September / October 2015 - South River High School



September / October 2015 - South River High School
River High
William Myers, Principal
George Beaumont, Asst. Principal
Pamela Andrews, Asst. Principal
Fran Magiera, Asst. Principal
Edith Picken, Asst. Principal
Sean White, Asst. Principal
Volume XXX No. 1
September/October, 2015
Dear Parents:
At South River High School, we have an expectation that our students will be respectful, responsible, and engaged. This expectation has been embraced by our entire school community that encompasses staff members and parents in addition to our students. This expectation has made South
River High School the popular and successful school that it is today.
Relationships, rigor and relevance will be stressed again this year as we expand our programs.
More duel credit programs that offer college credit will be offered. South River also has plans to become a satellite location for college credit courses offered by Anne Arundel Community College. In
addition, we will continue our strong ties with vocational education through our association with the
Center of Applied Technology-South, our campus neighbor. Finally, our connections to the local
business sector will continue to grow.
“That’s something to think about. Let’s make it a great day,” has been and will continue to be
my concluding statement to my daily morning message to our students. Each day this message is designed to encourage and provide advice. Hopefully, students will use my words to guide their decision making and planning when appropriate.
To conclude, our goal as a school is to support students in their efforts to become complete
people. Leadership, wanting to serve others and the possession of strong morale character are traits
we hope all South River students possess by the time they graduate.
William T. Myers
,Monday, September 7
Labor Day, All Schools are Closed
Thursday, September 10
Back To School Night, 6:00, Auditorium
Monday, September 14
Rosh Hashanah, All Schools are Closed
Tues/Weds, Sept. 15 & 16
Underclass Photos Via English, Auditorium Lobby
Wednesday, September 23
Yom Kippur, All Schools are Closed
Monday, September 28
Homecoming Ticket Sales Begin
Monday, September 28
Tri-M Induction Ceremony, 7:00 pm, Audit.
Monday, September 28
SAT Prep Class, C111, 5:30-9:00 PM
Wednesday, September 30
SAT Prep Class, C111, 5:30-9:30 PM
Wednesday, September 30
SAT Administration
Saturday, October 3
Wednesday, October 7
Jr. Class Meeting, 8:15 AM
Wednesday, October 7
Powder Puff Game, 6:30 PM, Stadium
Homecoming Football Game vs. Meade, 6:30
Friday, October 9
Homecoming Dance, 7:00-10:00 pm, gym
Saturday, October 10
Wednesday, October 14
2-hour early dismissal, Professional Development
Thursday, October 15
Schools Closed to Students, Professional Dev.
Friday, October 16
ASVAB Testing
Wed/Thurs, October 21 & 22
Thursday, October 22
South River’s Got Talent, 7:00 PM, Audit.
Underclass Photo Make-Ups
Friday, October 23
Report Card and Interim Distribution Dates
……………..Report Cards Sent Home…………..November 9, 2015
…………………...Interims Sent Home………….September 30, 2015
Saturday, October 24
Scary Strings/LSO Concert, 7:00 PM, Audit.
Thursday, October 29
Blood Drive
Friday, October 30
Improv Show, 7:00 PM, Auditorium
Friday, October 30
2-hour early dismissal, end of 1st marking period
School Counselors are assigned to students by alphabetical listing:
STEM 10, 11, 12
STEM 9 / ESL Academy
Counselors’ Secretary
Nancy R. Baker
Ramona Bigelow
Amy Richard
Chad Bickel
Tracy Arnold
Brad Brainer
Kristin Canevazzi
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lynne Haberstroh
Theresa Chaffer
[email protected]
[email protected]
College admissions counselors will be visiting South River High School throughout the first semester,
bringing information about their schools’ degree programs, course offerings, housing, campus activities
and more. Juniors and Seniors are highly encouraged to attend meetings for the colleges and universities
that they hope to apply to.
The visit schedule is posted on-line at FamilyConnection at Go to the Colleges tab
to find a complete list of scheduled meetings. To register - click "Sign Up,” then be sure to click on
“Sign Me Up” to get the green Confirmation of Appointment message.
Students are limited to only meetings for the 2014/2015 school year.
For help getting onto the FamilyConnection website, stop by the Counseling Office during NEST.
Naviance/FamilyConnection is our tool for college and career planning. Students can compare colleges, track
applications, sign up to meet with college admissions counselors, search for scholarships and financial aid
opportunities, check out college based enrichment activities and much more.
All students are provided with access information and are instructed on how to use the features of the Naviance/
FamilyConnection system by their School Counselors, starting in the 9th grade. Parents may enter as a GUEST
or contact the Counseling Office for a personal account to view a child’s Naviance/FamilyConnection page.
Don’t Forget!
Naviance/FamilyConnection is now linked to the Common Application. Student transcripts, school reports
and letters of recommendation can now be sent electronically to supplement college applications. For assistance
with completing the “Common App,” stop by or call the SRHS Counseling Office. …
How to Link the Common App to your Naviance/FamilyConnection account
Preliminary SAT®
National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT)
The Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a standardized test that
provides firsthand practice for the SAT Reasoning Test™ and is co-sponsored by the College Board and National
Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).
The PSAT/NMSQT is designed to measure critical reading, math problem solving, and writing skills which are
important to student success in college. In addition, information derived from PSAT scores also provides students
 feedback on where their strengths and weaknesses may be in skills needed for college level work which helps
students to focus preparation on those areas that could most benefit from additional study or practice;
 information on how their performance on an admissions test might compare with that of others applying to
 data needed to participate in the competition for scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation
(additional information is provided below);
 an opportunity to prepare for the SAT. The PSAT uses the kinds of questions and the exact directions found on
the SAT Reasoning Test™;
 and a way to receive information directly from colleges (when the "yes" box is checked for the Student Search
Students will be receiving the 2013 PSAT/NMSQT® Official Student Guide in the weeks prior to the exam date.
(adapted from
PSAT Test Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
at South River High School
National Merit Scholarship Program
The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for r ecognition and scholar ships that
began in 1955. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit
Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®) –a test which serves as an initial screening of approximately 1.4
million entrants each year – and by meeting published program entry/participation requirements.
To participate in the National Merit® Scholarship Program, a student must take the PSAT/NMSQT® in the third year
of high school, regardless of grade classification or educational pattern, be enrolled full time as a high school
student, progressing normally toward graduation or completion of high school, and planning to enroll full time in
college no later than the fall following completion of high school, and be a citizen of the United States or be a U.S.
lawful permanent resident (or have applied for permanent residence, the application for which has not been denied)
and intend to become a U.S. citizen at the earliest opportunity allowed by law.
The student's responses to items on the PSAT/NMSQT answer sheet that are specific to NMSC program entry
determine whether the individual meets requirements to participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program.
(adapted from
The SAT is the nation's most widely used college admissions test, a distinction that it has held for more than
seven decades. It is taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted by virtually all
colleges and universities. SAT tests measure knowledge of subjects learned in the classroom, including
reading, writing, and math, and how that knowledge can be applied inside and outside of school. It helps
colleges get to know a student better by giving them insight into how the student thinks, solves problems, and
communicates. Applications for the SAT are available on-line at
The ACT is a curriculum based test that assesses a high school student’s general and educational
development and their ability to complete college level work. The multiple choice tests cover 4 skill areas English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. The writing test, which is optional, measures a student’s ability
to plan and write a short essay. Local ACT test centers include Anne Arundel Community College and
Southern High School. Apply for the ACT on-line at
Use the South River High School Code 210494 when applying for either exam
To send SAT and ACT scores to colleges, the scores must be requested directly from the host - SAT from; ACT from If requesting scores after tests have been administered,
payment of a fee is required (you may request free score reports to be sent to the schools of your choice at
time of test registration).
SAT Exam Dates
SAT Date
SAT Subject Tests™ Available
Register-By Date
Late Registration
Oct 3
SAT and Subject Tests
Sept 3
Sept 22
Nov 7
SAT and Subject Tests
Oct 9
Oct 27
Dec 5
SAT and Subject Tests
Nov 5
Nov 23
Jan 23
SAT and Subject Tests
Dec 28
Jan 12
Mar 5
Feb 5
Feb 23
May 7
SAT and Subject Tests
Apr 8
Apr 26
Jun 4
SAT and Subject Tests
May 5
May 25
ACT Exam Dates
Test Date
Registration Deadline
(Late Fee Required)
September 12
August 7
August 8 - 21
October 24
September 18
September 19 - Oct 2
December 12
November 6
November 7 - 20
February 6
January 8
January 19- 15
April 9
March 4
March 5 - 18
June 11
May 6
May 7 - 20
The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides high-quality career exploration and planning
materials at no cost to high schools throughout the country. The program encourages students to
explore a wide variety of careers, rather than limiting their exploration by telling them what they
can or should do.
The test covers eight areas, including science, word knowledge, mathematics, and mechanical
comprehension. It assesses a student’s ability to learn new skills and a predictor of success in
training and education programs. Results are used to create a 90 item Interest Inventory based on
John Holland’s widely accepted theory of career choice. When students complete the FYI, they
will have three interest codes to use with the OCCU-Finder for career exploration.
The OCCU-Find Career Exploration Tool contains information about 400+ occupations, sorted
alphabetically, by interest code and by career cluster, providing students with a variety of ways to
identify occupations that will be satisfying. The on-line version links directly to O-NET and OOH
job descriptions and military career equivalents. The OCCU-Find program also features career
videos that highlight “A Day In The Life…” glimpses of a number of career opportunities.
ASVAB Test Administration
Junior Students Only
October 21
Last Names A - L
October 22
Last Names M - Z
(Interested Seniors May Request Testing)
ASVAB Results Distribution
November 16 - 17
ASVAB Career Exploration Program
Schools determine whether or not student information is released to the military
The Program is administered by civilian Education Services Specialists who have
no recruiting function.
Megan Adair; Adam Allen; Alexa Anderson; Gabrielle Atkinson; Brooke Baker; Sara Baldwin;
Neeraj Bhide; Caden Brian; Cole Burrows; Garrett Callahan; Emily Chick; Kyle Clays; Colleen
Conard; Hannah Corbus; Katrina Corkadel; Jillian Creswell; Sarah Croteau; Dylan Cyphers;
Elizabeth Dodson; Jacob Dolinger; Helen Dover; Alexander Dulla; Hailee Edmundson; Simone
Evans; Cheyenne Ferguson; Thomas Flor; Katherine Giaimo; Hannah Goldstein; Lily Goldstein;
Cameron Gore; Gabriella Grigsby; Victoria Haxton; David Hislop; Michael Horan; Mikaela
Hurst; Elijah Jensen; Andrew Kelly; Xander Kelmer; Bailee Lambert; Andrew Loomis; Kayla
Lowe; Faith Madeoy Gault; Carly Mansur; Riley Martin; Delaney May; Devin McClure; Audrey
McGlynn; Hannah McGlynn; Francis McGrew-Wood; Caraline Miller; Jenna Mondoro; Natalie
Moning; Emily Moore; Samantha Moreland; Sarah Mulvaney; Logan Myers; Jacqueline Natoli;
Hannah Neff; Sydney Newman; Amanda Oyler; Hannah Piersol; Cally Quick; Samuel
Raymond; Emma Ruberg; Max Rudow; Ryan Sahwell; Jeffrey Sykes; Claudia Talbott; Kayla
Vaillancourt; Taylor Voelkel; Samuel Wills; Cristina Young; Aileen Augustine; Jacquelyn Beck;
Carly Genovere; Craig Koziolek; Katelyn Kunert; Brandon Lunsford; Kenton Mudd; Thomas
Seltzer; Katherine Sullivan; Kenna Valentine; Lauren Zinkl
Kaitlyn Akers; Jamie Alexander; Carynn Anderson; Jazmine Anthony; Phillip Archuleta; Julio
Ardon; Kaytlyn Arshadi; Amanda Aversano; Lauren Bailey; Joshua Baker; Nicole Balderson;
Abigail Ball; Damia Barney; Jennifer Barrett; Patrick Beach; Robert Bedingfield; Courtney
Belcher; Kyle Berkowitz; Sophy Berry; Zain Bhatti; Cady Bilyeu; Sofia Biondi; James
Blakeney; Karima Blango; Peyton Blevins; Matthew Bolander; Robert Boliek; Megan Boock;
Ty Bosco; Leandre Boucher; Nathaniel Boudreau; Rachael Bounds; Lorraine Bowes; Erin
Bowling; Allison Bowman; Caroline Boyd; Madison Boyd; Scott Braatz; Briana Brashears;
Pavol Britvch; Lucas Burcham; Grace Burkhardt; Diego Burneo; Alexander Calogero; Pamela
Campbell; Tavin Carew; Isabella Carstensen; Benjamin Casey; Fatima Chaudhry; Eric Cissel;
Madeline Cloyd; Caleb Cobb; David Coder; William Cogle; Madeline Como; Clara Connolly;
Kathryn Conroy; Yakelin Contreras; Regina Cowan; Lauren Cox; Mackenzie Cramer; Mihai
Cristescu; Anderson Cua; Michael Currey; James Curtner; Phillip D'Ambra; Erin Daniel; Justin
Densberger; Brian DeVol; Alayna Dietz; Carolyn Disque; Aleksander Doney; Joseph Dooley;
Taylor Dove; Ryan Dozier; Braidan Duffy; Andrew Duswalt; Caleb Edney; Sean Edwards;
Nathan Ellis; Amber Eppinger; Tristan Eusantos; Andrew Falsone; Patrick Fegan; Jack
Fitzgerald; Michael Flanagan; Mikaela Flanagan; Spencer Fluharty; Taylor Folland; Nicholas
France; Jennifer Gallegos; Alexander Galloway; Maxwell Garufi; Leah Garvett; Sarah Gerkin;
Daniel Gilbert; Grayson Gilbert; Jeremy Gillespie; Andrea Giovi; Austin Gordon; Ryan Gray;
Cayden Green; Erin Grigsby; Jessica Grusholt; Evelin Guzman; Rebecca Gygax; Dylan
Hawkins; Brett Healy; Sarah Healy; Christian Hendricks; Sean Hirsch; Audrey Holzrichter;
Alexander Hoover; Joseph Howard; Benjamin Hunt; Diana Hutchinson; Richard Hutchinson;
Madison Hyland; Sara Hyman; Eva Ish; Megan Jackson; Anna Jacobson; Savannah Jacobson;
Isaiah Jensen; Patrick Johnson; Hyrum Jonas; Arthur Jones; Valerie Kandare; Lucy Keegan;
Andrew King; Jodi Kircher; Easton Knopf; Sarah Kreiner; Emily Kruszon; Collin Kubista;
Timothy Kunert; Erin Lane; Kelci Lare; Chloe Larson; Tyler Larson; Sierra Lavat; Logan
Lesniewski; Jordan Lewis; Patrick Little; Bryce Loucks; Darius Lukas; Maredith Lusby; Nicolas
Manfredi; Ashlyn Margas; Dylan Markovic; Cassandra McConville; Claire McElhenny; Cole
McMullen; Jose Merlos-Aguilar; Logan Miller; Christopher Mohler; Reilly Moloney; Joseph
Mooney; Connor Morris; Sean Morrissey; Caroline Moss; Tyler Mowry; Matthew Moxley; Jared
Mundie; Jose Nataren-Avelar; Maurice Nero; Zachary Noren; Sophia Novo-Gradac; Eva O'Hara;
Emily O'Neill; Karrington O'Rourke; Kennady O'Rourke; Rohan Parikh; Elliot Parlett; Charles
Passero; Jacob Patrick; Danny Paucar; Portia Peacock; Coby Pellegrino; Abigail Perkins;
Christopher Perreault; Lila Perry; Isabelle Pessagno; Daniel Peterson; David Peterson; Grace
Pickens; Paris Plummer; Rayna Poole; Matthew Price; Taylor Quarto; Katherine Quill; Gabrielle
Rapine; Margareta Reinhart; Joseph Ricci; Cassidy Rice; Elijah Richard; Ashley Ross; Benjamin
Rostock; David Rudow; Nicholas Salamy; Cherise Salisbury; Nicolas Sandvik; Mackenzie
Sanner; Mary Scamurra; Emily Schad; Kyla Schwartz; Madison Scott; Kimberly Seif; Kyle
Serio; William Shea; Jason Shoap; Selena Sikalis; Robert Smith; Zachery Smith; Madisyn
Smyth; Matthew Snyder; Isaac Spells; Katie Spielman; Devin Stacey; Patrick Stafford; Megan
Stukus; Alden Sullivan; Jordan Sullivan; Princess Talbott; Hayley Taylor; Gabrielle Tjarks;
James Travis; Madeleine Travis; Allison Tydings; Adelene Ung; Mateo Valverde; Alejandro
Venable-Croft; Colin Vieson; Brian Villalta; Emily Villalta; Colleen Wagner; Mary Walker;
Jordan Weinstein-Long; Dalton White; Gavin White; Bailey Wilder; Joshua Wishnow; Kathryn
Wolfe; Elizabeth Woodruff; Anthony Woods; Jessie Wynne; Brett Yancey; David Yohe; Braden
Zacker; Gwendolyn Zeckowski; Megan Adair; Adam Allen; Alexa Anderson; Gabrielle
Atkinson; Brooke Baker; Sara Baldwin; Neeraj Bhide; Caden Brian; Cole Burrows; Garrett
Callahan; Emily Chick; Kyle Clays; Colleen Conard; Hannah Corbus; Katrina Corkadel; Jillian
Creswell; Sarah Croteau; Dylan Cyphers; Elizabeth Dodson; Jacob Dolinger; Helen Dover;
Alexander Dulla; Hailee Edmundson; Simone Evans; Cheyenne Ferguson; Thomas Flor;
Katherine Giaimo; Hannah Goldstein; Lily Goldstein; Cameron Gore; Gabriella Grigsby;
Victoria Haxton; David Hislop; Michael Horan; Mikaela Hurst; Elijah Jensen; Andrew Kelly;
Xander Kelmer; Bailee Lambert; Andrew Loomis; Kayla Lowe; Faith Madeoy Gault; Carly
Mansur; Riley Martin; Delaney May; Devin McClure; Audrey McGlynn; Hannah McGlynn;
Francis McGrew-Wood; Caraline Miller; Jenna Mondoro; Natalie Moning; Emily Moore;
Samantha Moreland; Sarah Mulvaney; Logan Myers; Jacqueline Natoli; Hannah Neff; Sydney
Newman; Amanda Oyler; Hannah Piersol; Cally Quick; Samuel Raymond; Emma Ruberg; Max
Rudow; Ryan Sahwell; Jeffrey Sykes; Claudia Talbott; Kayla Vaillancourt; Taylor Voelkel;
Samuel Wills; Cristina Young
Thomas Anderson; Juliana Boyle; Christopher Cooley; Ava Grounds; Wesley Hair; Brandon
King; Christopher Loveridge; Max Meinhold; Michael Moore; Peyton Plummer; Madison
Redman; Alexa Schoeneborn; Sydney Short; Savannah Siegrist; Katelyn Sims; Jessica Turner;
Tatiana Wu
Nicole Alford; Allison Arslanian; Elizabeth Bauckman; Maegan Berger; Faith Berned; Grace
Biddle; Carnell Bolden; Lyndsay Brooks; Stephen Byers; Nicholas Christie; Katherine Clark;
Haleigh Coar; Alec Cole; Allison Criswell; Marlena Drumm; Austin Dulla; Emily Eylon;
Marshall Flieger; Molly Folks; Miranda Forbes; Ethan Frantz; Jake Genovere; Jodi-Ann Griffin;
Anna Hildebrand; Matthew Hunt; Caroline Kerr; Madison King; Sarah King; Alexa Kleintank;
Kendall Leonard; Raegan Mahoney; Evan Markley; Kelsie McGlynn; Michael Miller; Quinn
Morris; Michelle Natoli; Catherine Nester; Jodee Niemann; Skylar Nuthall; Megan Phibbons;
Madelyn Poknis; Daquan Proctor; Joshua Ramskill; John Richards; Nicole Ritchie; Cameron
Rovendro; Megan Rutkai; Justin Schulte; Liam Sebreny; Kyra Sigler; Jessica Stempowski;
Brittany Stockett; Robert Sullivan; Francesca Swann; Brittney Swanson; Thong Truong; Cynthia
Vasquez; Hana Vicente; Alexis Ward; Brooks Watson; Kaitlin Weimann; Corinne Whisman;
Allison Wijntjes; Amanda Wijntjes; Wen Jie Zhou
Alexis Adams; Shelby Akers; Zachary Alexander; Sofie Alexandrides; Rodney James Amor;
Christopher Arnold; Madelyn Arnold; Dean Asman; Cole Atchison; Helen Au; Miles Bailey;
Colton Baldwin; Caitlyn Beall; Aaliyah Beam; Jesse Beck; Duncan Bell; Christopher Bevard;
Rachel Biggs; Kendall Bilger; Emily Billings; Brooke Blevins; Taylor Boardley; Nicholas
Boogades; Cole Booth; Kassidy Bresnahan; Nicholas Broda; Justin Burcham; James Byrd;
Mackenzie Call; Thomas Calmon; Alexis Campbell; Katherine Canter; Andrew Capstack; Emily
Carella; Justin Carpenter; Kayla Carson; Nicole Carstens; Melanie Carter; Jahan Caster; Karinna
Cave-Hawkins; Ryan Chan; Harley Charest; Maia Cheeks; Samhita Chundury; Jane Clark;
William Cleary; Casey Collins; Jodie Comba; Bryan Conroy; Utaw Cook; Kyle Corder; Ian
Corey; Abigail Cotton; Sarah Cottrill; Corinne Curtis; Franklin Daily; Hunter Davis; Meghan
Dean; Evan DeHaven; Jordan DeLong; Joshua Dempsey; Dejae Dickson; Sarah Diener; Marisa
D'Imperio; Tyler Domanski; Camaren Downs; Lindsey Drabick; Mason Drenner; Kelly DuBois;
Allison Dudley; Jonna Dwyer; Xzavier Eagan; Kate Edwards; Megan Faery; Abigail Farmer;
Haleigh Feldhausen; Ian Ferris; Jack Fiechtner; William Fisher; Carah Flaherty; Hannah Foley;
Alyssa Folio; Paige Ford; Alyssa Foust; Victoria Fuhrmann; Luke Gabel; Kevin Galvin; Katerina
Garbarczyk; Jack Gillogly; Peter Govatos; Jack Graziano; Sean Gribble; Aidan Griffin; Tyler
Griffin; Nikolaj Griisser; Jordan Groseclose; Kevin Gu; Shelby Haley; Margaret Hayes; Joel
Hersh; Carli Hill; Erica Hill; Jenna Hirschmann; Christopher Hoffmann; Dilan Holland; Grace
Hoot; Jessica Hosmer; Courtney Howard; Allyson Hughes; Jake Hughes; Grace Iannicelli;
Jasmine Jameson; Madison Jamison; Ariel Johnson; Myranda Johnson; Asher Jones; Megan
Jones; Jordan Kahler; Nicholas Kandra; Rachel Kang; Tyler Kaplow; Logan Kappus;
Christopher Kayser; Tyler Kelly; Trevor Kiessling; Camerin King; Madisyn King; Marissa King;
Stephanie King; Alyssa Kinzer; Jacob Kirby; Courtney Klute; Garrett Koenig; Jacob Kramer;
Julian Kushto; Jennifer Labs; Keirstin Lare; James Lassiter; Cassandra Latorre; Zachary Lauer;
Joshua Lee; Bryce Lerner; Grace Licsko; Kyle Lippincott; Brittany Logan; Michael Long; Bailey
Lusby; Isabelle Lynch; Kirsten Mackowiak; Carson Mahoney; Vanessa Mamani; Hailey
Maranto; Gianna Marcellino; Olivia Martin; Ryan Matheu; Jara Matlick; Mariangela Maugeri;
Ian McGee; Mark McGraw; Cole McNab; Aynsley Melancon; Hailey Melichar; Scott Mikutsky;
Mackenzie Miller; Thomas Minick; Cory Mohler; Zachary Mollohan; Grace Molloy; Kenneth
Moore; Nicholas Moskios; William Naegeli; Maya Najjar; Julia Nelson; Logan Nelson; Uyen
Nguyen; Kenneth Norris; Jacqueline Nowell; Elizabeth Nyman; Nicholas O'Neill; Zachary
Osborne; Ross Owens; Nina Palko-DiStefano; Karina Palumbo; Alexandra Park; Colin Parlett;
Bryan Passerini; Nathan Perren; Ana Peruza; Diana Peterson; Garrett Phillips; Kaleigh Pikulsky;
Robert Plews; Sean Poole; Kevin Pounds; Celine Prenatt; Carly Prevo; Chrysta Prevo; Brian
Price; Meghan Pugh; Holly Purvis; Ana Maria Quijada-Perez; Mihailo Rancic; Patrick Rardon;
Mason Reinhart; Robert Rider; John Ringer; Mackenzie Risher; John Riva; Gianna Robey;
Jordan Rogers; Zinnia Romero-Perdomo; Morgan Sapper; Angela Sarrach; Dylan Schick;
Lauren Schlegel; Joshua Schupbach; Catherine Scott; Ann Seaberg; Glenn Seward; Shivansh
Sharma; William Sharpe; Katherine Sheridan; Emily Sherrick; Kathryn Shoap; Katherine
Shores; Mufaro Shumba; Hallie Simpson; Paul Smiroldo; Benjamin Smith; Ian Smith; Nicholas
Smith; Jessica Sola; Emily Sorrells; Megan Spears; Branden Stallings; Nicole Steele; Thomas
Steinholz; Julia Stokes; Kerry Stringer; Megan Tang; Reanne Tippett; Shelby Triggs; Zachary
Trivane; Jenna Troyer; Hannah Turner; Cosette Turvold; Sean Twomey; Caroline Tyrrell; Jillian
Ulery; Sydney Usher; Christopher Verrier; Dylan Wallingsford; Ryan Walters; Mohammad
Ward; Sophia Washington; Sydney Watson; Emily Weinstein; Daniel Weitman; Michael Weller;
Joseph Wiggins; Luke Wildermuth; George Wilkinson; Deja Williams; Hailee Williams;
Thomas Williams; Abigail Wilson; Cierra Wilson; Kristin Wolf; Leah Wood; Brendan Woody;
Abigail Youmans; Samuel Zavala; Jessica Zeller; Benjamin Znaniec
Abigail Geiman; Andrew Harvan; Grayson Kelmer; Nicholas Koziolek; Marie Lyons; Teresa
Natoli; Clay Newman; Riley Nickels; Allison Raines; Loren Suite; Madeline Szanyi
Riyadh Ali; Eva Baker; Audrey Blumenfeld; Travis Bucknall; Olivia Bunting; Erica DeVito;
Emma Gregory; Tyger Hanback; Savana Herndon; Eric Hoffmann; Eric Janowitz; Julia LeDane;
Camille Lee; Kathryn LeGrand; Victoria Marinzel; Connor McDermott; Hugh McMullen;
Bradley Moore; Ryan Peacock; Nicholas Perkins; Vanessa Pessoa; Sydni Posada; Kristen
Reynolds; Jonghyun Roh; Olivia Sadka; Nicholas Spagnuolo; Drake Stockett; Eleanor Wood;
Vincent Zanolli
Adetomiwa Adelekan; Sally Albright; Jacob Ancell; Imani Ayer; Alexander Bach; Mason Baird;
Justin Bajor; Drew Barrett; Madeline Battista; Luke Bausum; Margarette Bechtold; Vincent
Bedessem; Blake Bender; Jason Berger; Cullen Bilger; Kirby Bilyeu; Caitlin Blanche; Julia
Blandford; Robert Blandford; Jackson Blue; Lauren Bounds; Randall Bowers; Ashlee Brennan;
Joseph Brocato; Jonathan Brodt; Jordan Brooks; Alexis Brownlee; Amanda Brownlee; Dwayne
Burton; Sarah Butters; Madison Callahan; Russell Cameron; Gabriel Campbell; Braydan Carew;
Elise Carmichael; Preston Carter; Kristen Castle; Hans Cave-Hawkins; Margaret Chen; Samuel
Clemens; Morgan Clementson; Katherine Collins; Erica Cook; Taylor Cooper; Bethany
Cosgrove; Chloe Courtade; Courtney Cox; Shantia Creek; Steven Creek; Hannah Creighton;
Alexander Creswell; Gwenyth Crew; Haley Cromwell; Hannah Cromwell; Digno Cruz-Palma;
Breia Cummings; Hannah Cunningham; MacKenzie Daisey; Julia Daniel; Aidan Davis; Caroline
Davis; Nicholas Davis; Olivia Deibler; Andr'ea DeLeonibus; Jonathan DeRycke; Karynne
Doherty; Gregory D'Onofrio; Jenna Donovan; Mikaela Dooley; Ryan Dorsey; Kelly Dougherty;
Sarah Erteschik; Madelyn Esparza-Ramirez; Andrea Esquetini; Kelsey Eure; Ethan Falsone;
Sarah Fenton; Kali Ferguson; Alissa Ferranti; Molly Finnan; Jae Fish; Katherine Fitch; Jake
Flaherty; John Flanagan; Gabriella Flores; Elizabeth Foster; Trenton Foster; Ryan Fowler; Kelly
Furstenberg; Bret Garey; Kaylee Garner; Patty Gibboney; Joseph Gibbs; Sarah Gillogly; Juan
Giorgi; Gideon Gish; Raymond Godfrey; Nathaniel Good; Natalia Grajewski; Connor Gray;
Marti Green; Hannah Hall; Ripleigh Hatfield; Maria-Deney Hawkins; Megan Hayden; Daniel
Haynes; Kaleb Hayward; Kyle Heffner; Abigail Heller; Adrian Henry; Jacob Hirschmann;
Rebecca Hollamon; Hannah Holzrichter; Edmund Horsch; Timothy Hughes; Henry Hutcheson;
Brendan Jackson; Casey Jackson; Jikaela Johnson; Amanda Jones; Sarah Jones; Amber Jordan;
Dylan Jordan; Kayla Joy; Kevin Keegan; Megan Keller; Corinne Kelly; Kaitlyn Kelly; Danicka
Kelsey; Valerie Kilchenstein; Dylan King; Ryan Klaus; Reed Klimoski; Alexis Kolinsky; Ryan
Kopin; Aleksandra Kos; John Krolak; Nikita Kulick; Nicholas Lambden; Jessica Langweil; Rhea
Lawhorn; Loren Lee; Jemma Lehner; Scott Lehr; Carl Limbaugh; Ayia Lindquist; Patrick
Livesay; Nikaya Lloyd; John Locklair; Kelly Longo; Chase Lunsford; Hannah Rose Lunsford;
Kerry Lynch; Randy Magd; Aleah Mathews; Ashley Mattero; William Mayhew; James
McCaffrey; Michael McElhenny; Jesse McElree; Morgan McKean; Madison McQueeney;
Nicole McVay; Nicholas McWhorter; Christine Miles; Christopher Miller; Haley Miller;
Carolina Molina-Martinez; Jacob Mondoro; Connor Monroe; Raelyn Moreland; Ashley Muller;
Hannah Mulvaney; Taylor Mungin; Miahnna Nguyen; Ashley Novotny; Gregory Ogorek; Maria
Osborn; Lauren Page; Abigail Parks; Ainsley Parramore; Jainy Patel; Kishan Patel; Madeleine
Pedersen; Lauren Peffers; Rachael Pendleton; Juventina Perez-Arellano; Kyle Pessagno; Lillie
Peterson; Zachary Peterson; Linzi Phillips; Karissa Pierce; Madeline Piper; Kelly Pitts Kennedy;
Marissa Poliks; Steven Pollock; Brooke Porter; Linnette Prewett; Emily Proctor; Alyssa Quinn;
Julianna Raimondo; Jacob Rebstock; Conor Reinold; Daniel Ricci; Isaac Richard; Julian
Richards; Quinn Riddle; Lindsay Riley; Cameron Ripple; George Roberts; Joseph Robinson;
Autumn Rodenhizer; Kevin Rogers; Joseph Rostock; Darnell Royal; Nicholas Rudiger;
Jacquelyn Rudisill; Lauren Ryder; Holly Sampson; Isabella Schenk; Jessica Schuhardt; Emma
Schwartz; Gianna Segnatelli; Philip Seidel; Katherine Sherbert; Patrick Shields; Eric Sieber;
Skylar Simmers; Brianna Simmons; Brittany Simmons; Brianna Smith; Kai Smith; Nicholas
Smith; Alexandra Snyder; Alicia Sondberg; John Sood; Jason Spalding; Mitchell Spalding;
Grant Spencer; Christina St Jean; Samantha Stafford; Eric Stevens; Megan Stevens; Rudolph
Stewart; Cody Suchoza; Daniel Sutton; Christopher Svitak; Bridgette Swanson; Keaton
Taliaferro; Katarina Tarabella; John Taylor; Lillian Taylor; Morgan Teletchea; Emily Thomas;
Kayla Thomas; Emma Tison; Jordan Toro; Casey Troxler; Thomas Trunnell; Alexandra Turano;
Bridger Tyler; David Valle; Francesca Vertucci; Evan Vetter; Mason Voelbel; Paris Walker;
Samantha Warren; Patrick Watson; Eric Weigt; Kathryn Wellington; Celia Whisman; Tatum
Whitcher; Karley White; Jonathan Williams; Hanna Wood; Anna Woytko
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Kayla White; Mia White; Celine Wiggs; Amelia Williams; Samie Williams; Meredith Wilson;
Anna Wolfe; Ian Wolfe; Nicholas Woodall; Niya Young; Noah Zingler
If you need to get in touch with a teacher regarding your child, please feel
free to e-mail the teacher. Many of our teachers find e-mail much easier to correspond with
parents. Below is our list of all e-mail addresses for our teachers.
Kellie Anderson
Tracy Arnold
Miriam Asayag
Nancy Baker (Art)
Nancy Baker
Wesley Baker
Michael Bartek
June Beard
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Deneal Belgrave [email protected]
Diane Bennett
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Sue Benson
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Ramona Bigelow [email protected]
Chad Bickel
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Dennis Blair
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St. Johnn Blondell [email protected]
Brad Brainer
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Doug Brown
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Joshua Cartwright
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Gerald Cavanaugh [email protected]
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Mark Schrader
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South River Library Media
Sept/Oct 2015
Media Center
New flooring
Welcome Back, Seahawks!
This is an exciting year for the South River High School Media
Center! Thanks to the Global Communications and Public Affairs
Signature ICST Board and the SRHS Community Advisory Board,
with a special thanks to Senator John Astle for sponsoring the bond
bill and Chris Asher of the GCA ICST for securing the bond bill,
funds were raised for a refreshing renovation.
South River High School students will begin their 2015-2016
academic year enjoying new flooring, furniture, and fixtures in the
Media Center. Not only is this welcoming space now more inviting
and comfortable, but its open layout creates a more accessible
environment for students and staff members. The photographs to the
left are just a sample of the many positive changes to South River’s
Media Center.
New Media Specialist
New computers
Mrs. Chelley Vukmanic ([email protected]) is new to
South River High School, but not new to AACPS. She worked in the
county for 8 years as a high school English teacher before completing
her Library Media Specialist certification.
This past summer, Mrs. Vukmanic read an average of four
Young Adult novels per week. She looks forward to using her
knowledge of the YA genre to recommend books to students and
encourage reading for pleasure. Mrs. Vukmanic is excited to work
with the faculty, students, parents, and community of South River
High School.
Visiting the Media Center
New technology countertop
SRHS Media Center Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 7:05AM – 3:00PM
Friday: 7:05AM – 2:05PM
Students may visit the SRHS Media Center before school,
after school, and during NEST to utilize the resources for academic
purposes and/or check out a book/magazine.
Unless visiting the Media Center with their class, students
must have a pass issued by a SRHS staff member. Students are
required to sign in/out upon entering/exiting the Media Center.
New circulation desk
South River Online Database Access
South River High School’s online databases can be accessed from home computers by going to:
The required login in information for the databases:
ABC-CLIO Social Studies Sites
Bloom’s Literary Reference
Careers Research
Culture Grams
Energy & the Environment
Global Warming Online
Grolier Amazing Animals
Image Quest
Issues & Controversies
ProQuest Research Resources
 Historical Newspaper
Rosen Financial Literacy
Sailor Research Database
Salem Press Health
Salem Press History
Salem Press Literature
Salem Press Science
Sharpe Online Reference
SIRS Issues Researcher
SIRS Gov’t Reporter
SIRS Renaissance,
SIRS WebSelect, SIRS Decades
Teen Health & Wellness
Thomson Gale
World Book Online
E- Books
American history & Gov’t, State & World
Geography, U.S. at war, World History – Ancient &
Overviews, synopses, analyses, essays & criticisms
that examine the lives of authors, their works and
literary characters
Career & College Planning
Maps, statistics, glossary and in-depth info. on
Magazines, professional journals and newspaper
Examines the history, technology, science,
environmental and social implications associated with
the production of energy
Covers the important climatic issues that need to be
addressed in order to understand the impact of global
Reference, images & international newspapers
Variety of images to download and use for research
Up-to-date, in-depth/objective information on debated
Links students to country reports on daily life &
Articles make economics and personal finance both
readily comprehensible. Videos and relevant photos
enhance and extend learning. Financial tools and
interactive calculators give teens hands-on practice in
financial computation for real-world situations
Auto Repair Ref., Business Source Premier, Funk &
Wagnalls Enc., HeritageQuest, History Ref., MAS
Ultra, MasterFILE, Regional Business News, Science
Ref. & Student Research Center
 Salem Medical Guides
 Great Lives, Great Events and Decades
 Critical Insights
 Solar System
Provides access to single and multi-volume reference
works including global history
General reference database, primary resources and
reference content from the 20th century
*Pro vs. Con
Real life/Real answers
Includes links to :
Gale Virtual Ref. Library, U.S. History in Context,
World History in Context, Opposing Viewpoints,
Science in Context, and Literature Resource Center,
TERC (Testing & Education Reference Center)
Online Encyclopedia
Salem Press - Click “Remote Access Log-in”
Salem Health
Salem History
Salem Literature
Choose Anne Arundel County
Public Library
Click “Remote Access Log-in”
Password: srhawks
Password: srhawks
Name of Student:
Name of School:
School Year:
In order for my child to receive medication in school, I agree to the following:
All prescription and non-prescription medication will have a physician’s signed order fully completed for each school year.
The prescription medication will be in a container labeled by the pharmacist or physician with:
Name of child.
Name of physician.
Name of the medication.
Prescription date and expiration date.
Dosage, route and time of administration.
Conditions for proper storage.
The non-prescription medication will be in the original sealed container with the label intact. Student’s name will be put on
the container in a position that does not obscure the label.
• The medication will be brought to school by an adult.
• The physician will be called if a question arises about my child’s medication.
• The first dose of this medication (except for epinephrine auto-injector) has been given without problems.
Having read the above conditions, I request Anne Arundel County School Health Services personnel administer the
medication as prescribed by the physician below. I certify that I have legal authority to consent to medical
treatment for the student named above, including the administration of medication at school.
Signature of Parent/Guardian:
Relationship to student
Phone Number: (H)
Date: ______________
Name of Medication:
(mg, ml, ml/tsp, # of puffs)
… Lunchtime
Time of Administration at School:
If PRN, for what symptoms?
How Often?
Please list any specific precautions personnel should be aware of or any unusual effects that might be observed.
Student has allergies to the following medications: ____________________________________________________________
Services from … the beginning to the end of school year OR
Services should begin (Date)
and terminate (Date)
It has been determined that this student is able to self-administer and carry inhalant medication or epinephrine autoinjector and has been trained in its use, including knowing when the medication is to be used.
It has been determined that this student is able to self-administer insulin.
This student should not self-administer inhalant medication, insulin, or epinephrine auto-injector.
Physician’s Signature:
Date: ______________________
Original signature/NO stamps
Physician’s Name (Printed):
Telephone Number:
… Order and MAR Reviewed
Revised 5/13
201 Central Avenue East, Edgewater, MD 21037
Join the SRHS PTSO
Help Support the Entire South River Student Community!
The South River PTSO is committed to enriching your student’s high school experience. Membership dollars are used to
provide classroom improvements and materials that benefit all students and staff. They also enhance faculty and staff
appreciation and recognition programs. As a member you will be joining an organization of parents, teachers and
students dedicated to supporting the educational and social experiences of our students. Find a way to invest your time,
talents and services to South River High School PTSO! We need your help and support to make these priorities a reality.
2015-16 Support included:
Over $10,000 (annually) in supplies such as smart boards, health room supplies, printers and ink
replacements and other items NOT supported by the AACPS budget allocation.
Monthly Student of the Month breakfasts | Donations to support Senior Class activities| Funding for
school-wide cultural events | Donations supporting club attendance at State and National Championship
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week | Staff Luncheons
SAT Prep Course | I Drive Smart and Easy Method Driving Schools
Please join the SRHS PTSO by completing this form and returning it with your payment. If you would prefer to join
online or pay by credit card, send an email to [email protected] and a link will be provided to you.
$25 Membership Donation
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
City: __________________ Zip: _____________
Home Phone Number: _________________________
Cell Phone Number: _______________________
Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Students’ Name & Grade: __________________________________________________________________
Students’ Name & Grade: __________________________________________________________________
Students’ Name & Grade: __________________________________________________________________
Yes, sign me up for PTSO email alert system! – Members have the option to receive
the PTSO Communication link – The South River Tracker so they never miss out on important
dates and information. The South River Tracker is a supplement to ConnectEd and requires a
separate registration. Please contact the PTSO at [email protected] if you have questions.
South River High School is equipped with a video camera system. It
covers selected interior and exterior public portions of the building and
grounds. It is NOT monitored constantly, but it is monitored during
emergency situations. During certain events, when the safety or security
of students may be in question, authorized personnel from local, state, or
federal police or fire emergency units may be given access to view
images projected on the camera system. If you have any questions about
the system, you should call the Supervisor of School Security at 410222-5083.

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