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APRIL 2010
Ojai Ride by Doreen Allmand
Ojai in March
(Where the heck is Ojai?)
Getting up early to get ready for an
Overnighter is not my favorite part of
riding, but I did it. We packed light,
one pair of pants, three shirts, jammies, boots and flip flops. It was a
cool morning, so we put on our
heated gear and assorted warm necessities in order to be comfortable. I
made us a quick breakfast, gulped a
little coffee, left food for the cat, and
we were off. Greeting everyone at
Tia Juana’s parking lot is like going to
a family reunion. Going around saying hi and hugging everybody and
feeling how good it feels to be part of
this family. Now I am glad I got up.
I think we might have had around 50
or 60 bikes riding out this morning. It
is pretty exhilarating to all take off
together and get on the freeway. I
wonder what is going through some
of the drivers minds in the cars on
the freeway. Mostly, I think they
seem to respect us and try to stay
out of our way. I turned the dial on
my heated jacket up a little bit and I
feel warm and safe and Life is Good!
We stopped a few times for gas and
bathroom breaks. When we descend
upon a poor little gas station/food
mart, it reminds me of a swarm of
bees (except much bigger and
louder) that just found a place to
land. But then our helmets come off
and we are all happily chattering and
laughing and talking as much as we
can before we get silenced again by
our helmets. And the poor people
who are there can relax when they
realize that we are just nice folks and
grandmas and grandpas having a
great time.
Finally, we pulled into a gas station
and we were told that we had 1 hour
to eat and to meet back to continue
our journey. We saw a great hamburger place that smelled awesome.
It had a lot of smoke coming out of it
that smelled like onions. I think a lot
of people went there. There was
also a Subway and a Taco Bell.
Steve and I decided that we would try
looking around the shopping center
behind the gas station. We found a
place called Giovanni’s Pizza. We
went in and were the only people in
the place. We ordered hot pastrami
sandwiches and were moaning over
how good they were. They were nice
and hot and the roll was toasty on the
outside and soft on the inside.
Everyone got back together and we
roared off again. Finally, we exited
the freeway and started enjoying the
beautiful scenery. I learned that
Spring is an excellent time to visit
central California, especially after all
of the rain we have had. It was so
green and gorgeous and so sparsely
populated and so country! Lots of
farms and farm houses. It seems so
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April 2010, Page 1
Ojai Ride (continued)
(Continued from page 1)
different from the suburban sprawl where we come from, it is
hard to believe that this place is so close. You feel like you are
somewhere far, far away.
New Members Ride
There must have been some big race going on. We passed
lots and lots of people on ten speeds. I don’t know how they
do it. (Get a Harley Dude!)
Finally. we get to the twisties that Carlos was talking about.
The mountains and the scenery were sooo beautiful! Spring in
central California is awesome! Especially after all the rains.
Everything was so green and lots of flowers were starting to
bloom and it smelled great too! We kept going up and up and
around the mountains. First I saw that we were at 1000 feet,
then 2000, then 3000 and it was steadily getting colder. At 4 or
5000 feet, my feet and legs were getting pretty cold. Steve told
me it got down to around 38 degrees. Thank God for my
heated gear. I kept turning the thermostat higher and higher. I
think if we hadn’t been moving so fast, steam would have
probably been coming off my body. I felt really sorry for the
guys that didn’t have it. I know, I would really be suffering without it! Finally, as we descended from the mountains, it got
warmer and warmer the further down we rode. We all pulled
into what looked like a small city park for a bathroom break.
Everyone was talking and chattering about what a great ride it
was. Some were talking about how cold it got. We had 1 more
hour to go until we reached our hotel. We all pulled out into the
street and saw someone’s sunglasses tumble past us.
Whoops! We finally pulled into Ojai and what a site we must
have been. We all parked and jumped off our bikes and
headed to the office to check in. Some went for the traditional
hot tub party. All I wanted was a shower and to lay my head
down and go to sleep, and that is what I did. Of course, I woke
up in time for dinner. Some of us walked over for sushi. It
was yummy. On the way back, we saw a bunch of people at
the restaurant by the hotel. We walked up to the window to
smile and wave. I think we scared some patrons. Sorry!
We walked back to our hotel and said good night. In the morning, we got up early so we could go out for a good breakfast.
We went to Carrows. Our hotel also had a poolside continental
breakfast and some people did that. Finally, we all lined up for
our ride back home. We headed back up the mountains and
the twisty roads before we hit the freeway. It was nice and cold
again! When we got somewhere around Pasadena, we pulled
into a gas station and said goodbye and hugged everyone up.
Until we meet our fine biker friends again. This was the longest
ride I had ever done, over 550 miles. I am really proud of myself. And by the way, I highly recommend rides to Ojai. It was
April 2010, Page 2
Director’s Message
Carlos de Falla
Air Force One
A Little Bit of Common Sense
If you understand a little bit of business, like a basic business plan,
then you understand why the Harley Owners Group was created: to
market the Harley-Davidson Motor Company! So, it shouldn’t be a
surprise to anyone that a H.O.G. Chapter is also a marketing arm for
a Harley-Davidson dealer. Aside from the fact that a dealer sponsors
a chapter as a marketing arm outside of their showroom, a chapter is
sponsored by a dealer to allow “their clients” enjoy their motorcycles
in a fun and safe family oriented environment. You, as a chapter
member are the dealer’s clients; and the rides, the fun, and the good
times are all designed with you in mind. We, the chapter officers and
the dealer, have a positive working relationship that makes it all work
for you.
On another note, remember that the dealer’s best interest is to provide you with service that keeps your bike in good shape, and gives
you incentives to buy products there as well. While no situation is
perfect, if you ever feel that your needs are not being met, don’t walk
away! Let somebody know if there is a problem. That is the only way
they can fix what doesn’t work. Their goal is to have you as a satisfied customer, a customer that will return time and again. If you are a
chapter member that comes from a different geography, consider
supporting our sponsoring dealer when you can; after all, they are
making it possible for you to have some fun.
This by no means is a sales pitch but a business reality. We need
one another. What a better way to have a win-win situation!
Carlos de Falla,
April 2010, Page 3
Asst. Director’s Message
Kim Stoldt
Riding as a Group
When riding with a group of
bikers, it’s important to remember we should ride differently than when we ride alone. When you’re riding
by yourself, the ride is much simpler. You only have to
make decisions for yourself. You can change your
route instantly from the one you planned, you can stop
when you want to stop and you can go when you want
to go. The only person you have to consider is you.
Riding alone may make traveling easier, but what if
something goes wrong with your bike? What if you’re
stopped at some incredible vista point and you want to
share the experience?
Some of the advantages to group riding are you have
others with you if your bike breaks down and you have
people along to share the experience. One important
thing we need to remember when riding in a group is
the group is not composed of riders with equal skill and
experience therefore a suitable safe pace is set for the
group. If the route takes the group onto narrow, twisty
roads, each rider should ride at his or her own pace.
More aggressive riders should be in the front of the
group, average riders or those wanting to motor along
enjoying the scenery in the middle, and slower riders
toward the back, riding at a comfortable speed. Regardless of where you choose to ride, never feel pressured
to ride faster than your skill level just to avoid getting
lost. Maps and road captains are provided to make the
ride enjoyable without creating frustrating situations.
There’s something about motorcycling that can bring
out the competitive spirit in people. It’s easy to get
stampeded into riding above your skill level. You think,
“I don’t want anyone to think I’m a wuss by not keeping
up with the others”. That anxiety is not what anyone
needs on a ride because it takes the fun out of it and
can create a dangerous situation. If you aren’t sure
where you should ride in the group, talk to any Road
Captain prior to the start of the ride.
The motto of the Harley Owners Group® is to Ride and
Have Fun. I hope that each of you will come on as
many chapter rides and participate in as many chapter
events as you can fit into your schedule so we continue
creating lasting memories that only happen because we
ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
Kimmie’s Corner
OCHOG Poker Brunch Sign Up
The Chapter Poker Brunch is Saturday June
12th, 2010. You will be able to pay for your participation in the Progressive Poker Brunch at the
April Chapter meeting. Cost is $20.00 per person and is limited to the first 100 paid participants. That’s people, not bikes! There will be a
different format for this year’s poker brunch in
that we will run it like a traditional poker run with
the end location serving all the food. Cash prizes
will be given away for high and low hands and
we have a few more surprises in store for those
who attend. Lock in your reservation soon so
you’re not left out.
Salsa Contest 2010
The Orange County H-D dealership sponsored
Salsa Contest is Saturday May 8th, 2010. A sign
up sheet will be available at the April Chapter
meeting. We currently have 4 Salsa chefs
signed up including last year’s champion, yours
truly. Will I repeat or will someone take away my
crown? Prizes will be awarded for the top chefs
and you can also win a prize if you participate in
the booth/best theme decorating contest. Deadline to enter is May 4th, 2010. For more information about the event, please contact Gary Meisner at [email protected]
Women Riders Month
Join Harley-Davidson and the rest of the world in
honoring women who have taken life by the handlebars. During the month of May, H-D® dealers
from across the globe are hosting rides and parties that celebrate women riders. Check the
Women's Event Calendar at
www.members.hog.com or contact Orange
County H-D for details. And if you can get to Milwaukee, catch the big event May 22 - 23.
California State Rally
Registration for the California State Rally has
opened. Go to www.castatehogrally.com for information on the State Rally and/or to register.
For more information, please contact Kim Stoldt
at [email protected]
April 2010, Page 4
The Hog Blog by
Cindy Blaylock
March 25, 2010 Meeting
Orange Coast Harley
Owners Group #0322
♦ Director Carlos de Falla called the monthly
meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Jean Pence led
us in the pledge of allegiance. Carlos introduced guests Gary Meisner and Harry Mechanick.
Carlos thanked Rob Justus for writing another HOG
LOG article and presented Rob with his 10 raffle tickets. Remember, you too can earn 10 raffle tickets for
writing a ride article.
Presentations and Announcements
♦ Carlos reminded everyone that the 10th Annual
Blessing of the Bikes will be held at Cook’s Corner on Sunday, May 2nd from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
♦ Officers Kimmie Stoldt (Assistant Director), Ron
Browning (Treasurer), Cindy Blaylock
(Secretary), Drew Hartanov (Head Road Captain/Webmaster), Mike Warren (Activities),
John Coon (HOG LOG Editor/Photographer),
Chris Robinson (Safety), and Lee Slajer
(Membership) were also introduced by Carlos.
Dealer News – from Gary Meisner
♦ Gary reminded everyone that Orange County
H-D is celebrating its 20th anniversary in March
and is throwing itself a party from 11 a.m. to 3
p.m. on Saturday, March 27th.
♦ Gary also announced that the dealer has
started its rental program. A variety of new
bikes will be available for $135 per day.
♦ The Harley-Davidson Demo Truck will be at the
dealer on Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April
11th. Demo rides on a variety of 2010 models
will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come
on down, bring a friend who is at least 21 and
has their motorcycle license and try out some
of the new bikes!
New Members
Carlos welcomed and introduced new members
Matt McClendon, Richard Bent, Gordon Van Surksum, Reynie VanSurksum, Marlene Ruderman,
and Gene Cormie, all of whom shared what kind of
Harley they ride and how long they have been riding. The new members had their photographs
taken for the HOG LOG.
♦ Assistant Director Kimmie Stoldt recapped the
ladies “Garage Party” hosted by the dealer on
Saturday night, March 20th. Sixty-eight ladies
showed up and everyone had a good time checking out the bikes and the clothes, meeting new
friends, and learning about riding a Harley.
♦ Kimmie also reminded everyone of the 2010
HOG California State “Pines to Palms” Rally
which will be held this year from September 28th
– October 2nd. The rally consists of a ride, touring event, multi-dealer poker run and lots of other
great components. You can participate in the
entire event or if you have limited time, you can
join the touring rally at three different points along
the route (Jamestown, Paso Robles and Bakersfield). Riders who are unable to participate in the
touring ride can join the rally and participate in
the party at Corona H-D, the Multi-Dealership
Poker Run, or at the closing ceremony. For additional information, contact member Janice Thomas, who is the secretary for the rally or go to
♦ Kimmie also announced the HOG “Motoring the
Mother Road” ride from September 11th – September 25th. Go to www.harley-davidson.com to
check out the photos of the beautiful country and
the most famous road in the United States. You
can participate in as much or as little of the Chicago to Los Angeles ride as you would like.
♦ Finally, Kimmie reminded everyone of the annual
“Salsa Competition,” which will be held at the
dealer on Saturday, May 8th and the Chapter’s
(Continued on page 6)
April 2010, Page 5
The Hog Blog by Cindy Blaylock
(Continued from page 5)
June 12th Poker Brunch. Participation in the
Poker Brunch is limited, to sign up with Kimmie
early. Reservations are $20 per person.
♦ Member Michael York and his friend Lou reminded everyone about the annual “Ride For
Kids,” which benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor
Foundation. The Los Angeles portion of the ride
will be held on May 2nd this year, and will start
at American Honda in Torrance. The Foundation, which was started in 1984, has raised over
$55 million to provide assistance to children
with brain tumors, primarily in the areas of research and scholarships. Additional information is available at www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids
♦ Guest Harry Mechanick announced the 13th
annual Rip’s Bad Ride XIII on June 13th. The
ride benefits the American Diabetes Association. Additional information is available at
♦ Activities Officer Mike Warren announced that
the Chapter is “Going Green.” Maps for day
rides will now be available on the “members
only” area of the Chapter website 72 hours before the scheduled ride. Maps will not be
printed and handed out at each day ride, so
please print your map before you arrive for the
♦ Activities Officer Mike Warren provided a re-
view of the highlights of the March 6th ride,
which was rescheduled from Palm Springs to
Rainbow due to rain; the March 13th and 14th
Ojai overnight ride and the March 21st Glen
Oak ride, which was rescheduled to Milton’s
Deli due to rain. It may be raining but this
Chapter knows where to find its pastrami and
corned beef!!
After a short break to celebrate members’ March
birthdays and partake of cake, Kimmie raffled off the
prizes in our opportunity drawing. Carlos closed the
meeting with a thank you to everyone for attending
and a reminder to “Ride, Eat and Have Fun …
Cindy’s Reminders
Please remember that raffle prizes cannot be exchanged at the Dealer for cash or store credit. You
may exchange shirts for the correct size if the Dealer
has your specific shirt size available.
Please refer to the ride calendar on the website for
the most up to date information regarding Chapter
and Dealer events, rides, meeting places, maps to
meeting places, and departure times. You can also
download our Chapter newsletter, the HOGLOG,
from the website www.ochog.org. For questions
about advertising in the HOGLOG or to submit ride
articles, contact the Chapter Editor, John Coon at
[email protected]
To submit ride photos of Chapter rides, please send
your photos to our Photographer, John Coon, at
[email protected] Don’t forget when taking
photographs to set your camera at a 640 x 480 format.
Please join us on the 4th Thursday of each month for
the Orange Coast HOG Chapter meeting. Our next
meeting is on Thursday, April 22 at 7 p.m. at the
Back Bay Conference Center on the second floor
of the Irvine Lanes at 3415 Michelson Drive in Irvine. The April dinner will be a Taco Bar, available for $15, beginning at 6 p.m. You must make
reservations with the Chapter Secretary, Cindy
Blaylock, at [email protected] no later than
Tuesday, April 20th.
♦ Mike also announced the upcoming rides:
March 27th New Member Ride and OCHD Anniversary party; the April 3d destination ride to
the Ronald Reagan Library; the April 10th ride
to Babe’s in Palm Springs, and the April 16th –
18th Paso Robles overnight ride.
April 2010, Page 6
April 2010, Page 7
Member of the Month - John Lyons
like the open ride feel
on a touring bike with
a Classic look.
Annual Mileage?
9,750 plus.
Where do you live?
La Habra, CA.
What do you do for a
living? Currently retired. But I am looking
for work. Sales, Parts
Mgr. Handyman etc.
Name: John Lyons.
Nickname: “Pop”.
How long have you been riding a Harley?
This is my 1st Harley Year, one outstanding Year!
How long have you been riding motorcycles?
Total of 10 counting High School, and my first years of
marriage. All mostly dirt bikes.
How long have you been an OCHOG member?
2 months.
What do you like best about being an OCHOG
member? First of all the people, second the food at
the meetings, and can’t wait to go on an overnighter
with the group. I here it’s a time for all.
Describe your fantasy Harley (customizations,
color, add-ons, chrome, anti-chrome, etc.): My 09
Classic, with the original equipment swapped out for
nostalgic parts, lowered, with a Champion Reverse.
Current Harley: 09 Road King Classic.
Describe what you
enjoy about motorcycling: I truly enjoy the
freedom feel of running down an open
road. Just me, my lord,
my bike, and the
beauty of his creation’s I just don’t want it to end.
What are your favorite rides? My first run to Prescott, AZ then the ride from Prescott to Flagstaff
back around through Sedona to Prescott last
Most memorable Harley experience? The day
I picked it up from the dealer, and of course
meeting the people I have this past year! All a
blessing for sure!
Describe your fantasy Harley trip? To ride
route 66 to Mississippi up to Ohio and return
back through Denver then down to La Habra.
5300 – 5400 miles.
What is your favorite type of riding? Trips,
Coast, mountains, and the open Hwy.
What is your least favorite type of riding? Los
Angeles Freeways, and city traffic.
Anticipated Trips for 2010? San Luis Obispo,
James Town, Tahoe, Prescott, and the four corners the end of June
Why did you choose your current Harley? Well I
April 2010, Page 8
Member of the Month Pictures - John Lyons
April 2010, Page 9
Milton’s Deli Ride by Andi Quinlan
Sunday morning brought “fog on the five” (brrr) prior to our arrival at Capo Playhouse and sunshine. Heated gear remained
necessary on and off. A few “other halves” were absent
(sleeping in were we?). Forty bikes strong and new faces.
New Members Ride
The big news of the day was Del receiving his gold braid with
Vickie proudly buttoning it in place after 1st placing it on his
head. Halo for Del?
The big guy gave the standard pre-ride spiel with Ron chirping
in, please don’t run the road captains down. “Someone” from
the group chirped back, don’t get in our way and we won’t. But
… , he did and we did (almost), with much arm flapping by
Ron. Members apparently not used to our protocol of “lining” up
and exiting in the order you arrive came up to the front very
quickly and chaos began, with the bungee-boys and others cut
off. Lots of words spoken over the roar of the bikes. Ron was
in the middle with bikes everywhere, vying for their rightful
spots in line. I sense change in the air, aside from it now being
Off we went to Del Mar via the Ortega Hwy with nary a break
light from this writer’s vantage point, except for twice down hill
by yours truly. Great leading big guy. I’ll follow you anywhere.
A few crotch rockets startled and interrupted our procession,
opting to pass at not the most opportune times but fortunately
made it. Crazy males!
Just one scheduled gas stop at Temecula which not many took
advantage of for topping off as it was anticipated to be only a
152 mile ride. We all visited instead and some gear came off,
though not much. Lining up was again interesting. Not for the
hesitant, one must hold ones own.
Wonderful 92 mile route and countryside to Milton’s Deli, with
only one “missed turn off” by one of our illustrious Steves. A
skillful u-turn got him back with the group. I’ll never figure how
some get off their bikes and inside the restaurants so quickly.
Someone should videotape the maneuverings sometime. Had
good company with Tom and Bob and Lee (missed you Linda)
et al for lunch (breakfast for some). Finished early and we left
early, leaving no time for my one on one interviews, particularly
with the new members. Again, musical bikes in lining up to
leave. This, however, enabled this writer to meet Harris, a new
member with a spanking new H-D trike and riding only since
January. So now we are 2 trikes strong.
Ride home was uneventful, straight up the 5 with decently moving traffic, still somewhat cool. Home around 2:00. Good Ride.
Good Food. Good People. Happy Trails. dlxlady
April 2010, Page 10
Milton’s Deli Ride Pictures
April 2010, Page 11
Our Newest Members
Matt McClendon
Richard Bent
Reymie & Gordon Van
New Members
Tim Smith
Chris Fulgencio
Susan Johnson
Marlene Ruderman
Gene Cormie
May Birthdays
Bruce D. Fox
Constance Verheyen
David S. Levitt
Debbie Newland
Deborah Carter
Denny Verlinger
Harry Steelman
Hector Bejarano
Joel Pugh
John B. Fairchild
John Cook
Jonathan Segal
Judy Coderre
Kurt Steffien
Larry Kellner
Liz Coon
Marcia Nellesen
Mark Boone
Maylinda Kepilino
Mike Bruns
Normand Proulx
Patrick M. Kane
Richard Catton
Ron Browning
Susan Johnson
Tim Aubrey
Tom Percy
Tony Manica
Traian Zaionciuc
April 2010, Page 12
Reagan Library Ride Pictures
April 2010, Page 13
April 2010 - June 2010
Ride Codes:
For OCHOG Chapter members only + one guest on the member’s bike
For OCHOG Chapter members + one guest on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle
For Chapter members, National HOG members and other guests
Riding Skill Requirements:
BASIC: 1,000 riding miles required and experience at going over Ortega Highway or similar twisty roads.
Comfortable riding on freeways.
INTERMEDIATE: 5,000 riding miles required and experience at riding highways and twisty back roads.
♦♦♦ ADVANCED: 10,000 riding miles required and skilled at riding long distances and lengthy twisty roads.
Must be able to keep up with the group.
♦♦♦♦ EXPERIENCED: Highly developed riding skills required to ride up to 500-mile days at sustained highway
speeds, and be able to handle high to extreme twisty roads. Must be able to keep up
with the group.
Skill Level
Ride Description
April 2010
Apr. 22
Apr. 24
Orange Coast H.O.G. Meeting
Back Bay Conference Center, 3415 Michelson Dr, Second
floor, Irvine. Dinner at 6:00 pm – Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
New Member Ride
Basic riding skills required. Meet at OCHD Dealer for New
Member orientation at 9:00 a.m. Leave at 9:30 a.m. for short
ride, and then back to Dealer for Hot Dogs and Soda. Old
Timers are welcome. 60 miles
May 2010
May 1
May 12
May 15
Lake Arrowhead
Advanced-riding skills needed for freeway riding and twisty
mountain roads. Must be able to keep up with the group. Meet
at Capistrano Playhouse for an 8:30 a.m. departure. 250
Full Moon Dinner Ride
Basic riding skills required. Meet at OCHD Dealer at 6:00
p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. departure to a local eatery
Banning – Breakfast Ride
Intermediate riding skills required for freeway riding and back
roads. We will meet at It’s a Grind for a 8:00 a.m. departure.
175 miles
Experienced riding skills required for extended freeway riding
and tight twisty mountain roads. Must be able to keep up with
the group. We will meet at Sand Canyon for a 7:00 a.m.
departure. 800 miles
April 2010, Page 14
(continued from previous page)
Skill Level
Ride Description
May 2010
May 27
May 29
Orange Coast H.O.G. Meeting
Back Bay Conference Center, 3415 Michelson Dr, Second
floor, Irvine. Dinner at 6:00 pm – Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
New Member Ride
Basic riding skills required. Meet at OCHD Dealer for New
Member orientation at 9:00 a.m. Leave at 9:30 a.m. for short
ride, and then back to Dealer for Hot Dogs and Soda. Old
Timers are welcome. 60 miles
June 2010
June 5
Lake Cuyamaca – Iron Butt Day Ride
Experienced riding skills required for extended freeway riding
and tight twisty mountain roads. Must be able to keep up with
the group. We will meet at Sand Canyon for a 7:00 a.m.
departure. 350 miles
June 9
Full Moon Dinner Ride
Basic riding skills required. Meet at OCHD Dealer at 6:00
p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. departure to a local eatery
Basic riding skills required. Reserved for the first 100 preregistered members. Check-in is at OCHD Dealer between
8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
June 12
June 19
USS Midway Aircraft Carrier – Destination Ride
Intermediate riding skills required for freeway riding and twisty
back roads. We will meet at Capistrano Playhouse for an 8:30
a.m. departure. 200 miles.
June 24
Orange Coast H.O.G. Meeting
Back Bay Conference Center, 3415 Michelson Dr, Second
floor, Irvine. Dinner at 6:00 pm – Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Places:
Dealership – Orange County H-D, 8677 Research Dr., Irvine
Capistrano Camino Real Playhouse – Corner of Ortega Hwy (Hwy. 74) and El Camino Real.
Sand Canyon – Sand Canyon Exit and I-5, parking lot in front of Tia Juana’s
It’s a Grind (Old Home Expo Parking Lot) – Tustin Ave. and La Palma Ave. off the 91 Freeway
Back Bay Conference Center - 3415 Michelson Dr, Irvine (2nd floor of Bowling Alley)
(Monthly Meetings)
April 2010, Page 15
Member to Member Ads
Kim Stoldt, CEO
of theCEO
Kim Home
Home ofYour
the Nuts
capYour Nuts
fork cap
Ads for commercial products, processes, or services does not imply or constitute an endorsement by OCHOG.
April 2010, Page 16
Member to Member Ads
Advertise in the HOG LOG: All current Orange Coast HOG members are invited to advertise in the HOG LOG. Advertising in the HOG LOG is $25 for 6 issues and should be the size of a business card. Any current members wishing to
place a business card ad in the HOG LOG should contact Ron Browning by email at [email protected] for information on where to send the artwork and the check for $25.
Personal (non-commercial) advertising of items for sale is a free service to Orange Coast HOG Members in good standing. To place an ad send details, photos and contact info to [email protected]
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Skill Level
Ride Description
Experienced riding skills required for extended freeway riding
and tight twisty mountain roads. Must be able to keep up with
the group. We will meet at Sand Canyon for a 7:00 a.m. departure. 800 miles
Experienced riding skills required for extended freeway riding
and tight twisty mountain roads. Must be able to keep up with
the group. We will meet at It’s a Grind for a 7:00 a.m. departure. 1200 miles
Big Bear
Advanced riding skills needed for highway riding and lengthy twisty back-roads. Must be able to
keep up with the group. Meet at Capistrano Playhouse for an 8:00am departure. 300 Miles
Experienced riding skills required for extended freeway riding
and tight twisty mountain roads. Must be able to keep up with
the group. We will meet at Sand Canyon for a 7:00 a.m. departure. 1000 miles
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Member’s Bike for Sale
2002 Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle (CVO). 24,900 miles. H-D Factory security system. Always garaged or covered and maintained every 5,000 miles. 95 Screaming Eagle motor, Stage 1,
High Volume Air Cleaner, Bassani True Duals with V&H Oval slip-ons (great Harley sound - but mellow when cruising), Mustang seat with Detachable Rider and Passenger Back Rest with luggage
rack (not in picture), Chrome front end & brake discs and Stainless Steel lines. Passing Lamps/
Spotlights, LED brake lights and Turn Signals. Detachable Tour-Pak mounting kit (Tour-Pak available for extra cost), Chrome Bag Guards, Chrome Hand Controls & covers, H-D air horns, Mustang
seat, Full removable windshield, H-D Cruise Control, H-D windshield pouches, $2,500 in Mag
wheels and much, much more. Over $35,000 invested. Wife not included!!
$15,500.00. Call John at (949) 254-8965 or email [email protected]
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Orange Coast Chapter
Cindy Blaylock
23 Via Abrazar
San Clemente, CA 92673
Carlos de Falla
[email protected]
Assistant Director
Safety Officer
Kim Stoldt
Cindy Blaylock
Ron Browning
Chris Robinson
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Head Road Captain
Drew Hartanov
[email protected]
Activities Officer
Membership Officer
[email protected]
Mike Warren
Lee Slajer
John Coon
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Drew Hartanov
[email protected]
John Coon
[email protected]
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