national agenda to improve the lives of Angolans today and for
future generations. We are committed to delivering value through
an unwavering focus on health, education, entrepreneurship
development, human capacity and environmental protection. I
encourage you to visit our website at
and download this remarkable report.
I’m grateful to have the opportunity to engage with our employees,
partners, and our stakeholders in Angola, and to gain new
perspectives. We are extremely proud of our achievements.
I’m energized about what is ahead for CABGOC and Angola. We
understand that the key to our success involves listening to our
stakeholders and promoting responsibility and sustainability in the
communities where we operate. I look forward to bringing you
updates on our activities in future issues of CABGOC Magazine.
CABGOC Magazine, #03, 2011
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Cover: Calado Show performing during a malaria awareness event, in Luanda.
Divaldo Gregório, José Pinto,
Marc Marriott,
Filipe Rodrigues da Silva
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A Program to fight sickle cell
Chevron Corporation´s
Ninth CR Report
Chevron Corporation issued the company’s
projects are located, including Angola.
2010 Corporate Responsibility Report in
“Energy is essential to human progress
May.T he report highlights companywide
– it creates jobs, fuels innovation and
performance including safety, environmental
powers virtually every element of the
stewardship, social investments and human
global economy,” said Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer John Watson.
An innovative approach to save lives
On March 22, Chevron Corporation
signed a Cooperation Protocol with
the Angolan Ministry of Health and
the Baylor International Pediatrics
AIDS Initiative (BIPAI) for the creation
of the first ever program of screening
and treatment of sickle cell disease in
“Providing that energy safely, reliably and
Chevron’s ninth annual Corporate
economically is a great responsibility that
Responsibility Report demonstrates
we take seriously.”
Chevron’s focus on creating mutual benefit
For more information on the document,
and shared progress in seven geographic
please access or
areas where some of its most important .
Chevron´s investment is estimated at USD
4 million from Chevron exclusive funds.
BIPAI, which is a partnership between two
prestigious American hospitals specialized in
children diseases, will contribute with knowhow, training of personnel and organization,
Chevron in Angola Releases
Corporate Responsibility Report 2010
Chevron – Cabinda Gulf Oil Company
Ltd (CABGOC) has recently published
its 2010 Corporate Responsibility
report, a 28 page document where
you will find highlights of the many
ways in which Chevron delivers on its
corporate responsibility commitments,
with sole funds or using partnerships
with Sonangol and Block 0 and 14
partners, the Angolan Government and
the communities.
while the Ministry of Health will provide
the necessary institutional support for the
execution of the project.
BIPAI is the result of a partnership between
Baylor Medical Center and Texas Children’s
In 2010, Chevron and its partners invested
education in Angola and increasing access
Hospital, located at the world-renowned
over USD 26 million in social projects in
to training and skills development for
Houston Medical Center (Texas). It is
Angola. An investment with impact on
Angolan population, to help them become
recognized for its programs for treating
more than 6 million people in Angola, as
an even greater force for Angola’s economic
children and their relatives infected or
a result of projects developed in all of the
affected by HIV/AIDS in several African
18 provinces of the country. The 2010
The report is available in Portuguese and
CABGOC Corporate Responsibility Report
English and it can be downloaded at www.
The partnership will start with a pilot-phase,
focuses on strengthening the quality of .
during which sickle cell disease screening
will be carried out on new-born infants
at Augusto N’gangula and Lucrécia Paím
hospitals, the two main maternities in
Luanda. The Ministry of Health estimates
that about 150 babies are born every day in
these units.
Ali Moshiri, President of Chevron Africa and
Latin-America Exploration and Production
(CALAEP), came to Angola to witness the
launch of the project. “Chevron’s support
From left: CALAEP President, Ali Moshiri; Angola Health Minister, José Van-Dúnem; and Dr. Michael Mizwa,
BIPAI COO, at the signing ceremony
the oil exploration area, but on corporate
highest rates of sickle cell disease infection
responsibility as well.
in the world. It is estimated that about
“Sickle cell is a rising problem in
10 thousand children are born every year
Angola. One will better understand the
with this disease, which contributes to the
importance of this partnership if we take in
worsening of the mortality rate of children
consideration that by managing a disease
under five years of age.
that does not have cure we raise people’s
The United Nations indicates that 220 out
expectations,” said the Minister of Health,
of every 1,000 children in Angola die before
Dr. José Van-Dunem. “Angola is struggling
the age of five.
to keep up with the problem of sickle cell
Dr Russell ware, who led the BIPAI team of
disease, and this Protocol of Cooperation
experts that came to Angola, highlighted
is a significant advance in addressing this
that early treatment of babies soon after
issue in Angola. We want to thank Chevron
their birth is still the best care that can be
for all the support that it has been providing
provided. “This is what we intend to initiate
us. We also want to thank BIPAI.”
before they are sent home, “he said.
Sickle cell is a very common disease in SubSaharan Africa and Angola has one of the
in the fight against sickle cell disease
represents a new step in our efforts
towards the gradual improvement of
health among the communities where we
operate,” he said. “Today, we are united in
another front with the Ministry of Health
in a true partnership that the people of
Angola will benefit from in the long term.”
Moshiri noted that the partnership between
Chevron and the government of Angola
dates back for many years not only in
Health Minister José Van-Dúnem; Dr. Russell Ware; and
Dra. Ana Ruth Luis, SASBU Medical director
Health Minister José Van-Dúnem with BIPAI delegation
The contribution of the First Lady
Chevron Donates 1,500 Mosquito Nets
to Hospitals in Luanda
Since January 2008, Chevron has
contributed US$30 million to The Global
Fund, a public-private partnership created
in 2002 to finance programs that fight AIDS,
tuberculosis and malaria. As part of this
program, Chevron donated US$ 5 million
dollars to the Ministry of Health in Angola to
support, a 5 year program to fight malaria.
As a result, the Ministry of Health, has
distributed almost one million long
insecticide-treated nets and more than 1.5
million rapid diagnostic tests. Treatment
with Artemisinin based combination therapy
(ACTs) was provided to almost 2.5 million
patients over age 5 with confirmed malaria.
Over 1.75 million children under age 5
received treatment with ACTs. And more
than 443,000 pregnant mothers received
On behalf of Chevron, Executive VP Rhonda Zygocki donated mosquito nets to Augusto Ngangula maternity hospital
First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos congratulating Dr.Russell Ware after the signign ceremony
First Lady of the Republic of Angola, Ana
Paula dos Santos, was a special guest to
the sickle cell signing ceremony, which
took place at the Ministry of Health. The
First Lady played an active and crucial
role in bringing the project to live.
“Many of you may wonder how Chevron
advocated for support to the Angolan health
ever initiated this project with two
sector, especially for children. “Based on
medical centers in Houston. Actually,
that moment, we then had the idea of
all the credits should go to the First
starting this initiative,” Moshiri said.
Lady,” said Ali Moshiri, President of
A team composed of Chevron personnel and
Chevron Africa and Latin-America
BIPAI experts came from Houston last year
Exploration and Production (CALAEP).
and conducted an extensive exploratory
Moshiri said that Ana Paula dos Santos’s
study to identify specifics needs and
contribution began two years ago in
potential partners for the implementation of
Los Angeles, California, at a sideline
the project. At the end of the visit the First
of an historic summit of African First
Lady provided her support and expressed
Ladies. During discussions on health
her support for the project. On March
care assistance in Angola, she actively
22, she witnessed it become reality.
intermittent preventive treatment.
Last year Chevron invested over US$
First Lady support was crucial for the project
Chevron donated 1,500 mosquito nets
to two hospitals in Luanda, Angola,
to help prevent the spread of malaria.
Executive Vice President of Policy and
Planning Rhonda Zygocki presented the
nets to the Lucrecia Paim and Augusto
Ngangula hospitals. The donation took
place on June 28th and is rooted in the
belief that healthy communities produce
healthy employees, who in turn lead
to improved economic circumstances
in the places where we work. Angolan
singer Yola Semedo, Chevron´s
Ambassador for Health Programs
in Angola, also joined the events.
Angola. “Chevron also works with these
hospitals on the deployment of the first
program of diagnosis and treatment of
sickle cell disease in Angola, a project
valued at US$ 4 million and totally funded
by Chevron”, she noted. The program
starts later this year, in a partnership with
Angolan Ministry of Health and Baylor
11.5 million in health projects and
programs in Angola. Over 6 million of
people directly benefited of those actions.
“Our engagement with Angola and its
people is strong. Through our efforts and
partnerships, we will continue building
and sustaining a healthy and prosperous
nation”, noted Eunice de Carvalho.
International Pediatrics AIDS Initiative.
Angolan singer Yola Semedo is Chevron´s
Ambassador for Health Programs in Angola.
Her words of advice touched the hearts of
many pregnant women and recent mothers
who attended the donation event. “It is a
privilege to work with Chevron in its health
awareness programs. We can really feel
“One of the challenges for Chevron is
we are bringing a benefit to the people
to combat and reduce malaria impact.
with whom we talk and interact. Receiving
We firmly believe and hope that by
such a simple thing as a mosquito net can
working together we can eradicate
make a big difference in their lives and
the disease,” Zygocki said, stressing
in the lives of their children”, she said.
Chevron´s commitment to fight
Chevron´s delegation to the event also
malaria and reducing its impact among
included General Manager PGPA Upstream
pregnant women and their children.
& Gas Corporate Business Development,
“These donations strengthen past and
Maria Pica Karp; General Manager
current initiatives with the two largest
Corporate Public Policy, Linda Padon;
maternities hospitals in Angola”, said Eunice
CALAEP PGPA General Manager, Walt
de Carvalho, Policy, Government and Public
Maguire; and Chevron in Angola Corporate
Affairs General Manager of Chevron in
Responsibility Manager, Aldino Amado.
1,500 mosquito nets were donated
Aldino Amado and Yola Semedo
with Lucrecia Paim´s director Abreu Tondesso
Drilling Efficiency Team Spuds
Big Results Offshore Angola
When the Southern Africa Strategic
Business Unit's (SASBU) Mafumeira
Norte Drilling Efficiency project team
set out to develop process improvements,
they came away with plenty of reasons
to be happy – 75 million to be exact.
The project reduced capital costs and
accelerated production with a financial
benefit of roughly US$75 million.
“The results achieved represent our
first structured approach to eliminating
variance in the delivery of well times,”
said Tom Windham, SASBU drilling
manager. “We broke the project down
into distinct areas and created a focus
on improvement through the use of Lean
Six Sigma (LSS) tools and experts.” The Mafumeira project team applied LSS
quality and statistical tools to uncover
improvements that made drilling processes
safer, better, faster, and lower cost,
according to Gheorghe Orbu, project
facilitator and drilling performance engineer.
He and Drilling and Completions Engineer
Jerry Tardivo led the project and earned
their Black Belt LSS certification.
Located in 160 feet (49 m) of water about
15 miles (24 km) off the Angolan coastline,
the Mafumeira Norte project is the first
phase development of the Mafumeira Field
located in Area A of Block 0. First oil was
achieved in 2009, and the field became a
good candidate to try the LSS approach to
reduce the number of days it would take
to drill and complete an individual well. Working in the Pinda formation, the
drilling team used LSS tools to help
eliminate waste, make quick changeovers,
standardize work procedures, and
understand cause and effect, organize
focus groups, observe processes, and
track historical data. They implemented
35 out of 40 identified improvement
opportunities within operations' procedure,
execution, equipment, and planning.
The Mafumeira team successfully
completed 16 wells. “Pinda is a pretty tough formation in the
Drilling Efficiency project team created a US$ 75 million financial benefit at Mafumeira Norte
area,” noted Orbu. “A big savings was
the implementation of the additional
mousehole that gave the Ben Rinnes rig
the capability to handle pipe offline. This
removed a lot of time on the critical
path. We focused on performing other
operations offline, such as testing blowout
preventers, using pre-made bottom-hole
assemblies, and perforating wells.”
Sonangol and Acergy, marking the first time
Sonamet was awarded such a contract. The
fabrication of the platform was completed at
Sonamet's Lobito yard in southern Angola.
Production from the 16 wells achieved
a maximum of 57,000 barrels of
oil per day, where it is currently
limited by capacity constraints.
“By examining the process,” said Orbu,
“we can deliver the product or the
service in a safe operational manner,
more efficiently, with better quality and
without increasing the resources used.
That's what the team accomplished.”
“The successes seen on this project will
be emulated on other well construction
projects going forward,” added Windham,
Tank Tips Scale in Angola
“and Mafumeira will serve as the first
step as we seek to broaden our focus
from reliability to include the potential
Chevron´s safely completed the company’s largest above-ground oil storage tank in Africa – a 1.2-million-barrel
gains of concentrating on efficiency.”
behemoth at our Malongo Terminal in Angola.
The engineering, procurement, construction,
A double-deck floating roof tank, Tank 12 is double the size of tanks that were previously the largest in our Angolan
and installation contract for the Mafumeira
and Nigerian operations. It also increases total crude oil storage capacity at Malongo Terminal by more than 25
Norte platform was completed by Sonamet
percent. And when combined with the recently completed Malongo Terminal Oil Export Pipeline Project, it increases
(Lobito), a joint venture between Chevron's
Malongo Terminal’s export capacity from 525,000 barrels of oil per day to 675,000 barrels of oil per day.
partner Angolan national oil company
Mafumeira Norte, at Block 0
and its Facility Engineering group.
hours, with Chevron personnel putting in
“The project was completed safely because
56,750 work-hours. Yet in all of that time,
of diligent efforts by our staff on a daily
the project had only one recordable safety
basis,” said Schmoll. “SASBU’s Facility
incident – dirt blown into a worker’s eye.
Engineering team was committed to getting
Our contractors were involved in project
the work done safely and instilling that
planning and were managed by our
commitment into our contractor’s staff.”
Terminal Facilities Engineering team and
The team also managed a diverse workforce
individual craft discipline construction
that included colleagues from Portugal,
inspectors. Each contractor was required
India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the United
to have a full-time safety manager on
Arab Emirates, Angola, the United States,
site at all times. Operational excellence
“Tank 12 provides the necessary storage
and the United Kingdom, and ensured
audits, hazard hunts, and site safety
capacity that enables Chevron to reliably
everyone followed our Tenets of Operation.
inspections were made by the project team
manage our inventory of two crudes –
Total contractor hours on the project
and other Facility Engineering leadership
Nemba and Cabinda blends – to meet tanker
reached approximately 509,000 work-
representatives on a frequent basis.
lifting schedules and to accommodate
future production increases,” said Kelly
Hartshorn, general manager of Operations
for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd (CABGOC).
Safely Navigating
With its 1.2 million barrels of oil storage capacity, tank 12 can manage the inventory of Nemba and Cabinda blends
But the project wasn’t completed
Opportunity for
Angolan Engineers
without a variety of challenges.
“Executing such large construction
projects in remote locations is always
a challenge due to the need to mobilize
personnel, equipment, and materials into
The project also provided many training
areas that have limited infrastructure
opportunities for Angolan engineers.
to support such activities,” said Jeff
“The diversity of the work provided
Schmoll, Facility Engineering manager.
training for many different engineering
In fact, CABGOC’s Malongo dock, the
disciplines, ranging from civil
normal port for importing materials
construction, pipeline construction, and
and equipment into the terminal, was
tank construction,” said Schmoll.
unavailable due to a dock expansion
project. Tank steel had to be brought in
via truck through a neighboring country,
which slowed receipt of the materials.
Crews, however, completed the project
safely, one month ahead of schedule
and $7 million under budget – a
significant achievement for CABGOC
Tank 12 project was completed one month ahead of schedule and US$ 7 million under budget
Such engineering expertise helped
• The tank is 378 feet in
tie the tank into existing pipeline
diameter and 60 feet tall ;
lines without disrupting or impacting
• The tank's site is more than 65,000
current production operations.
square feet in area and required an
“It’s wonderful to see new, young Angolans
additional 2,500 feet of containment
joining our team and building the skills
berms to be constructed ;
necessary to take our business to new
• It has six shell rings of varying
levels of performance and reliability
thickness that are 10 feet tall each ;
in the future,” said Hartshorn.
• The total weight of the steel
used in construction of the tank
is more than 3,900 tons ;
• Chevron used more than 2,600
cubic yards of concrete in building
the foundation for the tank ;
• Extensive brownfield work involved
the placement of almost two miles of
pipeline throughout the complex;
The amount of gas flared at the Nemba field will be reduced from about 25 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) to 2 million
A Global Effort
capacity to the existing South Nemba
platform. This additional compression
Reducing Our Environmental
Footprint in Angola
Since 2002, Chevron has teamed with other
will enable the injection of gas from our
operators and producing governments
producing fields in nearby Block 14 to the
to form the Global Gas Flaring Reduction
Nemba reservoir, stemming the decline
Partnership, a global effort to eliminate the
in pressure and increasing oil recovery.
flaring of associated gas. Over the past five
Stage Two consists of installing intermediate
years, the company has reduced flaring
and low-pressure gas compression on a new
from its operations worldwide by more
platform bridge connected to the existing
than one-third, with its Angola operations
South Nemba platform to increase gas
leading the way – the company has already
recycling and eliminate routine flaring.
developed the Sanha condensate/liquefied
With the additional compression capacity
petroleum gas recovery project, started
that the Nemba ESR/FRD project provides,
re-injecting gas in our Takula Field, and
the amount of gas flared at the Nemba field
completed the Cabinda Gas Plant, which
will be reduced from about 25 MMSCFD per
eliminated the Malongo Terminal flare.
day to approximately 2 MMSCFD at each of
Now we are going one step farther.
the two platforms, the nominal amount to
Currently more than 300 million
sustain flare pilots and purge relief systems.
standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD)
“This additional compression capacity
Chevron is safely reducing its environmental
Oil wells usually produce a mixture of oil
reservoir. Because means for delivering
of produced gas is recompressed on
increases gas recycling and will enable
footprint in Angola – and increasing
and associated gas; the gas often cannot be
gas from Nemba Field to Angolan domestic
the North and South Nemba platforms
increased oil production by increasing
production as a result – as the first stage
utilized, especially in remote regions such
markets or the Atlantic Basin are not yet
and injected into the Nemba Reservoir.
the produced gas handling capacity
of its Enhanced Secondary Recovery
as the Nemba Field far from gas markets.
available, our goal with the ESR/FRD project
But the challenge at Nemba is that
at South Nemba,” said Mileo. (ESR) and Flare Reduction Program (FRD)
In these cases, the gas may be burned (or
is to re-inject the gas into the Nemba
the reservoir pressure is declining.
in the Nemba Field nears completion.
flared), and governments and operators
reservoir, which is expected to increase
“As the reservoir drops below its dew point
The Nemba Field, located offshore in
alike are always seeking economically
pressure in the reservoir, force more oil
pressure, ultimate oil recovery will decline,”
Block 0 approximately 37 miles (60
feasible ways to reduce this non-productive
to the wells, and increase production.
said Mike Mileo, project manager.“The ESR/
km) west of the Malongo Terminal,
burning of a useful natural resource.
Later in the life of the field, the gas will be
FRD project aims to reverse that trend –
includes two fixed-leg platforms, South
There are different ways to reduce routine
produced and sent to our Angola liquefied
decrease the rate of reservoir pressure
Safety is an important focus for the team.
and North Nemba, in approximately
flaring depending on the circumstances:
natural gas plant, located approximately
decline and enhance oil recovery.”
Projects of this nature, which include major
390 feet (119 m) of water. Current
in some areas the gas can be captured
80 miles (130 km) away in Soyo.
Stage One, expected to be completed
construction activity on a live offshore
production from the field is approximately
for commercial utilization; in others it
by mid-year, adds 200 MMSCFD of high-
production facility, inhe-rently involve an
65,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd). may be re-injected into an underground
pressure compression and injection
element of risk. There is also the possibility
Executing Safely
and Protecting the
of significant impact to production operations
and risk of production downtime.
“Our biggest challenge during stage one,
which will continue in stage two, is to safely
execute the work on a live production
facility, while minimizing the amount of
production loss,” said Clay Neff, general
manager for Asset Development.
To be successful, a coordinated
communication effort with contractors,
production operations, maintenance
and facilities engineering groups was
needed. Intense planning and coordination
allowed for maintenance turnaround
activities to be conducted in parallel
with project activities, minimizing the
impact of production downtime required
to safely complete the construction.
“The completion of this project is an
important step for Chevron," said Tim
Morton, manager of Major Capital Projects.
“Beyond the obvious environmental benefits,
it has helped fulfill a commitment we made
to the Angolan government and will allow us
to create value today while conserving gas
for the future.” “This is a big achievement
for Chevron and for Angola,” said Kelly
Hartshorn, general manger of Operations.
“These are important environmental projects we have invested in to make a positive
change in Angola, while also providing
for improved reservoir management of
one of our legacy Block 0 oil fields.”
Environmental protection
is critical to Chevron
Chevron reaffirms commitment
in the fight against malaria
officials, an ABCD fair, a play by a theatrical
Health to support malaria campaigns,
group Miragens, several Angolan basketball
which greatly helped accomplish some
players and the humorist Calado Show
previews efforts of this Ministry.
also joined the event at the company
Under its initiatives, the company has
headquarters in Malongo and Luanda.
so far distributed 154,000 impregnated
“Chevron believes that it requires the
mosquito nets in various provinces. In 2010,
joint and continuous effort of everyone
the company started a social partnership
to continue reducing malaria rates,
with singer Yola Semedo to help spread
“Preserving the people and the environment
so that Angola can count on its entire
its health awareness campaigns, namely
is top priority in all Chevron operations.
population in the major ongoing national
malaria, HIV/AIDS and breast cancer.
In their daily activities, our employees
reconstruction effort”, said Chevron’s
are prepared to protect the environment,
Medical director, Dr. Ana Ruth Luís.
either offshore or in the communities where
“Our company reaffirms its commitment
we operate,” said Miguel Ndala, SASBU
to supporting the efforts of the Ministry of
OE advisor, from the Health Environment
Health and its partners in the fight against
and Safety Department (HES). Ndala
malaria, thus contributing to reducing the
complimented the organizers for the
death toll by malaria in the country. We
event, noting it allowed the company to
are deeply committed to educating people
interact with the public and stakeholders
to adopt correct behaviors. This is a fight
Ahead of Angola’s first Environmental
Fair, Chevron-Cabinda Gulf Oil
Company (CABGOC) reiterated its
strong commitment to environmental
preservation as a crucial condition to
the success of its operations in Angola.
we can win. We need to have in mind all
on its good environmental practices.
Ambiente Angola 2011 Fair was held from
HES manager, Manuel Graças de Deus, welcomes Minister of Environment, Fátima Jardim, to Chevron´s booth
26 through 29 May in Luanda, a joint
effort by the Ministry of Environment,
Feira Internacional de Luanda (FIL) and
HES Department, provided information
IIR Exhibitions. It gathered 102 exhibitors
on the company’s internal practices
from several countries. At Chevron’s stand
for preserving the fauna and marine
in the exhibition, specialists from the
species in its areas of operation.
Among the initiatives to preserve the
environment are various projects aimed
Under the United Nations´ theme
“Achieving Progress and Impact”,
Chevron commemorated World
Malaria Day on April 25. The company
reaffirmed its strong commitment to
continue working side by side with
the Angolan authorities, partners
and communities to eradicate the
deadliest disease in Angola.
the positive measures available to prevent
mosquitoes from biting and by speaking
treatment as soon as possible”, she noted.
“In addition to outreaching to people in
the community, our actions also aim at
raising awareness amongst our employees
and turn them into active agents in the
prevention of the disease”, she said.
Within the scope of its Malaria Prevention
Program, in 2009 Chevron donated
at eliminating routine gas flaring. Four
of these projects were designed for the
As in past years, Chevron engaged
reinjection of excess natural gas into the
employees and communities in four
reservoirs. By the end of 2010, flaring
provinces on awareness campaigns to
had been reduced by about 65 million
ensure that the messages on prevention
cubic feet of gas per day. In addition, the
and treatment reached as many people
company expects to complete the Malongo
as possible. Chevron carried out several
Gas Flare Relief Modification Project by
activities in Kwanza Norte, Malanje, Luanda
the end of 2011. In 2010, the Ministry of
and Cabinda provinces. Public awareness
Environment awarded Chevron the Palanca
events were held during which impregnated
Award in recognition of its exceptional
mosquito nets, leaflets were distributed and
environmental performance in the country.
quick tests was also available for anyone
Addressing the audience at the opening
interested. Those diagnosed with malaria
of the event, the Minister of Environment,
could be treated at the event if they wanted.
Fátima Jardim, called on everyone’s efforts
In Malanje, the company donated to
in order to have an environmentally safer
Malanje Pediatric Hospital microscopes
country. She advocated the need for
and miscellaneous consumables for
partnership between the Government, the
malaria diagnosis and held a malaria
private and civil society for a “healthier
awareness event (read developing
growth” that matches the current
story in the next page).
economic development process.
In addition to the presence of company
US$ 5 million dollars to the Ministry of
Chevron employees actively participated in the awareness sessions
Massive audience on Chevron’s
Malaria Awareness Event in MalanJe
Aldino Amado stressed Chevron´s commitment
New partners in the fight
against Malaria
What can basketball
players and a
comedian do to help
change behaviors?
Certainly a lot.
More than 3,000 people attended a malaria awareness event in Malanje
Stand-up comedian Calado Show with some of the national basketball players who supported the event against Malaria
Chevron does not spare efforts to get its
regard to the risks of infection with
message through for the benefit of its
the deadliest disease in Angola.
employees and the communities. This
They also helped to hand out long lasting
year, the company innovated again during
insecticidal treated nets; impregnated
the celebrations of the World Malaria
window; door curtains and t-shirts,
Day by inviting new friends in Luanda
as well as reading materials.
and in Cabinda. It partnered up with the
of initiatives for the benefit of society. As
during internal celebrations at Chicala
long as I am alive, I will be available to join
headquarters, which gathered hundreds
future initiatives,” said Leonel Paulo, captain
of employees from all departments.
of his team. Divaldo Bunga said that this
Present in Luanda were Olímpio Cipriano,
was the first time he had the chance to join
Domingos Bonifacio, Leonel Paulo (from
corporate celebrations of the World Malaria
Recreativo do Libolo team); Divaldo
Day, and would be keen to do that again.
Bunga and Roberto Fortes (from Petro de
Then, our other new partner took the stage.
Luanda). All high-profile professionals in
Comedian Calado Show drove the audience
their teams, as well as members of the
to delirious with hilarious jokes. He based
ten-time African champion national squad.
his performance on issue under celebration,
development challenges in Angola and,
In Cabinda, the athletes were Gerson
with the central focus on the need to fight
therefore, Chevron could not fail to join once
Monteiro, Carlos Kibato, Luis Joao and Paulo
the “mosquita”, as he would put it.
again the Government’s efforts to reduce
Abrãao (all from Sporting de Cabinda).
SASBU Managing Director Alan Kleier, who
the rate of malaria infections. This year
Coach Alberto de Carvalho “Ginguba” and
was enjoying his last days in Angola praised
The awareness fair shared prevention
we extended our social actions to Kwanza
the president of the provincial basketball
the organizers for the good and useful
messages and best practices. The mosquito
Norte and Malanje. We are confident that
association José Mônica also participated.
moments. He underscored the need for
nets donated will avoid a lot of people
these initiatives will improve the living
On that day, these players did not throw
employees and their families to observe and
of being contaminated with Malaria”.
conditions and healthcare provided to
balls. Instead, they helped show employees
did his best by imitating “moonwalk” that
“The health situation of the Angolans is
the citizens”, said Chevron’s Corporate
the importance of being responsible
had been performed by a “Miragens” actor
fundamental for the success of the new
Responsibility manager, Aldino Amado.
and engaging pro-active behaviors with
during a theater performance at the event.
On April 17, Chevron distributed
3,000 mosquito nets in Malanje during
malaria awareness fair. Over 3,000
people attended the event and received
relevant information about prevention
and best practices to avoid Malaria.
800 mosquito nets, four microscopes, and
5,000 diagnostics kits were also donated
to the general pediatric hospital in Malanje
province. This event was part of the World
Malaria Day activities, marked on April 25th.
Malanje´s Health Department Provincial
director, Laurinda Quipungo, expressed
her satisfaction at the donation and she
called on Chevron to join in the fight
against other diseases. “We welcomed this
partnership. The donation to the hospital
will have a positive impact in thousands of
children and improves the diagnose process.
“It is always a pleasure to join these kinds
Angolan Basketball Federation (FAB)
Laurinda Quipungo expressed her appreciation
Calado Show performance in Luanda
Dra. Ana Ruth Luis sharing awareness best practices
Lucula-Zenze Receives a New Center
for Health and Nurses´ Residence
On June 15th, Chevron - Cabinda Gulf
Oil Company Limited (CABGOC)
delivered to Provincial Government of
Cabinda a health center and a residence
for nurses in the village of Lucula-Zenze,
in Cabinda province. This US$ 3 million
project was financed by Chevron, its
affiliates in Block 0 (Sonangol, Total
Petroleum Angola Ltd, Eni Angola
Production BV) and Block 14 (Sonangol
P & P, Total Petroleum Angola Limited,
ENI Angola Production BV and GALP
-Exploration and Production), and the
Provincial Government of Cabinda.
The medical unit will benefit over 10,000
Cabinda province, the situation is aggravated
people living in the area of Tando
by the difficulty in having access to medical
Zinze and had a total funding of US$
facilities, causing the population to travel
2.961.392,00, distributed as follows:
several kilometers to receive treatment or
• Funds from Chevron and partners in
to be diagnosed”, said Eunice de Carvalho,
Block 0 and Block 14 - US$ 1,410,407.58;
general manager of Policy, Government
• Chevron’s sole funds - US$ 1,000,000;
and Public Affairs for Chevron in Angola.
• Funds from the Provincial Government
“With this investment, the inhabitants of
of Cabinda - US$ 550,985.31.
the municipality and of the surrounding
“Health care is one of the most challenging
villages will receive immediate medical
areas in the country. In the interior of
attention. Major diseases, such as malaria,
New Health Center
Inaugurated in Mandarim
Chevron´s Production Operations manager Artur Custódio testing the water system in Mpuela
The health center and nurses’ residence
The facilities increase the number of
project is aimed at contributing to
health infrastructures in the province of
the increase in the number of health
Cabinda, improving the standard of quality
infrastructures, improving the quality of
of care provided, reducing mortality and
health care, thus reducing the mortality
increasing access to health services in the
rate and increasing the access to health
region of Lucula-Zenze, 66 kms away of
services in the Mandarim region.
Cabinda, in the Tando Zinze Commune.
With financing of US$ 495,000, the health
The health center is composed of
center and residence for nurses will benefit
awaiting room, reception, pharmacy,
nearly 3,000 people who live in the Mandarim
clinic, treatment room, female and male
infirmaries, pediatrics, delivery room,
operating room, laboratory, emergency
room, administrative area, office,
kitchen, dining and room for nurses.
The health center include a well equipped and modern laboratory
region, namely in Tchiafi, Mandarim,
Thimbingo, Tungo and Thississa. The project
consists of a waiting room, reception area,
pharmacy, consulting room, treatment room,
a female infirmary and a male infirmary.
The water projects in the Mpuela and Tchiafi
communes are aimed at improving the lives
of people by enabling the end users and
other local groups to guarantee the equitable
access to the resources and the sustainable
management of water and sanitation.
Mpuela and Tchiafi are located 65 km from
the city of Cabinda. Wells were be drilled
in each one of them, and water tanks
photovoltaic panels, batteries and voltage
and a distribution system implemented
regulators. The cost of this project was
some sexually transmitted infections can
to meet the needs of the inhabitants.
US$ 150,000, and it will have impact on
be prevented, treated, controlled and
The Mpuela commune has also been
the daily lives of nearly 600 residents.
cured properly in this new infrastructure.
provided with a small solar panel.
“With these projects, built by local
This medical facility enables the country
Construction and furnishing of both
companies, Chevron and its partners
to advance towards the Millennium
facilities was completed in late 2010
of the Block 0 Association reinforce the
Development Goals, contributing to the
and the total value of the investment
commitment to the process of rebuilding the
reduction of child mortality, improving
amounted to US$ 634,425.
country by improving the living conditions
maternal health and combating diseases
As for the solar public lighting system now
of people in the beneficiary coastal villages
such as HIV/AIDS, bringing a very positive
delivered to the Cacongo municipality,
of Cabinda”, said Artur Custódio, Chevron
impact on people”, said Eunice de Carvalho.
it consists of 20 solar power stations,
Production Operations manager.
acute diarrhea, respiratory diseases and
The medical unit will benefit over 10,000 people in the Cabinda province
Chevron - Cabinda Gulf Oil Company
Limited (CABGOC) and its Block
0 partners (Sonangol E.P., Total
Petroleum Angola Ltd and Eni
Angola Production B.V.) recently
delivered to the Cabinda Provincial
Government a health center and
residence for nurses in Mandarim,
water projects in the Mpuela and Tchiafi
communes and a public solar lighting
system in the Cacongo municipality.
Representatives from the Cabinda
Provincial Government, Chevron and
traditional and religious authorities
attended the inauguration ceremonies.
New Recreation Center
in Talatona
On April 16, Chevron opened a new
The facility also includes changing rooms
recreation center in Talatona (Luanda
and showers. The center operates Tuesdays
Sul) for employees and their family
through Sundays, and is closed Mondays
members. The site offers tennis and
for maintenance. The other company’s
basketball courts, a football field, as well
recreation center, located in Mussulo,
as a walking/jogging track and a large
will continue operating normally.
swimming pool for adults and children.
Chevron ranks second
in 2011 Petroleum Cup
Searching for New Angolan Talent
Chevron continues with its
Angolanization commitment with
every recruiting effort to develop and
manage its workforce. Ensuring that
the workforce has the capabilities,
experience and skills needed to
execute the company´s strategies.
2,800 CVs from candidates applying to areas
such as Finance, Human Resources, Business
Management, Information Technology,
Law, Supply Chain Management, Public and
inside and outside Angola with degrees
Tennis (1st place)
Swimming (1st place)
Archery (1st and 2nd place)
Catamaran (2nd place)
Chess (2nd place)
Matraquilhos / fussball (3rd place)
Football (3rd place)
With 16 medals (seven gold, five
silver and four bronze) and 42 points,
organizer Total won the competition. BP
(6 medals, 15 points), came third. The
Award Ceremony took place on May 14,
at a Total’s compound in Benfica.
The Petroleum Cup is a yearly friendly
sporting competition that gathers employees
from oil companies and service providers
based in Luanda. Sponsored by Total,
it features a range of sports events.
CABGOC took the number one spot in 2010
edition of the tournament and it was with
pleasure (read it regret) that our athletes
handed the trophy to this year´s winners.
Now, they vow to claim it back next year.
Recruitment and Employment manager.
Chevron in Angola will attend a job fair
the website .
(Portugal) and Luanda, and received over
the increased number of Angolan nationals
Table Tennis (1st place)
targets”, said Catarina de Paula,
Africa. For more information, please access
commitment to identify diverse talent. With
Golf (1st place)
recruiting results towards our Angolanization
recruiting fairs as a Gold Sponsor in Lisbon
best candidates available and has a strong
ranked as follows:
that 2011 will once again be a year of great
in November (4-6) in Cape Town, South
“Chevron remains committed in finding the
Our best-performed athletes
working for CABGOC, we are very optimistic
The company recently participated in two
Government Affairs, Legal, and Engineering.
CABGO ended second in this year´s
Petroleum Cup -Troféu Laurent Leméé,
with a total of 24 points and 9 medals
(four gold, three silver and two bronze).
from various disciplines and their interest in
SASBU Leadership Forum
Class of 2011
Chevron has successfully carried out for
the second consecutive time a SASBU
Leadership Forum (SLF), an unique
event which aims to develop talent,
competency and business acumen for
the company’s future leadership.
Others” and “Our Role as Leaders”.
This leadership program is intended
to create a network of leaders able
to continue to sustain and move the
business forward. It gives quality time
to stat participants to spend with senior
management and share experiences,
The two day workshop took place at
and learn through dialogue with senior
Luanda Headquarters on May 9-11 and
leaders about key issues relevant to
involved 16 employees nominated by
the leadership development process.
their departments in Chevron Southern
HR facilitators were very satisfied with
Africa Strategic Business Unit (SASBU).
the output of this first 2011 SLF class.
Of those employees who participated,
“The second SASBU Leadership Forum
over 80% were Angolan, representing
(SLF-Class 2) proved to be just as a
departments such as Finance;
value adds as the first one. SLF-Class
Operations; Policy, Government and
2 was made up of a diverse population
Public Affairs (PGPA); Facility Engineering
of our workforce with leaders from
(FE); Supply Chain Management
various departments and varying
(SCM); Asset Management; and Health,
experience levels”, said Julie Flowers,
Environment and Safety (HES). Sessions
Organization Capability manager. “They
were facilitated by Organizational
were engaged throughout the forum
Capability (OC) and HR Learning &
and asked our dialogue leaders thought-
Development Managers in partnership
provoking and critical questions that in
with dialogue leaders. Among the invited
turn lead to greater understanding of
speakers were the general manager of
what it means to be a leader. The forum
Operations, Kelly Hartshorn; general
continues to exceed our expectations
manager of SCM, Jacke Weber; general
in contributing to developing SASBU
manager of Finance, Irshad Vaziralli;
talent”, noted Flowers. “The forum was
general manager of PGPA, Eunice de
a great success. It’s such an honor to
Carvalho; general manager ALNG-
see people grow during the sessions and
SMOG, Walt Perez; and manager for
ask powerful questions of our leaders.
New field Development, Billy Lacobie.
The SLF remains for me as one of the
Discussions revolved around leadership
most effective way to build a sustainable
issues covering pre-determined
leadership community that will have
topics such as “Performance and the
such a positive impact on the future
Chevron Way”, “Accountability”, “People
of SASBU”, declared Mark Veary, HR
Strategy”, “Getting Results through
Learning and Development manager.
“The SLF was the most important
step so far in my career with
regards to formal leadership
development training. We were
privileged to hear from our SBU
leaders about their experiences,
values, and personal views on
multiple matters via an open
and frank dialogue. The leaders
listened, as we did, attentively to
various comments, suggestions,
and questions resulting in a
meaningful meeting of minds. I
took away lessons on how to be
a stronger force in influencing
others to maximize their full
performance potential. Now
it’s up to me to put into action
“The SASBU Leadership Forum was
“The Leadership Forum was filled
a refreshingly innovative approach
with surprises. The chance to
to leadership development, and the
witness our SASBU leadership´s
methodology used made spending
personal testimonies to what they
the last two days with my peers
considered good management was
and leaders a very enjoyable
enlightening. However, the biggest
experience. An invisible line is often
takeaway for me was the chance to
demarcated between the ranks
interact with the diverse members
but the forum’s purposely relaxed
attending the forum. I have seen
approach, promoting more dialogue
many changes in Chevron in over
versus monologue, provided fertile
years with the BU, and the next
ground for a provocative exchange
generation of leaders was obviously
on leaders and our role as such.
concerned with contributing to
The challenge going forward will be
the betterment of Chevron and
to maintain the dialogue and ensure
SASBU. The attendees of the
“we” as employees and leaders
forum represented many areas of
“walk the talk” at all levels; every
SASBU operations, a wide range of
one of us has this responsibility.“
experience, diverse nationalities,
and diverse viewpoints yet all
these key lessons learned”.
shared one common view, belief in
the fundamental principles of the
Chevron Way and the importance
of people in our organization”.
“My experience at the SLF was a
This forum was a great
value-add experience. I got a lot
opportunity to develop my
out of it in terms of learning new
leadership capabilities. This
leadership behaviors and making
was an occasion of sharing
a new network of very smart
experiences and networking with
colleagues that I can count on
other developing leaders. The
in future when I am looking for
learning experience was very
an advice. It was interesting to
positive; it helped me have a
listen to the career stories of our
better understanding on the role
current leaders. I gleaned some key
of a leader. My key take away
commonalities among our SASBU
from this forum was the word
Leaders today – e.g. every leader
of wisdom from some of our
may have slightly different views
speakers: “Find Excitement to be
on Chevron Way but Chevron Way
at work”; “Make sure your career
was at the core of their decision
development plan means a lot to
making process. Also, every leader
you”; “Getting results through
exhibited courage and flexibility
others the right way is to look
during their career, especially
at what is Legal Moral Ethical
when they were presented with
Safe and Productive”; and the
opportunities to take on new
last not the least “Do a good job
assignments. The dialogue session
on what you are doing now”.
taught me so much! I learned new
tools and tips that I could take
back to my role as a supervisor
and be more effective in my job.”
Filipe Nzogi Bruno
Lwena Pegado Sebastião
Billy Johnston
Kamal Rautela
Vanda Bezerra
Distribution Accounting Manager
Production Operations Engineer
Takula Project Team Leader
Lead Business analyst
ES Supervisor
The spirit of Africa here
the event with its unique performing style.
Kilandukilu is one of Angola´s most well
known dance troupes. “Africa is a colorful
May 25 was instituted “Africa Day”
to commemorate the occasion of the
establishment of the Organization of
African Unity (OAU) in 1963 in Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia. Chevron in Angola
celebrated Africa Day with a colorful and
warm ceremony at Chicala headquarters.
continent; we see it in our music, clothes
and art. This event also provided us with the
opportunity to promote local suppliers that
supply specific African items such as clothes,
paintings & jewelry”, said Lukaya Gonçalves,
SASBU Women Network local coordinator.
The celebration was a perfect match
to Chevron is deeply rooted diversity
culture, which allows employees from
around the world to embrace other
country’s cultures and habits as their
own. Check these images if you believe
a photo is worth a thousand words.
The event was organized by the Southern
Africa Business (SASBU) Women Network,
and brought together hundreds of employees
from different departments and nationalities.
The initiative to create the OAU came
from the Emperor Haile Selassie and
consisted of the signing of its founding
charter by representatives of 32 African
states already independent at the time.
Ana Major, Negotiations & Legal general
manager, was the guest speaker of the day
with a presentation entitled “Celebrating
Africa”. She took the audience through
a brief history of the OUA, briefed the
audience on misconceptions about Africa
from her personal experience and spoke
on Chevron´s corporate involvement
in the birthplace of humanity.
Traditional dance group Kilandukilu was
certainly one of the main attractions of
Manuel Mingas - CABGOC comptroller
“Hardship is a tremendous force in driving me to succeed”
Certainly I feel very honored. When the
announcement was released I received
several congratulations notes from around
the world. One of them said: “Manuel –
this is wonderful news… congratulations
on your appointment to Comptroller. This
is a great day for Finance in SASBU!” It is
another challenge and test in my career.
What major challenges
does it pose for you?
SASBU is a fully integrated exploration
and production business. The combination
of oil & gas business practices in one
location increases the scope and breadth
of this position. SASBU is guided by
the requirements of two Formation/
Operating (Concession and Production
Sharing) Agreements that are unique
to this operation. As result, corporate
guidance is required. The comptroller
area currently is mainly consolidated in
Luanda, with a small team in Malongo to
support operations which continues to
constitute a constraint from a managerial
perspective. All of these challenges must
What does a comptroller do?
Manuel Mingas joined
Chevron in 1981 as
warehouse clerk working for
CABGOC, and eventually
became employee in 1982.
He graduated with a degree
in Geology in 1989, from
Geological & Geophysical
Institute, in Kiev, Ukraine,
with a government scholarship.
After his return home, he
rejoined the company as an
accountant and progressed
through analyst, supervisor
and managerial jobs. Today
he is the first Angolan named
Comptroller at Chevron´s
Southern Africa Business Unit.
be met while the demand for high qualified
I manage a staff of 148 members who
How complex it is to manage
CABGOC finances?
support the financial accounting and
Any department within CABGOC is complex
demographics of the national staff are such
reporting requirements for SASBU, an
to manage. Understanding the business,
that the experience of those within Finance
independently operated partnership. My job
as well as our role as a supporting
is limited, and therefore presents a greater
includes a range of key functional areas,
organization, is the key to diminish any
challenge for supervisors and managers.
such as oversight of production (revenue)
pressure. Here is the way I will position
accounting and associated marketing and
Finance towards our responsibility as
transportation expenses; product and crude
a supporting organization that reduces
What have you gone through
to be in that position?
inventory tracking and related accounting
the complexity as people may think:
Throughout the years, I had a privilege to
transactions; royalty accounting; fixed
• Corporate Governance – Establishing
work and lead different groups within the
asset, work-in-progress, and materials
and following a system of management
CABGOC Finance organization, as well as
accounting; General Accounting and
processes whereby the interests of
have great mentors that supported and
Financial/Management/Regulatory Reporting
the investors are protected, and laws
highly tested me. Earlier this year, I attended
processes; OE (Operational Excellence)
and agreements are complied with.
the Finance Global Conference and was
Optimization, and so on. I also ensure that
• Transparency (for a company) –
fortune to be in a room with 85% of my
all CABGOC financial accounting records
Establishing and complying with systems
former mentors, leaders and that made me
and reporting conform to the provisions of
that enable complete and accurate disclosure
feel that all efforts were not in vain. I also
the Formation, Partnership, and Operating
of information in compliance with laws and
Agreements (Concession and Production
resources is outpacing supply. Also, the
“Think big: unleashing your
potential for excellence.”
developing trust and being trusted.
One needs to find out what his/her gifts
are and do self-examinations. I believe
it is also good to compile a list, do some
had the opportunity to go through most of
But does the position require
any special skills?
agreements, and that allow shareholders and
the segments of the Finance department
It was more a perseverance than anything
to have an advance degree. All you need
Sharing Agreements), that practices comply
governments to evaluate our performance
in Angola and two times on overseas
else, through hard work and willingness to
is a love and a desire to move forward
with corporate requirements, government
and compliance with laws and agreements.
assignment (San Ramon in 1994-1996
learn more and more. It was a matter of
and a willingness to achieve. I demand
and in Houston in 2010). I went through
opportunity and timing as I felt myself ten
a lot from myself, but I worry about
transactional, analytical up to managerial
years ago that I was ready for the job, but
those that don’t have the hardships I do.
jobs where I had to learn and understand
it did not happen. Be patient, willing to
Hardship is a tremendous force in driving
accounting, agreements, policies, and
learn and accepting challenges has been
me to succeed. I want my co-workers
develop my leadership skills. Most of them
part of me with these many years with
to understand responsibility and accept
were self taught and that entailed hard
Chevron. Why me? Well, I didn’t miss any
accountability for their lives. Think big:
working, commitment and more importantly
opportunity and kept challenging myself.
unleashing your potential for excellence.
regulations and generally accepted
accounting principles, and provide Angola
business unity management with timely and
accurate financial reports and information
to assist in decision making, in order to help
them monitor their business activities.
This is the first time an Angolan national
becomes SASBU comptroller, which
clearly shows CABGOC commitment to
the Angolanization policy. How do you
feel being appointed to that position?
self-study about your life. You don’t need
CABGOC employee awarded
prestigious assignment
Ammiel Makondekwa thought that
his supervisor had summoned him into
his office to discuss current business
issues. Instead, he was given the good
news: he had been selected to attend the
Global Finance Development Program
(GFDP), a highly desired and valued
initiative designed to accelerate the
development of future finance leaders
of Chevron. Ammiel is the third
CABGOC Finance employee to be
selected for this program after Bruno
Filipe (2008-2010) and Raimundo
Nangolo (currently in the program).
Ammiel, Block 14 Team leader from the
Finance department, in Luanda, is among
only 3 worldwide Finance employees who
passed a set of interviews conducted
globally by the GFDP committee. These
three selected employees will undergo
a two-year assignment at Chevron’s
headquarters in San Ramon, California and,
during that time, will be exposed to several
training and networking opportunities.
The GFDP is limited to non-U.S., national
employees with at least 5 years of work
experience with the company. The
program is managed in conjunction
with the Finance MBA Development
overseas assignment, though he had
Program, and targets individuals with
been to other shorter training courses.
strong leadership potential who can think
One he is particularly proud of is
through complex business problems and
Chevron Future Leaders Forum in 2007
reach creative yet practical solutions.
in Houston, a five-day program designed
Applicants are nominated by local
for individual contributors to explore and
management and must be fully endorsed
understand leadership at the company.
by the respective Opco or Corporate
“I feel honored as it reinforces my belief
Finance Head. “We are very pleased that
that hard work and determination are
Ammiel was selected for this program”,
ultimately rewarded,” Ammiel said, an
said Irshad Vaziralli, SASBU Finance
employee with CABGOC since 2003 after an
Manager, “and I am confident that he will
internship. “I am looking towards building
do well in the assignment. He is a very
from what my predecessors have done.”
deserving candidate and will be a good
Ammiel’s selection reinforces CABGOC’s
ambassador for our Angolan workforce just
strong commitment toward its workforce´s
as his predecessors were before him.”
continuous training, in country and abroad,
This will be Ammiel’s first long term
and ultimately the Angolanization policy.
“I feel honored as it reinforces my
belief that hard work and determination
are ultimately rewarded,”