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Moccasin Telegraph - Edmonton Seniors` Council
Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre
Issue 2 2015
March - goose month
April - frog Month
Board of Directors
From left to right:
Jane Woodward,
Lorraine Savard,
Doreen Wabasca,
Ruth Cook (in right
corner), Beatrice
Pambrun (in front),
Ed Lavalee (in right
corner) Missing
from Photo
Dorothee Morin,
Garth Haugen and
Sarah Skwarchuk
Annual General Meeting March 28, 2015
Its that time of year again! We will be hosting our Annual General Meeting on Saturday March 28, 2015 from 1-4pm. Nominations for new board members must be in by March 15, 2015.
Policy 1.00.02 Nominations Committee outlines the procedures for Members who would like to
participate on the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre Board of Directors as follows:
a) Not have any history of conflict with the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre, its members
or the general public
b) Be elected on merit and ability
c) Have a willingness to devote adequate time to the responsibilities involved
d) Be knowledgeable regarding the eligibility requirements and the qualifications necessary for
the offices to be filled as well as the responsibility of each office
e) Submit resumes (or biography) to the committee
f) Be interviewed by the committee
g) If an appropriate fit, have their name brought forth to the Annual General Meeting.
For your information, all positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and 5 Directors-atLarge) are open to election this year.
Executive Director
We have the fine option program
where people can come to the
Centre to pay off their fines through
community service. We have lots of
projects that we need help with so if
you have a fine or know of someone
who has a fine to pay please contact
me and I will set them up!
What an exciting time for us at
the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors
Centre. We are moving forward
some exciting new programming,
reviving some old programming
and enhancing our services to
you. Our staff have been busy in
the community sourcing out ideas and learning about what our
community needs are.
Spring is a growth opportunity
for all and I can hardly wait to
see what else we can do. I hope
you enjoy the Annual General
Meeting on March 28th. I look forward to seeing everyone.
Jori Hunter Executive Director
Tansi, Again I would like to say
it is a pleasure working with all
seniors and staff at the EASC. I
enjoy seeing you all at Wednesday’s soup & bannock and at
our programs. The past few
months have been hectic for
me. There were a couple
changes made I had to adjust
to. The change has been a good
one. I began in Housing in October 2014 and took over the
position as Outreach Worker at
the beginning of January 2015.
I am enjoying my present position and look forward to our
journey together at the Centre.
With Spring arriving fast and
the good weather there will be
lots of new and exciting programs at the EASC in the near
future. I am very excited to announce I am developing and
will be facilitating the following
support groups: Grandparents
Support Group. This group will
provide a support service to
our members who are experiPage 2
encing family crisis due
to addictions, neglect,
financial & physical
abuse, etc. The Medical
Support Group will provide a place for members
to come together and
share their personal stories, struggles and information on their healing
present/past process/
progress with cancer,
etc. The groups will provide a safe place for
members to come together to share information/stories about
various topics. The
group(s) will begin as
early as March during
the week at the EASC.
You will be advised of
the dates and times. I
encourage you to participate and attend the
groups to help you in
your healing journey and
it will also give you the
opportunity to meet and
We have some upcoming trips and
programs that will cost a fee to
attend. You can pay for registration
fees and costs of field trips through
volunteer hours at our Centre.
We need help each day of the week,
if you need something to do, please
come in and set up a schedule with
We got lots on the go!
Hope to see you!!
Amanda - Resources
talk to other
with similar
that may
otherwise not
be heard.
about issues/
problems is a
step towards the healing process. I
will provide information and resources on the various topics discussed at each session. Feel free to
give me ideas on the topics you
would like to discuss. I look always
look forward to seeing you all and I
hope to see you at the groups. I am
very excited to get this underway.
May God Bless you all!!
Ruby Pruden
Outreach Worker
Hello to the “Moccasin Telegraph”
readers. My Name is Norma Collins. I started working at Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre on
January 20, 2015. I am very
thankful and feel blessed that I
was chosen to work at the Centre.
My job as Housing Coordinator is
to assist seniors and others “who
require housing assistance and to
provide support services in the
placement”. This will include –
“application process, conducting
housing searches, supporting the
placement into housing, and to
provide follow up services”. Connecting with other housing agencies and housing supports is another important roll that I play. I
work on part-time basis from
Tuesday to Friday. There are some
days I cannot make appointments
due to time restraints and other
job requirements however I am
available Tuesday afternoon,
Wednesday afternoon and all day
A little
about myself: I
grew up at
which is
20 kilometers from
Cold Lake,
We lived
off the land, had a big garden, ate
moose meat and deer meat, rabbits, prairie chickens, ducks and
fish. In the spring we even had
roasted muskrat and beaver once
in a while as a delicacy. During
the summer we picked berries, in
the winter we had canned berries.
My father had a trap line north of
Cold Lake. He brought rolls of fur
home in December and again in
March. We had horses, some
cows and of course, a dog. We
chased the sheep around till they
got out then we had mutton. It
was fun living in a log cabin in the
bush, no phone, no power, no
Resources and Services Coordinator
Tansi! I have been here 1 full
year now and have learned so
much about you (the members)
and what you enjoy. I like the
time I get to spend getting to
know you each individually.
There have been so many
changes over the last year but
we now have a solid team of
women who are here for you.
We have been listening to
you—the members and arranged some new and exciting
programming that hope you
enjoy. Please keep in contact
with us as we move forward as
we don’t want you to miss out
on some great opportunities! I
am always looking for volunteers and with new programming and field trips coming up
you can pay for your trips
through volunteer hours.
I am happy to announce that
we are starting to plan a Round
Dance for the fall of 2015. We
will be seeking members for our
Round Dance Committee. We
want to make sure we follow
protocol and would like your
input and assistance in this.
We also will be opening our
doors to Radio bingo in the evenings starting in April every
Monday and Thursday starting
at 6:00pm. We will also be planning a spring and summer
dance. We are working on a
project that will allow our Seniors to pass their knowledge on
to youth—kind of like a rights
of passage program. I will need
YOUR help with all of these projects so if I do not ask you to
participate please come see me.
We have lots of other new pro-
outside influences
We did not have a high school at
the settlement and I had to room
and board in the nearby town to
go to high school. I moved to Edmonton and received a Social
Work diploma in 1976. I attended
the University of Alberta and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in
1999. I learned about the Metis
history and it made me sad. I
learned of their resilience and tenacity that made me glad. I am
still researching and learning
about the different types of housings available to seniors. I will
connect with housing agencies to
keep informed. Housing is a big
issue. The baby boomers created
a shortage of schools in the
1950’s and 60’s. Today, baby
boomers once again are creating
an increase in the need for housing. The waiting lists for housing
is quite unsettling.
Ki nuna skomitin!
I Thank You!
Norma Collins
Housing Coordinator
grams that
we are working hard on,
and they are
in the newsletter. I am
also very
proud of other programs
that we host
and hope
that you will
take a chance and come see
what we are doing. We love new
faces and each day we are doing
something new.
Hope to see you soon!!
Amanda L’Hirondelle
Resources and Services
Page 3
Thank you!!! Father Jim for doing our
monthly Mass here at the Centre!
Mass will be
held on
March 6, and
April 10, 2015
11-12 with
lunch from
March and April Members Birthdays
Lois A - March 7
William A– March 26
Jim B - March 15
Felix B - March 22
John B - March 4
Bernadette B - March 25
Doris B - March 26
Eugene B - March 11
Jeannine B - March 15
Brian B - March 3
Elizabeth B - March 26
Elsie B - March 7
Barbara B - March 15
Liz B - March 9
Rosa B - March 26
Randy C - March 6
John C - March 11
Jane C - March 23
Nancy C - March 1
Violet C - March 31
Page 4
Sarah C - March 24
Sylvia H - March 31
Pat L - March 19
Howard C - March 24
Elizabeth H - March 5
Alice L - March 16
Louisa C - March 30
Jerry H - March 25
Christine L - March 18
Nellie C—March 7
Ted H - March 31
Irvin L - March 3
Ralph C - March 25
Virginia H - March 4
Stan L - March 20
Mary C - March 14
Cecile H - March 8
Mary L - March 24
Sandy C - March 7
Alix H - March 18
Shirley L - March 14
Gordon C - March 10
William H - March 29
Marilyn M - March 18
Martha C - March 24
Lillian I - March 15
Andy M - March 24
Gail D—March 19
Vi J - March 17
Lillian M - March 15
Shirley D - March 10
James L - March 20
Emily M - March 29
Ann D - March 29
Carol K - March 21
Teresa M - March 22
George D - March 29
Helen K - March 13
Bill M - March 5
Fern D - March 5
Doris L - March 15
Dick M - March 4
Eva E - March 11
Victoria L - March 6
Peggy M - March 26
Irene E - March 16
Stan L - March 24
Celine M - March 8
Martha E - March 14
Donald L - March10
Rita M - March 10
Norman G - march 20
George L - March 20
Jane M - March 9
Elsie G - March 6
Sandra L - March 16
Floyd N - March 26
Emma G - March 4
Connie L - March 16
Judy P - March 28
Orval G - March 16
Cyrille L - March 27
Moccasin Telegraph
Reuben Q - March 30
Sarah S - March 28
Margaret A April 21
Francesco C - April 17
Emmanuel Q - March 25
Walter S - March 19
Shannon A - April 26
Fred C - April 5
George R - March 8
Floyd S - March 29
Marvin A - April 1
Linda C - April 9
Peggy R - March 20
Pat Tessier - March 17
Marguerite - April 23
Charlie C - April 14
Harold R - March 31
Mary T - March 19
Lillian B - April 12
Ruth C - April 16
Rena R - March 16
Jeanne V - March 6
Reginald B - April 6
Laureen C - April 15
Pearl R - March 6
Joe V - March 7
Florence B - April 12
Barbara C - April 9
Sarah R - March 28
Lynda V - March 14
Gordon B - April 11
Edna C - April 15
Julia S - March 12
Keno W - March 1
Len Belcourt - April 13
Sam D - April 29
Nancy S - March 9
Simon W - March 17
Bev D - April 2
Lily D - April 6
Florence S - March 19
Gordon W - March 6
Maureen B - April 23
Lyle D - April 29
Eric S - March 15
Konrad W - March 30
Vernon B - April 5
Alice D - April 29
Lillian S - March 2
Sylvia W - March 30
Gloria B - April 9
Patricia D - April 20
Lee S - March 28
Peter W - March 28
Jim B - April 8
Shirley D - April 11
Martha S - March 18
Robert W - March 16
Madeline C - April 7
Robert E - April 3
Nora S - March 18
Mary W - March 3
Gordon C - April 6
William E - April 19
Elizabeth S - March 8
Virginia Y - March 10
Joanne C - April 15
Roderick F - April 15
Pat S - March 25
Muriel Z - March 18
Frieda C - April 12
Raymond G - April 22
March and April Members Birthdays
Alice G - April 11
Leona M - April 21
Violet G - April 15
George M - April 16
Josephine G - April 20
Delia M - April 7
Ron G - April 23
Bert M - April 3
Archie H - April 12
William M - April 3
Carl I - April 3
Violet M - April 14
Alfred J - April 1
April M - April 1
Henry L - April 5
Doris M - April 19
Eva L - April 1
Loretta M - April 15
Charles L - April 21
Alfred M - April 16
Al L - April 15
Felix M - April 28
Frank L - April 28
Rachel M - April 11
Gerald L - April 6
Marie N - April 11
Catherine L - April 8
Anita O - April 7
Leona M - April 21
Meryl P - April 29
Lena L - April 10
Alma P - April 8
Margaret L - April 5
Delphine P - April 2
Ken L - April 14
Tillie P - April 27
Joan L - April 11
Dora P - April 20
Linda L - April 4
Josie Q - April 29
Issue 2 2015
Edna R - April 26
Nancy R - April 20
Lawrence W - April 9
Margarite R - April 29
Edouard W - April 20
James R - April 20
Sarah W - April 15
Christine R - April 26
Joshephine W - April 12
Annamay R - April 27
Diane W - April 11
Cecile S - April 23
Gertrude W - April 24
Ludvik S - April 29
Wes W - April 12
Eve S - April 6
Chrisine E - April 6
Edna S - April 7
Rose W - April 16
Charlie S - April 2
John W - April 18
Mabel S - April 11
Diane S - April 3
Elsie S - April 17
Bridget S - April 20
Freida T - April 5
Melvin T - April 13
Joseph T - April 13
Veronica T - April 12
Elaine T - April 11
From the
Mary V - April 18
Dorothy V - April 8
Page 5
Crib Tournament
Every second Friday
$10.00 per person
Registration at 6:30pm
Game at 7:00pm
March 13, 2015
April 10, 2015
Look at
Betty L
And her
29 hand!
Gentle Yoga
with Michelle
11:00-12:00 pm
every Monday
$5.00 non members
FREE for Members!!!!
Did your doctor advise
you to get some exercise?? Well just so you
know the potential
health benefits of yoga
Stress reduction. yoga
can help reduce stress
and anxiety. It can also
Way to go enhance your mood and
overall sense of wellBetty! being.
Improved fitness. Practicing yoga can lead to
improved balance, flexibility, range of motion
support Group
and strength. And this
This group is designed to provide
means you're less likely
support services to our members
to injure yourself in othwho are experiencing family crisis er physical endeavors or
due to addictions, neglect, finanin your daily activities.
cial challenges and abuse. These
Management of chronSupport groups will be held every
Friday starting March 20, 2015 ic conditions. Yoga can
from 10-12pm Please contact Ru- help reduce risk factors
for chronic diseases,
such as heart disease
Flower Beads
and high blood presCraft Corner
sure. Yoga could also
help alleviate chronic
The EASC will be
making beaded flowconditions, such as deers that we can give
pression, pain, anxiety
to Aboriginal Elders
and insomnia
and Seniors in the
hospitals as part of our outreach
Did we mention its free
services. This will start March 9,
2015 every Monday from 1-3pm to EASC members, and
during craft corner
that yoga can be done
sitting down?!?!
Page 8
Michelle Nieviadomy is a
member of the
Kawacatoose First
Nation. Originally from
Saskatchewan, she does
consider Edmonton her
home.. She currently is the
Assistant Director of the
Edmonton Native Healing
Centre, sits on the Board
for the InMotion Network
and inspires & promotes
physical activity through
her business Iskwew Health
& Wellness.
She is a certified personal
trainer training with people
either one on one or in
group settings. She teaches
gentle yoga & meditation,
Zumba as well as various
types of other fitness classes!
Did we mention she also instructs our cooking
classes on Thursdays???
Well yes she does!
Moccasin Telegraph
(Nintendo) Wii Fitness
The EASC would like to thank our
Book keeper and friend Jennifer
who donated a Nintendo Wii and
some games to the Centre. Please
join us Tuesdays from 1-3pm for
some FREE fitness through
games, while having fun. The
EASC Staff will demonstrate for
Crock Pot Cooking and
Healthy Cooking for
one or two
The EASC invites you to attend
our specialized cooking classes
every second Thursday from
10-12pm. Members can come
and learn a new meal that they
get to take home. This class is
taught by our beautiful Michelle
whom you will all love. Please
come out and enjoy yourself.
Honor Garden
As the spring and summer approach we are looking forward to
taking programs outside!!! Starting March 20th we will be preparing and getting ready for a spring
of learning how to plant and
maintain herbs, plants, medicines
and vegetables. One of our members has donated funds for this
project and at the end of the project we will be holding a dedication ceremony for him. Stay
Tea Time
Please join us once a month on
Tuesday and Thursday from 111pm for Tea time—see Calendar
for exact dates.
Issue 2 2015
Radio Bingo
Yes, that was not a spelling mistake. Starting April 2, 2015 the
EASC will open its doors to
members who would like to
come and play radio bingo. This
will be held Mondays and
Thursdays from 5:45-9:00pm
We will have a 50/50 as well as
a concession. Please contact
Amanda– resources. For details.
Round Dance Committee
The EASC will be hosting a round dance in the Fall
of 2015 in memory of Seniors and Elders from the
Centre who have passed on. We are looking for Committee members who can help with this. Please Contact Amanda or Ruby at the EASC for committee
meeting dates and agendas.
Star Blankets
The EASC will be opening our sewing room, cleaning and getting it organized starting March 24th so
we can start making small Star blankets and quilts.
We will be starting the blankets in April please
call us for the exact dates, time and to register
EASC History Project
We will be going through all our old records and files
to capture the history of the Centre. Gathering information on the previous Staff, Board, Volunteers and
Photos and putting it together into a booklet. This
booklet will be launched on our 30th anniversary on
October 2016. If you have photos or any other records we can use in this project, please contact us to
get involved!
March 26, 2015
Wills and Estate Planning
Riverbend Library
Van leaves EASC
at 5:00
Return to EASC 7:00pm
April 24, 2015
Van leaves1130am
return at 2pm
Spring Feast
Amiskwacis Academy
Page 9
Edmonton Aboriginal
Senior Centre
Cottage E,
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone 780-476-6595
Fax 780-475-7957
“For the
of Aborigin
The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre is a
registered, charitable organization. We are
in that we are the only Aboriginal
This would be a good place to insert a short paragraph
your organization.
It might include
of the
in Canada.
It isthealso
City of
organization, its mission, founding date, and a brief history.
Edmonton’s major resource for Aboriginal SenYou could also include a brief list of the types of products,
iors. This
is your
or programs
organization offers,
the geographic area
U.S. or European
kets), and a profile of the types of customers or members
and collaborations with other senserved.
ior serving
agencies, and through participation
It would also be useful to include a contact name for readers
in projects,
offered in the
who want more
the organization.
greater city of Edmonton Community
Hours of Operation
Open Monday-Friday
55 and older—$5.00
54 and under $10.00

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